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The AzA Gazette
AzA Gazette
1 The Azteca America Newsletter
Jul-Ago 2013 • Issue 16
The Azteca America Bimonthly Newsletter for Clients, Friends and Associates
Azteca America Gears Up
for La Academia Kids
Moving Forward With
Immigration Reform...............2
La Isla Returns to Azteca
Ventaneando America
Moves to Primetime...............3
Names & Faces:
Ricardo Becerra.........................4
Azteca America
New York Airs Newscast
From Puebla................................4
Grupo Salinas, Fundación
Azteca and Azteca
America Support
Immigration Reform...............5
Azteca America/
Coors Light Soccer Cup......6
Azteca 54 Hosts Second
Annual Upfront and Golf
Tournament in
Los Angeles..................................7
Mexican Soccer Action
Is Back..............................................8
La Academia will be back on September 1st. with an all-new format: La
Academia Kids. The program will showcase talented youth ages five through
14. The children will enter the prestigious elite starmaker program with their
parents to chase dreams.
In preparation, Azteca America casting sessions for La Academia Kids were a
huge success! With castings in New York, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles,
Azteca America expands the possibilities of finding the next music star of
Said Garcia and Beto Castillo conducted the New York casting with phenomenal
performances by the youth of the Big Apple. In Miami, celebrities such as Gaby
Crassus, Samuel Castelan, Melissa y Sebastian, among others, kept the crowds
entertained as the children gave them astonishing performances.
Castings in Chicago were held in conjunction with the Fiestas del Sol
entertainment fair. Azteca America’s stage and booth were the most crowded
of all Spanish-languages stations. The panel of judges included Mariana Septien
AzA Gazette
The Azteca America Newsletter
Moving Forward With Immigration Reform
This summer has been an impor tant time for the advancement of immigration reform. With the
Senate bill in place, legislation is in the hands of the House to prepare their proposal during the
next congressional session.
We continue to push for legislative progress with a series of immigration conferences that were
held throughout the country, in Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and Chicago. And we continue to
urge everyone to contact their congressmembers to emphasize the importance for the Latino
community of responsible immigration legislation.
As we move to our fall programming, we are excited to be returning with the second season of La
Isla, a reality show that takes place in a remote par t of the Dominican Republic with a combination
of Mexican celebrities and contestants from the general audience.
We have also held a very successful series of casting calls for par ticipants in La Academia Kids, our
newest reality show format. Events were held in New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and Dallas.
The casting calls have the double benefit of increasing the talent level of participants from both
sides of the border, as well as being impor tant local promotional events for our stations.
In other news, we have an update on the first weeks of the current soccer season, and we’re
preparing a great lineup for November sweeps that we’ll have more details on in our next issue.
As always, thank you for your interest in Azteca America,
Mar tin Breidsprecher
CEO Azteca America
cont. from p.1
Azteca America Gears Up for La Academia Kids
(anchor of the Azteca Chicago newscast), Alberto Castillo from La
Academia, Juan Barragan from Al Extremo, Said Garcia (from Coffee
Break and Al Extremo) and Pedro Rivera from Quiero Ser Grupero
2. Professional performers were also on hand to liven up the day,
including Pedro Rivera, Rosalina y su Tubeño (winner of QSG2),
Los Dukes, La Guera Chakalosa, Gypsy Influence and many more.
Fiestas del Sol reported a staggering 1.3 million attendees.
The Los Angeles castings, in Huntington Park, did not fall far behind
with an event solely organized by Azteca America. The event lasted
an entire day with performances by upcoming sensation Luis
Coronel and Regulo Caro, alumni of La Academia and the musical
debut of Gaby Spanic. The musical talent was accompanied by radio
hosts “El Mandril”, “La Toluca” and “El Burbuja” from La Raza and
Keven Ramirez and JC Cuevas from Super Estrella. Hundreds of
Latino families enjoyed the party dedicated to our youth and the
future of Latin American music stars.
Don’t miss La Academia Kids, beginning Sept 1 on Sundays at 6 pm
EST/ 5 pm CST.
AzA Gazette
3 The Azteca America Newsletter
La Isla Returns to Azteca America
The second season of La Isla, El Reality is back in September with even more extreme challenges than
season one.
The program will feature physical and mental challenges on a tropical island, with a mix of 18 contestants
from the general public as well as figures from the sports and entertainment world.
Michele Vieth, Paco de la O, Geraldine Bazan, Alan (exMagneto), Maritere Alessandri, Matias Novoa,
Cecilia Ponce, Alberto Guerra and Tania Rincon are among the celebrities who will travel to the
Dominican Republic to face the six challengers.
The competition will be stiff, with the challengers including fighters, boxers and athletes that are ready
to face the extreme conditions to become the last survivor in La Isla and take the almost $200,000
cash prize.
Alexander Lukini is back to host season 2 of La Isla, El Reality that will air Monday-Thursday at 8 pm
EST/ 7 pm CST beginning Sept. 2.
AzA Gazette
The Azteca America Newsletter
Names & Faces
Ricardo Becerra
Marketing Sales Manager
Azteca Stations Group
Ricardo first joined TV Azteca in 1998. Armed with a degree in
business administration from Mexico City’s Universidad Panamericana,
with special coursework in marketing, he joined the sales team that
reported Gustavo Guzman.
In 2001, he transferred to Azteca America, making him one of the first
members of the initial staff.
“I remember those early days when we used to travel every other
week to different cities. We were never more than 10 people running
everything for the network: from sales presentations to events, traffic,
programming, affiliates, etc. We launched and started operating with
just four stations and look at us now.”
Ricardo was then given the opportunity to move to Los Angeles for a
new challenge: to be a part of the KAZA team running Marketing and
Promos. His work has earned him three Telly Awards.
“I really enjoy doing what I do, not only working in TV, but also working
for Azteca. It’s like working with family.”
Currently, Ricardo oversees Marketing and the operations of the
Chicago, New York and Miami stations.
Ricardo is married and recently became a father for the first time with
the birth of his son Emiliano.
Azteca America New York
Airs Newscast From Puebla
Azteca America began airing this summer a special newscast for New York
audiences from the central Mexican state of Puebla with great success.
Mexicans are the fastest-growing ethnic group in New York City, representing
somewhere between 400,000 to over a million inhabitants in the metro area.
According to data from Mexican Consular Office, there could be as many as
600,000 poblanos, as Puebla natives are called, in greater New York.
Hechos Puebla is the number-one news program in Puebla, and airs weekdays
at 5:30 pm on Azteca America New York on WMBC, channel 63.6, as well as on
Time Warner channel 192, Dish channel 39, DirecTV 40, Verizon Fios 461 and
Cablevision 1047.
The newscast is anchored by Juan Carlos Valerio, a 15-year news veteran, who is
well-known locally for his straightforward approach to newsgathering.
AzA Gazette
5 The Azteca America Newsletter
Grupo Salinas, Fundación Azteca
and Azteca America Support
Immigration Reform
In support of a comprehensive immigration reform, Grupo Salinas, Fundación
Azteca and Azteca America launched a campaign that included on-air public
service announcements to encourage people to voice their support of
immigration reform and a series of forums in the cities of Los Angeles, Miami,
Houston, and Chicago.
The immigration forums kicked off in Los Angeles at the California Endowment,
where Roberto Suro, director of the Tomas Rivera Institute, was the moderator
and asked the questions “What happens when 11 million people move from
outcast status to membership in our society?” The panel of scholars discussed
what the legislation passage might mean for Los Angeles, and the nation.
In Miami, at the Miami-Dade College’s Freedom Tower, Congressman Mario
Diaz-Balart, spoke about the larger economic contributions immigrants would
be able to make for the community once their legal status changes. He
said that Immigration reform “is among the very few things we could do in
Congress right now that could immediately help the economy.”
Houston’s immigration forum at Rice University was one of the most lively
discussions. Tony Payan, a political scientist at Rice University’s Baker Institute,
called Texas “a paradox” when it came to immigration reform because it is a
red state but it is not hostile to immigrants, and it is extremely diverse.
The final forum took place in Chicago at the Chicago Cultural Center where
a panel of scholars talked about the bill that’s currently on the table and the
future of Chicago’s immigrant community.
Important Hispanic community
leaders have participated in the
Antonio Olivo, Xóchitl Bada,
Tamar Jacoby, Jaime
Domínguez, and Carolina
Tapia-Ruano discuss
the implications of immigration
AzA Gazette
The Azteca America Newsletter
Azteca America/
Coors Light Soccer Cup
In July, Azteca America and Coors Light presented a top level soccer match between two of the
most popular teams of the Mexican Soccer League: America and Puebla. Played in the Spar tan
Stadium in San Jose, CA and with an attendance of 10,000 spectators, the game was an impor tant
par t of the preseason of the Aper tura 2013 tournament. America, the current league champion,
defeated Puebla 5-1.
This event was also a great example of the additional proper ties Azteca America can offer clients.
In addition to category exclusivity, Coors Light had presence in all promotional material including
newspapers, magazines, flyers, posters, TV and radio spots, in addition to on-site elements like field
banners, on-field VIP experiences, pouring rights, tickets and other properties.
Our special thanks to Azteca San Francisco 50.
This is the first of numerous events that Azteca America is planning to produce in cities throughout
the country… stay tuned!!!
AzA Gazette
7 The Azteca America Newsletter
Azteca 54 Hosts Second Annual Upfront and
Golf Tournament in Los Angeles
Azteca America CEO Martin
Breidsprecher welcomes guests
together with on-screen talent
Azteca 54 continued its successful formula of upfront/golf tournament this year with a successful event
in Palos Verdes.
Following a day on the green, attendees met with the Azteca 54 team presenting their programming
strategy for the coming season.
Highlights included better coverage, updates on HD programming, continuing programming excellence,
superior product integration options, digital platforms and new talent integration, as well as locally
produced shows: Coffee Break, Entre Nos.
The upfront included a special visit from La Academia performers Cynthia Rodríguez, Yanilen, Samuel,
and Carolina Soto.
The event was hosted by Azteca America 54 VP & General Manager Khaled Abdelwahed, with the
participation of Azteca America CEO Martin Breidsprecher.
Cynthia Rodriguez,
La Academia alum and Quiero
Ser Grupero Host, delights
Martin Breidsprecher
and Khaled Abdelwahed
together with the evening’s
MC, Mandy Blancas
AzA Gazette
The Azteca America Newsletter
Mexican Soccer
Action Is Back
Live action of the world’s most popular sport is back with the Torneo Apertura 2013,
or opening season, of the Liga MX first-division Mexican soccer league.
Four weeks into the season at the time
of publishing, a very competitive season
means that 10 or 12 teams have real
possibilities to fight for the championship.
Perennial favorites, such as Club América,
the current champs will be defending
their title without the presence of striker
Chucho Benitez, who led the league in
goals for the past three years. Benitez
passed away recently in Qatar from
complications leading to cardiac arrest at
the age of 27.
Cruz Azul reinforced their squad with the addition of wing Joao Rojas. Chivas de
Guadalajara is taking advantage of its strong development system and had a very
strong preseason, as did Monarcas Morelia, which will rely on wing Jefferson Montero,
one of the stronger players in the league.
Early surprises this season include Veracruz, which was undefeated with a leagueleading 10 points at the time of publishing. Chiapas was also undefeated. Meanwhile,
León, Santos, Pachuca, Tijuana and Querétaro were also well positioned. Early
disappointments in the first weeks of play have been Monterrey Tigres and the
Pumas of the UNAM, who despite very strong rosters are in the last positions of
the league.Time will tell if they will be able to put the pieces together toward the
middle and end of the season.
Don’t miss the excitement and adrenaline of the best soccer games
of the Liga MX, Fútbol Mexicano only on Azteca America, La Casa
del Fútbol Mexicano!!
AzA Gazette
9 The Azteca America Newsletter
Luis J. Echarte, Chairman
Martin Breidsprecher
(310) 432-7645
[email protected]
Fundación Azteca America:
Nathalie Rayes
(203) 689-5127
[email protected]
Margarita Black
VP of Programming
Ph. (818) 241-5400
[email protected]
Grupo Salinas Corporate
Daniel McCosh
011 52 (55) 1720-0059
[email protected]
Bob Turner
President, Network/SpotTV
(646) 360-1758
[email protected]
Widad Leal
Marketing Manager
(818) 630-6000
[email protected]
Khaled Abdelwahed
VP General Manager KAZA 54
Azteca America
(818) 844-1450 Direct
[email protected]
Distribution and Affiliate
Relations: Juan Pablo Álvarez
011 52 (55) 1720-1313
ext. 39803
[email protected]
For further contacts see our website
A Grupo Salinas Company
Editorial Committee
Daniel McCosh, Editor • Linda Garcidueñas • Juan Pablo Álvarez •
Ricardo Becerra • Bruno Rangel• Nathalie Rayes • Diego Foyo •
Widad Leal
About Azteca America
Azteca America engages Spanish-language viewers by creating
unique, passionate and enlightening content that is relevant
to the daily lives of our audience. Wholly owned by Mexican
broadcaster Azteca, S.A.B de C.V., the second-largest producer
of Spanish language content in the world, Azteca America
complements its Mexican programs with an innovative lineup
of shows from third-party producers and distributors to
ensure the finest programming for its audience. The company
provides tailored, multi-platform advertising solutions for
clients seeking to reach the most dynamic consumer group in
the country.

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