Turkish food Abu Dhabi



Turkish food Abu Dhabi
Turkish Food Abu Dhabi at Saraydan Restaurant –
Will Nourish Your Tastes & Soul
Now you need not leave your Turkish food experiences behind when you leave the
table at Saraydan Restaurant in Abu Dhabi, instead join the ultimate culinary
experience with one of Turkey's top restaurant and take home memories of
delicious recipes and inspiration. Turkish food Abu Dhabi at Saraydan is cooked
by the best cooks and chefs.
Turkish cuisine is a mysterious and sophisticated fusion of the Middle East and the
Mediterranean which is further spiced up with a little Central Asia. Turkish food
delivery service at Saraydan Restaurant is highly demanded for its take-awaymenu. Whether you plan to enjoy Turkish breakfast, lunch or dinner, Saraydan’s
Turkish food delivery will reach you on time with freshly prepared food.
You can order original and wholesome Turkish take-away-menu at click of a mouse.
Online ordering at Saraydan is easy all you have to do is select from a vast Saraydan
task-away menu and relish dishes, sweet or savory options freshly made juices and
mouth-watering Turkish coffee right at your destination.
The spokesperson at website of Saraydan Turkish Restaurant says, “Saraydan,
which means ‘from the tables of the palace’ is the story of Turkish heritage told in a
modern setting.”
Whether you select Turkish pastries or Turkish Manti you are assured a sumptuous
experience of food that satiates the tastes and soul as well. One of the must-have
items on the menu at Saraydan Restaurant is Yaprak Sarmasi
- Stuffed rice and
mince meat in vine leaves topped with tomato, butter sauce and yoghurt.
In addition don’t forget the Turkish Baklava in its versatile versions served at
Saraydan for the lovers of dessert. Especially if you have a sweet tooth this delicious
middle-eastern dessert will catch you unguarded.
Bring it home – is the message of traditional Turkish food at Saraydan…..
The restaurant offers to deliver favorite Saraydan dishes freshly prepared to
residents at the Al Shahama, Bahya, Al Raha and Al Rahba communities and
About Saraydan Restaurant:
Saraydan Turkish Restaurant serving authentic food in Abu Dhabi is in fact a
gastronomic expedition. Whether you choose to dine at Saraydan Café situated
opposite Carrefour on level 2 or select Saraydan Home Delivery you are assured of
an enchanting retreat in Abu Dhabi to delight the gastronomes. Chefs with their
tantalizing Turkish creations at Saraydan impress you with exquisitely prepared
sweet and savory dishes. All the diners have the pleasure of savoring innovative and
delectable creations from Turkish food specialty at Saraydan menu.