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Issue 58 | November 2010
Issue 58 | November 2010
NEWS 4-10
The latest on new products, new deals and recent
events in the bike trade...
Cycling England has been abolished for
the sake of £200,000. It’s a figure that
would look nice in my bank, but small
fry in, say, the road build budget.
Missed the sold out event
at Sway Bar last month?
Then turn to page 19...
It’s still a powerful statistic, especially as the need for
cuts are being impressed upon us at every turn. In fact, it
couldn’t be more pertinent than now, when Cycling England
has been abolished for the sake of £200,000. £200k is a
figure that would look very nice in my bank account, for
sure, but in the scheme of things – let’s say in the UK’s road
build budget – it’s small fry. Or to be blunt, negligible. Let’s
hope it’s not a statement of intent from Westminster.
Of course, at time of print the Government hasn’t
actually cut its investment in cycling (aside from the £200k
on running Cycling England). But it’s the details – or lack of
them – that has worried cycle lobbyists. There is a distinct
lack of clarity over the new de-centralised Local Sustainable
Transport Fund.
How much of the Fund will end up being spent on
cycling? Who will administer it? Who will manage
Bikeability’s bike training? What about the future of the
Cycling Demonstration Towns, where cycling has increased
by 27 per cent in three years?
Even when those questions are answered, who exactly is
going to have the ear of Government when Cycling England
disappears next year? Cycling may not be short of
advocates, but just how many have a hotline to the
corridors of power?
It’s our job to keep repeating the mantra that investment
in cycling is worthwhile – and never more so than under
this Government. Spending on bikes saves the nation money
and handily is good for the bicycle business too. It’s a no
brainer for us, but it’s at our peril if politicians forget it.
Finally, a thank you to those who lobbied, judged, attended
and generally took part in the 2010 BikeBiz Awards. Well done
to the winners, commiserations to those who didn’t walk away
with an award – and see you next year!
One disgruntled reader rants about ‘advertorials’
on the Letters page this month...
Jonathon Harker, Editor
New brands galore – including Cipollini’s high-end
bike and apparel lines – at Paligap’s dealer show
We look at some of the highlights from Cycle Show’s
last appearance at Earls Court. Mark Sutton reports...
BikeBiz heads to Gatwick for Moore Large’s roadshow to
check out the latest kit from the distributor...
We take a Look at Fisher Outdoor Leisure’s
high-end French bike brand...
Three in at Hotlines, Hinton joins Upgrade, plus
new faces at Fisher and CSG UK...
Bikebiz takes a look at the latest from SKS,
Cordee, Pivot, Clarks and Giro
SPRING MIGHT FEEL like a long time
past now that the clocks have gone
back, but one story from the start of
the year truly strikes a chord right now:
investment in cycling pays back threeto-one.
For every quid forked out by the
Government on improving bike
infrastructure, the savings made
measure three pounds, through cutting
congestion, improving general health and so on.
But three-to-one? Isn’t that just some convenient statistic
dreamt up by someone with something to sell? Actually, no.
That figure was determined by the Department for
Transport’s own stringent and conservative tests, and after
years of research.
Children are the future, so let’s hope they get
into cycling fast, writes Carlton Reid...
Cycling England scrapped: what d
Bikeability’s survival
tops industry concerns
Trade fears over future of bike training Cycling will be
forced to fight for funding from ‘Sustainable Travel Fund’
By Jonathon Harker
Cycling England has been named
among the 192 nondepartmental public bodies to be
abolished by the Coalition
Scheduled for the chop in
March 2011, the widely expected
cull is intended to save money –
in the case of Cycling England,
£200,000 – the equivalent of five
metres of motorway.
While some members of the
cycle trade have condemned the
news, the survival of cycle
training scheme Bikeability,
currently headed up by Cycling
England, is uppermost in the
concerns of the industry (see
page five).
Westminster has promised the
scheme will survive – likely
through the creation of the new
Local Sustainable Transport Fund.
As BikeBiz goes to press, the Fund
has been revealed to total £560
million, which cycling will share
funding for training
would mean a new
generation is lost
to cycling – it’s an
Phillip Darnton
with bus, pedestrian and ‘road
safety’ schemes.
The Cycling England board
includes chair Phillip Darnton,
British Cycling’s Peter King, CTC
chief exec Kevin Mayne and
Sustrans chief exec Malcolm
Shepherd, amongst others.
Darnton said: “While Cycling
England’s abolition is bitterly
disappointing, we are relieved by
the Minister’s statement on
September 27th that ‘Bikeability
is safe’. However, neither the
Minister nor DfT officials will
discuss the level of funding or
the scale of their future
intentions for cycle training.
“Discontinued funding would
mean a new generation lost to
cycling, and a risk of increased
accidents through lack of proper
instruction. This prospect is
alarming in its implications for
childhood obesity and the
environmental impact of further
increases in car trips to school.”
Cycling England was formed in
2005 by the DfT, and was tasked
with getting more people
cycling, more safely, more often.
Cycling England chair
Phillip Darnton
Andy Tucker,
Steve Barnett,
Cycle On,
“IT WOULD BE a crying shame
if Bikeability is canned. In lots of
cases it’s the only chance that
young children have to get
engaged with cycling. It not
only teaches them how to cycle
safely, but could see them
becoming more active and
healthier, as a result.
There is concern generally
that any cuts in funding for
cycling will have an impact on
the number of new cyclists. This
in turn will hit retailers. It’s also
not what the Government
wants as more cycling is seen as
a way of tackling many issues,
from CO2 emissions to obesity.
The Government has said
that Bikeability is safe for the
remainder of this Parliament,
but they have not said how the
funding will be managed, or at
what level. It looks like it may
be included in the Local
Sustainable Travel Fund, which is
to be controlled by DfT.
£200k seems small change
compared to the scale of public
spending cuts needed. The
spending review could see a
reduction in overall Bikeability
funding. And if funding for
cycling is amalgamated into the
Local Sustainable Travel Fund it
could get crowded out by other
travel options and initiatives.
Bikeability instructors are
indirectly funded by Cycling
England in so far as
organisations such as BikeRight
pay their wages through
revenue generated on
Bikeability contracts. Some local
authorities deliver their own
Bikeability using internal
resource, but the grants come
from Cycling England.
All instructors have to be
trained by an accredited
Bikeability Instructor Training
Provider, via a four-day course,
followed by a post course
“I KNOW I am a bit of a
cynic, but one can’t help
thinking that dismembering
the quangos just allows
Government departments to
claim that they are now doing
more work and therefore
don’t have to reduce their
staff. Most of those people
will be the ones who actually
did things.
In general, quangos are a
very good method of figuring
out how best to distribute
Government largesse simply
because that is its only job.
More than that quangos
tended to be run and
populated by people who had
enthusiasm for their subject
and knew what they were
talking about.
They were in a far better
place to get others to work
with them than what we will
see in the future.
Local Government won’t
have money to invest in
cycling infrastructure.
More worrying is that any
money allocated by
Government for cycling
projects will get mostly
absorbed in civil service costs
rather than getting to where
it might help change things.”
oes it mean for the trade?
Cycling England
and Bikeability by
300,000 plus per year:
Cycling England was
among the 192 nondepartmental bodies
thrown out in the
‘bonfire of the
‘Thrown on the
bonfire without
just cause’
MEMBERS OF the cycle trade
have called on the industry to
throw its weight behind Cycling
England and tell the Coalition
Government that axing the
body is a costly mistake.
Following the announced
abolition of the body,
prominent voices from the
industry have expressed their
misgivings at the news and
concern over the future of
Bikeability cycle training.
Mark Bickerton, UK agent for
Dahon and Bicycle Association
vice president conveyed his
disappointment to BikeBiz:
“We know that Bikeability’s
future has been promised as
secure, but Cycling England has
done so much more to
encourage more cycle use: the
money the Government has
given cycling through Cycling
England has demonstrated just
how good an investment it is.
Every pound spent on Cycling
infrastructure, training, and safe
routes has been rewarded by at
least triple the amount in
savings on congestion, safety,
health and pollution.
“We all recognise that UK
Plc is in a parlous financial
state, but I feel Cycling England
has been thrown on the bonfire
without just cause. Cycling is
growing in popularity, yes, but
with Cycling England behind the
movement, we have seen a far
quicker growth in cycling than
otherwise would have been.
“Lead skilfully by Phillip
Darnton, Cycling England has
kick started increased cycle
usage super effectively and it is
was originally started with the
support of seed funding from
our own trade and industry
through the Bike Hub Levy.
The cost to the taxpayer to
keep Cycling England running
per annum.
Less than 0.1 per cent:
country needs at this time of
austerity is more cycling.
Cycling is good for transport,
health, pollution, congestion and
the country.
“I urge everyone in the bike
business to make their feelings
“Canning Cycling England is a
retrograde step akin to madness on
the part of the DfT.”
Mark Bickerton, Dahon and Bicycle Assoc
Canning Cycling England is a
retrograde step akin to madness
on the part of the DfT, and one
all of us in the industry should
do our best to rail against.
“I call on all Conservative
and Liberal coalition
Parliamentarians to make their
disappointment known to David
Cameron, Phillip Hammond and
Norman Baker: What this
known to their own MP, and
also to the Government.”
An Evans spokesperson
mourned the passing of Cycling
England, telling BikeBiz: “Evans
Cycles has always advocated
cycling throughout the UK and
supported the initiatives of
Cycling England. Getting more
people out cycling safely is a
great legacy it leaves behind.”
Other industry voices have
been less critical of the plans to
abolish the body and looked
ahead to its replacement – and
the newly announced Local
Sustainability Travel Fund.
David Wild, CEO of Halfords,
told BikeBiz: “Cycling England
has made a positive
contribution to cycling in this
country. Moving forward,
Halfords believes the creation of
new Local Sustainability Travel
Funds will enable more locally
integrated cycling planning and
“The fund shows that the
Government is committed to
improving local conditions for
cycling and the cycling
environment. As one of the UK's
major cycling retailers, Halfords
wishes to support this focus on
cycling and its associated
benefits of reducing congestion,
cutting emissions and helping
people live healthier lifestyles.”
Backing Bikeability
THE CONTINUED existence of
Bikeability is top of the trade’s
concerns following the news of
Cycling England’s culling.
Halfords CEO David Wild
said: “With more cyclists on the
roads than ever before, we are
pleased to see that the
Bikeability scheme, which
teaches people to ride their
bicycles safely and proficiently,
will continue to receive
Government funding.”
Councillor Dr Jon Rogers,
executive member for Cycling
City, told BikeBiz: “There is a
worry that the demise of
Cycling England may mean the
removal of Bikeability, which
provides cycle training for
children and adults. Bikeability is
integral to the success of
The number of children
nationwide to be put through
Bikeability training via schools
and cycling clubs. Cycling
England was tasked with
including 500,000 more ten
year-olds in Bikeability cycle
training by 2012.
The fraction of Cycling
England’s overhead costs when
compared to the £60 million
annual budget, paid for by the
DfT, health departments and
others. Cycling England had no
£12 million:
Bikeability’s annual funding p.a.
Increase in cycling to school
where Cycling England and
Bikeability has been involved in
training and education.
27% increase:
Cycling levels in ‘demonstration
towns’ have jumped by over a
quarter in three years (see
page six). Outside the demo
towns and London, cycling
levels have constantly declined
over 50 years.
1,000 plus:
the number of BikeAbility
instructors Manchester-based
BikeRight has trained to date.
The knock on effect is 12,000
kids and adults trained in safe
cycling per year.
Cycling City as it helps boost
the confidence of people who
may not otherwise take to the
city streets on their bikes. Again
this would affect any future
plans to encourage more people
to cycle more often.”
Red Cloud Marketing’s Mark
Almond also warned of the
dangers of losing the training
scheme: “That the future of
Bikeability is in doubt as Phillip
Darnton suggests, is a major
concern. This scheme has the
potential to make a huge
difference to the take up of
cycling and is only just
becoming established in some
areas. By binning it now, it sends
out the wrong message and also
reduces the likelihood of success
for any subsequent scheme.”
The number of adult cycling
course places BikeRight has
filled inside two months in
Manchester alone.
The number of additional Safe
Links to Schools planned by
Cycling England. These were set
to connect around 500 more
schools to the National Cycle
BikeBiz Awards 2010: Trade
hails the very best
The UK’s bicycle trade turned out in
force for the first-ever standalone
BikeBiz Awards last month
By Jonathon Harker
OVER 200 attendees from the
trade squeezed into Sway Bar,
Holborn for the 2010 awards,
held independently for the first
time following last year’s
appearance at Cycle Show.
and-coming companies that had
showed exceptional growth over
the last 12 months. The
ecologically aware Green Oil
bagged the prize. Founder Simon
Nash said: “Thanks again for the
award, we were really chuffed to
win. I think the event itself was
“I am very proud to be the first winner
of the Retail Account Manager award
and very humbled by the people who
voted for me...”
Graham Beaumont, Reece Cycles
Twelve prizes were awarded
on the night, judged exclusively
by members of the trade, with
three new trophies added to the
roster. One of the recipients of
the new awards was Reece
Cycles’ Graham Beaumont,
winner of Retail Account
Manager. He said: “I am very
proud of being the first winner
of this award and humbled by
the people who voted for me.”
Rising Star was another new
BikeBiz Award, honouring up-
just right – not black tie, but not
as casual as when held at Cycle
Show last year – just smart and
in between the two. Plus the
£10 ticket price was perfect, nice
British firms won out over
overseas firms on the night,
including Brompton, Hope,
Green Oil and Gocycle.
Post awards, the social mediasavvy bike trade turned to
Twitter to congratulate the
winners and commiserate with
the Finalists who missed out.
Madison’s Ellie Guttridge
(@EllieGutts) said: “We AKA
@UKmadison won an award at
the BikeBiz Awards, but I lost
dismally at Black Jack in the
casino after. Great night but
feeling it now.”
Online Retailer winner Wiggle
(@wigglebikeshop) was similarly
grateful for the support: “Last
night we were named ‘Best
Online Retailer’ at the BikeBiz
Awards! Thanks to all who
support us.”
Independent Retailer winner
Rutland Cycling
(@RutlandCycling) was quick to
thank the 50 judges who voted:
“We’re BikeBiz Award winners
for Best Independent Retailer......
Thanks to all who voted for us.
We are all very grateful.”
The 2010 BikeBiz Awards
were supported by Platinum
Sponsor Cube Bikes, with CitrusLime, FreeGo Electric Bikes and
Cycle-SOS partnering the event.
For more on the 2010
Awards turn to our winners
feature over on page 19.’s team proudly show
their trade-voted award (right)
Secure fate for Cycling
Towns and Cities?
THE FUTURE of the Cycling City
project is safe, one of its executive
members has told BikeBiz.
The project – an experiment
to see if raising funding for
cycling to European levels
impacts on the level of cycling –
has been found to be a major
success according to DfT
measurements. Government
research revealed that cycling
increased by 27 per cent in the
Cycling Towns, bucking the
downward trend in cycling levels
seen outside London. The DfT
also found investment in cycling
was so cost effective that for
every £1 spent, £3 was saved.
The project is now being run
across 17 towns and one city
(Bristol). Despite the fact that
Cycling England was heavily
involved in the project –
including distributing funding,
Cycling City executive member
councillor Dr. Jon Rogers told
BikeBiz that the future of the
project was secure.
“Bristol City Council
understands Cycling England is to
“The Department
for Transport has
assured that the
‘Cycling City’
budget is safe...”
Dr. Jon Rogers, BCC
close as part of a wider picture
of reform by central
Government,” Dr Rogers told
BikeBiz. “However, the council is
pleased that this will have
limited affect on the planned
delivery of Bristol’s programme.
“The contract and financial
agreement have always been,
and will continue to be, with the
Department for Transport, and
assurances have been given that
the budget is safe.
“Further, it is likely that the
good results so far achieved by
Cycling City – 25 cycle paths have
been built or improved, and
journeys by bike have increased by
44 per cent in some parts of the
city – will not exclude the council
from bidding for a grant from the
recently announced Sustainable
Transport Fund in order to further
the project’s ambitions.
“Bristol City Council urges
careful consideration of the
potential affects of a break in
funding and the cessation of a
training resource.”
For more on Cycling England
turn to pages four and five.
York Cycle Show keen
to up trade presence
By Mark Sutton
Cycle Show are calling on the
trade to up its presence at next
year’s event, running on July
25th and 26th.
Trade packages are to become
available as of December and the
show’s committee chair, Paul
Hepworth believes the incentives
are in place to give the trade a
strong return on their presence.
“Organised on behalf of CTC
by a regional Committee, the
event draws some 10,000
cyclists from across the UK and
beyond. Huge trade and
exhibition marquees will feature
again, with a secure outdoor
tryout area where visitors can
put new bikes through their
paces,” said Hepworth.
“There is also an outdoor area
within the trade site for
Pic © Jason Patient
10,000 plus cyclists expected to attend
2011 show “York Show is a great
opportunity to sell bikes,” says Hepworth
It is said that over 10,000
cyclists descend on York
during the show
exhibitors who prefer to use their
own small marquees or gazebos.
This is a tremendous opportunity
to exhibit and sell new bikes,
accessories and clothing. Local
bargain hunters are also on the
lookout for end of range items.
Tourism and accommodation
organisations came along in
2010, and there was also an
upsurge of interest in electric
assisted bikes.”
Attractions to retain on-site
footfall include a grass track
arena for racing and
demonstrations, a stunt bike
show, day rides, entertainers and
1,000 camping and caravan
Trade packs, including cost
specifics, are downloadable at and
bookings can be made via show
secretary John Taylorson on
07765 070120.
Fisher Outdoor Leisure
previews B2B upgrade
IMG to carry
Deluxe and OSS
Leisure customers were
given a guided tour of an
early-build of its muchupgraded B2B website,
due for official launch
toward the end of the
Alex Sperling, ecommerce manager told
BikeBiz: “I’m really happy
with the positive
customer feedback we
received at Cycle Show.
We’re investing heavily in
this new B2B platform, as we
know how important it is to our
customers’ businesses to have a
highly functional site that’s easy
to use. We expect to be coming
back to our customers later in
the year with an industry leading
Though Sperling wouldn’t go
into depth about the build, “for
receive stock of both trails brand
Deluxe, run by former Ride UK
editor Mark Noble, as well as
street brand OSS’s product.
Having spent two ‘good years’
years working with Pre
Distribution, Noble’s brand is now
to be found alongside brands
such as Odyssey, Season,
Proper, Sunday,
Mirraco and G-sport.
“Working with these
brands at this distributor
means that it should be
easier for UK shops to stock
our developing range of frames
and parts,” said Noble. “I’d like to
say thanks to Sam and Steve at
Profile Europe for taking care of
us over the last couple of years.”
Away from the woods and
onto the streets, IMG is also
soon set to take stock of Adam
Grandmaison’s OSS brand, which
The Cycle Show preview
showed an early template
of the B2B site
“We expect to be
delivering to our
customers and
industry leading
proposition later
this year...”
fear of ruining the surprise”, it
was revealed a new layout would
vastly improve the search
functions, thanks to a new
intelligent product tracker, while
upgraded account management
options, a fresh design and
clearer categorisation would
greatly improve the site’s
is designed with input from
Stranger brand owner Rich Hirsch.
Grandmaison confirmed to
BikeBiz that his brand’s products,
including new DVD
‘Football’, are to
be carried by
Sussex distributor, stating: “The
way things seem to have
happened is almost too good to
be true, especially with the
excitement kids have already
shown towards OSS, even
without knowing much about it.
I feel like I’ve got something
really special on my hands.”
helmet’ exceeds
EN1078 standard
A helmet designed and
built by London Royal
College of Art student
Anirudha Surabhi could be
set for the mass market
after passing the EN1708
helmet safety standard.
Surabhi believes the
cheap-to-produce helmet
may be a solution to
easily-dispensed hirescheme protection.
Cycle Show NEC to
offer reduced
exhibitor rates
Exhibition space at the
2011 Cycle Show, to be
held at Birmingham's NEC,
will cost less than at
London's Earls Court.
Contact Upper Street
Events on 020 7288 6443
for more details.
UK economic
growth slowing
The British Chamber of
Commerce has described
third quarter growth as
“considerably slower” and
warns that things could
become still more sluggish
when VAT rises to 20 per
cent in January.
Scott Sports opens
new carbon
Scott Sports has moved
production of its carbon
products to a new 6,000
square metre factory in
South East China.
Interbike remains
in Las Vegas
Plans to move Interbike to
Anaheim have been
shelved for now, thanks to
what show director Andy
Tompkins says is a "very
real response, stating the
industry prefers Vegas in
September." Last month
BikeBiz incorrectly printed
that Lance Camisasca
remained show director.
We apologise for any
For breaking news visit:
Pope fails to dent
Tour popularity
Rising attendance and growing media coverage are strong
signs of an escalating interest in cycling, says organiser
By Jonathon Harker
OVER ONE million roadside
spectators watched the Tour of
Britain this year, making the
event the most successful yet,
according to event organiser
Sweet Spot Group.
The 2010 Tour, which took in
Blackpool, Swansea, Colchester
and London among others, saw a
32 per cent rise in TV viewers,
with 401,000 tuning in to ITV4’s
daily highlights. The official
website also bested last year’s
performance, with over 1.5
million page views during the
eight day race.
The improved coverage,
interest and rising attendance
are all signs of the public taking
cycling to its heart, according to
ToB PR manager Peter Hodges.
He told BikeBiz: “It's a definite
sign that cycling in general is
growing in popularity, and in
particular as a sport. The huge
crowds we saw in Norfolk,
Suffolk and Essex in particular
testify that there is an appetite
for professional cycle races in
this country, whether from
casual fans of the sport or the
The eight-day race
was praised as the
‘best-ever’ by Tour
organiser Sweet Spot
more 'hardcore' cycling fans. It's
very encouraging for us that
despite poor weather conditions
during certain stages we still had
a great turn out at the roadside.”
Media focus
The event managed to gain
column inches, despite going up
against the Pope’s UK visit and
cricket’s betting allegations.
“National newspapers like The
Guardian, Independent and The
Daily Telegraph in particular are
very loyal supporters of the race,
ACT hails
efforts to
boost trade
MONEYWAY has been
recognised by the Association of
Cycle Traders as its ‘partner of
the year’ for its efforts in making
the Ride It Away scheme
Handing over an award to
Moneyway’s head of lending,
David Nield at the Cycle Show,
the ACT’s business development
officer Tony Jones told BikeBiz:
“It’s very important to
acknowledge the efforts of our
20 or so partners that go to
even though we were battling
against a week that had several
major national stories, from the
Pope's visit to the likes of
Champions League football
midweek, plus a couple of major
cricketing stories. The sports
pages of the national papers are
a very competitive segment, but
we feel we more than held our
own there, and certainly the
tough and exciting nature of the
race helped.”
Regional papers upped their
coverage too, said Hodges.
Tony Jones presents the award to Moneyway’s
David Neild and the team
great lengths to improve
retailers’ lives through their
services. Moneyway stood out,
particularly thanks to their
efforts to make Ride It Away a
success. The firm has enormous
flexibility and offers consumers
an interest free credit solution,
which greatly aids sales.”, the
ACT’s consumer-facing website,
also shared the focus on the
busy ACT stand, receiving a softlaunch and preview to dealers
ahead of a fully revamped roll
out due shortly.
Jonathan Harrison, marketing
and comms exec, told BIkeBiz:
“Our shop listing data is now
shared with Sustrans and the
Bike Hub app makers, which adds
great marketing value to a shop
listed on the site. Registration of
a store’s details is free of charge
too, so if a store is yet to log on
and post their information, that’s
a missed opportunity to gain
extra custom.”
“We get more and more
school children and casual fans
watching The Tour each year, so
hopefully those spectators are
then going off and watching at
other cycle events and going out
on their bikes, whether for fun, or
commuting or maybe taking up
racing. A big aim of The Tour and
The Halfords Tour Series is to
encourage people onto bikes, for
all of the above reasons.”
Next year the Tour’s Grand
Depart returns to Scotland.
RIP Rachel
Newcastle Cycle Centre
died on Sunday October
3rd. She, along with
husband Barry, had run the
family-owned Tyneside
shop for many years. She
died at home, comforted
by Barry and their family.
Daughter Jill Hopkirk,
who now runs the shop,
said: "My mum was a
unique, strong, loving and
kind woman who achieved
things that some women
could only dream of."
The funeral was held
on October 8th at Whitley
Bay Crematorium. A
memorial service is to
follow at a later date.
Cyclelife Alnwick celebrated their first
anniversary on 16th October. This is has
been a very successful initial year of trading
for the store with joint owners Michael
Curry and Paul Edgar feeling very positive
about the future.
Both partners were previously employed
by the Emergency Services, Michael in
the Police Force and Paul as a fireman.
Having an interest in outdoor leisure and in
particular cycling they made the decision to
move into retailing.
After discussions with Raleigh about the
Cyclelife franchise it seemed too good an
opportunity to miss and they moved ahead
with the opening of the store.
Adventure Northumberland offers the
complete outdoor experience from the
retail, service and repairs to bikes, cycle
hire and MTB courses, to a unique and
inspiring form of Corporate team building,
giving the opportunity to try out a wide
range of exhilarating activities including
mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking,
surfing, cliff jumping, caving and rambling.
Michael feels the first year under the
Cyclelife umbrella has been successful
in part due to the support from Raleigh
who have been both open minded and
flexible, the financial support made a great
difference to the first year in retail.
Michaels’s advice to anyone interested
in joining the network is “speak to other
Cyclelife Partners, explore your local
market and have a dominant business plan,
this is the key to success”.
Michael & Paul’s plans for the future are
to open a second shop specialising is the
retail of cycles only.
Cyclelife Membership
• Retain your independent identity whilst
trading under the Cyclelife brand
• Enjoy preferential terms
• Marketing Support
• Store Development including 50%
contribution towards shopfit, point of sale
and signage
New store opportunities
We are looking for independent bike dealers in various locations throughout the UK to join the
Cyclelife Partner network.
Target Towns – Aylesbury, Bath, Bedford, Brighton, Catterick, Lancaster, Lincoln , Newcastle, Norwich,
Oxford, Warminster, Watford,
Target Locations –Cornwall, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, East Anglia, Gloucestershire, Isle of Wight
London, North Nottinghamshire, Somerset West Midlands, Worcestershire, Scotland, Wales,
For more information please contact Paul Wignall at Raleigh on 07730 666647 or email
[email protected]
In No
St w
The Dawn of a New Era
for Electric Bikes
Salisbury LPX
Windsor LPX
Lynx LPX 20”
01279 821243
email: [email protected]
Akhter House Perry Road Harlow Essex CM18 7PN
JN-1470 15.4.09 Prices subject to change without notice. E&OE
Cycle Trade Expo – a new
exhibition for the business
Lyme Media & Events’ Adam Ginty explains the background to the trade only exhibition and what it
is designed to do for the cycle trade...
LAST month, Lyme Media &
Events announced the launch of
a new, national, trade only
exhibition to be held at the
Ricoh Arena in Coventry, on June
19th and 20th 2011.
The brainchild of Lyme Media
& Events’ managing director,
Jerry Ramsdale, the event takes
the concept of trade-only events
to a national scale. The rationale
behind the exhibition is to
provide a profitable and
productive trade forum for
companies in the cycle trade
wishing to engage with
prospects from across the
nation’s retail market.
Along with a majority
contingent of UK based
manufacturers, the exhibition
will also play host to a number
of Chinese and Taiwanese
manufacturers and a host of
other international businesses
seeking UK representation for
their inventory of products.
The innovative event has been
expressly developed, both in
layout and operations, to deliver
maximum return on investment
for exhibitors and visitors alike,
in the venue’s flagship Jaguar
Exhibition Hall. The programme
is shell scheme only, with four
stand size options; our research
shows this parity provides a level
playing field to all exhibitors
whilst encouraging visitors to
engage with the products and
services held within the space.
The stand packages are true
‘turnkey’ solutions and inclusive
in the price is lighting, power,
carpeting, signage and show
guide entry.
A direct move away from
London-centric cycle exhibitions
was at the forefront in the
development of this exhibition.
The venue in Coventry places the
event at the centre of the UK
and at the heart of the
motorway network; just ½ mile
from J3 of the M6 by car, with
2,000 parking spaces. It’s also
less than 20 minutes from two
“Cycle Trade Expo
has the capacity
and structure to
advance the UK’s
cycle trade and
fill the gap for a
national, tradeonly exhibition.”
major train stations and one
international airport, making the
Ricoh Arena the perfect venue to
deliver Cycle Trade Expo to a
wider regional audience, in a
free-to-visit exhibition.
The comprehensive media
plan and creative media
activities will engage with the
nation’s independent bike
dealers, e-tailers and retail chains
and draw highly engaged trade
visitors from across the UK; all
with specific purchasing and
merchandising objectives.
The event will also feature an
exhaustive educational seminar
programme. Industry thought
leaders, and individuals from
companies and organisations
offering insight and best practice
to the cycle trade will be offering
free-to-attend seminars designed
to collaboratively drive the cycle
trade forward. From
merchandising, new product
development and store design, to
vertical service and support
providers and financial service
providers the seminar theatre
will provide a 360 degree view of
the cycle trade, and offer
educational advice and guidance
to cycle trade audiences.
The Lyme Media & Events
team boast over 13 years of
experience in delivering
successful manufacturing, trade
exhibitions in locations across
Europe. We believe that Cycle
Trade Expo can do this for the
cycle industry. It has the
capacity and structure to
advance the UK’s cycle trade and
fill the gap for a national, trade
only exhibition designed around
driving the industry forward and
generating direct commercial
results for both exhibitors and
visitors alike. There’s never been
a better time than now to be in
the cycle trade, however as a
retail market it’s still relatively
new. I see Cycle Trade Expo as a
catalyst for change and
progression within the industry, a
forum to collaboratively drive
the industry forward.
To find out more, visit
Easy going green?
Hot on the heels of bagging the inaugural BikeBiz Rising Star Award, Green Oil has won praise from the
press, consumers and trade for its eco-friendly products. Company founder Simon Nash tells Jonathon
Harker about the challenges of going green…
“Green Oil came
out of a
frustration with
other brands.
‘Dangerous for
the environment’
labels were
things I found
unacceptable for
products for my
Simon Nash
How do you feel about
winning a BikeBiz Award?
Really happy. It’s been hard work
over the last few years and it’s
now paying off, with Green Oil in
shops nationwide and abroad.
Things have really grown
quickly with Upgrade
distributing Green Oil. Industry
recognition is important, and I
feel well deserved with all the
work put in and the success of
Green Oil through Upgrade
Did the firm really start in a
garden shed?
It actually started in a bedroom,
with some garage space used.
Green Oil UK had its multimillion pound expansion into the
garden shed, or ‘Eco Cabin’ once
the garage and bedroom-cumoffice got too crowded.
We hired a Luton van and
picked up the second-hand
building which took half a day to
take down. I planned good solid
foundations of cement, and to
make things green decided to
replace a proportion of the sand
in the mix with glass. However,
collecting an entire road’s worth
of glass on recycling day (before
the bin men arrived) produced
about two bags worth of sand
after an hour of smashing it
down. Worth a try though.
I initially filled every bottle
myself through a recycled beer
tap and basic machinery. The
labels were hand applied and
made from recycled paper. When
an order came in, it would be a
case of working in the EcoCabin
until 1am and hand packing
everything myself.
Production increased with the
purchase of a bottling machine,
and now with a factory, capacity
is no longer an issue, and I get to
bed a bit earlier.
Can you explain the ‘green’
aspect of the brand?
The original Green Oil formula is
biodegradable, along with the
rest of the range, and we also list
honest recycling information.
This is important, especially as
anything put on your bike will
end up in the environment – be
it your local woods, a river you
ride through or your garden.
Green Oil basically came out of
a frustration with other brands
on the shelf at the time.
‘Contains PTFE’ and ‘Dangerous
for the environment’ with the
accompanying dead fish and tree
logo were things I found
unacceptable for products for
my bike – especially riding
through rivers and in rain.
Moreover, none had recycling
information on the label. As a
typical green-minded cyclist this
status quo needed fixing.
Teflon/PTFE is a particular
problem – it’s not biodegradable
and creates a ‘likely carcinogen’
in its production, according to he
US Environmental Protection
The great thing about
running a company
and having a strong
sense of morality
and knowledge of
issues is that you
can implement
things other
companies would
IN A LATHER: The ecologically-sound Green Oil
not. For example,
product range is now made in a factory in Wales
the use of 100 per
(right) – a far cry from the BikeBiz Rising Star
cent recycled plastic.
Award winner’s early days, producing
product in a garage (bottom)
No one else is doing it,
most customers probably
don’t notice, but it’s simply the
right thing to do. Most
companies would see a cost
Turnover has doubled in
increase and dismiss using
the last year and is
recycled plastic, and are only
increasing consistently.
willing to go a bit green on the
Upgrade, our new UK
basis of it being ‘good marketing’.
distributor, has enabled us
This is based possibly on the
to reach a greater number
mentality that business is just
of shops, and a greater
about making money, possibly
focus on export has
providing jobs and nothing else.
bagged Green Oil
The modern company should
distributors in the
have a ‘triple bottom line’ –
lucrative Netherlands and
financial, social and
Benelux areas recently.
environmental. By this mantra,
Our next goal is for
spending company money to
expansion in Ireland.
make things greener is seen as
Investment in research
good for part of this bottom line.
and development for new
Its something taken seriously by
products within the Green Oil
Green Oil UK.
range has also helped increase
revenue too.
How has the range expanded?
The Green Oil range started with
Green Oil has recently opened
the UK’s first biodegradable chain
a factory in Wales. How
lube, Green Oil. Following that
important to the firm is it to
we developed Ecogrease, Green
manufacture in the UK?
Clean and our award winning
I heard a figure from one
degreaser gel, Clean Chain which
company that if you make a bike
launched in late 2008.
in Taiwan, you only have to ride it
This year we launched the
50 miles (displacing 50 miles
world’s first fair trade bike
worth of car driving) to cover the
product, the EcoSponge. This
carbon footprint of manufacture
helps farmers in the Philippines –
and getting the bike to the UK.
the concept of fair trade applies
Therefore I don’t want to make
less to factories or countries that
anyone feel guilty for
have a welfare state, and more at
manufacturing outside the UK, as
agricultural producers, so they
it has its place.
benefit from stable prices and
However, manufacturing Green
extra cash for lean years.
Oil in the UK is practical, and
Out of the frustration of using
greener than producing abroad.
a plastic claw brush that had
We have expertise here in the
spikes in the handle that dug into
chemical and packaging sector,
one’s fingers, and various plastic
and it works well for us. We could
brushes used before, we
reduce the cost slightly
developed the Green Oil Bicycle
manufacturing abroad, but it
Brush, the world’s first FSC
would increase the carbon
certified bike product. The Bicycle
footprint, and risk quality.
Brush, now available through
Creating employment in a
Upgrade, has a burly handle and
former coal mining area in Wales
has many uses and is at the
is an important part of UK
luxury end of the market.
manufacturing for us too,
Importantly, it feels nice to use.
alongside the sense of tradition.
The Bicycle Brush is designed
Brookes, Brompton and other UK
with longevity in mind, unlike
manufactured brands do have a
many things in today’s
certain quality, edge and sense of
increasingly disposable society.
tradition over and above
imported ones.
And turnover has doubled for
Whilst international trade does
the company recently?
have its place in creating peace
companies took advantage of this
year. It’s a great event to back
with lots of riders attending.
How long have you been
working with Upgrade?
Since July 2010. I have personally
used DMR products for years, so
it’s great to work with them. We
have high hopes as they take the
brand to the next level. Rather
than just letting go of the
marketing, we’ve been working
hard on the publicity side for
Upgrade – from an
additional Green Oil stand
at the Cycle Show to the
nationwide BBC TV coverage.
Upgrade are selling Green Oil
extremely well because of
this. It has been great to
learn from their experience
and see their success with
Green Oil.
“Most companies
are only willing to
go a bit green on
the basis of it
being ‘good
marketing’. But
it’s something we
take seriously at
Green Oil.”
Simon Nash
through interdependence and
providing work, you do hear
horror stories. For example,
potatoes grown in France, driven
by lorry to Poland to be washed,
driven by lorry to Calais and
packaged in the UK, then flown
to a French supermarket down
the road from the original farm –
this is clearly unsustainable, so
it’s good to manufacture locally
if possible.
Do you get involved in local
cycle events?
We do. At a local college we help
out once a year, and events like
the Big Bike Bash and Brighton
Big Dog that we sponsor here in
the South. At the former we
sponsor the Green Oil Lake Jump
– our lube won’t pollute the
water when people back flip their
bikes into the lake. BikeRadar Live
will be missed from our local
patch of Brands Hatch however.
The Camden Green Fair and
Cycle Fest is a great event we
support that not many bike
Are you looking for more
dealers? What are your
For every 100ml bottle we sell,
that’s 100ml of petrochemical,
PTFE stuff not going into the
environment, or on your
mechanic’s hands. We aim to
get into 80 per cent of the UK’s
2,000 plus bike shops by the end
of the year, and take Green Oil
We would love more dealers
to come on board. After all, it’s
probably a good thing to stock a
product that’s been featured on
national TV and to make the
most of an increasingly green
consumer – especially as cyclists
are generally ecologically minded.
Shops like yours can now easily
add a batch of Green Oil to their
next Upgrade order.
And what’s next for Green Oil?
More products?
We plan on expanding the Green
Oil range and making further use
of recycled materials. Lots more
publicity for current and future
stockists is on its way too.
Is there anything else you’d
like to add?
If you don’t yet stock Green Oil
you should take the opportunity.
It’s easy to get Green Oil through
Upgrade. It’s better for your
health, and the environment.
Cyclists care, so at lest give them
the Green Oil, UK-made option.
How should interested dealers
get in contact?
Green Oil is distributed in the UK
by Upgrade.
01403 711 611
It’s all about the
Functional, stylish & fun.
The new range of kansi
folding bikes is designed
in the UK by people who
love to ride.
t No model year - easy to sell all
year round
t In-store only selling policy to
support IBDs
t Industry leading spares support
t Simple and concise range of
6 bikes, all fitted with SRAM
To become a stockist please
contact Fisher Outdoor Leisure
on 01727 798345.
For further information and to
see the full range please visit
Providing informed advice and assistance upon
cyclists’ rights and the obligations of other road
users and highways authorities
Personal Injury Claims - Component Failure - Hit and Run or Uninsured Motorists - Responsibilities of Highway Authorities
Cycle-SOS congratulates the
Bike Biz Award winners.
Like us, you set standards far above the bottom bracket.
freephone 0808 100 999 5
The Judges
Everyone’s a
The great and the good of the UK bicycle industry descended on Sway Bar in
London last month for the 2010 BikeBiz Awards. A dozen different companies
took home major prizes as the event honoured the hard work of everyone in the
trade. We showcase the winners, their reactions and highlights from the night…
THE UK’S BICYCLE trade turned out in
force to hail the best in the business at
the BikeBiz Awards 2010 last month.
Over 200 industry types, including
distributors, retailers and manufacturers,
gathered in Sway Bar, London for the
second live awards to cheer on the award
winners and network with the movers
and shakers of the cycle industry. British
manufacturers led the prizes on the night,
which saw three new awards – for
Retailer Account Manager, Product
Innovation and Rising Star – sit alongside
established distributor and brand prizes.
The Awards were supported by
Platinum Sponsor Cube Bikes, with CitrusLime, FreeGo Electric Bikes and Cycle-SOS
partnering the event.
Cube Bikes account manager Dan
White said: “We were delighted to be
working with BikeBiz on the awards again
this year. We really enjoyed the evening,
bumped into some old contacts and
made a few new ones all over a few
beers. The atmosphere felt very relaxed
and it was wonderful to reward some of
the hard work done by the industry in the
last year.”
Missed who won? Then read on for the
winners of the 2010 Awards...
Andreas Kambanis
The London Cyclist,
Andrew Fearn
Stanley Fearn Cycles,
Andrew Nethercot
Andy Butler
Edinburgh Bicycle Co-Op,
Andy Gowan
Hotlines UK,
Andy Parker Raleigh,
Antony Roberts Seventies,
Axel Rosler Abus,
Chipps Chippendale
Claire Beaumont Condor Cycles,
Dale Smith Moore Large,
Dan Marchall-Bull Cedar Cycles,
Dan White Cube Bikes,
Ed Ibbetson Hotlines UK,
Elizabeth Barile-Page
Upper Street Events,
Emerson Roberts Brompton,
George Bowie 2pure,
Grant Hadwin Citrus-Lime,
Greg Stevens Jim Walker,
Jamie Horner Discount Cycles,
Jane Watson Zyro,
Jason Grantz Cane Creek,
Katrin Engel In Motion Mar,
Lauren Vanderplank
Moore Large,
Luke Edwards Triton Cycles,
Mark Bickerton
Mark Gouldthorp Raleigh UK
Mark Noble Deluxe BMX,
Mark Sutton BikeBiz,
Martin Lawrence FreeGo,
Matt Andrews Ison Distribution,
Neil Arnold Hope,
Neil Holman
George Halls Cycle Centre,
Neil Manning Condor Cycles,
Nick Brown Havebike,
Oliver Laverack The Bike List,
Paul Corcoran Pennine Cycles,
Paul Darlington Cycle-Aid,
Paul Toon Clarks UK,
Pete Tomkins Crud Products,
Russell Merry CSG UK,
Ruth Hargreaves JD Cycles,
Sam Humpheson
Sean Lalley Cycle Systems,
Si Bowns 18Bikes,
Sian Emmison Bobbin Bicycles,
Simon Munk
Magic Number Creative,
Simon Nash Green Oil,
Thomas Dibley Wiggle,
Yannick Read
Environmental Transport
Independent Retailer: Rutland Cycling
“We are delighted to have won the award of Best
Independent Retailer. It is credit to our dedicated
team and many years of hard work. Our thanks go
to all who voted for us. We are especially grateful
to our customers for helping us get this far.”
Steve Gill, Sales Director, Rutland Cycling
Online Retailer: Wiggle
"We are delighted to have won the BikeBiz
Award for best online retailer once again. It
confirms to us, our customers and the industry
that we are the best at what we do. We look
forward to building on this success in the
Martin Talbot, Director of Marketing, Wiggle
High Street Chain: Leisure Lakes
“We are especially proud to have won this award
against such a tough category of competitors.
Thanks for giving us such a great award and we
hope we are lucky enough to be nominated again
next year.”
Greg Noy, Leisure Lakes
Retailer Account Manager: Graham Beaumont
“I am very proud of being the first winner of this
award and humbled by the people who voted for
me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank
everybody at Reece Cycles, my campaign
manager and all my great customers in East
Anglia. The Danish pastries are on me.”
Graham Beaumont, Reece Cycles
Consumer Magazine: Singletrack
“Winning an award that has been voted for by the
bike industry is a big deal and means a lot to us
here at Singletrack, but what makes it sweeter is
that it’s for the second year in a row. It’s a great
motivator and we are all working very hard now
for that hat-trick next year.”
Mark Alker, Publisher, Singletrack
Consumer Site:
"It’s fantastic to receive this award, which is
special to us because it's voted for by people in the
industry whom we respect a great deal. It's been a
great year for and we aim to build on our
success to make the website the number one
resource for news and reviews in UK road cycling.”
Dave Atkinson, Web Master,
Product Innovation: Gocycle
“We are thrilled to receive this prestigious
industry award. Having developed the Gocycle in
the UK as well as producing it here, this is a big
recognition for UK innovation and a great
motivator for our team.”
Richard Thorpe, Designer and Founder, Gocycle
Rising Star: Green Oil
“We’re really happy about the award. We were
chuffed to win and lots of people saw it on the
Cycle Show stand. It’s been hard work over the
last few years and it’s now paying off, with
Green Oil in shops nationwide and abroad.”
Simon Nash, Founder and Director, Green Oil
P&A Brand: Hope
“We are really pleased to receive this award,
especially as a British manufacturer up against a
lot of overseas companies. We’d like to thank the
bike shops for the support they’ve given us and
thanks to the industry for recognising that.”
Alan Weatherill, Sales Manager, Hope
Bike Brand: Brompton
“Although our output isn't nearly as big as some
of the other nominees, it is great to be recognised
by the industry for having a great brand. We are
all very happy and looking forward to the
challenge of improving even more. Following two
Queen's Awards, this is the icing on the cake.”
Katharine Horsman, Marketing Manager, Brompton
P&A Distributor: Zyro
“It was amazing to be nominated and a genuine
surprise to scoop the Award for a second year, and
even better to have CatEye up for best P&A Brand.
It was a real pleasure to receive the award and
share the celebrations with friends and colleagues
in the industry. A big thank you to everyone.”
Jane Watson, Head of Marketing, Zyro
Bike Distributor: Madison
“We are delighted to receive the Bike Distributor
Bike Biz Award. This industry voted award
recognised the quality of the bikes that we are
distributing and the commitment that we have to
bringing good quality brands to the market.”
Will Fripp, Marketing Director, Madison
Industry types packed
out the swanky Sway Bar
for the BikeBiz Awards
ine (above)
Leisure Lakes’ Jonny Dev
r triumphing
bagged an iPo
e tables
at the Blackjack and Rou
St Albans
Average Albans…
Story has it that St. Alban –
the first Christian Martyr –
had his decapitated head
rolled from the top of
Holywell Hill in St.Albans
sometime before AD324. If
Mystery Shopper were doing
the rounds in those days,
more heads may have rolled
on this quite mundane visit
to Verulamian to buy an
£800 bike…
Rock and Road Bikes
Addiktion Cycles
FIRST UP, the staff at Rock and Road bikes were quick to
approach Mystery Shopper and offer a few thoughts on
what I could achieve for my quoted £800 budget.
The brief was open to both full suspension and
hardtail recommendations, though knowing full
suspension doesn't come cheap Mystery Shopper wasn't
surprised at all to be diverted away from all fullsuspension bikes.
Of the positive aspects taken from this visit, the
assistant offered some advice on which tyres roll best
through the typical UK muck during winter and even
explained the benefits of hydroformed frames.
Further to what was otherwise a very average
performance, I did leave with information on the
warranty available with two brands, as well as an offered
'deal' on bikes that were currently in stock, which may
well have opened some full-suspension models to my
fictional wallet. The explanation of why a hardtail would
carry more longevity at the £800 mark would also have
been useful to a genuinely clueless customer.
LOCATED on the same street as Rock and Road Bikes,
this visit was surprisingly similar, both in terms of bikes
stocked and the sales performance from the assistant.
Again, Mystery Shopper was intercepted more or less at
the door and recommended a hardtail over a fullsuspension rig. It was explained that I'd be looking at a
'low performance' model if I bought into full suspension
at that price point and would more than likely need to
look into performance upgrades for serious riding.
It was therefore decided that a hardtail would be best
for me, with a Trek and Whyte highlighted as possible
candidates. I did, however, notice some models from the
previous year on sale that could have opened a few
perhaps stronger sales opportunities. It wasn't until
prompted that these were talked over.
Warranty was again discussed, though with more
detail than the larger store down the road. I felt that
with gentle persuasion, many customers may have
forked out for the bikes on sale thanks to the generous
savings to be had and increased performance of the
higher-priced bikes.
St. Albans Cycles
ON ENTERING this store it was mere seconds before
the staffer emerged and asked if I needed help.
From the outset it was clear this would be one of the
better visits of the day. The showroom's presentation
was spot on and the assistant listened carefully before
making a recommendation. My indecision between fullsuspension and hardtail lead to further questions about
my use of the bike and explanations of why a hardtail
'”makes you a better rider”, though “a full-suspension
bike makes for a more forgiving ride”. The assistant also
explained some points on technology, explored a few
price points and offered a few models at discount
thanks to a dated model year. A cut of around £300 was
offered without my asking, which would no doubt be
appreciated by a genuine customer who may develop a
store loyalty as a result of the non-price-tagged deal.
Reassuring me that the model I'd shown an interest
in had been well received by the consumer magazines, I
felt the sales pitch to be very strong.
Triathlon Zone
DESPITE being in store for a whopping 20 minutes on
both the upper mezzanine floor and the ground floor,
Mystery Shopper was not seen. Having been given
nothing to review, aside from a casual chinwag between
one staff member and a customer about a fight in town,
there's really not much to document.
If standing in front of the counter isn’t enough of a
prompt to be served, what is? I counted three staff in
the cycles department. Granted one was on the phone
and appeared to be giving advice on how best to
approach the Cycle to Work scheme, but the other two
staff gave Mystery Shopper no choice but to give up.
Leaving the cycle department I wrongly thought I
might have more luck on the ground floor, though staff
here were slightly more limited and were attending
customers for the duration of my stay.
Halfords visits are a bit of a lottery; some are brilliant,
such as the recent visit to Coventry. However, the
service on this trip wasn’t good. A shame, as Halfords
had perhaps the widest stock of bikes meeting my
criteria for the day and could have scored big as a result.
OCCUPYING perhaps the smallest of the stores visited
and specialising in triathlon, Mystery Shopper hadn't
anticipated much aside from some advice on where to
visit for a cross country rig.
That's why on entry I was pleasantly surprised to find
a mid-priced Felt XC bike taking pride of place. "I'm
diversifying a little," said the store owner who kicked off
a friendly conversation about model years and having
been convinced by the Felt rep to stock a model or two.
The assistant was fluent and friendly, though the
sector was clearly new to the store, so descriptions and
advice were limited and I was recommended to browse
the brand's website for better information on what I
could achieve for my quoted price.
It was one of the quicker exchanges of the day and
limited in terms of what could be achieved from the
visited, though the assistant had a very polite and
attentive manner – and that's good enough to leave
customers with a good impression of a store.
OKAY, SO THE majority of performances weren't
decapitation worthy, Halfords aside, but there were
by no means any star performers. The pick of the
bunch would be St.Albans Cycles, the last visit of
the day and the only store that may well have
secured a sale. Halfords wasted too much of my
time on this particular visit, with 20 minutes spent
shuffling among staff on both the mezannine upper
level and the ground floor, to no avail. Triathlon
Zone, Addiktion Cycles and Rock and Road Bikes all
performed reasonably well, though none went
beyond the call of duty to inspire a sale. Given the
time of year and the imminent model year switch,
deals galore were offered to Mystery Shopper, some
agreeing to some heavy margin cuts. I didn't ask for
a discount, so why sacrifice your hard-earned?
Court up with Cycle?
Nearly a decade has passed since the first London Cycle Show and with the recent announcement that the
show is set for the Midlands in 2011, the final Earls Court show had to go out with a bang. Mark Sutton
discovers more product launches and brand additions than ever before while browsing the aisles…
Cycle Europe
KNOWN primarily for its distribution of
Bianchi, Cycle Europe drew the crowds
at Earls Court with a prime location
Peugeot Cycles stand, displaying the
line-up of 25 models for the first time in
the UK.
“We began with just five models,”
says sales executive Lee Rae-Byford. “It
was a bit of a taster to see how a
household name such as Peugeot would
be received. We’re pleased to report the
early signs are promising and we’re to
handle 25 models in the £300 to £1,000
price bracket, all sporting the iconic
Peugeot lion badge. There are also one or
two special full carbon
models that we’ll carry
which retail for a fair bit
more, but pack the
performance that you’d
expect from a top-end roadgoing bicycle.”
There’s an electric bike in
the line too, weighing a very reasonable
22.3kg complete with racks as standard.
However, it was an ‘urban MTB’ that
Byford highlighted as something Cycle
Europe see performing well.
“We’ve got specially made Michelin
Pilot tyres on the ‘MTB Edition
Collector’. It’s a great looking
bike and versatile too. We feel it’ll be a
showroom favourite within the Peugeot
line,” said Byford.
Bianchi has been busy too and BikeBiz
was directed to a new singlespeed rig,
dubbed the ‘Pista Dalmine’.
“It’s Bianchi’s first aluminium
framed singlespeed, carrying the
alu/carbon front fork used on Bianchi’s
time trial bikes. It’s very light, well-priced
at £925 and is fitted with the flat bar so
popular in the scene at present.”
Moore Large
line has
extended to
include a new
commuteraimed light,
just in time for
the onset of
cold, dark nights. At £22.99, the onewatt LED light is designed in-house at
Moore Large, thus packing more power
than you’d expect for the price.
Also shown to BikeBiz at Cycle, was
Lake’s latest MTB shoe, utilising the Boa
lacing so rarely found on
Jim Walker
cycle shoes, though present through
the entire shoe line, bar one model. The
redesigned CX170 is the brand’s
£104.99 solution to a performance
shoe with a combination of leather and
mesh uppers. An injection
moulded heel and sole
provides a firm base for what
Moore Large describes as a
lightweight race-ready shoe
at a low-price.
For those interested in
Lake’s shoe mould ovens,
the distributor confirmed
that stock-in requirement
is five pairs of heatshaped 401s. Staff
training on how to use
the clever, shoetailoring oven is
available and each pair of shoes
takes around half an hour to customise.
THOUGH MOST were visiting to check
out the first UK showing of Pivot
Cycles’ newly available line, the eye
catcher of Upgrade’s stand came in the
form of DMR’s new anodized pedal.
The 400-gram ‘Vault’
pedal is due in November and can be
upgraded with a titanium axle, costing
£80 a pair and shaving 50 grams off
WITH large crowds of race-history fans
drawn to the Jim Walker stand, BikeBiz
managed to corner the main
attraction, road cycling legend Eddy
Merckx for a guided tour through the
2011 line.
Taking pride of
place on the
stand was a
edition EMX-7,
of which only
200 have been
made for
worldwide. It is
not yet known
how many will
be available
for the UK.
The carbon
monocoque build is adorned with
some super-stylish custom race wheels,
which bear the names and nationalities
of Tour de France winners going back
to the race’s early days. At £12,999, it’s
not cheap, though for the money
customers get a Super-Record 11speed build that weighs in at just over
six kilos.
Women-specific builds take on a
greater importance this year too and
some new models, such as the EFX-1
have been introduced. At £1,899, the
build packs a punch with Fulcrum
Racing wheels, Shimano 105 spec
throughout and to be stocked in three
sizes – 40,43 and 46.
the overall weight. The standard pedal
will set customers back £89.99, while
the chrome version adds £5.
Pivot’s 2011 production samples
were on show, thanks to a new deal
which gives Upgrade exclusive UK
rights to handle the five-bike line.
Taking pride-of-place was the
Phoenix downhill rig, available from
December. The Phoenix frameset will
come in at £2,499 with an included
Cane Creek Angleset.
Making a big impact on the US
market, Pivot’s Mach 5.7 will be
available as both a frameset and a
complete bike, costing £1,749.99
and £3,049.99, respectively. A topend Fox fork is standard with both
packages. The Mach four is the only
other complete bike in the line, while
the remaining two models are
available as framesets only.
Each build revolves around the
proven DW Link suspension platform,
which provides a planted ride on climbs
and bob-free progression when
pedalling. Each shock should be tuned
to 30 per cent sag on arrival with the
dealer, though each shock has a ‘redline’ indicator that will assist tweaking
the shock for best performance.
AGAIN, the
main draw of
the Paligap
gems. BikeBiz
spotted a neat brand addition in the
form of Portland Design Works, which
we’re told was picked up only at the
very recent Interbike show in Vegas.
Paligap’s Blair Morgan, product
manager for parts and accessories told
BikeBiz: "It’s a great little brand with a
lot of unique things going on. For
starters, the brand is a One Percent for
the Planet member, meaning a portion
of all sales goes to an eco-concious
cause. Product-wise we’ve got a few
really well thought-out items, such as
the Bar-Ista coffee cup bar clamp."
The Bar-Ista is one of those ‘why has
nobody done this before?’ items, bound
to be a hit with morning commuters.
But that’s not all. The entire range has a
great selection of sustainably sourced
materials, such as the cork bar caps and
the bamboo handle on the brand’s
Magic Flute pump.
Magic Flute comes
packaged with a single C02 canister,
too, adding to the value. The pump
itself has a stylish aluminium body.
Elsewhere in the line you’ll find
foldable goggles, a chain clean device,
half and one-watt lights, lock-on
bamboo grips and leather trouser clips,
among other items.
Mcipollini was Paligap’s main draw,
having only very recently stated its
claim to the super-high-end brand’s
bike line and ‘form-fitting’ clothing.
"The clothing covers head to toe and
each garment comes packaged in
‘champagne style’ containers," said
Morgan. "Next year the line will extend
to cover gloves and baselayers."
Mcipollini builds range from £7,185
to £11,710 retail price and all frames
use the BB30 standard.
Core Brands
Core Companies
Just one Corebike show
“Core bike is the one show every serious bike shop should attend, the
variety of product from the many distributors and the heads up on the new
season’s product make the show invaluable. Core is the one show that all
the shop staff want to come to (in their own time as well!!) maybe it’s the
great party atmosphere in the evening or maybe it really is seeing the bike
product….. either way if you are only going to one show make it Core or add
it into your already heavy show schedule you will not be disappointed!”
Steve Gill, Rutland Cycles
Register online at:
Fisher Outdoors
KANSI TREATED visitors to its stand
with free ‘Kansi Floss’, though for many
the main draw will have been the
splashes of colour now present on
much of the line.
These splashes of colour only
come with Fisher’s drive to get endusers register, however. The ‘Kansi Box’
is available to customers registering
their bikes with Fisher Outdoor, who
then use each customer’s details to
drive customers back to the retailer
with, for example, email blasts about
scheduled services for their bike. The
Kansi Box holds bar caps, lock-on grip
clamps and matched stickers in five
Product manager Martin Hawyes
told BikeBiz: "By
registering with us
customers can get
hold of this
customisation kit
free of charge and
we can keep logs
for security
purposes and also
to assist our
dealer base in
making the most
from each sale."
BikeBiz was
also told that
an aftermarket
programme for
components is on the way. Such
components in development include
Kansi-specific mudguards and racks, as
well as saddles in various colours.
Hawyes concluded: "We’ve upped
the production significantly just one
year on from Kansi’s release. It’s been
encouraging to see so many
distribution enquiries from all over the
globe – the brand’s immensely
re-emergence in road cycling with the
masses, partly through strong sales
within our Viking portfolio. We can now
offer dealers a huge stock of Whistle
Bikes and Carrero's costing upto
Puncture-Proof Ty
Surf Sales
SURF SALES have had
a bit of a brand
adding frenzy, with
three new lines to
discuss when BikeBiz
arrived at the
distributor's arenaside booth. Those
three brands are
POW Gloves, TrickX
and SB3
Both SB3 and TrickX hail from France
and primarily cover the freeride and
jump sector. With French freeride star
Cristoph 'Dangerous' Momo behind the
design of each brand, the mid-to-highend kit is built to put up with some
Product set to arrive with Surf Sales
come January includes wheelsets from
SB3, a hard (£365) and soft (£135) case
bikebag and a wide-ranging catalogue
of components, including a variety of
handlebars. The line even extends to
'bread and butter' items such as soft
grips for just £5.50, as well as lock on
solutions ranging up to £20.
Again, TrickX has a wide scope,
offering a 14-vent, carbon downhill
helmet in three sizes and weighing in at
WHISTLE and Carrero made up the
majority of Avocet's presence at Earls
Court, with the distributor now holding
a more extensive line of bikes than ever
Available as of January, the
European-designed 2011
Whistle line begins with
mountain bike models at
£399 and is now topped with
the Whistle Mohawk road
bike, costing £2,649.99 at
retail. There's even a 27speed carbon mountain bike
in the line for the coming
year and at £1,585 the
Tonkawa is at the more
affordable end of
performance carbon
Comprising 32 bikes,
Avocet has chosen the cream
of the crop that it feels will
best satisfy the UK market
and BikeBiz was informed
that the brand's lead times
are low, meaning retailers
needn't live in fear of popular
models selling out.
Avocet's Wayne Clark told
BikeBiz: "We've noted a real
940 grams, alongside various
jump lids, including one superlight inmoulded model. Each has removable
padding and numerous vents to provide
POW Gloves were not able to get
product to the Cycle Show in time for
the trade day of the event, largely
because the distribution deal was struck
only very recently in Las Vegas. The
Seattle glove manufacturer has roots in
the snow sports market and now has
its sights set on making an impact in
the bike world. Spanning £20 to £50,
the bike line covers men's and women's
gloves, with the higher-priced models
offering greater padding in vulnerable
THOUGH NOT an exhibitor at the
show, Puncture-Proof Tyres tracked
BikeBiz down and introduced us to its
line of closed cell polyurethane tyres, of
which it makes sizes from 12 to 28inches, as well as solutions for
children's buggies and mobility
The business' director, James
Bowett, told BikeBiz: "We're
very keen to speak to cycle
stores nationwide and can offer
a highly diverse stock of solid
tyres, suited to everything from
mountain and road bikes, trikes,
buggies and more. Thanks to a
100 per cent polyurethane
construction, each is
environmentally friendly and
recyclable and the material is
also non-marking."
All sizes are available direct
from the firm, which has set a
recommended retail price of
£29.95 on all models.
"Tests have shown the tyres to
last two to three times longer
than standard tyres, meaning
customers get great value for
money, though will end up back
in store at some point. We have a
variety of tread patterns to assist sales
The firm is keen for dealers to get a
first hand look at its product and is able
to send sales representatives to
prospective stockists for
...your life
Congratulations to everyone
that won an award at this year’s
BikeBiz awards!
[email protected]
SHOWING ITS complete
bike lines from Hoffman, Subrosa and
Kink, as well as entertaining the crowds
on the ramps by bringing a handful of
its sponsored talent, Seventies had a
busy few days at the show.
Catching many by surprise, Subrosa’s
fixie stood out among the smaller
steeds, much thanks to its full-chrome
finish. This is something also seen on
the brand’s Malum BMX, which is a
‘street-ready’ build at only £549.99.
Also called the Malum, the £679.99
fixed gear is built from Japanese
seamless cromoly tubing and is ovalised
and butted on the downtube to boost
the frame’s strength.
Subrosa and Shadow Conspiracy
components are used throughout the
build, which tips the scales at 22.5lbs.
Though not on show at Earls Court,
BikeBiz was told that by the time this
magazine hits print, both the new
colurway of Dan Lacey’s signature
Federal and The Make’s Niki Croft
signature frame will have landed in
stock. Both frames are have slight
tweaks to the traditional BMX
geometry, notably steeper headtubes,
trending thanks to the popularity of
front wheel balanced tricks.
FEW COULD have passed through the
Extra stand without wondering what
was in Trelock's fancy wooden
presentation box. The contents, BikeBiz
found, was a limited edition, level four
foldable lock, tucked snugly in a
custom leather pouch. Cleverly, Trelock
has engineered the pouch to be frame
mountable and sealed magnetically for
Dubbed the 'Manufaktur', the tidily
presented lock even has leather inlays,
more for aesthetic appeal
than anything else, but
also useful to prevent
frame scratches. Offering
level four protection, the
£175 package has a
sealable barrel to prevent
moisture getting into the
key-activated locking
BikeBiz was also treated
to a first look at the firm's
new LS 950 light, complete
with top-display for clear
readings on power, the
time and output while on the move.
The manufacturer has also handily
placed the adjust plus and minus
buttons below the display, so the light
is easily programmed while on the
Green Oil
Shutt VR
BIKEBIZ AWARD winner (in the Rising
Star category) Green Oil, now also
available through Upgrade, had one
previously unseen product on show this
year at Earl’s Court.
This was the firm's 'White' lube,
suited to dry dusty conditions, which
come and go at random in the UK. As
opposed to using petrochemicals, the
firm chooses to use plant-based
ingredients and bee's wax to produce a
formula that dries onto chains in
BRITISH-MADE clothing brand Shutt VR
attended Cycle Show for the first time,
bringing with it both its line of winter
garments and some custom apparel.
The tailor made garment business is
something Shutt is keen to talk to
interested partners about. On show was
a recent collaboration with London
bicycle café Look Mum No Hands,
which demonstrated what cycling
clubs, stores and brands can achieve by
letting Shutt VR handle the
manufacture of their cycle clothing.
Within the firm’s five factories,
garments are tailored from the firm’s
material of choice – ‘Sportswool’ –
which is favoured thanks to its thermal
regulation properties. Merino is also
now employed on some garments,
move. At 70 lux, the LS 950 can shine
for six hours, though when dimmed
down to the low setting, emitting ten
lux, it can go for a whopping 45 hours
around seven minutes. Adding further
eco-credentials, the bottle is fully
recyclable and is in fact made from
waste from UK household recycling
The bio ethanol mixture is made
from sugar beet grown in Europe and as
such, biodegrades naturally. The mixture
is also water-resistant when dry,
meaning it will stand up to winter use.
Available from late November, the
easy apply bottle of 'White' will set
customers back £6.99.
knitted underneath polyester outers,
providing a wind and water resistant
cover with comfortable, odour-resistant
Of its own garments, Shutt VR was
keen to highlight its latest jacket
utilising ‘Eschler’ fabric imported from
Switzerland, which has natural
reflective properties, among other
Shutt’s new softshell jacket is
designed primarily to provide a high
level of windproofing, breathability,
waterproofing and thermal regulation.
These are achieved largely though the
use of the imported fabric, though the
jacket’s cut takes plenty into account,
such as a drop tail and high neck. The
soft shell will retail for £149.00.
WINDWAVE’S talking
point revolved around
the Vision Metropolis
and Metron lines.
Metron is a new
time trial-aimed
groupset with a
unique take on quick
shifting. The trigger
system upshifts
through a quick
flick of a lever, while
downshifts are thumb activated thanks
to a well-placed button on the tip of
the lever. At the other end of the cable
you’ll find a 100 per cent carbon fibre
rear derailleur. The groupset is currently
only found on team bikes, though is set
to land with Windwave from February.
The Vision design team has also been
busy developing a new ‘transmission
crankset’ for city riders – the Metropolis
Patterson. Utilising a ‘planetary gearing
system, the crankset provides a 1.6 to
one gear ratio, meaning each pedal can
take the rider further. What’s more, the
brand says gear shifts are instantaneous
under any load and the system will fit
most conventional frames.
The Metropolis Patterson weighs in
at 1,672 grams, has an external bottom
bracket and achieves 28 to 45 tooth
drive gears.
Metropolis extends further than just
the Patterson crankset too, with a
newly developed line of stems,
handlebars in a variety of shapes and
sizes, as well as alternative, less techfilled cranksets.
Windwave’s Dan Jones also talked
show attendees through the ‘ready to
go’ line of Traitor Bikes.
"Traitor’s only weeks away now, we’ll
have a shipment containing the new
Cyclocross frameset – the Crusade – by
the time the November BikeBiz lands,"
said Jones. "We’ve run with Columbus
tubing, which is internally routed for
weight savings. It’s bound to be popular
with the niche, especially at £499.99
for frame and fork."
Chicken Cyclekit
SHARING A stand with Wildoo at Cycle
Show this year, Chicken Cyclekit made
good use of the space by showcasing
the very best of Cinelli’s 2011 product.
In fact, it was the ‘Best Of’ frame
that took pride of place on the stand.
The frame is what it says on the tin – a
combination of the brand’s best tech
and construction techniques. This year
the frame has a re-tuned rear triangle
providing a more aggressive ride,
upping the frame’s race appeal. The
revamp is constructed from wrapped
carbon and manufactured in Italy,
TOKEN CONTINUES its quest to trick
out the nation’s bikes with the creation
of the ‘bling box’. Containing jockey
wheels, chainring bolts, cable
adjustment fittings, headset spacers,
cassette lockrings, a headset top cover,
valve caps and bottle cage bolts, the kit
is a complete package of colour
matched small part replacement bits in
seven colours. What’s more, the jockey
wheels even run on super-smooth
ceramic bearings and all for under £70
for the entire kit.
As an extra accessory for the chain
drop fearing rider, Token also now
produces a handy ‘Chain Drop Catcher’,
designed to prevent chain drop from
double and triple–ringed road cranksets.
Three anodized colours – red, gold and
blue – are available.
The brand’s brake continues to
develop, now weighing in at a lighter
198 grams per pair, with pads. This is
partly down to the titanium hardware
used and a new shaved aluminium
calliper body. At just £180 a pair, the
brand undercuts competitor brakes by a
fair chunk and is to offer three
anodized colours form May next year,
including the pictured gold shade.
finished in Cinelli’s historic colours.
If your customer is seeking
something more budget-friendly, the
brand has a new aluminium road frame,
dubbed the Xperience, which offers
what the brand says is a stiff,
torsionally rigid and compliant ride,
despite thinning the stays for weight
Everything demonstrated will be in
stock by the end of December, with the
Best Of landing with Chicken Cyclekit
as early as November.
takes over BBB's distribution,
with Greyville
ceasing its tie-up
with the brand in
There's no
shortage of new
product on the
way too. In fact,
the stand was so
full of new goods,
the brand used
under-floor glass
panels to make
use of every square inch of stand space.
BikeBiz was given a number of
product demonstrations while on the
stand, but the standout performer has
to come in the form of the new 'GrilaMid' constructed 'Impulse' glasses.
Housing Photogromic lenses, the super
flexible, shatterproof frame can be
twisted totally out of shape and
bounces right back thanks to the
special plastic's memory. Sitting at the
top of the eyewear line, the glasses are
a pro-team favourite, not only as a
result of the clever frame, but also
thanks to the super-tacky silicon
nosepiece and grippy rubber inserts on
the temple. The nosepiece is adjustable
in all directions and
will stay fixed in the
desired position
thanks to a small
aluminium insert. This
means riders can
customise the way the
glasses sit, especially
useful if you desire a bit of airflow
between your face and the lenses.
BBB also has a new three-watt
helmet-mountable light, capable of
emitting 860 lumens on high, much
thanks to clever use of Seoul LEDs.
Powered from a lithium ion battery, the
light system can run with an additional
'splitter cable,' meaning two of the
lights can run from one battery pack
should the rider want one on the
handlebar and one head-mounted.
From December, baselayers will also
join the firm's extensive clothing line
and be available in both men's and
women's cuts in both sleeved and
NEW RT 2011
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For Pore LnIorPaWLon: wwwJKoVWELNeVFoP
Have your own
For aOO GeaOer enTuLrLeV FonWaFW:
WeE: wwwKoWOLneVuNFoP
TeO: 011 1 1
Under the
With a revamped, robust and colourful range lighting up bike retail, Fisher Outdoor Leisure brand
manager Rob Handoll tells Jonathon Harker why stocking Smart lights is a bright option…
Can you give us a brief history
of the Smart brand?
Smart was established in 1993
by an Electronics Engineer called
Kevin Chen. Based in Taiwan,
Kevin is a man obsessed by
building products of the very
highest quality and this
commitment to being the best
has become synonymous with
the Smart brand. Over the years
Kevin has forged enduring
relationships with some of the
biggest distributors in the world
that now sees Smart lights being
sold into over 17 countries
worldwide and manufactured
out of ultra-modern Smartowned facilities in both Taiwan
and China.
Which sectors does Smart
cater for?
Smart lights primarily target the
aftermarket leisure and
commuter market in the UK.
What is less well known perhaps
is that a ‘not insignificant’
proportion of sales also come
from reflectors and lights built
for those European OE markets
where it is mandatory to put
lights on bikes at the point of
What does Smart offer that
other light brands don’t?
The Smart range is extensive
and as such there are a number
of key selling points that are
worth highlighting. The key USP
though is that all Smart lights
are built to the very highest
standards and to withstand the
toughest treatment and the
most adverse weather
conditions. Whether it is an £8
entry-level rear light or a £55
top-of-the-range light set, the
retailer and consumer alike can
have total peace of mind that
they are getting the best
possible value for money.
Reliability wise, Smart is one of
the best in class with just 0.01
per cent of Smart lights ever
being returned with a fault.
How large is the range?
It is certainly comprehensive but
you will be pleased to hear that
it’s not bewilderingly large or
confusing in any way.
There are two main subbrands within the range called
Lunar and Polaris. The Lunar
range is all about performance
with a choice of four front lights
from ten to 35 lux, designed to
both see and be seen
out on the road.
The rear lights are
either half or one
watt in power
output and are
super bright.
The Polaris
range is targeted
towards urban
riding where it is
more important
than ever to be
seen by
motorists and it
includes four
and seven Lux
front lights, as
well as a choice
of three rears.
Price points
range from £7.99 to £54.99
across the Lunar and Polaris
ranges so there is a perfect light
available for any budget level.
How have Smart sales been
over the past year?
Smart light sales continue to
grow year-on-year but have
really taken off this last season
after we completely revamped
the product range with exciting
new colours and graphics whilst,
at the same time, adding some
high performance products to
the Lunar range.
Our ongoing marketing and
PR campaigns have also helped
to fuel the sales success by
creating a real desire amongst
the buying public for the
products. This can only be a
good thing for our retailers as
we help drive footfall to their
How tough is it to balance
light performance with
battery life?
It is quite difficult, to be honest.
Consumers rightly want more
and more powerful lights and
the trade-off is often in the
battery life.
There are some incredibly
bright LEDs on the market now
that are not much larger than a
pin head and these lend
themselves to being put into
sleek light shells, so it is
important to keep the batteries
small and few.
With this in mind, all Smart
front lights use just two AA
batteries and rears just two AAA,
so they don’t take up much
room on the bike or in your
pocket. They are all optimised to
give the maximum power
output with the most efficient
use of battery.
Has it been difficult to keep
prices down for the new
As the lighting market grows
ever more aggressive we face
increasing pressure to remain
price competitive. For this
reason we closely scrutinise the
lighting market to ensure for
retailer and consumer alike
Smart lights offer the best value
for money for the quality of the
light you get… bar none.
What’s next for Smart? Any
surprises up its sleeves?
We have many exciting new
developments coming through
for next season that we can talk
about nearer the time, but I’m
sworn to secrecy until then…
watch this space.
What incentives and benefits
are there for potential
There are many and we’d
welcome the opportunity to
discuss these in person with any
retailers out there who would
like to experience these benefits
for themselves.
These include fully
inclusive stockist
deals to suit all
retailer budgets and
fantastic margins
with virtually zero
returns for complete
peace of mind. We
also offer in-store
point of sale and 100
per cent supply for
the whole range.
Ringing the changes
While Kona remains a key brand for Paligap, the distributor has been significantly ramping up its P&A
portfolio over the summer, as Jonathon Harker found out when he visited the company’s new HQ…
Paligap has
upped its
offering with
three new brands
MCipollini and
Silca – and is
keen to grow its
P&A range in the
near future.
IN A JAM-PACKED show season,
Paligap took time out between
Eurobike and Cycle Show to put
on its own dealer show. Unlike
previous affairs, the Bristolian
distributor held the event at its
own HQ – something made
possible by its move to new
20,000 sq ft premises last
November. So, set on home turf
Paligap unveiled the latest
product lines from its brand
portfolio, covering Kona, Torq,
FFWD, Ritchey, Saris, Sobrio and
the rest.
Expansion is the word on
Paligap’s lips this year. Keen to
shake off the misapprehension
that the firm only distributes
Kona, Paligap has ramped up its
parts and accessories offering
with three new brands:
MCipollini, BREV and Silca. The
firm is keen to add to its line-up
too and tells BikeBiz that it is
actively looking for new brands
to continue to grow its parts
and accessories offering.
The MCipollini brand, featuring
apparel and a bike range, is not
only new for Paligap but also
new in itself, teased a year ago
at Eurobike.
Headed up by Mario Cipollini
himself, who launched the range
in person in the UK at Cycle
Show, the line-up includes two
models – the RB1000
‘champion’s bike’ and the RB800
racing bike. The high-end
lightweight carbon monocoque
rides are handcrafted and big on
the small details, according to
the firm. Both are Italiandesigned and manufactured in
Florence. The garment side of the
brand is more extensive. Aimed
at the performance market (with
an appropriately high price tag)
the high performance technical
garments are pro-fit and
designed by Cipollini himself. The
range features seasonal clothing
(Snugline Winter).
BREV is another new brand
for Paligap, tapping into the
ever-growing stylish fixie sector.
Sporting seemingly endless
colour options, the component
brand is pitched at being
relatively inexpensive and
provides durable (and cool)
parts. The eye-catching range
from the US includes
handlebars, grips, saddles,
chainrings, crankarms and more,
virtually all available in multiple
colour options.
Silca completes the trio of
brands new to Paligap. In fact
the firm has been around for 93
years, over the course of which
Silca has kept production in
Italy and has grown to include
plenty of day-to-day
The range includes pumps,
CO2 cannisters, bottles, cages
and plenty more. Paligap
promises to carry spares for the
products too, so items like the
pumps are fully rebuildable.
But it’s not just about the new
names. MCipollini, BREV and
Silca’s products sat alongside
the latest from firm Paligap
favourites like Fast Forward at
the show. The FF range,
handmade in Holland, now
includes the F4R Carbon
clinchers, and the new
lightweight F6 rim. Paligap
revealed it is looking for
potential dealers to sign up to
the prestigious brand.
Proving that retro clothing is
not, erm, a thing of the past,
Solo’s latest clothing range is
infused with that popular old
school look. The ‘race-bred
cyclewear’ range is headed up
with eight short-sleeved jerseys,
but also includes shorts, socks,
leg warmers and bags.
The ever-popular CycleOps
range offers good margins and
only a minimal commitment by
dealers – ideal for the trainers
which are lifetime products.
Sporting a quiet, road-like feel
the range complements
Paligap’s DVD lines. The range
features real rides designed for
training, sprinting, climbing,
mountain biking, etc.
Meanwhile, Torq has added to
its performance food line-up
with the intriguing Rhubarb and
Custard gel. Following on from
that new and rather unusual
flavour, the firm has also
launched the Mint Chocolate
Torq Recovery. Paligap’s
accessory line-up has also been
bolstered by new additions from
the Sombrio clothing brand and
from Muc-Off.
Speaking of favourites,
Paligap stalwart Kona also has a
thing or two up its sleeve for
the new season. Following its
tent-tastic showing at Eurobike,
the Kona’s bike prices are all
ready for the change in VAT at
the start of 2011. The range also
now features head badges in
various different iterations
depending on the genre of
product, i.e all the MTBs share
the same headbadge.
The Kona range has aimed to
provide more bang for buck in
2011, with many models now
featuring branded components
and higher specs, but without a
significant price rise.
Significantly for the sector,
Paligap will be stocking three
electric Kona models this year:
the Electric Ute, the Token and
the Ticket. All feature 250w
motors that have a 100 km
power-assisted range.
Beyond e-bike lines, Kona’s
mountain bike cross country
hardtails are pitched as being
stiffer, with enhanced
trackability and compliancy. The
Fire Mountain (£500) remains a
key model, now boasting those
aforementioned branded
components from Shimano, an
FSA headset and Rockshox Dart
1 forks. The Lana’I has also seen
its specs go up (with a Shimano
crankset), but only with a
modest price rise (now £350
rather than £310).
Cross country hardtail Blast
now boasts a new frame with
integrated headset (£700), while
the Caldera (£1,000) features an
FSA headset, Mavic rims and an
WTB saddle among other
names. In the cyclocross sector,
Jake has had a major revamp. Its
price has increased by £100, but
the enhancements are many,
including a new frame, integral
head tube and tougher forks.
The Major Jake is Kona’s first full
carbon cyclocross race bike,
featuring BB30 bottom bracket,
Ultegra shifters and an FSA
Other highlights from the
Kona range include the
significantly revamped Kula
Gold, and commuter lines like
the Dew Plus (now sporting
hydraulic brakes) and the Dew
Deluxe. Meanwhile, the Band
Wagon has dropped £70 (now
£500) and sports a new shiny
frame that should look pretty
eye-catching under streetlights.
Paligap: 01454 313116
The move to the Midlands
Deciding which trade shows to prioritise is a tough call for retailers and distributors alike. With show
news flying back and forth, Mark Sutton and Jonathon Harker ask the industry how the switch to the
NEC will affect Cycle Show, its attendance and who will exhibit going forward...
“I think the retail zone could
perhaps be extended as it was
quite limited in the range of
products on offer, in my
opinion. This view was shared by
some of the members of the
public I spoke to across the
I think that the more central
location will encourage trade
visitors from further afield as,
until now, it’s been very
London-centric. Birmingham
NEC will prove a very good and
welcome move, in my opinion.
It may also attract more noncommuter brands to consider
attending, as the interest range
of visitors may widen.
Many people I spoke to
complained about the catering
at Earls Court, or more
precisely, the lack of places for
people to sit and eat. In my
experience of the venue, this is
likely to be much improved at
the NEC.
I would hope to see the live
action stage held in a separate
area of the NEC for next year,
which of course is not possible
at Earls Court. This is due to the
high noise levels coming from
the area. It makes meetings
very difficult.
In summary, I think that
Cycle Show was a good event
and in my experience of dealing
with the organisers at least,
very well run. However, if it is to
truly be THE cycle event in
2011, and beyond, I do feel it
needs to increase its appeal to a
wider cycling market than it
does currently and increase its
relevance to the trade. With
new shows on the horizon, this
will be a challenge.
The NEC location will
definitely help and they have a
strong basis on which to build. I
wish them luck.”
“I was pleased
that I went to
Cycle Show,
though I do
not think that
it will fit with
the Cycling
Sports Group
to attend a
show of this nature anymore,
whether that is NEC or London. I
still thought it was quite busy
on the Thursday when I went,
despite a few big names missing
from the line-up. I had a
thoroughly productive day
meeting key dealers in a social
setting over coffee, so the trip
was worthwhile.
I did wonder, after hearing of
the end of BikeRadar Live, what it
would take to recreate Bike
95/96, but I think the world has
moved on now. Thousands turned
out back then to get a glimpse of
international extreme sports
riders that now they can see on a
website or Extreme TV channel,
times have just changed.”
"We found
the Cycle
Show to be a
over last year,
with more
and a definite increase in trade
visitors. For next year we would
like to see a dedicated ‘ebike
zone’ so consumers can visit all
manufacturers in one place.
We would also like to see a
mini booth on the test track for
each manufacturer with a bike
on track. It only needs to be the
size of a newspaper stand, but
will enable manufacturers to
communicate directly with
consumers and ensure the track
isn’t just a ‘go-kart track’ for
“I understand that the move to
the NEC will allow for an
outdoor demo area and has
attracted interest from some of
the bigger bike companies. It will
be great if they do sign up, as
ultimately more exhibitors will
mean a better show for people
to visit, be they dealers or
I also hope that a more
central location (making it easier
and quicker to visit), combined
with some of the bigger players
exhibiting, will attract more
“We are
based in
Kent, 40
London. The
clientele of
Cycle Show
are mainly
London and
South East based, so initially,
‘not good’ was my reaction.
However, Birmingham is in
the middle of the UK (which is
difficult to understand if you
are based in the South and
everywhere else is ‘up North’)
and it will attract more
northern-based bike shops and
riders, which is probably a good
The new London Bike Show
will be there for our southern
customers, so the two shows
will complement each other
nicely for the different markets.
I’m looking forward to the
NEC test track. The old
Stoneleigh Park exhibition
comes to mind, which was
Designed to sell
And sell they have. The demand for Forme has surpassed Moore Large’s predictions, while Haro’s 2011
line focuses on what the firm does best. Mark Sutton swung by Moore Large’s September road show
and returned with plenty to report...
“Unless all your
customers are
tall, it’s quite
difficult to sell
29ers in the UK.
The 26-inch
wheel is where
Haro’s focus will
be on the MTB
Adam Garner, Haro
Brand Manager
previously, Haro dropped the
650B wheel size from its line. At
the first UK showing of the
2011 line it seems “the UK
doesn't really ‘get’ 29ers either,”
so they’re gone too, meaning
Haro is again wholly focused on
its freestyle roots.
“Unless your customers are
all tall it’s quite difficult to sell
29ers in the UK. The concept
isn’t really understood given the
typical UK terrain and although
the bikes did sell, the 26-inch
wheel is where Haro’s focus will
be on the MTB side going
forwards,” explains Haro brand
manager Adam Garner.
Moore Large has had a direct
input into the big-wheeled line-
up, with UK specific graphics on
each, adding colour-coordinated
saddles to each and a few
subtle spec changes where
braking is concerned. Hydraulic
brakes now feature on the
majority of mid-range Haro
mountain bikes, with only one
lower-priced mechanical set-up
now in the range. This subtle
change is something Garner
believes helps the retailer ‘sell’
the bike to customers big on
buzz words.
Reflected in its ramp-side
presence at London's Cycle
Show, Haro and subsidiary brand
Premium Products are very
much focused on the BMX, race
and jump markets this year. The
six-bike Premium Products line,
topped with Garret Reynolds’
‘Deathtrap’ at £569.95, hits the
key ‘best seller’ price points well
and for the first time introduces
a ‘brakeless’ model, dubbed the
Broadway. This build comes
boxed with brakes, though given
the majority of 20-inch
enthusiasts’ neglect for stopping
power, the model is bound to be
a big seller due to its clean, lugfree tubes.
The brand’s aftermarket
component line has a few tidy
additions too, including a super
slim profile pedal with options
for either a plastic or metal
body, both compatible with the
same axle and rolling on a bush
bearing system. Also due by
Christmas, the brand has a new
crank, dubbed the ‘1948’, and
compatible with all 48-spline
bottom brackets.
On the race side of the Haro
business, 15 year-old Dan Pullen
has taken a place on the
Olympic development team,
giving the Derby distributor a
new angle from which to
market the line going forwards.
“We’ll be heavily involved
with’s race BMX
section when it launches later
this year, marketing Haro’s race
bikes to the masses,” said
Garner. “The bikes themselves
have a wealth of added value
this year with more Sinz
components specced, alloy
stems and pivotal seat setups,
though prices remain largely
There was keen interest
from retailers in the new
Forme line-up at the Mo
Large roadshows
unchanged. There’s nine
models in the 2011 range
and we’ve introduced some
clever hydroformed frames
on some models carrying
built in chain tensioners.”
With what was recently
described to BikeBiz as a
‘huge growth sector’, it’s
little surprise to see that
Moore Large has expanded
the budget Savage BMX product
line. Offering seven different
25/9, colour co-ordinated wheel
and sprocket packages, the firm
has a few innovative ways to
address the demand for colourmatched, custom builds. It’s not
all necessarily ‘bread and butter’
stock though, there’s a few
personalised touches in the line
too, such as the ‘Smokey Joe’
grip, which has a swirled
multicoloured design. The four
colourways retail for just £5.99,
to boot.
The majority of retailers visiting
Moore Large’s roadshows will
have taken a keen interest in
the progress of the relatively
young, yet hugely successful
Forme brand. Not to disappoint,
brand manager Adam Biggs had
laid on a spread of new builds,
including a new off-road line
beginning at an affordable £399
and topping out at the Cycle to
Work friendly £999.99 price
point, which the brand’s
conception was largely based
So with the scheme still very
much unsettled, thanks to late
summer’s legislation re-jig, what
does this mean for Forme?
“It’s not essential to sales, I
feel,” said Biggs. “It seems to me
that people are
seeking to cycle regardless of
incentives. That’s why the Forme
range is designed to be as
sellable as possible on the shop
floor. The design work of the
2011 line focuses on key touch
points and aesthetics in the
right places, the things
“The 2011 Forme
range focuses on
key touch points
and aesthetics in
the right places.”
Adam Biggs, Forme
Brand Manager
customers both uneducated and
in the know will appreciate
when differentiating one bike
from another."
There’s plenty to attract retail
customers to Forme – good
point of sale support going
forwards, healthy margins
bordering on the 50 per cent
mark on many models, a
promise to only allow bricks and
mortar stores access to the brand,
and a diverse bike range – but
what’s in it for the consumer?
Well aside from lifetime
warranty on all Forme frames,
Biggs has done plenty of
research on the end-user and
what turns them on in store.
Women’s bikes are kitted out
with what women want – a
comfy saddle, ergo grips,
forgiving tyres and mudguards.
The customer is also buying
into a link-up between the
brand and Marie Curie Cancer
Care, with a portion of all sales
going to the charity. In fact, a
sale of the competition-ready,
range-topping, £3,299 Zenith
road bike, of which only 100 are
being made, will return £100 to
the charity.
Last year demand for Forme
far outstripped supply, due to
shortages on many other
brands, though much thanks to
being a 'welcome change from
the big players'. Moore Large
has invested heavily in higher
stock levels this year and the
range has vastly broadened to
include everything from city and
trekking bikes, through
cyclocross builds, to a new
track-suited build due in stock
early next year.
Moore Large: 01332 274200
Adam Biggs, brand
manager for Forme
Electric Bikes
The Range.....
905eco, 905se Sport, 905se City S, 906xc Tourer
Long or Medium ranges from £999.00 to £2,499.00
906 Alpino Long range 50 - 70 miles £1,899.00
Medium range 30 - 45 miles £1,699.00
705se Long range 50 - 70 miles £1,399.00
Medium range 30 - 45 miles £1,199.00
706 Alpino Long range 50 - 70 miles £1,799.00
Medium range 30 - 45 miles £1,599.00
With a service record unrivaled in the electric
bicycle world, Wisper offer the finest and most
complete range of high quality electric bikes
in the UK.
Next day delivery on both bicycles and parts
with full technical on line and telephone backup.
For further information on trade discounts and
area availability please contact;
805fe Long range 30 - 45 miles £1,219.00
Medium range 20 - 30 miles £1,019.00
Douglas Lawson 01590 681553
[email protected]
the ride of your life
British Electric
Bicycle Association
As if by
Accapi’s clothing line makes some bold
claims, backed by some big names to
boot. Surely a simple piece of clothing
can’t reduce recovery time by half?
Company partner Andrew Geere talks to
Mark Sutton about how Nexus
technology helped him through a tough
period of recovery and back to full
fitness, against his doctor’s predictions…
“THE CLOTHING emits infra-red
via an embedded mix of
titanium, platinum and
aluminium ‘dust’. When placed
with soft tissue damage it’s not
too dissimilar from being in one
of those infra-red therapy booths
they have out in Japan. Recovery
speeds on soft tissue damage are
boosted significantly.”
It’s a bizarre concept and one
with its sceptics, but having
experienced the healing power of
Accapi’s Nexus technology, one
third of the UK distribution
partnership and partner in Accapi
UK, Andrew Geere (main pic) is a
convert. Having suffered a nasty
neck injury in a mountain bike
crash many years ago, Geere was
recommended an Accapi neck
guard. Having tried physiotherapy
with only limited success, Geere
had lost a portion of the
movement in his neck.
“I noticed a real difference in
my range after sleeping in the
brace for one night,” says Geere.
“Over a further ten nights I
gradually regained more and
more movement until I was able
to move my neck freely again.
I’d recovered in an astonishingly
quick period of time thanks to
wearing the neck brace
overnight. It was at the end of
those weeks that I approached
both Steve Roberts and George
Haydon about becoming the
third partner in the Accapi UK
So how does the Japanese
technology benefit athletes?
“We’ve brought the entire
Nexus catalogue to the UK,
from Italy where it’s
manufactured, consisting of the
Pro, Action and Bodyguard lines.
First of all, the BodyGuard line
covers the body’s joints, so any
soft tissue damage, including
ligament tears in the knees,
ankle, wrists, even the neck, can
be catered for, costing from £40
upwards. We even have socks,
which offer the added benefit of
improving circulation, thus
“Nothing this
unique has hit the
market since Gore
Tex became
Andrew Geere
boosting an athlete’s
energy. BodyGuard’s
only competitor are
neoprene supports
which don’t actively
aid recovery, are
bulky and often
Sportspeople are
encouraged to check out
the Pro line, as well as the
more ‘relaxed cut’ Action
line. These come in the
form of long and shortsleeve jerseys, shorts and
“The backguard is a
key product for cyclists,”
explains Geere. “Back
injuries and traumas are
not uncommon in sports
cycling. We’ve got a few
prototype products in
testing targeted
specifically at the cycle
market too. Cycling
shorts and tri-suits will
be on the way next
Steve Roberts (above)
and George Haydon are
the other two partners
in Accapi UK
year and we think
once the market
properly awakens
to what recovery
clothing can
offer, retailers will
have far greater
success with
Matt Stephens,
team leader of
Sigma Sport is a
firm believer in
how Nexus can
assist faster recovery,
as is one of the
world’s top
mountaineers, Limoni
“We actually found
out about Accapi’s
Nexus gear through Morrow. He
told us how, while wearing the
garments, he could train for
longer and recover faster. What’s
more, astonishingly the effects
of delayed onset of muscle
soreness (DOMS) were not felt
over the days following heavy
So how exactly does the
technology work its wonders?
“The mix of metal ‘dust’ is
permanently weaved within the
fibre and emits an infra-red of
between 4 and 14 microns, a
suitable wavelength to be
absorbed by the body. As the
body is mostly water, the infrared oscillates the water molecules
in the body and improves blood
flow,” explains Geere. “We’ve
endless testimonials to back the
science and they’re from diverse
sources too. From professional
rowers, to triathletes, skiers and
even athletes in boxing, we’ve
had very positive feedback from
all over.”
Accapi UK now has exclusive
rights to develop the Nexus
Energy product across the globe,
as well as having exclusivity of
distribution in the UK and
Ireland. Sales agents are
available for retail visits, while
the firm will be exhibiting at the
Triathlon, Cycling and Running
Show in February and again at
the Outdoor Trade Show next
September. Retailers may also
notice an advertising campaign
soon to run in many consumer
cycling magazines.
“I believe the testimonials are
our most powerful form of
marketing,” concludes Geere.
“Dealers will see them printed
on our point-of-sale and
marketing material, including
leaflets available to stockists. I’d
urge those considering a
performance clothing brand to
look us up. Nothing this unique
has hit the market since Gore
Tex became available. This
technology could well be the
next big thing in sports
Accapi sales: 01203 291247 or
[email protected]
High Spec, Waterproof, breathable
anti rip fabric. Fully lined inside.
RRP £39.99
Stockist Price £19.99
High Spec, Waterproof, breathable
anti rip fabric. Fully lined inside.
RRP £45.99
Stockist Price £22.99
Aerotex waterproof &
breathable membrane.
Thick padding with Thermalite
Insulation. Extra long cuff with
Velcro & draw string closure.
Padded and super grip palm.
Fleece sweat wiping panel.
Starlite reflective piping.
RRP £19.99
Stockist Price £9.99
Aerotex waterproof and
breathable membrane.Tough
padded palm. Fleece sweatwiping
panel. Elasticated cuff.
Starlite reflective piping.
RRP £19.49
Stockist Price £9.29
Waterproof and breathable
membrane. reflective piping
and logos. double cuff layer’
RRP £19.99
Stockist Price £9.99
Lightweight breathable, wind
and waterproof. Soft lycra cuff.
Full palm and fingers
rubberised griP.
RRP £14.99
Stockist Price £6.59
Tel: 01332 274252 Email: [email protected]
Evans goes
CYCLEPOINT has just one
location so far, but could be
rolled out at railways stations in
many British cities, hopes Evans,
which bagged the rights to
operate the first outlet.
CyclePoint is a UK version of
the FietsPoint railway station
cycle parking units operated by
Ned Railways, the Dutch railway
company. The FietsPoint in
Leiden has space for parking
3,000 bikes; CyclePoint Leeds has
300. It costs just £1 a day for
secure cycle storage and there
are even sockets for recharging
electric bikes.
The Leeds CyclePoint is not a
money-spinner. Network Rail,
which owns most of the retail
space at UK train stations, isn't
leasing its land to CyclePoint for
a profit: a coffee shop would
earn many multiples over what a
With an unmissable location in front of Leeds
station, the new £500,000 CyclePoint bike
parking facility aims to bring a little bit of the
Netherlands to the UK
“The launch of
the country’s first
Cyclepoint puts
Leeds at the heart
of the cycling
Anton Valk, CEO,
cycle storage facility could ever
hope to earn. Instead, CyclePoint
is a statement of intent, a focus
on suggesting customers hook
up with a form of door-to-door
sustainable transport that
doesn't expand waistlines. It will
be difficult for Network Rail and
other land owners to roll out the
concept in prime retail locations
so CyclePoint units in London
have yet to get the go-ahead.
The Leeds CyclePoint is
operated by Evans, and there's a
small footprint for retail. Most of
the space in the small, glassfronted rotunda building is taken
up with bespoke racking.
Evans secured the deal to
operate the first CyclePoint after
the concept was promoted in
2009 by Abellio, the
Netherlands-based owner of
Northern Rail, Merseyrail and
Ned Railways.
Ned Railways operates 25
FietsPoint bike shops at railway
stations across the Netherlands.
These bike shops also provide
bike parking facilities, bike rental,
and same-day bike servicing.
They are operated as a means of
generating more bike-to-thestation journeys.
MPs and Lords on a 2009
study tour of the Netherlands
were told the FietsPoint bike
centres were operated to breakeven but were initially heavily
subsidised, in order to increase
the number of train journeys.
Ned Railways found that when
station car parks were full, the
number of off-peak train
journeys were reduced. However,
when money and effort was
pumped into creating thousands
of secure bike parking spaces,
the number of passenger train
journeys increased.
Leeds station is owned by the
Government-owned Network
Rail. To create the first
CyclePoint, Northern Rail worked
Electric bikes are
welcome at Cyclepoint
and chargeable for the
duration of a bike’s stay...
with Network Rail, Leeds City
Council, CTC, the Department for
Transport and the West Yorkshire
PTE in a joint venture which cost
the DfT £500,000.
CyclePoint Leeds was opened
in late September by Transport
Minister, Norman Baker; Abellio
CEO Anton Valk; and the Dutch
Ambassador, Pim Waldeck.
Baker said: “It’s vitally
important we make the
beginning and end of people’s
journeys as simple as possible that’s the couple of miles from
home to station - so that the
bike and train option becomes as
easy as jumping in our cars for
long journeys.
"More and more commuters
are wanting to cycle to and from
the station which is why
expansion of cycling facilities, like
this Government-funded project,
are so important. And, of course,
better cycling facilities at
stations not only helps tackle
congestion and promote rail
travel, but will also help
people develop healthier
lifestyles and protect the
Abellio's Valk said: “The
launch of the country’s
first CyclePoint has put
Leeds at the heart of a
revolution that is taking
place across the nation.
Recently, there has been an
explosion in cycling
throughout the UK. I have
seen it myself as I cycle to
work each day.
“At Abellio, our aim has
always been to provide
transport services which
improve quality of life for
passengers and across the
communities we serve. We
believe it is part of our
responsibility to make our
passengers’ door-door journeys as
stress-free as possible. By
providing secure storage in a new
building manned by dedicated
staff, CyclePoint removes the
anxiety we know passengers feel
when leaving bikes at stations.”
Steve Butcher, Chief Operating
“It’s vitally
important we
make the
beginning and
end of people’s
journeys as
simple as
Norman Baker,
Transport Minister
Officer of Northern Rail who will
be responsible to customers
using CyclePoint said: “The
ultimate goal is for passengers
going to cities and large towns to
be able to ride to their station,
leave their cycle, travel to their
destination and then hire a bike
to complete their journey."
Transport journalist Christian
Wolmar - an expert on both
trains and cycling - gave a speech
at the opening, praising the
Department for Transport: "This
sort of initiative is important. It
says cyclists have a right to be
on roads. The cycling culture has
changed immensely in the last
10 to 15 years. CyclePoint is the
sort of stimulus that could move
things forward even more. This
morning on Radio Leeds, Norman
Baker was asked if CyclePoint was
a waste of money because
people don't cycle in the rain.
This sort of silly question won't
be asked when there a lot more
people cycling every day."
Mike Rice, MD of Evans
Cycles was also at the
launch and said: “We
think this is a huge step
forward for cycling in the
UK and we're excited to
be a part of this from the
first steps. We hope to
see more and more of
these popping up around
the country.”
The Leeds CyclePoint
is close to a new Evans
store on Station Street
which opened in midOctober. Rice said
customers who couldn't
be helped at CyclePoint
– which sells only a
handful of accessories –
will be directed to the
new store.
Where next for CyclePoint?
is now on hold indefinitely
thanks to the Coalition
Government's austerity
When Lord Adonis was in
charge of transport during the
last administration there had
While some Dutch people
may laugh at Britain's feeble
attempts at replicating a
Netherlands-style cycling
culture, Dutch folks who live in
the UK have noticed big
changes in just a short period
of time. Peter Lensink, a
“There has been a change in
perception, biking is becoming part
of mobility. Who would have thought
we’d have cycle congestion...”
Peter Lensink, NED Railways
been plans to create CyclePoint
hubs at Waterloo, Victoria, St
Pancras, Sheffield, York, Hull,
Grimsby, Scunthorpe and
Liverpool Lime Street, as well as
Leeds. The Department for
Transport had wanted to get
2.5 million more people cycling
Transport Secretary Lord
Adonis was converted to the
bike-parking-at-stations cause
during a visit to the
London-based executive of Ned
Railways, said cycling in the
capital is at a tipping point:
“There’s been a change in
perception, not just people in
Lycra. Biking is becoming part
of mobility. I pedal on a Dutch
roadster and cycle everywhere
in my suit. There are now lots
like me. Who would ever have
imagined the junction between
Tavistock Square and Tavistock
Place would have cycle
congestion in the mornings?”
Introducing the newly extended range: Grips, Mudguards, Saddles & Pedals
tHigh quality products at extremely competitive price points
tMix and match over 50 accessories to co-ordinate your look
tUnique space-saving, environmentally friendly packaging
tFantastic dealer margins and free point of sale for stockists
To v i e w t h e f u l l r a n g e v i s i t w w w . v a v e r t . c o m
To b e c o m e a s t o c k i s t s p e a k t o y o u r F i s h e r r e p r e s e n t a t i v e o r c a l l 0 1 7 2 7 7 9 8 3 4 5
New and improved Smart lights. A comprehensive range
that doesn’t compromise on design or function & offers
some great trade benefits, including:
The premium Lunar range is clearly
a cut above the rest.
A fantastic range of front and rear lights
that are both functional and affordable.
Barely Covered
THE CYCLE industry has
witnessed numerous insurance
providers roll in and out of the
marketplace. The attraction is a
sector they perceive to be far
bigger, easier to work with and
more profitable than the reality.
After a few years of trying to
undercut premiums using
standard policies and low cost
online sales solutions, they
depart writing it off as ‘an
unusually challenging market
The cycle insurance graveyard is
full of them, but unfortunately
the damage caused can still be
felt by the businesses they leave
We want insurance for
protection, whether against
theft, fire, personal injury or any
other risks to our business that
might arise in our day-to-day
interaction with the world.
However, as many of us have
experienced, a claim tends to
leave us locked in with a
particular provider, making us
immediately unattractive to
alternative insurers.
As the low premiums that
initially secured interest give
way to a significant overhead
we come to realise that we are
now in a much longer term and
more expensive relationship
than we had planned.
All we seek is comfort that we
are fully covered against any
eventuality. That any claims
process we might have to
undertake is administratively
undemanding and result in what
we expected from the policy in
the first place. And of course, all
must be delivered at a
competitive rate.
In an increasingly litigious
society and a changing business
world, we want to know that our
exposure has been considered
and addressed by our insurer, so
we can sleep at night.
What we ultimately want is a
flexible, good value insurance
consultancy from real people
that know our trade.
At ActSmart we know that
insurance is a core provision for
anyone involved in the world of
cycling. The industry needs a
partner who is experienced,
committed, understanding and
flexible to meet the needs of the
sector as a whole. Accordingly,
we have extended ACT’s
relationship with Butterworth
Spengler to incorporate Hiscox,
a quality insurer and leading
name in claims management
with a real hunger for servicing
Butterworth has provided a
cycle shop package for over 20
years and has unrivalled
experience and expertise in this
arena – but it’s not simply about
The extensive positive
feedback received from
businesses which use
Butterworth and enjoy the
personal contact bear testimony
to the quality of their
consultancy and customer
Butterworth not only provides
shop insurance, but is involved in
bike to work schemes, pool bike
arrangements, cycle training,
mobile workshops and
widespread cyclist insurance
offerings via the likes of CTC,
LCC, BTF, Sustrans and have
recently expanded into the
European cycle market.
Butterworth was recently
awarded the insurance contract
for the London Cycle Hire
scheme. No mean feat for a
Liverpool-based broker.
Butterworth’s commitment to
cycle retailers has lead to a
recent review and upgrade of its
policy in terms cover, claims and
Key features of the new
policy have been designed to
meet cycle retailer needs
including free seasonal stock
cover increases of up to 50 per
cent to cover the three busiest
months of the year,
developments in public liability
cover for repairs and servicing,
extensions for cycle hire services
and cover for cycles on display
outside the shop, to name a few.
Butterworth offers a ten per
cent discount to ACT members
and in recognition of Cytech’s
status as the industry technical
standard and its role in reducing
risk in the cycle retail work
place, a further five per cent
discount is offered to shops that
are Cytech Accredited.
ActSmart continues to work
with Butterworth to add further
enhancements and increase
value for money.
With between 50 per cent –
65 per cent of all new monthly
quotations proving successful
we suggest that every cycle
business should consider
Butterworth as an alternative
option when your next renewal
is due.
ActSmart: [email protected] or
0845 6187256
Visit www.specialistretail or contact
Butterworth directly on
0844 764 64 64
“Butterworth Spengler has by
far the most comprehensive
policy available and a very
competitive price – I cannot
fault them.”
Andrew Richards
Big Red Bike
“Butterworth Spengler has
been absolutely fantastic,
very, very good. You get more
for your money and I saved
£300 on last year’s premium.”
Tina Wickham,
Velocity Bikes
Send your recruitment news to
[email protected]
Hotlines establishes new marketing team, Go
Upgrade appoints
a new senior
manager, Fisher
Outdoor Leisure
hires a marketing
executive and CSG
bolsters its
telesales team...
are Hotlines’ new recruits that
form the distributor’s marketing
team going forwards.
Astley comes from a varied
background in the bike industry.
He has been involved in
everything from trail building in
Whistler to managing the Iron
Horse brand in the UK, running
demos for Kona in Canada and,
more recently, managing the
infamous Mud Dock Cycleworks.
He is also currently ranked in the
top 10 in the MaxiAvalanche
Martin will be joined in the
team by long-term professional
cyclist Will Longden. Longden has
a wealth of experience in the
Martin Astley
cycling industry, having evolved
from a multi discipline amateur,
to professional cyclist of 15
years, winning four British MTB
Championships, then taking on
race team management and
event management for Future
Publishing, as well as a marketing
Pete Scullion
role within Oakley UK.
Also joining the team will be
current Hotlines sales and tech
advisor Pete Scullion. Scullion
will be assisting the marketing
team at its HQ in Edinburgh.
Talking about his new role
Scullion said: "After two years
working as a part of the Hotlines
internal sales team, I’m relishing
the challenge of assisting Will
and Martin promote Hotlines
Europe and our eclectic portfolio
of brands through sponsorship,
print and online media, demo
days and products tests."
Meanwhile, ANDY GOWAN,
formerly of Hotlines, has rejoined
661 to look after the cycling side
of the protection specialist’s
business for Europe.
UPGRADE With the
continued growth at Upgrade
Bikes, the distributor has
announced the appointment of
PAUL HINTON as its first senior
Hinton’s responsibilities will be
to oversee general brand
People & Recruitment is Sponsored by Halfords
wan heads back to 661
Paul Hinton
management, but particularly Lezyne and
overall marketing strategy and
“We had advertised for a replacement
for one of our staff at manager level, but
with Paul’s long term experience in the
cycle industry, we decided to bring him in
as a senior manager to help us with our
continued growth and to help us realise
the full potential of our established
brands and to bring about strategic
launches of new brands to Upgrade”, said
Upgrade co-owner DAMIAN MASON.
“Paul’s history of racing at Pro and
National Championship level and his
experience in brand management,
marketing and promotional aspects, along
with his high energy enthusiasm for
product, attracted us into making this
executive. Prior to this he worked as a
student brand manager for Red Bull.
Adam has enjoyed a life long
association with bikes, having ridden his
first BMX competition at just two years
old. Since then he has ridden and raced
4X and downhill mountain bikes, as well
as continued his love for everything BMX
and anything cycle related.
Fisher’s head of marketing, JULIE
DOMMETT said of Fisher’s marketing
team: "Fisher is committed to delivering
first class marketing communications and
event experiences. We want to do what
we can to help our customers in their
day-to-day business of selling bikes and
accessories. Adam’s appointment is the
latest development in this ongoing
commitment. There’s a huge amount of
activity planned for the next 12 months –
the future is looking very bright for our
brands and our customers as a result."
Carl Brooker
Adam Dayson
FISHER OUTDOORS has appointed
ADAM DAYSON to the role of marketing
Based at the St. Albans headquarters,
Dayson brings with him years of
experience working with Britvic where he
held the role of business development
on its busy telesales team. Brooker is 23
years old and formerly worked in his local
Halfords store. As a keen road cyclist,
CSG’s latest recruit has taken part in a
number of charity rides and raised money
for Macmillan Cancer Support Fund.
Brooker is a bit of a train buff, likes
diesel/electric engines and travels all over
the UK, but he tells his colleagues that a
‘track basher’ is a lot different to a train
spotter because he doesn’t keep a record
of the numbers.
ALBERT STEWARD Madison’s press
officer ALBERT STEWARD, or ‘Bert’, as he
is known to many in the trade, has
decided to move on from the Milton
Keynes distributor. Madison is now
seeking to appoint a replacement.
The trade’s guide to sourcing stock, up-and-coming IBDs and the very latest products
HERE AT BikeBiz we spend a lot of time with a variety of
brand managers and marketing heads, particularly at shows.
As you can imagine, having access to so many 'in the know'
representatives in one place is a fantastic aid to helping us
generate information to be relayed back to our readers.
The flipside is spending hours on end having very similar
bicycles presented to you, which can get a little… mundane.
That's why it's always refreshing when a demonstration
begins with a little bit of background, perhaps a bit about why
certain design features are in place.
On the frontline, retailers are tasked with capturing a
customer’s enthusiasm, often brief and fleeting, each and
every day. Unequipped with the information relating to a
bike’s unique selling points, sales pitches can be wholly
ineffective. Of course, much of it is common sense, it will
be argued. But from my point of view at least, it makes a
hell of a difference to leave a stand with a few notes that
differentiate one brand’s product from another.
He's already had his praises sung for growing the Forme
“He’s already had his praises sung for
growing the Forme brand, but I’m going
to make an example of Moore Large’s
Adam Biggs and I hope many readers and
account holders will agree.”
brand, but I'm going to make an example of Moore Large's
Adam Biggs and I hope many readers and account holders
with the Derby distributor will agree.
On a recent visit to the firm's house show (see page 44)
Biggs skirted around my own perhaps mundane ‘what's
new’ journalist routine, instead highlighting the points he
felt important. "Each and every bike here is designed to
sell," he explained. Believe it or not, I think that's the first
time I'd heard those words, yet from a retail perspective,
sellable product is far more important than something that
looks great, but will gather dust.
Biggs fired out information on his time spent researching
an end-user’s mindset when buying a bike. He told of a link
up with Marie Curie, whereby a portion of sales is donated
to the charity and also shared his thoughts on how the
mostly sub-£1,000 brand will be affected by recent changes
in C2W legislation. Finally, as opposed to simply stating the
brand's margins are competitive, it was explained how this
has been achieved. It all differentiated the product from
rivals’ and without a mention of gadgets or gimmicks.
Can you and your staff convey what separates your firm
from the competition?
[email protected]
BikeBiz looks at the first bikes through in the Pivot line, a
new race history book from Cordee and much more...
Need some inspiration ahead of the frantic festive season?
Check out our gift guide starting on page 67...
ATG Training’s Nicholas Lumb spits his toast out and reminds
us that dumbing down cycle training isn’t the way forwards...
SRAM RED takes four gold medals at the World Championships to
make history in Australia.
Time Trial: three gold medals with Fabian Cancellara (SUI), Emma Pooley (GBR),
and Taylor Phinney (USA).
Elite Men Road Race: SRAM/Zipp podium clean sweep with Thor Hushovd (NOR),
Matti Breschel (DEN) and Allan Davis (AUS).
Woodrup Cycles
A Leeding retailer
Telephone: 0113 263 6212
Email: [email protected]
Opening times Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, closed Sunday
Address: 345-347 Kirkstall Rd, Leeds, LS4 2HD
Established in the 1940s in Leeds and performing stronger than ever, Woodrup Cycles’ Stephen
Woodrup tells Jonathon Harker about retail, custom frame building and moving with the times…
Can you tell us a bit about
Woodrup's history?
We go back a long way. My father
started the business in Leeds in
1949, so we’ve been going for
over sixty years. The business was
built on hand building custom
race frames – and retail, obviously
– and I started in the trade fortyodd years ago.
I was partner with my father
for a number of years and now
my son Stephen Woodrup has
come into the business. He’s
been a partner with me for a
while now, so we’re a family
business. Both my mum and dad
were in the industry and we’ve
always been interested in cycling
and members of cycling clubs.
We rebuilt the shop three
years ago and tripled in size.
How's business?
We’re very busy. This last year
was our biggest ever – it was
absolutely manic and this year is
shaping up to be equally good, if
not our best ever. We’re
extremely lucky that the bike
business seems to do well in
times of recession.
Are any particular sectors
performing well?
In Leeds, the commuter area has
grown massively. There’s a lot
more people using bikes to go to
and from work. Road is strong
too – we’ve always had a lot to
do with the cycling clubs and I
still compete, myself.
But the growth area has really
been in the workshop. That has
gone absolutely mental over the
last few years.
Our shop is a double unit. We
used to lease out the shop next
door, but when the chap retired
we enlarged the main shop,
taking over the previously leased
space, which is now our
workshop. We have five full-time
staff in the workshop now.
Do you do much business
We haven’t done much up to
now. It’s something that we’re
contemplating going into and
that’s one of the reasons why we
made contact with Cybertill, as a
first step into developing our
online presence. It’s not a big
part of our business, as yet.
“The growth area
over the past few
years is,without a
doubt, the
workshop. It’s
gone mental!”
Stephen Woodrup
So you’ve installed Cybertill
We have indeed. I’m a bit old
school, but my son is looking to
move the business forward and
as I say we’re looking at online.
The system also looks after
things like stock management.
I’m getting my head round it. The
business has to move forwards
and Anthony is in the driving
seat for that.
Do you get involved with local
Myself and Anthony are
members of the Yorkshire Road
Club, which is an old established
club and probably the biggest in
Leeds. I’m more into road
cycling, but Anthony is into
mountain biking, so we cover
everything between us.
What are your aims for the
Possibly to sell more online in
the future, but generally just to
see the business grow.
We’ll probably enlarge the
frame building side of the
business. We already send frames
to Germany and the US and all
over the place – it’s what the
business was originally based on.
We re-employed a chap who
used to work with us years ago
who has expertise in frame
building. We build in steel and
we’ve seen the material make a
big come back over the past few
We do a lot with the
University of Leeds too. They
lease bikes to the students and
we supply and service all the
bikes. We also go on campus on
an advisory basis once a week
and do small maintenance jobs
there. It’s almost growing into a
business on its own. It’s done
very well.
Generally, I can’t remember
having a bad year, luckily we’ve
always done quite well.
We’ve been around for sixty
years and the market changes
very rapidly. You’ve got to keep
on top of it and keep driving
How many staff do you have
There are eight of us here in total.
New gear
Featuring some of the latest brand spanking new
product available to dealers, BikeBiz details fresh
goods Upgrade, Fisher, Walkers and Madison...
Spring Classics
01455 611185
Pivot Bikes
01403 711611
Chicken Cyclekit, Madison, Raleigh
01525 381347, 0208 385 3385, 01773 532600
VELOPRESS has published a new book dedicated to
cycling’s ‘Spring Classics’ and available via Cordee.
With input from L’Equip’s top writers, combined
with hundreds of rare and restored photographs, the
book delivers a rich and diverse selection of stories
from cycling’s history. Documenting Europe’s
greatest one-day events, the book recounts the
heydey of the Paris-Tours, the Clasica San Sebastian
and the Tour of Lombardy, among others.
Retailing for £29.95, the 226-page hardcover book
makes an ideal gift for anyone who raced through
cycling’s first heydey, along with other enthusiasts.
ANNOUNCED on in August, Upgrade
has taken on the distribution of Pivot Cycles, with
much of the wide range now coming into stock.
Founded in 2007 by bike designer Chris Cocalis,
previously of Titus, the brand has established itself in
the enduro, cross-county and downhill markets. All
Pivot bikes and frames use the multi-world
championship winning DW-Link patented suspension.
Women-specific builds are available on some
models, including the pictured Mach 5, which utilises
5.5-inch of rear travel and a DW technology to
achieve a ‘bobless’ ride, even at speed.
SKS’s three UK distributors are now holding stock of
the Diago pump, the Dashboard and Dashblade
mudguards, as well as a new tool-free mounting
system for bottle cages. The £24.99 Diago mini pump
is designed to slot securely into a supplied frame
mount and is capable of putting out up to 144 psi,
meaning there’s no tyre on the market that it can’t fill
to the brim with air. At 109 grams, the pump is ideal
for even performance cyclists looking for minimal
weight product. At just £13.99, SKS’s Dashboard front
guard may be the cheapest mudguard to be
compatible with Cannondale’s Headshock fork.
Look 996 frame
Fisher Outdoor Leisure
01727 798345
Clarks Limited Edition Skeletal
Walkers Cycles
01162 833885
Giro Shoes
0208 385 3385
NOW IN stock at Fisher, Look’s newest instalment to
the full-suspension line comes in the form of the 996
frameset, retailing at £2,799. Comprising a monocoque
carbon front triangle and an aluminium /carbon rear
end, linked with a Rock Shox Monarch 4.2 rear shock,
the frame has a weight of just 2.5kg. The suspension
linkage is unique to Look’s design department,
meeting DW-Link and a VPP style platform halfway
and offering 100mm of travel. The geometry makes
the 996 an ideal workhorse for cross-country use,
offering 69.7 and 72.2 head and seat angles,
respectively, when kitted out with a 100mm fork.
PACKING great value at £139.99 for a box holding
both front and rear brakes, Clarks’ latest product is a
limited edition box-set revolving around the Skeletal
brakes. The UK-designed package doesn’t just hold
Clarks’ award-winning stoppers, the firm’s new lockon grips are included and colour-coded to match the
selected brake package. What’s more, replacement
brake pads are included for when the customer
eventually wears through the pre-installed set. The
limited edition lightweight dual-piston hydraulic disc
brake system is exclusive to Walkers Cycles and
comes in a one-off red shade.
AT EUROBIKE Giro revealed a range of footwear
developed over the past two years. The result is a line
of seven models set for shipping in early February.
Each model has drawn on the world-class composite
knowledge of Easton to design and engineer shoes
that are proven to provide the highest performance
available. Of the unique features in the line, Giro’s
SuperNatural footbed fit kit allows for a custom fit
out of the box via three different modular arch
supports. Combine this with input from pro-team
bike-fitter Todd Carver and you have a line of
footwear that boasts professional fit experience too.
THE IGO provides something a little
different to many of its competitors –
namely pedals, according to Weehoo.
Through its cunning design the child
on the trailer really does contribute to
pedalling, all while riding hands-free,
safely secured to the seat, leaving
them free to eat, drink, play or catnap.
Engineered to last, the iGo features
storage in seat and rear pannier bags.
In terms of safety, the trailer is
designed to improve handling with
engineered fail-safes like the bash
guard – featuring structural
reinforcement, and the hitch –
featuring bilateral halves of eight mm
steel, free of welds.
The child is secure in the trailer,
with a three point harness holding the
little blighter in. The iGo also comes
with pedal straps, reflective fabric and
reflectors, with the rear pannier covers
the spokes, handle grips and the
obligatory flag.
Hit the
Whether carrying your
laptop, shopping, children or
kitchen sink, there’s a bike
trailer ready to do the
business for you. Jonathon
Harker gets on the trail of
the latest on the market…
PACKED WITH features for
top notch safety, practical
use and child fun, the
Bumper range has two
models in duo and solo.
Both are built with strong
steel frames with easy
front-to-back folding and
wheels that unclip at speed.
Also sporting sunroofs,
internal pockets, seatbelts
and a high vis safety flag,
the Adventure duo retails at
£129.99 and £119.99 for
the solo. The Explorer model
has all the features of the
Adventure but with added
external storage pockets,
push handle, rear opening
vent panel and space saving
central stead wheel. The duo
costs £179.99 while the
solo hits £169.99.
Also up from Moore
Large is the Trail-Gator trailer
bike range. The bicycle tow bar
converts an ordinary child’s bike into
a safe towable trailer bike. Children
can coast or pedal while they’re being
towed and the tow bar fits 14-inch,
18-inch and 20-inch wheel bikes with
a 70ib weight limit. It retails at
£74.99. Trail-Gator accessories are
also available, including flip up
training wheels, extra receiver kits and
an extra seatpost kit.
Moore Large: 01332 274252
CARRY Freedom’s City (£349.99) is
pitched as the ultimate luggage for
urban cyclists. The award-winning
product is stable and light on the road
and promises that riders using it will
hardly know it’s there. The City’s tough
nylon bag is the primary load carrier,
but larger, awkward loads can be
strapped to the upper frame over the
low-slung wheels. Three bike brackets
are supplied with each trailer.
Carry Freedom’s Y Frame is a light,
strong and versatile trailer designed for
strapped on bags or carrying boxes.
Sporting wheels and an arm that can
detach in seconds, this nifty trailer can
be flatpack stored in seconds. The Y
Frame is available in small (£179.99)
and large (£189.99).
Extra also supplies Burley to the
trade, including the Travoy and the
Burley Bee (pictured). The Travoy can
be folded down to fit inside a
briefcase-sized tote bag and boasts a
patent pending design that provides
enhanced stability and
manoueverability. The Bee, meanwhile,
seats one to two children with a 100lb
capacity. Weighing less than 20lbs it
features padded mesh seating, wheel
guards and a recessed helmet pocket.
The Travoy costs £279.99 while the
Bee retails at £249.99.
Extra: 01933 672170
BURLEY managed to bag
one of the few Gold
Eurobike awards this year for
its Travoy urban bike trailer
(pictured). Pitched at filling a
void for the bike commuter,
the Travoy is convenient and
secure – hitching to the seat
post of any bike and riding
at a 45-degree angle –
redistributing the load’s
weight for easier riding. The
clever design sees it convert to a rolling
cart with a mere twist of the wrist –
allowing it to be taken with the cyclist.
And weighing under 4.5kg, the Travoy
stands on its own when loaded or folds
down to a briefcase size, even with
optional bags attached. In addition, the
RALEIGH supplies the Avenir range of
trailers and trailer bikes to the trade.
Three trailer bike models have been
updated for autumn 2010, starting at
£149.99 for the single speed steel
TRA230 and going up to £229.99 for a
six-speed alloy TRA232.
All the trailer bikes are full of
features and come supplied with
mudguards, bottle and flag, plus they
fold in half for easy storage. The best
seller in the trailer range is the Skye 2
seat kids trailer, retailing for £129.99.
It features 16-inch quick release
wheels, cargo space, internal toy
pockets, folds flat for easy
storage, roll back rain and
bug shield, safety belts for
two and safety flag.
THE REFLEX Folding Tag-a-long comes in
three colours: silver, pink and blue.
Suitable for children from around three
and upwards, the maximum weight limit
is 85lbs or 38kgs in new money.
The Reflex features quick release
mountings so that it can be
attached or removed to most adult
bikes – notably without tools – in
mere seconds.
The folding
trailer bike uses
MADISON’S trailer bike range includes
the Adventure Ditto One, pitched at
combining great value with simplicity
of use. Sporting a single-speed
drivetrain the Adventure Ditto One
features a steel frame that is not only
highly durable but also folds to make
storage and transport even easier. The
hitch system
has been
improved with
a zero play
design for
added stability
and to
minimise flex.
The Ditto
One includes
Travoy comes with a basic cargo bag
(also used to store the folded trailer)
and tie-down straps for bulkier cargo.
The Travoy is just the tip of the
Burley product range which includes
child, cargo and even pet trailers.
hi-tensile steel and 20-inch wheels.
Meanwhile, the Reflex Folding Tag-a-long
is designed to help families share cycling
experiences, particularly for those with
little ‘uns who wouldn’t normally be able
to keep up. It retails at £119.99.
Avocet: 0161 727 8508
an alloy handlebar, stem and quick
release seat pin and comes supplied
with mudguards and chain guard to
protect the rider's clothing. With alloy
rims and hubs plus a semi-slick tyre to
suit both road and light off-road use,
the trailer bike has an SRP of £129.99.
A safety flag is included for added
visibility when out on the road.
Madison: 01908 326000
Fisher Outdoor
AS EXCLUSIVE Adams distributor,
Fisher brings the brand’s trailer bikes
and accessories to the trade, featuring
the proven steel hitch which allows for
enhanced movement and fits almost
any seat post. Adams products include
an impressive lifetime warranty, with a
range that covers the three to ten year
old age groups.
The Adams Folder
Compact covers the three
to five year-old age
bracket and boasts a low
centre of gravity to aid
stability. Finished in high
gloss white it retails at
£144.99. Four to six year
olds are catered for with
the Original Folder 1
(£144.99 RRP), the
PENDLE HAS updated its six bike trailer
so that it can be packed onto a
shipping pallet. This change means that
shipping costs are now much lower
than before and it’s much easier for
retailers to stock. The six bike trailer
itself is fitted with individual bike
slots or wheel mounts, which are
adjustable to allow for various
sizes of bicycles. The bikes are
separated by tilting vertical
supports, which the frames rest
against. They are then held
securely by straps, so maintaining
the bicycles in an upright position
to ensure safe transport. A
lighting unit and relevant strap
kit is supplied with the trailer.
Tandem enthusiasts are catered
The five-model range also
includes children’s hard base
and cargo trailers. Stroller kits
are available to fit three of the
kids’ trailers.
Raleigh: 01773
Original Alloy Folder 1 (£209.99 RRP)
and the Original Shifter 7 (£184.99
RRP). All come in a selection of
colours, while the Original Shifter 7
also features seven speed gearing to
help skills development.
The seven to ten year-old range is
served by the Original Folder 24. This
7-speed has a 24-inch wheel and a
larger frame for taller riders. Priced at
£189.99 it is finished in silver.
Fisher Outdoor Leisure:
for by the trailer too, with special
fittings available for the option.
Pendle has also added the option of
fitting tricycles to the 12-bike trailer.
Though the capacity may vary
depending on the size of the trike, it is
possible to carry up to four trikes, or six
bikes and two trikes.
Pendle: 01282 699555
Stocking up?
Need some last-minute impulse-buy items for the counter ahead of the Christmas rush? Mark Sutton
empties a sackful of budget-friendly goods onto the following pages for your consideration…
Muc Off
GRIME-BUSTING specialist Muc-Off has
released the first pressurised bike
cleaning spray device with its new twolitre ‘Bike Cleaner’.
The £19.99 pump-action bottle is a
favourite of World Champion downhill
rider Steve Peat, who jumped at the
chance to pose for some action shots
with the new squirty bottle.
Muc-Off’s general manager James
Cramp says of the system: “As with all
of our new products we aim to tick all
boxes. The new two-litre sprayer pretty
much hits the spot on all of the MucOff cleaning angles. It’s green, in that
you can refill less often, but reuse and
reuse – thus adhering to our ‘refill, not
landfill’ plan. It also delivers more
power to the spray action, after the
Coyote Sports
COYOTE offers a range of stocking fillers
for under £20. One example is the
diverse line of cleaning product sets
from Weldtite, including its new ‘bike
care kits with wet or dry lube’, the
'cleaning bucket' and the 'cleaning kit'.
The stand-out item from the Coyote
BUFF has come up with something a
little different for the dark nights this
year with the creation of a 3M
Scotchlite detailed neck warmer.
Being seam-free, highly breathable and
wind resistant when worn around the
neck or even under a helmet,
Reflective Buff will keep the cyclist
warm, comfortable and, in this case,
protected too.
The £14.00 item can be bought in
at a price of just £6.75 per unit, giving
the retailer the chance to double their
investment with each sale.
Though not sunglasses weather for
another few months, the firm's Hides
product also weighs in at a budget
friendly £6.99.
01707 852244
pumpup has been
engaged, and
finally is
durable it’s what
we call a
‘bottle for
really into
cleaning every nook and crannie on a
bike, retailers should check out the
firm’s new sub-£20 brush set, too.
01202 307790
catalogue has to be the Tranz x bar ends
with tool kit built, retailing for just
£19.99. Housing popular allen key sizes
from four to eight millimetres, a t25
torx tool, 14G spoke wrench,
screwdrivers, two tyre levers and a
selection of wenches, the tiny package
has the power to get cyclists out of
some very sticky situations.
Coyote also stocks lights from
Sigma, Smart and a full range of
Skullys with red, blue, white and
green LEDs that all retail for under
The distributor also stocks
hardshell saddle bags with tool
kits in both pink and olive shades.
01473 652768
Rough Ride
SOLD IN boxes of ten units, containing
a selection of the retailer’s choice, the
Rough Ride Guide series documents the
best routes and rides of many of the
UK’s best known riding spots.
Regions covered are the North and
South Downs, Wiltshire and Dorset, the
Chilterns and Exmoor and Dartmoor.
Expansion packs are now also available
to complement all of these
Customers needn’t worry about
destroying the books while out and
about either. The ring-binder design
allows each water resistant, A5 page to
be removed, meaning the rider need
only take the route they plan to
product suited to quick
impulse sales from Knog,
Jagwire, house-brand One23,
Outeredge, Savage and more.
Savage has loads of desirable BMX
parts, which fall under £20, perfect for
the kids’ Christmas stockings. The
colourful range includes alloy chain
adjusters, chainrings and wheel nuts all
available in seven anodised colours.
Alloy seat clamps and seat posts are
available in five colours, and steel
handlebars and stems in six colours.
Other great stocking fillers include
brake pads and pedals in an array of
has received much
praise for its multi
tool line and that’s
partly down to its
value for money.
Retailing at £17.99,
the Multi-Ten is
compact, lightweight and
houses ten tough T6 aluminium tools.
Hex wrenches are covered
comprehensively, with size two to eight
millimetres covered. A torx t-25 wrench
also features, as do both Philips and
flathead screwdrivers. What’s more, the
comes with
a lifetime
Shutt VR
ALREADY known as the ‘Shutt Stripes’,
the clothing manufacturer’s widely
used banner of colour now adorns a
As the design is printed onto Buff’s
own garments, you
can expect all the
same benefits of a
typical Buff
neckscarf, including
great heat-retention,
as well as a highly
versatile garment
that can be worn as
a bandana,
neckscarf, hat and
much more.
At just £12.99 a
pop, it’s hardly
conquer. All routes are Ordinance
Survey drawn and information on local
rest stops is provided.
0118 901 0371
Clif Shot is the allnew, natural
replacement drink
from Clif Bar. For
use during activity,
the mix is packed
with sodium,
chloride, potassium,
magnesium and
calcium. Designed to
counteract both
electrolyte and fluid
loss, the water-blended
solution helps to prevent a race day
meltdown. Each 910-gram tub contains
around 45 servings.
For the long-distance cyclist, retailers
can now pick up Paceline’s Chamois
Butt’r, sold for £12.99 per tub at retail.
Combining Witch hazel and pickings from
Brazilian Peppertrees, the formula
provides a cooling effect on sore spots
common with cyclists.
0844 811 2001
surprising these were a big seller at the
recent Cycle Show. For this reason
Shutt VR feels that this could be a
great counter-top item ahead of the
Christmas rush and colder weather.
01943 601031
TRIONZ, from Colantotte, is one
product in a new wave of magnetic
devices designed to protect the body
from the harmful energies of modern
Claiming to be between 50 and
100 times more effective than
competitor products, the firm says
that its designs can release the
negative ions needed to counter the
harmful positive ions that are
abundant in built up areas.
Knog’s 2011 line won’t
have escaped many
retailers’ attention ahead
of Christmas. The eagerly
awaited lock range features
the Party Frank, a budgetfriendly, silicon overmoulded steel cable lock.
It retails at £16.99 and is
available in 11 colours.
Jagwire now offers cable kits for
road, mountain bikes and BMX bikes.
The new coloured cables don’t just
look good; they are estimated to be 30
per cent lighter than standard models,
incorporate some very clever detailing
and their performance is up there with
the best. It comes with enough cable
to fit most bikes and all the necessary
connectors. They’re also easy to install.
01332 274200
Made with ion-releasing capsules,
or with a textile known as 'Mineon
Health' woven into the fabric, the
products can release plenty of
negative ions for the body to absorb.
Magnetic therapy is widely used
and is said to improve blood and
oxygen flow to areas of injury to
speed up cell regeneration. In turn, the
increased blood flow can provide an
athlete with an 'energetic' feeling.
TrionZ's product line begins at
£18.99 for a bracelet.
0844 561 6694
BIKEBAG helps you ‘wrap up a sale’ in
style. If your customers purchase a bike
to be given as a present this Christmas,
save them some time with wrapping
paper and cellotape and sell them a
The 100 per cent recyclable, reusable bag simply slips over the top of
any bike with wheel sizes up to 26inch. Various designs are available too,
including festive themes. For more on
the Bike Bag, visit
01753 655748
Tricks and Techniques
is the definitive
guide to riding a
mountain bike,
published through
Cordee and
available from
Raleigh. Within
its pages readers
will find
everything from the
basics of how to balance on a bike right
through to how to back flip one.
The book's tour guide is Martyn
Ashton, a man who’s spent nearly 20
years at the top of the UK scene. The
book is illustrated throughout by
photographer Robin Kitchin.
Martyn’s guide to mountain biking
skills takes you from first principles to
professional moves in ten chapters,
Fisher Outdoors
ASK ANY winter cyclist
what would make their
life easier and they will
probably say less dirt
and grime on their
bikes. The Kaaboom
Dirt Busting Bag
includes the most
popular Kaaboom
cleaning products
from its range:
cleaner, refill and
degreaser, as well as
a sponge and
detailing brush,
making it the
perfect seasonal gift
for only £19.99.
Being seen in the
winter darkness is
Jim Walker
IT WOULDN’T be Christmas without
socks and the guys over at De Feet in
California, legendary for its nonsponsored supply of clothing to many
of the world’s top racers, make various
sets of snug wool socks.
With a six-inch cuff and
made of ribbed-for-fit
snug Merino wool they’ll
keep your feet warm all
winter long whether by
the fire, or thrashing the
training miles. Each design
comes available in three
sizes, all retailing for £9.99
and with either scarlet or
grey banding.
Everyone’s bar tape gets
with each
described in
detail and
illustrated with
images that are
inspirational and
Originally a crosscountry racer,
Ashton came from
a motorbike trials
background. Martyn
is currently riding for
the Ashton
Diamondback trials
team and touring the UK. He’s a
multiple-time trials champion and four
time British champion, as well as
holding the Bike High Jump world
record. He was inducted into the
Mountain Biking UK Hall of Fame in
01773 532600
also a prime concern for cyclists, young
and old. The Smart Mini LED light sets are
both highly visible and well designed.
Strap them to a bag, helmet or anywhere
on board a bike and rotate to the
optimum position to be seen by other
motorists. The package costs £15.99 for a
set of two.
For kids, Fisher believes it can help
solve children's neglect to look after their
bikes with the stylish Masterlock Kids
Combi lock. Priced at just £10.99, the
lightweight lock comes in a variety of
colours to appeal to kids and hopefully
deter would-be bike-thieving Scrooges.
For the serious cyclist or racer in the
family, Fisher offers a range of must have
Christmas gift ideas from Santini’s
luxurious winter socks for £14.99 to the
new H2 Zero jacket for the ultimate
winter protection at £179.99.
01727 798345
a little dirty over the winter, so a fresh
set of ribbons is always nice to
smarten the bike up for spring. The
£8.99 3T Team bar tape, as you would
expect, is effective at damping road
shock, non-slip and tear resistant, but
also includes special locking bar end
plugs that hold fast even when
If it's a little bit of bling, or
a performance enhancer your
customer is after, Token's new
'Transmission Catchers' are
well worth a look. At £10.99
retail, the tiny pieces of 6061
alloy are designed to prevent
chains coming off the bike
over rough ground, or rough
01323 445155
LEZYNE produces some of the shinier
stocking fillers in our guide and so are
perfect impulse buys for gift buyers.
The Smart Wallet is one
example of how
the brand has
turned mundane
items like wallets
into a desired item
for cyclists who
need all the kit.
Priced at £17.99, or
£29.99 fully loaded
with tools, (even
better value for
ONE OF the most versatile
commuter lights on the
market, the FibreFlare is
available exclusively through
Extra UK. Using super-bright
fibre-optic technology, the
bendable light can be mounted
more or less on to any tube on
a bike and with the added perk of
emitting omni-directional light, visible
for over 1,000 feet. What’s more, the
FibreFlare achieves a 75-hour burn
time off just two AAA batteries.
Though not sub-£20, or a stocking
filler, Extra stocks what it says is the
world’s lightest waterproof cycling
jacket and it costs just £69.99 at retail.
money) the purpose-built wallet fits
snugly in typical cycling jerseys and is
organised internally to hold money,
cards and identification, tyre levers,
patch kits and a multi tool.
If it’s a smaller gift your customer is
seeking, recommend them Lezyne’s
stylish puncture repair kit, which
comes housed in a waterproof
aluminium container that is available
in gold, blue, grey and red. For £4.99,
customers take home a kit comprising
six glue-free tyre
patches and a
stainless steel tube
01403 711611
The Veho H20 weighs in at
under 125 grams, despite
carrying a vented back panel,
360-degree 3M Scotchlite
reflectives and waterproofing.
Now under the Extra
umbrella, NeoGuard’s
mudguard product is available
as a sub-£15 stocking filler. The
new neoprene NeoGuard is
specifically designed to prevent
mud and spray from getting in a rider’s
face and eyes. Traditional mudguards
are fragile and can hold on to pounds
of unwanted mud affecting riding
performance. The NeoGuard throws
the mud off every time the fork
compresses, keeping the front end light
and agile.
01933 672170
ViewRanger’s mapping equipment
through Lyon Equipment for resale to Symbian and Android
smartphone owners. Pre-defined
area packages sell from £30 at
retail, while self-selection top up
OTA (Over-The-Air) cards retail for £25.
ViewRanger can, however, be trialled
for free for 16 days and bought by
consumers without any premium map
area for £4.99.
Once the consumer has ViewRanger
on their mobile phone, they can add
any pre-defined area, or top up
products subsequently bought through
the retail network.
The company has also just
announced compatibility of its
software with the iPad for those
wishing to pre-plan rides on large
scrollable Ordinance Survey maps.
01223 421355
AT JUST 9.9 cm long, weighing only 59
grams and with a capacity of more
than 100 psi, the innovative Airbone
Supernova Pump is an extremely small
and compact unit packing a punch.
Alongside a choice of several colours
in modern metallic tones, the key
features of this high-performance and
easy-to-use pump are the new
operating method, which gives greater
Oxford Products
OXFORD’S diverse catalogue of
product satisfies most
accessory needs in
store, whether it
be helmets, tool
kits, or
toward the
Oxford now
offers a
BMX/skate style
lid in both
medium (54 to
58cm) and large
(58 to 62cm). The
helmet is smallhands friendly with
an anti-pinch chin
strap and clip and comes well ventilated
too, thanks to a number of vents on the
top and sides of the lid. Muck can easily
output for less effort.
Complete with Presta valve adaptor
(woods not supplied) and a mounting
bracket for bottle-cage mounts, this is
one of the few pumps that when
installed to the bike don't detract from
its looks.
The unit retails for £14.99 and is
available in a range of colours, including
black, silver, red, green, orange, blue,
pink and gold.
01332 774796
be wiped away after rides thanks to its
shock-absorbing EPS construction. Retail
price is £24.99.
If your customer is looking
to help a cyclist be seen
this Christmas, then
you could recommend
the Oxford ‘Bright
Cover’ at £8.99. Fitting
over most backpacks
on the market, the
bright cover is made
from waterproof
material, which is
elasticated to ensure
it stays tight to the
Packing huge value
for money, retailers
should also check
out the £11.99, 28piece Tool Kit.
Manufactured from
stainless steel, the tool kit
packs a number of cycle essentials such
as sockets and allen keys and even
includes pliers. What’s more, the package
fits snugly under most saddles.
01993 862300
Cycling Sports
Group UK
CYCLING SPORTS Group handles a
number of brands capable of providing
some great stocking filler goods. For
the BMXer, retailers could look at
recommending Xposure's line of lowprice components.
Everyone loves socks at Christmas,
so stores will not go wrong in taking
some stock of Surface's new £7.99
offering. They're fairly thick too, so
should keep the cyclist's feet warm
and last a lot longer than most.
Fitting and protecting most
chainstays, the £4.50 Charge Chipper
Chainstay Protector is a tough synthetic
leather chip-preventing chainstay
protector with shock absorbing
neoprene. The design includes tough
contrast stitching and white Charge logo.
01202 732288
WITH BOTH bottle openers and pizza
cutters in its tool line, Park has
Christmas covered. The mark two Pizza
Tool, at £16.99 retail, has been
upgraded since the first version to
include a sharper, larger diameter
stainless steel cutting wheel and
retains the grippy ‘Park Tool Blue’
grippy handle.
Also sub-£20, Blackburn’s new ‘Click
Voyager lights come packaged as a
pair, each using super-bright LEDs.
With the click of the lens, the lights
come to life, offering 125 hours of
high visibility on constant mode and
250 hours on flash. All of this is backed
up by Blackburn’s ‘no-quibble’ lifetime
Ogio has also introduced a sub-£20
stocking filler to the line in the form of
the £12.99 Doppler Washbag. The
Doppler is without doubt the baby of
the Ogio group of products, but that’s
not to say it lacks any of the style or
functionality that Ogio product is
renowned for. Designed to be small,
simple and functional, yet oozing with
style and character, it allows you to
carry everything you need to remove
the daily grime and get back to
looking your best.
0208 385 3385
GENUINE Innovations has
been busy. Not only did
the firm get a
Eurobike product
nomination, but
there’s a variety
of new goods
now landing with
Zyro in time for
dealers to display some
cool counter-top product.
The Inflation Wallet, at £19.99, is
a handy kit containing all you’ll need
for a puncture while out and about.
Housing two Co2 refill cartridges, two
tyre levers, a number of puncture repair
patches (self-adhesive) and a small
piece of sandpaper for tube
preparation, the handy zip-up satchel is
pocket-sized for convenience.
Altura’s Night Vision line offers a
number of reflective items that’ll go
down well with anyone travelling by
bike. At £14.99 and £19.99,
respectively, The Vision Helmet Cover
provide a
which repels
rain. Both
feature reflective trim to make cyclists
stand out in a car’s headlight beams
too. Pannier covers are also carried by
For athlete’s, customers can pick up
Powerbar’s new recovery drink formula
‘Protein Plus’ for £19.99 a tub. Utilising
an 80 per cent protein formula, the mix
is ideal for overnight recovery use.
What’s more, a number of flavours
including ‘ Caramel Lion Bar’ are on sale
via Zyro.
01845 521700
BikeBiz is keen to publish your opinions, whether they’re from
letters, emails or via
Mail to:
Saxon House, 6A St. Andrews Street,
Hertford, Hertfordshire SG14 1JA
[email protected]
The letters page is
open to anyone with something to say
the industry (or BikeBiz), whether they’
re writing about the
wider industry, their own business, or both.
Everyone is always
welcome to respond and address any of
the points made in any
of the letters, and we’re grateful to those
who participate.
The Editor
A toast-spitting moment…
I’VE JUST read October’s
BikeBiz and nearly spat my
toast out when I read the egomassaging letters from Alf
Webb and Sean Lally. Talk
about ‘advertorial’; they have
just used the page to promote
their (new curriculum) product
and pat each other on the
back. It’s difficult to believe the
editor published the letters.
In the interests of neutrality
BikeBiz should allow others to
use the letters page to reply
and advertise themselves for
As an employee of a
different training provider I
wish to counter these letters
and question some points.
Alf Webb said that he and
his wife started training in ‘91.
They deserve recognition but
they’re not the only company
that trains cycle mechanics.
ATG Training also runs a cycle
training course and has over
forty years experience of
training engineers. We’re also
experts in sourcing funds to
subsidise training costs.
What is more concerning in
Webb’s letter is the admission
C&G dumbed their award
down ‘to give everyone a
chance’. How does that benefit
the individual, the employer or
the industry? Awards should
benefit the customer with
confidence in the workshop,
and aid employers when
recruiting. Making it easier
undermines that concept.
At ATG we offer Cytech/
NVQ awards based on
recognised engineering
modules and our successful
candidates will have satisfied
stringent standards to achieve
an award that carries real
credibility and value. To provide
the best possible training we
have two training centres; one
in Aylesbury and one in
Manchester, and a nationwide
team of experienced
trainers/assessors. We want our
graduates to possess recognised
awards and to be able to
progress to the higher level
awards, namely Cytech/NVQ3.
This develops the individual
and improves the skill level in
the trade with the intention
that everybody – employer and
employee alike – benefit.
To this end it’s important
the industry recognises the
difference in quality and
standards between awards and
maintains standards rather than
dumbing down and taking the
easy option.
Nicholas Lumb
ATG Training – Senior Cycle
Star Letter
Whether it’s a hand-written, sent-through-the-post letter, email
or a comment made on the BikeBiz forum, the best letter of the
month wins a prize from Oxford Products.
This month the lucky winner will receive Oxford’s Ultra Torch 9.
Part of Oxford’s top selling range of LEDs and lights, the front light
has nine ultra bright diodes, a quick release mounting bracket and
comes complete with batteries. The sturdy aluminium body
makes it ideal for general purpose use as a compact torch. The
rear LED has 3 modes, 7 diodes and a universal mounting bracket.
From the Forum...
“Is the industry really worth over
two billion [according to the
Project Velo research]?
I find that very hard to
believe. At the risk of starting a
major whinge session on the
BikeBiz Forum... I wonder what
per centage is IBD?”
“£2 billion is absolute nonsense.
The numbers simply don’t add
up. Where is this £2 billion going
and coming from?
The supermarkets would need
to have a bike turnover of nearly
£1 billion for it all to add up.
I am pretty sure that they are
not doing that much. £1 billion
is a stretch – £2 billion is so far
wide of the mark that it is
“It certainly sounds on the high
side but, the market (and so
called market leaders) have been
understating the overall market
size (bikes, cycling goods and
repairs) for a long time now
(helps make them look and feel
big?). ActSmart has reported it
as being in excess of £1 billion
for a few years, based upon IBD
research and Halfords/other
major corporates data. This
summer we valued the total
market at c.£1.5 billion at retail
(net VAT) and the stats have
been endorsed by suppliers.
It’s not supermarket promos
swelling it either. There are over
2,500 specialist retail shops,
which our research has proven
are growing faster than the rest
of the market.”
0844 811 2001
Eurobike Ltd
01332 774796
07939 543016
0845 3103670
Abacus Online Ltd
0151 342 9799
Ascend Retail
Management System
01908 280667
Fat Spanner
Pacific Cycles Inc
+886 34861231
Fisher Outdoor
01727 798345
Paligap Ltd
01454 313116
Hotlines Europe Ltd
0131 3191444
Cube Bikes Uk Ltd
0031 180441350
Custom Sports
Clothing Ltd
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Colin Rees
Marketplace Rates:
Quarter Page
(minimum six months)
Give us a brief history of the
Lumicycle brand:
Back in 1997, Lumicycle shook up the
bike light market with the introduction
of its simple, effective halogen lights
that matched the performance of the
various US imports around at the time,
but were lots cheaper. Times move on,
though, and with the advent of highpower LED technology Lumicycle
decided to make its new product range
available through retail. Following last
year’s successful introduction into local
shops Lumicycle is now looking to gain
some more retail outlets.
Any highlights in the current line?
2010 sees two new products, which are
already winning magazine tests and
awards. The LED3Si is a light that
features powerful side illumination to
make riders more visible in town. It is
specially designed for road riders and
commuters who travel in and out of
town and need a powerful light to see in
dark country lanes, but who also need to
be seen from the side in town.
The LED3 XPG ATL (All Terrain Lamp)
is an off-road lamp that takes
TEL: 01202 545642
performance in a single lamp head to
new levels. Using the latest CREE XPG
LEDs and innovative driver technology,
Lumicycle has produced its best light to
What is the key selling point of the
Lumicycle product range?
The key selling points for Lumicycle have
always been performance, reliability,
upgradability and service.
We always use the best quality
batteries, chargers and electronic
components because nothing else will
do the job. Hard experience has taught
that trying to scrimp, or cut corners,
doesn't work. What people want most in
a bike light is reliability.
Where is the product designed and
The Lumicycle product is designed,
tested and manufactured in Dorset and
South Wales.
Lumicycle has a sponsored team. How
has it performed at night-ride events
this year?
John and Stu Prentice are the Lumicycle
[email protected]
Team riders and they recorded their first
pairs win at this year's Bontrager
Why should dealers choose Lumicycle
over the competition?
The quality of Lumicycle products
means there is little online discounting,
so retailers can be confident of getting a
good return on their investment.
Again, the quality of product will
minimise dealer returns and establish
customer confidence. Because products
are modular and upgradeable, repeat
business will be gained by customers
returning for the latest lamp head or
battery. Lumicycle will also seek to
actively market their retailers.
How do you plan to grow the business
going forwards?
By producing innovative products and
selling more units.
How can trade accounts get in touch?
Drop myself, Jon Handley, a line on
either my email address:
[email protected], or ring up
for a chat on 01202 545642.
“The quality of
Lumicycle products
means there is little
online discounting,
so retailers get a
good return on their
Extra profits, immediate results...
Sales training can easily double your business. If every customer
who comes in to buy an accessory goes out with two, you just
doubled your accessory sales. If every customer who comes in to
buy a £500 bike goes out with say an £1000 bike, you did it again!
If you have trouble getting the simplest techniques over to your
staff so they sell well consistently, we will come to your shop and
help you. Four hours later, every staff member will be confident in
closing sales every time. Full literature is provided plus a handy
guide “How to keep your staff selling” is FREE to every owner/
manager who books a course. Basic, intermediate, advanced sales
courses, managerial sessions all cycle specific.
“I am amazed. All the staff got really turned on by Colin's ideas,
they keep coming up and asking me why I'm not closing sales!”
“I reckon I covered the cost of the training in the first
afternoon. Everyone tried so hard. Totally recommendable.”
“I really am impressed with this training. I have seen a marked
improvement in confidence from the younger members and
everyone is selling more. Don't know why every dealer in
England isn't knocking on your door.”
“The training was so easy to follow even I could understand it. I
really like the way the techniques are explained so simply,
anyone can do it.”
One fee, no extras, progress guaranteed:
Email [email protected] now, or call 07540 351 530
for full details.
Colin Rees: specialist cycle sales training in the bike trade
for 14 years.
Let’s get
How many from the bike business exhibited at
Cycle Show this year? And just how popular are
Boris’ bikes in London? BikeBiz provides its
random round-up of facts and figures from the
world of cycling, including the value of the UK’s
bicycle market, the amount of viewers who
watched the Tour of Britain and the value of a
haul made by bike thieves...
Simon Warren
Founder and MD of Shutt VR
What bikes do you own and where’s your favourite place
to ride?
My bike stable holds a High Modulous Planet X Nanolight, a
Ribble Nero Corsa, Orbea Starship, Richley Break Away,
Graham Weigh build and a Coyote.
Of all the places I could choose to ride, a tear across the
Yorkshire Dales offers it all. I’m so lucky to be able to ride
them every day.
What’s the biggest rush achievable on a bike?
After doing 50-plus mph downhill before hitting a stone wall
with a catastrophic outcome, it’s as simple as just being able
to ride full stop. The damage was two broken ribs, collarbone,
a punctured lung and two nights in intensive care.
The number of exhibitors that took
part in Cycle Show 2010. The event
is the last to be set at Earls Court,
with the expo moving up to the
Birmingham NEC in 2011.
Tell us about your position at Shutt VR:
I’m the founder and MD, tasked with building and driving the
team to greater achievements going into 2011.
Anything exciting in the pipeline that you can reveal
product wise?
More stylish designs, improved detailing and performance
products are the focus. We are very excited about our new
autumn/winter products and can’t wait to show them off.
We will be expanding into other cycling spheres too, in the
New Year.
Will you be at any exhibitions or road shows with the
brand this year?
We have just been at the Cycle Show and various Sportives
around the UK, plus we’re constantly following our teams
Orbea-For Goodness Shakes! and Squadra Donne.
What garments can Shutt offer the retailer?
From head to toe, it’s covered. Jerseys and jackets, bibs of all
types, tights, shorts, three quarter-lengths, right through to
socks, caps and bottles.
How can interested customers get in touch?
They can call the office 01943 601031, email
[email protected] or make contact via the website
What are your long-term ambitions for the brand?
Easy: to take our unique range of stylish and affordable cycle
wear to a global audience, via key retail partners.
The number of journeys made on
Barclays Cycle Hire bikes by
October 8th. Over 90,000 people
have signed up as members of
the scheme.
ActSmart September retail shop sales analysis
The number of prizes awarded
at the BikeBiz Awards 2010,
held at Sway Bar, London. Who
won the awards? Turn to page
19 for more.
Retail sales go into
reverse in September
ActSmart’s monthly market research for September,
produced exclusively for ACT and BikeBiz, highlighted the
first decline in specialist retail sector sales versus 2009
since snow killed January trading. Despite that reduction
the independent bicycle dealer sector market share
continues to grow in 2010...
Specialist cycle retailer core sales growth vs. previous year
The average number of
viewers per night who
tuned into the ITV4
highlights of the 2010 Tour
of Britain. The number
represents a 32 per cent
increase on last year’s
£2 billion
The value of the UK bicycle
market, according to a new study
(Project Velo) from Allegra. The
firm estimates bicycle sales will
reach four million units for the
first time in 2010.
The approximate value of the six
bikes stolen from Hotlines’ London
Dealer Show on Friday October
8th. If you have any information
that might help trace the bikes,
contact the firm on [email protected]
‘% turnover growth vs. previous year'
October 2009 – September 2010
SPECIALIST CYCLE retailer core sales
declined by -4.6 per cent in September vs.
2009 and overall sales volumes dropped by
a significant -16 per cent on August’s
school holiday buoyed-performance.
To date the cycle sector has proven more
resilient than other similar markets, but
September’s performance sends out
warning signs for Q4.
Only 39 per cent of retailers reported
growth in the month, but they delivered a
combined increase of 28 per cent – the
second best monthly performance year to
date. Conversely, the 61 per cent of under
performers reported the second worst
combined decrease year to date, -21 per
cent vs. September 2009. 23 per cent of
retailers reported growth in excess of 20 per
cent in September, achieving a combined
like-for-like growth of 49 per cent.
Thirty two per cent of contributors
reported a sales reversal of over -20 per
cent with a combined sales reduction of -34
per cent, the same level of reverse reported
in August. However threefold more found
themselves in this category in September.
Those retailers that have reported
continual growth throughout 2010 are
almost certain to continue to perform.
Committed cyclists are becoming ever more
committed and valuable customers, but the
rest of the sector is likely to be challenged
in the run up to Christmas.
Encouragingly for the IBD sector, April –
September core sales grew by six per cent
compared with Halfords’ one per cent
shortfall in total sales volumes. With more
independent retail outlets opening every
month Halfords has lost market share
throughout 2010 to IBDs.
For more info visit:
ActSmart: 0845 6187256
Oh Sugar
THE APPEARANCE of The Apprentice star
and keen cyclist Lord Sugar at the
Pinarello stand at Cycle Show in October
saw a swathe of celeb spotters rush to
see the ex-Spurs chairman look over the
stand’s bikes.
Naturally BikeBiz was there to muscle
to the front of the throng and pitch our
latest entrepreneurial scheme to the
Lord. While our pitch didn’t pass muster
with the Amstrad boss, he did take pity
on us and grabbed a copy of the latest
edition of BikeBiz, which he was pictured
carrying out of the show, no doubt ready
to peruse while being chauffeured around
in his Rolls Royce.
Rock and rolling
MORE FAMOUS for packing out the likes
and Chris are closely allied to Teenage
of Wembley and making appearances at
Cancer Trust. Mixing cycling with great
festivals, Kasabian bass player Chris
British music has brought Altura
Edwards took to his bike earlier this year
especially closer to the masses this
to raise cash for the Teenage Cancer
summer once again and Chris and Jay
Trust. Edwards rode the 1,000 miles from
are really great guys to work with.”
Land’s End to John O’Groats with his
You can get involved here: http://
brother Jay. BikeBiz Award winner Zyro
supported the journey
by officially supplying
Kasabian’s Chris Edwards
the duo’s kit – including
rode LeJoG like he was
Altura clothing, Abua
on Fire
helmets, CamelBak
Packs and Chill bottles,
and PowerBar food.
Zyro marketing
manager Jane Watson
said: “We are really
proud to support
another national
charities cause. Jay
• sugar in sweet bikebiz photo
East meets
West for cycle
training contract
CYCLE TRAINING organisation BikeRight! has just
been awarded a substantial Bikeability contract
by Newcastle-upon-Tyne City Council to deliver
cycle training to around 60 schools in the City.
The work, which is due to start in October
and could run for up to four years, is one of the
latest in a number of business wins for the
award winning company.
Andy Tucker, marketing manager at
BikeRight! commented: “Talk about perfect
timing - I was mountain biking in the Lake
District when the news came through via text
from the office – it was a fantastic late
summer afternoon without a cloud in the sky,
so to get the message about Newcastle at
that point just made my day.”
The good news comes on top of BikeRight!
winning the Bikeability contract for Bolton
earlier in the year, the award of a three-year
bicycle maintenance programme with
Cheshire Police and ‘Freewheeling’ – an
adult focused national standard cycle
training initiative for people who live and
work in Manchester.
Scots schoolkids go
for a Guinness…
WORLD RECORD, of course… On
European Car Free Day, schools in East
Renfrewshire, Bishopbriggs, Moray,
Aberdeen and Edinburgh halted lessons to
take part in simultaneous bicycle bell
ringing to attempt a new world record.
Schools in each area were supplied
bells by Dillglove, with kids encouraged
to fix them to their bikes and ride.
Students had their bicycle-transmitted
rendition of Blue Danube transmitted
by radio and over the internet.
Councillor Una Walker, East
Dunbartonshire Education Committee
Convenor said: “I am delighted the
schools in Bishopbriggs are once again at
the forefront of cycling initiatives. Exercise
is a great brain stimulus and teachers tell
me that pupils seem to be more focused
after their cycle. The Record attempt will
raise the profile and show that there is an
alternative to cars. I am
particularly pleased that each pupil has
been provided a bell to ring.”
At time of print Guinness had yet to
confirm a Record had been set.
Send your pictures to
[email protected]
• kids ring the changes for a guinness (world record) • kasabian on (cycle) tour
New Look
for Fisher
AHEAD of Cycle Show, Fisher Outdoor
Leisure launched its new Look range to
the trade at Redbridge Cycling Centre
giving dealers chance to erm, look at the
new bikes, pedals and apparel from the
brand, and try them out at the Essex
cycling centre.
The Look 695 road bike and 996
full-sus MTB were among the
highlights on the day from the
premium French brand.
Look brand manager Tim Bayley
said: ‘’It is always good to spend
time chatting with our customers
and getting their feedback and
ideas. However today was that
little bit extra special.
“It was our first chance to
share Look’s new bikes, pedals
and apparel with dealers and to
show them how proud we are to
be associated with such a
premium brand. The feedback has
certainly shown that everyone
both enjoyed the day and learnt
some new things about Look as
a brand. Riding the bikes just
topped it off for them, with both
road and mountain bikes
proving equally popular.”
Scott Montgomery
“A million thank yous go to
Londoners for the warmth in
which they have embraced our
beautiful blue bikes. The zest in
which people have taken to
two wheels and joined the
cycling revolution we are
engendering in the Capital has
gladdened my heart. Plus the
doom-mongers and naysayers
who darkened my days with
pre-launch predictions of woe
have been vanquished.”
Boris Johnson on the
millionth journey made on
the Cycle Hire bikes,
October 7th
Sponsored by the
brands of Moore Large
01332 274252
“I have really enjoyed my time
with this very strong company
and I believe the heavy lifting
has been done to ensure that
Scott becomes a top brand in
the US."
Scott Montgomery, speaking
on his move to leave his role
at general manager for Scott
in the US,
October 7th
“We'll take this on the chin and
bounce back in London.
There is no chance that the
Australians will be beating us in
our velodrome. Not a chance.”
Chris Newton, speaking to
the BBC during the Dehli-set
Commonwealth Games that
saw many Team GB cycling
stars – including Chris Hoy
and Victoria Pendleton –
missing due to scheduling
Victoria Pendleton
clashes and health concerns,
October 8th
“Helmet laws produced modest
but statistically significant
reductions in youth bicycling
participation of four to five per
[But] it is likely that overall
bicycling miles travelled fell
even more."
Christopher S Carpenter and
Mark F Stehr, writing in their
study on helmet legislation
and the effect that it has
upon the number of cyclists,
October 10th
short and
Wondering what the Twitterati have been up
to this month? Look no further...
Rain doesn’t stop play (adults do)
Kids have an insatiable appetite for cycling. If they’re given free rein.
Carlton Reid discovers this… in the rain...
IN ALL THE years I've been running a school cycling club
we've never been rained off. The weather has always
lifted just in time. But on one Friday in early October I
received a call from school asking whether I was likely to
cancel that afternoon's session. It was heaving it down
and it seemed like a rhetorical question. Of course I
would be cancelling cycling club, nobody would want to
cycle in this weather.
I had no choice, I always cycle to school to pick up
my daughters. I cycled through road flooding to get to
school and joined the parents huddled inside school
reception (we would normally be outside in the
playground). I formally cancelled the club and was
chatting with the school
secretary, who was half way
through retrieving parents'
phone numbers to tell
them of the cancellation,
when my foot was run over
by a muddy front wheel.
One of the club's youngest
members had cheekily
cycled into school and was
wondering why I wasn't out
in the playground. I turned
and looked outside. Half of
the cycling club was
outside, riding around. The
other half had been taken
home already, parents
deducing there couldn't
possibly be any cycling club
held in such foul weather.
Turning to the school
secretary I cancelled the
cancelling and went out
into the pouring rain. The
kids I mentor on Friday afternoons are all under ten.
None of these wee 'uns were bothered by the rain in the
slightest. In fact, they loved it. At first I suggested they
not ride through puddles but this quickly turned into
part of the session. Parents took home some seriously
soggy kids that night. But all of them went home
smiling (the kids, not the parents).
This bodes well for the bike trade you might think, but
talking to one of the (bike-mad) parents afterwards
brought me down to earth with a bump. She said her
son was only one of a very few
in his class who could cycle
unaided. Many of the others
were still on stabilisers, but the
great majority don't have bikes
at all.
I blame the parents. Cycling,
like swimming, is a lifeskill that
really ought to be taught early.
But this can't be forced. If the
parents don't cycle, they might
not see cycling as a lifeskill at
all. It's well known we've lost a
generation to cycling and the
bike trade's future is heavily
reliant on getting today's kids
hooked on cycling.
There are lots of schemes
out there making this happen.
Bike It, Bike Club, Bikeability,
Go Ride and others. Does your
shop support any of them?
No? Maybe it should. Think of
it as saving up for a rainy day.
EDITORIAL: 01992 535646 | ADVERTISING: 01992 535647 | FAX: 01992 535648
Executive Editor: Carlton Reid
[email protected]
Sub-Editor: Gemma Messina
[email protected]
Working on my prototype
‘polecam’, comprising alloy
DMR bar and grip with GoPro clamped
to end for pivot filming action...
% of nice cyclists on
lunchtime walk was 100%.
Nice Joggers only 5%. Cyclists pinged
and thanked, joggers ignored...
Urban Cyclist
UK: £50 Europe: £60 Rest of World: £90
Marketing & Circulation: Lindsay Banham
[email protected]
Deputy Editor: Mark Sutton
[email protected]
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[email protected]
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Advertising Manager: Carly Bailey
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Business Development:
Dave Roberts
[email protected]
Saxon House, 6A, St. Andrew Street,
Hertford, Hertfordshire. SG14 1JA
BikeBiz is mailed FOC to 3,000+ trade
addresses every month
ISSN 1476-1505
Just registered the Morvelo
logo for a trademark.
Suddenly seems to make everything
very official. A good thing.
BikeBiz is published 12 times a year by Intent Media – Saxon House,
6a St. Andrew Street, Hertford, Hertfordshire SG14 1JA
Production Executive: Abby Fanger
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We felt a Midlands based show
was central enough to be
accessible to a far larger number of UK
cycle retailers...
Publisher/MD: Stuart Dinsey
[email protected]
Editor: Jonathon Harker
[email protected]
Editorial Production Manager:
Helen French
[email protected]
My driving instructor was
called Mr.Tickle – no really!
Intent Media Subscriptions Department
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Printed by The Manson Group, AL3 6PZ.
a new
and see
your career
race ahead.
Cytech Technical Two
This is the trade standard for any professional
cycle mechanic. It includes training of up to
10 days including all the skills to service and
maintain basic cycles and build wheels to
a high standard. It will also equip you with
the knowledge and skills to work safely and
efficiently as a professional mechanic. For
experienced mechanics there is a fast track
assessment option available.
Who should participate?
This course is aimed at anyone working as or aiming to work as a
professional cycle mechanic. It is the trade recognised accreditation required
by many companies as the minimum standard they will employ. It is also
suitable for any experienced home mechanic who wishes to improve their
skills and knowledge to a higher level.
£1190+VAT for 10 days training. Please contact us for more details. This
course can often be achieved as part of an apprenticeship, meaning there
could be government funding available to you.
Duration of the course is up to 10 days or 1
day assessment if you are already a skilled
mechanic looking to simply be assessed.
Cytech Two Technical covers the following subjects:
Health and Safety in the workshop and relevant legislations
Comprehensive knowledge of British Standards /CEN relating to
the sale of new bicycles
Customer service skills
set up and adjustmentincluding dérailleurs and hub gears.
Importance of communication in the workshop
Hub servicing.
Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI)
Full cycle servicing.
Paperwork and record keeping
Anatomy of the bike
Wheel building
Workshop practices, engineering principles and practices.
Understanding the principles and materials used in wheel building
An understanding of the different standard types of headsets,
gears, brakes and bearings.
Lacing a 32 hole 3 cross spoke pattern
Basic adjustments and setup of a cycle.
Frame alignment and preparation (Including use of facing tools).
Mastering the art of truing and tensioning a wheel.
For further information or to book
your place on a course, please email
[email protected] or call
on 01296 737815.
Looking at other spoke patterns and variations
atg training
cycle academy
I really enjoyed the course
and found the teachers
very patient and helpful.
I have learned so much.
Claire Young
City and Guilds Professional Cycle Mechanic Training
Checkout our website at
or call 0207 608 2577 for a chat about what we can offer you and
One Day Basic Maintenance Courses
to arrange a visit to our state of the art workshop in London, N1.
Short courses in Wheel Building
In association with:
We are very proud to be sponsored by:

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