Different Uses Solar System



Different Uses Solar System
Different Uses of Solar System
Installing a solar power system for entire home is not affordable
for everyone. But you can use hot water solar system in some
sections of your home. Here are some different ways where you
can use the solar power energy without investing a lot of money
such as solar panel for water heater, lights, room heaters.
• Indoor Lights
Stop wasting money in lighting high watts bulbs in your home
which costs you shocking electric bills. Get solar indoor lights to
glow your rooms and it will make you free from huge electricity
bills. You should go for solar powered desk and floor lamps to
provide lighting during the night. These lights charge small
batteries during daytime and provide lightening in the night
Outdoor Lights
Using solar lights for lightening your pathways and gardens
during night is one of the best options. Such light consists of
solar panels fitted on the top of bulb which gets charged in day
and lightens during the night. Today, most of the streets of
commercial solar perth are lightening their roads and pathways
from solar lights.
Solar energy for room heating
Generally, room heaters are preferred to heat your home during
cold days. These heaters consume a large amount of electricity
to provide you a heating effect. Don’t rely on room heaters, as
you can keep warm your room from passive solar heating tubes.
Such tubes are big and transparent which stores bright light of
sun and keep your room warm for a longer time.
Solar electronic charger
Most of you get stuck at places where you can’t find electricity
to charge your phone or device. The solar electronic charger is a
right choice for you. It generates electricity from sunlight and
charges your device anytime and anywhere.
These chargers come with different types of chords to be used in
different devices like laptops, mobiles, MP3 players, etc.
Solar water heater
Days are gone when people used to rely on metal rods for
heating water. Today people are switched towards solar heater
water, due to their excellent reliability and availability. Solar
water heater comprised of two parts – solar collector and storage
tank. This water heater runs on sunlight, which is freely
available for all. The solar water heater price is quite
affordable and reasonable in price.
Hot Tubs and Pools
Pools and hot tubs use solar power to heat water. For these, solar
power units are designed in such a way that assists electric
heating units to minimize the heating bills. If you want to heat
the pool’s water, then you can get complete solar power kits
from online shops.
Solar Oven
Solar energy is being utilized for cooking food from the long
back. So, take this solar oven with you when you plan for an
outing and enjoy your favorite food item.
You are well known about various ways to use solar energy in
the form of solar panel hot water at your home, it's time to use
solar energy for your small purposes and cut the large electricity

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