The benefits of Coolsculpting to eliminate excess localized fat



The benefits of Coolsculpting to eliminate excess localized fat
The benefits of Coolsculpting to eliminate excess
localized fat
Coolsculpting is a new and innovative non-invasive treatment to reduce localized fat. The
process performed with Coolsculpting Treatment in Boston is called cryolipolysis,
through which a reduction of fat of up to 50% is achieved in the treated area, in body
areas located such as the abdomen, flanks or back by using cold. Coolsculpting Boston
innovative technology consists of cooling the fat cells or adipocytes producing their
elimination. Exposure to cold causes fat cells to begin their natural elimination process,
which results in a gradual reduction of the fat layer. Fat cells are naturally eliminated
through the metabolic process of the body, similar to how they are eliminated when
Coolsculpting near Me is not a treatment to combat obesity, but for treatment located in
"problematic" areas, such as the lower back, thighs, abdomen and "riding pants".
During the procedure, the doctor uses the CoolSculpting machine applicator to gently
treat the oily area. The applicator then cools the area to a temperature that causes the fat
cells to crystallize, "die" and be naturally eliminated by the body. It is important to clarify
that this treatment does not damage other organs or surrounding tissues.
Did you know that nowadays more than 500,000 Coolsculpting treatments have been
carried out all over the world?
The amazing thing about this treatment is that you only need one session. This single
session can last between 1 and 2 hours or more, depending on the extension of the surface
of the area to be treated. During the medical consultation, our specialists will inform
about the estimated duration of the treatment according to each particular case.
The results with CoolSculpting are incredible and are accentuated with the passing of the
weeks. See all the benefits of Coolsculpting to eliminate excess localized fat!
• Needles, surgery or recovery time are not needed. Because the technique is noninvasive,
patients can return to their normal daily activities, such as working or exercising as soon
as the procedure is completed.
• During the session, which the doctor performs in a doctor's office, patients can read, nap
or sit comfortably.
• It is a fast treatment. It takes about an hour or two to do the procedure, after which
patients can continue with the rest of a normal day.
• The results are impressive. Three weeks after treatment, patients experience a 40%
reduction in fat in the treated areas.
• Coolsculpting works selectively and removes grease without damaging the surrounding
• Unlike other treatments that work with heat, CoolSculpting does it through cold and
causes the destruction of fat cells without damaging other tissues. This cellular
transformation occurs smoothly and little by little. The cells are eliminated naturally
during the following weeks or months by the patient's immune system.
The advantages of CoolSculpting over other non-invasive treatments to eliminate excess
localized fat are several:
-The Coolsculpting in Boston requires a single session.
-The Prp Boston is comfortable for most patients, and lasts between 1 and 3 hours.
-During the Prp in Boston, you can read, work with the computer, listen to music or just
-At Best Place for Coolsculpting the patients return to their routine activities after the
session, even return to work and exercise activities, the same day of the procedure.