Kama Sutra Techniques To Heat Up Any Intimate Life



Kama Sutra Techniques To Heat Up Any Intimate Life
Kama Sutra Techniques To Heat Up Any
Intimate Life
When the words, “Kama Sutra,” are uttered, it seems every erogenous zone
comes to life and visions of acrobatic and flexible positions come to mind.
It’s no wonder. The ancient India Sanskrit text is not really a intimacy
manual, however. The Kama Sutra is an instructional guide to living one’s
best life with love and excessive amounts of pleasure. Sounds good, right?
Here’s a few tips from the 2,400-year-old text that can breathe new life into
any intimate life.
Kama Sutra Technique: Churning
Don’t be the guy that literally does the “in and out” which just random
thrusts in and out. However, that doesn’t mean a man has to hang from a
chandelier either. Sometimes, a little twist up, literally, can do the trick. Try
adding the churn to the mix. Grabbing the member by the base, move it in
small circles inside her. By doing this, a man can not only heighten the
pleasure of both partners, but also find new hot spots he wasn’t aware of.
Kama Sutra Technique: Take it Down
Trying to stimulate the elusive G-spot with the member is a gentlemanly and
high-level move. However, don’t forget the back of the area which can yield
the especially deep, carnal moans.
While in missionary, instead of thrusting up, thrust downward instead. Either
go short and sharp or intermix long, deep strokes with faster ones.
Kama Sutra Technique: Buffeting
Looking for a way to delay gratification, but also want to keep the raw,
lusty, animalistic vibe going? Try buffeting. During thrusting, a man should
pull completely out and then thrust back in with a fast, hard stroke.
Intersperse it to shake things up or do it, do three short pulses inside and
Kama Sutra Technique: Three for the Win
Erogenous zones are all linked, so it’s no surprise the stimulating them at the
same would lead to a mind-blowing intense point. Choose three erogenous
zones on a partner (lips, ears, nipples, clitoris, etc.) and get to work. A
reported winning combo is deep kissing or licking, nipple tweaking, and
clitoral stimulation. This also works for men. Feel free to use adult toys to
lend a helping hand.
Kama Sutra Technique: Take Aim
While in missionary, aim the member to the left or right, keeping firm and
continuous pressure on that side of her privates. Why? One side of the
clitoris is almost always more sensitive. Keep the lines of communication
open to see which side feels better.
Kama Sutra Technique: Just an Inch
To switch things up, focus on the second most sensitive spot on a woman,
the first inch of the opening. Using fast, shallow strokes, keeping the
member in (but just barely) will cause those inner nerve endings to go wild.
Pair this technique with buffeting for a killer combo.
Kama Sutra Technique: Rub Her Belly
Okay, it seems a little silly, but rubbing your partner’s (if female) belly
immediately prior to intense point. Why? The area above a woman’s pubic
bone is highly sensitive. Place both hands flat on her lower abdomen right
above her pubic bone. Then move the hands in opposite directions, back and
forth across the abdomen. Also, don’t stop what’s being done to bring her to
intense point in the first place! For male partners, stimulate the perineum in
a similar firm pressure, back and forth motion.
With intimacy this good, a man’s member can definitely get overworked.
That’s why many men use a specially formulated genital health creme
(health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been
clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to rejuvenate and restore their
member. Crèmes like these keep the skin soft and supple so chafing and
dryness aren’t a worry and strengthen collagen in the skin with vitamin C.
Shea butter and vitamin E seal in hydration while amino acids keep nerve
sensitive and strong for a man’s every Tantric desire.

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