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World Parrot Trust Gift Guide
World Parrot Trust
Gift Guide
WPT Gift Guide
Welcome to our 2nd annual WPT Gift Guide, your
source for high quality products for people and
parrots. We are grateful for your enthusiastic and
continued support.
With your help over the past year we were able to
extend our conservation, education and welfare
efforts including:
• Providing the personnel and equipment necessary
for aiding the critically endangered Blue-throated
• Assisting over 900 illegally trapped African Grey
Parrots by providing the necessary support for
their rehabilitation and reintroduction to the wild
• Supporting ongoing efforts to curtail the wild
bird trade in several regions worldwide including
S.E. Asia, Africa, Central and South America
This coming year we hope to continue these
programs and bring much needed support to more
parrots including the Thick-billed, Maroon-fronted,
and Bahamas Amazon parrots.
By purchasing items from this gift guide via the
phone, fax or through our online stores, you are
making a difference. Net proceeds from all sales
go towards helping save parrots.
Best wishes,
The World Parrot Trust Team
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Inside Front - Greetings
Page 1 – DVDs
Page 2 – Books and Calendars
Page 3 – Plush Toys
Page 4, 5 – Clothing
Page 5 – Arpilleras
Page 6, 7 – Enrichment - Play Areas
Page 8, 9 – Enrichment - Natural Toys
Page 10 – Cards and Stationery
Page 11 – WPT Art Prints
Page 12, 13 – Limited Edition Prints
Page 14 – Photographic Prints
Page 15 – Donations
Page 16 – Gift Membership
Inside Back – Ordering/Payment
Photo Credits
Cover: © 2008 Jamie Gilardi. All rights reserved
Page 12 - Photo Prints:
© Mike Bowles - Red-lored Amazon, Mitred Conure
© Sam Williams - Palm Cockatoo
© Herman Surkis - Hyacinth Macaws
© Jamie Gilardi - Hyacinth Macaws, Patagonian
WPT Gift Guide
DVDs to learn from and enjoy
For people and parrots!
PollyVision II - Parrots of the Americas
Journey to the places where the wild parrots dwell
and discover the joy of watching these birds as they
socialize, communicate, and soar freely through
the skies.
This DVD features footage of Macaws, Amazons,
Conures, and Parakeets in their various habitats,
information about each species and a running time
of over 80 minutes! Entertains pet parrots and
enchants their owners too!
Item #: V-PV2
PollyVision - Strictly for Parrots!
Watch the original best-selling DVD that has been
seen by thousands of people and parrots around the
world. Filmed on location in Australia, Africa and
South America this movie invites you and your
parrot to join the flock.
Item #: V-PV
Where the Wild Greys Are...
If you are interested in African Grey Parrots you’ll
love this DVD. You’ll witness rare video footage of
wild Greys and learn about their life in the wild, and
the effects of the wild bird trade.
Did You Know?
Parrots can see better than most people.
To enhance your parrot’s viewing
experience try showing the DVD on
an LCD TV or a computer monitor.
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Though potentially disturbing to watch, the trade is a
part of these birds’ lives that we cannot ignore. Your
purchase will also help stop the trapping of this wellloved parrot. All proceeds go to our dedicated fund
for African Grey Parrots.
Item #: V-AG
WPT Gift Guide
Books and Calendars
Good Bird! – Does your parrot occasionally
(or constantly!) scream, bite or cause havoc in
your home? This book is a guide on how to apply
basic positive reinforcement training techniques to
your daily life with a parrot.
Item #: B-GB
The Parrots of Luquillo – The Parrots of
Luquillo: Natural History and Conservation of
the Puerto Rican Parrot recaps a phenomenal
amount of research on parrots in Puerto Rico and
on many other Caribbean islands.
Item #: B-LUQ
The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
A San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller. This is a
true and unique story set in an ‘urban wilderness’
about Mark Bittner, a transient, and a wild flock
of conures (captive escapees and their offspring)
who have made San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill
home for over twenty years.
Item #: B-WPTH
Parrots 2009 - Wall Calendar – World-renowned
wildlife photographers create a year-long gallery
of stunning images of parrots as they are
rarely seen.
With each month you’ll find a new photo along
with informative captions to shed further light
on these wonderful parrots.
Item #: FFCAL09
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WPT Gift Guide
Parrot Plush Toys
These large 30 cm (12 in.) plush parrots make
a great gift or charming addition to your or a
child’s toy collection.
Series includes the threatened Hyacinth Macaw,
Moluccan Cockatoo, and the Sulphur-crested
• Includes mini-booklet with species facts
• Soft, kid-safe and cuddly
• Surface washable
Brighten your day and learn something new by
including these warm plush toys in your gift list
this year.
Item #: PLUSH-12
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WPT Gift Guide
T-shirts and Clothing
Palm Cockatoo – Proudly wear the emblem of the World
Parrot Trust on a quality, long-wearing T-shirt made of
natural cotton. Regular T-shirts are available in off-white
SM to XL. Women’s scoop-neck design available in pale
Item #: T-PALM
Golden Conure – Wear this unique T-shirt specifically
created to support the Golden Conure Survival Fund.
Regular T’s are available in SM to 2XL. Women’s scoopneck designs in SM to 2XL. Available in white and made
of 100% cotton.
Item #: T-GC
Endangered Parrots – Try one of our most popular
T-shirts that looks great on everyone, and is guaranteed to
please and educate. Regular T-shirts are available in sizes
SM to 2XL. Available in white and made of 100% cotton.
Item #: T-END
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WPT Gift Guide
Long Sleeved Clothing
Denim LS Shirt - Embroidered WPT Logo
Great when you want a little more than a T-Shirt!
This quality blue denim shirt with embroidered
WPT Logo looks great on everyone who tries it.
We carry this shirt in SM to XL.
Item #: SWEAT-PD
Wombat Zipper Pullover (International Only)
Cuddle up in this blue vintage washed 100%
combed cotton warm pullover. Pullover includes
a contrasting corduroy inside collar and black hem.
(Not shown)
Item #: CL04 WOM
WPT Fleece Jacket (International Only)
Enjoy a soft, plush, winter-ready fleece zipper
jacket. In rich charcoal grey. (Not shown)
Item #: CL13FLEE
Rainforest Art Protecting Parrots
Hand-crafted, one of a kind, original
Discover how you can support parrot conservation and encourage sustainable development
in one of the very wildest areas of the Peruvian
Amazon when you purchase one of these
stunning parrot-themed artworks.
The purchase of each of these 45cm (18 in.) wallhangings helps support indigenous communities
which in turn protect their local clay licks - an
arrangement that benefits parrots and humans
alike. Funds raised from each sale encourage this
sustainable trade.
Item #: ARP
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WPT Gift Guide
Parrot Toys and Enrichment - Unique Play Areas
Wingdow Unipod
This bird-safe, attractive activity stand is built with your bird’s
health and enjoyment in mind.
• Built on an interchangeable design, this unit can be modified
with different attachments for the top of the stand
• Durable and made of the finest grade of stainless steel
• Easy to clean - droppings and food items wipe off easily
• Compact - takes up only 61 cm (21 in.) of floor space
• Elegant and aesthetically pleasing acrylic base for the more
formal areas of your home
This easy-to-maintain stand
will exercise and entertain
your parrot. Assemble one
with ease, stand back and
watch your bird play.
Item #: TOY-UNI
“Designed for use in the home
or office, with the enrichment
of the life of your parrot in
Wingdow Quadripod
This unit is designed to bring excitement to your parrot’s day.
• Modular in design and adaptable to the needs of your bird
• Tough durable design for long-lasting and safe play
• Built of high quality stainless steel for ease of use and cleaning
Introduce the Wingdow Quadripod to your parrots and watch
them delight in play!
Item #: TOY-QUAD
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WPT Gift Guide
Wingdow Seat
Safe and durable, the Wingdow provides a secure
area for your parrot to view the outside world.
• A safer alternative to your bird climbing or flying
onto a bare window
• Built of bird-safe durable plastic and stainless
steel hardware
• Will mount on your window with no damage to
the woodwork
• May also be used in the shower or any similar
glass-like surface
Easy to install and keep clean, these fun perches are
available in sizes small to large.
Item #: TOY-SEAT
Wingdow Gym
This innovative play area for large companion
birds can be used in front of a window or a
patio door, or along any wall.
Built of stainless steel and backed by clear
plastic panels that protect woodwork and walls,
this gym creates a safe, secure area to keep your
parrot engaged.
• Multi-stage design supports most toys and
small hanging gyms on the market
• Sturdy, bird-safe design fits in a space of
91 cm x 91 cm (36 x 36 in.)
• Optional plastic panel fits on top to
prevent birds from climbing above the Gym
Increase the play spaces in your house with
this safe, entertaining play area.
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WPT Gift Guide
Parrot Toys and Enrichment - Naturally Great!
Get a Grip Parrot Exercise Grid
This unique mesh created from untreated Abaca
rope is designed to emulate the natural local
environment of a parrot in the wild.
• May be hung or draped in many different and
engaging configurations
• Provides physical and mental enrichment
through its varying textures and hole sizes
• Encourages parrots to create new games and
physical activities
Stimulate your feathered friends with this
interesting and sturdy toy.
Available in many sizes from small to large.
Item #: TOY-GG
Built of twigs and formed into a ball this toy is
sure to engage the minds of parrots and their
keepers alike.
Available in sizes from:
Small - 10 cm (4 in.)
Medium - 12.7 cm (5 in.)
Large - 15 cm (6 in.)
Did You Know?
Providing enrichment isn’t just fun, it’s
one of the best things you can do for
your feathered friend. Destructive habits
like feather-picking and screaming will
often be reduced or eliminated.
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WPT Gift Guide
For small, medium and large birds,
the Bamboolie is easily filled with
your parrot’s favourite chew and
play items.
• Made of natural bamboo trunk
filled with various natural fibres
• Each bamboo segment has one hole;
each segment varies in diameter from
10 to 15 cm (4 to 6 in.)
• Is wrapped with abaca rope for easy
hanging horizontally or vertically
This toy is a great enrichment item to help
your parrot play, relax and enjoy life. In sizes
small, medium and large.
Item #: TOYBAM
Fine Vine Swing
Introduce this naturalistic swinging vine to
your parrot and watch how he plays to his
heart’s content!
• Made from untreated abaca and is 91 cm
(36 in.) long
• Features a woven ball and a preener at the
bottom of the vine
• Stimulates natural climbing, preening and
flapping behaviours
The Fine Vine Swing is sure to
enhance your parrot’s life in
many positive and fun ways.
Set one up for your fine
feathered friend.
Fuzzy Wuzzy Preener
Designed for hours of preening,
chewing fun and relaxation, this
toy is sure to please your parrot.
Give a fine, sturdy and fun toy for your feathered friend to enjoy!
• Made from a whole coconut with the skin, husk and nut shell
• Holes are drilled into the nut for hiding food or small toy items
for inquisitive parrots
• Good for foraging, chewing and shredding
Watch your parrot become fascinated by the different colours and
textures of the nut as he works on it for hours at a time!
Item #: TOY-COCO
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WPT Gift Guide
Cards and Stationery
Seasonal and Greeting
The high quality photographic images used for
these beautiful cards make a special statement
when you give them to those you care about.
Additional card designs can be viewed online.
WPT 12 Greeting Cards – Send a personal note
to loved ones on these 8.5 x 6 in. photographed
greeting cards. This set of mixed cards features
the World Parrot Trust 12 - our focus species.
Item #: NC-WPT12
Seasonal Cards – Create joy with these bright
5 x 7 in. parrot yuletide greeting cards. Six unique
photos in set of 12. Contains two of each image.
Postcards – Great for collecting or giving to
friends and loved ones. Each set of 20 cards
contains five of each design (4 x 6 in. card)
Item #: 4X6PC
Note Pads and Bookmarks
Stationery Note Pads – Remember all of your
important jobs with these scenic note pads. Six
designs, each with 50 sheets. Size 4.25 x 7 in.
Bookmarks – Collect all of these colourful
parrot bookmarks, or give them to your friends.
Three designs are made of durable plastic.
Size: 2 x 7.5 in.
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WPT Gift Guide
WPT Prints
African Grey
Paul Staveley’s striking print of an African
Grey Parrot in three different positions is
unique and moving. It’s also a best-selling
limited edition print, so supplies are
running low quickly!
• Print is 19 x 12 ½ in. Looks great framed
• Features a Grey Parrot engaging in a
number of natural behaviours
Golden Conure
This stunning print by wildlife artist Grant
Hacking was created to raise funds for the
WPT Golden Conure Fund.
All proceeds from the sale of this print go
to help save parrots. Shipping is included
in price.
Item #: PR-AG
• Giclee print is 20 x 30 in. and on canvas,
virtually identical to the original
• Features a trio of Golden Conures in their
natural habitat in a lovely, moody setting
All proceeds from the sale of this print go
to the WPT’s Golden Conure Fund for the
preservation of the species and its habitat.
Shipping is included in price.
Item #: PR-GCON
Did You Know?
The Golden Conure Fund has enabled
researchers to study key habitat for this
species and helped to secure important
areas of rainforest.
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WPT Gift Guide
Open Edition Prints
Cynthia Kulp
Following a passion that began at age 7, Cynthia has spent
almost a lifeftime raising and studying parrots. She has
written articles for bird related magazines in addition to
helping to raise money for many conservation organizations
such as the World Parrot Trust.
Giclee prints available on archival paper.
“Sun Conures” 14 x 12 in.
“Double Yellow-headed Amazon” 6 x 7 in.
“Cherry Head Conure” 6 x 7 in.
“African Greys” 21 x 16 in.
“Military Macaws” 24 x 16 in.
Additional prints not shown can be viewed online at the WPT
eStores, including images of Macaws, Cockatoos, and more.
Item #: PR-KSC (Sun Conure)
Item #: PR-KDYA (Double Yellow-headed Amazon)
Item #: PR-KCHC (Cherry Head Conure)
Item #: PR-KGREY (African Greys)
Item #: PR-KMM (Military Macaws)
By request
Original paintings and commissioned works are available by
request. Please contact the WPT for more information.
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WPT Gift Guide
Pat Carlton
Pat Carlton has always been interested in
natural history and painting. Over the years
her work has been exhibited at a number of
galleries and wildlife parks across the UK.
“Black-capped Lory” 14 x 10 in.
“Yellow Headed Amazon” 14 x 10 in.
“Palm Cockatoo” 12 x 10 in.
“Blue and Gold Macaw” 12 x 10 in.
Printed on high quality acid-free paper, these
prints make a stunning addition to any art
Item #: PR-PCBCL
Item #: PR-PCYHA
Item #: PR-PCPAL
Item #: PR-PCBAG
Images of Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo and
Blue-streaked Lory (not shown) can be
viewed online at the WPT eStore.
Eustace Barnes
Kent-based wildlife artist and tour guide
leader, Eustace Barnes has guided tours to
every region of South and Central America
and has travelled widely elsewhere. Her
great interest in the Neotropics started
from working as a resident naturalist at
Explorer’s Inn in the Peruvian Amazon.
• “Red Fronted Macaws, The Amboro
National Park, Bolivia” 19 x 27 in.
Printed on high quality acid-free paper
Item #: PR-EBRFM
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WPT Gift Guide
WPT Photographic Prints
Wild Parrots - Up Close
Indulge yourself or buy a lasting, wonderful gift for
someone special with our stunning photographic prints.
These images are sure to delight.
Mitred Conure – Item #: PP-MICO
Hyacinth Macaw – Item #: PP-HM
Patagonian Conure – Item #: PP-PACO
Palm Cockatoo – Item #: PP-PALM
Group of Hyacinths – Item #: PP-GHY
Red-lored Amazon – Item #: PP-RLAM
Available in a variety of sizes and styles (details on order form)
Additional images online
Select from dozens of additional images and framing
options when you visit our WPT stores online.
Suitable for any decor, you can
choose from over 150 mats
and 160 frame styles to create
a truly unique presentation
for these stunning pictures.
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WPT Gift Guide
Dedicated Funds
Give a very unique gift when you donate to a
specific project on behalf of someone special.
Your gift will help to fund:
Field research and habitat studies
Educational programs
Protection of critical habitat areas
Development of sustainable alternatives
to trapping parrots
• Efforts to enhance welfare of pet parrots
With over 20 different projects to support,
you’ll be sure to find a very great match and
give a gift that makes a difference.
Item #: D-PS
“WPT projects have aided forty
species of parrots in twenty-two
countries around the globe...”
Special Occasions and Events
Special events can be made more significant by
giving a gift that creates lasting effects for parrot
conservation. Encourage family and friends to
donate to WPT on your behalf for your
anniversary, birthday or wedding.
We’ll send you:
• An online location for your guests to donate
• A web site address to send to your friends
• Brochures which highlight WPT’s efforts
Item #: Contact the WPT directly
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WPT Gift Guide
Share your support
Give the gift of a Membership
It’s the perfect surprise for a friend, associate,
or loved one and it makes the ideal gift for
birthdays, holidays or other special occasions.
A WPT membership helps to fund parrot
conservation and welfare programs.
Your gift recipient will receive:
• PsittaScene Magazine -- our quarterly
publication delivered directly to the home
• Flock Talk -- our monthly email newsletter
• Parrot Conservationist Certificate and
Member’s Magnet
• Membership Card -- providing unlimited free
entrance for one year, to Paradise Park (UK),
home of the World Parrot Trust
They will also gain access to special online
• Extensive information from Online Experts,
Reference Library, Parrot Encyclopedia and
WPT ‘Members-only’ content areas
• The ability to share their views in the global
discussion forums and include information in
the Events Calendar
• Extras including website downloads such
as desktop wallpaper and screensavers
With membership levels suitable for any budget,
this unique gift will leave a lasting effect.
Item #: WPT
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WPT Gift Guide
Privacy Policy
We respect your right to privacy and appreciate your business! All customer names,
addresses and order information are always kept confidential. We do not sell or lease
any of our customer information to other businesses.
Business Hours
Normal business hours, 5 days a week—excluding Thanksgiving Day and Christmas
Day (and bank holidays in UK).
Satisfaction Guarantee - Returns and Exchange
We offer a full return and exchange policy for all products not intended for birds.
We regret that we are unable to return any items intended for birds as the health and
safety of birds is our top priority. Returned items carry the potential of spreading
bacteria, viruses or other disease-causing pathogens that can be extremely harmful
to your bird.
For all other items, simply return the item for a prompt, full refund or exchange.
Send to the nearest address (on back). Please include the packing slip that came
with your item or a note with your name, address, and reason for the return. Once
we have received your package, we’ll send you a replacement or a full merchandise
Ordering and Payment Options
Online: Please visit - select the store closest to you.
Phone: In the US please call (863) 956-4347. All other countries +44 (0) 1736 751026.
Fax: In the US please fax (863) 956-4347. All other countries +44 (0) 1736 751028.
Please be sure to include your credit or debit card number and expiration dates.
Mail: Address on back cover, money orders only please.
Payment Options: All major credit cards (where applicable), debit or bank cards (phone
only), via mail with cheque (UK) or postal money order (US).
Please call us directly for any questions not covered above.
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P.O. Box 935
Lake Alfred,
FL 33850
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Fax: +1 863-956-4347
Email: [email protected]
Glanmor House,
Hayle, Cornwall
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Voice: +44 (0) 1736 751026
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