Ryan Slater 1 oct



Ryan Slater 1 oct
Do you know why hell’s kitchen is recognized as one of the most sought-after destinations for
foodies? Well, it’s because of new watering holes on the spot, one new watering hole to check
out is the tanner smiths cocktail bar. Tanner smith’s cocktail bar has everything you need when
it comes to delicious cuisines as well as craft cocktails, the menu provides you with tasty fares,
they have the best sliders in midtown, tasty sandwich and the best draft beer menu in hell’s
kitchen as well as midtown Manhattan. Whether you are looking for a spicy selection of cuisine
or you want something quite popular you will always find the perfect delicacy on the menu.
The tanner smith’s speakeasy cocktail bar provides you with everything that comprises the
delicious sliders, sandwich and other sought-after delicacies in midtown. While there are a
variety of delicacies for you to enjoy on the menu, the tanner smith’s cocktail bar also offers
delicious craft beer. This sensational watering hole is known as a top-notch corporate happy
hour spot offering you some of the best craft beers for the happy hours specials, they have all
types of craft beer such as the red and white wine, draught beers and other selection of craft
beers, when it comes to the speakeasy cocktail, the tanner smiths bar also provides you with a
delicious selection of speakeasy cocktails such as the Winona, Bourbon and other craft
This first class cocktail bar also offers you corporate lunch catering services, are you looking for
lunch services for a special occasion? The tanner smiths cocktail bar provides you with what you
need, they offer stellar dishes and well-prepared meals that is perfect for any type of occasion,
are you looking for catering services for a corporate event, the tanner smiths bar meets your
needs while offering you spectacular catering services.
At the tanner smith’s cocktail bar, they also offer private party venues for your special events,
do you have a private party that you intend on hosting in midtown Manhattan? Or are you
looking for corporate holiday party venues? The tanner smith’s cocktail bar provides you with a
fun-filled and entertaining setting that is perfect for hosting your favorite events.
The tanner smith’s cocktail bar is located in midtown Manhattan in NYC, the bar opens on
Mondays to Fridays by 10:30 am as well as weekends by 11 am to 4 am. You can come over to
the tanner smith’s cocktail bar for the best after work drinks and tasty cuisines.

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