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halema boland
Recipient Report 2009/2010
Thousands of students each year benefit from donor-funded awards. Some of those recipients met Western President Amit Chakma on campus this past spring (left to right): Victoria Le, Matthew Pope, Alejandra Ceballos Vasquez,
Kara Dempster, Brendan Dunn (behind Kara), Leanne Lau, Western President Amit Chakma, and Mohammad Hassanzadeh.
More than 3,800 undergraduate and graduate students at The University of
Western Ontario benefited from donor-funded scholarships and bursaries
totaling more than $9.7 million during the 2009/2010 academic year.
As we move forward with our fundraising efforts, we will be announcing a major
new scholarship program and look forward to sharing this with you in the
coming months.
I am pleased to present the Western Student Awards Recipient Report where
inside you’ll find stories about how highly gifted and motivated students are
fulfilling their ambitions thanks to the generosity of donors.
Thank you again for your support for student awards and for partnering
with Western in helping educate the next generation of global citizens
and leaders.
Through our academic and extra-curricular activities, Western is developing
future leaders for Canada and the world. The investment in student awards by
alumni, friends, corporations, foundations and members of the campus
community ensures Western continues to attract the top undergraduate and
graduate students regardless of their financial circumstances.
Rebecca Zhu, Geoff Turner and Lindsay Repath
Amit Chakma
President & Vice-Chancellor
Xiaoye (Simon) Yin, Vanessa Davis, Kirsten Petersen and Mark Fantegrossi
Dr. Bill Kostuk and Kristi Wood
For many students, scholarships, awards and bursaries serve as an introduction
to the world of philanthropy and its power to positively impact people’s lives.
With the realization that alumni, friends and organizations have made an
investment in support of their education, students pursue their academic goals
with renewed drive and determination. Experiencing philanthropy first hand
inspires today’s students to follow in the footsteps of Western’s generous donors
and make similar investments for the benefit of future generations.
Western’s undergraduate award programs are designed to increase access to
the best student experience among Canada’s leading research-intensive
universities. Western maintains a fundamental commitment to ensure that no
undergraduate student will be denied access or the ability to complete a degree
because of financial need. For Western students in all programs across campus,
receiving a scholarship, award or bursary can mean many things: an easing of
financial obligations, motivation to achieve academic excellence, and
recognition of hard work.
The students who receive these awards are well-rounded citizens who not
only excel academically but are also involved in local and community activities.
Preparing students for global leadership is one of Western’s strategic mandates
and, together with donors like you, we are able to support students in their
goals and aspirations. This in turn allows us to support our communities both
locally and internationally. Your contributions, through annual donations and
endowments, ensure that in many years to come, students are able to achieve
their academic pursuits.
Jonathan Ennis, Nitan Garg, Keith
Gunaratne, Susannah Hickling, Matthew
Holden, Bradley Kaplansky, Ilia Kisilevsky,
Tae Kwon, Brian Lubelsky, Brian Malbrecht,
Aren Marshall, Elan Panov, Sei Park,
Riley Rose, Rafael Schulman, Thomas
Sutherland, Krista Vincent, Ran Wei
Barry Mitchelson Award
Andrew Rady
Chawkers Foundation Bursary
Alma Badnjevic
Dennis Logan Award
Sapphire Ferdousi
Beryl Ivey Continuing Entrance Award
Xiaoye Yin
Choices Bursary
Amna Rizvi
Don Wright Mustang Band Award
Heather Young
Bill Teng Hong Kong Scholarship
Gee Yeng Sham
Donald R. Getty Bursary
Laura Mackay
Angela Armitt Medal
John Szpakowski
Birks Family Foundation Bursaries (2)
Hoori Chitilian, Michael Payne
Adelaide Robinson OSOTF Bursary
Katherine Hrabok
Anne McKenzie Bursary
Danielle Denreyer
Albert Duncan Robertson Continuing
Admission Scholarship (2)
Mathew Abado, Anonymous Recipient
Archie and Alma Etherington
Family Scholarship
Kari Bell
Bonnie (McGregor) Brannan
Admission Award
Brittany Collard
Christina A. MacKerracher
Admission Scholarships (5)
Alexa Birdgeneau, Lorraine Boyer,
Sean Granley, Stephanie Lammers,
Matthew Renaud
Alumni Association Continuing
Carly Litchfield
Atkinson Charitable
Foundation Bursaries
Corry Megill
Alumni Western London
Branch Scholarship
Lindsay Christink
Audrey and Delmar Cobban Bursaries (4)
Abdihakim Abdihalim, Laura Burca, Chantel
Richardson, Jamil Shamy
Andrew and Sarah Hamilton
Scholarships (27)
Mathew Abado, Belal Alaloul, Heather
Andrighetti, Nathan Armstrong, Sebastian
Borowiec, Brandon Brillon, Amanda
Comeau, Emily Cook, Samuel Embaye,
Bandeen Family Bursary
Ashley Walsh
Canadian Friends of the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem Awards (4)
Marni Blustein, Daniel Himmel, Laurel Sas,
Aaron Spiro, Melanie Steele
Barkley’s of Avonmore Bursary (2)
Md Alam, Nadia El Sherbini Tawfiq Hassan
Catherine Charlotte Wilson Scholarship
Robert Mcallister
125th Anniversary Hong Kong
Student Scholarship (2)
Kwan Fung, Yvonne Shum
Adelaide Robinson Bursaries (7)
Brianne Beaudoin, Ariana Ferrone,
Shiban Haithem, Omar Kayal, Jinhyuk
Kim, Lissette Ochoa, Ki Song
Bruce County Admission Scholarships (2)
Lauren Bouillon, Candice Stewart
Bruce County In-Course Scholarships (2)
Michelle Hennessy, Kyle MacDonald
Campaign Western Scholarship
Jong-Jun Shin
Christina MacKerracher CFUW B
London Club Memorial Awards (2)
Sabine Grispen, Amanda Hatchard
Christopher and Patricia Atkin
125th Anniversary Alumni Bursary
Fiona Su
CIBC Wood Gundy Entrance
Rajbir Bhinder
Clarence and Marie Peterson Bursary
Valeryia Zaitsava
David Robert Graham Memorial
Bursaries (2)
Katherine Taylor, Irene Yang
Deborah Murphy Memorial Bursary
Shauna Kalar
Doris (Billie) L. Ransberry
Memorial Medal
Bethany Bell
Dorothy and Allen Smith Bursaries (2)
Gregory Elfers, Victoria Parr
Douglas and Mary Gladys Lawrason
Admission Scholarship
Lindsay Orser
Douglas J. McDonald Alumni
Entrance Scholarship
Chi Zhang
Dr. A.J. Grace 125th Anniversary
Alumni Bursary
Vicky Sura
Dr. D. Carlton Williams President’s
Entrance Scholarship (4)
Danielle Hammond, Angus Mcleod,
Tristan Neill, David Stewart
Alejandra Ceballos Vasquez thought she would have to abandon her education
to be a good mother.
“I knew coming back to school was a great decision, but it was conflicting with
what I love the most, my family,” says Columbia-native, Alejandra, who came to
Canada with her husband and first son in 2001. After having another son, she
completed her OAC courses and was accepted into Western, while continuing to
work to help support her family.
Alejandra thought there was a mistake at first. Once she got over the shock, she
realized because of the significant scholarship, she could quit her job while
continuing to pursue her university education.
“Thanks to this scholarship, I am going to be able to finally finish my studies and I
will be able to provide a better future for my children,” says Alejandra. “I can’t wait
for the day I can give back to society what I have been given - hope. I have been
shown that dreams come true.”
“I had been working night shifts, but it was hard for my two children and my
husband because we had very little time to spend as a family. It was very hard on
me because I felt guilty and selfish.”
“Now, I can stay for my kids’ soccer practices and games, we can have dinner
together, I can read to them before they go to bed, the list goes on and on. It has
allowed us to enjoy family time again.”
Then Alejandra found out she was selected for a $15,000 Heaslip Scholarship.
Awarded to full-time undergraduate students entering second year of any
four-year degree program, it is based on academic achievement and financial
need. These scholarships will continue up to three years, provided that the
recipients maintain a full course load and a 70 per cent average, and
demonstrate financial need each year. These scholarships are made
possible by Nona Heaslip and the late William Heaslip.
Alejandra plans to finish her Honours Specialization in Conservation Biology,
then either pursue Veterinary school or a Masters in Animal Welfare and
Dr. Leola E. Neal President’s
Entrance Scholarship
Gladys Yeung
Dr. P.C. (Raju) and Jyoti Shah
Student Scholarship
Lianne Pitts
Dr. W. Sherwood Fox Award
Lara Szabo Greisman
Earl H. Orser Bursary
Joshua Coles
Edna Jeffery Scholarships (5)
Elise Cormie-Bowins, Victoria Rodrigues,
Melanie Vaillancourt, Eric Wright,
Aurie Zeran
Edward and Janet Schroeder 125th
Anniversary Alumni Awards
Justin Philippi
Edwin G. Miltimore Admission
Mu Zhu
Edwin R. Jarmain Entrance Scholarship
Jacob Chevalier
Elmer Avery Entrance Scholarships (4)
Peter Chehade, Andriana Kurniawan,
Jessie Schoenberg, Emily Shing
Enid M. Coupland Admission
Meaghan Metcalfe
Evelyn Moxley Bursary Fund (29)
Ashley Allen, Saeed Alsakka, Anna Arora,
Natalie Baalbaki, Kimberly Barton, Alvin
Choi, Robert Dallakyan, Brittany Davis,
Dylan Dieters-Castator, Gurinder Gujral,
Jason Hill, Gillian Ho, Alvina Ho, Caitriona
Hogan, Mercedes Kotter, Kirk Langford,
Amanda Leonard, Connie Leung, Andrea
Markland, Melissa Mullen, Nicolette
Noonan, Zainub Noor, Kylie O’Donnell,
Mohammed Othman, Tara Quigley, Nazo
Said Faruq, Kristine Smith, Anonymous
Recipient, Laura Tran
F.K. Ashbaugh President’s
Entrance Scholarships (12)
Nicole Askin, Joanne Colling, Alison
Curcio, Brandon Duewel, Maria Goiko,
Dustin Hughes, Peter Kettel, Emily Kress,
Janessa Lafleur, Maxime Lafortune,
Petra Prichici, Renee Rioux
Foundation Western Alumni (OSOTF)
Bursaries (30)
Mina Abdul-Kareem, Susan Banga,
Sara Campeau, Kathleen Cartmell,
Anonymous Recipient, Alicia Couse,
Jamie Eisler, Marissa Evers, Shaun
Filonowicz, Jamie Gregory, Megan
Hamments, Myranda Heipel, Jeremy
Jagroop, Anna Jo, Michael Keuroghlian,
Kelsey Kleovoulos, Maciej Kutalowski,
Matthew Leonard, Patrick McDonough,
Muhtashim Mian, Majda Mohamed,
Youssef Neema, Sahar Rodfar, Clayton
Stanlick, Amanda Stuart-Ross,
Kim Van Andel, Alexandra Walkden,
Jordan Wall, Nicholas Wickman,
Bogdan Zariczniak
Foundation Western Alumni Bursary
Kristyn Fetter
Frances Weir Gold Medal
and Scholarship
Barbara Wilkinson
Frank Holmes Bursaries (2)
Michelle Oliveira, James Yi
Frank Wierzbicki Bursary
Martin Rotenberg
Fred Landon Continuing Admission
Scholarship (2)
Justin Wagner, Jason Yung
Frederick N. Lewis Memorial Prize
Peter Lynch
G. Edward Hall Presidents Entrance
Scholarship (2)
Safir Jamal, Kevin Zhou
Gary W. Weese Award
Scott Mandich
Helen Reid Bursaries (2)
Justin Alfante, Sung-Yeon Park
Helen Reid Bursaries – OSOTF (48)
Walid Abudaia, Chelsea Ball, Christopher
Bento, Adam Blackburn, Deanna
Boychuck, Anonymous Recipients (2),
Christopher Cameron, Karen Chow,
Nicole Crompton, Chijioke Egbuna, Mei
Fan, Emily Fleming, Juan Garzon Perez,
Kevin Graham, Jackielyn Guanzon, Sun
Han, Seungyeon Hong, Zainab Husaini,
Monique Kelemen, Jillian Kurtz, Larissa
Lagzdins, Constantine Lai, Brian Lee,
Jessica Lesperance, Katarena Leung,
Nicholas Leye, Jessica Lutz, Bianca Marcus,
Charity McCarthy, Marcus Mitchell,
Martha Montano Perlaza, Vimalanathan
Olaganathan, Domenic Oppedisano,
Sherry Peter, Alexander Pokluda, Jennifer
Proctor, Amanjot Sangha, An-Qi Shen,
Sharda Sidnauth, Heather Smith, Jonathan
Starkey, Kelsey Swance, Akshat Tiwari,
Andrew Vuong, Emma Watton, Melody
Wolfe, Angelhao Zheng
HMCS Prevost Bursary
Kevin Cooper
Honourable Company of Freeman of the
City of London, England Scholarship
Peter de Vooght
Hugh McKellar Award
Michael Greenwood
Ivan C. Rand Continuing Admission
James Tonogai
Jahnke Family Bursary (10)
Kelly Cournoyer, Amanda Hogan, Aliana
Kim, Anne-Marie Marcen-Gaudaur,
Diane Medeiros, Pheba Ninan, Diana
Rasmussen, Mayank Sharma, Hannah
Yoo, Olena Yuzefova
James and Beverly Thompson
Awards (2)
Andrew Hambleton, Emily Howling
James and Brenda McCutcheon
Parents Fund
Melissa Taylor
James Bertram Collip Continuing
Admission Scholarships
Terri-Lynn Mitchell
James C. Bristow Alumni
Entrance Scholarship
Abhishek Naidu
James F. Birch Bursary
Alycia Engelmanas
James H. Rattray Memorial Bursaries (5)
Emma Anawati, Nicholas Dizazzo, Nirav
Patel, Anonymous Recipient, Danny Tran
Jane Plas International
Student Award
Qi Zhang
Jean Vadell Bursary
Suk Kim
John C. Vander Hoeven Alumni
Entrance Scholarship
Paulyne Kilty
John Deere Foundation Award
Darcy Greenham
John E. Gingras 125th Anniversary
Alumni Award
Cassandra Mccaig
John Grylls Bursary (2)
Camilla Caughlin, Dane Suomela
John McEachern Scholarship
Barbara Wilkinson
Julie Ashford Scholarship
Ada Demaj
Kathleen and Alex Raymond
Bursaries (6)
Omid Azami, Lakshay Bhardwaj, Jonathan
Lee, Anonymous Recipient, Sam Shelstad,
Ashley Thomas
Greek Ladies’ Philoptochos
Society Bursary
Melissa Murray
Kathleen Gordon Hanna
Educational Bursaries (26)
Casey Campbell, Justin Charbonneau,
Yu-Hsiang Chen, Leah Clark, Kathryn
Cobbler, John Frydrychowicz, Malual
Garang, Kadi Gore, Kaeleigh Gray, Jason
Hill, Ashley Holmes, Lauren Leggatt, Brent
McAlpine, Kara Messenger, Ly Nguyen, Kyra
Richards-Browne, James Ryan, Daniel Shea,
Jennifer Staniforth-Ruble, Lauren Toll, David
Truong, Bryan Van Damme, Jordan Van
Dyk, Megan Vandersleen, Ashley Weiler,
Jacqueline Wolting
Hailon Awards (2)
Michael Blaszak, Yue Hu
Ken Bovey Bursary
Jeffrey Jung
Hamilton and Bernice Meldrum
Guthrie Entrance Scholarship
Megan Gregor
Ken Dryden Awards (2)
Monique Kelemen, Steve Wallace
General Electric Bursary
Tsz Wong
George Aberhart Bursary
Michelle Wellwood
Godsoe Family Bursary
Khalid Ulomi
Harold and Margaret Rice
125th Anniversary Alumni Awards (2)
Camesha Elvy, Jordan Wilson
Harriett M. Giddens Admission
Gordon Jim
Heaslip Scholarships (6)
Michael Bertrand, Alejandra Ceballos
Vasquez, Kescha Kazmi, Michael Reid,
Adam Turton, Christopher Yao
Kevin Newman – CHRW 125th
Anniversary Alumni Award
Monica Blaylock
Khaki University and YMCA Bursary
Kody Campbell
Labatt’s Player of the Game Bursary
Aditya Sood
Leflar Foundation Bursary
Felicia Miner
Legacies for Tomorrow Scholarships (3)
Quinn Durrant, Sukhjeevan Gill, Bailey
Libby McAskile Fowler Bursary
Jennifer Rohrer
Libro Financial Group Admissions
Jenna Matthews
Lisa Gilmer Memorial Award
Sakthi Kalaichandran
London Hydro Employees Bursary
Amanda Gaspari
London Police Services Board
Awards (30)
Brandon Black, Andrew Bloch-Hansen,
Ryan Brookfield, Jordan Brown, Kristin
Bubnowicz, Aaren Butler, Jennifer
Carrothers, Lauren Eagen, Joshua
Eagen, Caitlin Gaffney, Shaylyn Gaffney,
Meaghan Gilmore, Erynne Gilpin, Karna
Glen, Robyn Glen, Ashlee Gradkowski,
Mackenzie Heslop, Jessica Huysmans,
Nicholas Lees, Lisa Mair, Shannon
Marrinan, Eric Marrinan, Kelsey Masseo,
Mark Mayea, Jason Mitchell, Antony
Rodriguez, Daniel Shea, Andrew Stinson,
Bryan Strang, Kyla Urquhart
Lorraine Ivey Shuttleworth Continuing
Awards Program (13)
Ruben Alfaro Campos, Shaeel Asim,
Robyn Barr, Daniel Belisle, Adam Eckmier,
Kelly Hobson, Eunsol Kim, Dimuth
Kurukulaarachchi, Ruo Qiao, Syed Shah, Eric
Soepboer, Courtney Western, Timothy Wu
Louis H. Simmons Continuing
Scholarship (4)
Lisa Donald, Tae Kwon, Tiffany Mustonen,
Jonathan Wai
M. E. (Peggy) Collins Memorial
Undergraduate Award
Elaine Bond
Marion and Arthur Knight Bursaries (8)
Serge Bays, Christopher Blust, Aaron Cyr,
Harmanjit Dhaliwal, Danah Min, Virginia
Pimmett, Elena Shen, Seung-Chul Yoo
Marion and Arthur Knight
OSOTF Bursary
Wesley Whitlock
Marion C. Darling Alumni
Entrance Scholarship
Enita Yuan
Marion Elizabeth MacLeod
Memorial Bursaries (48)
Adebola Adeniran, Alon Barda, Erica
Barlow, Young Chae, Wailan Chan, Shi-Yun
Chang, Elizabeth Church, Christopher
Cummins, Raluca David, Kristen Dearlove,
Yolande Dufresne, Nicole Feldmann,
Alexandra George, Holly Gomes, Patricia
Goodman, Avneet Grewal, Robert
Hooper, Kyle Hornby, Jamal Jomaa, Elena
Kaminsky, Aleesha Khan, Danielle Koehn,
Stephanie Lafrance, Aaron Langdon,
Lauren Leggatt, Helena Lim, Emily Liu,
Andrew Maeng, Christine Matthews, Ryan
McLeod, Zahra Mojdami, Brent Mollon,
Robert Moreland, Fay Pereira, Ian Pereira,
Luigi Perzia, Rachel Reardon, Allison
Rodrigues, Ana Rodriguez Garcia, Jennifer
Seelisch, Stephanie Shum, Katharine
Spear, Benjamin Strauss, David Tomkun,
Andrea Tratnik, John Wallace, Bonnie
White, Handy Yin
Scott Mackenzie, Alexandria Malnati,
Adam Mantha, Laura Milks, Melinda
Moradipour, Angela Myers, Ly Nguyen,
Jessica O’Regan, Courtney Redden, Megan
Regnier, Jennifer Rohrer, David Rosen,
Camilla Rozanski, Nicholas Skorbinski,
William Smith, Melissa St Pierre, Xin Sun,
Lauren Toll, David Truong, Bryan Van
Damme, Danielle Van Dyk, Amanda Voisin,
James Ward, Ashley Weiler, Liam Whalen,
Andria Willenbucher, Eric Williams,
Gregory Willson, Najwa Zebian
McLean Foundation Bursary
Junwon Seo
MDS Inc. Bursary
Anonymous Recipient
Memorial Scholarship (2)
Matthew Leisinger, Lisa Mark
Mervin Katzman Bursaries (5)
Eunice Chung, Byron Gottschalk, Thomas
Ironstone, Krystle Manintveld, Faryn Wegler
Metis Nation of Ontario Bursaries (5)
Sara Adam, Lisa Harrison, Matt Lafreniere,
Kevin Losier, Tanya Richie-Da Silva
Royal Canadian Regiment Milton
Fowler Gregg V.C. Bursary
Julia Matheson
S. James Scagell Bursary
Nader Elhayek
Sam Katz OSOTF Bursary
Jami Watkin
Morris and Sophia Hornstein
Bursaries (2)
Patricia Cifani, Avneet Virk
Scholar’s Electives and Western
Scholar’s Scholarships (15)
Lindsay Craig, Raquel Dahlberg, Shayne
Greenberg, Ryan Guinness, Robert
Hersch, Sara Hodgins, Tyler Kaster,
Maryam Khami, Stephanie Lai, Bradley
Lichtblau, Sonja Mertens, Ryan Rawski,
Matthew Shumka, Julia Vizzaccaro,
Rongbo Zhu
Murray T. Hill Bursary
Raymond Boccia
Neen Hodgins Entrance Scholarships (5)
Jessica Adlington, Andrea Coulombe,
Vanessa England Ross, Michael Gyssels,
Alexis Muscat
Nickle Family Foundation Admission
Scholarships (8)
James Appleby, Kerri-Lyn Chong, Sara
Clement, Alex Major, Elishea Mardling,
Natalie Martens, Rachel Quinn, Praveena
North Dumfries Award
Jessica Lachance
P. J. Leahy Bursary
Alexandra Hodgson
Parents Fund Admission Scholarship
Bethany Wood
Parents Fund Bursary (3)
Ravi Balgobin, Julian Di Giovanni,
Adam Urbach
Parents Fund Fourth Year
In-Course Scholarship
Amanda Vandenbogaard
Parents’ Fund Ontario Student
Bursaries (20)
Dale Abrams, Jelena Acimovic,
Anonymous Recipient, Kyle Ashley,
Sarah Bachert, Joey Cao, Nicole Gallant,
Boris Goryayev, Adara Gray, Michelle
Hoffmann, Isawati Jawan, Sameer Mian,
Hassan Mir, Chantal Ogle, Chanelle
Ramsubick, Massimo Satira, Sebrina
Shearing, Brian Van De Slyke, Dale Wang,
Shannon Widerick
Parents Fund Second Year
In-Course Scholarship
Amanda Comeau
Mary and Margaret Scott Admission
Scholarships (3)
Christina McConachie, Sean Miletic,
Kieran Webb
Pirie Foundation 125th Anniversary
Alumni Award
Yu Liu
Ralph G. Simmons Alumni
Entrance Scholarship
Alandra White
Mary Campbell Memorial Bursary
Anonymous Recipient
Ralph G. Simmons Memorial
Admission Scholarship
Dyandra Wester
Mary Louise and Dr. Peter Cameron
Scholarships (2)
Michelle Brigler, Erin Cowan
Ralph Spencer and Frances Clare
MacLean Award
Evan Morrison
Mary Scott Kenny Beynon 125th
Anniversary OSOTF Scholarships (4)
Kenneth Boothby, Jason Hill, Bryan Van
Damme, Sara Waite
Reinhard Konrad Memorial Bursaries (2)
Patrick Digiacinto, Katie Stockdale
Maude Gordon Educational
Bursaries (53)
Sura Al Hatoum, Aiden Amri, Ahmad
Atoof, Andrew Attwood, Devin Barnes,
Farhaan Bhojani, Johnathan Bossy, Wesley
Chick, Agnes Chick, Kathryn Cobbler,
Breanne Devine, Farah Elkhatib, Mark
Francisco, Deivi Gaitan Ramirez, Malual
Garang, Nesma Hashem, Miranda Hill,
Suzanne Isaac, Pooriya Khorshidi, Jason
Koczi, Anh-Tho Le, Heather Lee, Caterin
Lesmes Sanchez, Meghan Ludwig,
Ronnen Harary Award
Allie Schwartz
SC Johnson Scholarship (2)
Jonathan Chan, Kevin Zhou
Phair Family Foundation 125th
Anniversary Alumni Award (3)
Gay Alter, Jonathan Chang, Ernest Pang
Mature Student Advisor Bursary
Randall Parsons
Ron Joyce Foundation Bursaries (2)
Michael Hwang, Wing Wong
Morgentaler Scholarship
Aisha Omar
Marjory Fraser Scholarships (5)
Mathew Abado, Roochi Arora, Rajesh
Bhayana, Rafael Schulman, Ryan Tsang
Masonville Place 125th Anniversary
Alumni Awards
Caprice Samuda
Robert G. Siskind Entrepreneurial
Medal and Award (7)
Cyrus Aga, Lauren Curk, Stephen Halas,
Brittney Hartlen, Adelaide Johnson,
Victoria Mcdougall, Alexander Miller
Sanofi-Aventis Biotech Challenge
Scholarship (Gold) (2)
Caitlin Martin Newnham, Atheer Zarir
Parents Fund Third Year In-Course
Kelly Frydrych
Mary Scott Kenny Beynon Continuing
In-Course Awards (3)
Melanie Carmichael, Clayton Stanlick,
Myles Swift
Robert and Lila Bristow Bursary
Allison Hobbs
Michelle Outerbridge
Memorial Scholarship
Emma Farago
Marion Joan Topping and
Irene Newcombe Bursary
Adrian Hanecak
Mary Campbell Memorial Award
for Mature Students
Jennifer Boggs
Richard Ivey Foundation Scholarships
for International Exchange Program (6)
Katie Dunham, Lindsay Gibson, Miriam
Puttick, Kimberly Rodda, Kristine Smith,
Suzana Tosic
Renaissance Scholarship of
Distinction (7)
Sebastien Gosselin, Christopher Janssen,
Yunseok Kim, Smitha Lakkavally, Kevin
Noronha, Taylor Robertson, Jason Vanmali
Rhoda Ann Rinn Scholarship in
English Literature (2)
Katherine McLeish, Julie Takasaki
Richard and Jean Ivey Family
President’s Entrance Scholarship (3)
Stephanie Gottheil, Garett Morin,
Saumya Saxena
Richard and Shelley Baker
Family Foundation Continuing
Admission Award
Yoonsun Oh
Richard Ivey Foundation Awards (6)
Rosalie Abrahamse, Ethan Cassidy,
Jordan Clayton, Margaret Pak, Amanda
Vandenbogaard, Priscilla Wong
Senior Alumni Award (2)
Gabriela Avila Banegas, Cody Bulmer
Senior Alumni Award - OSOTF II/OTSS
Anonymous Recipient
Senior Alumni In-Course Scholarship (2)
Rajesh Bhayana, Sei Park
Shaw Foundation Scholarships (7)
Sarah Felder, Sabrina Lue, Mark
Mousseau, Amanda Rosenblum,
Stephen Spano, Kimberly Stevens,
Caroline Trieman
Shrimati Lajjawati Pathak Scholarship
In Women’s Studies
Joanna Crowell
Sir George Williamson Young Memorial
Admission Scholarships (6)
Rajiv Jain, James Slade, Stratton Townley,
Matthew Winquist, Nicole Yoshimura,
Shirley Zubcov
St. Michael’s Parish Bursary
Phuc Tran
Station Park All Suite Hotel 125th
Anniversary Alumni Award
Simisola Caxton-Idowu
Steinmetz-Woonton Scholarship
Angus Mcleod
Sun Light Foundation International
Exchange Award
Dayna Jablecki
Sydenham Hall - Jean Dunlop
Residence Bursaries (6)
Anonymous Recipient, Yue Luo,
Victor Shaw, Timothy Wu, Philia Yuh,
Rongbo Zhu
Sydenham Hall - Jean Dunlop
Residence Bursaries - OSOTF II (6)
Rachel Bell, Colby Ohlhausen, Lakhbir
Saini, Daniel Skripkariuk, Shreya Tekriwal,
Jian Yang
Sydenham Hall - Jean Dunlop
Residence Bursaries - OTSS (12)
Stefi Anthonipillai, Ronen Benin,
Niels Horne, Grace Ki, Sooin Kim,
Anonymous Recipient, Jumin Lee,
Valerie Lo, Nirish Puri, Danny Tran,
Kevin Vuong, Elizabeth Webb
T. Albert East Award
Sarah Haddon
T. R. Meighen Family Foundation
Continuing Scholarship for
Students from Atlantic Canada (2)
Shaleeza Kaderali, Melanie
TD Bank Financial Group
Bursaries (3)
Zachary Fleming, Erica Klassen,
Allen Xian
TD Bank Financial Group
OSOTF Bursaries (11)
Lakshay Bhardwaj, Navjot
Evan Head, Zulianna Ibrahim,
Anonymous Recipients (2),
Sam Shelstad, Ashley Thomas,
Laura Van Damme, Joya Van
Der Meulen, Rebecca Warren
Third Year in Nice Study
Abroad Award (8)
Carley Gallagher, Sergio
Galvis Amaya, Emma
Hamilton-Hobbs, Kirk
Langford, Katina
Matheson, Melissa
Murray, John Zakhary,
Aurie Zeran
W W W. W E S T E R N M A K E S A D I F F E R E N C E . C A
Earl Arscott Memorial
Scholarships (4)
Ashley Irvine, Lucy Liu, Lindsay Nelligan,
Jade Shapiro
Helen M. Hetherington Bursaries (6)
Janie Fisher, Alison Fox, Jared Green,
Jamie Katzman, Sarah Magee, ChristinaMarkie Mammoletti
Thomas M. Staunton Memorial
Admission Scholarships (3)
Samantha Dimitriou, Aaron Gray,
Kristen Jackson
Thomas N. Guinsburg Bursary
Katayoun Asari
Tim Horton Bursaries (2)
Mornelle Lee, Anonymous Recipient
Timothy Hennessey Liddiard
Student Services Bursary
Andrew Gray
Toronto Western Alumni
Branch Bursary
Connor Hart
Transfer Student Admission
Scholarships (6)
Daniel Andrade, Mitra Hewitt,
Jonah Marcovitch, James Ryan,
Corey Saperia, Shelby Wilson
Trois Pistoles (50th Anniversary)
Continuing Admission Scholarship
Annabel Lawee
Trois-Pistoles Homestay Bursary
Lara Szabo Greisman
UBS Bursaries (3)
Neil Elhayek, Hyunsuk Lee,
Aadil Nanji
UK Alumni Exchange Award
Sophie Harland
Undergraduate Student Supported
(OSOTF) Bursaries (35)
Allison Baker, Raymond Boccia, Meredith
Bothwell, Cody Bulmer, Eric Clendinning,
Catalin Craciun, Eric De Vooght, Marc
Despres, Mohammed Farooqui,
Sau Fong, Nathan Galt, Heidi Gemmell,
Angela Goertz, Andrew Hambleton,
Bethany Jackson, Kristian Levey,
Ashley Lunday, Melissa Manahan,
Seth McNall, Anonymous Recipient,
Ashley Moss, Anoch Muthukumaran,
Brittany Nicholson, Dean Nicoletti,
Allyson Noon, Naim Savani, Margaret
Shannon, Lindsay Smith, Meaghan Smith,
Nicholas Sunderland, Phuc Tran, Mitchell
Vanderydt, Sua Vang, Daniel Vriesinga,
Deborah Wagler
Undergraduate Student Supported
OSOTF II Bursaries (23)
Amanda Ali, Gay Alter, Charlene Burgess,
Amani Elrofaie, Bayron Garcia Chaparro,
Eric Gerrard, Avinash Ghosh, Sarah
Haddon, Safwan Haj-Touama, Candice
Kei, Muhammad Khan, Naeun Kim,
Sanja Markovic, Jena Oxenham, Brenelle
Pereira, Alexandrea Pitman, Calli Ramirez,
Caprice Samuda, Raemar Sopoco, Kevin
Van Lierop, Theresa Vang, Deborah
Wagler, Geoffrey Zehr
Undergraduate Student Supported
OTSS Bursaries (48)
Rosalie Abrahamse, Anonymous
Recipients (2), Heba Alnaseri, Samuel
Amiel, Hannah Authier, Dimah Azzam,
Brandy Bielaski, Kathleen Cartmell,
Tabitha Chamberlain, Curtis Charlton,
Andrea Cremona, Lisa Donald, Camesha
Elvy, Hassan Farchoukh, Neil Garnham,
Amanda Gaspari, Alex Hamilton, Martin
Hopgood, Emily Howling, Muhammad
Khan, Sami Lamrad, Won Lee, Soo
Lee, Ryan Lien, Yu Liu, Areielle Martin,
Veronick Martinuzzi, Jennifer Mcculloch,
Allan McCulloch, Douglas McGlynn,
Imran Meghji, Alison Mirrlees, Majda
Mohamed, Feras Obeid, Ayush Patel,
James Pye, Rachel Quinton, Foroud Rasti,
Lindsay Rodgers, Andrea Tamasi, Tiffany
Thomas, Ashley Tomek, Stela Topolcic,
David Valenti, Alexandra White, Justin
Wiley, Lina Zambrano
Undergraduate Student-Supported
Bursaries (50)
Hanya Abdul-Rahman, Anonymous
Recipients (2), Bahman Bahrami, Regina
Brew, Evan Broberg, Tosha Bunch,
Antony Chan, Belal Chemali, Erin Deacon,
Sharonrose Deshmukh, Janie Fisher, Jiemi
Gao, Christopher Gillis, Maged Goubran,
Rachel Grimard, Grace Han, Kali HopkinsAllen, Michael Hwang, Amanda Ibrahim,
Eijaz Kara, Leon Kashora, Fazilat Kazmi,
Tarek Khalid, Eun Kim, Hye Kwon, Janet
Lamont, Doeon Lee, Jonathan Lee, Yi Ma,
Adrian Mai, Karla McGauchie, Yue Meng,
Jenna Morais, Paria Naghavi, Wairimu
Nduati, Colby Ohlhausen, Arianna
Olbrych, Jin Park, Randall Parsons, Taylor
Philley, Travis Phung, Kimberly Raj,
Veronica Sanchez, Lori Simmons, Heidi
Soares, Wan-Peng Sun, Long Vu, David
Xiao, Yi Zhang
United States Alumni Entrance
Sofia Eidsath
William and Cecilia Davies Bursary
Ali Namavarian
William C.P. Baldwin Alumni Entrance
Conor Coyle
Audrey Brown Pritchard Award in
English (2)
Kristyn Fetter, Richa Sharma
Austin Conway Entrance Scholarships (2)
Breanna Beauchamp, Matthew Ford
William E. Davies Alumni Entrance
Lauren Linkie
Avie Bennett Prize In Canadian
Paige-Tiffany Beck
USC Assistance Bursary
Jennifer Hahn
William Wyatt Scholarships (4)
Patrick Ager, Alexander Binette, Shaylyn
Harper, Matthew To
Baldwin Family Scholarships in English
Language and Literature (2)
Jessica Habib, Melanie Simoes Santos
UWO Board of Governors Bursaries (2)
Veronica Amodeo, Kieran Berry
Zechner Family Bursary
Amy Mueller
Barry and Alison Brown 125th
Anniversary Alumni Award
Troy Stewart
Benjamin Noble Scholarship
Holly Brown
USC Alumni Awards (2)
Carolynna Gabriel, Aaron Pinto
UWO External Group Bursary
Andrew Gray
UWO Faculty Association President’s
Amanda Vandenbogaard
UWO Staff Association Bursary
Serge Bays
W. A. McKenzie Bursary
Joshua Voigt
W. A. McKenzie OSOTF Bursary
Mary Tran
W. Sherwood Fox Continuing
Admission Scholarship (4)
Amanda Bianchi, Jessalyn Kinney, Aren
Marshall, Sudha Penumala
W.A. McKenzie Memorial
Bursary OSOTF II
Manjot Grewal
Wally Gibson Memorial Continuing
Amanda Elston
Walter Wright Bursaries (2)
Humira Munir, Quinn Smallboy
Western’s 125th Anniversary
Alumni Awards (4)
Jamie Fleet, James Pye, Abraham Rollins,
Sandra Shea
Western’s 125th Anniversary
Alumni Awards - OTSS
Ying-Zi Seow
A. Dorothy Turville Undergraduate
Language Travelling Fellowships (4)
Emma Hamilton-Hobbs, Kirk Langford,
Melissa Murray, Aurie Zeran
Bess A. Hewitt Scholarship in
Visual Arts
Alexandra Zimmer
Betty Blackwell Bursary
David Carruthers
A. Grace Crawforth Bursary
Roman Shapurko
Bounce Award
Britney Dennison
A. Grace Crawforth OSOTF Bursary
Brittany Shepley
Catherine Mary Bowie
Travelling Award
Emma Hamilton-Hobbs
Alfred Edward Hathaway Petrie
Julie Dimond
Alfred Poynt Award in Poetry
Anonymous Recipient
Allan Gladstone Dow Scholarship
David Carruthers
Allison H. Johnson Scholarship
in Philosophy
Marco Buchar
Amy and Elliott Grieve Undergraduate
Award in English
Lauren FitzGerald
Archibald A. Campbell Scholarship in
Canadian Literature
Deirdra Wadden
Archibald A. Campbell Scholarship in
French Canadian Literature
Erica Sterling
Class of 1947 Arts Scholarship
Reid McNaughton
David H. Carr Bursaries in English (8)
Kristine Adams, Jennifer Bartok, Shannon
Bomben, Shannon Charnock, Kristin
Greve, Ruby Lavallee, Brittany Siddall,
Kyle Turner
Department of Classical Studies
Scholarship for Honors Double
Major Second Year
Jordan Lavi
Department of Classical Studies
Scholarship for Honors Double
Major Third Year
Rachel Fairholm
Department of Classical Studies
Scholarship for Honors Specialization
Second Year
Beata Chojnicka
Dayna stands outside the University of Leeds in the U.K., holding a thank you sign for the donors of her award, Hank and Anne Vander Laan.
Dayna Jablecki is amazed that people she never met gave her the keys to
the door of discovery.
mean the difference of whether or not a student can participate in an
exchange program.
“I always have had big dreams and will continue to have them, but the
realization that complete strangers also believed in my dream and my abilities
to make them happen has made all the difference to me,” says Dayna, who
plans to attend the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders after
completing her undergraduate degree. “Through these donors’ actions I am
encouraged to help other dreamers reach their goals.
“It is through the altruistic actions of sponsors and donors, that exchange
students, who dream of making a difference in the world, can utilize the
gifts of their education and exchange experience to their fullest potential,”
she says. “I can’t thank the Vander Laans enough for the generous scholarship.
It allowed me to experience an unforgettably fantastic journey.”
“My exchange opportunity changed my life,” says Dayna who spent a year at
the University of Leeds in the U.K. “The world needs a proactive response to
improve world understanding and promote harmony. The International
Exchange Program provides an answer by offering an opportunity to
become a global citizen who is globally literate. From my exchange
experience, I gained a new perspective on global issues and world affairs
that I will keep forever.”
Dayna believes the international exchange program is a terrific way for
students to combine their academic interests with their studies. However,
exchange and school are both expensive and sometimes a donation will
The Sun Light Foundation International Exchange Award was established by
a gift from Hank and Anne Vander Laan in 2003. The $2,000 award is given
annually to students registered at Western who are participating in an
approved exchange program at an international university. Selection is based
on academic achievement and the candidate’s fitness as an ambassador
of Western.
When I left for exchange my goal as a Canadian was to be transformed and
also be empowered by the world. Now that I have returned to Canada, my goal
is to utilize that empowerment to transform the world.”
Department of Classical Studies
Scholarship for Honors Specialization
Third Year
Emilie Berry
Department of Classical Studies
Scholarship in Advanced Latin
Beata Chojnicka
Department of Classical Studies
Scholarship in Elementary Latin
Sarah Felder
Douglas and Cynthia Kneale 125th
Anniversary Alumni Award in English
Anonymous Recipient
Dr. R. N. Shervill Gold Medal
Khrystina McMillan
Edward J. Izrael 125th Anniversary
Alumni Award in English
Zoe Krueger
Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Prize
Alyssa Nicholls
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Alumni Awards (20)
Andreea Bacara, Valentina Bardorf,
Emilie Berry, Shannon Bomben, David
Carruthers, Beata Chojnicka, Kimberly
Cura, Frank D’Earmo, Britney Dennison,
Jessica Karuhanga, Mark MacKichan, Marc
Powell, Rebecca Shurvin, Brittany Siddall,
Jonathan Starkey, Lindsay Stevenson,
Javier Tavera Velasquez, Suzana Tosic,
Christina Van Zelst, Hillary Webster
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Scholarships (3)
Jordan Lavi, Will Nediger,
James Porteous
Geoffrey K. Caldwell 125th Anniversary
Alumni Bursary
Ynina Kapustin
Gordon and Myrtle Stevenson OSOTF/
OTSS Scholarship in English
Britney Dennison
Gordon and Myrtle Stevenson
Scholarship in English
Mark MacKichan
Gordon R. Thompson (OSOTF) Award
Emilie Berry
Gordon Tracy Award for Excellence in
German Literature
Aaron Zess
Grad Pact Arts Bursary
Sarah Richardson
Gray Creative Arts Award in Visual Arts
Larisa Kurzemnieks
Harriet Beatrice Freele Scholarship
Will Nediger
Harry C. Steels Bursary
Melanie Ruffie
Herbert K. Kalbfleisch Scholarship
Aaron Zess
International Services of London Inc.
Bursaries (3)
Sarah Cason, Britney Dennison,
Shannon Widerick
Jeanette Duncan Sharpe Memorial
Jessica Karuhanga
Jenny Donald Memorial Award in
Visual Arts
Larisa Kurzemnieks
Jessie MacFarlane Bursary
Melanie Ruffie
Joan Adams Avison Bursary
Rebecca Shurvin
Joan and Geno Francolini Award in Arts
Marc Powell
K.P.R. Neville Memorial Scholarship
Jared McLean
Katharine Kingsmill Burdick Bursary
Baillie Bell
Mary R. Stewart Scholarship
Andrea Tellier
Neen Hodgins Scholarship
Robert Delaet
Parents Fund Award In The Faculty of
Arts and Humanities
Anisha George
Peter J. Thomson 125th Anniversary
Alumni Award
Kimberly Barton
Raymond Immerwahr Award for
Excellence in German
Aaron Zess
Renata Purekevich Scholarship
Valentina Bardorf
Richard Ivey Foundation Continuing
Awards In Arts (4)
Valentina Bardorf, Kimberly Cura, Amna
Kazmi, Mark MacKichan
Richard Ivey Foundation Continuing
Awards In Visual Arts (4)
Kimberly Barton, Bridgette Bourne,
Britney Dennison, Christina Van Zelst
Roderick Moir McQueen Scholarship
in English
Zale Skolnik
Rogers Family Award In Arts
Jessica O’Regan
Rose Gomberg Kwitko Scholarship
in Philosophy
Marco Buchar
Rosslyn Kelly Swanson Arts
Scholarships (2)
Beata Chojnicka, Odile Marceau
Sarah J. Shorten UWO Faculty
Association Scholarship
Eric Wright
Sir Charles Edward Saunders Mary
Eileen Anderson Scholarship
Marc Powell
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Memorial Prizes (2)
Jade Shapiro, Heather Witlox
Marie Smibert Writing Program
Student Achievement Prizes (7)
Elana Abramovitch, Elizabeth Bernier,
Matthew Ernst, Stephanie Lovering, Scott
Macdougall, Yasar Saffie, Sara Strickland
Mary (Pat) Hicks Bursary In The Faculty
of Arts and Humanities
Olivia Schadel
Donald McKellar Award
Gary Sheehan
Doris E. Tanton Memorial Award
Katherine Napiwotzki
Doris Jackson Memorial Award
in Music
Randy Rektor
Doris Jackson Memorial OSOTF
Award in Music
Gavyn Holt
Eddy Wallman Piano Scholarship
Mark-Anthony Del Brocco
Elsie Jeffries Organ Award
Neal Cabigon
Emmanuel Pellerano Bursary In Music
Veronica Lai
Faculty of Music Alumni Bursaries (2)
Olivia Blake, Rachael Pellitteri
Fred Pattison Piano Award
Neal Cabigon
Gerhard Wuensch Music Scholarship
Devin Kwok
Hideo Saito Memorial Award
I-Chen Lin
Thomas F. McCracken Scholarship
Kimberly Rodda
Hymn Society Music Award (3)
Breanne Dietrich, Rachael Pellitteri,
Lauren Toll
Tillie Jensen Eklund Continuing Award
Suzana Tosic
Timothy Findley Memorial Scholarship
Fiona Cox
Tony and Betsy Little Gold Medal
in Visual Arts
Amanda Wabro-Pape
Tony and Betsy Little Scholarship
in Visual Arts
Emma Hamilton-Hobbs
University Students’ Council Tracey
Knight Memorial Award
Matthew Shumka
W.C.P. Baldwin and Lucile Baldwin
Scholarships (2)
Nicole Leite, Carol-Anne Wyseman
Western Alumni “Go Global” Awards
in Arts (3)
Fiona Cox, Julie Takasaki, Sarah Walters
Wilfred and Zeta O’Donnell Travelling
Emilie Berry
William Wyatt Scholarship in English
Language and Literature
Jessica Habib
Marguerite Torney Scholarship
Kerri Taylor
Don Wright Undergraduate
Entrance Award (7)
Cameron Beare, Rhiannon Dickson,
Rebecca Fernandes, Jarrett McCourt,
Janelle Murray, Margot Northcott,
Anonymous Recipient
Terry Pether Memorial Bursary
Lindsay Bellamy
Laura Simon Memorial Bursary
Jessica Karuhanga
Marguerite R. Dow Canadian Heritage
Award (2)
Timothy DeJong, Wen Yang
Deral Johnson Award
Kendra Chow
Herman Smith Award in Music
Kendal Lander
William Ware Tamblyn Scholarship
Jeffrey Leatherdale
Madeline Lennon Essay Award
Krista Schnella
Daria Telizyn Piano Scholarship
Matthew Pope
Stephanie Spinks French Scholarship
Aleksandra Gieralt
Kristin Brady Memorial Prize
Britney Dennison
Louis Kwitko Scholarship in Philosophy
Jordan Lavi
Clifford von Kuster Faculty of
Music Entrance Scholarship (2)
Monica Shank, Serina Zheng
Stephanie Spinks Arts Scholarships
Emily Kress
Stanley Jay - Myrtle Rowntree
Memorial Scholarship
Lyndsey Janzen
Kay MacIver Memorial Award
Mitchell Brown
Lloyd E. Carter Bursary
Alayna Jay
Clifford Evens Undergraduate
Conducting Award
Sarah-Jane Maccaull
Gordon Jeffery Endowment Strings
and Chamber Music Continuing
Awards (13)
Steven Craig, Jesse Grandmont, Ana
Loureiro, Roberto Michels, Eva Paleczny,
Irene Rodriguez Martinez, Jillian
Sauerteig, Monica Shank, Joel Tangjerd,
Daniel Vo-Ngoc, Daniel Wheeler, Evan
Wiebe, Mikela Witjes
Sons of Italy Award
Elise Di Francesco
William Ferguson Tamblyn
Scholarships (2)
Paige-Tiffany Beck, Deirdra Wadden
Lillian Kroll Prize in Creative Writing
Mark MacKichan
Bruce & Helen Mills Instrument
Awards in Music (6)
Jordan Clayton, Kathryn Cobbler, Kyle
Graham, Victoria Grigg, Kendal Lander,
Iraj Tamadon-Nejad
Women’s Caucus Essay Award
Jennifer Birse
A. James Ford Memorial Award
David Ross
Albert Whitlow Choral Award
Joanna Murray
Alfred E. Rose and Maria C.
Rose Award
Joseph Herbison
Archie E. Cunningham Memorial
Continuing Entrance Awards (3)
Nicolas Carlucci, Michael Maroney,
Kristina Pavkeje
Board of Governors Music Awards (4)
David Diston, Maureen Ferguson,
Shannon Halliwell-Macdonald,
Jessica Mckay
Ingeborg Slade Performance Award
Mark-Anthony Del Brocco
Jeannetta Marion Burroughs
String Award
Jordan Clayton
John Russell Dow Scholarship
Brianna Papia
Jonathan Harman Young Memorial
Maureen Ferguson
Joseph A. and Leah H. Rawson Music
Admission Scholarship
Erin Eaton
Josiah and Sarah Hoover Music
Admission Scholarships (2)
Quinn Read-Baxter, Sarah Wiebe
Kenneth and Helen Bray Award In
Double Reed Performance
Eric Mohr
Kingsley L. Tanton Memorial Award
Jordan Fantauzzo
Len Burt Award
Kristen Duerhammer
Lindsay Memorial Scholarship
Olivia Elliott
London Chamber of Commerce
Music Award
Jared Steuernol
London Music Scholarship Foundation
Endowment Awards (7)
Laura Andrew, Victoria Baker,
Alan Demir, Allison Graham, Shannon
Halliwell-Macdonald, Carmen Joles,
Vladimir Soloviev
London Women’s Music Club Award
Kelsey Taylor
Marguerite L. Geiger Award
Kelsey Vicary
Maritsa Brookes Concerto Awards (3)
Neal Cabigon, Victoria Grigg, Mark Prince
Parents Fund Award In The Faculty
of Music
Monica Shank
Milton and Helen Walker Scholarships
in Science Education (2)
Sarah Hixson, Emily Lorenzini
Paul Akira Ohashi Summit Award
Patrick Arteaga
Olive C. Young Bursaries (10)
Allison Baker, Eric De Vooght, Heidi
Gemmell, Bethany Jackson, Kristian
Levey, Melissa Manahan, Anonymous
Recipient, Brittany Nicholson, Meaghan
Smith, Daniel Vriesinga
Peter and Iris Clements Scholarship
Alexander Mclean
Rosie Robinow Award (2)
Mark-Anthony Del Brocco, Rachael Pellitteri
Sandor and Borballa Puskas 125th
Anniversary Alumni Music Award
Kathryn Cobbler
Sandor and Borballa Puskas Music
Jennifer Blackwell
The University of Western Ontario
Music Award
Devin Kwok
Universal Music Continuing In-Course
Kyle Hutchinson
Universal Music Scholarship
Jonathan Pinkus
W.H. Munn Memorial Scholarship
Jordan Schaus
Warner Music Canada Award
Karen Chow
Wendy S. Hunter Memorial Award
Jennifer Gowan
Wesanne McKellar Award
Amanda Riddell
Willena Evans Awards in Music (3)
Christopher Dunham, Victoria Parr,
Blair Salter
Alberta O’Neil Award in Physical
Bailey Berlett
Anne M. Elliot OSOTF Award
Laurel Nault
Antony J. Bergering Awards (8)
Kristy Colwell, Jennifer Costain, Elizabeth
Davis, Barbara Jarosz, Katharine Parr,
David Rosen, Simon Rygal, Blazej Zajac
Beatrice Helmkay Scholarships
Elyse Timmerman
Beverley-Ann (Baldock) Headleyn Award
Candace Dube
David and Charlotte Campbell
Bursaries (2)
Nagham Hamo, Vanessa Southern
RTO District 8 Student Awards for
Excellence in Practicum Teaching (2)
Phillip Bannon, Paul Tingey
Seymour Schulich Award in Education
Sherri Young
Sylvia Cann Memorial Awards (2)
Christopher Jagger-Parsons,
Cara Wilson
Titia G. Bergering Awards (8)
Chelsea Ball, Kathleen Cartmell, Saffron
Dieroff, Kelly Dunning, Samantha
Graydon, Amanda Gullia, Glen Morgan,
Jennifer VanderWoerd
W.S. Turner Award
Paul Darling
125th Anniversary Alumni Award in
Harshil Patel
A.I. Johnson Entrance Scholarships (2)
Alexander Balsdon, Hilary Elliott
Accolade Consulting Group Inc. Award
Ravi Balgobin
Alexander Charles Spencer Admission
Scholarships (8)
Remy Eden, Erica Kantor, Jason Kirkey,
Matthew Lucier, Taylor Rivers, Matthew
Roberto, Harrison Ward,
Brooke Wilson
Andrea Bailey Memorial Award
Bridget Heslin-Dasilva
Arthur S. Coveart Engineering Award
Matthew Kramers
ASHRAE Award - Year Four Mechanical
and Materials Engineering
Andrea Sylvester
ASHRAE Award - Year Three
Mechanical and Materials
Anonymous Recipient
Dawson Woodburn Memorial
Awards (2)
Sarah Leaton, Andrea Mclaughlin
Association of Professional Engineers
Entrance Scholarships (2)
Hilary Edmonds,
Mark Hewitt
Dean’s Prizes in Education
Kent Van Dyk
Bizmo Award for Volunteerism
Kirsten Petersen
Don Wright Faculty of Education
Music Scholarships (4)
Katelynn Good, Heather Robinson,
Lauren Strong, Bailey Taves
Boris J. Jackman Award in Chemical
Adrianna Mika
Dorothy Emery Memorial Awards in
Visual Arts Education (2)
Heidi Gemmell, Megan Gignac
Edward J. Izrael 125th Anniversary
Alumni Award in Education
Gregory Ryerson
F. C. Biehl Memorial Award For
Excellence in English Education
Lindsay Licskai
Faculty of Education Students’
Council Award For Practice Teaching
Excellence (4)
Ashley Campbell, Tammy Fluttert, Megan
Regnier, Andrea Wiebe
Helene Puskas Mayo 125th
Anniversary Alumni Education Award
Megan Regnier
Helene Puskas Mayo Award in
Education (2)
Anonymous Recipient, Tan Tran
Howard Ross Beattie Memorial Bursary
in Education
Glen Morgan
J. Bowden Memorial Award
Christopher Johnson
Jessie Margaret Ogletree Award
Steven Irish
John Dearness Memorial Pre-Service
Rebecca Creek
Laura and Ed McLeish Scholarship
Maggie Pellarin
Leonard Martin Wood OSOTF Bursary
Jenny Keene
Marjorie Thomas 125th Anniversary
Alumni Bursary
Isabelle Duchesne
Margaret Fallona Award for
Excellence in French Second
Language Education (2)
Nadjet Benabid, Christina Horst
Mu Phi Epsilon Award
Eric Mohr
Marguerite Ruth Dow Scholarship
Brenelle Pereira
Music Industries Association of
Canada Award
Karen Chow
Matthew & Cornelia Koens Scholarship
Dino Caranci
Nicholas Fiore Memorial Award
Mark Prince
Optimist Award in Technological
Kyle Mckay
Milton and Helen Walker Scholarships
in Mathematics Education (2)
Nathalie Ellison, Catriona Sorley
Canadian Centennial ‘67 Class Award
Kevin Zhou
Canadian Institute of Steel
Construction Award
Devon Comstock
Charles Yip Memorial 125th
Anniversary Alumni Award
Catherine Szozda
Chorley & Bisset Ltd. Consulting
Engineers Engineering Award
Catherine Szozda
Christian Lassonde Scholarship
Jiemi Gao
Concentric Associates International
Inc. Award
Alexander Herold
Craig O’Hagan Memorial Award
Aarica Arora
DELCAN Corporation Scholarship
in Engineering Science
Brandon Lyn
DeMarco Family Green
Technologies Award (6)
Sarhan Abu-Kwiek, Alexandre
Dobrev, Mohamed El Naggar,
Chen Wei Hsieh, Joel Luis, Resty
Donald P. Morris Engineering
Kylie O’Donnell
Donald D.C. McGeachy
Award for Materials
Stephen Haley
Doreen M. Dinsdale
Sarah Mulder
Dr. E. V. Buchanan
Brandon Lyn
Dr. James A. Vance
Gold Medal
Michelle Hennessy
Dr. James A.
Vance Prize
Adam Crookes
W W W. W E S T E R N M A K E S A D I F F E R E N C E . C A
Diana Beattie Exchange Scholarship
Aisha Omar
Mary and George Turnbull Award In Arts
Roman Shapurko
“Receiving the Bizmo Award
for Volunteerism has helped me
fund my education while further
motivating me to stay involved
in the Western community.
I am very thankful for the
commitment to higher learning
and generosity demonstrated
by the Smolder family.”
Arthur Labatt Family Undergraduate
Scholarships in Nursing (7)
Ashley Camden, Stephen Cmar, Reyanna
Forrin, Diana Khankan, Tsering Phuntsok,
Alexis Rose, Rebecca Zhu
Audrey Metzler Memorial Award in
Nursing (4)
Melinda Charbonneau, Jennifer Halliday,
Jessica Lachance, Robert McLaughlin
Barbara Brown Commemorative
Katrina Krawec
Barbara Stolk Award
Judy Pararajasingham
Barbershoppers Awards For
Preparatory Year or Masters
Program (2)
Vanessa Davis, Caitlyn Rutherford
Bud and Joanne Taylor Clinical
Education Nursing Awards
Deivi Gaitan Ramirez
Cathy and Warren Whelen Clinical
Undergraduate Awards (2)
Sarah Piranim, Jessica White
Charlie Box Bursary in Kinesiology
Christine De Guzman
Claire Emery Bursary
Edres Farooqi
Dr. John H. Chapman Memorial Award
Mark Neumann
Dr. L. Stuart Lauchland Scholarship
Ryan Fox
E.V. Buchanan Faculty of Engineering
Entrance Scholarship
Alexander Reid
Emco Scholarships (5)
Andrew Brennan, Gary Chan, Raphael
Kopala, Siying Li, Kevin Zhou
Entrepreneurial Spirit Award
Akshay Gill
Frederick Weijerman Memorial Award
Curtis Williams
General Dynamics Engineering Award
Kylie O’Donnell
General Motors of Canada Limited
Scholarship of Excellence in
Engineering Science
Gillian Howe-Doucet
General Motors of Canada Limited
Scholarships of Distinction in
Rachel Kirkup
George E. Humphries Engineering
Science Bursary
Richard Ma
Gonder Continuing OSOTF Award
Harshil Patel
Gonder Family Award
Kevin Zhou
Gordon F. Chess Award
Anne Lombardi
MacKay-Lassonde Awards in Computer
Engineering (2)
Kyle Fricke, Jay Nadeau
Nortel Networks Scholarships of
Distinction in Engineering Science (6)
Clinton Dietrich, Nicholas Mendoza,
Jessica Potter, Jesse Proulx, David
Robertson, Geoffrey Wright
Nortel Networks Scholarships of
Excellence in Engineering Science (2)
Kevin Acton, Elaine Samuel
Ontario Power Generation Award
Victor Shaw
Ontario Professional Engineers
Scholarships (4)
Aarica Arora, Christopher Gillis, Angus
Mcleod, Kirsten Petersen
Parents Fund Award in the Faculty of
Siying Li
Phillip Nakahara MacLachlan Memorial
Bayron Garcia Chaparro
Professor Mel Poucher Award in Civil
Laura Kinsman
Richard Ivey Foundation Continuing
Awards in Environmental Engineering
Ryan Waelz
Stantec Consulting Ltd. Civil
Engineering Achievement Award
and Medallion
Michelle Hennessy
Cornelia Etheridge Bursary
Deidre Riordon
D. Maxine Thompson Bursary In
Nursing (2)
Judy Pararajasingham, Anonymous
Donna Cairns Wright Award
Bettyann Goertz
E. Jean Kunz Continuing
Awards (5)
Brigette Gomes, Amanda Hoffman,
Jennifer Tran, Sarah Verdon,
Vivian Wong
Reginald and Verena Mayo
Nursing Awards
Lenia Rosito
Capannelli Law Professional
Corporation Scholarship
Fraser McCracken
Rhea A. McRae Whitty
and Prof. John R. McRae
Continuing Entrance Award (2)
Anonymous Recipient, Allysha Litalien
Carlyle Peterson Award
Jason Woolmer
Rose Marie Beretta Memorial Award
Lisa Vo
Sandra E. Brent Awards (2)
Kevin Downey, Anonymous Recipient
Strachan Memorial Award
Maria Lopez
Suncor Energy Foundation First
Nations Health Sciences Access
Program Awards (6)
Rebecca Anderson, Kyrie Chiblow,
Sylvia Cloud, Levi Hill, Kara Mcleod,
Zachary Miller
Suzanne Hermann Award (2)
Yick Cheung, Virginia Derrough
Tudor Roberts Bursary in Health
Lindsay Smith
William Vernon Hull Scholarship
Vinay Garg
Barrett Family Scholarship
Kathlene Campbell-Conlon
Chinese Student Assistance Fund
Selena Ng
Manjunath and Roja Pendakur South
Asian Student Scholarship in Media,
Information and Technoculture
Jeyamathusha Jeyaloganathan
E. Jean Kunz OSOTF Continuing
Award (3)
Ashley Brown, Kevin Downey,
Jennifer Perry
Nortel Networks Scholarship of
Excellence in Information and
Media Studies
Meera Haji
Elizabeth Bush Nursing Bursary
Camilo Jaramillo
Nortel Networks Scholarships
of Distinction in Information and
Media Studies (3)
Jessica Carswell, Verity Sylvester,
Jennifer Tomowich
Elsie Victoria Laing Award
in Nursing
Omobola Fakomi
Endla Gilmour 125th Anniversary
Alumni Awards (6)
Ruth Appiah-Boateng, Mei Fan, Nicole
Gallant, Kaleigh Ortega, Marc Singer,
Jennifer Tran
Erma May Stewart Award
Laura Indovina
Founders Awards (2)
Katelyn Benoit, Sharon Leung
I.A.M. Award in the School of
Nursing (2)
Sarah Ogle, Jacky Tu
TD Bank Financial Group Scholarships
in Information and Media Studies (2)
Shayaan Khan, Sarah Prince
Weldon Family Bursary
Sarah Bugeja
William C. Heine International Study
Fellowships (2)
Jacqueline Palmer, Jonah Wolfraim
A. B. Siskind Scholarship
Jessica Lyn
Hastings & Aziz Consulting Structural
Engineers Award in Civil Engineering
Christopher Blust
TD Bank Financial Group Scholarships
in Engineering (3)
Justin Mackenzie, Gary Richardson,
Elizabeth Tomaszewski
J. Howard Crocker School
of Kinesiology Entrance
Scholarship (2)
Ethan Cassidy, Melanie Vaillancourt
Hydro One Undergraduate Awards (5)
Anonymous Recipient, Marc Chevrier, Eric
Kianfar, Robert Kotanko, Joshua Loranger
Tim, Jane and Brian Kwan Award in
Adrianna Mika
J. Stanley and Muriel Hill
Jonathan Luke
Ian Duerden Memorial Award
Anna Rozik
Undergraduate Engineering Society
Bursaries (4)
Khalid Baddar, David Black, Sajjad
Haiderali, Alexander Herold
Jana Lyn Elise Oldham Award
Melinda Maika
Albert Abel Memorial Fund
Tyler Nicholson
Jean Winnifred Forrest
Scholarships (2)
Sarah Pirani, Stephanie Watson
Albert Abramson Q.C. Memorial Award
Anju Sharma
Institute of Electrical and Electronic
Engineers Inc. I.E.E.E. Award
Christopher Gillis
J.P. Bickell Foundation Mining
Scholarships (2)
Lauren Hockin, Laura Kinsman
Vander Laan Undergraduate
Scholarship in Engineering
Philip Spencer
James E. Zajic Memorial Scholarship
Kevin Zhou
W. Ross Pinkerton Bursaries (4)
Julian Di Giovanni, Robert Gillan, David
Marmor, Allan McCulloch
James Emerson Miles Admission
Scholarship (2)
Raymond Boccia, Christopher Filek
Walker Wood Foundation Continuing
Scholarship in Engineering
Jacob Reeves
James M. Hay Gold Medal in Chemical
& Biochemical Engineering
Mark Szynkaruk
Westeinde Family Continuing Award in
Environmental Engineering
Sarah Mulder
Jean Ann Maynard Scholarship in
Electrical Power Engineering
Caleb Butler
Western Alumni “Go Global” Awards in
Engineering Science
Kristina Nangle
John R. White Bursary
Raed El-Khatib
Wolverine Tube (Canada) Inc. Bursary
in Engineering
Meysaa Hussein
Lloyd W. Bracewell - Bracewell
Engineering Inc. Award
Philip Spencer
London and District Construction
Association Award
Julien Koop
London Chapter of Consulting
Engineers of Ontario Award
Julien Koop
London District Sewer & Watermain
Construction Award
Lindsay Christink
Worley Parsons Corporate Award
Trevor Plint
A.M.F.G. Award in Nursing (4)
Amy Baker, Sanna Malik, Bonnie Stephen,
Daniel Stoner
Alfreda Simons Kartha Award
Melissa Ouyang
Louis Ferreira Family Bursary in
Engineering Science
Christopher Engler
Alison Madeline De Bruyne
Memorial Award
Meaghan Maddigan
Lynda Diane Shaw Memorial Award
Diane Davies
Arthur Labatt Family Scholarship in
Pediatric Nursing
Jessica Curry
Lynn Fordham Awards in Science and
Engineering (4)
Andrew Belletti, Christopher Engler,
Adrianna Mika, Kylie O’Donnell
Kyle Dobrowolski Memorial
Nursing Scholarship
Anonymous Recipient
Leonardo Suarez Memorial
Scholarships (2)
Yick Cheung, Jane Vanderhout
L’Heureux Bursaries in
Kinesiology (3)
Hannah Burbidge, Damen Jodoin,
Amanda Tritton
Linda Frances Lees Award
Michelle Re
Lisa May Memorial Award
in Nursing
Sydney Truelove
Lynn Allen Memorial Award
in Nursing
Jami Watkin
Mary Irene Rice Award
in Nursing
Vanessa Kennedy
Mildred I. Walker Award
Sarah Pirani
Mildred I. Walker OSOTF Award
Jami Watkin
Nursing Alumni Bursary
Laura Indovina
Parents Fund Award In The
Faculty of Health Sciences (2)
Anika Maraj, Janine Tsui
Peter Newby Awards In Audiology (2)
Majda Mohamed, Irene Nicholaou
Reginald & Verena Mayo 125th
Anniversary Alumni Nursing Award
Mei Fan
Ailbe C. Flynn LLB `97 Memorial
Scholarship in Intellectual Property,
Information and Technology Law
Anju Sharma
Aird and Berlis Award in Contracts
Vitali Berditchevski
Alex Kennedy Memorial Scholarship
Cheryl Boyd
Alex R. McIntyre Award
Stephen Hamilton
Carswell Entrance Scholarship
Carolyn Filgiano
Cassels, Brock & Blackwell
LLP Centennial Award in
Constitutional Law
Tyler Nicholson
Cassels, Brock & Blackwell LLP
Centennial Award in Practice Skills
Fraser McCracken
Cavalluzzo Hayes Shilton McIntyre &
Cornish Award in Labour Law
Kamila Polus
Class of ‘97 Law Grad Pact Bursaries
Patricia Horak
Cohen Highley LLP Aboriginal Law
Jonathan Marin
Colin D. Leitch Award
Fraser McCracken
Criminal Lawyers Association of
Ontario Award for Third Year
Lawrence Gridin
Criminal Lawyers’ Association Prize
in Criminal Law
Robert Glasgow
Darwin Hayward Award in Law
Kenneth Saddington
David C. Scott Memorial Award
Patrick Bruce
David L. Johnston Prize in Securities
Regulation (2)
Erika Douglas, Jonathan Marin
Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg
LLP Prizes (3)
Suzanne Chiodo, Lindsay Gwyer,
Anonymous Recipient
Dean Ivan C. Rand Award (3)
Jacob Kaufman, John Magyar,
Brian Whitwham
Dez Windischmann Memorial Bursary
Ryan Maynard
Diana Majury-Cheryl Waldrum Award
Deepti Asthana
Don Morrison Memorial Bursary
Emily Hassin
Douglas May Memorial Award
Alina Preston
Edna Yuet Lui Chan Memorial Award
Michael Lickver
Edward C. Elwood Q.C. Prizes in
Wills and Trusts (2)
Anita Babicki, Nga Dang
Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
Award in Administrative Law
Zachary Lindop
Fasken, Martineau DuMoulin LLP
Awards (3)
Vitali Berditchevski, Michelle Johnston,
Michael Wilson
Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP Scholarship
David Leith
Fred J. Blackwell Bursary Fund - Law
Elena Kaminsky
Genest Murray Award in Advocacy
Lawrence Gridin
Gillespie Family Bursary
Ruth Reid
Gowling, Lafleur, Henderson Award (2)
Christopher Hannesson, Carolyn Stroz
Arthur T. Little Scholarship
Jessica Lyn
Gowling, Lafleur, Henderson Entrance
Constance Yoo
Badun-Gillese Entrance Scholarship
Katerina Minaeva
Grad Pact Law Bursary
Alon Barda
Baker & McKenzie Award In
International Business Transactions
Mark McDermid
Granger Award in Family Law
Jessica Lyn
Bereskin and Parr Award in Industrial
and Intellectual Property (2)
Robert Kalanda, Justin Vessair
Bernard and Bessie Wolf Scholarship
William Hooper
Blake Cassels & Graydon LLP
Scholarship (2)
Cheryl Boyd, Ryan Maynard
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Award
Benjamin Bloom
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Entrance
Scholarships (2)
Clare Devlin, Tiffanie McLachlin Vancoillie
Borden Ladner Gervais Professional
Excellence Award
Joel Freudman
Gretta J. Grant Prize in Community
Legal Service (2)
Avneet Grewal, James Melnick
Harold G. Fox Education Bursary
Fund (2)
Nga Dang, Rameysh Karunanidy
Harold G. Fox Education Fund
Awards (2)
Kathleen Richardson-Scott,
Michael Royal
Harold G. Fox Entrance Scholarships (2)
Danielle Gauvreau, Rachel Radomski
Henry Goldentuler Scholarship
Navjot Dhaliwal
Honourable Mayer Lerner Q.C. Award
Blaine Henderson
Brad Hodgson Civil Litigation Award
Blaine Henderson
Insolvency Institute of Canada Bruce
Leonard Prize in Insolvency Studies
Cheryl Boyd
Bruce Alexander Thomas Bursary
Stefanie Chin-Yick
J.G. McLeod Scholarship in Family Law
Stephanie Fujarczuk
Canadian Bar Insurance Association
Daniel Horovitz
J.S.D. Tory Writing Award (5)
Carolyn McKenna, Jesse Mighton,
Kanata Penn-Maracle, Jordan Saperia,
Peter Scotchmer
Janet Stewart Prize in Immigration
and Refugee Law
William Loyens
Joanne Poljanowski Memorial Bursary
in Law
Cassandra Theune
Kevin J. Comeau Continuing
Scholarship (2)
Jean-Michel Corbeil, Benjamin Howard
Labour Law Achievement Award
Sharon Naipaul
Law Society Foundation Bursaries (4)
Heather Goodman, Patricia Horak, Nidhi
Suri, Andrea Tratnik
Law Society of Upper Canada
Education Equity Award
Ahmad Adam
Leonard J. Carter Bursary
Martin Popov
Leslie V. Balogh Memorial Prize
David Leith
Lorne & Shari Segal Bursary
Tyler Nicholson
MacKewn, Winder, Kirwin Entrance
Scholarship in Law
David Amin
Margaret E. Rintoul Award in Estate
Jason Mallory
Margaret H. McNulty Awards (2)
Heather Gallagher, Eric Grigg
Paul Bradley Award in Real Estate Law
Adrian Cochrane
WeirFoulds LLP Writing Prize
Casey Vandeputte
Dr. Howard Teall HBA ‘77 Scholarship
Patrick White
McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP Award for
Mature Students
Waleed Elgohary
Professor Denys C. Holland Award
David Vaughan
William A. Jenkins Alumni Entrance
Danielle Gauvreau
Edward Kernaghan HBA Award (2)
Benjamin Bigio, Andrea Csiba
McMillan LLP Award
Vitali Berditchevski
Michael Allen Harte Award
Danielle Koehn
Michael C. McInerney Award
Michael Wilson
Middlesex Law Association Entrance
Scholarships ( 2)
Jeffrey Warnock, Anonymous Recipient
Middlesex Law Association Silver
Medal and Scholarship
Cheryl Boyd
Mitch and Leslie Frazer Scholarship
Ryan Maynard
Morell Kelly P.C. Entrance Scholarship
Teri Muszak
Myer and Sarah Solomon Entrance
Scholarships (2)
Carly Cohen, Yevgeni Polevoy
Newton Rowell Entrance
Scholarships (2)
Steven Pulver, Aaron Silver
Ogilvy Renault LLP Award
Suzanne Chiodo
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt - Rand
Entrance Scholarship
Sarah Martens
Right Honourable Brian Dickson Award
Florence Simard
Sherrard Kuzz LLP Prize
Daliana Coban
Shibley Righton LLP Award in
Taxation (2)
Joel Belisle, David Leith
Siskinds Prize in Intellectual Property
Justin Vessair
Sonja J. Gundersen Awards (2)
Shana Nodel, Vipin Sharma
South Asian Bar Association
Student Award
Saran Ragunathan
Stephen Watchorn Award
William Hooper
Stringer, Brisbin, Humphrey Award in
Labour Law
Brian Whitwham
Ted Wohl Prize in Labour Law
Kamila Polus
Thorsteinssons LLP Award in
International Tax
David Campbell
Torkin Manes LLP Award
Avneet Grewal
Tremayne-Lloyd Family Bursary
Odarkor Lamptey
Mary Warner Prize in Human Rights
Pamela Vlasic
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt Award in
Corporate Finance
Florence Simard
UWO Law Alumni Association
Bursaries (2)
Andrea Bernelot Moens, Ryan McKeen
McArdle Family 125th Anniversary
Alumni Award
Navjot Dhaliwal
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt Award
in Tax Law
David Campbell
UWO Law Alumni Association Entrance
Scholarships (2)
Hollister Nicol, Jillian Ritsma
McCarthy Tetrault Awards (2)
Robert Glasgow, Meaghan Hourigan
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt Prize in
Corporate & Commercial Law
Deepti Asthana
UWO Law Alumni Association
Presidents’ Award
Stuart Murray
Patricia McVeigh Memorial Entrance
Arnab Quadry
Waterloo Law Association Entrance
Teri Muszak
McCarthy Tetrault Leadership
Awards (2)
Jesse Mighton, Michael Misener
ZSA Legal Recruitment Entrance
Laura Etherington
A.R. Wood HBA Award
Erik Ragotte
Accenture HBA Award
Ely Rygier
Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship
HBA Awards (3)
Jordan Peckham, Johnathon Quinn,
Di Yang
Bob Britney HBA Prize
Prashob Menon
Bruce Birmingham HBA Award (2)
Jon Jhun, Ely Rygier
Captain Jack Birnie Smith Award
Laurie-Anne King
Caroline Brohman Memorial Award (2)
Oren Borovitch, Sylvia Broschinski
Claude Lamoureux HBA
Scholarships (6)
Philip Cathcart, Jihye Choi, Ali Golkarieh,
Nishka Gupta, Malini Jhaver, Jackel Yip
Claudette MacDonald HBA
Scholarships (2)
Rebecca Carlin, Mary Hasan
Courthill Capital Finance Awards (2)
Dana El-Kayali, Kristina Lucas
Courthill Capital Leadership Award
Natalia Ignatenko
David S. Simmonds HBA Awards (2)
Dominique Welsh, Patrick White
Dr. Geno Francolini HBA Award
Aron Grusko
EMCO Scholarship in Business
Administration (2)
Courtney Andison, Aaron Baer
Enbridge Award
Candace Chan
F.J. Blackwell Bursaries - Business (8)
Christopher Engelking, Telha Khattak,
Inderdeep Khosa, Irene Lynnpheu,
Gregory Mak, David Trevail, Mark Vasey,
Jonathan Wolkin
Federation of Chinese Canadian
Professionals (Ontario) Education
Foundation Scholarship
Cristina Bardorf
Fred Jones Prize in Finance
Angad Singh
General Motors of Canada Limited
HBA Scholarship
Ellen Zhu
Harold Crabtree Foundation
HBA Award
Jordan Peckham
Harold Crookell Memorial Scholarship
Yue Li
HBA 1956 Award
Kayla Laidlaw
HBA 1957 Scholarship
Jennifer Ho
HBA 1980 Scholarship (2)
Meghan Bridges, Richard Wong
HBA 1999 Award (2)
Matthew Gregson, Scott Kamins
HBA ‘60 Awards (2)
Scott Kamins, Nicholas Leblanc
HBA ‘73 Awards (7)
Abdellatif Abid, Sunil Bansal, Rebecca
Carlin, Carolynna Gabriel, Ruo Ma,
Obioma Osuji, Howard Yeung
Matthew Pope is studying his life’s passion at Western.
The piano performance student says because of the generous Daria Telizyn
Piano Scholarship, he has greater confidence in himself to pursue his dreams
and has had the opportunity to study under an amazing teacher. He says the
$4,625 scholarship allowed him to relax a little in his first year knowing the
financial stress was partially alleviated.
“There is so much to figure out before starting university such as picking
courses, finding a place to live, finding where everything is on campus, but the
most important thing to figure out is how to pay for it,” says Matthew.
He notes the scholarship has been a blessing to him in so many ways and says
there are so many young people out there who have big dreams and
ambitious goals like him, but without the means of being able to pursue them.
“Young people like me are the leaders of tomorrow and it is important that
people recognize this and invest in us, the future,” says Matthew.
The Daria Telizyn Piano Scholarship is awarded to a piano student entering the
first year of study in a Bachelor of Music degree program with exceptional
academic standing, who through the audition process demonstrates
exemplary performance talent and promise. This scholarship is open to
international students as well as Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
Preference will be given to international students from the Ukraine when
selecting among equally qualified candidates. The Chair of the Ukrainian
Studies Foundation made this generous pledge in the spirit of its mandate
to promote Ukrainian students and Ukrainian studies across Canada. The
scholarship was named in honour of Ukrainian Canadian pianist Daria
Telizyn, BMus’81, whose unsurpassed concert performances took her to
venues throughout North America and Europe. The Western alumna died
on March 21, 2005 at the age of 44, following a series of illnesses.
After Matthew graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Mathew
plans to continue to follow his passion and pursue a Master’s degree
and ultimately have a career as a performer, as both a pianist
and conductor.
W W W. W E S T E R N M A K E S A D I F F E R E N C E . C A
Lang Michener Prize
Michael Wilson
McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP Award
Daniel Horovitz
HBA ‘74 Scholarships (5)
Adam D’Silva, Samir Haji Remtulla, Jeffrey
Mcallister, Pranav Sood, Adrian Wu
HBA ‘81 Student Scholarships (4)
Divya Narayanan, Ernest Pang,
Dominique Welsh, Anonymous Recipient
HBA ‘83 Award (2)
Kenny Choi, Chenyang Li
HBA ‘85 Chris Bruyere and Joanne
Fleming Memorial Scholarship
Andrew Belanger
Jack Lambert HBA Scholarship
Karen Thorne
James A. Erskine Contribution to
Learning Award
Lubna Suleman
Jason Boyer HBA Scholarship
Alexander Herold
Jessie and Tom Archibald Award
Benjamin Bigio
HBA ‘86 Scholarship (2)
Jennifer Green, Shengchao Wang
Jessie and Tom Archibald OSOTF
Awards (4)
Stephanie Cheung, Hillary Gwiazda,
Dhawal Tank, Alex Yeung
HBA ‘87 Scholarships (5)
David Drysdale, Brandon Pizzacalla,
Ryan Standil, Karina Wong, Stacey Yue
Joan and Geno Francolini Award in
Sarhan Abu-Kwiek
HBA ‘91 Student Leader Award
Josephine Chiu
Joan and Geno Francolini HBA
Award (2)
Jordan Peckham, Ijlal Shoaib
HBA ‘92 Continuing Award
Ronald Hae
HBA ‘94 McCleary Memorial Award
William Richman
HBA ‘98 Award - OSOTF II (2)
Tansik Koyuncu, Nicholas Leblanc
HBA Class of 1978 Award (2)
Megan Giajnorio, Moiz Habib
HBA Ivey IPO Award
Aaron Baer
Hill-Ivey HBA Scholarships (10)
Anna Chornousenko, Kalen Emsley,
Laurel Garven, Tracie Hank, Jarred Hinger,
Ashley Kennedy, Shea Murphy, Kyle Scott,
Samuel Sthamann, Melanie Thomas
Ivey Alumni Association Toronto
Chapter HBA Scholarship (2)
Rachelle Lao, Tamar Zagdanski
Ivey HBA Association Award
Andrew Shopsowitz
J. Robert Cowan Alumni Scholarship
Jeet Zandawala
J.J. Wettlaufer Awards (7)
Marino Felice, Yiming Ma, Omar
Madhany, Riley Nelko, Tyler Sharpe,
Brendan Stevens, Shomit Vaid
Jock Tindale Memorial Award
Sylvia Broschinski
John A. Humphrey Alumni Scholarship
Bader Elkhatib
John and Maria Simpson HBA
Scholarships (2)
Darcy Greenham, Safir Jamal
John F. Sloan Award
Patrick Duncan
John H. Sharpe Memorial Bursary
Jamal Jomaa
John R. Currie Award in
Kimberly Wallace
John T. Nicholson Award (2)
Oluseyi Olorunfemi, Lindsay Reddeman
Jon and Nancy Love HBA Award (2)
Muhammad Amarshi, Jillian Beaton
KPMG Award in Business
Linden Head
KPMG Foundation Dean’s HBA
Entrance Scholarship
Siying Li
Kranjc Family 125th Anniversary
Alumni Award
Craig Speers
Lloyd Sipherd Continuing HBA
Award (2)
Hillary Gwiazda, Alexander Sy
Lori Muir Melnyk Honors Business
Administration Awards (8)
Anson Chan, Patrick Duncan, Arnold
Ha, Dustin Hughes, Bertha Liu, Munir
Madhavji, Wing Wong, Shuo Zhang
Maple Leaf Capital LLP HBA
Scholarship in Finance (2)
Charles Korn, Dale Zhang
Mary and Barry Ullett 125th
Anniversary OSOTF Award
Wei Xiong
McCormick Canada Continuing HBA
Award (2)
Joshua Delaney, Shomit Vaid
Mr. Submarine Scholarship
Maggie Lee
Peter Powell Class of 1959 Awards (2)
Lindsay Reddeman, Demetrios
Pierre L. Morrissette HBA Award in
Laurie-Anne King
Pirie Foundation 125th Anniversary
Alumni HBA Award
Kevin Luzak
POMC Undergraduate Award
Alexander Wong
Pon Elman HBA Scholarship
William Richman
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Dean’s
HBA Entrance Scholarship (2)
Wenmin Lai, Felix Li
Raymond L. McFeetors Scholarship in
Honors Business Administration (2)
Joshua Howard, Dhawal Tank
Richard Ivey Foundation
Continuing Scholarships In
Business Administration (3)
Sylvia Broschinski, Shazia Ladak,
Mark Rosen
Robert V. Hicks Award
Yue Yin
Rogers Family Award In Business (2)
Bryden Ferrato, Yue Yin
RSM Richter Michael Rotstein HBA
Heidi Stewart
Samuel A. Martin Award
Madison Pearlstein
Scotiabank Continuing HBA Awards (8)
Christopher Cunningham, Aman Gandhi,
Telha Khattak, Akshay Kumar, Craig
Speers, Michael Xiang, Haiyang Yue,
Dale Zhang
Scotiabank HBA Leadership Award (4)
Hilary Ambrose, Jonathan Chan,
Yiming Ma, Sangeet Saxena
Shad Valley Ivey HBA Scholarship
Siying Li
Society of Management
Accountants Award
Candace Chan
Spar Aerospace Limited Award
In Business
Shomit Vaid
Suzanne Curtis Awards (7)
Meredith Bacal, Amanda Chan,
Jennifer Gautier, Kathryn McLauchlin,
Lindsay Reddeman, Lauren Vandervoort,
Bianca Wu
Tevya Rosenberg HBA Scholarship in
Ellen Zhu
Thomas Brent HBA Awards (4)
Maggie Lee, Darren Macdonald, Sarang
Ruprai, Alexander Wong
Towers Perrin Bursary
John Moon
Walter A. Thompson Alumni
Fellowships (2)
Jonathan Bielawski, Dongyue Song
Walter Dearness Tamblyn 125th
Anniversary HBA Scholarship
Andrea Csiba
Wescast Industries Continuous
Learning Award
Harshil Patel
Wilhelmina and J. Gordon McIntosh
Scholarship, No. 2 (2)
Matthew Hall, Charles Korn
William and Cecilia Davies Bursary
in Business
Stephanie Dorman
William L. Jeffries HBA Award (2)
Adepeju Adeniran, Vinny Khullar
William Quinn HBA Scholarships (2)
Lelag Kaprilian, Paari Krishnamurthy
Yeandle Family HBA Awards (5)
Paul Dunn, Arnold Ha, John Paterson,
Hugh Stewart, Treydon Teo
Zindart HBA Entrance Scholarship
Jonathan Kang
Suzanne Curtis Memorial Award
Liat Tebeka
Sylvia D. Chrominska HBA Award (2)
Amanda Chan, Melissa McCaig-Pike
TD Bank Financial Group HBA
Bursaries (2)
Soraiya Esmail, Laurie-Anne King
Albert Parsons Wolf Memorial Bursary
Liane Heale
TD Bank Financial Group OSOTF HBA
Ronald Hae
Alexander Hotson Memorial
Daisy Liu
Kara Dempster says her undergraduate experience was a juggling act, but now
as a medical student at Western she has found more balance.
Kara believes student scholarship donations are imperative to promoting equal
educational opportunities for all deserving young minds.
This is in large part due to The Ellen Tiedje Memorial Award she received this
past year.
“There are so many capable young people that are never given the opportunity
to reach their full potential,” she notes. “Financial assistance is one way that may
help such students pursue their academic goals without barriers. I feel so lucky to
have been given financial support while in pursuit of my academic goals. My
donor has not only made a huge contribution to me personally, but also to my
future patients and colleagues. I will never ever forget any assistance given to me
on my path towards becoming a doctor and I intend to pay this generosity
forward in the future.”
“Receiving this award has removed a huge amount of financial stress from my life
and has granted me the time, space, and energy to throw myself fully into my
medical education,” says Kara who completed her undergraduate degree in Nova
Scotia. “Without the added stress of having to earn money on top of pursuing
academic excellence, not only have I been able to reach my highest potential in
classroom activities, I have had more time for extracurricular learning
opportunities. Most importantly however, as a future health care professional,
the financial assistance has given me the liberty to take care of myself, both
mentally and physically. Without having to juggle employment and academics, I
have a bit more time to pursue personal interests, work out, and get some sleep.”
The Ellen Tiedje Memorial Award is awarded to a full-time undergraduate
student entering the first year of the Doctor of Medicine program, based on
outstanding academic achievement, and demonstrated financial need. The
$5,000 award was established by John and Dorothy Tiedje through Foundation
Western in memory of their daughter, Ellen, a Medicine ‘74 graduate who was
killed in a car accident in 1975 with her husband, Harry Butterfield.
Kara hopes to practice pediatric psychiatry upon graduation.
“I have a marked interest in mental health advocacy and treatment and I think
that the role of preventative strategies for treatable mental health conditions, as
well as improvements in public awareness of the subject and research into the
area will increase substantially in years to come facilitating a rewarding,
interesting, and sustainable career.”
Alfred McKenzie Crabb Bursary
Michael Derynck
Alumni Medicine Bursaries (15)
Katlin Ahrens, Erica Barlow, Mario Elia,
Jill Greenspoon, Julie Hughes, Adrianne
Lebner, Stephanie Miskin, Jaclyn
Oldham, Yatri Patel, Michael Peirce,
Samir Raza, Allison Rodrigues, Janakan
Satkunasingham, Laura Wheaton,
Jeffrey Yu
Andrew D. Mason Memorial Award
Jacqueline Wolting
Audrey and Delmar Cobban 125th
Anniversary Alumni Rural Southwestern
Ontario Medical Residency Award
Eugenie Waters
Dr. Cindy M. Hutnik Award
Amandeep Rai
Dr. David McCourtie Memorial Award
in Allergy and Immunology
Vikram Velker
Blanche Box Bursary in Physiology
Amanda McPhee
Carleton C. Whittaker Memorial
Scholarship in Psychiatry
Kathleen Bingham
Cecil and Linda Rorabeck Medical
Anonymous Recipient
Cecil and Linda Rorabeck OSOTF
Medical Bursary
Paula Suffoletta
Charles G. Weishan Bursaries (7)
Ranko Bulatovic, Victoria Hayward,
Charles Ho, Ming Hung, Neha Khandekar,
Bonnie White, Michael Zettler
Class of 1917 Prize
Allison Henderson
Class of 1951 Frank R. Clegg
Memorial Award
Allison Henderson
Class of ‘43B Award
Christina Cookson
Class of ‘55 Prize
Farah Manji
Class of Meds ‘49 Award for Excellence
in Teaching by Residents (2)
Quang Ngo, Kevin Warrian
Class of Meds ‘57 Entrance
Accessibility Award (3)
Justin Chia, Amandeep Rai, Tony Zhang
Kenneth A. Harris Vascular Surgery
Adam Maruscak
Drs. James and Leslie Rourke Award in
Rural Medicine Research
Jacqueline Swan
Dr. Donald and Christina Jolly Medical
Student Bursary
Julia Creider
Drs. Lewis Carey and Jainarayn Singh
Award of Excellence in Diagnostic
Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
Anil Shastry
KPMG Bursary in Medicine
YunWei Zhao
Drs. Richard Rankin and Jainarayan
Singh Diagnostic Radiology Resident
Research Award
Mark Landis
Kwitko Family Scholarship in
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Stephanie Bourdeau
Dr. Donald P. Swartz Bursary
Anonymous Recipient
Bioethics Scholarship
Sara Dungavell
Keith and Greta Thompson Research
Yahui Lin
Dr. David Meltzer Undergraduate
Award in Haematology Oncology
Vikram Velker
Benjamin Weidenbaum and Cecelia
Rotstein Scholarship (2)
Allison Henderson, Jennifer Seelisch
Bill Mood Memorial Award
Michael Zettler
Dr. V. Caroline Graham Award
Rachel Reardon
John William Rohrer Memorial Award
Michael Bishara
Drs. Edwin Seaborn and Richard
Maurice Bucke 125th Anniversary
Award in Rural Family Medicine
Karolina Martyniak
Dr. Donald and Christina Jolly
Medical Student Bursary OSOTF/OTSS
Karen Weisz
Bill McKibbon Bursary
Sarit Khimdas
Dr. T. H. Coffey Memorial Prize in
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Rachel Reardon
Leslie Stephens, Shameer Syed, Melissa
Tenbergen, Jason Xu, Jeffrey Yu
Dr. David Meltzer Postgraduate Award
in Haematology/Oncology
Alan Gob
Audrey and Delmar Cobban Rural
Southwestern Ontario Medical
Residency Award (2)
Karenina Aguilar, Mario Elia
Bill and Kathy Kostuk Accessibility
Award (4)
Michael Bishara, Erin Falconer, Michael
Verbora, Kristi Wood
Dr. Robert Nesbitt Storey Bursary
In Medicine
Sean Doran
Dr. F. R. Eccles Scholarship
Michael Khoury
Dr. Francis S. Brien Clerkship
Scholarship in Medicine
Kaitlin Hayman
Dr. Fred N. Hagerman Memorial Prize
in Surgery
Kimberly Bertens
Dr. G. Edward Hall Accessibility
Award in Medicine (4)
Andra Nica, Anna Njarlangattil, Scott
Somerville, Kim-Chi Tran
Dr. Georges Lachapelle Entrance
Jordan Littman
Dr. Glen S. Wither Award for
Research Training
Kimberley Colangelo
Dr. Glen S. Wither Memorial Award
Vikram Velker
Dr. Harold O. Smith Medical
Access Awards (6)
Andrew Appleton, Caroline Armstrong,
Nauzer Forbesm, Bourke Tillmann,
Connie Tung, Anonymous Recipient
Dr. Henri Breault Award
Michael Khoury
Dr. I. W. Mann Award (2)
Jasmine Kler, Jacqueline Wolting
Dr. J. Stewart Hudson Bursary
Michael Payne
Dr. Jakob Michaltschenko
Scholarship Fund in Medicine (3)
Avital Harel, Melissa Huynh, Kathleen
Dr. James L. Anderson Memorial
Bursaries (6)
Yang Cao, Justin Chiam, Kareem Jamani,
Dawid Martyniak, Grayson Roumeliotis,
Paula Suffoletta
Elena B. Wolf Memorial Awards (2)
Kareem Jamani, Anonymous Recipient
Elizabeth Joan Barrington Scholarship
in Medicine
Nicole Hugel
Ellen Tiedje Memorial Award
Kara Dempster
Elmer and Bette (Liz) Mlinar Continuing
Accessibility Award (4)
Stephanie Austin, Katarzyna Bielas,
Allison Foran, Christopher Gallivan
Elmer and Bette (Liz) Mlinar Rural
Medicine Awards (3)
Allison Foran, Sarah Knowles,
Jacqueline Swan
G.F. England Family Bursary
Sabrina Chung Sik Yuen
Gerry and Vi Livingston Award in
Nicholas Lees
Harry E. and Jean Morden Medical
Brent Mollon
Helen Atfield White Scholarship
Derek Gateman
Helen M. Huxtable Bursary in Medicine
Stephen Choy
Helen Mildred Blythe Allison
Undergraduate Awards in Medicine (4)
Sean Lougheed, Kelly Macdonald,
Katerina Reizgys, Leslie Stephens
Horace and Clarice Wankel Memorial
Ishvinder Chattha
Kenneth Colling Awards in Medicine (3)
Amanda Gardhouse, Allison Hobbs,
William McGuffin
Kingswood Scholarship
Kimberly Bertens
Kristen Milos Medical Award
Russlan Abouhassan
L. Maxwell Forsythe Scholarship in
Ryan Craig
Lawrence Mok Medical Mentor
Award (3)
Courtney Fulton, Julie Hughes, Frank
Margaret A. Banks Prize in Geriatric
Malek Meshki
Martin and Mary LeBoldus Award for
Outstanding Clinical Clerk
Kelly Anderson
Martin and Mary LeBoldus Award for
Promising Clinician
Anonymous Recipient
Maud H. Smallman Bursaries (2)
Mitchel Armstrongm, Stephanie Go
Medical Student Bursary (3)
Jia Chong, Michael Mitchell, Kristi Wood
Meds 2009 Dinh La Memorial Award
Taryn Taylor
Howard Feigel Memorial Award
Michael Versteeg
Meds Class of 1940 Scholarship in
Medical Sciences
Daisy Liu
Hughes McKellar Rural Southwestern
Ontario Medical Residency Award
Sylvia Pillon
Meds Class of 1950 Bursary
Kevin Hopper
Dr. C.A. Henrich Bursary
Steven Thomson
Dr. Carol Hindmarsh Bursary
Rachel Reardon
Dr. Orlo Vernon Dent Memorial
Bursaries (2)
Emily Liu, Jay Wong
Dr. Carol Hindmarsh Summer
Studentship Award
Kelly Anderson
Dr. Rob Tingley Class of ‘95 Developing
Countries Award
Allison Henderson
Southern Ambassadors Association
SWOMEN Windsor Clerkship
Scholarship in Surgery
Bartosz Mysliwiec
SWOMEN Award for Excellence in
Rural Medicine (2)
Dawid Martyniak, Karolina Martyniak
Meds Class of 1970 Bursary (2)
Christina Cookson, Heather McLaughlin
Dr. Mohammed (Moody) Edwards
Essex County Accessibility Award
Andrew Cormier
Southern Ambassadors Association
SWOMEN Windsor Clerkship
Scholarship in Paediatrics
Michael Bishara
Meds Class of 1952 Bursaries (2)
Victor McPherson, Lilian Wong
Jack Wyatt Meds Class of 1954
Bursaries (3)
Anonymous Recipients (2), Rachel H
all Kieffer
Dr. C. C. Ross Memorial Prize
in Surgery
Kimberly Bertens
Southern Ambassadors Association
SWOMEN Windsor Clerkship
Scholarship in Medicine
Debbie Yam
Suzanne Leigh Killinger-Johnson
Elena Paraskevopoulos
Meds Class of 1961 Bursary
Anonymous Recipient
Dr. Mildred Wagner Medical
Bursaries (2)
Christopher Dowding, Andrew Hemphill
Southern Ambassadors Association
SWOMEN Windsor Clerkship Scholarship
in Family Medicine
Bartosz Mysliwiec
Meds Class of 1950 OSOTF II/OTSS
Ashley Lee
Jack Banham Hargreaves/Jessie Louisa
Florence Hargreaves MD/PhD Award (4)
Christopher Appleton, Derek Cool, Piya
Lahiry, Brenna Market-Velker
Dr. C. A. Thompson Ophthalmology
Research Day Prize
Toby Chan
Science Students’ Council Impact
Award of Merit (BMSc)
Tariq Esmail
Isabelle Elizabeth Young Pearce
Undergraduate Student Award in
Kimberley Colangelo
Dr. John M. Hotson Memorial Bursary
Ian Pereira
Dr. Max Taylor Nathan Memorial
Award in Paediatrics
Michelle Danby
Science Students’ Council Impact
Award of Merit (BMSc or BSc)
Daneilla Dimitri
Meds Class of 1950 OSOTF Bursaries (6)
Christopher Appleton, Kimberly Luu,
Victor McPherson, Colin Meyer-Macaulay,
Paula Suffoletta, Lilian Wong
J. B. Campbell Memorial Scholarship
in Medicine
Vikram Velker
Dr. Marvin L. Kwitko Scholarship in the
Musculoskeletal System
Edwin Chau
Sara Boxen Memorial Bursary
Alanna Borris
Hunt for London Family Physicians
Natalie Hertzman
Dr. John Agnos Memorial Award In
Diagnostic Radiology
Ali Jahed
Dr. Martin W. Stapleton Award
Amber Kaufman
Robert L. Taylor Rural Southwestern
Ontario Medical Residency Award (3)
Mario Elia, Nicholas Lees, Eugenie Waters
Schulich Undergraduate
Medical Scholarships (63)
Anonymous Recipients (63)
Dickson Laird Bursaries (2)
Colin Meyer-Macaulay, Rebecca Olson
Dr. Arthur F. Haasz Medical Student
Aid Bursaries (12)
Dennis Cho, Paul Freund, Alexandra
George, Yiannis Iordanous, Emma Love,
Andrew Maeng, Ryan McLeod, Bikramjit
Rai, Nicholas Sunderland, Patricia Uniac,
Lucas Vivas, Matthew Zulys
Robert K. Annett Memorial Award
Vikram Velker
M.C. Mowry Memorial Bursary
Anonymous Recipient
J. B. Campbell Memorial Scholarship
in Heart and Circulation
Blaire Langlais
Dr. Martin J. Bass Clerkship
Scholarship in Family Medicine
Jacqueline Wolting
Rix Family OSOTF Bursary (4)
Caroline Armstrong, Claude Gorman,
Hassan Mir, Melissa Tenbergen
Rowntree Prizes in Medical History
Kathleen Mackeracher
Dr. Jim Richardson-Tilbury
Scholarships in Medical Sciences (2)
Sarah Felder, Cassandra Welten
Dr. Arthur A. Nareff Scholarship
in Medical Sciences
Alexander Yan
Rix Family Bursaries (2)
Michael Bishara, Valerie Hill
London and District Academy of
Medicine Memorial Bursaries (7)
David Charland,Marie Dion, Julia Hollett,
Matthew Kubica, Frank Myslik, Patrick
Prendergast, Adam Slomer
Dean Carol P. Herbert Award in
Health Advocacy
Michael Slatnik
Dr. Marilyn McKague Memorial
Melissa Tenbergen
Rix Family Award for Introduction
to Medicine
Kathleen Nichols
Rocco V. Gerace Award in Emergency
Kaitlin Hayman
Dr. Jim Richardson-Tilbury Medical
Entrance Scholarship
Morgan McWilliam
Dr. Archibald McCausland Memorial
Prize in Psychiatry
Caroline Armstrong
Richard Ivey Foundation Awards in
Medicine (15)
Kelly Anderson, Lindsay Billett, Meggan
Brine, Rachel Hall Kieffer, Avital Harel,
Kellen Kieffer, Lindsay Manor, Brianna
McKelvie, Brendan Peddle, Taryn Taylor,
Iva Vukin, Hao Wang, Eugenie Waters,
Jacqueline Wolting, Anonymous Recipient
Lilija and Janis Strauts Award in
Family Medicine
Stephen Burgess
Collins Memorial Prize in Geriatric
Amanda Gardhouse
Dr. L. Dewitt Wilcox Award in Medical
Matthew Valdis
Reginald and Verena Mayo Medicine
Dawid Martyniak
Robin Middleton Memorial Award (2)
Mario Elia, Vikram Velker
Clement Yung Award for Excellence
Corey Bricks
Dr. Angus McLachlin Clerkship
Scholarship in Surgery
Bartosz Mysliwiec
Reginald and Verena Mayo 125th
Anniversary Alumni Medicine Award
Paula Suffoletta
Leonard Sutcliffe Memorial Scholarship
Kaitlin Hayman
Dr. Jean Fraser Campbell Clerkship
Scholarship in Obstetrics &
Jacqueline Wolting
Dr. Alexander Graham Accessibility
Emily Jones
Raymond Edward Timbs and Alan Ross
Timbs Accessibility Award
Justin Zhu
Ivan H. Smith Memorial Prize
Malek Meshki
James F. Allen Memorial Award
Timothy Bell
Jeanne Deinum OSOTF II Bursary
Steven Bisch
Joan and Geno Francolini Award
in Medicine
Ashley Lee
John A. Lusk Award in Medicine
Adam Maruscak
John and Emily Kidd Continuing
Scholarship (4)
Sarah Gimbel, Daisy Liu, Joel Phillips,
Aaron Rothstein
John Belk Memorial Award
Hao Wang
John C. Rathbun Memorial Prize
in Paediatrics
Meggan Brine
John St. Clair Heal & Mercedes Billinge
Heal Awards (21)
Alanna Borris, Ashley Brown, Sydney
Card, Rory Crabbe, Gillian Hewson, Yi
Huang, Amanda Jasudavisius, Kirsten
Jewell, Thach Lam, Hwa Lee, Yu Li,
Anthony Main, Hassan Mir, Lonnie Pyne,
Bikramjit Rai, Pranavi Ravichandran,
Meds Class of 1958 Award
Julia Hollett
Meds Class of 1960 Bursaries (2)
Caroline Armstrong, Claude Gorman
Meds Class of 1960 OSOTF Bursary
Kristina Lutz
Med’s Class of 1967 Bursaries (2)
Lydia Cheung, Rachel Reardon
Meds Class of 1971 Bursary
Jennifer Bondy
Meds Merrymakers of ‘47 Award
Brett Howe
Norma Heather Fletcher Undergraduate
Student Awards in Medicine (10)
Jeffrey Armstrong, Salim Dhirani, Alissa
Dupuis, Jason Essue, Jasmine Kler, Kevin
Mitchell, Christina Morgan, Heather
Osborn, Ryan Paul, Sarah Thompson
Ontario Medical Association Student
Ian Pereira
Paul Patterson Memorial Award
Azizul Haque
R. A. H. Kinch Prize in Community
Eugenie Waters
Stanley Markell Dow Scholarship
Bradley Rowe
The University of Western Ontario
Award in Cardiology
Kuan-Chin Chen
Theo Mary Anderson Scholarship in
Family Medicine
Eugenie Waters
Thomas and Gertrude Wilensky
David Farnell
UWO Accessibility Award in
Medicine (4)
Antonio Gallo, Victor McPherson,
Ryan Mitchell, Augene Seong
Verda Taylor Vincent Scholarship
Kathleen Nichols
W. K. Kellogg Foundation Award
in Medicine
Sabrina Chung Sik Yuen
W.H. McGuffin Scholarships in
Radiology (2)
Paul Lau, Edward Weiss
Wes Thompson Rural Summer
Elective Awards (5)
Michael Ballantine, Ashley
Brown, Eric Clendinning, Amy
McCulloch, Joel Runk
Western Alumni Clerkship
Scholarship in Psychiatry
Karenina Aguilar
Rachel Slobasky Kaplan Scholarship
Christopher Pease
Western Ontario Family
Medicine Scholarship
Nelson Chan
Radiologists of Western Ontario Award
in Diagnostic Radiology
Jia Chong
Wilensky Prize in
Jillian Walsh
Raie and Nathan Pollack Bursary (2)
Marian Neelamkavil, Terry Zwiep
William A. Byles
Michael Zettler
W W W. W E S T E R N M A K E S A D I F F E R E N C E . C A
Anne Ferguson Memorial Award in
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Wesley Janzen
Dr. Catherine M. Copeland 125th
Anniversary Alumni Accessibility
Mohammad-Amin Madani
“To be recognized and respected by
my peers and have them nominate
me for an award is very humbling
and it was a very proud moment in
my life. I hope to give back to the
dental community in the same
manner that these donors have
courteously done for me.”
Rix Family Bursary OSOTF II (4)
Cameron Crawford, Laura DeLuca
Kakuriev, Nelly Hashem, Derek Tomson
Cecil G. Gracey Memorial Continuing
Joanne Colling
Igal Holtzer and Family International
Student Bursary in Science
Yeong Kim
Ronald and Gladys Richardson Bursary
in Dentistry
Linda Jiang
Charles Alexander Dow Scholarship
Sei Park
Isabelle Elizabeth Young Pearce
Bursary in Biology
Andrew Min
Royal College of Dental Surgeons of
Ontario Award in Basic Health Sciences
Crystal Riley
Royal College of Dental Surgeons of
Ontario Bursary (3)
Alvin Choi, Dennis Kwan, Sukhraaj Shinger
Royal College of Dental Surgeons of
Ontario Scholarships (2)
Erin McDonald, Crystal Riley
Schulich Undergraduate Dentistry
Scholarships (15)
Anonymous Recipients (15)
Toronto Academy Crown and Bridge
Study Club Awards (3)
Philip Anderson, Chia Lin, Grace Yuen
Walter Teteruck Bursary
Philip Anderson
3M Canada Company Bursary In Science
Anonymous Recipient
William and Cecilia Davies Bursary in
Bonnie White
Dr. Igor Bolta Memorial Award in
Restorative Dentistry
Soyeon Yoon Black
William Jeffery Scholarship
Kelly Macdonald
Dr. Leonard V. Shankman Bursary
Sarah Mancuso
Dr. Paul S. Sills Award in
Stephanie Dobney
Centennial Orthodontic and Paediatric
Dentistry Awards (2)
Stephanie Dobney, Lindsay Tuckwood
Alan C. Burton Course Prize in Medical
Tyler Kaster
Albert E. Wells Scholarship
Brian Malbrecht
Albert O. Jeffery Scholarship in
Applied Mathematics
Jonathan Tayar
Dr. Philip N. Launay Bursaries (3)
Young Chae, Karl Cuddy, Monica Raina
Dean’s Award of Excellence in Basic
Health Sciences
Erin McDonald
Albert O. Jeffery Scholarship in Honors
Plant Sciences
Aimen Naeem
Elgin Dental Association Award in
Oral Surgery
Daniel Weitz
Dental Alumni Society (UWODAS)
Dental Student Award
Mark Fantegrossi
Albert O. Jeffery Scholarship in Honors
Jaclyn Rosenbaum
Interface Oral and Maxillofacial
Surgery Scholarship
Fay Pereira
Dentistry Class of 1975 Scholarships (2)
Stephanie Dobney, Erin McDonald
Albert O. Jeffery Scholarship in
Craig Sinnamon
International College of Dentists
Ryan Edwards
Albert O. Jeffery Scholarship in Plant
Belal Alaloul
Ivy Radway Magee Bursaries
Mark Bishara
Albert O. Jeffery Scholarship in
Elan Panov
Dentistry Grad Pact Bursary
Soyeon Yoon Black
Donald S. Moore Award in Occlusal
Anna Primus
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Lin Clinical Award
Karl Cuddy
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Lin
Humanitarian Award
Sarah Trotter
Dr. Donald MacLean Award In Oral
Jia Hao
Dr. George Bedrosian Memorial Award
in Restorative Dentistry
Raouf Alshahwany
Dr. Gerald Z. Wright Entrance Award
Preetinder Kulaar
Dr. Gerald Z. Wright Entrance Awards
- OSOTF (4)
Ali Awada, Sungrok Choi, Emona Kraja,
Grace Yan
Dr. Gordon Nikiforuk Bursary
Jeffrey Chow
Kenneth F. Pownall Memorial
Tariq Hussain
Larry Oehm Alumni Entrance
Emily Santander
London & District Dental Society
Entrance Award
Michael Lung
London and District Dental Society
Vanessa Bourassa-Curran
Ontario Dental Association Awards
Derek Tomson
Ontario Dental Association Proficiency
Awards (2)
Rose Rizek, Daniel Weitz
Aleksis Dreimanis Prize
Izyan Mohd Izham
Allan E. Boone Scholarship
Rafael Schulman
Andrew E. Scott Medal and Prize
David Hall
Ann Kemp Memorial Bursary (5)
Rachel Danielson, Adam Eckmier, Chelsea
Hicks, Lama Kanj, Aimen Naeem
Anne Sale Porte Scholarship (2)
Scott Holmes, Brian Lockhart
AstraZeneca Scholarship (2)
David Hall, Steven Russell
Borwein Memorial Prize
Christopher Li
Oral Pathology Award
Ryan Edwards
Caradocian Prize in Geochemistry
Nicolle Bellissimo
Ralph and Lorna Brooke Bursary
Sarah Trotter
Caroline M. and Robert C. Bradley
125th Anniversary Alumni Award
Sandra Krecisz
Charles M. Carmichael Prize
Mary Phan
Chemistry Alumni Award
Ryan Guterman
J. H. Blackwell Bursary in Applied
Samah Zakout
Chemistry Alumni Scholarship
Amanda Young
J.B. Bancroft Science Prize and Medal
Alexander Pokluda
Chemistry Class of 1950 Scholarship
Malek Korkis
J.P. Bickell Foundation Mining
Scholarships (8)
Candace Brintnell, Christine Ciszkowski,
Olivia Greaves, Meghan Hewton, Ryan
Libbey, Jenine McCutcheon, Izyan Mohd
Izham, Barrett Nicpon
Cieslak Family Bursary
Meyenehi Iduwe
Class of ‘49 Prizes (4)
Mathew Abado, Daniel Gauthier,
Changwon Jung, Qi Wu
David M. Scott Scholarship
Caitlin Sullivan
Jake Greydanus Applied
Mathematics Prize
Ran Wei
Donald R. Hay Prize
Matthew Quinn
James and Dorothy Burns Chemistry
Nikita Aneja
Donna Kunkel Memorial Prize
Sarah Ooi
James D. McNabb Bursary in Chemistry
Jeffrey Pleizier
Dr. G. E. Hall Scholarships (5)
Mathew Carias, Stephanie Gottheil,
Danielle Hammond, Esther Rosenthal,
Krista Vincent
James D. McNabb Scholarship in
David Hall
Dr. Harvey Hunter Memorial Award
Jenine McCutcheon
Edward Barrow and Ida Hodgins Battle
Scholarships (2)
Emma Mullen, Jonathan Peck
Faculty of Science Alumni Bursary
Komal Dhanoa
Florence Bucke Graduate Scholarship
Kwang Kim
Florence Bucke Undergraduate
Kristine Kingma
Friends of the Gardens Bursaries (3)
Farzad Izaddoustdar, Matt Lafreniere,
Imran Meghji
G. Gilbert Waters Bursary
Candace Brintnell
Garnet Alexander Woonton
Nataliya Moldovan
Geoff Bain Award for Field Research
Shan Jiang
Geophysics Scholarship for Excellence
Adrian Smith
Gordon J. Spylo Award In Physiology
Aniket Natekar
Grad Pact Science Bursary
Scott McCusker
Grad Pact Science OSOTF Bursary
Michal Seman
Harrypersad-Tewari Scholarship in
Najwa Zebian
Helen I. Battle Medal and Scholarship
in Zoology
Jessica Collins
Helen I. Battle Scholarships (2)
Scott Holmes, Sacha O’Regan
Honor Robinson Hair Memorial
Joanne Colling
James Hall Norton Memorial Award (3)
Malek Korkis, Tyler Pinter, Jessica Sawyer
John Gordon McIntosh Scholarship for
Second Year Physics
Nathan Armstrong
John Gordon McIntosh Scholarship
for Third Year Physics
Matthew Quinn
Laurene Paterson Estate
Scholarships (47)
Ali Abbas, Menaka Abeyewardene, Heba
Al Tarhuni, Belal Alaloul, Anonymous
Recipients (2), Wesley Berube-Janzen,
Sandra Bulos, Ian Cameron, Pak Chan,
Rebecca Chessman, Connor Hart, Scott
Holmes, Yesul Hwang, Christopher
Ibbotson, Zulianna Ibrahim, Farzad
Izaddoustdar, Garrett Kapp, Yohan Kim,
Jisoo Kim, Ilia Kisilevsky, Sandra Krecisz,
John Leon-Cheon, Joanna Liu, Graham
Lloyd, Brian Lockhart, Issam Loubani,
Scott McCusker, Amanda McPhee, Kara
Messenger, Nataliya Moldovan, Paxton
Moon, Aimen Naeem, Sei Park, Tyler
Pinter, Jiyon Ryu, Jessica Sawyer, Elena
Shen, Stefan Smith, Lisha Tang, Gregory
Watkinson, Cristen Watt, Yiwen Xu, Jian
Yang, Zhiyuan Yin, Yan Zhou, Rongbo Zhu
Leland Ritcey Prize
Craig Sinnamon
Leland Ritcey Scholarship
Joseph Sadek
London Life Actuarial Career
Scholarship, Three Year Continuing (2)
Shaonan Fang, Alison Savill
London Life Actuarial Career
Scholarships, Two Year Continuing (4)
Kristina Lucas, Ashley McAlpine, Emma
Penny, Lorelei Vandendriessche
Manulife Financial Scholarships in
Actuarial Sciences (2)
Yu Liu, Ashley McAlpine
Mervin Wass Awards
Yedong Wei
Mervin Wass Scholarship
Lorelei Vandendriessche
Many Western alumni invest in endowed student awards that are held by Foundation Western, providing annual support for our students in
perpetuity. Foundation Western supports The University of Western Ontario in its mission by aspiring to build the leading university alumni
endowment fund in Canada.
For more information about Foundation Western, visit www.foundation.uwo.ca
Michael Bean Society of Actuaries’
Undergraduate Scholarship
Haochen Zhao
N. B. Patel Award
David Hall
Norman B. Keevil Award in Earth
Derek Brillinger
Nortel Networks Scholarships of
Excellence in Computer Science (2)
Woohyuk Jang, Laura Lenkic
Oakley and Marion Dean Continuing
Jennifer Trung
Parents Fund Award in the Faculty
of Science
Carl Shen
Randal Cole Scholarship In
Joseph Bainbridge
Ray Leroi Allen Scholarship
Sandra Krecisz
Reinhard Konrad Memorial Awards
in Science (2)
Sofia Nastis, Ashley Thomas
Richard and Julia Butler Scholarship
Allison Wettlaufer
Western Alumni “Go Global” Awards in
Science (2)
Lisa Kadoury, Annemarie Pickersgill
William F.M. and Helen M. Haight
125th Anniversary Alumni Bursary (2)
Sarah Carr, Eric Dolinar
125th Anniversary Alumni Award
in History
Emely Melendez
Air Ontario Bob Nyman Scholarship
Brandon McCarroll
Alan and Mary Adlington Scholarship
David To
Andrew Barnes Memorial Award
Steve Wallace
Andrew Grant Scholarship for Second
Year Economics
Yi Jiang
Andrew Grant Scholarship for Third
Year Economics
Michael Packer
Andrew Grant Scholarship in Second
Year Political Science
Megan Cheema
Richard Ivey Foundation Continuing
Scholarships In Science (11)
Belal Alaloul, Laura Bowie, Oscar FloresMedrano, Ilia Kisilevsky, Tae Kwon,
Christine Le, Muhtashim Mian, Sei Park,
Imran Shabbeer, Vivian Wang,
Jonathan Wong
Andrew Grant Scholarship in Third
Year Political Science
Alexandra Wilkinson
Richard Konrad Scholarship in Science
Tyler Kaster
Baldwin Family Scholarships in Honors
History (2)
Joseph Bodley, Priscilla Tang
Robert and Ruth Lumsden
Scholarships In Science (8)
Roochi Arora, Rajesh Bhayana, Olivia
Greaves, David Hall, Sei Park, Matthew
Quinn, Renee Rioux, Ryan Tsang
Robert and Ruth Lumsden
Undergraduate Awards in Earth
Science (4)
Syed Ali, Candace Brintnell, Maurice
Nguyen, Michael Theocharides
Robert and Ruth Lumsden
Undergraduate Awards in Science (13)
Michelle Barr, Yuri Cho, Lauren Harris,
Scott Kell, Malek Korkis, Jennifer Lung,
Garry Mann, Maurice Nguyen, Kayla
Pauwels, Richard Tang, Kaitlin Watt,
Wesley Whitlock, Najwa Zebian
Robert H. Betts Bursary
Claudia Li
Robert W. Hodder Travel Bursaries
Candace Brintnell
Science Students’ Council Impact
Award of Merit (BSc)
Lynn Nguyen
Strik Couprie Inch Cancer Research
Course Prize
Matthew Quinn
Suzanne R. Gourley Admission
Chris Hillen
T.W.W. Stewart Bursary
Robin Wing
TD Bank Financial Group Scholarships
in Computer Science (3)
Justin Dawid, Garrett Kapp, Regina
BACS Diamond Jubilee Alumni
Scholarships (4)
Richard Burbridge, Irini Caraman, Alicja
Nowak, Shan Wu
Barry Connell Steers Scholarship
Graeme Young
Charles Alexander, Erma May and
Nancy Elizabeth Stewart Award
Mei Chen
Clark and Mary J. Wright Scholarship
Naomi Andrews
CMA Ontario Strategic Management
Award (38)
Peter Anckaert, Ashley Annis, Ian Bell,
Timothy Bernard, Jessica Boland, Caitlin
Brisco, Diane Burns, Kaylen Crosse,
Jason Fogg, Megan Forward, Lisa Gillies,
Jennifer Golinski, Winston Guo, Rui Han,
Jungwoo Kim, Kelvin Kwong, Ryan La
Duca, Heather Lee, Ricardo Lee, Edward
Lee, Jia Luo, Shannon Macdonald,
Cameron McQuaid, Mitchel Nail, Vuanh
Nguyen, Sean Nixon, Chad Sasko, David
Schaefer, Kaley Sisler, Jenna Small, Juan
Teshima, Emily Wagen, Li Wang, Ching
Wong, Trevor Wood, Weijie Wu, Wenzhen
Yang, Sarah Yu
Dan Family BMOS Scholarship (2)
Jillian Bruce, Lauren Wong
Dancap Private Equity Graduating
Student Award in Management and
Organizational Studies
Brandon McCarroll
Dancap Private Equity Graduating
Student Award in Organizational and
Human Resources
Jenna Small
Dancap Private Equity Second-Year
Student Award
Pengcheng Tu
Theodor Ackermann Continuing
Christine Le
Dancap Private Equity Student Award
in Advanced Accounting
Thomas Ironstone
V.M. Joshi Memorial Scholarship
Yedong Wei
Dancap Private Equity Student Award
in Commercial Aviation Management
Daniel Mills
Varian Canada Prizes for Analytical
Carly Hewson
Dancap Private Equity Student Award
in Commercial Aviation Management
(Flight Training)
David Brown
Dancap Private Equity Student Award
in Intermediate Accounting
Nan Zheng
Dancap Private Equity Student Award
in Management Accounting
Robert Harris
Dancap Private Equity Student Awards
in Finance (2)
Juan Teshima, Shan Wu
Dancap Private Equity Student Awards
in General Accounting (2)
Winston Guo, Michelle Lockie
Dancap Private Equity Student Awards
in Marketing (2)
Ivan Kouchlev, Danielle The
Dancap Private Equity Student Awards
in Operations Management (2)
Payton Holliss, Paul Lagoszniak
Dancap Private Equity Student Awards
in Strategic Management (2)
Jared Green, Aileen O’Doherty
Dancap Private Equity Student Essay
Award in Organizational and Human
Steven Rutten
David H. Swankie Jr. Award in History
Lauren Pelley
David Ivor Memorial Bursaries (4)
Michael Hayes, Rafael Kim, Geoffrey Le
Fevre, Yi Zhang
David J. Stenason Scholarship
Daniel Goetz
David R. Small Award
Diana Rasmussen
Department of History OSOTF 2
Award (2)
Krista Burns, Meaghan White
Department of History OSOTF Award
Kimo George
Department of History Scholarship
Kathryn Mosley
Diamond Aircraft 125th Anniversary
Alumni Award
Jason Fogg
Doug Needham Memorial Award in
Commercial Aviation
Jason Fogg
Doug Needham Memorial Bursary (3)
Birgul Akgol, Karla McGauchie, Matthijs
Van Gaalen
Doug Needham Memorial OSOTF
Bursaries (3)
Justice James, Amanda Michalik, Maria
Ramirez Serrano
Dr. K. Victor Ujimoto Scholarship in
Aviation Human Factors Management
Jie Su
Dr. Keith Fleming/CMA Student Award
Chenjie Zhao
Dr. Mark K. Inman Scholarship
Chung Lao
Dr. W. Glenn Campbell and Dr. Mark K.
Inman Scholarships in Economics (2)
Christopher Li, Shahar Rotberg
Edwin A. Goodman Award In History
Holly Tunks
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Strategic
Management Award (41)
Dale Abrams, Andrew Ashworth, Adam
Blackburn, Thomas Bristow, Samantha
Campbell, Yun Cao, Phillip Collins,
Michael D’Agostini, Taylor Geoffrey, Dex
Gittens, Jackielyn Guanzon, Andrew
Hall, Dongjin Han, Li Jin, Millie Judge,
Hyunsuk Lee, Yilin Li, Bingjie Liu, Yu Liu, Yi
Ma, Mahmoud Mahmoud, Rachel Marrs,
Adrian Martin, Simran Mavi, Stephanie
Maxim, Sean McQuade, Joseph Miniaci,
Melanie Olivie, Annie Pan, Raxit Patel,
Sydney Plasterer, Kelsey Rodricks, Neville
Sadry, Andrew Stiver, Megan Teng, Stella
Tsui, Vladlen Venhrzhanovskiy, Lili Wu,
Haoxian Ye, Magdalena Zdunek,
Nan Zheng
Faculty of Social Science Alumni
Awards (14)
Adam Bazak, Stephanie Campbell,
Michael Carey, Anandita Ghosh, Ching
Law, Miranda Lim, Justine Lindner, Lindi
Masur, Laura McPhie, Marcus Mitchell,
Joanna Rowe, Matthew Snow,
Vivien So, Emily Wells
Faculty of Social Science Alumni
Scholarships (6)
Fareen Ahmed, Laura Booth, Jeffrey
Hernaez, Victoria Rodrigues, Ryan Stam,
David To
Faculty of Social Science Students’
Council Bursaries (7)
Benjamin Colosimo, Amy Cubberley,
Marly Johnson, Jing Lu, Emily McIntosh,
Barbara Osei, Gregory Robertson
Frank Manning Bursary
Kin Leung
Morrison Scholarship in American
Studies for Academic Achievement
Brendan Clements
Morrison Scholarship in American
Studies for Academic Improvement
Laura McGee
Nancy K. Innis Memorial Award
Charlotte Chiu
Ollie C. Cameron Scholarship
Lindi Masur
P. Michael Salentyn Memorial Award
Colin Brown
Parents Fund Award In The Faculty of
Social Science
Nicole Etherington
Fred Landon Prize in Canadian History
Theodore Cogan
Patrick and Marley Carroll Family
Alexander Bakas
G. Scott Paterson Bursaries (2)
Justin Kinley, Erick Pablo Mota
Pioneer Jamie Smibert Award
Daniel Genis
Gillespie Chapman Bursary Fund
Nicole Struthers
Professor Elaine Bjorklund Award (2)
Leanne Lau, Anh-Tho Le
Gillespie Chapman Scholarship (4)
Douglas Chen, Yunjie Du, Jonathan
Leach, Pengcheng Tu
R.B. Liddy Gold Medal
Nathalie Ranger
Godsoe Family Continuing
Scholarships (9)
Jacob Damstra, Brandon Duewel, Robert
Hersch, Chung Lao, Taha Mubashir,
Michael Packer, Miriam Puttick, Shahar
Rotberg, Qi Wu
Gracey Family Continuing
Scholarship (2)
Christopher Smith, Alexandra Wilkinson
Grad Pact ‘91 Social Science Award (5)
Joohyun Joo, Christina-Markie ammoletti,
Susheela Ramachandran, Amanda StuartRoss, Theresa Yurkewich
Grant and Peggy Reuber Merit
Megan Gregory
Harold Crabtree Foundation Awards
in the Economics of Industrial
Organization (2)
Ruo Qiao, Peter Tang
Hazel Marie Phillips Memorial
Scholarship in History (3)
Baillie Bell, Tyler Minor, Meaghan White
Hon. Edward Blake Scholarship for
Second Year Economics
William Kwok
Hon. Edward Blake Scholarship for
Third Year Economics
Michael Packer
Ian C. MacKellar 125th Anniversary
Alumni Bursary
Qi Wu
John A. McNee Award in Political
Nicolette Noonan
Joseph Henry Marshall Prize
Kalen Rixon
KPMG Foundation Award in Finance &
Valeryia Zaitsava
Lee Guemple Award in Anthropology
Tamara Ivis
Leslie Pomeroy Memorial Bursary in
Joanna Rowe
Linda Smith Holbert Award in Early
Childhood Education
Sara Schwartz
Richard Markell Scholarship
Tyler Minor
Robert A. D. Ford Award
Ryan Nichols
Rogers Family Award In Social
Science (2)
Bronwyn Lamond, Rachel Mckee
Ruth H. and James J. Talman Bursary
Daniel Genis
Sabine and Raymond W. Leduc
Strategic Management Awards (43)
Ali Basahi, Vashisht Bhatia, Anthony
Buonaiuto, Lauren Burke, Christopher
Chan Wong Sang, Peiru Chen, Pietro
Cortellucci, Jonathan Fiuza, Marc-Andre
Foster, Anthony Galati, Jared Green,
Manjot Grewal, Paul Griffin, Meagan
Hardy, Li-Fang Hsiao, Harrison Kelly, Peter
Kelly, Nolan Kiely, Na Kim, Seongyoun
Lee, Qiaoqiao Lin, Wai Ma, Bradley
Maker, Mark McArthur, Parth Patel, Julia
Scodellaro, David Seward-Pearce, Oliver
Shao, John Short, Scott Simon, Emma
Soever, Christina Stevens, Jonathan
Stewart, Michael Switzer, Richard Ting,
Khalid Ulomi, Melanie Vokey, Xin Wang,
Robert Watson, Kathryn Welker, Justin
Yuen, Cheng Zeng, Anonymous Recipient
Social Science Grad Pact Bursary
Janeth Zambrano Fonseca
Social Science Students’ Council
Leadership Awards (11)
Tyler Chartrand, Sarah Cobourn,
Meaghan Coker, Darren Dokis, Andrew
Duffield, Nicole Etherington, Gregory
Honour, Anh-Tho Le, Stephanie Maxim,
Gregory Robertson, Lucas Swanek
Society of Industrial and Office
Realtors Scholarship (2)
Michael CoDyre, Kiyomi French
Society of Industrial and Office
Realtors Urban Development
Marcus Mitchell
Sociology 020/021E Award
Shira Lurie
TD Bank Financial Group/William T.
Brock Bursaries (2)
Kristin Reid, Vivian So
W. Donald R. Eldon Scholarship
Matthew Gayford
Marlene Lee Scholarship
Amanda Vandenbogaard
W. J. McClelland Award
Charlotte Chiu
Martin W. Westmacott Award
Jonathan Charland
Walter J. Koenig Scholarships (2)
Brian Chen, Yi Zhang
McIntosh Prize in Geography
Danielle Tessaro
Western Alumni “Go Global” Awards in
Social Science (2)
Lauren Baumken, Ryan Brown
MGPS Organizational Management
Awards (7)
Nerisa Chatoor, Jaclyn Cummings, Xuan
Do, Kyle Hannah, Gregory Honour, Jordan
Novack, Zhi Xia
William Wyatt Scholarship in History
Brandon Duewel
An important part of our reputation as one of Canada’s top research-intensive
universities has been our success in attracting exceptional graduate students
who contribute to nationally and internationally renowned research programs
at Western.
Western is committed to significantly increasing graduate enrolment in the
coming years. The availability of competitive levels of financial support for
Alzheimer Society of London
Middlesex Graduate Awards in
Alzheimer Related Research (2)
Jordanna Epstein, Andrea Lischka
Bursary in Memory of Patricia S.
McMyne (3)
Jerri-Lynne Cameron, Colette Despagne,
Nadia El Sherbini Tawfiq Hassan
M. E. (Peggy) Collins Memorial
Graduate Award
Cecelia Palmer
Richard J. Schmeelk Canada
Fellowships (2)
Marie-Eve Caty, Nicolas Fillion
Society of Graduate Students’
Bursaries (27)
Karin Asselstine, Melina Baum-Singer,
graduate students strengthens Western’s ability to attract the PhD and Master’s
students needed to meet its graduate enrolment objectives.
Graduate scholarships, awards, and bursaries attract the brightest students,
ensure that a Western education is accessible to all qualified candidates, and
recognize and support exceptional academic talent.
Gregory Brophy, Jennifer Cameron,
Shirley Chan, Mussayab Ehtesham, Yaara
Eilon-Avigdor, Ali Haddad Narafshan,
MD. Bahlul Haider, Caitlin Hanson,
Heather Harder, Barbara Hewitt, Jessica
Isenor, Edna Lau, Cynthia Leighton,
Jordan Levy, Matthew Lundy, Rebecca
MacKenzie, Hayley Ng, Olfat Sarhang
Zadeh, Herbert Sum, Yiliang Tang,
Richard Thibodeau, Jaya Prakash Vemuri,
Caroline Williams, Lin Yuan, Anonymous
Society of Graduate Students OSOTF
Bursaries (23)
Taesang Ahn, Candice Boyd, Danielle
Charron, Jacob Clemens, Galen Crout,
Jamie Curran, Julian Dias, Ali Hatef,
Muhammad Iqbal, Ashlyn Jewell, Halema
Khan, Lisa Kramp, Kristopher Meen,
Nicole Pounds, Erica Pridoehl,
Alain Racette,
Jennifer Scornaiencki,
William Tam, Heather
Waters, Rachel White,
Calvin Wong,
Recipients (2)
W W W. W E S T E R N M A K E S A D I F F E R E N C E . C A
Nortel Networks Scholarships of
Distinction in Computer Science (7)
Daniel Golverk, Mitchell Gracie, Alanna
Harris, Matthew Kirk, Jarett Martin, Mark
McKenna, Regina Sinelnikov
W. S. Fyfe Faculty of Science Entrance
Scholarship (4)
Kristina Lucas, Lindsay Reddeman, Alison
Savill, Randa Stringer
Northwater Capital Management
Awards in Ageing
Lisa Chin
“I’ve taken the (Journalism) program
very seriously, with the aim of
becoming a first-rate journalist. To be
rewarded for my efforts in this way
is unexpected and heartening. The
award has gone a long way to getting
me over the finish line.”
Sciences & Disorders
Jean Kienapple Memorial Scholarship
In Audiology
Elizabeth Brunger
Leeper Family Award in Speech
Language Pathology
Paula Malczewski
ListenUp! Canada Awards
Terri-Lynn Gagnon
Netta Brandon Distance Clinical
Placement Bursary
Julie-Anne Coyne
Phonak Canada Distance Clinical
Education Bursary
Ashley Howarth
Phonak Canada Entry Award in
Clinical Audiology
Jason Cheung
Phonak Canada Excellence in Clinical
Audiology Award
Lindsay Acton
Seminars on Audition Scholarship
Terri-Lynn Gagnon
Society of Graduate Students OSOTF II
Bursaries (39)
Crystal Abbas, Dahlia Abou El Hassan,
Michael Ashbee, Ruth Basa, Caroline
Bennett-AbuAyyash, Michael Chiappetta,
Bruce Craine, Minh-Tri Do, Lindsay
Doucet, Michael Faulds, Mohammad
Fazel Bakhsheshi, Remo Ferrari, Kelly
Flannery, Terri-Lynn Gagnon, Natalie
Galbraith, Matthew Ivanowich, James
Jackson, Lucy Karanja, Ilana Katz, Erica
Kelly, Karen Kennedy, Jennifer Kozak,
Sandra Kulon, Paula Malczewski, Peter
Markvoort, Sophie Mathur, Alex Morgan,
Beth Nanni, Debby Ng, Tiffany Ng, Angela
Nicholson, Brooke Pratt, Matthew Rowe,
Kirstin Strath, Kevin Tyrer, Catalina
Vasquez, Megan Wells, Anonymous
Recipients (2)
Society of Graduate Students’ OTSS
Bursaries (27)
Amanda Baker, Steven Beasley, Christian
Bergmeister, Michelle Colli, David Cooper,
Brian Daly, Julian Dias, Carolyn Falls, Zhi
Feng, Nicole Fischer, Anonymous Recipient,
Colin Harding, Julianne Hazlewood, Alaina
Hillier, Mariana Hosking, Ariel Jones,
Svetlana Knorr, Victoria Lewis, Helen
Mapp, Peter Markvoort, Aimee Mccann,
Julia Millar, Erin Murray, Dennis Nolivos,
Meranda Salem, Liliana Santamaria-Kisiel,
Sanaz Soltani
Gordon Jeffery Endowment Strings
and Chamber Music Continuing
Marina Hasselberg
London Music Scholarship Foundation
Endowment Awards (3)
Christy Derksen, Michelle Kohl, Adam
Philip Downs Scholarship in Music
History (3)
Natalie Anderson, Michael Oldaker,
Dan Wang
Sun Light Foundation Graduate Choral
Conducting Award (2)
Allison Pauls, Sonja van de Hoef
Art Geddis Learning About Teaching
Memorial Award
Wendy Crocker
Centre for Inclusive Education
Research Awards (3)
Katarzyna Kalat, Joel Lopata, Gabrielle
Grad Pact Education Bursary
Erica Pridoehl
Jessica Jean Campbell Coulson Award
Heather Brown
Joan Pedersen Memorial Award
Mackenzie Sayers
Carl F. and Margaret E. Klinck
Scholarship in English
Allison Hargreaves
John Dearness Memorial
Graduate Award
Janice Pennycook
Eve Harp & Judith Wiley Classical
Studies Travel Award
Amanda Hardman
Terry Demers Memorial Bursary
Nisha Mehta
Faculty of Arts and Humanities Alumni
Graduate Awards (9)
Anonymous Recipient, Maria De Luna
Villalon, Nadine Fladd, Heather Kirk,
Caroline Lamb, Peter Miller, Stephanie
Oliver, James Restrepo, Morgan Tait
Jose Luis Barrio-Garay Bursary In
Visual Arts (2)
John Cushnie, Hillary Walker Gugan
Lynne-Lionel Scott Scholarship in
Canadian Studies in the Faculty of Arts
and Humanities (7)
Ewelina Barski, Louise Chaput, Maria De
Luna Villalon, Christine Knapp, Michelle
Mcgeean, Stephanie Rogerson, Leah Roth
Mary Routledge Fellowships (8)
Caelan Bowers, Shalon Butt, Agnieszka
Herra, Volha Kharytonava, Caroline Lamb,
Peter Miller, Andrew Patton, IulianBogdan Toma
McIntosh Prize In Canadian Literature
Alia Somani
Randall Graduate Research and Travel
Award in French
David Burty
Sara Marie Jones Memorial
Scholarship in English
Brad Bannon
Sir Charles Edward Saunders-Mary
Eileen Anderson - CCAA Scholarships in
French Canada Council Arts Awards (2)
Veranika Barysevich, Fanny Mahy
Bruce & Helen Mills Instrument
Awards in Music
Matthew McMulkin
Don Wright Award in Music (3)
Elizabeth Anderson, Autumn Courtney,
Heesun Jo
Women’s Caucus Essay Award (2)
Hilary Fair, Stefanie Spooner
Alan G. Davenport Award (2)
Bilal Bakht, Arash Naghib Lahouti
E.G.D. Murray Scholarship in
Biochemical Engineering (2)
Qasem Alsharari, Vivek Nagendra
Graduate Scholarship in Structural
Engineering (3)
Daniel Grenier, Michael Jolie, Ahmed
Mohammed Soliman
Ivan Malek Scholarship in Biochemical
Engineering (2)
Lisa Rogers, Nicia Williams
Unitron Hearing Entrance Award in
Clinical Audiology
Jacob Sulkers
William A. Cole Award for Excellence
in Audiology
Kelly Jellous
Daniel Ling Scholarship
Ashley Howarth
Dorssers Family Kent County Clinical
Placement Bursaries (7)
Ciara Aguinaldo, Marisa Bedard, Devon
Blain, Jamie Curran, Dayna Logan, Allison
McGee, Beth Mullen
Dean’s Entrance Scholarships for the
MA Journalism Program
John Pierse
Hugh Bremner Prize in Broadcast
Julianne Hazlewood
IDRC International Development
Journalism Award (2)
Steven Bull, Dale Carruthers
J.B. McGeachy Gold Medal and Prize in
Geoffrey Turner
Friends of the Library and Information
Science Program OSOTF Award
Thea Kerr
Irene Harris and Mildred MacPherson
Entrance Award
Margaret Ferguson
3M Canada Company MBA Bursaries (3)
Anantharaman Melatur, Cecil Sarin,
Anonymous Recipient
Accenture MBA Scholarship
Jyotsna Krishan
Andrew Grindlay MBA Student Award
Sunil Acharya
J.L. “Bud” Wild Prize for Print Journalism
Isabella Ssozi
Bank of Montreal PhD Scholarship
Shady Fraiha
J.M. Penny Crosby Prize for
Investigative Journalism
Michael Kennedy
Barbara Mary McIntyre Award
Daneen Krinke
Jerry Rogers Award In Writing
Geoffrey Turner
Joan Mead Memorial - CBC Sports Award
Julianne Hazlewood
Benjamin D. Anyon MBA Award in
Neha Agrawal
Brock Scholarships (6)
Mehdi Hossein Nejad, Esther Maier,
Brent McKnight, Robert Raffety, Michael
Roberts, Fei Zhu
John K. Elliott Scholarship in
Isabella Ssozi
C.B. (Bud) Johnston Graduate
Remi Trudel
Packianathan Chelladurai Award
Giulia Pepe
K.A. “Sandy” Baird Prize for Humorous
John Pierse
Chisholm Doctoral Scholarship
Zheng Liu
Alexander Hotson Memorial Award
In Nursing
Lesley Smith
London CAC/Rogers Cable T.V. Student
Research Awards in Journalism (3)
Matthew Lundy, Joel Tiller, Geoffrey
C.B. (Bud) Johnston MBA Scholarships (2)
Carolyn Hynds, James Pan
Claude Lamoureux MBA Health Sector
Awards (2)
Anonymous Recipient, Diana Wong
David Clark MBA Award
Navtej Sidhu
Arthur Labatt Family Graduate
Scholarship in Nursing
Sarah Benbow
Manjunath and Roja Pendakur
South Asian Student Scholarship in
Savithri Sastri
Dr. Edith M. McDowell Award in
Liza Turpin
Mary Helen Sweeney Scholarship
Carrie Jane Simmons
Dr. Samuel and Mrs. Vera Kanovsky
MBA Scholarship
Elizabeth Anton
Elizabeth Wooster Gold Medal
Lisa Giallonardo
Norman Jewison Admission
Scholarship in Journalism
Marika Motiwalla
Earl Orser MBA Award
Lauren Passmore
Joseph and Vera Byrne 125th
Anniversary Alumni Graduate
Scholarships in Nursing
Kendra Hastie
Norman Jewison Prize for Creative
Julianne Hazlewood
Louise Rickwood PhD Scholarship
in Nursing
Joan Samuels-Dennis
Susan Kennedy Grant Memorial
Entrance Scholarship
Lauren O’Neil
Occupational Therapy
Ursula Walford Memorial Award in
Geoffrey Turner
Arlene Shimeld Bursary
Lilian Antao
Distance Clinical Placement Bursary
in Occupational Therapy (2)
Shirley Chan, Rachel Sadler
Marilyn Conibear Bursary
Erin Walsh
Marilyn Ernest Scholarship (2)
Sarah Anderson, Heather Brinker
Walter Blackburn Award in Journalism
Christian Bergmeister
Western News Award in Journalism
Isabella Ssozi
William French Prize for Cultural
Geoffrey Turner
David S. Simmonds MBA Award
Peter Lowas
Ella Strong Chinese Alumni MBA
Ying Li
EMCO MBA Scholarship
Christopher Sheppard
Frederick Stanton MBA Bursary
Anantharaman Melatur, Cecil Sarin
General Motors of Canada Limited
MBA Scholarship
Swetha Dasari
Gilles Lamoureux MBA Award
Meena Nanji
Great West Life MBA Scholarship
Yaniv Nathan
Gregory Purchase 125th Anniversary
Alumni MBA Award
Andrew Akelaitis
Occupational Therapy Award
Anonymous Recipient
Library & Information
OTDBASE Distance Fieldwork
Bursaries in Occupational Therapy (2)
Michele Delmage, Anonymous Recipient
Gudaitis-Bluzas Health Sector
Ian Haase
Brian Robert Beacock Scholarship
Julie Wilson
Gwen and Ben Anders MBA Award
Diane Edgeworth
Christopher Mathew Dixon LIS
Memorial Scholarship
Rachel Peters
Heller Smith Family Foundation Award
Maria Ramirez Bolanos
Ronald & Gladys Richardson Bursary
in Occupational Therapy
Sanaz Soltani
Physical Therapy
Barbara Edwardson Orthopaedics
Kristen Baxter
London District OPA CPA Lillian
Pollard Award
Kristen Baxter
Ross and Jean Clark Scholarship (2)
Mehran Andalib, Emhemmed Youssef
David Vienneau CanWest Journalism
John Pierse
William J. Cameron Library Science Prize
Lynne Thorimbert
Earle F. Zeigler Scholarship in the
Faculty of Kinesiology
Katie Lebel
Julie Lassonde Scholarship
Tarek Jamaleddine
R.M. Quigley Award (2)
Africa Geremew, Hisham Hafez
David Murray Bowes Award for
Excellence in Writing
Isabella Ssozi
Leslie A. Bisbee Clinical Experience
Gwen-Yee Wong
Milos Novak Memorial Award (2)
Ashref Alzawi, Mohamed El-Marassi
Corus Radio London Scholarship
Julianne Hazlewood
Samuel D. Neill Scholarship (3)
Shelley Ferrell, Elizabeth Pattison, Lynne
John James Grier Memorial
Scholarship in International
Relations (2)
Christian Bergmeister, Jill Buchner
John Booker Award (3)
Andrew Oleniuk, Christopher Power,
Saeed Sasanian
L.G. Soderman Award in Civil
Mohamed Elkasabgy
CNW GROUP Entrance Scholarship
Shannon Kelley
Nan Phillipson Award for Excellence in
Undergraduate Teaching Assistants
Shawn Robbins
Sally Morgan Book Award
Renae Hunter
Donald K. Norrgard Award In Library
& Information Sciences (3)
Kristopher Meen, Deidre Modritsch,
Dagan Volpo
E. Stanley and Nadine M. Beacock
Bursaries (2)
Reena Besa, Leigh-Ann Cerka
E. Stanley and Nadine M. Beacock
Travel Bursaries
Tami Oliphant
H.W. Wilson Graduate Scholarships (4)
Shelley Ferrell, Sandra Herber, Deborah
Sturdevant, Warren Wulff
Laura Colvin Cataloguing Prize in
Library and Information Science
Kelly Ayers
Hydrogenics OSOTF MBA Award
in Entrepreneurship
James Pan
Ivey Alumni Association Toronto
Chapter MBA Scholarship
Brandon Gerson
Ivey Alumni Association/British
Columbia Award
Gregory Gunn
Jim and Heather Hunter MBA Student
Swetha Dasari
John F. Rankin MBA and Doctoral
Scholarships (2)
Kevin Hewins, Maziar Raz
Kenneth R. Good Family First Nations
Student Award
Dillon Johnson
Sally Morgan Bursary in Physical
Therapy (2)
Adam Leca, Xuan Zhao
Lily F.W. Chiu Memorial Scholarship
in Library Science (3)
Semyon Bratina, Sarah Mader,
Anne O’Sullivan
Manjunath and Roja Pendakur South
Asian Student Scholarship in Library
and Information Science
Harjinder Rana
Manulife Financial MBA Scholarship
Ying Li
Margaret Beckman Gold Medal and
Prize in Library Science
Pauline Dewan
MBA ‘71 Award
Susan Wiens
Andrew MacFarlane Memorial Bursary
James Saunders
C. Edward Wilson Medal for Media
Shannon Kelley
Maxwell/Farley Award in
Library Science
Pauline Dewan
Lawson-Mardon MBA Scholarship
Karamdeep Nijjar
MBA 1988 Award (3)
Kyle D’Silva, Ying Li, Nathan Pfrimmer
MBA ‘72 Award
Josie Law
MBA ‘75 Award
Neha Agrawal
MBA ‘83 Award (2)
Joshua Hamer, Jamie Kasprowicz
Tom Bailey MBA Award
Elizabeth Martin
Esme Walker Prize in Physiology
Veronica Ulici
MBA ‘87 Awards (5)
Andrew Baines, Pema Lhalungpa, Karin
Saldarriaga, Christopher Sheppard,
Tamar Tepper
Wail El Awad Memorial Award
Rafael Hospina
George W. Stavraky Teaching
Scholarship in Physiology
John Gillespie
MBA Student Support Fee OSOTF
Bursaries (3)
Kevin Callahan, Anantharaman Melatur,
Cecil Sarin
Micheal Needham MBA Award
Avnish Babla
Nelson M. Davis Scholarship (2)
Andrew Baines, Patrick Smith
Pierre L. Morrissette Institute for
Entrepreneurship Doctoral Scholarship
Fei Zhu
Robert Luba MBA Award
Quratulain Salim
Robert V. Brouillard MBA
Scholarship (2)
Daniel Martindale, William Wilson
Ross N Clouston Award
Joshua Chandler
S. Chum Torno PhD Scholarship (2)
Aimee Huff, Michael Wood
Schulich Award For Entrepreneurship (2)
Ryan Hall, Piyush Sehgal
Scotiabank MBA Awards (6)
Michael Arblaster, Juan Lastra, Stephen
Lidington, Milos Milicic, Matthew
Roberts, Todd Zeligman
Scotiabank MBA Leadership Awards
Elizabeth Cole
Sidney May Memorial Bursary
Anantharaman Melatur
TD Bank Financial Group MBA
Shannon Bailey
TD Bank Financial Group OSOTF
MBA Bursary
Matthew Roberts
TD Bank Financial Group Women in
Management MBA Awards
Andrea Adams
Walter and Jean Badun MBA Award
Lisa Caruso
Wilbert (Bill) H. Hopper MBA ‘59
Peter Walker
William Fuller MBA Award
Patrick Smith
William Mitchell Memorial Award
Piyush Sehgal
Carol Buck Graduate Scholarship
Michael Diamant
Department of Microbiology &
Immunology Graduate Fellowships (4)
Anonymous Recipient, Ryan Lum-Tai,
Roderick MacPhee, Mateusz Rytelewski
Dr. Alfred Jay Medical Biophysics
Govind Singh Rehal
Dr. Cameron Wallace Graduate Student
Award in Pathology
Andrew Pepper
Gordon J. Mogenson Graduate
Scholarship in Physiology
John Gillespie
Hari and Gudrun Sharma Graduate
Scholarship in Pharmacology and
Ciric To
Harold Brett Memorial Fellowship
in Neuroscience
Loretta Norton
John A. Thomas Award
Federico Beasley
Margaret P. Moffat Prize in
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Parvaz Madadi
Martin J. Bass - P.S.I. Foundation OSOTF
Awards (3)
Michael Lee-Poy, Jana Malhotra,
Upender Mehan
Paul de Mayo Award for Excellence in
Chemical Research
Cheng Lu
Christian Sivertz Scholarship in
Physical Chemistry (2)
Joshua Byers, Radu Racovita
Robert and Ruth Lumsden Fellowships
in Science (4)
Priyavrat Deshpande, Dong Fu, Andrea
Prentice, Caroline Williams
Chunfang Hu Graduate Fellowship
Andrew Conley
CSC 2004 Conference Travel Awards (3)
Caleb Martin, Laura Pavelka, Duncan
David E. Laudenbach Scholarship
Jennifer McDonald
Dr. Irene Uchida Fellowships in Life
Sciences (2)
Tanya Berkers, Nikhil Lobo
Dr. Joseph Soltys Graduate Award
in Chemistry
Heming He
Dr. Suzanne Bernier Memorial Award
in Skeletal Biology
Shirine Usmani
Morris Kroll Memorial Scholarship
Gobi Thillainadesan
G.Gordon Suffel Fellowship for
Graduate Studies in Applied
Economic Geology
Jordan Laarman
Nellie L. Farthing Memorial Fellowship
in the Medical Sciences
Kenneth Valyear
Geophysics Travel Scholarships (3)
Soushyant Kiarasi, Rie Miyoshi,
Laura Thomson
Stephen D. Poland Award
Wendy Teft
J.D. Detwiler Awards in Zoology
& Plant Sciences (2)
Shawn Garner, Mark Held
W.A. Bottom Prize in Physiology
Melissa Walker
John W. Arnold Fellowship
Bonnie Fraser
Douglas and Linda Beaton Awards
Manisha Jindal
Lillian Margaret & Walter David
Jackson Scholarship in Physics
Mathieu Boudreau
Dr. John Robinson Graduate
Matthew Miller
Dr. Bryan Smith Award in Graduate
Neville Jeannotte
Malcolm Ferguson Award In
Life Sciences
Jason Brown
Drs. Madge and Charles Macklin
Fellowship for Publication
Nicole St-Denis
P.J. Blake Memorial Award
Mariela Anderson
Michael Bean Society of Actuaries’
Graduate Scholarship
Sun Kim
Michael Locke Graduate Travel Bursary
Nikhil Lobo
Alan D. Edgar Award in Petrology
Nathan Bridge
Michael Locke Graduate Travel
Alexander Gerson
Dr. Georges Lachapelle Scholarship in
Family Medicine
Sharon Hatcher
Drs. Madge and Charles Macklin
Fellowship for Teaching and Research (2)
Katherine Kasper, John Robertson
Robert and Ruth Lumsden Graduate
Awards in Earth Sciences (5)
David Cooper, Carmela Cupelli, Ryan
Hladyniuk, Jim Renaud, Ryan Sawyer
Robert and Ruth Lumsden Graduate
Awards in Science (2)
Zhaohui Dong, Nikhil Lobo
Robert W. Hodder Travel Bursaries (5)
Matthew Armenti, Hayley Edwards,
Saralyn Horvath, Devrim Husrevoglu,
Anonymous Recipient
Ruth Horner Arnold Fellowship in
Plant Science (3)
Qi Gao, Sylvie Van Twest, Lulu Wang
Towers Perrin Graduate Scholarship
Cheng Qian
William H. Wehlau Award in Astronomy
Meghan McGill
William S. Fyfe Graduate Scholarships
in Natural Resources and Sustainable
Development (2)
Jim Renaud, Jeremiah Shuster
Alwyn F. Patience Memorial History
Ryan O’Connor
Brian Luckman Award
Beth Nanni
Douglas N. Jackson Memorial Award
Justin Feeney
E.G Pleva TA Award in Geography (2)
Elizabeth Hundey, Karen Ross
E.G. Pleva Fellowship Fund (2)
Catherine Hickey, Paul Mkandawire
Ellen Nilsen Award (2)
Jenna Dixon, Rozzet Jurdi Salah
Agnes and Carl Santoni were delighted to meet the recipient of the Carl and Agnes Santoni Graduate Scholarship in Mathematics, Mohammad Hassanzadeh (middle) during a recent visit to campus.
Mohammad Hassanzadeh believes graduate studies is the centre of all
important research and receiving support will help students change our world.
The recent Western graduate says the Carl and Agnes Santoni Graduate
Scholarship in Mathematics helped him financially and academically in his
pursuits at Western. The Scholarship is awarded to a full-time graduate student
who is in the Masters or Doctoral Graduate Program in Mathematics based on
academic achievement and research merit. The Santoni’s established this
scholarship to support a student specializing in Mathematics who was holding
an Ontario Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology. This allows for the
Santoni’s donation of $5,000 to be matched 2 to 1 by the Provincial Government
for a total scholarship of $15,000.
“Being able to use this scholarship allowed me to cut my Tutorial Assistant
duties in half,” notes Mohammad. “This allowed me to focus and make great
progress in my research and other academic affairs.”
Carl and Agnes are both Faculty of Science graduates, so they say donating to
Science was a natural choice for them.
“Math is the common link between the sciences and we got the sense that the
Department of Mathematics is often overlooked in gift giving,” says Carl “We
have a great deal of admiration for post graduate students studying math and
wish to acknowledge their dedication and hard work with an OGS scholarship.
Our hope is for the recipients to be successful in their studies and to pass their
knowledge and enthusiasm for math along to others.”
Agnes adds, “We don’t think our modest philanthropy will in itself have any
measurable impact, however, if everyone does a little, the impact will be
there over the years. It’s all about having some faith that your positive efforts
will be compounded.”
Mohammad says the scholarship was very important to him and he felt
honoured to meet his donors and thank them personally.
“Carl and Agnes Santoni are great people and I will never forget them.
Canada should be proud of these beautiful people and how they are
helping graduate studies and research in one of the most classical fields:
mathematics. The only thing that I can do to reward their kindness is to
study hard with the ultimate goal to make great achievements for our
society and country.”
Mohammad graduated with his PhD in August and is excited to have
started postdoctoral research in September.
W W W. W E S T E R N M A K E S A D I F F E R E N C E . C A
Michael Rawana Bursary
Anonymous Recipient
Walter A. Thompson Alumni
Piyush Sehgal
Arcangelo Rea Family Foundation
Graduate Scholarship (3)
Ayumi Hyodo, Jessica Metcalfe, Ian Power
ESRI Canada Limited Graduate
Student Award
Richard Sadler
Ivie Cornish Memorial Fellowship
in History (2)
Rachael Griffin, Jeremy Marks
Marilyn (Pack) McClelland Award in
Ian Holloway
Faculty of Social Science Alumni
Graduate Awards (7)
Megan Baxter, Abel Chikanda, Megan
Hancock, Matthew Maxwell-Smith,
Adena Miller, Dina Najjar, Carolina Oteiza
Jean Armstrong Fletcher Scholarship
in Canadian History
Marilla McCargar
Michael J. Troughton Graduate
Student Bursary
Susan Vansteenkiste
Leola E. Neal Award
Jennifer Tapscott
Professor Elaine Bjorklund Award
Yunliang Meng
Lynne-Lionel Scott Fellowship in
Canadian Studies
Jeremy Marks
Ralph S. Devereux Award in
Eugene Ji
G. Keith Humphrey Memorial Award
Andres Carrasco
Regna Darnell Graduate Award
for Fieldwork in Socio-Cultural
Anthropology (4)
Jennifer Long, An Nguyen,
Kinga Pozniak, Brandon Rouleau
Reva Gerstein Fellowship for
Masters Study in Psychology
Eugene Ji
Robert A. D. Ford Award
Mihaela Sitariu
Sir Arthur Currie Memorial
Scholarship (2)
Chidozie Okoye, James Partridge
T. Merritt Brown Thesis Prize
Eda Bozkurt
United Empire Scholarship
for Local History
Timothy Compeau
The Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) program and the Ontario Graduate
Scholarships in Science & Technology (OGSST) program recognize and support
exceptionally talented students in graduate studies. Under these programs,
every $5,000 in private funding leverages an additional $10,000 in matching
funds from the Province of Ontario to fully support one $15,000 award.
Recipients must be “A” students who have passed a province-wide competitive
review process based on their marks, references, research plans and
Nicolaas & Regina Veenboer
Foundation OGS (3)
Adina Arvatu, MIchael Bennett,
Erden Ertorer
Tom Sabourin Ontario Graduate
Scholarship (2)
Kristin Whitney, Binyu Yu
Wendel R. Smith Ontario Graduate
Suanne Mahabir
Western Fund Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (15)
Averil Farrar, Owen Glyn-Williams,
Jason Haladyn, R. Matthew Hutchison,
Mark Jull, Lawless,Katherine Beverly,
Jeffrey Malins, Dolleen Manning, Jared
McGeough, Laurel Mitchell, Jessica
Phillips, Jessia Reilly, Aarnoud Rommens,
Jessica Sherman, Hart Walker
BMO Financial Group Ontario
Graduate Scholarships (4)
Maria De Luna Villalon, Miriam Jordan,
Kostantina Northrup, Jamie Quail
Dr. Allison Heartz Johnson Ontario
Graduate Scholarship
Morgan Tait
Dr. George Edward Hall Ontario
Graduate Scholarships (2)
Sheldon Chow, Molly Kao
Graham & Gale Wright Ontario
Graduate Scholarships (4)
Cecilia Brain, Louise Chaput, Corinna
Ghaznavi, Jennifer Orpana
H. W. Kinnear Foundation Ontario
Graduate Scholarship
Elizabeth Effinger
James & Margaret Fleck Ontario
Graduate Scholarship
Riin Sirkel
James P. and Margaret A. Carr Ontario
Graduate Scholarship
Caroline Lamb
Marie Smibert Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (3)
Alexandra Dawson, Philip Glennie,
Katharina Paxman
Mary E. Turnbull Ontario Graduate
Patrick Casey
Western Fund Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (31)
Jessica Balmer, Ross Bullen, Shalon Butt,
Rebecca Campbell, Caitlyn Doyle, Leif
Einarson, Amy Hondronicols, Cristina
Ionica, Kaja Jasinska, Christine Knapp,
Lucien Lamoureux, Patricia Luedecke,
Michael Lynn, Cassie Mackenzie, Mallorie
Malone, Danielle Manning, Jason Marsh,
Nicholas McGinnis, Richard McNeil,
Ryan Middleton, Murphy,Tara Kathleen,
Stephanie Oliver, Andrew Patton,
Simona Pruteanu, James Restrepo,
Lee-Anna Sangster, Jonathan Sarma,
Michael Sloane, Alia Somani, Taylor West,
Tia Wong
BMO Financial Group Ontario
Graduate Scholarships (2)
Katharine Bestvater, Joelle Lehoux
Western Fund Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (4)
Elena Cimolai, Lauren Cooke, Lucy-Ana
Gaston, Jason Noble
BMO Financial Group Ontario
Graduate Scholarships (5)
Katherine Davidson, Xiaoxiao Du, Lucy
Karanja, Katie Lizmore, Erin O’Keefe
Western Fund Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (2)
Wendy den Dunnen, Hongfang Yu
General Motors of Canada Limited
Graduate Scholarship
Vaishali Karnik
Jim Pattison Ontario Graduate
Thomas Wallace
McKenzie Family Endowment Western Fund OGS
David Suelzle
Newalta Corporation - Western
Fund OGS
Angela Peck
Richard Dillon Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (3)
Shahram Amirnia, Mahmoud
Elsharnouby, Matthew Klaas
Ron Yamada Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (3)
Quan He, A.S.M. Jahirul Mazumder,
Victor Pupkevich
Tom Sabourin Ontario Graduate
Pritam Das
Western Fund Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (17)
Daniel Costa, Stephanie Drake, Ayman
El Ansary, Khaled El Bannan, Mahmoud
Elfeki, Mohamed Elkasabgy, Daniel
Grenier, Mohammad Hossain, Angela
Kedgley, Yu Liu, Benjamin Morgan,
Mehran Mozaffari Kermani, Mohammad
Norouzi Banis, Andrew Oleniuk, Jonathan
Pietrobon, Darcy Small, Shuying Wang
William A. McKenzie - Western
Fund OGS
Drew Rankin
communication skills. An OGS or OGSST award may be held for a maximum of
two years by a Master’s student, and four years by a Doctoral student.
OGS/ST awards are highly sought after and Western continues to have one of
the highest allocation rates for these prestigious scholarships in the entire
province. A total of 346 students were OGS/ST recipients during all, or a portion
of, the 2009/2010 academic year.
J.P. Bickell Foundation Ontario
Graduate Scholarship
Nathan Bridge
Allan and Donna Lansing - Western
Fund OGS
Michael Berger
C.B. (Bud) Johnston Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (6)
Samer Abdelnour, Fabrizio Di Muro,
Aimee Huff, Seung Lee, Esther Maier,
Theodore Noseworthy
Richard Konrad Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (9)
Remo Ferrari, Stephanie Keating, Jun
Ko, Heath Macmillan, Ilie Mitric, Syed
Murtaza, Sonja Teichert, Tomas Trebicky,
Dusa Vukosavljevic
BMO Financial Group Ontario
Graduate Scholarships
Lyndsay Martin
Robert E. Ferguson Ontario Graduate
Jun Du
Catherine R. Aikin - Western Fund OGS
Craig Duncan
Allan and Donna Lansing OGS in
Loretta Norton
Arthur and Sonia Labatt Ontario
Graduate Scholarship
Sinead Dufour
Northwater Capital Management Western Fund OGS
Molly Driediger
Tom Sabourin Ontario Graduate
Scholarship (2)
Anca Gaston, Casey Gray
Western Fund Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (57)
Lindsay Acton, Geoffrey Bardwell, Daniel
Bechard, Mary Blight, Candice Boyd,
Janna Brubacher, Laura Brunton, Alison
Burton, Oscar Campos, Laura Coates,
Amy De Corte, Kerry Deagle, Silke
Dennhardt, Samantha Doralp, Courtney
Dorrington, Joshua Droppert, Melissa
Dumoulin, Elizabeth Frieri, Andrea Gold,
Ruma Goswami, Jennifer Gow, Ashley
Grau, Tyler Groves, Tom Hazell, Ann
Holding, Jessica Huber, Kelly Jellous,
Johanna Jimenez-Pardo, Samidha
Joglekar, Crystal Kean, Svetlana Knorr,
Alexis Lister, Mercedes Louro, Andrea
Marjerrison, Andrea Martin, Louis
Mattar, Janet McMordie, Jennifer
Paradis, Carly Parisien, Michael Ravenek,
Charys Raynor, Shawn Robbins,
Rachel Sadler, Tracy Saunders, Alyssa
Schwartzentruber, Christina Senchuk,
James Shaw, Jordan Silver, Dana
Skowronek, Lyndsay Somerville, Margot
Stothers, Jacob Sulkers, Charlotte
Usselman, Paula van Wyk, Danielle
Waite, Laura Wood, Xuan Zhao
McConnell Family Ontario Graduate
Michael Pace
Raie and Nathan Pollack - Western
Fund OGS
Jennifer Noad
Schulich Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (62)
Fatima Abji, Jailal Ablack, Baraa AlKhazraji, Ricardo Baltazar, Federico
Beasley, Christine Bell, Gillian Bell, Lazar
Bojic, Erinna Brown, Elio Cino, Catherine
Ciszkowski, John Cooper, Courtney
Coschi, Stephanie Cull, Murray Cutler,
Lance DaSilva, Andrea Di Sebastiano,
Michael Diamant, Alfonso Dietrich,
Jessica Esseltine, Gregory Fonseca, Cezar
Gavrilovici, Rachel Gow, Steven Greening,
Scott Hughes, Oies Hussein, Jenna Kelly,
Kristin Kernohan, Wahab Khan, Nooshin
Khobzi, Miranda Kirby, Alexandra
Kleiman, Benjamin Kleinstiver, Nicole
Lauzon, Abdel-Rahman Lawendy, Saman
Majd Tavasoli, Andrew Martins, Lindsay
Mathew, Sarah McLean, Matthew Miller,
Jason Moreau, Ngan Nguyen, Edward
O’Neil, Jessica Osumek, Kinnari Patel,
Jacob Penner, Andrew Pepper, Samah
Rafehi, Marina Richardson, Kieran Ritchie,
Eric Sabondjian, Kelvin Shek, Lauren
Solomon, Bradley Stocks, Julia Taleban,
Reggie Taylor, Jennifer Thompson, Jari
Tuomi, Jacob Turowec, So Yang, Mateusz
Zajac, Yufeng Zuo
Western Fund Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (7)
Sarah Detombe, Christopher Johansen,
Jeffrey Law, Erin Moody, Farena Pinnock,
Jesse Tanguay, Matthew Teeter
Mary Louise and Dr. Peter Cameron
OGS (2)
Daniel Harvey, Jeffrey Preston
Wallace and Margaret McCain Ontario
Graduate Scholarship
Michael McNally
Andrew H. Fitzsimons Ontario
Graduate Scholarship
Avedis Karadeolian
Western Fund Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (11)
Jason Abdelhadi, Brian Brown, Trent
Cruz, Matthew Griffis, Nicole Mandula,
Jennifer Martin, Tami Oliphant, Jennesia
Pedri, Stephanie Rade, Stacey Wheal,
Julie Wilson
Betty Spencer Ontario Graduate
Scholarship (2)
Bernard Chan, Janet Powell
Western Fund Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (14)
Natasha Bumstead, Jenna Cameron,
Kevin Daub, Alex Gaiduk, Chad Harris,
Robert Haworth, Li,Weiming, Caleb
Martin, Eric Moise, Andrea Pitts, Matthew
Ward, Melissa Weston, Nicole Wityk,
Pamela Yakabuskie
France and Andre Desmarais Ontario
Graduate Scholarship
Bradley Lehrbass
Grant Reuber Graduate Scholarships in
Economics (3)
Daniel Montanera, Andrea Sweny,
Stephanie Thomas
Harold Crabtree Foundation Graduate
Hugh Cassidy
OGS in Social Science - Western Fund
Kinga Pozniak
Paul Greenberg and Marla Choslovsky
OGS (2)
Ke Xian AuYong, Philippe Belley
Sarah McRobert Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (2)
Rachael Griffin, Christopher O’Connor
Wendel R. Smith Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (2)
Dorotea Gucciardo, Ruby Nadler
Western Fund Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (34)
Alexander Al-khoury, Christine Boston,
Cynthia Brown, Adrian Ciani, Alicia Donis,
Kimberly Edwards, Lyndsay Evraire, David
Fieldhouse, Craig Greenham, Stacey
Hallman, Melissa Hendrickson, Emily
Jovic, Christine Kennedy, Taylor Kohut,
Magdalena Kubow, Christopher Martin,
Alissa Mazar, Michael McCausland, Gerald
McKinley, Sarah Miles, Denver Nixon,
Ryan O’Connor, Clifford Patterson, Kurt
Peters, Claire Salisbury, Janani Sankar,
Leah Sheppard, Darija Simic, Victoria Sit,
Katie Sluser, Marylynn Steckley, Christina
Taggart, Trevor Tovell, Nicolas Virtue
Carl & Agnes Santoni Graduate
Scholarship in Math
Mohammad Hassanzadeh
Dorothy J. Emery Ontario Graduate
Scholarships (2)
Tanya Berkers, Simona Hodis
Athletic scholarships, awards and bursaries help attract outstanding studentathletes to Western where they can develop leadership and teamwork skills,
and experience the merits of goal setting and achievement. The financial
support students receive ensures they have the time, energy and resources
to pursue greatness in their sport and in their academic pursuits.
At Western, we have set a goal to raise $4-million to support the Western
Mustangs Athletic Financial Awards program. The program funds athletic
scholarships which will support student-athletes by creating the opportunity
for them to receive $3,500 over four years.
The Mustangs Scholarship Breakfast is a fundraising event to support the
Western Mustangs Athletic Financial Awards program. Proceeds from the event
are invested into the Fund and in return the awards help Western to nurture
and produce exceptional student-athletes; the global leaders of tomorrow.
125th Anniversary Alumni Athletes
Merit Award
Elizabeth Wilson, Rugby
Forest City Track & Field Athletic
Jason Kerr, Track & Field
‘82/’83 Men’s Hockey Award
Jason Swit, Hockey
Founders Club Western Mustangs
Football Awards (5)
Garet Dickinson, Football; Scott Fournier,
Football; Lirim Hajrullahu, Football; Pawel
Kruba, Football; Jerod McCrory, Football
Allen Philbrick Mustang Football
Recruitment Scholarship
Sean Blake, Football
Athletic Club Mustangs Football Award
Cory Watson, Football
Bob Gage Awards (2)
Cassandra Mccaig, Track & Field; Daniel
McDonald, Track & Field
D. Jane Riddell Student Athlete Award
Sarah Lowry, Volleyball
Dale and Marion Creighton Football
Scholarships (2)
Jerimy Hipperson, Football; Andrew Rady,
Dan Smith Men’s Hockey Award
Yashar Farmanara, Hockey
Darwin M. Semotiuk OSOTF Award
Ryan Tremblay, Football
Darwin Semotiuk Athletic Leadership
Zachary Pollari, Football
Dorothy Thompson Bursaries (11)
Annalese Brown, Track & Field; Meghan
Hewins, Hockey; Adrian Kaiser, Football;
Vincent Lonsdale, Football; Cassandra
Mccaig, Track & Field; Michelle Nguyen,
Lacrosse; Zachary Pollari, Football;
Andrew Rady, Football; Tessa Sheil,
Swimming; Sherelle Solomon, Track &
Field; Virginia Wood, Rowing
Doug and Lauretta Hayes Mustang
Basketball Award
Zachary Angus, Basketball
Dr. Egon Beiler and Family Award
Lesley McCallum, Wrestling
Dr. Glynn A. Leyshon Award
Austin Van Horne, Wrestling
George Gordon Paterson Awards (2)
Adrian Kaiser, Football; Ryan Tremblay,
George Turnbull Award
Carolynna Gabriel, Tennis
Gordon Risk Athletic Awards (12)
Lisa Boyko, Golf; Sarah Cobourn, Field
Hockey; Erin Cochrane, Wrestling; Chantal
Forristal, Tennis; Catherine Lott, Soccer;
Melanie Lui, Track & Field; Jacqueline
Masongsong, Curling; Lynn Mockler,
Track & Field; Holly Ouellette, Hockey;
Nicole Pullen, Lacrosse; Catherine
Screaton, Volleyball; Allison Walker,
Gordon Risk Bursaries (23)
Salomeh Ahmadi, Fencing; Jennifer Bays,
Track & Field; Hilary Bennett, Golf; Wesley
Berube-Janzen, Golf; Annalese Brown,
Track & Field; Brittany Cooper, Swimming;
Andrea Ernesaks, Rowing; Jasmine
Fan, Badminton; Caitlin Gillen, Rugby;
Lauren Hopkins, Lacrosse; Shaunessy
Hutchinson, Wrestling; Julianne
Macaulay, Soccer; Christina Marchionda,
Soccer; Cassandra Mccaig, Track & Field;
Emmi Morris, Lacrosse; Alicia Pembleton,
Soccer; Lindsay Repath, Hockey;
Chaitanya Shah, Wrestling; Tessa Sheil,
Swimming; Elizabeth Wilson, Rugby;
Heather Witlox, Fencing; Virginia Wood,
Rowing; Rebecca Zhang, Badminton
Gordon Risk (OSOTF) Bursaries (8)
Carolynna Gabriel, Tennis; Lauren Hulme,
Lacrosse; Veronica Johnston, Hockey;
Jennifer Ng, Squash; Sarah Ogle, Soccer;
Brittany O’Halloran, Hockey/Lacrosse;
Lauren Parkes, Basketball; Jennifer Tran,
J.C. Hawlik Award
Ryan Tremblay, Football
Jack Cowin Football Scholarships (2)
Kody Campbell, Football; Michael Faulds,
Jack Cowin Wrestling Scholarships (2)
Adam Argue, Wrestling; Brianne Barry,
James Edward Melbourne Flin Award
in Kinesiology (2)
Jeffrey Baker; Louise Radford, Field
James G. Farmer Award
Brittany O’Halloran, Hockey/Lacrosse
“Awards, such as these, help students
finance their education and boosts their
self confidence. Thank you so very much
for such a kind and altruistic gesture.”
Joan Hamilton Swimming Award
Kimberly Labbett, Swimming
John Findlay Varsity Volleyballball
Eric Simon, Volleyball
John P. Metras Bursaries (2)
Gregory Hoegy, Water Polo; Veronica
Johnston, Hockey
Joy Taylor Memorial Bursary
Cassandra Mccaig, Track & Field
Judy and Murray Bryant HBA Rugby
Award (2)
Jacob Nowack, Rugby; Carl Stahlbrand,
June Burr Award
Sarah Ogle, Soccer
Larry Haylor Recruitment Scholarships
Marcus Babic, Football
Larry Shaw Athletic Continuing
Entrance Scholarships (2)
Lindsay Repath, Hockey; Jacklyn Selfe,
Larry Shaw Scholarships for Student
Athletes (2)
Scott Leitch, Track & Field; Jacqueline
Robinson, Volleyball
London 2004 Ontario Winter/Summer
Games Legacy Awards (4)
Brittany Cooper, Swimming; Mark
Pocrnic, Soccer; Sherelle Solomon, Track
& Field; Jennifer Tran, Rugby
Tim Wiggan Rugby Scholarship (5)
Thomas Bridger, Rugby; John Humphries,
Rugby; Michael Meschino, Rugby;
Micheal Talbot, Rugby; Ross Yellowlees,
Margaret and Robert Frewin Award
Sarah Burke, Figure Skating
Tom Whealy Football Scholarship
Bahman Bahrami, Football
Mark Aboud Swimming Award
Brittany Cooper, Swimming
Tornado Insulation Athletic Awards (2)
Erin Lamont, Volleyball; Kelly Moulden,
Michael Kirkley Memorial Football
Joshua Foster, Football
Murray Bryant Men’s Rugby Team
Michael Meschino, Rugby
Nash Family Football Athletic
Brendan Dunn, Football
Norm and Kay Irwin Hockey Award
Kevin Baker, Hockey
Ontario Hockey Association Bursary
Patrick Ouellet, Hockey
Tornado Insulation Women’s Hockey
Awards (2)
Holly Ouellette, Hockey; Ellen Seedhouse,
Vaughan Peckham Volleyballball
Reid Halpenny, Volleyball
William and Nesta Gordon Family
Wrestling Scholarships (2)
Scott Wheatley, Wrestling; Shawn
Wheatley, Wrestling
Station Park All Suite Hotel 125th
Anniversary Alumni Athletic Award
Kevin Luzak, Rowing
Brendan Dunn with his proud parents, Mike and Tanya.
Brendan Dunn says receiving the Nash Family Football Athletic Scholarship
combined with the opportunity to get a degree from Western is what kept
him in Canada to pursue his degree.
“Since athletic scholarships were introduced to the CIS (Canadian Interuniversity
Sport) and OUA (Ontario University Athletics) three years ago, Canadian
athletes have been given the opportunity to develop their passion for athletics
as well as attain a quality education at institutions like Western,” says Brendan
who is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Kinesiology. “Thanks to the
generous donation, this scholarship, has allowed me the opportunity to excel
in my athletic career as well as my studies.”
Prior to the OUA’s motion to grant athletic financial awards, student-athletes
with high academic averages had no athletic award opportunities in
Ontario. The Nash Family Football Athletic Scholarship was created in 2007
and is awarded to a student entering first year of any full-time undergraduate
degree program at Western, who is a member of the Mustangs Football team
and excels academically. The Nash Family established this $3,500 scholarship
at Foundation Western, in recognition of the retirement of Western’s head
football coach Larry Haylor.
Western has a goal to raise $4 million for Mustang Scholarships over the next
four years, creating an endowment fund that will generate annual income in
support of Mustang student-athletes in perpetuity. Athletic Scholarships will
help recipients with the cost of education, allow Western to compete with
other CIS schools in recruiting the best student-athletes, and allow the
university to continue building strong, competitive teams.
Standing at six feet eight inches, Brendan plays the offensive tackle position
on the Mustangs Varsity Football team. He says he has been thrilled to be an
ambassador for the University as they travel from city to city to play other
football teams.
After completing his undergraduate degree, Brendan would like to pursue
podiatry, a branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis and
treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Brendan notes
that he would be persuaded to put his podiatry aspirations on hold if
the opportunity to play in the CFL materializes.
“That would be a dream come true, playing the sport I love so much,
as a professional.”
W W W. W E S T E R N M A K E S A D I F F E R E N C E . C A
Bob Gage Athletic Leadership Awards
Erin Grand, Soccer/Squash; Hayley Nell,
Swimming; Ellen Seedhouse, Hockey
Fran Wigston Women’s Basketball
Stephanie Lundstrom, Basketball
Heather and Whit Tucker Awards (4)
Jennifer Cotten, Track & Field; Morgan
Hall, Track & Field; Jennifer Perrault, Track
& Field; Jeremy Trader, Football
Victoria Le (left) and Leanne Lau (right) appreciated meeting Professor Emeritus Elaine Bjorklund, for whom the award they received is named.
Leanne Lau and Victoria Le both say they felt honoured to receive The Professor
Elaine Bjorklund Awards and feel truly privileged to meet the woman for whom
the award is named. Each received $1,250 to help with their studies in the
Department of Geography.
The award was established through Foundation Western by a generous gift from
Hong Kong native Cecilia Yau (BA’72) in 1999, in honour of Geography Professor
Emeritus Elaine Bjorklund. With additional funding from Cecilia in 2007, today
two awards are given out annually to undergraduate or graduate students in the
Geography program in the Faculty of Social Science.
“The academic environment at Western has provided an excellent and
comprehensive platform for me to explore different academic aspects,” notes
Leanne who is from Hong Kong and graduated this year with an Honors
Specialization in Geographic Information Science. She hopes to become a pilot or
a surveyor. “Student scholarships reward students for their hard work and
encourage students to explore different academic interests so as to allow them to
develop a more comprehensive skill set. This support is very important in
enhancing students’ life at Western.”
Victoria who grew up in London says the award allowed her to meet the costs of a
university education without having to heavily rely on student loans.
“My ambitions require a lot of education and subsequently a lot of money,” says
Victoria, who graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Geography. “My
short-term goal is to complete a Master’s degree in health geography and in the
future I hope to attend medical school. Student scholarship donations are
incredibly important to recognize outstanding students who make an impact on
campus and in the community.”
Leanne and Victoria are both outstanding examples of how donor support helps
students realize their potential at Western.
The term “awards” is often used to refer to a grouping of scholarships, awards and bursaries.
University Policy 2.10 defines the use of these titles as follows:
AWARD: A monetary payment given
on the basis of a combination of
academic and nonacademic criteria.
Normally, a minimum “B” (70%)
average is required for undergraduate
students and a minimum 78% average
is required for graduate students.
BURSARY: A monetary award/
payment based primarily on
demonstrated financial need.
SCHOLARSHIP: A monetary award
having a fixed minimum value, based
on general academic excellence
(normally a minimum “A” (80%)
average), or on excellence in a
specific subject or group of subjects,
and in some cases also on nonacademic criteria. At the graduate
level the minimum average for these
scholarships is 78%.
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the Student Awards Recipient Report, which lists all
awards given out during the 2009/2010 academic year (September 2009 to mid-June 2010). Not all established awards are
given out every year, based on the availability of qualified recipients who meet the terms of the award or other
circumstances. Similarly, awards intended for multiple recipients may also not be given out in full number.
For the purposes of this publication, students have the option to maintain their privacy by requesting anonymity. Such
requests have been honoured through the listing of “anonymous recipients.”
If you would like additional information or have questions about a student award you established, please contact the
Department of Alumni Relations & Development.
Western students are extremely grateful to benefit from donor support and all student award recipients
are encouraged to prepare a thank you letter to the donor of their award. The Department of Alumni
Relations & Development is pleased to forward all letters received to donors or award contacts.
If you would like to meet the recipient of the award you have established, please contact the Department of
Alumni Relations & Development to determine if a meeting is possible. Most students are pleased to meet the
donors who established their awards and welcome the opportunity to express their appreciation in person.
Department of Alumni Relations & Development
Westminster Hall, 361 Windermere Road
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario N6A 3K7
519-661-2199 or 1-800-258-6896
Please ask to speak with Marcia Gibson, Stewardship Officer,
Student Awards or e-mail [email protected]

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