How to remove malicious Kvag ransomware from your system



How to remove malicious Kvag ransomware from your system
How to remove malicious
Kvag ransomware from your
Understanding Kvag ransomware
Another high-risk ransomware has emerged in the infamous DJVU ransomware
family. Developers called it – Kvag Ransomware! Kvag virus targets multiple
versions of Windows Operating System. It includes Windows 7, Windows 8 and
Windows 10 as well. The malicious ransomware attacks your system with strong
financial motive! Let us dive deep into the menaces caused by .kvag file virus!
Cyber experts often call such software as ‘Trojan Ransomware’, as their ultimate
aim is not to ruin OS but to extort large sum of money. And hence, Kvag – An
advances cryptomalware uses powerful file-encoding encryption ciphers to ensure
successful .kvag file encryption. Upon successful infiltration, it appends a unique
Kvag extension with the filenames. Furthermore, the locked files are hold hostage
until the demanded ransom amount is not paid. Keep in mind, Kvag virus
ransomware encryption is an irreversible task. Nevertheless, every problem comes
with a solution! And Kvag decrypter is its only way out!
Tech enthusiasts, this article will give you the insights about dangerous Kvag
Threat Summary
Targeted OS
Once in your system, it encrypts all your files and makes
them unreadable. Furthermore, hefty amount of ransom is
also demanded to decrypt .kvag files.
In case of unsuccessful payment, you might lose .kvag files
permanently. Additionally, it might increase the malicious
payload in your system.
Distribution Technique
The hackers use numerous tricks to propagate the malicious Kvag extension in
your system. The various methods, allow the developers to increase their victim
count, which eventually boost their profits.
Spam campaigns are the most frequently used method. The attack begins with
sending spammed emails with malicious attachments. These emails look legitimate
and trustworthy, however the danger lies deep within the content or attachment.
Sent with forged header information, it informs about an unauthorised shipment or
undelivered package.
In any case, as soon as you download/open the attachment, your system will be
exposed to the risk of .Kvag file virus.
The list of deceptive methods is long! Software cracks are also used by hackers
these days! Although, it is a useful program, yet the cyber criminals have designed
its infected versions. Originally, it was designed to crack the paid versions of the
licensed applications/software. However, now a day, instead of cracking the
licensed version, they silently install the malwares in your system.
To conclude with, the two major reasons for this infiltration are reckless behavior
of users and lack of proper knowledge. Be alert and keep your system safe!
Threat Behavior
Alike other ransomware-like software, the destruction begins with file encryption!
Fortunately, it does not impact the Operating System, instead Kvag aims at
extorting hefty amount of money from victim users. In order to ensure the
encryption process, it uses powerful file-encoding algorithm. Also, a unique
extension – ‘.kvag’ is appended as suffix to the filenames. For example, if a file is
located on your system with the name ‘project.docx’ it will be renamed as
‘project.docx.kvag’ after encryption. Furthermore, this additional Kvag extension
makes the files inaccessible and unreadable. Cyber crooks hold corrupted files as
hostage until the ransom amount is paid.
However, it is just the beginning of menace caused by nasty Kvag virus. The files
once encrypted cannot be decrypted easily. Though the task to recover .Kvag files
is irreversible, yet it is followed by a solution. With the help of Kvag decryption
tool, you can quickly restore your locked files. However, obtaining this key is not a
child’s play! The key is safely stored at the developer’s server & is exchanged in
return of hefty ransom. Additionally, the ransom is demanded by a text file named
This text file states about the attack of malicious ransomware in your system. This
ransom demanding file is dropped in every folder containing corrupted files. In
case of Kvag ransomware, developers ask for large amount equivalent to $980.
Alike its siblings, the payment is accepted only in bitcoins! To your surprise, cyber
crook behind this dangerous virus offers you a discount of 50% in ransom amount.
However, you can only avail the discount by contacting them within 72 hours of
Kvag attack! Hence, your ransom amount will be reduced to $490.
Many of the users fall in the trap set by this expert marksman and end up paying to
the demands. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee to the cure offered and the
information may never be restored in many cases.
If you have been trapped by malicious Kvag ransomware, following are few
possible steps to remove Kvag Ransomware.
Removal guidelines for Kvag ransomware
STEP A: Reboot your system to Safe Mode
STEP B: Delete the suspicious file from Configuration Settings
STEP C: Remove malicious file from Command Prompt
STEP D: Restore the system files & folders
Tips to prevent your system from Kvag ransomware