3rd Sunday of Advent 11th December 2016



3rd Sunday of Advent 11th December 2016
Responsorial Psalm:
Let us pray for the Sick
The spirit of the Lord has been
given to me. He has sent me to
bring the good news to the poor.
Alfredo Fecci, Michael Jones, Anne
Jones, Jim Hughes, Margaret Carr, Margaret Evans, Fred Battersby, Gwen
Jones,Joe Goggin,, Debra Ann Roberts,Tricia Twizell, Rosa Maria, Joan Lawrence, Moira Catherall, Lea Hill, Anne
Turner, Mary Rowe, Jenny Mansley, Jennifer Rowley, Nancy Wilson, Joe & Luisa
Desena, Shelagh Fulham, Margaret
Stubbs, Philomena Lamano, and Leo
We remember in our prayers
Come, Lord
And save us.
Gospel Acclamation:
Alleluia, alleluia!
Those whose anniversaries
Occur this week
Many thanks to all who helped with the
production, sales and donations towards
this archive of the Church and Parish.
£550 was raised for the Jubilee Charity,
Visamo Orphanage. A few copies are
still available in the Repository.
Special Thanks to Eddie Saul, & Brian
Cullen&the Audio/Video production
team for their time and hard work in
giving a professional touch
to the Jubilee souvenirs!
(10th Dec) Ann Collins, Ethel Saum, Mary
Shannon, Austine Hatfield, Harry Turner,
Stephen Wilson(11th Dec) James Carroll,
Thomas Kildbride, Margaret Carroll, Maud
Mary Chapman (12th Dec) Ruth Lovelock
(13th Dec) Clara Lucy Carey, Rose
Jones, Evelyn Hughes, Betty Roughley,
(14th Dec) Joanne Murphy (15th Dec)
Catherine Neale, Mary Jones (16th Dec)
Michael Feeney, Elizabeth Allen, Patrick
Vesey, Kathleen Wood
Thank you Thank you Thank you
On behalf of my Provincial Rev. Fr.George CMI and director of Visamo
Fr.Roy CMI and my confreres, I would like to express my sincere
gratitude for the amazing amount of £3583 that was raised for Visamo,
the CMI Orphanage and home for the Destitute in Gujrat, North India,
through your donations at the various Jubilee events and celebrations
during the year.
You have been extremely generous and kind with your support and donations for which I pray that the good Lord will bless you and your families a hundred fold. Yours every gratefully . Fr.Pius Mathew CMI
Breakdown of the Total : £3583.00
Marmal-Aid : £1,118.00
Taste of India : £1,175.00
Jubilee Souvenirs: £550.00
Knights of St. Columba,
Race Night :
£500. 00
September Jubilee Concert : £240.00
Eglwys Catholig Dewi Sant, Yr Wyddgrug
St.David’s Catholic Church, Mold
Parish Priest: Fr. Pius Mathew CMI,
St.David’s Presbytery, St.David’s Lane, Mold. CH7 1LH
Email: [email protected]
Tele: 01352 752087
Deacon David Joy:01352 754722 LSUConvent:01352 700121
Website: www.stdavidsmold.org
www.wrexhamdiocese.org.uk http://www.cmi.org.in
11th December 2016
3rd Sunday of Advent
Year A
10th December Saturday
Mass 5.30pm
Stephen Wilson RIP (Claire Smith)
Richard Kavanagh RIP
(Eileen Kavanagh)
11th December Sunday
Mass 11am
For People of the Parish
Monday :
12th Dec
Liturgy of the day
Mass 9.15am
Sarah Doak RIP (Sam Doak)
Mem. St. Lucy
13th Dec
Mass 9.15am
Dorothy Matheison RIP (Sam Doak)
Wednesday: Mem St. John of the Cross
14th Dec
Mass 9.15am
Tony,Erica & Patrick Walsh RIP
(Maureen and Roland Alman)
Liturgy of the day
15th Dec
Mass 9.15am
Int.Sr.Olivia (Maureen&Roland Alman)
Liturgy of the day
16th Dec
Mass 9.15am
John Faulkner RIP (Eunice Faulkner)
17th December Saturday
Mass at 5.30pm
Maureen Mullally RIP
(Gerry O’Brien)
Rosary and
Every Friday
following the
morning Mass
at 9.15am
Sacrament of
10.30am to
& Before the Vigil
18th December Sunday
Mass 11am Sundays before
the Mass
For People of the Parish
ohn the Baptist has
some second thoughts
about Jesus in today’s gospel. After preaching about
the coming of the Messiah
upside down; if he needs to
take a second look then so
do we. His ideas of what
Jesus was about proved to
be out of synch with reality.
And ours often are equally
wide of the mark.
for so long, John now finds
himself in prison and things
don’t seem to be working
out as he had expected. So
he asks, “Are you the one
who is to come, or have we
got to wait for someone
n fact, John even wondered whether his
cousin Jesus was the right
one. Yet Jesus replies that
John should open his eyes
and look around: those who
are blind, deaf, lame and
lepers are being cured and
the Good News is being
preached to the poor. All of
these things were known to
be signs that the Messiah
had arrived.
to see Advent as a joyful
season of expectation. It
lets us realise that fear is
out of place for those who
await Christ’s coming. It
encourages us to actively
look forward to the promises that God has made to us
through his Son. It permits
us to sing “Come, Lord Jesus” and really mean it.
And so Advent invites us to
yearn for the coming of that
Church Cleaning
Can you help?
In preparation for the
Christmas, the church
cleaned on Friday 23rd
ber after the Mass, at
feast of
will be
(There is no Eucharistic adoration)
If you can spare a half an hour or so
then this would be appreciated.
The Salvation Army will hold a Carol
Service at Bryn yr Haul Care Home on
Wednesday 15th at 2 30 pm.
Christmas Eve
24th December Saturday
Mass :5.30pm &
Mass: 9pm
Christmas Day: Sunday
Mass : 11am
Carols around Mold
hat about us? Are
we sure we’ve got
the right idea about Jesus?
When he comes again
ought we to be worried or joyful day when our salvashould we be joyfully ex- tion will be fully revealed.
pecting him? Is he coming
to bring vengeance or is he
t seems that John “on our side”. Will he conohn the Baptist had to
thought the Messiah demn or save?
have a rethink about
would be much more miliJesus. Advent summons us
s e c o n d to do the same. Is Christ’s
tant and political than Jethoughts
Je- coming something we look
sus. It’s quite comforting
that John can have his ideforward to or something we
as on the Messiah turned in perspective. It allows us secretly dread?
Christmas 2016
Cytun will be holding a Carol Service
at Llys Jasmine Care Home on Sunday
18th at 3 pm. All are most welcome to
join us. Mena Kerslake&Sue Cocker
Mayor of Mold Christmas Concert
Featuring Renowned Welsh Tenor
Rhys Meirion & his daughters Erin&Elan
With Mold Town Concert Band
On Monday 12th December 7.30pm
St. Mary’s Church, Mold
Tickets £10 including Refreshments
Christmas Stamps
First and second class Christmas stamps,
both with a picture of Mary and child, are now
on sale in Post Offices, but you must ask for
them specifically, they are not usually offered.
Dates for your Diary 2017
First Holy Communion
2nd February:
Meeting with the parents&Candidates
18th June: Sunday 11am:
First Holy Communion
1st July Saturday 5.30pm
Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes 2017
22nd May Monday– 27th May Saturday
The Posters and Booking forms are available in the Porch. There is a £10 discount
if you do the booking online:
Pilgrimage to Medjugorie 27th May to
3rd June: Contact : Geraldine Downing:
01978 357367.
Mrs. Kathleen Taylor RIP
The funeral Mass for Kathleen Taylor
will take place here on 20th December
Tuesday at 1.45pm.
May she rest in peace and rise in glory!
Missio Red Boxes
Your red boxes have been emptied and
they are ready for collection at the back of
the church. And Missio 2017 calendars
are available for anyone to take. Thank
you for your support. Tricia Hurd
Money Matters :
Offertory Collection last weekend
£662.50 of which £369.10 was Gift Aided
Flowers Collection,Nov 26/27 : £156.43
Gift Aid: If you are a Tax Payer, please
consider filling out the Gift Aid form which
is in the church porch to receive a box of
weekly envelopes for your offertory donation or for a one-off donation then
please use the Green envelopes. Please
remember to write your name, address,
and date the green envelope.
Thank you for supporting our Parish.

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