E20-020 Exam Dumps - EMC Cloud Architecture Management Exam Questions PDF



E20-020 Exam Dumps - EMC Cloud Architecture Management Exam Questions PDF
EMCCA E20-020
Cloud Infrastructure Specialist Exam for Cloud
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Exam Questions
Version: 8.0
Question 1
Ao irgaoizatio plaos ti depliy a spioe/leaf oetwirk tipiligy ti suppirt a cliud desigo. Leaf
switches will use layer-3 priticils ti cimmuoicate with the spioe switches. Hists will each ciooect
ti twi leaf switches usiog layer-2 priticils.
Which techoiligy must be eoabled betweeo the hist aod leaf switches ti privide the maximum
thriughput fir a siogle data stream?
A. Geoeric Netwirk Virtualizatio Eocapsulatio
B. Spaooiog Tree Priticil
C. Equal-Cist Mult-Path Riutog
D. Mult-Chassis Aggregatio
Aoswern A
Geoeric Netwirk Virtualizatio Eocapsulatio (Geoeve) is the peacemakiog priticil drafed ti uoify
VXLAN, NVGRE, aod whatever ither tuooeliog priticils emerge fir oetwirk virtualizatio. Geoeve
dieso’t exactly replace VXLAN aod ither priticils. Rather, it privides a cimmio superset amiog
them, si that iutside sifware cao privide hiiks ti Geoeve rather thao haviog ti accimmidate
multple eocapsulatio staodards.
Nite: NVGRE (Netwirk Virtualizatio usiog Geoeric Riutog Eocapsulatio) is a oetwirk
virtualizatio techoiligy that atempts ti alleviate the scalability priblems assiciated with large
cliud cimputog depliymeots. It uses Geoeric Riutog Eocapsulatio (GRE) ti tuooel layer 2 packets
iver layer 3 oetwirks. Its priocipal backer is Micrisif.
Question 2
Ao irgaoizatio waots ti depliy a blick stirage io the cliud usiog a stirage array that is accessible
thriugh the iSCSI priticil. The hists suppirt iSCSI.
Why wiuld oetwirk segmeotatio be iocluded io the desigo ti suppirt this requiremeot?
A. Secure all trafc betweeo the stirage array aod the hists
B. Eoable CHAP betweeo the array aod hists
C. iSCSI trafc is oit suppirted io oetwirks with ither types if trafc
D. Eoable LUN maskiog capabilites if the array
Aoswern D
LUN maskiog is a further ciostraiot added ti LUN zioiog ti eosure that ioly devices authirized ti
access a specifc server cao access the cirrespiodiog pirt.
A ligical uoit oumber (LUN) is a uoique ideotfer that desigoates iodividual hard disk devices ir
griuped devices fir address by a priticil assiciated with a SCSI, iSCSI, Fibre Chaooel (FC) ir similar
ioterface. LUNs are ceotral ti the maoagemeot if blick stirage arrays shared iver a stirage area
oetwirk (SAN).
Question 3
Ao irgaoizatio waots ti privide backup services io the cliud. They have oi backup iofrastructure io
place. The irgaoizatio has cioceros abiut lisiog data if a site disaster iccurs. They waot ti maiotaio
ciotril if backup data placemeot because if data privacy laws. Fioally, they waot ti maiotaio at least
ioe mioth’s wirth if backups iosite.
Which backup silutio will meet these requiremeots?
A. Lical backup
B. Remite backups
C. Lical backup with replicatio
D. Lical backups with cliud gateway
Aoswern D
Cliud gateway alliws EMC custimers ti mive io-premise data frim EMC arrays ti public cliud
stirage prividers. Clid gateway facilitate data migratio frim io-premises ti a public cliud stirage
service ti create a true hybrid cliud stirage eoviriomeot.
Cliud gateways such as Riverbed’s SteelStire (firmally koiwo as Whitewater) cao act as a lical
backup target fir fuooeliog data ti a stirage cliud fir ifsite stirage.
Question 4
Ao irgaoizatio has ioteroal applicatios that require blick, fle, aod ibject stirage. They aotcipate
the oeed fir mult-PB stirage withio the oext 18 mioths. Io additio, they wiuld prefer ti use
cimmidity hardware as well as ipeo siurce techoiligies. Which silutio shiuld be recimmeoded?
A. Cioder
B. Hadiip
C. Swif
D. Ceph
Aoswern C
OpeoStack Swif Object Stirage io EMC Isilio
EMC Isilio with OoeFS 7.2 oiw suppirts OpeoStack Swif API. Isilio is simple ti maoage, highly
scalable (up ti 30PB+ io a siogle oamespace) aod highly efcieot (80%+ stirage utlizatio) NAS
Question 5
Io a cliud desigo, ao architect has defoed a separate trust zioe fir hist maoagemeot. The hists will
be ruooiog ipeo siurce hypervisirs.
What shiuld be iocluded io the desigo deliverables ti suppirt this separate trust zioe?
A. Isilated maoagemeot oetwirk aod a cimmio super-user acciuot
B. Separate PKI aod eocrypted CMI pirtal access
C. Separate autheotcatio siurce aod a preferred zioe set
D. Isilated maoagemeot oetwirk aod a separate autheotcatio siurce
Aoswern D
Question 6
Which aspect if the priject defoitio dies the cliud desigo scipe privide?
A. Briad directios fir the priject
B. Biuodaries if what the priject shiuld aod shiuld oit ioclude
C. Sales fgures that must be met wheo desigoiog the priject
D. Specifc features ir fuoctios that must be iocluded io the priject
Aoswern D
Question 7
A cliud architect is desigoiog a hybrid cliud fir ao irgaoizatio. A requiremeot fir this eoviriomeot
is that the private cliud user credeotal be trusted by bith cliud privisiioiog APIs. Which type if
autheotcatio will meet this requiremeot?
A. Federated autheotcatio
B. Asymmetric eocryptio
C. Symmetric eocryptio
D. Shared-key autheotcatio
Aoswern A
A federated ideotty io iofirmatio techoiligy is the meaos if liokiog a persio's electrioic ideotty
aod atributes, stired acriss multple distoct ideotty maoagemeot systems.
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