Strange Manhood Problems: Sleep Sensual Activity



Strange Manhood Problems: Sleep Sensual Activity
Strange Manhood Problems: Sleep Sensual
The human body can do some really strange things. Some of those things are
so strange, in fact, that most people have never heard of them. Take, for
instance, sleep sensual activity. When it comes to rare manhood problems,
this is definitely one of those at the top of the list. Men who are interested in
their male organ health and good member care – both when awake and when
asleep – should know about even the more obscure manhood problems they
might encounter.
So what is sleep sensual activity?
It isn’t unusual for a man to get a little frisky in his sleep. Most men are
aware of nocturnal seed release, which happen often when a guy is younger
and tend to decrease in frequency as he becomes older and better able to
control his sensual urges. A man might even reach down and play a little bit
during his sleep, especially if he’s in the throes of a sensual dream.
But sleep sensual activity is quite different. Men who suffer from sensual
insomnia, as it is often called, will engage in full self-pleasuring sessions
while they are asleep. Similar to sleepwalking, a man will often go through
the motions he usually does for self-gratification, including finding the lube
in a drawer and using it, or even sitting or standing up to do the deed. As
soon as he reaches release, he might lie right back down and continue
sleeping, with no memory of the session when he wakes up.
Sometimes, a man will actually engaging in coupling with a partner while he
is asleep. Though this is much rarer, it certainly does happen. If this
happens, it’s with the partner right there in bed with him, or at least in the
same home – however, there are some rare reports of men who have
attempted coupling with people who are not their partner, and they are never
aware of what they are doing. Obviously, this leads to some serious
How does sleep sensual activity happen?
Just like sleepwalking, sleep sensual activity happens without any input from
the person who is engaging in the activity. They are fully asleep, with no
knowledge of what is happening and often no memory of it when they wake
Scientists aren’t entirely sure what causes it, but they have identified some
triggers that make it more likely for someone to engage in sleep sensual
activity, or any sort of sleep activities, such as sleepwalking. Alcohol tends
to be a triggering factor, as well as long-term sleep deprivation. However,
the most common reason is sleep disruption: a person’s sleep is interrupted,
but not enough to wake them up fully. The result is a dream-like state where
they aren’t fully awake but aren’t in a deep sleep, either.
Fortunately, there are ways to combat sleep sensual activity and other related
issues. Since sleep apnea is one of the top reasons for sleep disruption, the
use of a CPAP machine at night can help keep someone in bed and away
from episodes of sleep sensual activity. Some anti-anxiety tablets have also
proven very helpful in keeping sleep sensual activity at bay. And for some,
cognitive behavioral therapy might have some effect.
When a man is getting it on in his sleep, he might not pay attention to the
best practices for member care, such as using adequate lube for solo play.
That’s why he can benefit from a superior member health crème (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven
mild and safe for skin). This crème should contain Shea butter and vitamin
E, the better to soothe sore and overworked skin. It should also contain Lcarnitine, which helps fight the signs of peripheral nerve damage that can
lead a man to a loss of member sensation, especially after a rough session of
self-pleasuring during a long night.

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