Inmate Calling Services



Inmate Calling Services
Inmate Calling Service – Talk Longer For
Lesser Price
Communication is an essential means to be in touch with friends and family. Inmate
Calling Service or Inmate telephone service is intended for inmates in correctional facilities
in Western countries.
To use an Inmate Calling Service, the inmates must register and provide a list of names and
numbers for the people they intend to call. Call limitations depend on the prison. In a
majority of prisons, calls are limited to 15 minutes each, and inmates must wait 30 minutes
to make another call. Prison calls are recorded and monitored by prison staff.
Inmate Call Timings
Inmates are allowed to make calls between 8am-11pm, but sometimes the timings may
vary depending on the facility they are in.
Can Inmates Call At Any Time?
Inmates are allowed to make only outgoing calls. Incoming calls are not allowed for
inmates. During a lockdown, inmates are not allowed to use any telephone service.
How Can I Talk To An Inmate?
Make a call to GTL at 800-483-8314 to sign up for a prepaid calling account and receive
calls. To receive calls to cell phones, inmates must make a call either to prepaid collect or
inmates can use their debit calling account.
How FedPhoneLine Works:
No one in the world wants to cut off communication with their loved ones. Wherever they
are, they want to make a call at least once in a while to know their whereabouts, how they
are doing?, how their day was? Etc.
We cannot imagine how the situation would be if communication is taken away or cut off
from your friend or loved one. Connection with loved ones brings a sigh of relief.
FedPhoneLine was created to help friends, loved ones and family save money with the use
of Inmate Calling Services. With FedPhoneLine, one can enjoy peace of mind knowing that
on any given day, their loved ones are just a phone call away.
FedPhoneLine understands the burden of a high phone bill with prison collect calls. So, to
control the huge phone bills and to maintain a good relationship and communication
between loved ones or friends, Inmate Calling Service was developed. You will save 5080% on your phone bill with FedPhoneLine.
Inmate Calling Service is here to help inmates keep in touch with their loved ones. This
Calling Service has an unlimited talk time. There are no timeouts while talking to your
loved ones.
How To Make Cheap Inmate Calls In Canada?
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