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K i r k k o p u l l e t i i n i - Seattle Finnish Lutheran Church
February 2016
Message from Pastor Nina
On ollut ilo saada palvella Seattlen suomalaista seurakuntaa. Seurakunta on pieni mutta on tärkeä muistaa, että se
on Jumalalle yhtä rakas kuin suuret seurakunnat. Pieni tai suuri, kaikki Jumalalle rakkaita; pieni tai suuri, pääasia on, että
Jeesus saa olla seurakunnan pää. Jeesus rohkaisee meitä Matteuksen evankeliumissa: 'Siellä missä kaksi tai kolme on
koolla minun nimessäni, siellä minä olen heidän keskellään.'
Seurakunta on hengellinen koti. Jumalanpalvelus ja yhteinen kahvihetki on kuin tuon kodin turvallinen olohuone.
Kodin olohuone on paikka, jossa perheen jäsenet viettävät yhdessä leppoisaa aikaa jutellen ja vaihtaen kuulumisia. Kodin
olohuone on myös paikka, jossa vieraat saavat levähtää ja virkistyä.
Kun seurakunta kokoontuu olohuoneeseensa, siellä myös Kristus on sekä isäntänä että vieraana. Me saamme
palvella häntä palvellessamme seurakuntaa ja myös saamme itse olla Kristuksen palveltavana.
Niin suurella kuin pienelläkin seurakunnalla on omat huolensa ja vaikeutensa joista yritetään selvitä. Yksin,
omassa voimassa ja jaksamisessa ei kukaan pärjää. Jeesus neuvoo ja rohkaisee Luukkaan evankeliumissa: 'Teidän Isänne
kyllä tietää, että te sitä (kaikkea mitä tarvitaan jotta tullaan toimeen) tarvitsette. Etsikää hänen valtakuntaansa, niin
saatte myös kaiken tämän.' Ja Jeesus jatkaa: 'Älä pelkää, pieni laumani. Teidän Isänne on päättänyt antaa teille
Pienikin seurakunta voi paljon, koska se ei toimi omassa voimassaan, vaan Kristuksen voimassa. Pienikin
seurakunta on valon liekki pimeässä maailmassa, majakka myrskyssä purjehtiville. Kun yhdessä kuljetaan palvelun ja
rakkauden tietä katseet Jeesuksen lempeissä kasvoissa, kun yhdessä rukoillaan ja luotetaan Jumalan apuun ja rakkauteen,
seurakunnan olohuoneessa on aina väkeä. Pieni seurakunta voi olla vähäinen mutta se ei koskaan ole vähäpätöinen.
'Jumalalle, joka meissä vaikuttavalla voimallaan kykenee tekemään monin verroin enemmän kuin osaamme
pyytää tai edes ajatella, olkoon ylistys seurakunnassa ja Kristuksessa Jeesuksessa kautta sukupolvien, aina ja ikuisesti.
Aamen.' Ef 3:20-21
It has been a pleasure to serve the Finnish Church in Seattle. The congregation is small, but it is important to
remember, that to God it is as precious as the big congregations. Small or big, all are dear to God. The main thing is, that
Christ is the head of the congregation. In the Gospel according to Matthew Jesus encourages us: 'For where two or three
come together in my name, there I am with them'.
The congregation is a spiritual home. The worship service and social hour after are like the living room of that
home. The living room in a home is a place, where the family members gather to spend cozy time together chatting and
catching up with each other.
The living room is also a place, where the guests can rest and get refreshed.
When the congregation gathers in it's living room, Christ is also there as a host and as a guest. We may serve him
in serving the congregation and also we ourselves get to be served by him.
Both big and small congregations have their worries and challenges which they try to deal with. Alone, on our
own strength nobody can make it. Jesus advises and encourages in the Gospel according to Luke: Your Father knows that
you need them (what we need to survive and cope) But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.'
And Jesus continues: 'Do not be afraid, you little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom'.
Even a small congregation is capable of much, because it does not function on it's own strength, but on Christ's.
Even a small congregation is a light in the dark world, a light- house for those who sail in the storm.
When we walk together on the path of love and service, our eyes fixed on Jesus' gentle face, when we pray
together and trust in God's care and love, there are always people in the congregation's living room. A small congregation
may be small in size but never in significance.
'Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at
work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen.'
Ephesians 3:20
Pastor Nina
In Memoriam - Paavo Kalervo Sillanpää
Paavo passed away peacefully on December
31st, 2015 with his family by his side while
recovering from heart surgery. Paavo was born
on January 20, 1943 in Isokyrö, Finland. He
served in the Finnish military and studied to be
a machinist in trade school. With his wife,
Rauni they moved to Seattle in 1963. He
worked for 41 years at the Gear Works in South
Seattle, where his brother Kauko was too.
Paavo quickly demonstrated his knowledge of
machining, and he soon advanced to more
demanding roles within the company.
Paavo even machined some of the parts on the Mars rovers, one of which (Opportunity), is still exploring the surface of the red planet.
Paavo is survived by his beloved wife of 51 years, Rauni; his children and grandchildren, sisters and relatives in Finland. Paavo will
be dearly missed by all who knew and loved him. The memorial service on Saturday, January 16th, 1:00pm, with Pastor Nina TetriMustonen was a warm and loving event that brought together family and friends.
Eero Tetri suddenly passed away in Palm Springs, CA away after heart surgery on January 9, 2016. A
memorial for Eero will be on April 30 in Silverdale at 1 PM. Eero was a notable supporter of our church, as
to many Finnish causes, especially the Finnish Studies at the University of Washington. Here he established
the Eero and Helli Tetri Endowment Fund for Finnish Studies.
Eero arrived in Seattle from Finland with his family during the 1950s, later moving to Juneau Alaska, where
he established a successful Volkswagen dealership, which grew and spread over the years. As the story
went, Eero arrived from Finland with only change in his pocket and experience as a service manager for a
Mercedes dealership. He couldn’t speak English, and became a Volkswagen mechanic. He later received the
opportunity to open the dealership in Alaska. In his retirement, Eero and his wife Helli returned to the Puget
Sound and built a house in Poulsbo. After Helli’s death, Eero divided his time between Poulsbo and Palm
Springs, California, where he and his partner, Terttu Gluckmann, had a house.
Eero reminded many people of his namesake, the youngest of the seven brothers in Aleksis Kivi’s great novel Seitsemän veljestä (The
Seven Brothers, 1871). The character is smart, attentive, funny, and a leader. He is the first of the brothers to learn to read, and
ultimately becomes a head of the community. Eero shared his namesake’s cleverness, wit, and leadership. He was a poet himself,
finding the Finnish words that captured the ideas and feelings of important occasions. We mourn the loss of Eero Tetri, and remember
him for the many lives he touched, also here at FLC. His leadership and generosity advanced Finnish at the UW, in Washington State,
and in the United States. (source: UW Scand. studies website).
2016 Annual Meeting
The 2016 Annual Meeting of FLC was held on January 31 at 11 30 AM.
After quorum was obtained the council president, Eva and the treasurer Debbie
summarized the activities in 2015 and the financials. All financial documents
were found to be in order by the auditors, Matteus and John (Borland). The
budget for 2016 was accepted. Our outside front light has been fixed; thanks to
Rita we have a new cross and candles permanently on the altar and a nice display
of Mervi Kintner's folk costume. A large water leak in the men's toilet was fixed
and all were urged to inform the council if any leaks would occur. Thank you to
all who have helped during 2015 to maintain the church, make and serve food...!!
The new council members were accepted unanimously. Council members in
2016 are: Eva Mannisto (Pres.) Yvonne Vollan (Vice Pres.) Debbie Rudback (Treas.)
Mikko Mannisto (Secr.), John Borland, Anki Damstrom, Mark Hillman,
David Kidwell, and Heikki Mannisto. John Pekonen will continue maintaining the financial secretary's records assisted by Heikki.
Please do not hesitate to contact the council members with questions/suggestions/ideas etc..!!
Pastor Nina Tetri-Mustonen
After volunteering in during the busy Christmas Season at FLC for 10 Sundays, pastor Nina will return to Finland on Feb. 8. We
certainly will miss her service, her activity and initiatives, her singing, her help with programs and kirkkopulletiini, etc. Hopefully we
will see her soon again!
Coming Events:
Helmikuun pitopöytä - February Brunch on February 28, 2016.
Please contact Gunnar Damstrom for information ([email protected])
40th Annual Kalevala Day Festival, March 6 at 2 PM at the Nordic Heritage Museum. Join us for
performances by the Finnish Choral Society and Musicians, Suomi Koulu, Folk Dancers etc. Sandwiches,
pullaa, coffee and refreshments after the program.
Armi, Ronja
Terhi, Teija
Riku, Rikhard
Service at 10 am
Pastor Nina Tetri-Mustonen
Organist: Maria Mannisto
Raija, Raisa
Elina, Ella
Elma, Elmi
Sulo, Sulho
Voitto, Valentin
Service at 10 am
Swedish Sermon
Pastor John-Otto Liljenstolpe
Organist: Maria Mannisto
Sipi ,Sippo
Väinö, Karita,
Heli, Heljä
Tuija, Tuire
Service at 10 am
Pastor Mark Samuelson
Organist: Maria Mannisto
Service at 10 am
Pastor Bill Moos
Organist: Yvonne Vollan
Kalevala Trio
David Bark
Muriel Kouhia
Sohvi Borland
Rauha Josephson
Mark Hillman
Katja Kupari
Michael Muller
Linda Banks
Pirjo De Hart
Ulla Forsstrom
Tuomas Keyes
Finnish Lutheran Church
8504 - 13th Ave NW
Seattle WA 98117
Office phone: 206-789 0864
web page
Finnish Lutheran Church
Seattle, WA 98127
Phone 206-789 0864
Finnish Lutheran Church is located in Crown Hill, serving all the Finns in the Washington State area and people with any
interest in Finnish language or culture. We have services both in English and in Finnish with Finnish Liturgy every Sunday
at 10 am, everybody is welcome!!!! Finnish music is presented with our numerous and gifted members and friends. You are
welcome to stay for a coffee and refreshments after church and get to know new people!
Lempin Terveiset - Reprint from February 2012
Helmikuu on toiveikas sydän- kuukausi. Yritetään ainoa
sydämmemme säilyttää terveenä ja iloisena. Sehän on oman
elämämme ehto.
Sydämellä on niin monta tehtävää elämän aikana.
Kaikki tiedämme, että sydän parka saa kestää niin monia
yllättäviä asioita elämän varrella. Koetetaan parhaamme, ettei
liiat surut ja murheet muserra sydäntämme.
Toivotetaan helmikuu oikein sydämmellisesti
Tervetulleeksi. Sen kirkkaat keväiset auringon säteet kertovat
terveydestä, ruusujen ja useiden kauniiden kukkien tuoksusta.
Kuinka nämä nunnat juuri Valentinen päivänä, joka oli
helmikuussa, toivat hänelle kukkia joskus vuosisatoja sitten.
Minä sydämmestäni toivon, että maailmassa olisi
enemmän ystävyyttä ja rakkautta lähimmäisiä kohtaan. Silloin
säästyttäisiin monilta ikäviltä kohtauksilta. Pois viha, kateus ja
rahanhimo, jotka aiheuttavat niin paljon pahaa aikaan. Lainaan
muutana lauseen suomalaisesta “Voi hyvin”lehdestä.
"Muistatko lapsuuden unelman taikakakusta ? Siitä eivät palat
loppuneet, vaikka kuinka olisit syönyt".
Rakkaudessa on taikaa. Se on ehtymätön luonnonvara,
joka ahkerassa käytössä kasvaa ja kukkii yhä useammin. Mitä
enemmän sitä tuhlaat, sitä enemmän se palautuu. Haluatko
rakkautta ja ystävällisyyttä ? Aloita antamalla, loppu- tulos on
Virsi 326: 6 ----Suo, etten koskaan pyhää sanaa kiellä,
Se yksin turvaa antaa tuskan tiellä.
Se lohtu ainoa on vaivassa,
Sen valo johtaa kohti taivasta, taivasta.
The mystery of Love by Ed. Grinnan
There really isn’t the perfect synonym for love.
Valentine’s Day is an acknowledgement of our need to give
and receive love. Yet what exactly is it we are so eager to
share? I love you. How many times and in how many ways
are those three simple words said every day in every place
in the world where human beings exist? And how many
times are they not said enough?
Love is something you can never have too much
of. We seem to have an infinite capacity for it without quite
knowing what it is. Its mystery is in power. Love can
change anyone and anything. Nothing else can do that.
Nothing else bring such universal meaning to our lives. We
love many things. We love ideas, and beauty, we love
countries, and home downs, we love our pets, we love
colors and flowers, songs and poems and books. We love
ourselves and one another. We love God.
That, I think, is the secret to what love is. It is that
single perfect spark that runs from heaven to earth and
flows through our lives. And whenever we feel it, we feel
God speaking to us, that simply cosmetic phrase of comfort.
There is only one true word for it ---Love.

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