Tumescence Dysfunction and the Adult Videos Connection



Tumescence Dysfunction and the Adult Videos Connection
Tumescence Dysfunction and the Adult Videos
Men love to have sensual time, and if a partner isn’t readily available, a man
might just have a little solo play with himself. But in order to do that, many
men turn to a virtual partner, the one they find on their computer screen or
between the pages of an adult-themed magazine. In fact, taking matters into
their own hands is well-known as part of excellent manhood care, and most
men suffer no member problems at all from enjoying a little foray into adult
videos from time to time.
But what about those men who suddenly realize they are having tumescence
dysfunction issues with a partner? Then it’s time to take a longer look at
what’s really going on. Here’s a look at what might be the real manhood
Three potential problems with adult videos
First, it’s important to remember that overall, adult videos can be an
excellent way to enjoy a little private time or even spice things up with a
partner. When it’s embraced as a side dish – and not the main event – it can
be a truly eye-opening, enjoyable part of any man’s sensual life.
But there are some downsides, too. Those downsides can lead to a man
having a difficult time with getting excited, or with getting it up when he is
excited, especially if all this happens with a partner in the room. Let’s delve
a bit deeper into the issues:
1. The mental aspect. Some men can become highly accustomed to
watching certain videos, touching themselves in a certain way, or
having to think about one or two very specific things in order to get
the equipment into proper working order. If that’s the case, it might be
an indication that adult videos have changed his mental and emotional
view of sensuality, and that he needs a particular visual stimulation –
one he can’t get from a real-life partner who hasn’t been airbrushed! –
to get off.
2. The physical aspect. A man who enjoys adult videos a little too much
might notice that his manhood sensitivity is diminished when he’s
with a partner. That might be because he chooses to self-gratify the
same way each time. By doing so, he runs the risk of ‘deadening’
certain areas of his manhood because he always rubs on those
particular spots. So when it’s time for a partner’s light touch, he can
barely feel it – and that can make for an uncomfortable and
disappointing situation for everyone.
3. The need for more stimulation. When a man watches videos he
really loves or flips through a book that really gets him going, it
usually works for a while. But eventually, he begins to crave a little
something more. That means he might watch adult videos for longer
each day, or he might spend more time looking through magazines.
Eventually he finds what works for now, and then it works for a while
– but soon he’s back to the song-and-dance of finding something new.
This cycle can eventually damage his life, not just inside the bedroom,
but outside of it as well.
So what are the solutions to these potential member problems brought on by
adult videos? If a man notices that he is having trouble getting it up with a
partner, or even getting it up for himself when he’s watching the same
videos that used to work for him, it’s probably time for a little vacation from
the screen. A few weeks away from watching videos or self-pleasuring can
often ‘reset’ a man’s mind and body, resulting in more fun when he does
ease back into things.
In the meantime, all that self-fondling has probably resulted in a sore
manhood. The best remedy for that is rest and the use of a good manhood
health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is
clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Soothing Shea butter and vitamin
E can ease sore skin on contact, leaving the manhood much more
comfortable. It can also provide lots of vitamins and nutrients that might
help in the fight against tumescence dysfunction, such as L-arginine for
better blood flow and vitamin B5 for healthier tissue.

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