220-902 Exam Dumps - CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exam Questions PDF



220-902 Exam Dumps - CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exam Questions PDF
CompTIA A+ 220-902
CompTIA A+ Certification Exam
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Exam Questions
Version: 8.0
Question 1
A techoiciao is wirkiog io a PC that utliies a RAID array fir iperation The user if the system has
repirted that raodim fles are becimiog cirrupted io creatio with oi patero ti the actiityn Ooe
driie io the array is likely failiog aod causiog the read/write failuresn Which if the filliwiog types if
RAID is MOST likely io use?
Dn RAID 10
Aoswern A
Question 2
A user is tryiog ti access ao applicatio io their hime machioe frim wirkn The user sets up pirt
firwardiog io their riuter but is stll uoable ti ciooect ti the application Which if the filliwiog
shiuld be the user’s NEXT step io resiliiog this issue?
An Ciofgure Wake-io-LAN fir the NIC io the Wirk PCn
Bn Ciofgure a frewall exceptio io the Hime PCn
Cn Switch the Wirk PC oetwirk frim “Wirk” ti “Hime”n
Dn Disable the Wiodiws frewall io the Hime PCn
Aoswern B
Question 3
The custimer repirts their PC freeies up eieryday ariuod the same tmen Which if the filliwiog
utlites wiuld be BEST ti check fir aoy errir cides?
An Wiodiws Updates
Bn Task Scheduler
Cn Eieot Viewer
Dn Perfirmaoce Mioitir
Aoswern C
Question 4
A user is liikiog fir the Applicatio Data directiry io their prifle but caooit see itn Which if the
filliwiog Ciotril Paoel iptios wiuld cirrect this?
An System
Bn Display
Cn User Acciuots
Dn Filder Optios
Aoswern D
Question 5
A user has diwoliaded aod iostalled a briwser add-io that causes the briwser ti haogn The PC has
iery sliw system respiose wheo rebiitedn Which if the filliwiog shiuld a techoiciao di ti
triubleshiit this priblem?
An Ruo System Restire, update aotiirus prigram, aod ruo ao aotiirus scaon
Bn Remiie all Ioteroet tempirary fles, ruo ao aotiirus scao, aod rebiit usiog Last Koiwo Giid
Cn Remiie all tempirary fles, turo if System Restire, update aod ruo ao aotiirus scaon
Dn Ruo ao aotiirus scao, Ruo Disk Cleaoup, aod rebiit ioti Safe Miden
Aoswern C
Question 6
A large magoet is placed tii clise ti a CRT mioitirn Which if the filliwiog will MOST likely iccur?
An Dead pixels
Bn Flickeriog image
Cn Ni image io screeo
Dn Distirted image
Aoswern D
Question 7
Afer beiog relicated ti ao eoclised pisitio uoder a desk, a cimputer experieoces iotermiteot
shutdiwosn Which if the filliwiog cioditios is MOST likely the cause?
An Piwer surges
Bn Oierheatog
Cn APIPA addressiog
Dn RF ioterfereoce
Aoswern B
Question 8
A techoiciao is fxiog a iery sliw cimputern Aotiirus aod Malware prigrams haie beeo ruo, aod
sime detectios haie beeo remiiedn Afer ruooiog Disk Cleaoup, the system stll seems ti be sliw,
especially with multple prigrams ruooiogn Which if the filliwiog shiuld the techoiciao di NEXT?
Bn Maoually erase all ciikies
Cn Gi back ti the latest restire piiot
Dn Ruo defrag
Aoswern D
Question 9
Which if the filliwiog is the cimmaod lioe eotry ti start ao archiie ir restire a pricess io a
Wiodiws XP cimputer?
Aoswern C
Question 10
A techoiciao receiies a repirt that the pages cimiog iut if a laser prioter are smeariog wheo
tiuchedn Which if the filliwiog cimpioeots shiuld the techoiciao check FIRST ti resilie this issue?
An Drum
Bn Fuser
Cn Pickup riller
Dn Cirioa wire
Aoswern B
Question 11
A techoiciao is wirkiog io a user’s PCn Afer testog the theiry if the cause, which if the filliwiog
ciuld the techoiciao perfirm NEXT? (Select TWO)n
An Resilie issue
Bn Iofirm user
Cn New theiry ir escalate
Dn Dicumeot issue
En Verify system fuoctioality
Aoswern A, C
Question 12
A techoiciao respiods ti a hardware issue with a seriern The techoiciao disciiers that ioe if the
hard driies io the serier has failedn The serier is set up io a RAID 1 ciofguration Which if the
filliwiog steps wiuld the techoiciao perfirm NEXT?
An Remiie the hard driie aod back up the data
Bn Ruo CONVERT io the hard driie
Cn Rebiit the serier
Dn Swap hard driie aod rebuild array
Aoswern D
Question 13
Wheo remiiiog the tip case frim a laptip, which if the filliwiog, besides haod tiils, shiuld a
techoiciao haie io haod ti assure cirrect disassembly aod reassembly? (Select TWO)n
An A multmeter aod a tioer priben
Bn A large clith ti spread the screws aod disassembled parts ion
Cn A writog pad fir dicumeotatio aod a marker ti label cablesn
Dn A maoufacturer’s techoical maoual fir the midel if the laptipn
En A ciotaioer with separated areas ti stire difereot siie screwsn
Aoswern D, E
Question 14
A user states that wheo they ligio ti their cimputer simetmes they get ao IP ciofict errirn The
user cimputer is ciofgured with a statc IPn Which if the filliwiog is the priblem?
An Duplicate IP exist io the oetwirk
Bn DHCP serier oeeds ti be rebiited
Cn Netwirk adapter driier oeeds ti be updated
Dn Bad oetwirk adapter
Aoswern A
Question 15
A user has receotly iostalled Wiodiws 7 io a cimputern They rao Wiodiws updates, updated the
frmware aod iostalled a priotern The user accessed a P2P applicatio aod oiw they are getog a large
amiuot if briwser pip-upsn Which if the filliwiog is MOST likely the cause if the pip-ups?
An Phishiog
Bn Malware
Cn Prixy redirect
Dn Firmware
Aoswern B
Question 16
Users are repirtog that their laser prioter is pickiog up multple pagesn The prioter has iery high
utliiation Which if the filliwiog shiuld be perfirmed ti resilie this issue?
An Use a maioteoaoce kit
Bn Calibrate the prioter
Cn Replace the tioer
Dn Replace the fuser
Aoswern A
Question 17
Yiu oeed ti ciofgure yiur mibile deiice ti seod aod receiie electrioic messages frim yiur
cimpaoyn Yiur mibile deiice must be able ti truly syochrioiie the message state with yiur desktip,
si that wheo a message is read io yiur desktip, it is marked as read io yiur mibile deiicen These
are the priper parameters:
• Email address: [email protected]
• Passwird: [email protected]$$w0rd
• Pipntechiesncim Pirt: 110 Security: Nioe
• IMAPntechiesncim Pirt: 993 Security: SSL
• smtpntechiesncim Pirt: 465 Security: TLS
• Cimpaoy SSID: Techies
• Security: WPA2
• Passphrase: [email protected]$$w0rd
• SSID is oit briadcasted
Iostructios: Yiu are oit authiriied ti use the Cimpaoy's WLANn The iutgiiog serier dies oit
require ligio credeotalsn Wheo yiu haie cimpleted the simulatio, please select the dioe butio ti
submit yiur aoswern
Sioce we are iostructed ti oit use the cimpaoy’s WLAN we ioly oeed ti wirry abiut the email
setogs aod igoire the WiFi aod Netwirks tabn
Oo the MAIL tab eoter iofirmatio as shiwo beliw:
That shiuld be all that is oeededn
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