149.HHS March Newsletter E.indd



149.HHS March Newsletter E.indd
March – May 2011
A life saved, a life giving back
Four-year-old Mumu, a loving
and calm companion started her
relationship with the Humane
Society when she came to us as a
stray from Aiea Heights in February
2010. We were ecstatic when she was
adopted out, saddened when she
was returned, thrilled when she was
adopted once more, and heartbroken
when she was returned again.
“Every time I walked by her she
would look at me, not at anyone else.
She couldn’t take her eyes off of me,”
says Chris, a former United States
Marine. “She’s amazing. I love her.”
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Orphaned, her kennel mates
adopted left and right around her
for months, she still maintained
her sweet disposition. Finally, in
October, Chris Glarrow saw what we
all saw in her.
Chris suffers from anxiety and his
doctor approved of him getting an
animal companion to help. He chose
to adopt. “I wanted to give a dog a
second chance who didn’t have a
home, to have one.”
2011 Pets in Paradise Winner
Congratulations to
Suzanne Nakano and
her dog Kiko, whom
we have named our
2011 Pet of the Year!
This top pin-up pet,
along with all the
other entries, are on
the Humane Society’s
Suzanne wanted
to share Kiko’s
winning place in
this issue with a
shelter animal.
This is Oscar. He
may have already
been adopted,
but many more
animals are
looking for homes.
President’s Message
Our history of caring for children leads to a better future for animals
I believe education is
critical to improving
the quality of life
for animals. That
is why we start
educating our
community’s youth
now so our future
is more humane
for both animals
and people.
This year the Humane Society is
brimming with youth who are
turning their love for animals in
to activism.
Our Waianae Teen Advisory
Panel, launched last year has
been very successful in creating
young animal advocates
Pamela Burns has
served as the Hawaiian
on the Waianae Coast!
Humane Society President
We are now working in
and CEO since 1990.
Kalihi to rally teens to help
make their hometown one of
In our early days we protected
our island’s best community for
children and found new families for
animals. Students must apply to
them. In 1900, we launched our first
this program.
edition of Humane Educator, our
newsletter dedicated to children’s
Our new Teens 4 Animals
education and instilling humane
Summer Experience from June
values of compassion towards
to July will be a unique, handsanimals.
A life saved,
a life giving back
From page 1
Mumu follows Chris around wherever he
goes, staying by his side, even off-leash.
“She is literally with me all of the time,”
says Chris, who has moved back home
to Alabama. The military paid for Chris’
ticket, and he paid for Mumu to sit right
next to him.
Chris plans on volunteering with Mumu
through pet visitation at retirement homes
and with other veterans in Alabama as
Mumu recently became certified as a
Good Canine Citizen and as a service and
therapy dog.
“She gets me out to play. She runs circles
around me,” says Chris, adding that she
has helped him cope tremendously. Mumu
has transformed Chris’ life, just as he did
on educational opportunity for high
school students.
Call us at 356-2206 to get youth
involved in one of our many
programs that develops leadership,
character and compassion around
their love for animals.
At Your Service
As of March 15, service
animals can only be dogs
with a provision for miniature
horses, according to the
American with Disabilities
Act (ADA). A service animal is
any guide dog, signal dog, or
miniature horse individually
trained to provide assistance
to an individual with a
The U.S. Department of Justice
says that business owners
who prohibit pets can ask
only two questions: Do you
have this animal because of
a disability? What task is this
animal trained to perform?
It is illegal to ask about a
person’s disability or request
a form, ID or other verification
to prove the animal is not just
a pet, but a service animal.
A companion or comfort
(therapeutic companion)
animal is not a service animal.
The ADA does not cover
comfort animals; which, by
the way can be any species of
animal. The only law that does
umbrella these types is the
Fair Housing Act (FHA) that
says landlords are to make
reasonable accommodation
for people with comfort
For more information,
contact the Disability and
Communication Access Board
at 586-8121.
Visit hawaiianhumane.org to learn more.
Tuxes & Tails
“Barks & Bow
Ties” – April 2
Spend the evening
with us at Tuxes
and Tails, our
annual black tie
fundraiser at The
Royal Hawaiian.
Enjoy an elegant
evening with
dinner, drinks
and friends. Bid
on wonderful
gifts at our silent
auction. All proceeds benefit the animals in our care. A few tables are
left – call 356-2225 to reserve!
Canine Game Day
– May 14
Festivities for dogs at Thomas
Square that include pets for
adoption, a mini-expo, pet
contests, games for people
and animals, as well as food
and fun! Festivities run from
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Pamela Burns
President & CEO
Jacque LeBlanc
Starr Dods
Published quarterly by the
Hawaiian Humane Society.
2700 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96826
Phone (808) 946-2187
Fax (808) 955-6034
The Hawaiian Humane Society is the
only animal welfare organization on
Oahu that shelters, rescues, adopts
and welcomes animals. 100% of
donations stays in the islands for the
benefit of Hawaii’s animals and people.
As an independent non-profit, we
receive no funds from mainland
animal welfare organizations.
Year of the Rabbit
Rabbit lovers will tell you
that you can’t beat a rabbit’s
kind and clever personality.
One of the most famous
rabbits of all time is Bugs
Bunny, whose whacky
antics and witty comments
made him unforgettable.
Other classic rabbit
characters we love are
the Energizer Bunny and
Thumper from Bambi.
An affectionate personality
and calm demeanor also
make people born in the
Year of the Rabbit a good
friend and popular. Rabbits
also share their cautious
and graceful nature with
those born in their year.
Americans own 6.2
million pet rabbits,
according to the 2007
AVMA U.S. Pet Ownership
and Demographic
Hawaiian Humane
Society has a variety
of rabbits for adoption for
$30. All rabbits are neutered
as part of our commitment
to pet overpopulation.
Last year, 203 rabbits were
adopted from the Hawaiian
Humane Society.
Pet inspires prison guard’s philanthropy
Falling in love with man’s best friend started a life of
giving to all animals for Dennis Bernard, 58. He has
been donating to the Hawaiian Humane Society since he
adopted Shadow from the shelter in 1997.
“Adopting Shadow was the best decision of my life,” says
Dennis. Shadow arrived at the humane society as a stray,
was adopted twice and finally found the love of her life
when she met Dennis. “Right away it was Shadow,” he
reminisces. “We hit it off and that was it.”
Shadow was 4 years old when she went home with
Dennis. Now at 18, she’s slowing down after years of
playing ball, long walks and other fun antics.
job was a stressful one, and Dennis credits Shadow for
getting him through the last 13 years. “If it wasn’t for
Shadow I think I would have died from the stress,” he
says. When work would get hectic, he would just think
of Shadow, knowing she was waiting for him to come
Dennis recently retired after 30 years as a correctional
officer at Oahu Community Correctional Center. The
Planned giving to
shelter animals
After adopting Shadow, Dennis received the community
newsletter and made his first donation. It started off once
a year, then twice, and has increased in the amount and
frequency over the years.
You can provide for animals with a set amount,
percentage of your estate, your property, a
remainder of your estate after all other obligations
are fulfilled, or even gifts that take effect when
certain conditions are met.
Dennis has also named Hawaiian Humane Society in his
will with the majority of his estate to benefit orphaned
animals. It is a decision he is happy about and it is all due
to love he has for Shadow.
Gifts come in all sizes and all are critical to the
Humane Society’s ability to provide quality care for
animals and share with people the joy of the humananimal bond.
“A lot of people give to non-profits that help people, but
animals depend on us,” says Dennis. “In helping animals,
we are also helping ourselves.”
For more information, call 356-2221.
Know where your donations go
According to a national poll
commissioned by the nonprofit
Center for Consumer Freedom,
71 percent of Americans wrongly
believe that national animal welfare
organizations are an “umbrella
group” for America’s local humane
Moreover, 59 percent falsely
believe that national organizations
“contribute most of its money” to
local organizations that care for cats
and dogs.
This common misunderstanding is
a concern for local animal welfare
organizations because local money
desperately needed is redirected to
national organizations unknowingly.
In a 2008 survey of Oahu residents,
45 percent of respondents believe in
error that Hawaiian Humane Society
receives funding from national
groups such as HSUS or ASPCA.
When you make a gift directly to
the Hawaiian Humane Society, your
donation helps the animals in our
care and in your community.
Pet-friendly shelter volunteers sought
State disaster plans must now
include sheltering provisions for
people with pets. For Oahu, the
Hawaiian Humane Society has
volunteered to serve as the animal
shelter management team – similar
to the way that the American Red
Cross manages disaster shelters for
The Humane Society may be called
upon to participate and we are
actively seeking more volunteers
who would be interested in
training to be pet-friendly shelter
volunteers and managers as well as
participating in these exercises.
Sharon at 3562216 if you are
Training for shelter volunteers will
be held in 2011 on the following
dates from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at
the Hawaiian Humane Society: April
30, July 9 and October 8. Contact
• Must be organized, responsive,
calm in crises, team-oriented,
attention to detail, and able to
follow directions. Attend all
trainings as required, which may
Preferred skills,
qualification &
types of duties:
• Comfortable
and able to
handle a
variety of pet
Volunteers are needed for pet-friendly disaster shelters.
animals and
people in stressful conditions. Pet
include limited animal care/
identification, check-in & kennel
handling and animal behavior
Raising the “green”
for the animals
• Must be 18 years or older.
Participants are requested to take
the Animal Handling class offered
at the shelter.
Tropical Roofing raises
the woof … for cats!
Renovations are underway at the Humane Society. When
animal lover Reiko Marino heard that our Cat House was
in need of a new roof, she contacted her friends at Tropical
Roofing and Raingutters. This warm-hearted business donated
our new roof and all the labor so that we could devote more
donations to caring for animals instead of construction. Our
cats couldn’t be happier!
Thanks to Graham Builders and Steven
Dung for raising $750 for the animals.
Hawaii’s first Green Dog Haus was built
out of reclaimed wood with eco-friendly
finishes and a rooftop herb garden! The
dog house was shown at the BIA Homes
& Remodeling Show in January.
Off-site adoptions and
outreach goes full throttle
Meet our new community outreach
van! The van was funded through
the generosity of the Atherton
Family Foundation, Cooke
Foundation, Armstrong Foundation
and Kamokila Campbell. It will
allow the Humane Society to
frequent more community events,
schools, organized group activities,
off-site adoptions and other special
functions. It will transport animals,
supplies, exhibits, and volunteers
Our adoptions numbers are
increasing with help from
off-site adoptions at various
off-site adoptions
opportunities in 2011.
Local businesses
and community
event organizers
who want to assist
us in finding homes
for more animals
can email [email protected]
community and military events
and through partnerships with
Mike McKenna’s Windward Ford
and PETCO Kapolei. The Humane
Society welcomes even more
The van will
also support the
Humane Society’s role as a firstresponder during times of disaster,
transporting supplies and staff to
pet-friendly emergency shelters.
Helen Kinau Wilder Legacy Gifts
November 1, 2010 - January 31, 2011
Maria Da Silveira Trust
Thomas J. Keller Trust Fund
Jack & Marie Lord Fund
Susan Mahn Fund
Madelyn Ross Fund
Elma Taylor Fund
Margaret S. Van Poole
The Hawaiian
Humane Society
joyfully acknowledges
contributions ($100
and more) made
in honor and in
memory of people
and pets. Donations
were made between
November 1, 2010 –
January 31, 2011.
Mary & Paul Wagner
Charitable Fund
Ruth Clark Little
Bonnie M. Rhodes
Lucille Shreve Trust
John Halligan Charitable Fund
Louis & Flori Petri Foundation
In 1897, Helen
Kinau Wilder was
authorized to enforce
Hawaii’s animal
cruelty laws. Her
legacy of caring
for Hawaii’s
animals continues.
Henry Arita
Kelly M. Kimura
Francie Boland
Karl Bridge Morishige
Beaman Family
Dr. & Mrs. Rick A. Broadfoot
Dr. Michael
Cynthia Scheib
Virginia Ablah (Grandma)
Ashley Tanner
John Becker
Richard Reid
Benjamin & Vicky Cayetano
Andrew R. Schumacher
Rev. & Mrs. Alberto Alarcon
Davey & Marinela Meguro
Charles J Benck
Terrence Strong
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Chang
Stuart & Sue Chang
Greg & Kristen Chun
John K. Chun
Harriett Clement
Warren & Cathy Matsumoto
Sharon Culp
Brian Gustafson
Helen S. Davis
Sally Gile
Sue Davis
Sara Dobashi
Kawena Komeiji
Marion Ewan
Dr. Randy T. Mita
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Fentriss
R. E. & G. M. King
Margo & Puna Fisher
Kanani Oberholzer
Eric & Renee Fleckles
Mark & Candy Suiso
Alice Forsyth
Young & Kathryn Kim
Sean Goldstein
Patrick B. Williams
Grandma & Papa
Kathy Bolton
Alisha De Guair
Andromeda Godfrey
Corwin Hee
Darrah S. Brown
Alice Hennrich
Dr. & Mrs. Rick A. Broadfoot
Lynn Ishii
John L. Miyagishima
Alden Kajioka
San Construction, LLC
Zoe Du
John S. W. Lee
Bobby & Johnna del Castillo
Maxine Lee
The Shishido Family
Molly Libman
Bonnie B. McMullen
Officer Vernon Ling
Dr. Linde Keil
Peter G Stahel
Anne W. Stahel
Judi Uesato
Helen Ladd Thompson
Charles & Helen Cooper
Dozer Pires
Punaliele Pires
Shelley Thompson
Martin & Marlene Stein
Patsy M. Izumo
George B. McNulty
Patricia D. Smith
Ginny Tiu
Andrew R. Schumacher
Huigo Tiu
Marissa Liu
Roy & Patricia Sugiyama
Mitzi & Friends
Lisa M. Lewis
Russ & Pam Toyooka
Dan & Sharon Kuh
Carolyn Nicol &
Glen Fukunaga
Susan E. Nicol
David Ubaldo
Eiesha Price
Maria’s Love of Critters
Martin Naranjo &
Maria Iankova-Naranjo
Officer Kevin Martin
Claudia Fristoe
Ronald Heim
Phyllis V. O. McEldowney
Janis B. McEldowney
Friends of Mele Morisawa
LTC Thomas Fairfull,
USA (Ret.)
Pets in Paradise
2nd Place Finisher
Nicole Valentini
Daniel Riggins
Virginia Nicol &
Aaron Moriwake
Susan E. Nicol
Linda Vinson
Peter Bigelow
Susan Nicol
Virginia, Aaron &
Marie Moriwake
Kathleen & Mark Wilson
Patricia A. Mickelsen
Christine T. Nozawa
Donald Hamano
Carolee Yamamoto
Garrett & Terri Fujii
Bronwyn Olmos
Kathleen R. N. Leong
Gary Young
Peter Barba
Ms. Kalani Pardon
David M. Karl
Ron & Jill Young
Art & Betty Joao
Ruby Pollack
Gerry F. Ralston
Sam by Diane Kimura
Christopher J. Allday
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Fujioka
The Queen’s Medical Center
Neuroscience Institute Team
Lyle K. Oshita
Azuki Bean, Kris & Janna
Kris N. Nakagawa
Ken & Paz Rainforth
Russ & Tina Rainforth
Carl H. Shioi
Larry Rodriguez
Janice Vincent
Boomer & Panda
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Fujioka
Patricia & Larry Rodriguez
Susan L. Beazley
Ch. Conant’s Midnight
Beauty CD, NA, CGC
Rommel Guzman
Janice Sato
Karen Yabui
Randy Okumura
Jeff & Monica Sauer
Dave & Jan Sauer
Joanne V. Weldon
Smudzinski Family
Kurt & Becca Smudzinski
ChuChu & Simba Chikazawa
Jacob & Mikaela J
Carla Soekias
Charlene Yoshida
Chuppy & Nina
Steven & Tokiko Bazzell
Haley Komatsu
Karen & Norinobu Komatsu
Harlie & Pebbles
Alison J. Mosher
Honi McKeon
Laurie McKeon
J. Kajiwara
Howie & Trixie
Jo Ann & Russell Fujita
Huali‘i, Ele‘ele, Mana & Uku
Alward & Kay-Lynn Kaopuiki
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Fujioka
Don & Judi Young
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Fujioka
Clarice S. Kamiya
Koa & Furry Friends
Juliane Inouye
James & June Vinton
June Morimatsu
Ronald Morton, M.D.
Bryan & Susie Duprey
Smokey & Socks
Raymonde Kunisaki
Mele Morisawa
Jackson S. Morisawa
LTC Thomas Fairfull,
USA (Ret.)
Snoopy H III
Tomie Hirano
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Fujioka
Mina, Maya, Hana,
Sakura & Ulala
Sachie Yakuwa
Florence Hemmy
Doug Maurer
James Moore
Edith Abe
Melvyn & Carol Kohama
Kirk Battisto
May & Thomas Battisto
Amber & Herb (Tex) Busch
Deanne Busch
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Fujioka
David Carlson
Jorja A. Neumann
Jon H. Pegg, M.D.
Pets in Paradise
3rd Place Finisher
Emily O. Castle
Tita M. Stack
Barbara B. Tilley
Rick & Barbara Nosaka
Niko Park
Colleen Sloane
Steven M. Takeda
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Fujioka
Ashley R. Ito
Arlene D. McMurtray
Pete & Steffi Takahashi
Logan Takahashi
Craig Takamiya
Sue Hillmann
Sandra Kwock-Silve
Christy Y. Kohama
Christine Rose
Samurai Yong Tong, Pua
O’Kaaawa, Saja, Clio,
Ossian, & Hoku
Mary J. Kelly
Richard Kagimoto
Bruce, Jackie, Keala &
Ian Murdock
Spunky & Dobie
Gary S. Masuda
Palmer DeLong
Steven & Lea Albert
Super Joe
Scott & Linda Bryan
Dr. Robert E. Drury
Virginia Schergen
Sydnie, Java & Gracey
Paul & Judith Kikuta
Bryant Mackey Feary, Sr. & Jr.
Dancetta Feary
Joan Gouveia
Robert Flating
Vinnie Shimabukuro
Gary & Jennifer Herald
Ida Gibson
Fay Zoeller
Toby, Kaci & Logan Kawata
Sharon M. Katada
Kassie Goto
Laura Goto
Pat Malala
Wally Hasegawa
Pamela N. Shim
Anne C. Sutton
Cec Heftel
Marcia Taylor-Kaneshige &
Edward Kaneshige
Betty Heins
National Association
Of Letter Carriers
Aunty Jane & Uncle Joe
Lori Sakuoka
Kwai Lum Choy
Gerald & Selma Pang
Sparkle & Frosty
Francine Joy Sapla
Tami D. Dela Cruz
Tyson Ichida
The Ichida Family
Bill & Margaret Jenkins
Catherine L. Jenkins
Helen S. Davis
Kenneth & Joan Brown
Carolann Davis
Debra Linkner
Edwin & Cynthia Sorenson
Shana & Glen Suzuki
Dr. Paul E Huff
Chaminade University
of Honolulu
Morris & Hiroko Lee
Phillip & Eriko Mendel
Jean & Ross Mickey
Marlene M. Nations
Lori Nosse
Clarence B.S. Choi
Karen A. Fujimoto
Jean P. Cook
Harry K. Cook
Chi Chi Bun by
Michael Courto
Jane Higdon
Lee Ann Errett
Chibi Kaminaga
Mr. & Mrs. Wren Whittle
George Kaneko
Taren Taguchi
Charlie Key
Deb, PK, Andy, Lori, Roy,
Percy, Sherme &
Walter H. Omori
Steven L. Kolt
Ryan Abe
Charles & Laurel Aki
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Brossier
Patricia Choi
Cornell Club of Hawaii
Randall C. Fujiki
Greta C. Kilpinen
Kendall C. Kim
Darren Lake
Sandy & Kimberley Lee
Charles & Ann McCrary
Nadine S. Ogata
Thomas Riley
Walter & Kiko Wanger
Watabe Wedding Corp
Helen Kress
Elaine K. Dobashi
Sean A.Kunihiro
Sharon S. Omine
Gail M. Lau
Rev. Marion Akamine
Susan R. Andrade
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Carvalho
Amy Chun
Carlyne M. Dick
Milton & Joanne Fujii
Arthur & Betty Fujinaka
Laura Hue
Elsie Y. Kobayashi
Johnson Lau
Gail Look
Lynette Matsushima
Marcia A. Morgado
Judi Nishimura
Obedience Training Club of HI
Ruth K. Ota
Colleen Porter
Bob & Noriko Reed
Alexis K. Shiohira
June K. Shiroma
James & Catherine Staege
Mona T. Tomasu
Mimi Milo
Keith Avila
Bruce & Janet Dart
Joanna Fu & Family
Ruthie Germaine
Glam Media
Anurag Gupta
Jane Houle
Beth Kissack &
Jason Weinstein
Nell Kuhnmuench
Noah Lang
Edward McKeon
Capt. & Mrs. Herbert E.
Robisch, (Ret.)
Mary Schiavone
Hannah Slovin
Travis Tokuyama
Jenna Wachtel
Ramin Zargari
Anne Sachiko Miyamoto
Amber Iwamoto
Kito Sakamoto
Frank & Chris Montoya
Beldon Lee
Duane & Allison Takamine
Kikuye Miyama
Betty K. Matsuda
Dr. Rolf Lemp
Neil & Mrs. Aiko Thomas
Bernard Moniz
Steven C. Link
Charlotte K. H. Sasaki
Marilyn M. Kobata
Karen M. Wilson
Davidson Luehring
Capt. & Mrs. George W.
Powell, USN (Ret.)
Ralph & Sumie Nakamoto
Craig Nakamoto
Shigeru & Jill Maeda
Kay Y. Maeda
Donald K. Martin
William M. Vannatta
Helen Matsushima
Lori L. H. Matsushita
Robert Meech
Thomas & Georgia Bopp
Patricia Janet Mills
Jennifer, Lance & Sarah Mills
Pets in Paradise
4th Place Finisher
Grant Gifts
Ellen Koenig Fund
Pedigree Adoption
Drive Foundation
Nick & Timmy Palumbo
Elizabeth Fischer
Holly Henderson
Manuel & Margaret Sylvester
Eileen Wallenhorst
Jarrett Plemer
Frances M.N. Plemer
Arloa Ridder
Lynne Ellen Hollinger
Adele Sawada-Omori
Walter & Sherme Omori
Michiko Suzuki
Valerie J. Souki
Vincent J. Souki
Yukiko S. Nakashima
Jo Ann E. Nakashima
Diana Stephens
Frances Maltin
Milton Neumann
George & Bonnie Murphy
Vincent Wing Seun Stringer
Beverly Sin Len Page
Joseph Felice Nicolai
Robin R. Johnson
Daniel Niquette
Lynne Ellen Hollinger
James Iwae Takahashi
Marcia Taylor-Kaneshige &
Edward Kaneshige
Elmer & Rodney Nishizawa
Karen Y. Nishizawa
Elfie Tamashiro
Ronald & Barbara Kahapea
John Nolen
Lloyd & Kae Baker
Kuniko Tsujimoto
Arthur A. Kluvo
John O’Donnell
Erin & Robert Lee
Linda Voelk
Sue Jennings
Frances O’Neal
Shizuko O’Neal
Blake Watanabe
Robert & Susan Schultz
Yukie Ozaki
Erin & Carl Choy
Paul & Naomi Loewe
Ginny Tiu
Lillian Wong
Clara H. Yamamoto
Jean Yamada
Lynne Fitzek
Cuffs by
Cynthia Flating
Mary Louise Zeitler
Sherry & Mike Viernes
Ai, Chikko & Sen
Florence Kuroda
Aka, Beardsley & Fread
Denise Ellinwood
Ali‘i Poipu
Jerry & Lenore Adaniya
All my cats & dogs
in pet heaven
Maria & Martin Inocelda
All wonderful pets
Edward & Karen Swofford
Aloha & Lokahi Feary
Dancetta Feary
A‘ole Pilikia Mr. P
Steven & Carrie Colon
Babie Girl
Buddy D. Wagoner
Baily Barrett
Barrett Family
Bea Kudo
Emiko Kudo
Mary Lou Foy
Gareth & Anna Yokochi
Atsuko Kawakatsu
Mrs. Bruce Matheson
HirataErnell &
Thomas Hallaman
Patricia E. Smith
Wanda Paresa
Grant Y. Arakawa
Cheryl M. Izuka
Stephen P. Pingree
Bud E & Chachi
Chuck & Diane Marshall
DJ Kilcoyne
April Tauzin
Francine Egdamin
Lady Yeh
Sandra Yeh
Burnise M. Bishop
Dobie & Kani
Richard & Marvela Satake
Kakio & Mindy
Julie C. Mayeda
Leina & Brandy
Leonard E. Meek
Elizabeth R. Meisels
Waynard & Paulette Simmons
Gloria Jean Garner
Michael Morioka
Mauricio & Lisa Munoz
Kasey, Petey & Nikki
Allan & Hilda Kitagawa
Bill Garnett &
Audrey Newman
Mel H. Saiki
Bambara Timmerman
Katie Turner
Janis E. Turner
Chacco, Fuzz & Squeaker
Darlene Chee
CharliePaul & Claudia Nihei
Mr. & Mrs. Albert S. Shimotsu
Joe, Yong, Dale & Steven
Chaucer, Cho, Lasca &
Gloria U. Munson
Charlaine T. Higashi
Gail N. Kaminaga
Chibi & Fluffy
Allan Yoza
Kathryn J. Dang
Chocolate & Scooter Wong
Helen N. Wong
Cinnamon Koga
Kenneth & Inez Koga
Mildred Makino
William & Amy Wong
James & June Vinton
Alexandra H. Tateyama
Cutie, Tuff & Girlie
Julie & William DeCosta
Lloyd & Kae Baker
Daisy & Sandy
Fabiana P. Servantes
Daphny Skedeleski
Merilee Lau
Deepak & Sixpack
Terry R. Joiner
Barbara Dale
Keala Shidaki
Ted & Thelma Murphy
Joyce Kang
Keala Wong
Mary Holmes
Linda Westover-Salyer &
Curtis Salyer
Keanu Yabui
Bryant K. Yabui
Lin Lin
Daniel Carpenter
LNR & Keiki
Dr. Ione J. Ryan
Governor &
Mrs. Benjamin Cayetano
Lucky Boy
Ginny Tiu
Thomas R. Cunningham
Denise & PJ LeGeyt
Guinness Rosa
PKG Jennings
Kecia Howell-Verbeem
Glenn Verbeem
Hanai Boy & Typo
Mark Nitta
Keo Yip
Gordon & Anita Nihei
Stanley & Mabel Ishizaki
Mark Favrow &
Nancy Brouillet
Maile Morning Rainbow,
Misty Morning Rainbow II,
Dad’s Bud Light
Wymond & Sandra Wong
Sharon Brown-Henry
Tim & Jill McDonald
Wayne Goto
Mama Cat
Alfred & Janet Voss
Kimo & Lani
Richard S. Matsubara
Nanette & Dave Vinton
Kitty & Cinderella
Paul & Harriet Pellerin
Sarah Y. Whitehead
Kitty Boy Anderson
Barbara Anderson
Max & Simon
Danny & Marjorie Thornton
Roy, Marian & Robin Komoto
Louis & Mary Furtado
Lani Kae Lauahi
Misha & Rusty
Joyce & Patrick Hada
Kolohe Shigemura
Grace A. Kaonohi
Rudolph K. Wise, Jr.
Scot Porter & Delta Lightner
Holly R. Sasaki
June & Mel Sakaba
Ipo & Liko
Clifford & Cynthia Barroga
Don & Judi Young
Denise N. Moffitt
Jordan Kuraoka
Howard & Lynn Arimoto
Melvin & Karen Kuraoka
Kenneth & Inez Koga
Joshua & Cracker
Hana I. Gabrielson
Jake & Jaime Hanohano
K. C. Yamaoka
Karen N. Yamaoka
Maika, Malia, HoneyGirl,
Fuzzy, Scrappy II, Sassy
Margo Largo
Missy Carroll
Michael & Shirley Garcia
Carl & Racheal Takaki
Misty & Odin
Rodney & Cherie Imai
PJ, Jade & Sophie Delahunty
Normelita Viloria-Delahunty
Patricia H. Henderson
Harold & Janet Fujise
Claire Kozaki
Poki, Chaco, Poopsie &
Career Development Ctr. of HI
Kenneth Lee &
Kathryn Koos-Lee
Ron & Patti Ihori
Phoebe Andrews
Sarah Chiemi Ebata
Peg Ebata
Pooka & Molly
Terrence & Nancy Lyttle
Sasha Steiner
Pamela Burns
Tina Judd
Paul & Naomi Loewe
Mog Higaki
Cody Higaki
Denise Rapez
Moniko, Lady & Pretty Girl
Gilbert Ponce
Alison S. Miki
Deb Tucher
Mr. Bruno
Alice Folkart
Roy & Patricia Sugiyama
Powder Ihori
Ginny Tiu
Esperanza G. Garcia
Roy & Grace Kawakami
Norman & Marion MacRitchie
Princess & Maggie
Alyssa Hozack
Blythe Sakashita
Purrsy Boy, Pretty Girl,
Kit, Kat & John K
Paul & Violet Yoshimura
Lisa J. Sue
Daniel T.S.Y. Shiu & Sandra
Roberta & Dennis Ferm
Joan Gouveia
John H.R. Plews
Rexxi Ka’ilio
Therese H.E. Whitney
Richard O. Horio
Anne M. Norton
Nick & Tootsie
Janice Ibaraki
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Alfredo & Belen Udani
Glenn Verbeem
Rocky Raccoon
Faye H. Haraguchi
Vernon S. Okada
Lisa A. Shigemura
Soon Yai Amaral
Ron & Pechi
Yuriko Nicolas
Barbara Jean Van Scoy
Patricia Carroll
Brian T. O’Connor
Andrea Choo
Peoke & Gavno Viscovich
Susan V. Viscovich
Donald M. Fujimoto
Peridot & Topaz
Gloria V. Supnet
Sam Gomes
Carole A. Gomes
Margaret Lech-Loubet
Sammy & Chachi
Linda F. Miyashiro
Yasuko Mitani
Sir Dudley Wasser
Leonard & Laurel Portner
Snappy & Mindy
Timothy & Sheryl Gruber
Tinker Bell
Leilani Schuman
Tinker, Ryoo, Ohia,
Simon & Jerry
Sharon Tasaka
Toppy, Shadow, Penache,
Duncan & Dudley
Linda McDonough
Brenda McDonough
Lynette Stobie
Tweetie & Teri
Andrew Rothstein
Curtis & Ann Matsumoto
Yackey Doodle
Douglas Lamerson
Snoopie Goto
Colleen F. Goto-Ono
Snoopy Young
Walter M. Tanaka
Cynthia J. Rosebrough
Martha & Hal Loezius
Lily Humphrey
Stinkerbell & Pumpkin
Mary W. Bontje
Ruth R. Okubo
David P. McCauley
Sunny & Runty
Janet Kato-White
Sunshine Love
Paul & Judith Kikuta
T. C.
Catherine L. Jenkins
The Hawaiian Humane
Society gratefully acknowledges donors who have given
$100 or more between November 1, 2010 – January 31, 2011.
Tamara & Carolyn Acoba
Leonard F. Adams
Charles W. Adcock
Mary K. Agor
Cariann Ah Loo
Yolanda Ahana
Stephen & Linda Ahlers
Gailyn A. Ahuna-Lum
Dale & Katherine Aina
Senator & Mrs. Daniel Akaka
Susan & Moses Akana
Charles & Laurel Aki
Valerie K. Ako
Maj. Claudia M. Akroyd, (Ret.)
Alexander &
Baldwin Foundation
Charles A. Alexander
Barbra A. Allen
Leslie Allen & Milton Ebesu
Joanne S. Amaki
American Carpet One
Charles R. Among
Carole Anamizu
Richard & Ethel Anbe
Pedro & Joanne Ancheta
Shelly A. Andrews
Dara Anselm
Linda Aono
Michie Aono & Marsha Lee
Angeline K. Apo
S. J. Aquino
Doris J. Aragaki
Victor Y. Aragaki
Charles & Ellen Araki
Robert & Edith Araki
Anna K. Arita
Michael D. Armenoff
Martha Armstrong
Francis & Bridget Arrastia
Art’s Obedience
Carol Asai-Sato
Kent & Sumiye Asato
Warren H. T. Au
Maxie V. Awa
Dora Awaa
Michael & June Awai
Margene A. Ayers
Frank Baensch
Patricia Bagasol
Marshall & Carolyn Ballou
Ray & Rosaline Ballungay
Carma L. Bamber
Andrew Barbour
Joan Bartlett
Towar B. Bates, Jr.
John Baumer
Robert & Frances Bean
John G. Beaton
Jill M. Beaupre
Donald O. Beckwith
Beatrice A. Beeson
Sally M. Belles
Troy J. Benevides
Lisamarie Bensman
Kathy & Steve Berg
Elizabeth Binning
Roger Blankfein, DVM
Francie E. Boland
Steven & Debra Bookatz
Elmer & Sharon Botsai
Karen L. Bow-Villanueva
Lisa Bowden
Joseph Boyce
Brand, Karimoto & Co., CPA’s
Vicki Braun
Jo-Anne K. Briseno
Alfred N. Brito
Thomasene Brodhead
Gretchen & Duane Cobeen
Lola Cohen
Christl Coleman &
Nicole Baily
Catherine Conrad
Clinton Conrad
Harold & Edna Conroy
Charles I. Cook
Clara Cook
Leslie C. Cook
Catherine L. Cooke
Jean Cornuelle
Armond Cote
Richard Crabbe
Crazy Shirts
Charles Crockett, Jr.
Judie A. Crummel
Anne E. Cutting
Harold & Floralei Darcey
William C. Darrah
Zan Dawson & Nani Lindsey
Cathal De Joseph
Michael & Kelly Deese
Elizabeth Flora Deinert Trust
Ruth Marie Derigo
Brenda & Donald Deryke
Concetta M. DiLeo
Annette & Franklin Distiso
Yoko W. Dixon
Walter A. Dods, Jr.
The Doggies Corporation
Joyce B. Doheny
James F. Doherty
Patricia M. Domingo
Robert & Praneet Donle
Dian A. Dooley
Regina Dooley
Minja Draves
Nicholas & Koren Dreher
Pat & Grace Duarte
James & Anne Marie Duca
Harriet E. Dunn
Gilbert M. Ebisui
Elinore S. Eckel
Gary Edwards & Lisa Brewer
Sally H. Edwards
Kyung H. Eichler
Janet & Mike Elinski
Barbara J. Elkington
Shauna Ellis
Norman &
Deborah Day Emerson
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
EMS Design, LLC
Laura L. Emura
Laureen M. Enoki
Randy C. Enos
Chikako Epure
Padmani Brown
Patricia A. Brown
Allison J. Buchik
Stanley & Janet Bukes
Barton W. Bunney
Neil Burkart
Doris M. Burnette
James S. Burns
Pamela Burns
Burt’s Union Service, Inc.
Pick & Catherine Bye
Benjamin & Jennifer Cable
Gerri & David Cadiz
Madeline Cahoon
Michael & Faye Caldonetti
Beverly S. Cardinal
Monica J. Carroll
Suzanne D. Case
Thyra Caswell
Central Building Company
Chanel Boutique
Cedric & Vena Chang
Cheryl S. Chang
Norman Chang
Michael Chapman
Cara & Red Chapman
Wieland C. W. Chee
Chelsea Enterprise, Inc.
Jung Chen
Lisa Chena
Sandy P. Chikasuye
Stephen & Nancy Chin
Burt & Carolyn Chinen
Carol A. Chinen
Joanne Chinen
Christine M. Ching
Christopher & Kaori Ching
June & Shannon Ching
Peter & Janis Ching
Eileen S. Cho
Verna C.Y. Chock
Clarence & Emily Choi
Luther H. Chong
Keith K.S. & Stella Chow
Reynold Choy
Alexander Christensen
Grace L. Chu
Calvin & Cyndee Chun
Carol T.Y. Chun
Deane T. Chun
Lynne Murakami
Roslyn & Daven Chun
Pauline Chung
City Mill Company, Ltd./
Chung Kun Ai Foundation
Irene K. Clark
Connie L. Clinton
Stuart & Yvette Clithero
Antonio Espiritu
Dean & Thyrza Eyre
Julie Falicki
Carl & Armelle Farden
Admiral Thomas &
Sarah Fargo
Gail L. Farley
Kristin K. Fernandez
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Harry & Jane Field
Ralph E. Fisher, USAF (Ret.)
Judith Flanders
Merolyn Fong
Yolande B. Fong
Clara L. Foo
Mary L. Forde
Theol H. French
L. Richard Fried, Jr.
S. W. Friedman
Cheyenne F. Fry, D.V.M.
Karen S. Fujimoto
Alexa Fujise
Gayle Fujita
Blane Fujiwara &
Elizabeth Ishii
Ernest & LaVerne Fukeda
Leimomi Fukuda
George & Lei Fukuhara
Carolyn Fukumoto
Arlene S. Fukunaga
Barry & Cheryl Fukunaga
Lloyd I. Funada
Alfred & Leilehua Furtado
Louis & Mary Furtado
Alan M. Furukawa
Gary Furutani
Denise Furuya
Lincoln & Helene Furuya
Lona & Clarence Furuya
Fysiotherapie Hawaii, Inc.
Hana I. Gabrielson
Marilyn J. Gagen
The Rev. Dr. Larry A. Gardner
Sheryl P. Gardner, M.D.
Amy Garon
Lorena Gaskill
Donald Gau
Harriet M. Gee
Geico Philanthropic
Monique A. Gevas
R. Chris & Debra Godwin
Dorothy M.
Goldsborough, Ph.D.
James K. Gomard
Eleanor Y. Goto
Frank Goto
Taro & Helen Goya
Estella M. Grantham
Great Dane Club of Hawaii
James & Priscilla Growney
Frank & Susan Gruetzmacher
Phyllis M. Guard
Robert & Devon Guard
Andrew J. Guidotti
Joyce H. Haas
Robert Hackman
Joyce & Patrick Hada
Karen Hadwin
John S. Hagan
Sandra Hagstrom
Thomas & Shigeko Hahn
Deborah C. Hall
Aaron Hamada
Aaron & Tammy Hamada
Tomeo & Jane Hamanaka
Pat M. Hammers
Charles Hanebuth &
Cynthia Surrisi
Kathleen J. Hannmann
Jake & Jaime Hanohano
Edward Hanson
Myrna O. Hardin
Barbara Harger
Lynn Haring
Terri Harvey
Emi Hata Charitable Lead
Annuity Trust
Lanette S. Hayashi
Darlene Heck
Clyde & Charlotte Hedani
Diane A. Heddaeus
H. John & Lea Heide
Ronald Heim
Ursula Heinz
Virginia G. Henderson
William T. Henne
Cheryl L. Higashida
Terrie A.K. Higuchi
Frank, Sandi & Alex Hino
Roy & Asaye Hirakawa
Joanne E. Hiramatsu
Judy Y. Hirashima
Valerie K. Hironaka
Linda Hirsch
Elyne Hiyane
Lawrence O. T. Ho
Patricia Ann Hoefer
Peggy Hoefer
Elizabeth Hokada
Renee Hokama
Ann H. M. Holt
Christina M. Hom
Lynn C. Honda
Mary Ann Horii
Sayo Horiuchi
Kazuichi & Jane Kawamoto
Leslie Ann T. Kawamoto
Arlene A. Kaya
Tracy Y. Kazunaga
Joey P. Keanu
Marilyn S. Keau
Richard N. Keawe
Donna L. Kekauoha
Thomas J. Keller Trust Fund
Christopher & Pamela Kelley
Bob & Victoria Kenneally
Paula Kennedy
Lee Ann Kenolio
Saundra E. Keyes
Robert & Hope Kihune
Craig D. Kim
Lisa K. Kim
Diane M. Kimura
Phoebe M. Kimura
Stanley Kimura
Arthur & R. Mildred King
Annetta Kinnicutt
Dan & Kathryn Kirley
Caroline S. Kishida
Theodore & Alice Kishimori
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Kistner
Estelle M. Kiyama
Carolyn K. Kobayashi
Sandra D. Kobayashi
Ellen M. Koenig
Memorial Fund
Kenneth & Inez Koga
Ruth Kamuri Koga
Dennis & Barbara Kohara
James Koja
CDR John Koller, (Ret.)
Laurence N. Kolonel
Ginger Kolonick
Dr. Steven & Estrellita Komura
Kennard Y. T. Kong
Myra Kong
Aiko Kono
Alvin & Blanche Kort
Jane N. Koseki
Leslie Y. Koshi
Suzette S. Koyanagi
Donald R. Krug
Mary Kuhr
Clayton K. Kunitake
Patricia N. Kupahu
Stanley & Helen Kurashige
Alvin & Kay Kurio
Kelvin & Phyllis Kurio
Edward & Yoshiko Kurosu
Darlene & Quin Kutara
Berit V. Larsen
David & Ann Latham
Benita D. Lau
Mandy & Eric Horst
George M. Hudes
James & Nobu Hurd
Rita S. Iavarone
The Icarangals
Charlene K. Ikeda
Mildred & Charles Ikehara
June F. Ikezawa
Lorraine K. Imada
Doris Inafuku
Michael & Sharon Inake
Jan N. Inao, M.D.
Joseph Incao
Laurence & Joanne Ing
Marshall T. Ingraham
Hester E. Inouye
Juliane Inouye
Aaron Isara, Trisha Sakamoto
& Trenton Sakamoto
Keri & Aaron Isara
Kenneth T. Isekawa
Julie Ishibashi
Lois C. Ishihara
Denis & Ella Isono
Kenneth Ito
Kenneth Iwai
Wilfred & Judy Iwai
Gertrude K. Iwaida
Tad & Carol Iwanuma
Catherine L. Jenkins
David & Marlene Johnson
Dr. Gary & Melanie Johnson
Jacquelline L. Johnson
Louise A. Johnson
Nicolette F. Jones
Barbara S. Jurkens
Just So Charitable Foundation
Nanette S. Kaaumoana
Walter K. Kagawa
Edward & Margaret Kagihara
David K. Kahunahana
Lo Kaimuloa
Joyce A. Kajioka
Clifford & Aileen Kajiwara
Kurt & Keri Ann Kajiyama
Patsy Kalawaia
Elaine & Eugene H. K. Kam
Aiko K. Kameya
Gayle Kamisato
Francis Kaneshiro
Joan Kaneshiro
Karen Kaneshiro-Soon &
Randall Soon
Joyce Kang
Crystal K. Kapua
Eric & Teri Kashiwamura
Elane H. Kato
Jean Kawamoto
Ernest & Dorene Lau
Girard & Miyuki Lau
Merilee Lau
Carole Learnard
Grace Y. Lee
Juliet A. Lee
Ki Y. Lee
Laurie Lee
Penni Lee
Romy Lee
Representative Marilyn Lee &
Samuel Lee
Terrence K. Lee
Denis C. H. & Diantha Leong
Elaine W. F. Leong
Gail S. Lindsey
Cheryl K. Lippman
Erinn Liu
Sharon Llewellyn
Diane E. Lord
Caron & Christine Luke
Ann Lum
Dr. & Mrs. Edmund C. K. Lum
Janice K. Lum
Jordan Lum
Laurie Lum
Leighton & Valerie Lum
Marlene M. Lum
Timothy & April Luria
Mariko & Joseph Lyons
M Street Investments
Lance K. Machamer
Karen Machida
Edward & Mimi MacNaughton
Helen S. MacNeil
Michael A.T. Maeda
Mary Ann Magnier
Nancy Makowski
Jean & Robert Marchant
Marcus & Associates, Inc.
Wayne &
Sheryl-Lynn Marumoto
Carole M. Maruyama
Masayuki Masuda
Annette N. Matsumoto
Glen & June Matsumoto
Glenn & Jo-Ann Matsumoto
Kaori Matsumoto
April M. Matsumura
Iris M. Matsumura
Caressa Matsuoka
Henry K. Matsuoka, Jr.
Janet Andres Matsusaka
Dr. Michael M. Matsushima, II
David Mau & Jan Hirakawa
Melanie & Kenneth May
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. May
Stephen & Dani McCarthy
Frances McClurkin
John & Elizabeth McCreary
Kay McElwee-Smith
Mary F. McGrath
Jud & Jane McNamara
Helen S. McQueen
Martin & Donna Melone
Gerald &
Connie G. W. Meredith
Stephen & Susan Metter
Wendell Q. Y. Mew
Robert & Evanita Midkiff
Mike McKenna’s
Windward Ford
Mile High United Way
Douglas & Christine Miller
John & Kanoe Miller
Susan K. Miller
Sylvia C. Mitchell
Tiare K. Mitchell
Cheryl Mitsuka
Kathryn Mitsunaga
Harry & Ethel Miyachi
Howard & Mildred Miyamoto
Wendy T. Miyamoto
Alison A. Miyasaki, CPA
Ailene Miyasato
Sandra S. Miyashiro
Sharyn L. Miyashiro
David & Cheryl Moats
Willi & Janet Moelzer
Norma C. Moon
Yung Yong Moon
Richard & Lucy Morgan
Aileen A. Moriguchi
Dawn S. Morikami
Francis & Clara Morikawa
Lester & Kelly Morikawa
Riki & Karen Morimoto
Renee Morioka
Aiko N. Morita
Movie Museum
Stanley & Gail Muranaka
George & Bonnie Murphy
Joan Musgrave
My Investment Co., Ltd.
Clara M. Nagano
Peggy M. Naganuma
Eleanor T. Nagata
Robby & Kathryn Naish
Michael Naito
Roy & Shirley Naito
Richard &
Kehaulani Nakamoto
Beatrice & Thomas Nakamura
Cheri Nakamura
Edith A. Nakashima
Laura T. Nakasono
Sandra K. Osborne
Beatrice & Clement Oshiro
Roy & Darlene Oshiro
Stephen M. Oshiro
Gerald Ouchi
Randy Overton
Katharine C. Owen
Oyama Family
Walter & Gayle Ozawa
Tanya R. Pacada
Enhanced, Ulupono &
Mikiala Pact
Rae A. Pagel
Carolyn S. Pang, M.D.
Lena Pang
Margaret Pang
Dr. & Mrs. L. Q. Pang
Craig & Jan Park
Janice K. Park
Judy Q. U. Park
Lily Y. Park
Ruth F. Park
Robert M. Pedigo
Pedigree Adoption
Drive Foundation
Daniel Pence
Lyn Pendragon
Donna M. Perry
Norali V. Perry
Louis & Flori Petri Foundation
Pets Across America
E. Alan Phillips &
Audrey B. Buyrn
Dr. & Mrs. Alex Pickens
Martha E. Pilliard
Jonathan Ping
Joseph M. Pires
Wayne Pitluck & Judith Pyle
Pacita Poe
David J. Porteus
Hiroko Powers
J. M. & Diane Prior
Gail A. Pritz
Redfield D. Proctor
James & Margaret Proffitt
Prudential Foundation
Matching Gifts Program
Punahou School
Ted & Leilani Quong
Todd & Nancy Reed
Dianne Reilly
Reit Management &
Research LLC
Donna Revard & John Koon
Ronald & Faith Rex
Marie E. Riley
RNO Hawaii
Kikuye Namba
Cheryl Namiki
Thomas F. Nance
David & Marlan Nashiwa
Gerald Paul & June Naughton
Beverly E. Neese
Neiman Marcus Group
Matching Gift Program
Aaliyah & Timothy Newsham
Peggy Newton
Nichiyo Air Service, Inc.
Bruce Nicholl
Mr. & Mrs. George Nishihara
Warren Nishimoto &
Michiko Kodama-Nishimoto
Robert K. Nishimura
Daikichi & Joyce Nishita
Diane H. Nitta
Susan J. Nitta
Alan & Annette Nobunaga
Greg & Julie Noji
John L. Noland
Patricia L. Nolin
Cathy M. Nonaka
Marjorie S. Norstrom
Gary & Barbara North
Nancy Nott
Marcie Nowell
Alice Nunogawa
Patricia J. O’Connor
Terry & Ann O’Halloran
Elizabeth H. O’Malley
Joseph O’Mealy &
Hans Anderson
Kimberly A. O’Quinn
Obedience Training Club of HI
Janet & Steven Oda
Eileen Ogasawara-Chun
Margaret M. Ogoshi
Edwin & Marion Oka
Amy Okamoto
Thelma Okamura
Richard & Melva Okazaki
Harold & Betty Okimura
Grace & Richard
Okita Foundation
Denise A. Okuhara
Yoko Okumura
Kristina Olinger
Artesha K. Olmos
Walter & Charlotte Olmos
Jutta Olson
Omidyar Network Fund, Inc.
Carlos A. Omphroy, M.D.
Charlene E. Ono
Ichiro & Sanaye Onoye
Richard Ornellas &
Brenda Hulihee
Edward J. Robello
Dianne Robinson
Conrad Rodenbeck
Larry & Patricia Rodriguez
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rokero
Scott & Ingrid Rolles
Mr. & Mrs. Iain M. Ross
Linda Ross & Dr. David P. Reid
Glenda K. Rother
June M. Rubie
Jiro Saegusa
James Y. Saiki
Jennifer Sakaba
Christina Sakamoto
Kenneth Sakamoto
Milton & Lani Sakamoto
Neil I. Sakamoto
Trisha & Trenton Sakamoto
Randolph & Stephanie Sakauye
Kathleen T. Sako
Bert S. Sakuda
Namie T. Salz
Daryl & Leona Sanborn
Barbara N. Sano
Patricia & Francis Santos
Melvin, Allison & Gavin Sasaki
Gilford & Shareen Sato
Wallace K. Sato
Mona K. Sawai
Ernest & Vivki Saxton
James A. Schaefer
Laurel Schatz
Mako Schoening
Paul S. Schultz
Sally Schultz
Steven & Lisa Schulz
Ann S. Schwab
Monica Schwartz
Joann Segawa
Becky F. Sekioka
Glenn H. Seo
John I. Seth
Carl & Lu Seyfer
Timothy Shank
Arthur & Linda Sheehan
E. Allen & Elizabeth Shelly
Dorothy G. Shepard
June & Arthur Shida
Masayoshi &
Juliet Shimabukuro
Ruth M. Shimada
David & Karen Shimizu
Rodney & Sandy Shinkawa
Kenneth & Esther Shioi
Dean E. Shipp
Linda & Chris Shirai
Susan H. Shishido
Harry & Anne Siegmund
James A. Silva
John & Stephanie Sims
Andrew Singer &
Melanie Winters
Susan Smith
Stephany L. Sofos
Hae-Suk Son
John & Iris Spade
Gary Sprinkle &
Pamela Young-Sprinkle
Elizabeth Lee Stack
John Stallman
Carol Stark
Vicky E. Stewart
P.D. Stocky
Roberta A. Straughn
S. A. & G. E. Strickland
Edward & Betty Lou Stroup
Nicole Stucki
Lisa J. Sue
Kimie Sugitaya
Mark & Candy Suiso
Dai Woon Sur
Suzanne Surratt
Brian & Carolyn Suzuki
Robert S. Sweney
Sharmaine & Robert Swisher
Aileen N. Sylva
Troy Tabor-Bouret
Tae’s Teppanyaki Lunchwagon
Taren Taguchi
Alison Taira
Faye K. Taira
Merline S. Takahashi
Craig Takamiya
Henry & Betty Takara
Elizabeth K. Tam
Naoko Tamai
Carl M. Tamanaha
Katsuhiko Tamanaha
Masaru Tamura
Mr. K.M. Tanaka
Rodney S. Tanaka
Sandra & Rylan Tanaka
Erin M. Taniguchi
Bert & Karen Taoka
Yuko H. Taroski
Gayle S. Tasaka, CPA
Lucy T. Tashima
Margaret S. Van Poole
Dr. & Mrs. Lothar M. Varady
Trudi B. Vetter
Phillip & Peggy Vollmann
Kenneth & Sharon Von Deylen
Mary & Paul Wagner
Charitable Fund
Buddy D. Wagoner
Myra N. Wakuzawa
Mrs. H.A. Walker
Johnny & Bubba Walker
Lisa Walsh
Jason Walthall
Chelsey A. Wandasan
Daralee J. Wang
Marie Wang
Susan & Michael Ward
Sean M. Watabayashi
Anita Watanabe
Irene & James Watanabe
Leinee L. Watase
Wayland Lum Construction
Lynn L. M. Wells
Wells Fargo Community
Support Campaign
Wescom Credit Union
William & Gretchen Wesley
Helga Wheeler
Ann & Frank White
Iwalani D. White
Karen K. White
Charles & Jeanne Wichman
Edward & Marlene Wilcox
Gaylord & Carol Wilcox
Rianna M. Williams
Jay & Lei S. Wilmoth
Terry C. Wilson
Jean Wittmaack
Abbielyn E. Wong
Erica L. Wong
Gloria Wong
Kevin & Cathy Wong
Lani E. Woodward
Workplace Solutions, Inc.
Joan H. Worthen
Darin O. Wright
Cynthia G. Wyrick
Carol Jean Yakuma
Takumi Tashima
John S. Taylor
The Taylor-White
Charitable Fund
Connie Teixeira
Lorraine M. Teniya
Steven T. Teraoka
The Pet Doctor
Elden & Barbara Thelen
Mary & James Thrash
Sachin Timbadia
Hans R. Tobler
Ron & Shirley Todd
Lorraine Togami
Gary Tokuman
Lynn Tolentino
Claudia Tom
Emily C. Tom
Faye Y.M. Tom
Herman T. Toma
Barbara & Rodney Tomishima
Al & Joyce Tomonari
Jann S.H. Tompkins
Lani M. Tonokawa
Bruce H. Tornquist
Beverly Y. Toyama
Bob & Lynne Toyofuku
Russell & Pamela J. C. Toyooka
Margaret P. Trevor
Harold J. Trinies
Tropical Toy Dog Fanciers
of Hawaii
Victoria Trowbridge &
Allen Strasberger
Clarice N. Tsuchiya
Mitsuyo Tsuchiya
Sharlene K. Tsuda
Stanley K. Tsukamoto
Kenneth T. Uemura
Karen S. Umeda
Glenn Umemoto
Paul T. Umemoto
Arthur & Ruth Ushijima
Amy Uyechi
Keith B. Uyehara
Machiko Uyehara
Seisuke Uyehara
Gregg & Janet Uyetake
Eleanor Andi van der Voort
Melvin & May Yamachika
Ayako Yamada
David M. Yamagata
Naoto & Dorothy Yamagishi
Susan S. Yamaguchi
Chris & Dale Yamamoto
Frances & Rodney Yamamoto
Louise Yamamoto
Rodney & Evelyn Yamamoto
Ronald & Judy Yamamoto
Corrine A. Yamane
Cynthia F. Yamane
Thomas & Jane Yamane
Charlene M. Yamashiro
Patricia K. Yamashiro
Naomi Yamashita
Jerry & Caryn Yamauchi
Mr. & Mrs. Albert T. Yap
Beverly B. Yap
Ernest & Joan Yasuda
Alayne Yates
Selwyn M. Yee
Patrick K. S. L. Yim
Calvin S. Yokote
Audrey R. Yoneshige
Jamie-Lyn Y. Yoshida &
Jason del Mundo
Mark M. Yoshida
Sandra Yoshida
Andrew A. Yoshimoto
Roy & Gladys Yoshimura
Harriet T. Yoshizaki
Don & Judi Young
Edward & Marina Young
Keith Young
Sharon Young
Sharon L. Young
Michele A. Efron Youngblood
Thomas K. Yue
Ann C. Yuen
Mellissa Yuen
Ronald & Joni Yuen
Jerry A. Zak
Fred & Eva Zane
Irene Zane
Patricia Zane
O. S. Zukeran
Richard Zwern
On Oahu, the Hawaiian Humane Society is the only organization that shelters,
rescues, adopts and welcomes all animals all day and every day.
100% of your gift stays in the islands for the benefit of Hawaii’s animals and people.
Non-Profit Org.
US Postage
Honolulu, HI
Permit No. 1004
2700 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96826
Holiday Toy Drive businesses
Mahalo to the following who participated as Holiday Toy
Drive drop-off locations: Bark Avenue, Mike McKenna’s
Windward Ford, Pet-Me Salon, Pets in the City, PETCO
– Kapolei and Pearl City, Tails of Hawaii, The Pet Depot,
The Pet Spot, Three Dogs and a Girl, and Waikiki Dog
Mrs. Santa year-round
Christmas is every month for shelter animals with the
help of Mary Pat Wentz. Mary comes in at least once a
month dropping off hampers full of pet toys for adopted
Designer dogs
Fashion forward Anne Namba Designs and Meng
Dynasty teamed together to present their paired
creations in a fashion show, “Evening Elegance,”
on February 23. Ten percent of sales benefitted the
Hawaiian Humane Society.
BOH Loves Animals
We are extremely grateful to Bank of Hawaii’s
charitable foundation and its employees who donated
$53,600 to our animals.
True holiday spirit
Many thanks to the Miyashiro Family who instead
of exchanging gifts this past Christmas, donated 14
assorted sizes of dog and cat food to our Pet Food
Bank for animals in need.
Animals heart Mike McKenna
Along with two successful off-site adoptions in Kailua,
Mike Mckenna’s Windward Ford has donated over $7,000
to us in its ongoing promotion – the dealership donates
$50 to the Humane Society for every vehicle sold.
Young philanthropists
Kudos to Aaron
Isara, Keri Isara,
Trisha Sakamoto
and Trenton
Sakamoto who
donated $300 to
us after saving up
for two years from
their allowance,
recycling bottles
and cans and
donations from
friends and family!

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