Top Seven Bartender Food Safety Tips



Top Seven Bartender Food Safety Tips
Top Seven Bartender Food Safety Tips
Typically, we all hope that our wait-staff are aware of food safety tips that they should
follow, i.e., washing hands after using the bathroom, not putting their thumb into our
food, etc. But, do you know what bartenders should do to protect the public health?
Check out these seven tips and make sure that the bartender is following these rules.
1. Each and every bartender should possess a food handler’s card with a valid
expiration date.
2. Allergy warnings for mixed drinks and liquors should be displayed (for
example, the White Monkey at a New York bar has vermouth and almond
3. The must wash, rinse and sanitize all tools used in the bar in the same manner
as any restaurant. They should check refrigerator gaskets, shelves and fan
guards for mold.
4. Bartenders should wash their hands often, and it is best if there is a sink
behind the bar.
5. They must wash and sanitize the ice container regularly. Keep it covered and
use only plastic scoops.
6. Regularly clean the soda gun and its holder.
7. Pests thrive in food areas. Taking garbage out frequently and keeping garbage
areas clean will keep the insects and rodents away.
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