Root Canal Treatment-converted



Root Canal Treatment-converted
An Insight into Root Canal Treatment
Understanding what’s a Root Canal
Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment
refers to the analysis & treatment methods
involved in order to repair or save a
damaged/infected tooth.
may alleviate when the centre part (pulp) dies,
however it may return & become agonizing as
the infection spreads to other teeth.
In case you are experiencing a toothache or
pain in the gums, it is advisable to visit root
canal dentist at Vaishali dental hospital Jaipur.
The procedures involved in a root canal
treatment primarily lay emphasis on removing
the damaged nerve or damaged area (pulp) of
the tooth, cleansing, disinfecting, filling &
sealing it to save the infected tooth, rather than
extracting it. Endodontic treatment is
performed by a root canal dentist or an
Symptoms of Root Canal Infection
The symptoms that may indicate that root canal
treatment is required by a person are:
When is a Root Canal needed?
Root canal treatment is required when the
interior (pulp) of the tooth that houses
numerous blood vessels, nerves & connective
tissues, becomes defiled, inflamed & swollen.
The centre part of the tooth (pulp) can become
infected with bacteria due to an injury or an
acute untreated cavity in the tooth. Other
common causes of a tooth infection include
cavities in teeth due to cumulated plaque,
broken or cracked tooth, certain gum diseases
or repeated treatment of a particular tooth.
Such issues can lead to pulp inflammation,
tooth infection & damage the pulp to a large
extent. The patient may at times experience
tormenting pain in the infected tooth. The pain
1. Pain while chewing or biting food.
2. Pain during intake of fluids or while
eating hot or cold food.
3. Infection in the pulp indicated by a
loose tooth.
4. Swollen face & gum or in the
surrounding area of the infected tooth.
5. Decaying & blackening of a tooth.
6. Discharge of pus or sanies from the
infected tooth.
Advantages of Root Canal Treatment
In spite of all that you may have read online or
heard, the aim of a root canal treatment is not
to induce agonizing pain. Instead, the goal of
the root canal treatment is to save a tooth that
has been severely damaged/infected. The
procedures involved in endodontic treatment
lay emphasis on removing bacteria or
dead/dying tissue from the interior (pulp) of the
tooth without causing any pain to the patient.
An Insight into Root Canal Treatment
All credit goes to the modern techniques &
efficacious anesthesia as the patients who
undergo root canal treatment are 6 times more
expected to describe it painless than the
patients who got their tooth extracted!
There are many clinical reasons that depict the
need of a root canal treatment, however there
are countless practical reasons too that
illustrate why saving a natural tooth is a
prudent choice.
1. Endodontic treatment is almost painless
& leaves you with less discomfort
during recovery if compared to pain
induced in getting a tooth extracted.
2. Tooth extraction is a much longer
procedure if compared to root canal
due to follow-up appointments with the
dentist for denture, bridge or implant.
3. Root canal treatment is efficient & cost
effective in comparison to the tooth
With teeth root canal treatment from Vaishali
dental hospital Jaipur you can maintain your
natural smile & limit the need of going to
dentist over & over again.
Source: Dr Dorwal’s Dental Clinic Jaipur

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