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Construction Chemicals Market
Construction Chemicals
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Report Description
Growing urbanization is setting construction industry at pace, thereby giving rise to raw
material industry such as construction chemicals market. In general construction chemical is
one of the chemical compounds in specialty chemicals segment of the chemical industry.
Construction chemicals are widely used in construction of residential, non- residential as well
as non-buildinginfrastructural activities such as roads, highways and expressways. With the
diverse set of applications across the construction industry, the construction chemical
become an imperative material in today’s infrastructural environment. The main use of
construction chemical is to strengthen the structure with enhanced durability. The
manufacturers of construction chemicals might pose a 3% to 4% rise in current prices due to
change in raw material prices and increased demand of new construction chemicals.
However, as quality is prime concern for construction industry, the use of construction
chemicals offering is long lasting and has crucial benefits with assured quality, the demand is
expected to be unaffected of price rise. For instance Middle East is a remarkable region in the
construction chemicals industry as it possesses the world’s finest and most famous
The global construction chemicals market is growing significantly in terms of volume demand
and revenue. The global construction chemical market is segmented on the basis of
geography and product type. The global construction chemical market is geographically
segmented into seven key regions which are North America, South America, Eastern Europe,
Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific construction
chemical market dominates in the global construction chemical market geographic segments
followed by Europe, Americas and Middle East respectively. In terms of growth rate the Asia
Pacific construction chemical market is expected to exhibit double digit CAGR, higher than
Report Description
that of other geographic segments of global construction chemical market for the forecast
period. Whilst the developed countries in Americas and Europe is projected to grow with
stagnant growth rate for the forecast period due to maturing market and slower growth in
infrastructural development. The growth in Asia Pacific segment of global construction
chemical market is spurred by growing urbanization which is fuelling the growth of
infrastructure projects, thereby leading to the consumption of 65% of the world’s cement
production. China standouts to be leader in Asia Pacific region of global construction
chemical market whilst the India has miniscule market share, however the demand of
construction chemical is gaining momentum in global construction chemical market in India
due to rising awareness of benefits of construction chemicals. Other countries such as
Russia, Australia and Brazil are expected to have high growth rates in their respective regions
of global construction chemical market segment.
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The global construction chemicals market canbe broadly classified into concrete admixtures,
water proofing chemicals, flooring compounds, repair & rehabilitation and others. Concrete
admixtures chemicals are used for better mixing of materials used in cement to make
concrete, which holds the majority in global construction chemical market. Concrete
admixtures construction chemical market can be further divided into plasticizers, superplasticizers, hyper-plasticizers, accelerators, retarders, air entrainments and corrosion
inhibitors. Water proofing construction chemicals are used to avoid water infiltration and
prove to be essential on the exteriors of buildings. Flooring compounds are used to resist
Report Description
abrasion, corrosion, slipping, chemical attack and most importantly to give the floor an
aesthetic appearance. Repair and rehabilitation construction chemicals are basically used in
the repairing systems, wear and tear of the construction structures. Other construction
chemicals segment of global construction chemical market includes sealants, grouts, tile
adhesives and protective coating and resins. Admixtures, flooring and water proofing
construction chemicals have the highest share in the global construction chemicals marketas a
result of their numerous end use applications.
The growth of global construction chemicals market is proportional to the growth in
construction industry. The world is moving towards continuous innovation and
development. Infrastructural development is one of the important elements in this process
which is spurring the demand of construction chemicals in global construction chemical
market. Industrialization and urbanization are an impetus to the growth of global construction
chemicals market. There has been a constant product improvement in the global construction
chemicals market due to adoption of up graded technologies and exploring research and
development activities by key players of global construction chemicals market.
The global construction chemicals market is consolidated in terms of revenue share, however
on application and product type level the market is consolidated by supply majorly catered by
domestic players in region such as Greater China.The key players in global construction
chemicals market are Akzo Nobel Chemicals AG, Antas Chemical Company Limited, Ashland
Inc., BASF SE and Bostik Inc. The potential of medium-sized unorganized and regional players is
high and are expected to gain significant market shares by 2020.
Report Description
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Construction chemicals market is expected to witness growth and novel opportunities due to
the evident growth in construction and manufacturing sectors. There is a shift in demand for
better performance construction chemicals. The industry is likely to unfold substantial avenues
due to the attractive housing sector, rising awareness and increased penetration of
construction chemicals, favorable regulations and improving manufacturing standards and
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