Review 1



Review 1
Early Cycladic figurine c. 2500 BCE. MM
circular (tholos) tomb c. 2000-1300 BCE
Central Court, Palace at Phaistos c. 16001500. Plan of Palace at Knossos 1500-1400
Knossos Reconstruction (c.
Knossos (“Royal Villa”) pillar crypt c. 1500
and Snake Goddess from Palace c. 17001600 BCE
Bird and Monkey fresco, House of
frescoes, Knossos c. 1700-1500
Knossos:“Toreador” fresco c.
1450 BCE
Minoan Crete Pottery. Kamares ware pitcher
c. 1800 BCE. Marine style rhyton c. 1500
Bull’s Head Rhyton c. 1500
Thera, Akrotiri, West House
c.1650 BCE
Akrotiri, Xeste 3, Women gather
saffron c. 1700-1650 BCE
Thera, West House, Miniature
fresco. Fleet arrives at a a town
Mycenae, grave circles. “Mask of
Agamemnon” and gravestone c. 1500
Niello Dagger c. 1500 and
Vapheio Cup 1500-1400
Tholos Tomb: The Treasury of
Atreus, c. 1250
Mycenae, Lion Gate c. 1250
and Ivory head of god, c. 1250
Pylos: reconstruction of megaron (L), plan of
palace and reconstruction of fresco of Battle
of Greeks versus Cavemen. C. 1250
Pottery. Octopus Jug (Stirrup Jar) c.
1150 and Warrior Vase, c. 1200.
Dark Age Architecture: Lefkandi apsidal hall.
Lefkandi Centaur. Both c. 1000-900 BCE
Attic Protogeometric (c.1000) and
Middle Geometric (c. 800) amphorae
A Geometric Funeral: Athens NM inv. 804,
Belly handled amphora c. 750 BCE
Late Geometric funerary Krater (Athens
990): Prothesis and Ekfora of a man c. 725
Geometric Sculpture. Warrior and
tripod leg from Olympia c. 750-700.
Mantiklos’ Apollo (bronze
statuette) c. 700-675 BCE
Architecture: temple model c.
750-700 BCE

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