How to Remove Dealership Decals from a Car



How to Remove Dealership Decals from a Car
How to Remove Dealership Decals from a Car
Nearly all dealerships stick their logo on the back of any vehicle that is purchased from them
because they want others to know where the car was purchased from. If you aren’t looking to
spread the word, here’s how to remove those stubborn stickers.
Steps to Remove the Dealership Decal:
1. Begin by washing the area with soap and water.
2. Dry with a soft cloth.
3. Spray the decal liberally with bug and tar remover.
4. Allow it to set for a few minutes so the spray can soak under the decal. Spray more if needed,
but do not allow it to dry.
5. Next, use the plastic scraper to carefully scrape the loosened decal from the surface. Start at
the corner and apply slow, consistent pressure as you remove the decal using a diagonal motion.
If it’s not a flexible decal, dental floss or fishing line can be used – word the line behind the
decal. The hair dryer will help with these.
6. If it won’t budge, use a hair dryer to heat the sticker and loosen the adhesive.
7. Once the decal is removed, you can tackle any remaining residue with Goo Gone.
8. Use a soft cloth to apply Goo Gone to the area and remove any sticky residue.
9. Once the decal is removed, wash the area again with soap and water to remove any cleaning
Use gentle pressure with the spatula to prevent any damage to the painted surface. For more
information, click here.
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