Maintaining Good Member Health with a Furry Fan



Maintaining Good Member Health with a Furry Fan
Maintaining Good Member Health with a Furry
With men and women being more sensually frank with each other
nowadays, it’s not unusual for a person to discover that their bed playmate
has a sensual interest or two. Good sensual tips emphasize handling such
revelations with proper care, especially as it is a sign of trust when a secret
like this is shared. As long as the interest does not negatively impact
member health (or general health, for that matter), and as long as a man has
an appropriate comfort level in engaging in play, this can often become as
much fun for the man as for his partner. One interest that tends to be more
common among women but which some men may find enjoyable is a focus
on “the furry.”
The furry
By “furry,” a woman doesn’t usually mean the generous thatch of hair that
covers the body of her hirsute lover (although that hair often does come into
play during furry activities). “Furry” refers to an anthropomorphic animal
with human characteristics – like Bugs Bunny, for example, or many of the
characters in certain Japanese manga.
Furry fandom refers to that group of people who are especially drawn to
these lovable furry characters. For most, the fondness is not necessarily
sensual in nature. They simply respond to something about these characters
that touches or engages them. Often furry fans like to engage in cosplay (that
is, dressing up like favorite characters) and may also enjoy role playing
(actually pretending to be those characters).
For some people, however, the attraction does have a distinctly sensual cast
to it. Furry fans who enjoy fantasizing about furries in sensual situations,
viewing adult videos about them or having sensual activity with other fans
dressed up as furries are said to be “yiffing.”
If a man who is not a part of the furry culture finds that his partner is
interested in furries sensually, he may be asked to join her in her interest. If
this falls within his comfort level, there are several ways in which he may
 Indulging her cosplay or role play. The partner may want to pretend
to be one of her favorite furry characters while they have sensual
activity. This may simply require the man to refer to her by the right
name and to know enough about the character to respond
appropriately to things she says. It may also involve her wearing some
furry-related outfit – perhaps cat ears, say, or a faux-fur bra.
 Joining her role play. Alternatively, the partner may want the man to
pretend to be a furry. Some men find this liberating. For example,
they may enjoy stamping their feet like a horse and whinnying
aggressively as they engage in coupling and find that it helps them
release their inner animal.
 Joining her in cosplay as well. A man may also be asked (or opt on
his own) to join her in the cosplay department while they are being
intimate in bed. Wearing a bull’s head or tiger paw gloves may bring a
The most important point about furry play – and member health – is that a
person must feel comfortable participating. A man who is willing may still
want to ease into things and take his time to find out just what works for
him. Being honest and open about these things, but in a caring manner, is
crucial in any kind of relationship.
Among other valuable sensual tips: just because a man is getting all furry
doesn’t mean his member health should be animalistic. Treat the member
like a man, not an animal, and regularly apply a top notch member health
crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is
clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Be sure the crème includes
vitamins A and C. Vitamin A is well known for its antibacterial properties,
which fight unwanted manhood odor. (A musky animal scent is one thing;
rank odor is another.) And vitamin C is a key component of collagen, the
tissue in the body that gives member skin its tone and elasticity.

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