Common Causes of Back Pain



Common Causes of Back Pain
Common Causes of Back Pain
Most people have experienced back pain at one point in their life. There are many reasons
why you have developed the back pain some reasons are things that you can change
while there are those that are out of your control. It is necessary to know the cause of the
pain since it helps the back pain doctor New Jersey know the appropriate treatment
method. If you are not sure what might have caused your back pain here are just some
common causes of the back pain.
Slipped discs
One of the causes of back pain is slipped discs. It means that the soft tissue that is
between the joints comes out. The discs slip over time due to wear and tear. The pain
doctor in NJ will use the treatment that will put the discs back in place.
Spine related
Problems you will get back problems when there is something wrong with your joints. If
your nerves and muscles and spinal joins cannot move easily, then you will experience
some pain. You back pain doctor in NJ will check if you have bulging discs,
degenerative disk disease that makes your bones to rub together and it increases with age.
The pain doctor NJ will also check for inflammation of the sacroiliac joint which is
where the pelvis and spine come together. The doctor also checks if you have spinal
stenosis which adds pressure on your spine
Accident and injuries
Your back pain can also be caused by fractures, accidents, falls, strains and muscle
sprains. Such injuries will no doubt cause physical problem in your spine. Spinal
fractures are caused when you are hit from the back or if you have osteoporosis. Strains
and sprains are occur when you lift an item and twist. Spasms occur when the muscles on
your lower back are torn. It can happen when doing sports or lift heavy things. If you
have had back pain due to accidents, the back pain doctor NJ will give you medications
to ease the pain. If the problem is serious, then you may have to undergo surgery.
Your lifestyle can also be the reason you have the back pain. Things like slouching at
your desk will increase your chances of getting a back pain others include being
overweight, smoking wearing high heels and lifting heavy objects.
Other causes
There are also other causes for your back pain. It can be caused by medical conditions
like osteoarthritis which happened when the cartilage breaks down, arthritis which is the
becomes becoming stiff, pregnancy which trains your back and curvature of the
spine.There are also some less common causes of your back pain which include kidney
stones, endometriosis, osteomyelitis and fibromyalgia.
Despite the causes of your back pain, you can treat it by having lifestyle changes, surgery
or medications. You should talk to your back pain doctor Clifton NJ choose the best
treatment method. Your neck pain doctor NJ will you choose a treatment method that
will help you feel better in no time.