2007 Annual Report FD



2007 Annual Report FD
Athens Fire Department
2007 Annual Report
January 31, 2008
Structure Fire
Comic Book Shop
West Washington Street
JANUARY 31,2008
The Athens Fire Department is committed to serving the City of Athens and Ohio
University with a highly dedicated work force providing responses to fire and other emergencies.
The Department's goalis to utilize the department's expertise, training, experience, and resources
to protect, rescue, or assist in anyway possible those who call on the Department for help.
The Athens Fire Department is a dynamic organization with the primary responsibility of
protection oflife and property from fire and otheremergencies withinthe confines of the
municipality limits. The fire department interacts with various city departments, which includes:
police, code enforcement, water, service garage, personnel, and the auditor. The department also
works in conjunction with the localEmergency Medical Service (SEOEMS), Ohio University,
Local Emergency Planning Committee, State Fire Marshal's Office, Federal and State
Environmental Protection Agencies, Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management
Agency, ATF, and FBI.
In the year 2007, the Athens Fire Department responded to 845 calls, whichis an all time
high. The authorized staffing levelof the Athens Fire Department in 2007 was: (1) Chief (3)
Captains (3) Lieutenants and (16) Firefighters. Firefighters are on duty 24 hours a day365 days a
year. The Department has three shifts, each shift works 24 hours on duty and 48 hours offduty
with a minimum of two firefighters assigned to each station. In 2007 the Department had two
firefighters on injury leave most of the year. A Fire Department organizational chart is included
in the appendix. The Department has two stations, Headquarters, located at 61 Columbus Road
and Station II, at 454 Richland Avenue. These stations house two front line pumper trucks,
brush/utility truck and a tower/ladder truck and a heavy rescue. There are also two reserve
pumper trucks, one located at each station. The age of the fire trucks range from a 1987 to 2007.
A new pumper truck was purchased and was delivered in early 2007, the new pumper truck will
replace the 1987 FMC. The next major apparatus purchase will be the 1990 aerial tower truck.
The scheduled bid date is 2010 with an approximate cost of 1,100,000.00.
Both fire stations are approximately 45 years old and are in need of upgrade and repair.
Due to the age and state of repair, the Headquarters station should be relocated to a more
strategic location within the City. The Department has mutual aid agreements with all Athens
County Fire departments and is part of the Ohio Fire Response Plan, a statewide mutual aid
program, which includes the USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) Region 7.
The total 2007 allocated budget was $2,305,544.00. The total 2007 expenditures were
2,171,101.00. The Department's demand for service has steadily increased over the last decade.
The Department responds to calls which include structure fires, vehicle fires, brush fires, river
rescues, high angle rescues, vehicle accidents and extractions, confined space rescues, trench
rescues, structural collapse rescues, natural gas leaks, carbon monoxide complaints, hazardous
materials spills and leaks, elevator entrapments and all other types of emergencycallsfor service
which requires the Department's expertise.
The fire lossfor 2007 was approximately $ 529,000.00. This represents an increase from
2006. Fire inspections, tours, fire prevention, training, fire safetyconstruction projects and inhouse maintenance occupied much of the firefighters time during a normal work day. Fire
Fighters flushed and tested several fire hydrants during the year. The data which was collected
from hydrant testing was entered into the hydrant database. There are still areas of the City
where hydrants and lines should be added or upgraded. The Department is continuing to update
the fire hydrant GIS data base which allows quick access to hydrant information. Hocking
College GIS department updated the location of new fire hydrants in the City.
Due to the recent and projected growth of Athens, the recommendations of the Athens
Fire Department Community Assessment Committee, the Consultant's reports from Kramer and
Associates, and Fitzpatrick and Associates must be acted on quickly to ensure the citizens of
Athens, Ohio University and the Athens Fire Fighters safety. Only by implementing these
recommendations will the City and Ohio University have a fire department delivery system that
adequately protects the citizens, students and fire fighters.
In 2007 the Athens Fire Department was involved in:
1) All fire suppression within the city limits.
2) Rescues; high angle rope rescues, cave-ins, vehicle, confined space, structural collapse and trench.
3) Hazardous materials response (Operational Level).
4) Fire inspections.
5) Fire education (Primary and Pre-School children and teachers).
6) Maintenance and repair of self-contained breathing apparatus.
7) Maintenance of past and present records of fire and arson investigations.
8) Investigation of all fires.
9) Performing minor maintenance on both stations and all trucks.
10) Maintaining hydrant information, minor maintenance and flushing of hydrants.
11) Training of firefighters and officers on existing and new information.
12) Providing the public with information on various fire codes and fire related subjects.
13) Maintaining records on all vehicle repair and maintenance.
14) 911 Continuing Technical Advisory Committee.
15) Local Emergency Planning Committee.
16) Plan review of new and existing structures.
17) Pre-Fire planning.
18) City planning, annexation(s).
19) The Athens County Fire Firefighters Association.
20) Hocking Valley Regional FireSchool.
21) Mutual Aid Response to Outlying FireDepartments.
22) PlanReview of Ohio University Building Projects.
23) Bomb and Suspected Bomb Response.
24) Planning Commission Input.
25) Hocking College Fire Program Advisory Board.
26) The Athens County WaterInvestigation andRecovery Unit (ACDive Team).
27) River Rescue and Flood Events.
28) Anti Terrorism Planning and Response.
29) Ohio Fire Response Plan-Statewide Mutual Aid Agreements.
30) Weapons of Mass Destruction Training
31) Wellhead Protection Planning
32) Hazard Mitigation Planning
33) Strike Team 7 Regional Search and Rescue (USAR 7)
34) Statewide Water Rescue and Planning (Region7)
35) Region 7 Ohio Fire Response Plan Coordinator
36) National Incident Management System (NIMS) Compliant as of 2007
Departmental and Administrative Goals and Objectives
2007 FEMA grant -SCBA Replacement (Grant Awarded)
Re-certify all Fire Fighters in CPR/AED (Completed)
Annual fire hose testing (Completed)
Annual pump test on all trucks (Completed)
5. USAR grant money $12,000 (Completed)
Advanced Rope Rescue Class-all shifts (Completed)
Wax and clean trucks (semi annual) (Completed)
8. Hands on training-back to basics. Firefighting tactics and strategies
(On Going)
Self contained breathing apparatus annual testing and maintenance (Completed)
10. Update monthly fire prevention article. (On Going)
11. Meet with George Enevoldsen to identify maintenance work needed to both stations. (On
12. Rehire 2 firefighters. (Not Completed)
13. Hire full time fire prevention specialist & Secretary. (Not Completed)
14. Complete all mandatory testing of equipment and apparatus. (On Going)
15. Upgrade kitchens in both stations. (On Going)
16. Fire Prevention public service announcements on Government Channel (On Going)
17. Continue Monthly shift training program (On Going)
18. Halloween Pre Planning (On Going)
19. Continue Fire/Police arson investigation program. Additional training for both
departments. (On Going)
20. Continue to work with Emergency Management Agency along with other agencies on
Biologic and Chemical preparedness. (On Going)
21. Develop summer training schedule to include training with Richland and The Plains Fire
Department's. (Not Completed)
22. Update Department's Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Policies. (On Going)
23. Review NFPA 1710 with Service Safety Director and discuss options to the standard.
(Not Completed)
24. Provide "USAR" structural collapse shift training for all Fire personnel. Trained to
operational Level. (Completed)
25. Target commercial properties with residential units for fire inspections. (Completed)
26. Increase Arson/Fire Investigation knowledge- Captains Gilbraith & Klinger. (On Going)
27. Complete Mission Statement for Department. (Not Completed)
28. All Fire Personnel to be NIMS (National Incident Management System) complaint
TRAINING for 2007
Training is one aspect of a fire fighters life that is ever changing. New techniques, new
regulations, new and innovative products makes training one the most important daily activities
for the fire fighter. Many hours are spent honing the skills of the fire fighters. Classes such as;
Urban search &.rescue, Confined Space Rescue, River Rescue, High Angle Rescue, Hazardous
Materials Response, Wild Fire Tactics, Building Construction, First Aid and CPR, Automobile
Extrication, Basic and Advanced FirefightingTactics, Biological and Chemical Preparedness,
Weapons of Mass Destruction, Incident Command System, Arson Investigation, Trench Rescue,
RadiologicalTesting and Equipment Operation, Firefighting Foam, and Fire Department
Operations and Management are but a few of the many subjects that fire fighters must be
proficient in. In 2007, the personnel of the three shifts completed approximately 4,186 shift
training hours in the above areas.
SHIFT TRAINING (On Site Instructors) 2007
All Three Shifts
CPR, AED, FirstAid, Emergency Vehicle Divers Training, Meth. Labs, Emergency
Response to Terrorism, High Angle Rescue, Structural Collapse, Confined Space
Rescue, National Incident Management System (NIMS) 700, 300, 400, and Fitness/
Nutrition Class.
All Three Shifts
Training will be the primarygoal of the Department in 2008. Safety will again be a key
element of 2008's training for fire fighters.
Training 2008
March-Elevator Incidents
April-Landing Zone
May-Water Rescue
June-USAR Training
July-Auto Extrication
August-Firefighter Safety
September-High Angle
November-Building Const.
December-CPR/First Aid
Each year the Department participates in many fire safety education programs. The most
important is the National Fire PreventionWeek,whichisin October ofeach year.The Department
targets grades 1-3 at all schoolslocated within the City.This week is filled with school tours, smoke
house fire safety training, fire safety lectures, equipment demonstrations, and many fire safety
handouts. In 2007 the Department educated over 645 children and adults during Fire Prevention
week. KidFest was also a great fire safety education hit, with over 500 children and adults
participating. The fire fighters welcomed many school children from outside the City to the
Department for station tours. Over 586 children and adults were given fire safety education and
handouts while participating on fire station tours and Fire Prevention talks. In most cases, these
children would not be exposed to fire safetyeducation in their communities. Some of the community
schools which benefited from the fire safety education were: Amesville, Glouster, Chauncey, River
ValleyPreschool, Trimble, and Alexander. The Department's Fire Safetysmoke trailer wasalsoused
to teach fire safety at several locations. Over 1,731 children and adults participated in the Fire
Department's fire safety education programs in 2007.
The Department also provided fire extinguisher training for approximately 222 adults in
2007. This included City of Athens, Holiday Inn, and the OU Credit Union Employees.
Open Burning; Avoid Fire While Fueling, Dormitory Fires, Change Clock-Change Battery,
Smoke Alarms, Elevator Safety, Fireworks, Grill Safety, Carbon Monoxide, Halloween Safety,
Turkey Fryers and Candles-Holiday Safety.
Articles for 2008-Static at the Gas Pump, Dorm Fires, Smoke Alarms, Change Clock-Change
Batteries, Open Burning, Grill Safety, Fireworks, Carbon Monoxide and Chimneys, Halloween
Safety, Dangers of Turkey Fryers, Candles-Holiday Safety
2007 Fire Inspections
The Athens Fire Department made a total of 74 fire inspections in 2007 including 2 home
inspections. 69 inspections were completed with all violations corrected. 5 are still pending. A
total of 285 violations were found. One fire fighter was on injury leave for several weeks and was
allowed to work on light duty performing fire inspections. The listed inspections represent a
small portion of the commercial properties which need to be inspected annually. This
cannot be accomplished without a full time fire prevention officer. Of similar size cities in
Ohio, the Athens Fire department is the only department which does not have a full time
fire prevention/education officer.
An individual list of fire inspections made with those completed, those still pending and the
number of violations for each inspection follows:
1. Home inspection 80 S. Shannon Ave. 0 violations - completed
2. Echoing Meadows 319 W. Union St. 0 violations - completed
3. Athens Police Department UN. College St. 2 violations - completed
4. Athens County Courthouse 1 S. Court St. 12 violations - completed
5. The Other Place 43 S. Court St. 9 violations - completed
6. Athens County Sheriffs Office 13 W. Washington St. 10 violations - completed
7. Wendy's 380 Richland Ave. 1 violation - completed
8. Wendy's 1200 E. State St. 6 violations - completed
9. Pizza Hut 903 E. State St. 8 violations - completed
10. Pizza Hut 394 Richland Ave. 7 violations - completed
11. Athens Post Office 5 W. Stimson Ave. 7 violations - pending
12. Athens Head Start 507 Richland Ave. 4 violations - completed
13. Tri-County Mental Health 90 Hospital Dr. 0 violations - completed
14. Miller's Chicken 235 W. State St. 1 violation - pending
15. Crumb's Bakery 94C Columbus Rd. 2 violations - completed
16. Re-Use Industries 100 Columbus Rd. 4 violations - completed
17. New-2-U Shop 9B W. Stimson Ave. 13 violations - completed
18. Hyacinth Bean 94C Columbus Rd. 2 violations - completed
19. Taco John's 392 Richland Ave. 1 violation - completed
20. Aaron's 961 E. State St. 2 violations - completed
21. Hallmark 963 E. State St. 1 violation - completed
22. Saturday's 969 E. State St. 1 violation - completed
23. Radio Shack 967 E. State St. 1 violation - completed
24. Staples 973 E. State St. 4 violations - completed
25. Hollywood Video 959 E. State St. 1 violation - completed
26. Hibbett Sports 975 E. State St. 4 violations - completed
27. Petland 977 E. State St. 3 violations - completed
28. Athens Sport Cycles 165 Columbus Rd. 4 violations - completed
29. ATCO 21 S. Campbell St. 6 violations - completed
30. Union Street Cafe" 70 W. Union St. 8 violations - completed
31. China Fortune 20 Stimson Ave. 6 violations - completed
32. Farmacy 78 Stimson Ave. 7 violations - completed
33. The Market Uptown 30 Stimson Ave. 7 violations - completed
34. Davidson Supply 122 Columbus Rd. 6 violations - completed
35. National Check Exchange 914 E. State St. 5 violations - completed
36. Save-A-Lot 910 E. State St. 6 violations - completed
37. Sprint 908 E. State St. 6 violations - completed
38. Maxims 906B E. State St. 3 violations - completed
39. Little Ceasars 906A E. State St. 3 violations - completed
40. Autozone 912 E. State St. 0 violations - completed
41. Plaza Barber Shop 916 E. State St. 5 violations - completed
42. Liz Maule Realty 122 E. State St. 5 violations - completed
43. Court House Annex 15 S. Court St. 7 violations - completed
44. Big Lots 918 E. State St. 14 violations - completed
45. The Shoe Depot 743 E. State St. Suite K 4 violations - completed
46. Check-N-Go 743 E. Sate St. Suite HZ 1 violation - completed
47. Sherwin Williams 743 E. State St. 4 violations - completed
48. AT&T Wireless 743 E. State St. 0 violations - completed
49. Fiesta Salons 743 E. State St. Suite J 2 violations - completed
50. Court Street Diner 18 N. Court St. 2 violations - completed
51. Growing Tree Preschool 2 S. College St. 0 violations - completed
52. CATO 743 E. Sate St. Suite L 5 violations - completed
53. Rent-2-Own 743 E. Sate St. Suite Q 7 - completed
54. Goody's 743 E. Sate St. Suite P 0 violations - completed
55. Dollar Tree 743 E. Sate St. Suite N 0 violations - completed
56. Home Inspection 8 Warrick Ln. 0 violations - completed
57. Follett's Bookstore 63 S. Court St. 1 violation - completed
58. Little Professor Bookstore 65 S. Court St. 3 violations - completed
59. Baron Men's Shop 67 S. Court St. 6 violations - completed
60. Bali Karma 22 E. State St. 5 violations - completed
61. Wild Mercantile 30 E. Sate St. 9 violations - completed
62. Magic Video 20 E. Sate St. 2 violations - completed
63. Recreation Center Day Care 736 E. Sate St. 0 violations - completed
64. Perks Coffee House 49 S. Court St. 5 violations - completed
65. Cross Court 45 S. Court St. 4 violations - completed
66. The Pyramids 9 Mill St. 3 violations - completed
67. Bagel Street Deli 27 S. Court St. 5 violations- pending
68. Mountain Laurel Gifts 25 S. Court St. 5 violations - completed
69. HockingValley Bank 23 S. Court St. 2 violations- pending
70. 19 South 19 S. Court St. 5 violations - pending
71. Delta Zeta 55 Mill St. 0 violations - completed
72. Athens Physical Therapy 603 W. Union St. 0 violations - completed
73. Stages Early Learning 817C W. Union St. 0 violations - completed
74. Respite House 7976 Dairy Ln. 1 violation - completed
Fire Fighters performmuch of the maintenance on the fire apparatus, equipment and fire
stations. The on duty shifts spend manyhours maintaining and cleaning the various areas of the
stations and equipment. In 2007, fire fighters as a shift logged 980 shifthours cleaning and
maintaining the stations. They logged 2,126 shifthours maintaining the trucks and equipment.
The Department's tower truck is 18 years old. This truck should be replaced in 2011; the
approximate cost for a new tower will be $1,100,000.00. The overall maintenance cost for the
Department's vehicles in 2007 was $21,000.00. The Maintenance cost for the station(s) was
$16,160.00 in 2007.
Over the last six years the Athens Fire Department submitted a variety of grant requests
and has received over half a million dollars in grant funding.
Thermal Imaging Cameras
Breathing Air Systems
Fire Fighter Protective Clothing
City Service Garage High Band Radios
Fire Department Pagers
Fire Department Portable Radios
Heavy Rescue Truck
Heavy Rescue Equipment
$ 9,000
$ 1,100
Communication Package For Heavy Rescue
USAR Heavy Rescue Equipment
USAR Heavy Rescue Equipment
USAR Training Grant
MARCS Radios
Lap Top Computer
MARCS Radios
Some of the developments that have caused a greater responsibility to be placed on the
Athens Fire Department in 2008 are:
1) New regulationfrom state and federal level required more hours be devoted to
training of firefighters. Confined Space Rescue, Trench Rescue, Hazardous Materials
Training, High Angle Rescue, Basic and Advanced firefighter training, Incident
Command Training, Building Construction Classes (Firefighter Safety), Bio
Terrorism, Radiation Monitoring, Urban Search and Rescue and River Rescue are
some of the classes training requirements have increased therefore requiring more of
the firefighters time be allocated towards achieving these training goals and
2) Continued growth in the eastern and westernpart of Athens willcontinue to
extend the departments response times and has created larger fire loads in certain
areas. With the addition of new commercial structures in these areas, it will bring
additional traffic, which will reduce response time even more.
3) A higher student population than in the pasthas placed more people in the city and
increased the department's life safetyconcerns.
4) The increase in commercial properties, which will require inspections utilizing more of
the department's time. At present there are over850 commercial properties in the
City; The National Fire Protection Association requires that all commercial properties
be inspected twice a year. Without a Fire Safety Specialist, it is impossible to inspect all
but a few of the commercial properties in the City within the recommended time
5) Additional properties being annexed into the City, which creates additional
workload on the department. Proposed annexation willrequire additional
services from the fire department, which will require additional personnel. These
personnel should be in place and trained at time of annexation. The Department
cannot continue to operate with inadequate staffing levels, without placing the
fire fighters and the citizens of Athens in unneeded jeopardy.
6) Failure to replace fire fighters who leave the department, places fire fighters in
greater risk due to reduced staffing levels.
7) Multistory Residential Buildings without sprinkler systems should be retrofitted to
include sprinklers.
8) The city and the department should be more active in strengthening the
current fire prevention and building codes.
9) The Uptown Bars, a continuing problem of high occupancies and blocked
means of egresses in the uptown area.
10) Aging Fire Stations-A major upgrade or replacement of Headquarters station,
station 2 is in need of major maintenance.
2007 GOALS
Develop summer training schedule-to include training with Richland and The Plains fire
Continue Fire/Police arson investigation program. Additional training for both
Focus on hands-on training-back to basics. Fire fighting tactics and strategies.
Update monthly fire prevention article.
Update Department's Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Policies.
Review NFPA 1710 with Service Safety Director and discuss options to the standard.
Continue to work with Emergency Management Agency along with other agencies on
Biologic and Chemical preparedness.
Complete all Mandatory Testing of Equipment and Apparatus.
Monitor Monthly Fire and Tornado Drills at all City schools.
Update and Post Department's Web-Page.
Continue Fire Station Maintenance
Increase Arson/Fire Investigation Knowledge-Captains Gilbraith and Klinger.
Develop Continuing Education/Training Programs for firefighters-Lt. Rymer.
Increase Fire Fighter Safety Awareness (Captains).
Implement Standardized Shift Training Goals and Guidelines
Complete Mission Statement for Department.
Test Newly Installed Fire Hydrants
Continue Bi Monthly Structural Pre Fire Planning
Attend State and National Fire Association Meetings and Classes.
Continue annual Fire Fighter Respiratory Medical Evaluation Program
Inspect High Density Commercial/Residential Properties
Complete and Submit 2006 FEMA Grant
NIMS Compliant for 2007
Continue Bar Inspections In The Uptown Area on High Profile Weekends
Update City's Emergency Response Manual.
Complete capital purchases which include:
Replace Fire Equipment
Upgrade Kitchens
Station Repairs
The Athens Fire Department supports the recommendations the Athens Fire Department
Community Assessment Committee's has submitted to Mayor Abel.
Athens Fire Department Community Assessment Committee Recommendations
From the above Findings of Fact, the Committee has submitted the following
recommendations. These recommendations are divided into short and long term, the short term
to be completed by 2006 and long term to be completed, if deemed necessary, by the year 2010.
The recommendations of the committee are listed as follows:
Short Term Recommendations:
East End fire station to be built, located near the by-pass on East State Street. This
station should be staffed with a minimum of three on duty firefighters. The station
should be designed to accommodate a minimum of two pieces of rolling
A Fire Prevention Specialist position should be created to manage the fire
prevention and educational programs. This position would help prevent fires
through fire inspections, pre-fire planning and fire education.
Increase the Columbus Road station staffing to a minimum of four on duty
firefighters. This will allowfor the department's ladder truck to respond on all
high-risk calls.
In the interest of safety and initial response capability, the minimum on duty
staffing should be no less than three firefighters per station, and an on duty
command officer.
Replace the lost Fire Department positions which were lost due to budget
concerns in 2003. This includes two fire fighters and one secretary.
The recommendations sited above can only be achieved through broad community
support. Support that must come from City administrators, City Council, Ohio University,
students, businesses, industry, and most important of all, the residents of the community. The
current general fund is not able to bear the full cost, or even a significant part of the above
recommendations. Therefore an alternative source of funding must be considered. After the
Mayor's and Auditor's presentation, the funding question was discussed.
The committee believed that by utilizing an income tax levy plus some financial help
from the University and others, it would be possible to prepare the community for its future
firefighting needs.
In 2007 the Athens Fire Department responded to 845 calls for service, this is the highest run
total in the history of the Department. This represents a trend of a steadily increasing demand for
Other demands on the fire fighters time have also increased over the last few years. Some of
these areas which are requiring more of the fire fighters time are: Training- requirements have
steadily increased over the last several years, many classes now require multiple days to complete,
Maintenance of newer more complex equipment and trucks require more checkout time to keep
equipment online, Administrative duties require several hours a week of the shift captains to
complete. Each year the Department is required to meet a higher standard or implement a new
program, this year it is the extra time, work and training the USAR structural collapse
requirements will occupy. These new standards and programs add more work, additional cost and
require additional time from the department to complete.
In 2007 the department responded to an all time high of 845 calls for service. With a
continued increase in service, training requirements, responding to more and more mutual aid
calls, 20 calls in 2007, which is also an all time high. Taking on the USAR responsibilities for a
multi county area called Region 7; the department is beingstretched far beyond its safeoperating
In 1996 the City of Athens hired a consulting firm to evaluate fire protection within the City.
This study is known as the Fitzpatrick study.
One of the main areas which were evaluated was staffinglevels of the Department. It was
apparent to the Fitzpatrick group, the Athens Fire Department was severely understaffed. The
current authorized staffing is 23 officers and firefighters. This reflects a loss of two shift fire
fighters and a secretary position in 2003. The staffing levelfalls far short of the Fitzpatrick
recommendations. Unlike the Police Department, the Fire Department is the only full time
professional fire department in Athens County, the Fire Department cannot supplement its ranks
as easily as law enforcement.
The Police Department has the ability to draw from OUPD, Athens County Sheriffs
Department, and the State Patrol, which all are professional law enforcement agencies.
The Athens Fire Department must rely on outlying volunteers for any help that may be
needed. Many times these departments do not have the levelof training or cannot respond
within a timely manner to help in life safety situations. Of the above listed departments, the
Athens Fire Department has one of the lowest budgets, but is expected to provide a high levelof
fire and emergency response to the City and University. If staffing levels are not increased, the
current level of service cannot continue, responses to the University have increased, yet the
University does not contribute directly to help fund the Fire Department. Each year the
Department struggles with being understaffed and how to balance fire fighter safety with effective
fire fighting tactics.
Over the last several years there have been many discussions on how to increase Fire Department
staffing. It is apparent nothing has been done to address this issue. It's time for the University to
step up and help address the problem before a disaster happens.
1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
369 410 432 366 400 367 391
462 439 504 564 556 620 714
2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
659 776 626 767 806
810 845
3:57 Minutes *
* From time of call to time of arrival at scene.
2002 2003
w Fire Loss in Thousands of Dollars
FIRES $5,000.00 or Greater
754 W Union
93 Columbus Rd
19 W Washington
134 Mill St
$ 15,000
$ 60,000
Athens Fire Department
Officer Assignments
Effective 1/1/2007
Operations Captain: Captain Klinger
Develop and update Fire Department Pre Fire Plans/Provide BiMonthly Pre Plan
Develop and Update LockBox Information
Coordinate and Update 911 Hydrant/Other Information
Work With GIS Coordinator to Provide for AFD Needs
Work With Community Officials in Coordinating Disaster Drills
Correlate Annual Hydrant Testing Information and Complete Hydrant Book
Work with Chief to Review and Update SOP's and Policies
Administrative Captain: Captain Muhn
Process Vouchers
Complete Blanket/Operational P.0.'s
Maintain Uniform Expenditure Totals
Maintain SL/Vac Monthly Totals
Instruct Intern on Administrative Procedures
Maintain AFD Budget Totals on Computer
Update and Post Uniform Expenditures/Compare With Auditor
Post and Order Bulk Uniform Items
Contact Venders in Regards to Billing Issues.
SCBA Maintenance and Upgrades-Tank Testing
Maintenance Captain: Captain Gilbraith
Maintain AFD Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling
Schedule and Maintain files Pump, Hose and Ladder Test (Schedule Ladder
Cleaning and Maintenance)
Maintain Vehicle Logs-Monthly Truck Check Off Sheets
Upgrade and Maintain First Aid Kits and Supplies
Order Supplies/Parts For Stations and Vehicles
Station Maintenance Schedule
Maintain and Update Vehicles/Trailers Inventory List
Maintain and Update FireHouse Software
Run Monthly Backup for Fire House
Fire Department's Computer Contact
Send Monthly Fire House Run Reports to State
Schedule and Post Station and Vehicle Maintenance
Fire Prevention Lt: Lt. Smith
1. Fire Department Public Relation-Monthly News Release
2. Fire Prevention/Education-Fire Prevention Week-Other AFD PR Events
Fire Inspection and Haz-Mat Lt.: Lt Ford
1. Update and Post Monthly Shift Schedule
2. Maintainand Update AFD In-house Haz-Mat Information and Product Labeling
3. Provide Annual Inspection List To All Shifts
Training Lt.: Lt. Rymer
1. Work With The Other Captains To EstablishAFD Training Needs to Comply
With NFPA Standards
2. Develop, Schedule and Coordinate MonthlyAFD Training.

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