Lack of Sleep Could Lead to Lack of Male Organ Health



Lack of Sleep Could Lead to Lack of Male Organ Health
Lack of Sleep Could Lead to Lack of
Male Organ Health
Getting enough sleep is absolutely necessary for good health. Though it
might seem as though a man can go without sleep for days – especially
during his college years – the fact is that lack of sleep will catch up with a
guy in ways he doesn’t expect. For instance, even the best manhood care in
the world won’t help a tumescent member stand at attention if a man is too
sleep-deprived for his body to work the way it should.
Does lack of sleep really matter?
Men who are skeptical about just how much sleep matters can look to a
variety of studies that focused on sleep and sensual drive. Sleep researchers
have often put men through a variety of trials that included sleep
deprivation, then looked at how certain bodily processes worked in the wake
of that lack of sleep.
Not only did they find that cognitive function dropped dramatically, they
also learned that the hypothalamus created much less male hormone – thus
leading to a lower drive – but that men also suffered from hardness
dysfunction. Sometimes that dysfunction was quite severe and prevented a
man from engaging in sensual congress at all until the lack of sleep was
remedied with a good, long nap.
In addition, men who suffered from sleep deprivation also suffered from
levels of stress that were much higher than what they would have
experienced otherwise. This higher level of stress has an effect on every part
of the body, including the drive. But it can also have a more sinister effect,
such as weakening the heart or raising the blood pressure, and both of these
issues can also contribute to the blood flow in the manhood. The result:
more hardness dysfunction.
More sleep equals better male organ health
It’s important for a man to make sure he gets plenty of sleep. But what can
he do if he has a crazy schedule or problems with sleeping in the first place?
Here are a few tips:
1. Gradually move the schedule. A guy who is accustomed to staying
up late at night can start moving his schedule back gradually. For
instance, rather than going to bed at midnight, he can make a point of
going to sleep 15 minutes earlier for a week. Then he can move that
time up even more, by another 15 minutes. Within a month he has
easily added one hour per night to his sleep schedule.
2. Remove all distractions. A guy who has a computer, television,
phone and other electronics in the bedroom is bound to be distracted
by something. Make the bedroom a place where rest is the main event
– that means turning off the television, keeping the room dark,
silencing the phone and keeping the computer closed.
3. Keep a good diet and get exercise. Eating right and getting plenty of
exercise can help a man fall into bed at a decent hour. He should look
to foods that promote sleep and don’t include caffeine, as well as
exercise that tests his cardiovascular strength, thus providing him with
the energy he needs to get through the day and crave a good sleep at
4. Ask for help if necessary. Sometimes a man deals with insomnia, for
reasons that might be entirely out of his control. If improving his sleep
schedule doesn’t work well, it might be time to talk to the doctor
about what other steps he can take to ensure he gets plenty of sleep.
A guy who gets lots of sleep should soon see his drive and his ability to
perform return. To be ready for that day, he can reach for a top-quality male
organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil,
which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A crème that contains
L-arginine is an especially good bet, as this ingredient can boost blood flow
to the manhood, making it more responsive when a man’s drive starts calling
for action again.