Why Vitamin C is Essential



Why Vitamin C is Essential
Why Vitamin C is Essential?
Vitamins are extremely important for our body as they help the body perform regular tasks with ease. Vitamin
C is essentially important because it lends the body the capability to keep performing at its fullest.
Reasons Why you Need Vitamin C
There are a number of reasons why the body needs vitamin C. For starters, Vitamin C contains antioxidants. As
a result, Vitamin C helps the body against oxidative stress and also ensures that all other body molecules don’t
get oxidized. The problem with oxidation is that such a chemical reaction leads to production of free radicals
which can cause chain reactions in the body capable of damaging tissues.
Vitamin C is also needed by the body for fighting off diseases and injuries. Vitamin C plays a major role in
healing wounds and abrasions. This is because vitamin C increases collagen production in the body. It has also
been concluded by researchers that people with Vitamin C deficiency are at a greater risk of infections. This
means that the body needs ample amount of the essential nutrient in order to fight off infections and other such
Vitamin C has also proven benefits when it comes to boosting immunity. Researchers have reached the
conclusion that people who have a compromised immune system are benefited greatly by higher doses of
Vitamin C. The fact that it helps in stopping the production of histamine which causes inflammation in the body
is also great. Vitamin C consumption might also reduce the inflammation of Eczema too.
Similarly, the body also needs vitamin C in order to maximize the absorption of iron. Iron is an essential
nutrient but the body must absorb it as much as possible in order to gain true benefits. Patients with anaemia
whose bodies can’t absorb iron are normally found to be vitamin c deficient as well.
How can You get Vitamin C?
Having known the benefits of Vitamin C and the reasons why your body needs a lot of the essential nutrient,
you must also know how you can get Vitamin C. One of the richest sources of vitamin c are food items like
tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, spinach, citrus fruits and potatoes. By incorporating these food items into your
diet, you can ensure that you get a solid supply of Vitamin C. There is no better way to get Vitamin C than
organically through the food you eat and if you can bring these food and vegetable items into your diet, you will
be benefiting your body greatly.
While natural sources work great but it takes a lot of time for dietary changes to take effect. In the meanwhile,
you can also get quicker solutions to Vitamin C deficiency which would be causing you great tiredness or
leading to constant bouts of flu and colds. One such solution is offered by Cryo Australia which provides a
Vitamin C cocktail for the purpose. Administered by professionals, the impact of the cryo cocktail can normally
be seen within 12-24 hours and can revitalize you within no time.
Oral supplements are also available in the market which can provide the needed Vitamin C for the body. The
only thing you need to care about is to choose a supplement which doesn’t contain any component which you
might be allergic to. Otherwise, the supplement may end up causing more harm than good.

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