Got a Cut on the Member? Here’s Why



Got a Cut on the Member? Here’s Why
Got a Cut on the Member? Here’s Why
It might be unusual for a man to look down at his equipment and notice a cut
that wasn’t there the day before. It’s especially weird when he took a night
off from self-pleasuring or coupling with a partner. So why does a guy wind
up with manhood cuts for no apparent reason? Is there something lacking in
his usual male organ care? Is he suffering from the sudden onset of a
socially shared disease? Is there something even worse going on?
These questions and others might run through a man’s mind the moment he
sees an unexplained injury on his member. But there is often a very simple
and clear-cut answer (so to speak) for the situation. Here are some of the
most common reasons.
1. Significant dryness. The member skin is quite delicate, and
sometimes can dry out literally overnight. This is especially true if a
man chooses to use a soap-based product to cleanse his member
instead of a specially-formulated cleanser. Soaps can be quite harsh,
and they can easily lead to dryness of the skin.
2. An allergic reaction. Sometimes that dryness can come from an
intense allergic reaction to something new in the environment.
Perhaps a guy is sleeping on sheets that were washed in a new
detergent, and he just happens to have a slight allergy to some of the
ingredients in that detergent. Or maybe he was just with a partner who
wore a particular type of powder or perfume that adversely affected
his member skin.
3. Doing something different. A guy who decided one day to go
commando might pay for it later with manhood cuts that seem to
make no sense. This might happen from rubbing up against harsh
denim, contact of the member with the back of the zipper, or a myriad
list of other reasons. In other words, the member wasn’t in its usual
environment for quite some time, and the result is a plethora of issues,
including the possibility of manhood cuts.
4. Yeast infections. One of the hallmarks of a yeast infection is
inflammation and a strange cracking of the skin, which can often look
like a cut. A yeast infection can also be incredibly itchy; when a man
scratches the area, he runs the risk of opening up tiny fissures that are
already there, thus making it appear as though he has a cut on this
member. Eventually these cuts will fill with yeast growth, making
them appear whitish or yellow.
5. Some social diseases. Sometimes a socially shared disease can make
the member look quite strange, including what looks like cuts, scrapes
or other irritations. If a man has recently been with a new partner,
especially if no protection was used, he must consider that an social
disease could be the culprit. In this case, it’s important to visit the
doctor to rule out what the issue might be.
6. Sensual misadventures. Sometimes a man might get a little rowdy
when seeking out pleasure, either by himself or with a partner. He
might try out new positions, seek out a variety of homemade toys or
simply get rougher than usual. The result after all that fun might be
tiny injuries he didn’t notice in the heat of the moment. One of those
could be tiny manhood cuts.
When a man notices cuts on the member, there is usually no cause for alarm
– but it always pays to get checked out by the doctor if he’s unsure of what
happened. This is especially true if a social disease might be involved!
After receiving treatment, a man can try to eliminate manhood cuts in the
future by reaching for a high-quality male organ health crème (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven
mild and safe for skin). A crème that contains vitamin C and D, both of
which can hasten healing, is always a good idea. And a crème that contains
the power duo of vitamin E and Shea butter can ensure there are no further
cuts from dryness of the member, as they will keep the skin very wellhydrated with regular use.

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