Melamine Formaldehyde (MF) Market



Melamine Formaldehyde (MF) Market
Formaldehyde (MF)
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Report Description
Melamine formaldehyde is a synthetic resin manufactured by reacting melamine with highly
reactive formaldehyde gas under alkaline conditions. Melamine formaldehyde resin is
generally compared with urea-formaldehyde resin with respect to its processing and
applications, however it is harder, stronger and offers even better resistance to chemicals,
moisture, heat, electricity and scratching, compared against urea-formaldehyde. It is referred
as thermosetting polymer or amino resins, exhibits excellent value added properties such as
low density, thermal stability, high gloss, transparency, and light fastness. Owing to its value
added properties, melamine formaldehyde has found great industrial applications in fire
retardants, surface coatings, plywood, particleboard, adhesive, molding compounds and
laminates among others.
Melamine formaldehyde is used in variety of product which are valued on basis of its
toughness and ease of manufacturing, resultantly most of the melamine formaldehyde resins
are highly customized as per the requirements of particular application. The curing behavior
and the degree of cross-linking of melamine and formaldehyde determines tailored products
properties such as electrical resistance, thermal stability and mechanical properties.
Melamine formaldehyde resins has been extensively used for surface coating, especially for
automotive top coats and metal furniture. However rising government regulation over
release of formaldehyde in environment is decreasing use of melamine formaldehyde for
coating manufacturing. Most common uses of melamine formaldehyde resin includes
dinnerware, bathroom accessories, electrical breakers, receptacles, knobs and handles,
kitchen utensils, appliance components, adhesives, laminates, textile, medium density
fiberboard and hard boards among others.
Report Description
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Melamine Formaldehyde Market: Market Dynamics
Rising regulations over release of formaldehyde in environment has restrain consumption of
MF resin for specific application such coating manufacturing, which slow down the global
consumption of melamine formaldehyde. However recovering construction industry and
rapidly growing packaging industry is expected to drive global demand for melamine
formaldehyde at steady pace. Wood and Furniture industry is one of the major consumer of
MF resins, and it is expected that global MF resins market will grow with a growth of wood
and furniture industry.
Melamine Formaldehyde Market: Market Segmentation
•On basis of types, global market of melamine formaldehyde market can be segmented as
follow as;
•Methylated Melamine Formaldehyde Resins
•Methylol Or Non-Methylated Melamine Formaldehyde Resins
•On basis of end-use industries, global melamine formaldehyde market can be segmented as
follow as;
•Construction and Building
Report Description
•Wood and Furniture
• Coatings
• Adhesives
• Rubber and Plastics
•Others (Paper & Pulp and Textiles)
On basis of geographies, global melamine formaldehyde market can be segmented as follow
•North America
•Latin America
•Western Europe
•Eastern Europe
•Asia Pacific Excluding Japan
Report Description
Melamine Formaldehyde Market: Regional Outlook
After economic turndown in North America and Europe, construction industry is slowly
recovering and expected to grow with a slow rate over forecast period. Owing to MF resin’s
value added application in construction and buildings, it is expected that the demand for MF
resins in North America and Europe will grow at steady rate. However consumption of
melamine formaldehyde resins in APAC has been significantly increased in last five years and it
is expected that it will grow linearly, owing to infrastructure development in India and China.
China is the largest market in Asia-Pacific followed by India in 2016, and is expected to grow
rapidly in the near future. This is primarily because of growing industries such as electronics,
automotive, chemicals and packaging which are collectively account for major consumption of
melamine formaldehyde resins. Growing need for sustainable packaging is expected to be key
driver to augment consumption of melamine formaldehyde resins across the globe.
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Melamine Formaldehyde Market: Key Players
•Some of the key players in global melamine formaldehyde resin market are as follow as;
•Qatar Melamine Company
•Hexza Corporation Berhad
•Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC
Report Description
•Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC
•Ineos Melamines GmbH
•Chemiplastica Spa
•Pacific Texchem Pvt. Ltd.
•Jiangsu Tianxin Chemical Co., Ltd.
•EUROTECNICA Contractors and Engineers S.P.A.
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