How To Learn English Fast (Power English)



How To Learn English Fast (Power English)
How To Learn English Fast
1. Define Your “Why”
Before you even try to get an answer to how you can learn English fast and effectively? You
need to have a clear vision on how crucial it is for you to learn a new English? What is your
purpose? Perhaps a job, your education, maybe you plan on moving abroad. Defining your why
power will keep you motivated at times when you struggle to grasp the language and think
about giving up.
2. Set Specific Short Term And Long Term Goals
In order to achieve success, you need to set some realistic goals and make a proper study
schedule. For example: set daily goals of reading at least a few paragraphs in English, Aim for at
least writing an email to a client/mentor in English without additional translation help. Aim to
achieve these goals by setting a good study plan and aim to give at least 30 minutes daily to
your language practice. Start small, but practice daily.
3. Find English Resources
The modern era of internet and google has made everything widely accessible at just the tip of
your fingers. There are thousands of English resources that leave you spoilt for your choice.
Subscribe to English YouTube channels or podcasts, read English newspapers, read easy to
understand English novels and blogs to help you comprehend the language. For English
guidance blogs, we recommend Power English coursesfor additional tips and resources to get
you started.
4. Talk To Someone Live
They say a language is useless if it isn’t used for communication? We agree. Yes modern times
have made communication widely limited to texts and emails but there’s nothing like talking to
someone in English to really let the language set in your mind. This will not only give you an
inflated sense of self confidence but will also allow for improving fluency and accent.
5. If All Else Fails, Hire A Tutor
Self-study is important, but if you are really struggling on grasping the language and you just
can’t get hold of the words, the perhaps a native tutor in English is the best choice for you.
Today there are multiple tutors available that can help you learn English within the comfort of
your home. Thanks to skype.
6. Challenge Yourself Everyday
No matter how many resources, blogs and tutors I can enlist here for you, no matter how much
you have actually studied, it all comes down to how you apply the skills you have learned. After
your daily study regime, aim for some practice sessions. Perhaps arrange an English speaking
session with your native English speaker friend. Try to write one or two paragraphs in English to
see where you stand. Practice indeed does make you perfect.
For more information visit here…
7. Never Give Up
Last, but not the least, failure and mistakes happen to even the best of us. Even on days when
you fail to understand basic English words, struggle to write even a few lines in English or fail
miserably at speaking a few sentences in English. Realize that you are a work in progress. Great
things don’t happen overnight that’s why it’s important to always keep trying.

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