LED Screen Rental



LED Screen Rental
LED lights are the need of the day, but many are still hesitant to use this new
technology. LED Screen Rental is a cost-efficient and safer alternative for existing
sports venues.
Here are some tips, that will make you feel easy to use LED lights.
High Quality LED Chips:
High-quality LED chips deliver cooler temperature, luminous
efficacy, and high brightness. Malfunction rates of these chips are
very cheap.
High Luminous Efficiency:
A major indicator of the performance of a LED bulb is luminous
efficacy. It is calculated as “lumens generated for a single watt of
electricity pulled”. It accurately measures how well a bulb produces
visible light. Thanks to developments in LED technology, the existing
luminous efficiency standard is 100 lumens per watt. However, most
high-quality LEDs have developed luminous effectiveness than this.
The Accurate Beam Angle:
how the light will be distributed is measured by the right the beam angle. If
the beam angle is wide, the brightness on the ground will be very low and the
light uniformity is very high. On the other side, if the beam angle is very
narrow, the light uniformity will be low that will make many spots on the
ground, so the brightness of light will be very low.
Remember to choose the right beam angle in order to balance light
uniformity with brightness.
Use Waterproof Lights:
where you install these lights will decide the efficiency and
longevity of light fixtures. These lights are affected by
operational conditions such as water and humidity which can
damage them. That’s why they must be premeditated for wet
Outstanding Heat Dissipation:
Heat sinks avoid LED lights from getting
damaged because of overheating. Good ones
have the best heat conducting rate and are
usually made of pure aluminum. The value of
the aluminum is directly proportional to its
conductivity rate. A good heat dissipation system
should provide efficient air ventilation passage in
the lamp’s interior.
Most organizations usually require the minimum
allowable cooler temperature for sports field
lighting. Our eyes familiarise very well to light
sources with different color temperatures, digital
cameras and television do not. They must be
adjusted in order to display the colors humans
expect to see. So, it is important for LED lights
in a sports venue to have the proper correlated
color temperature otherwise television cameras
will display irritating color shifts as they move
across the field.

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