Ensuring Good Manhood Health After Circumcision



Ensuring Good Manhood Health After Circumcision
Ensuring Good Manhood Health After
Circumcision is one of the oldest surgical procedures. Practiced for
thousands of years, it can be done for cultural, religious, social or medical
reasons. No matter a man’s reason for having a circumcision done, it’s
vitally important that he pays very close attention to good member care in
the days and weeks following the procedure. The more good care he gives
himself, the better manhood health and sensation he will be able to maintain
for the rest of his life as a circumcised man.
Of course, keep in mind that the tips below are for the majority of
circumcision cases; a guy who has a more complicated case or other surgical
procedures done in addition to circumcision might want to take these tips
with a grain of salt. What matters most is following the surgeon’s directions
for recovery to the letter. And when in doubt, never hesitate to call the
Pursuing an uneventful circumcision recovery
For most men, circumcision can take well under an hour. If there are medical
problems, such as a too-tight prepuce or infection, those problems can begin
to resolve almost immediately upon completion of the procedure. Here’s
what to expect from a routine recovery:
1. Expect serious bruising and swelling. This is typical of any surgery,
not just one done on the member. In fact, the bruising after surgery
can be quite shocking, so don’t be alarmed if it appears that the entire
manhood is covered in bruised splotches. This will go away over a
matter of weeks.
2. Use the pain medication. Though there isn’t significant pain
associated with a circumcision, there is still some discomfort.
Painkillers will be prescribed, so use them. Don’t be surprised if they
are only necessary for a few days, however. Many men are surprised
at how quickly the pain goes away.
3. Take care with urination. Yes, it’s probably going to hurt when a
guy pees after the circumcision. To alleviate this, he can drink plenty
of water to stay hydrated and dilute the urine. He can also apply a bit
of petroleum jelly to the tip of the member before and after he
urinates, to help keep the acidity away from the more sensitive areas.
4. Avoid certain activities and movement. It’s important to give the
member ample time to heal. This means all sensual activity is offlimits for at least a few weeks. It also means a guy must be extracareful not to let the member bump into anything, suffer any sort of
trauma, or otherwise be handled roughly. That means avoiding contact
sports and wearing underwear that holds the member snugly, to avoid
the natural side-to-side movement when he walks around.
5. Use only what the doctor prescribes. It might be tempting to use
natural oils, creams and the like when the member is healing. This is
never a good idea. Use only the crèmes the doctor suggests during
those first few weeks, as the use of anything else could interfere with
healing. Though the use of a good manhood health crème is
encouraged after the healing is complete, don’t reach for it while the
wound is still healing!
6. Try to avoid tumescence. That means a guy doesn’t want to spend
his time looking at adult videos! He also wants to try to avoid
nocturnal tumescence, though this is understandably impossible to
eliminate completely. A few tips include ensuring the bladder is
always as empty as possible, which might mean getting up a few
times at night to urinate. Lying on his side in a fetal position can also
help a guy alleviate some of the tumescence he might get at night.
Finally, remember to keep all doctor’s appointments. If anything about the
circumcision feels painful, get in touch with the physician immediately.
And once a guy is healed, it’s time to reach for the best manhood health
crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is
clinically proven mild and safe for skin). He will want one that contains a
multitude of vitamins and nutrients, especially L-carnitine. This amino acid
is known for lessening the chances of peripheral nerve damage and helping
preserve member sensation.

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