70 Years Old And Good As Gold



70 Years Old And Good As Gold
70 Years Old And Good As Gold
STAR-NEWS PHOTO/Angie Eddleman
Here are the 2016 Colleens getting luck from the Blarney Stone. Miss Shamrock Macey Everett is surrounded by (l-r) 2016 Assistant Chairman Randy Lee, Dakota Garrison, Makayla Jackson, Alley Batenhorst, Hannah Cole, 2016 General Chairman Jeff Blackmon, (bottom l-r) Cinch Vinyard and Ashlynn Lee.
Blackmon, Lee lead this year’s celebration
The annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in
Shamrock couldn’t be possible without the hard
work and commitment from numerous community members making the event come together
Two of those volunteers every year are the
General Chairman and Assistant Chairman. This
year’s General Chairman is Jeff Blackmon and
Assistant Chairman is Randy Lee.
That means Lee will be the chairman for the
2017 celebration. Blackmon said he has always
enjoyed the parade, carnival and all the other
events that come every March in Shamrock.
“I’ve been a Shamrock resident since 2012,
and I really enjoy this time of year,” Blackmon
said. “The St. Patrick’s Celebration is a ‘One of a
Kind’ event that Shamrock can really be proud of.
“The fun thing about it for any of the people
who play a role is getting to be able to work with
a lot of great people around town that volunteer
time and effort,” he added. “Randy and I hope to
continue this successful tradition.”
Blackmon purchased the County Star-News
from 2009 St. Patrick’s Chairman Toby Brooks.
“The first year we were in Shamrock for the
celebration was in 2013, and the celebration exceeded all the expectations that I had,” he said. “I
was so impressed with the amount of people who
attended and all that helped.
“In 2014 when the celebration was declared the
official one for the state of Texas ... you could tell
the celebration began receiving even more recognition.
“I look forward to doing my best to keep Shamrock’s St. Patrick’s Celebration the best in Texas,
and I know Randy will do the same.”
Lee is a Shamrock native and owns Lee’s Refrigeration, located in Shamrock.
El Sombrero
Family Restaurant
STAR-NEWS PHOTO/ Angie Eddleman
2016 General Chairman Jeff Blackmon and 2017 General Chairman Randy Lee are looking
forward to another great St. Patrick’s Celebration in Shamrock.
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Proud to be in Shamrock,
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Day Celebration for the
State of Texas
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