shOrTs FOr shOrTies i - aluCine Latin Film + Media Arts Festival



shOrTs FOr shOrTies i - aluCine Latin Film + Media Arts Festival
APRIL 3-12
14 aluCine Latin Film
+ Media Arts Festival
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39 Fragmented & Appropriate
40 Bosque Sonoro
41 Espectador Vigilante
42 Weeds
42 Doble Exposición
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Opening Gala
Des(pecho)trucción / 50 Parties
51 Film Index
Blood Relations: Stories
of Family in Mexico
On identity, Politics and
Human Rights
Shorts for Shorties I
Shorts for Shorties II
Totally Mixed Up!
Killing Strangers
Slow Cutting
Bittersweet - Queer Program
Diversidad: Canadian Films
About alucine
Festival Venues
Schedule and Ticketing
Festival Greetings
2014 Jury & awards
ABOUT aluCine
aluCine Latin Film+Media Arts Festival 898b St. Clair Ave West, second floor
Toronto, Ontario, M6C 1C5
+1 (416) 548-8914
[email protected] aluCine:
[conj. transverb] to hallucinate
1.m. fam. wonder, marvel,
2.loc. adj. brilliant, mindblowing
3.(alucinado) m. fam.
eccentric, visionary,
1.(local) cinema
2.(art) cinema
aluCine Film+Media Arts Festival
celebrates the latest works by LatinAmerican artists at the forefront of
innovation in film, video, and new
media. aluCine seeks to showcase
contemporary Latin-Canadian film
and new media works. Our annual
festival functions as a vital Canadian
outlet for emerging and established
Latin filmmakers living in Canada, Latin
America and the diaspora, while our
year-round screenings, symposiums
development of Latin film and culture
in Toronto. In all of our endeavours,
aluCine strives to transgress aesthetic,
ideological and geographical borders
and to transcend pre-established
notions of representation as they
pertain to Latin American culture in
Canada. The Festival’s screenings, panel
discussions and social events attract
and connect filmmakers, media artists,
programmers, buyers and industry
professionals. The works accepted
reflect the diversity of the LatinAmerican culture.
Since its inception in 1995,
aluCine Latin Film+Media Arts
Festival (known also as the Southern
Currents Film & Video Collective,
aluCine’s legal entity) continues to
evolve to reflect the needs of its
constituencies. Founded by Southern
Currents Film & Video Collective in
July of 1993 by Jorge Lozano, Ramiro
Puerta and Ricardo Acosta.
While the Spanish language creates
a common bond for the Hispanic
community, our public is diverse,
based in part on the political and
our members’ countries of origin.
Therefore, the Spanish-speaking
community functions through a
community based on diversity. Our
artistic vision reflects this, as we seek
to create platforms for dialogue among
film/video and new media artists,
curators and audiences in Canada,
Latin America, and throughout the
With the help of funders, sponsors and
community partners, aluCine is now
regarded as one of the most important
Latin-American film and media arts
festivals in Canada. The ten-day
aluCine Film+Media Arts Festival
and aluCine’s year-round initiatives
including Free Community Screenings,
fill a void in the artistic and cultural
landscapes of Toronto in which LatinAmerican filmmakers and media artists
are often underrepresented.
We are earnest in our role as advocates
for the Latino media arts community.
We also believe that it is important
to recognize the need for our cultural
institutions to grow and expand to give
a sense of belonging to individuals in
the region. As one of the few LatinAmerican Media Arts Festivals in
productions, aluCine represents an
opportunity for Latino-Canadian artists
to network and present their works in a
competitive international setting.
Welcome to aluCine!
Board of Directors
Miki Nembhard
Christopher Trotman
Erika Garcia
Martha Pizon
Sean Brown
Pablo Duran
Tasso Lakas
Advisory Board
Victoria Moufawad-Paul
Charles C. Smith
Scott Miller Berry
Susan Martin
Francisco Alvarez
Susan Lord
Susan Douglas
Festival photography
Magic Vision Photography
Festival Video production
Key West Video Inc.
Executive Director: Sinara Rozo Perdomo
Director of Sponsorship: Poet Farrell
Operations and Outreach Manager: Mariuxi Zambrano
Programming Manager: Diana Cadavid
Festival Coordinator: Kate Barry
Festival Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator: Terence Tam
Technical / Traffic Coordinator: Gerson Peña
Communications Coordinator: Alexandra Illescas
Administrative & Festival Coordinator Assistant: Neudis Abreu
Marketing Coordinator: Herlind Diaz
Outreach Coordinator: Juan Manuel Gonzalez
Guest Relations & Hospitality: Gloria Bernal
Social Media Intern: Heidy Morales
Festival Trailer, Videographer: Leonardo Suarez
Hospitality: Lalo Porto
Back row (left to right): Terence Tam, Gerson Peña, Sinara Rozo Perdomo, Leonardo Suarez, Lalo Porto.
Front row: Neudis Abreu, Kate Barry, Mariuxi Zambrano, Alexandra Illescas, Gloria Bernal. Missing: Poet Farrel, Juan
Manuel Gonzales, Herlin Diaz.
Winter Festival Intern: Melina Sevilla
Additional Photography: Mauricio Jimenez
Artistic Director: Sinara Rozo Perdomo
Programming Manager: Diana Cadavid
Special Programs: Heather Haynes and
Mariuxi Zambrano
Sinara Rozo Perdomo and Christopher Trotman
Design Team
Art Direction: Jason Sanders
Program Book Design: Alexandra Illescas and
Luis Cisneros
Editors: Juan Manuel Gonzales, Alexandra Illescas
Translation and Proofreading: Jessica Morales,
Juan Manuel Gonzales, Alexandra Illescas, Melina
Sevilla, Sean Brown
Festival Venues
Jackman Hall
Art Gallery of Ontario
317 Dundas Street West
Tel: (416) 979-6660 ext. 467
(On West side of McCaul Street)
Wychwood Theatre
Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie Street
Tel: (416) 537-4191
Toronto Arts Council Gallery
568 Richmond Street West
Tel: (416) 392-6802
New Adventures In Sound Art
601 Christie Street, #252
Tel: (416) 652-5115
Creative Blueprint Gallery
376 Bathurst Street
Tel: (416) 938-1229
Bavia Arts Gallery
898b St. Clair Avenue West
Tel: (416) 658-8980
Milagro Cantinas
783 Queen Street West
Tel: (416) 366-2855
Valdez Restaurant
606 King Street West
Tel: (416) 363-8388
The Monarch Tavern
12 Clinton Street
Tel: (416) 531-5833
If you require accessible or companion seating, please contact the Festival Office no later than 24 hours prior to a screening, so we can ensure
that your needs are met. You can reach us by calling (416) 548-8914 or by emailing us at [email protected]
Si usted requiere asientos accesibles, por favor póngase en contacto con la Oficina del Festival a más tardar 24 horas antes de la proyección, para poder garantizar
que sus necesidades sean satisfechas. Puede comunicarse con nosotros llamando al (416) 548-8914 o por correo electrónico a [email protected]
Festival Schedule and Ticketing
Jackman Hall
Wychwood Theatre
Toronto Arts Council Gallery
Creative Blueprint Gallery
Bavia Arts Gallery
New Adventures In Sound Art
ThUrsdAy 3
FridAy 4
Box Office Info
Regular Screenings: $10
Regular Screenings Students & Seniors: $8
(I.D. required)
Shorts for Shorties children’s programs:
Adults: $8 Children: $7, Siblings: $5 (under 18)
Industry Event, Panel 1: Pay What You Can
Industry Event, Panel 2: $15 (includes meal)
Opening Gala:
Film+reception: $20
Closing Gala:
Film+party: $20
BlOOD relaTiOns: sTOries
OF Family in meXiCO
All-Access Pass: $75
(10 Regular Screenings + Industry Sessions +
Opening Night Gala, excluding Shorts for
Shorties at Wychwood Theatre)
Same day tickets will be available on site half
an hour before the event (cash only).
OPening gala PresenTaTiOn
OPening gala reCePTiOn
Milagro Cantinas
WeeDs OPening reCePTiOn
On iDenTiTy,
21:30 - 23:30 POliTiCs & human righTs
17:00 - 18:30
Regular screenings and the opening night gala are restricted to those 18 years of age or older, according to
the Ontario Theatres Act. Exceptions: Shorts for Shorties.
sATUrdAy 5
sUndAy 6
inDusTry series
11:00 - 14:00
shOrTs FOr shOrTies i
11:30 - 13:00
Demystifying Media Arts
WednesdAy 9
11:30 - 14:00
BOsQue sOnOrO reCePTiOn 13:00 - 15:00
Balam Soto & Hector Centeno
shOrTs FOr shOrTies ii
TOTally miXeD uP!
killing sTrangers
14:30 - 16:00 OPening reCePTiOn & arTisT Talk 14:30
15:30 - 16:45 Livia Daza-Paris & María José Alós
17:30-18:30 Andrea Martínez Crowther
slOW CuTTing
19:30-21:00 Directors in attendance
Images Film Festival,
MANO/RAMO & aluCine
The Monarch Tavern
ThUrsdAy 10
FridAy 25
Pan American 19:00
& Afro-diasporic
music & dances
Jorge Lozano & Unai Valis
FesTival ParTy
21:30-23:00 aWarDs CeremOny &
FesTival gala ParTy
Valdez Restaurant
School Tour Bavia
Art Gallery & NAISA
FridAy 11
esPeCTaDOr vigilanTe reCePTiOn 20:30
BiTTersWeeT Queer Program
14:00 - 16:00
The Story of
is arT sChOOl
killing arT?
Presented By
Guided 12:30-15:00
19:00 - 21:00
Guided 12:30-15:00
School Tour
The BesT OF
17:00 - 18:30 CBG & TAC
aluCine 2014
Director in attendance
Bicycles, B&B 17:30-19:00 pg.43
sUndAy 13
sATUrdAy 26
Artist Talk
Alexandra Gelis
ClOsing ParTy
Bavia arts gallery
Festival Greetings
Mekielia (Miki) Nembhard
Interim Director, Board of Directors, aluCine
In April 2014 aluCine celebrates Hispanic Heritage
Month, with 10 days of vibrant cinema and media art. At
aluCine Film+Media Arts Festival we remain committed
to building bridges between Canadian and Latino artists. We strive to create platforms for dialogue among
film/video and new media artists, curators and audiences in Canada, Latin America and around the world. This would not be possible without the unwavering support of our audience members, volunteers,
sponsors and co-presenters as well as our generous funders. On behalf of my
fellow board members and myself, we thank you from our hearts. We look
forward to celebrating aluCine’s 14th festival! Congratulations! Felicidades!
Sinara Rozo Perdomo
Executive Director, aluCine
Bienvenidos and Welcome! I am delighted to kickoff
the 14th aluCine Latin Film+Media Arts Festival with the
launch of Hispanic Heritage month! We will heat up Toronto this April with a vibrant showcase of Hispano-Canadian art and culture, featuring a spotlight on Mexico.
To celebrate aluCine’s 14th anniversary we have selected the best in independent and contemporary film. Our 2014 line-up is jam packed; twelve exciting
film programs, over seventy films, seven media arts exhibitions, live performances, music, artist’s talks, panel discussions and much more. As one of the
most diverse and accessible film festivals in the city we are proud to include
Bittersweet an astounding queer program and audience favourite Diversidad;
a carefully crafted program celebrating the artistry of local heroes. Other highlights are two special programs, Blood Relations: Stories of Family in Mexico and Internet And Network Based Art Projects by guest curators Heather
Haynes and Julieta Maria. Not to be missed is the return of young audiences
favourite Shorts for Shorties highlighting Mexican culture through artful cartoons and classic animation styles.
As our role as presenter continues to grow, so do the number of partnerships. Our media arts programming is possible thanks to the vital collaborations with local organizations such is the case of the exhibit Forest and Toronto_05apr2014 _ at New Adventures In Sound Art. I am also very excited
about a sizzling new addition to Toronto's art scene, the launch of the BAVIA
Arts Gallery with the premiere of Weeds/Mala hierba. For our industry sessions
we planned two timely and relevant panels, Demystifying Media Arts offering
a strong and focused vision of the role of Latin-Canadian artists working in
the field in Canada and Giving Life to Your Short Film: from financing to distribution.
aluCine will not exist if it wasn’t for the crucial support received from OAC
over the last 20 years. We are honoured to acknowledge that aluCine has
received $188,400 in OAC grants since 1994. The Ontario Arts Council has
placed Latino-Canadian artists at the forefront of the national cultural landscape. Cheers to another 50th years of Live, Love and Art! With the generous
support of our new and returning sponsors and the incredible support from
you, we have been established as the longest-running Latin film and media
arts festival in Canada.
I would also like to thank our government funders, corporate sponsors, community partners and audiences; you have allowed us to keep up our quest for
brilliant Latin American film and media art alive. My heartfelt gratitude goes
out to the extraordinaire aluCine staff and to the many volunteers for getting
this year’s festival off the ground, you are my extended family and my beloved
community. Muchas Gracias! Our Board of Directors has exceeded our expectations with their wisdom, experience and dedication
This festival is dedicated to the memory of aluCine’s former board of directors
Arlan Londoño, Colombian artist, curator and scholar. Arlan, this one is for
you, let's celebrate what you lived for and loved the most, the arts.
Have a great time at this year’s festival! Join us for our wonderful new programming, our numerous receptions, gallery art openings, performances, music, food and so much laughter and celebration.
Kathleen Wynne
Premier of Ontario
On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I am delighted to extend warm greetings to everyone attending the aluCine Toronto Latin Film + Media Arts
I commend the aluCine Festival for providing a platform for Latin artists
to share their vision through film, new media installations, video performance and video art. These artists should be applauded, for their creativity has enhanced the cultural landscape of this province.
I would like to thank the staff, volunteers and board members for their
hard work in bringing this month-long festival and heritage month to Toronto, our province’s capital city. Your commitment to celebrating excellence and diversity in Latin media art is inspiring through your efforts,
Ontarians of all heritages are able to familiarize themselves with issues in
the Latin community — and with the immense talent possessed by Latin
Please accept my best wishes for an inspiring and memorable festival.
Michael Chan
Minister Tourism, Culture and Sport
On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I am
pleased to extend greetings to everyone attending
this year’s aluCine Latin Film + Media Arts Festival.
Since it began in 1995, the Festival has become
Canada’s longest-running Latin film festival, attracting a broad and diverse audience that is growing each year. We in Ontario enjoy a rich cultural vitality and a deep appreciation for the arts, and I am grateful that
festivals such as aluCine help us experience wonderful artistic achievements from around the world.
I would like to commend the artists for your vision and talent, festival
staff and volunteers for your hard work and dedication, and partners and
audiences for your support and enthusiasm.
Please accept my best wishes for an entertaining and engaging Festival.
Councillor Joe Mihevc
Toronto City Hall
Ward 21, St. Paul’s West
It is my pleasure to send warm greetings to the aluCine Latin Film+Media Arts Festival as you celebrate
your 14th anniversary. Being Canada’s largest Latin film festival, aluCine has become a well-known
event in the city’s calendar and reflects the richness
and diversity of the Latin community.
aluCine is a wonderful manifestation of the incredible talent and imagination of Latin film directors, animators, painters, and photographers. With
all the diversity it offers, the festival uniquely showcases emerging art
from the Latin diaspora and Canada.
Without a doubt, festivals such as this nourish the soul and the spirit of
diversity in Toronto and I wish aluCine Latin Film +Media Arts Festival all
the best as you celebrate another year of success!
Festival Greetings
@CanadaCouncil is proud to support @aluCineTO and its impressive line-up of Latin film &
media arts. ¡Diviértanse!
Congratulations and best wishes to @aluCineTO as they celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with
their Latin Film+Media Arts Festival #toronto #arts
CEO and Director
Carolyn Bennett
Robert Sirman
The Ontario Arts Council proudly supports aluCine, a festival dedicated to presenting cutting-edge
work by Latin American media artists in Canada and
Le Conseil des arts de l’Ontario est fier d’appuyer
aluCine, un festival consacré à la présentation du
travail avant-gardiste d’artistes médiatiques latino-américains qui vivent au Canada et ailleurs.
Member of Parliament
Anticipating another great festival! A three-year
investment from the Ontario Trillium Foundation is
helping aluCine expand its reach in Toronto and
develop new offerings, including free community
screenings and educational projects for youth.
Andrea Cohen
Peter Caldwell
CEO and Director
Heartfelt thanks to the ongoing support of our funders who for years
have given aluCine the possibility to present an unparalleled opportunity to share new and alternative perspectives from Latin-American’s
creativity, and for appreciating the vitality of our communities within
our boundaries and beyond. Your vision and generosity continues to
keep this festival alive and allow us to bring the best of Latin American
independent filmmaking to Toronto. Your support also recognizes the
importance of aluCine Festival in Canada.
The Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts
Council, and the Toronto Arts Council.
Special thanks to our awards sponsors, media partners and supporting
Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), Canadian Filmmakers
Distribution Centre (CFMDC), Musta Costa Fortune, Women in Film & Television – Toronto (WIFT – T), Hispanic Business Alliance, Luminato, Hispanos en
Canada, Toronto Hispanos, Rogers’ Now What, 360 FM, Latinos Magazine,
Village Living Magazine, Kiddo Magazine, Canadian Hispanic Business Association, Diego Pineda, Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and University
of Toronto.
A BIG thank you to our funders, sponsors and community partners:
Cónsul General de México en Toronto, Milagro Cantina, Milan Wineries, Art
Square, Pitú, Havana Club, Olmeca, Collective Arts Brewing, Key West Video, Magic Vision Photography, Promezcal, Dark Horse, Sony Centre for the
Performing Arts, Brazilian Hair, El Fogón, Luksusowa Vodka, Tequila Patrón,
Milagro Tequila, Valdez Restaurant, Jumbo Empanadas, Cónsul General de
México en Toronto, Bavia Arts Gallery, LULA Arts Centre, Magic vision Photography, Durbanville Hills, Mauricio Toussaint, Mark Haslam from Ontario Arts
Council (OAC), Anne-Marie Bénéteau from the Ontario Trillium Foundation
(OTF), Felipe Diaz and James Missen from the Canada Council for the Arts
(CCA), Peter Kingstone and Beth Reynolds from the Toronto Arts Council,
Luciano Porto from Bavia Arts Centre, Annie LaCalle from Flora Viva, Chris
Kennedy from Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), Darren
Copeland from NAISA, Tracy Jenkins and Jose Ortega from Lula Arts Cen-
tre, Alex Bordokas from UMA NOTA Festival, Lauren Howes from Canadian
Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC), Scott B. Miller from the IMAGES
Festival, and to our wonderful co-presenters and committed volunteers!
Special thanks to festival founders
Ramiro Puerta, Sinara Rozo-Perdomo, Ricardo Acosta and Jorge Lozano.
Muchas Gracias Amigos:
Christopher Ronikier, Katie Nicholson, Arturo Anhalt, Pierino Vittori, Jessica
Rashotte, Bob Russell, Yvette Astorgas, Gerry Mamone, Alberto & Marco
Milan, Leyla Kizilirmak, Lucjan Modzynski, Mauricio Jimenez, Ed Lynds, Stuart Steinberg, Steve Mills, Doris Anest, Yvette Morales, Pedro Flynn, Steven
Gonzalez, Chris Kennedy, Lauren Howes, Clive Smith, Heather Webb, Mauricio Toussaint- Cónsul General de México en Toronto, Anne-Marie Bénéteau, Felipe Diaz, Peter Kingstone and Beth Reynolds, Will Nelson, Winnie
Luk, Luciano Porto, Chris Kennedy, Darren Copeland, Ashley Proctor, Darryl
Bank, Mike Martinez, Nadene Thériault-Copeland, Tracy Jenkins and Jose
Ortega, Alex Bordokas, Lauren Howes, Scott B. Miller, Natalia Lopez Sosa,
Rebecca Gruihn, Greg Rubidge, Henry Wong, Hyesoo Kim, Janet Asante,
Joan Navarra, Judy Wolve, Karl Reinsalu, Nico Gislason-Rozo, Ruth Wilford,
Susan Martin, Camilo Gislason-Rozo, Noe Rodriguez, Renata Mohamed,
Robert Labossiere, Christopher Trotman, Miki Nembhard, Martha Pinzon, Erika Garcia, Sean Brown, Tasso Lakas, Juan Pablo Duran, Karen Tisch, Ben
Donoghue, Kristian Clarke, Julieta Maria, Heather Haynes, Diana Cadavid,
Leonardo Suarez, Senaa Ahmad, Irene, Gabriela Ituarte, Ivan Wadgymar,
Fiona Greer and to our wonderful co-presenters and committed volunteers!
Thank You to our panelists and moderators: Susan Lord, Susan Douglas, Francisco Alvarez, Mark Haslam, Bushra Junaid ,
Lina Rodríguez, Andrea Whyte, Wanda VanderStoop, Michelle Johnson, Anita Lee, Magali Simard, Kate Mckay, German Gutierrez and Greg Woodbury.
Gracias a David Velazquez por su video Loteria Animada.
Alucine Gratefully Acknowledges
Supporting partners
red amazon
2014 Jury & awards
Susan Lord
Head of Department and Associate Professor, Queen’s
Affiliated with the Graduate Program in Cultural
Studies as well as the Departments of Art and Gender Studies, she researches in the areas of cinema and media arts, cosmopolitanism, new media,
gendered spaces and the city, and Cuban cinema
and visual culture. With a background in feminist
and critical theory, Susan has worked at the intersection of cinema, new
media, and aesthetic theory. She teaches Media Studies, Cinema and the
City, and Cuban Visual Culture.
Karen Tisch
Arts Manager, Programmer and Consultant
She has served as Managing Director of the Hot
Docs Festival, Executive Director of the Ashkenaz
Festival, Programming Director of the Images Festival, and as a Grants Officer at both the Toronto Arts
Council and the Canada Council for the Arts. Karen
recently completed a 7-year term as President of
the Toronto Arts Council.
Ben Donoghue
Filmmaker and Arts Administrator
Ben is currently working on a number of film and audio installations, a photochemical research project
and a wide range of curatorial initiatives. As an educator Ben has taught experimental film practice and
installation in diverse institutional and community
settings in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. In
addition to his independent practice Ben is currently
the Managing Director of the Media Arts Network of Ontario / Réseau des
arts mediatiques de l’Ontario (MANO/RAMO), the provincial arts service
organization supporting the media arts sector.
Presenting Award Sponsors
Awards Ceremony on Sunday, April 6 • 22:30
Valdez Restaurant • 606 King Street West
aluCine’s festival awards exist to reward the talent, creativity and unique
filmmaking capabilities of local and foreign artists and their ability to move
audiences with their innovative and inspiring work. We celebrate each
of their distinct styles and the unique lens through which they view the
aluCine Best Film Award
All films are eligible, sponsored by aluCine Latin Film+Media Arts Festival
$800 cash prize
Best Canadian Film Award
All Canadian works are eligible, sponsored by Canadian Filmmakers and
Distribution Cent, CFMDC
$500 cash prize
Best Animated Film Award
All animated films are eligible, sponsored by Musta Costa Fortune
$500 cash prize
Best Latin-Canadian Female Director Award
All films made by female GTA-based artists are eligible, sponsored by
Woman In Film & Television, WIFT
Best Local Emerging Filmmaker Award
All local (Ontario) films are eligible
Sponsored by LIFT, One Year membership
Best Audience Award
A pair of tickets for Tango Legends, courtesy of the Sony Centre for the
Performing Arts
aluCine showcases excellence and innovation in
contemporary independent film+media arts
aluCine accepts submissions in all genres: experimental,
fiction, documentary, animation, video art, and
web art of any subject matter.
aluCine is a competitive festival.
Entry fees: $20
Deadline: August 31, 2014
aluCine is generously supported by
The Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Toronto Arts Council, and Ontario Arts Council
Jackman Hall
Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON
Wychwood Theatre
Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie Street, Toronto, ON
Thurs • APRIL 03 • 20:00-22:00
Opening Gala
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • $20
Este año aluCine dirige su atención
a México con una selección de
innovadores largometrajes y
cortometrajes que exploran la
memoria cinematográfica del país.
Para abrir el festival traemos el
largometraje Quebranto, la memoria
y el testimonio de doña Lilia Ortega
y su hija, Coral Bonelli, que nació
como Fernando García “Pinolito”,
y decidió cambiar su identidad de
género hace unos años. Doña Lilia
era una actriz famosa en los años 70
y Pinolito, un niño actor, imitador de
Rafael y bailarín.
Awards: Guadalajara Internacional Film
Festival, Best film; “Premio Guerrero”, best
Iberoamerican documentary; Sebastiane
award at Festival International de Cine de
San Sebastián; Raindance Film Festival
(London), Best documentary.
About Roberto Fiesco
Quebranto / Disrupted
Roberto Fiesco
2013 • Mexico • 90’ • Documentary
Canadian Premier
Fernando García , known as
Pinolito , during his tenure as a
child actor in the 70s , and Ms.
Lilia Ortega , his mother, also an
actress. Fernando idenitifes as
transgendered and goes by the
name Coral Bonelli. Coral and Lilia
live in Mexico City, longing for their
film-star pasts, while Coral bravely
takes on a new identity.
Fernando García, conocido como
Pinolito, y doña Lilia Ortega, su
madre, también actriz, viven en
la colonia Garibaldi. Fernando se
asumió como travesti hace algunos
años y ahora se hace llamar Coral
Bonelli. Ambas añoran su pasado
fílmico mientras Coral asume con
valor su identidad genérica
Director and producer Roberto
Fiesco (Mexico City, 1972) is a
graduated of CUEC. He produced
A Thousand Clouds of Peace and
Rabioso Sol, Rabioso Cielo which
won the Teddy Award at the Berlin
International Film Festival in 2009.
He has also received awards at
the FICG. Disrupted is his first
feature film.
El director y productor, Roberto
Fiesco (Ciudad de México, 1972)
es egresado del CUEC. Produjo
los largometrajes Mil Nubes de
Paz Cercan el Cielo y Rabioso
Cielo con los que ganó el premio
Teddy en el Festival Internacional
de Cine de Berlín en 2003 y 2009.
También ha recibido premios en el
FICG de Guadalajara. Quebranto
es su debut como director de
aluCine turns its spotlight in 2014
to Mexico with a selection of
contemporary, strong and innovative
features and shorts that explore
the cinematographic history of the
country. To open the festival we
bring Quebranto, a film that looks at
biography and testimony from the
perspective of Doña Lilia Ortega and
her daughter, Coral Bonelli, who was
born Fernando García “Pinolito”.
Fernado decided to change his
gender identity from male to female.
Doña Lilia was a celebrated actress
in the 70s and Pinolito, was a
child actor, dancer, and Raphael
Co-presented by:
FRI • APRIL 4 • 17:00-18:30
Des(pecho)trucción / De(spite)struction
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • Pay What You Can
Romantic breakups seen through
a comedic lens. Are these
obsessive characters trapped in
mysterious worlds or simply in
their own mind? Life and death...
Intimate, raw, and sarcastic, this
program will take us through
a whirlwind of emotions and
fascinating worlds.
La ruptura amorosa vista desde
un lente cómico, personajes
obsesionados, atrapados en
mundos misteriosos o en sus
propias mentes? La vida y
la muerte… Intimo, crudo y
sarcástico, este programa nos
llevara por un torbellino de
emociones y mundos fascinantes.
Co-presented by:
Memento Mori
2012 • Bolivia / Belgium • 9’40”
Canadian Premier
2013 • Colombia • 8’16" • Animation
International Premier
Daniela Wayllace
In a mourning ceremony the
photographer takes a picture of a
little girl. With contrite faces, the
mourners exit the room, leaving
her surrounded by flowers. Little
by little we approach the girl and
recoup her memories and the
universe of death.
En una ceremonia de duelo un
fotógrafo toma una imagen de
una niña. Con los rostros contritos
los dolientes se retiran de la sala,
dejándola rodeada de flores.
Poco a poco vamos entrando en
los recuerdos de la niña y en el
universo de la muerte.
Awards: IX Festival Internacional de Cine
PASTO FICBA (Colombia); Best Short
Film (2013). Corto Helvético al Femminile
(Switzerland); Best Animation Short (2013).
Cecilia Traslaviña
Fabricia enters an abandoned
building and her presence seems
to give new life to the place; but
soon she discovers the space is
dominated by strange machines
that trap her inside. She will only
gain freedom through the power of
her unique imagination.
Fabricia entra a una fábrica
abandonada, su presencia parece
darle vida al lugar. Pronto descubre
que el espacio está dominado
por unas extrañas máquinas
que la persiguen hasta atraparla.
Finalmente, conquista su libertad
gracias a su genuina imaginación
Mejor corto de animacion, festival de cine de
Popayan, Mexico.
Carny / Animador
Cainan Baldez
Fernanda Chicolet
2013 • Brazil • 20’ • Fiction
Canadian Premier
Ligia works at an amusement park.
While wearing a costume, she
hangs from a toy, and kids try to hit
a target with a ball in order to make
her fall.
Ligia trabaja en un parque de
diversiones. Sentada en una
banqueta colgada sobre una
piscina de pelotas, espera mientras
los niños intentan dar en el blanco
para derribarla.
Awards: Curta Cinema (Brazil); Best
Screenplay, Best 5 of the Public. V Janela
in Recife (Brazil); Best National Short. XI
Araribóia Cine (Brazil); Best Film. Festival
de Cinema Luso (Brazil); Best 10 of the
Public. CineFestiVal (Mexico); Best Actress,
Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Sound.
Curta Cabo Frio; Best Performance.
FRI APRIL 4 • 17:00-18:30
Des(pecho)trucción / De(spite)struction
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • Pay What You Can
The Road
Invencible / Invincible
2010 • Austria / Germany / Argentina •
7’32” • Animation
North America Premier
2013 • Cuba / Canada • 12’41”
Toronto Premier
2013 • Argentina • 4’27” • Videopoetry
North America Premier
Nikki Schuster
Parasit is an experimental film
animated with objects found in the
natural environment of Argentina.
Creeping, crawling and oozing,
these organic-synthetic mutants
multiply and evolve, luring the
viewer deep into an inner subcosmos.
Parasit es una película experimental
encontrados en el ambiente natural
gateando y escurriéndose, éstos
mutantes orgánico- sintéticos
se multiplican y evolucionan,
atrayendo al espectador a un
profundo sub-cosmos.
Laura Marie Wayne
Suddenly abandoned by her lover,
a young Canadian filmmaker
takes refuge in a small town in
Cuba. The camera glides through
a melancholic Cuban landscape
and heartache transformed by the
recognition of the beauty of love
and loss.
Güira de Melena, Cuba. Afligida
con el termino de una relación
amorosa, Laura se refugia en un
pueblo cubano. Perseguida por
sus memorias, la única razón de ser
que le queda es la cámara en sus
manos, la cual la guía suavemente
al través de la oscuridad.
Gisela Palaez
Invincible is an audiovisual essay
based on the poem La muerte que
me Ronda by Cristina Peri Rossi.
A woman whispers in the ears of
death. Her voice guides us through
different feelings: anger, despair,
sadness, loneliness and finally
Invencible es un ensayo audiovisual
basado en el poema La muerte que
me Ronda de Cristina Peri Rossi.
Una mujer susurra inútilmente a
los oídos de la muerte transitando
rabia, desesperación, tristeza y
finalmente aceptación.
Electrodoméstico / Home
Erik de Luna
2013 • Mexico • 12’56” • Animation
International Premier
We were Adam and Eve, then
the home appliances appeared.
Prudencio and Esther’s life reflects
a civilization plunged into the
maelstrom of technology. In an
attempt to get their relationship
back on track, the couple uses
objects to substitute aspects of
their own relationship.
Adán y Eva éramos sólo tu y yo,
después vinieron los aparatos
electrodomésticos. La vida de
Prudencio y Esther es el reflejo
de una civilización sumida en
la vorágine tecnológica. En un
intento por recuperar el sentido, la
pareja se confunde entre objetos
sustitutos de su propia relación.
Parasit / Parasite
FRI • APRIL 4 • 17:00-18:30
Des(pecho)trucción / De(spite)struction
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • Pay What You Can
Des(pecho)trucción /
Maria Ruiz
2013 • Venezuela • 11’ • Experimental
North America Premier
She wants to forget about Gabriel.
Then the destruction begins. She
starts destroying all the items that
make her remember him: books,
music, movies, his house... But
in the last level of destruction she
finds something: a plot twist... a
Ella quiere olvidarse de Gabriel.
Empieza entonces, la destrucción.
Ella comienza a mutilar todos
los elementos que la obligan
a recordarlo: libros, música,
películas, su casa... Pero en la
última instancia de la destrucción
ella encuentra algo: un giro en la
trama… un secreto.
FRI APRIL 4 • 19:00-20:30
Relations: Stories of Family in Mexico
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • $10 • Students/Seniors $8
Curated by Heather Haynes
Este año de producción nos
ha presentado muchos nuevos
cineastas Mexicanos. Las historias
de estos cineastas no tratan
solamente sobre la frontera, los
carteles, migración, corrupción o
revolución Estos jóvenes cineastas
han volteado la cámara hacia ellos
mismos para enfocarse en las
complejidades de la familia. Esta
selección nos presenta algunos
de estos premiados trabajos los
cuales exploran una multitud de
complejidades de la familia desde un
punto de vista Mexicano.
Curadoria por Heather Haynes
La Casa Triste / The Sad
Sofia Carrillo
2013 • Mexico •13 min • Animación
International Premier
The story of a family and their
relationship with a disease, told
through objects found in antique
bazaars and through donations.
La historia de una
relación con la
contada a través
encontrados en
familia y su
de objetos
bazares de
Abraham Escobedo Salas
2013 • Mexico • 21’30” • Documentary
International Premier
Miguel is a young B-boy
(breakdancer) from Guadalajara
who is always looking for the
balance between work, friends and
his new role as father. He trains in
order to win a national tournament
so he can offer a better life to his
Miguel es un joven B-boy
(breakdancer) de Guadalajara
quien busca el equilibrio con el
trabajo, los amigos y su nuevo rol
de padre de familia. El entrenará
para ganar un torneo nacional y así
poder ofrecerle una mejor calidad
de vida a su familia.
Las Montañas Invisibles /
The Invisible Mountains
Angel Linares
2012 • Mexico • 13’ • Documental
International Premier
disappearance of their children and
husbands in the seventies, when
they where accused, sometimes
with no reason, as sympathizers of
the guerrilla of Lucio Cabañas.
Varias mujeres relatan sus vivencias
a partir de la desaparición de
sus hijos y esposos en los años
setenta, al ser señalados, en
algunos casos sin razón alguna,
como simpatizantes de la guerrilla
de Lucio Cabañas.
Mejor cortometraje mexicano VII Festival
Internacional de Cine Documental de la
Ciudad de Mexico; Mejor cortometraje
Documental del XI Festival Internacional de
Cine Morelia, Mexico (2013).
This production year has spotlighted
many young and emerging Mexican
filmmakers working in documentary,
fiction and animation. Rather than
stories focusing solely on border
issues, cartels, corruption, and
revolution, many of these young
filmmakers have turned their
cameras inward to focus on the
complexities of family. The following
selection features some of the
award winning documentary, fiction
and animated shorts exploring a
multitude of familial complexities
through a Mexican lens.
FRI • APRIL 4 • 19:00-20:30
Blood Relations:
Stories of Family in Mexico
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • $10 • Students/Seniors $8
Jerusalén / Jerusalem
Alicia Segovia Juarez
2013 • Mexico • 14’30” • Drama
International Premier
Carmina and Ana are two sisters
who face the bitterness of their
parents’ absence, living each day
in loneliness but accompanied.
Carmina y Ana, dos hermanas que
se enfrentan a la ausencia de sus
padres, viven su día lidiando con
una soledad acompañada.
Arma Blanca / White
Mauricio Calderón Rico
2013 • Mexico • 14’43” • Drama
International Premier
Mari works as a maid in a luxury
apartment where she takes care
of Regina and helps her do her
homework. One day, Mari comes
home from work and discovers
that Pedro, her son, who does his
homework alone, has lice.
Mari trabaja como empleada
departamento donde cuida a
Regina y le ayuda con sus tareas.
Un día, Mari llega del trabajo y
descubre que Pedro, su hijo, quien
debe de hacer sólo la tarea, tiene
Co-presented by:
FRI APRIL 4 • 21:00-22:40
On identity, Politics and Human Rights
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • $10 • Students/Seniors $8
Political and dramatic, these films
invite us to reflect upon realities
that affect us all: Dictatorships,
complex relationships, and
nostalgia for the abandoned
Políticos y dramáticos estos
trabajos nos invitan a reflexionar
sobre realidades que a todos nos
afectan: Dictaduras, relaciones
complejas, y nostalgia por la
patria abandonada.
Con una diversidad de estilos e
historias cada película ofrece una
visión particular del continente
Co-presented by:
Kay Pacha
Tierra Escarlata / Red Land
Padre / Father
2013 • Peru • 14’30” • Drama
Canadian Premier
2013 • Colombia • 20’30” • Drama
North America Premier
Maribel and Carmencita are
two indigenous girls who work
in Cuzco Central Square taking
pictures with the tourists in
exchange of a tip. Leoncio,
Maribel’s father, doesn’t have a
regular job which causes fights
with Ines, his wife and the rest of
the family.
Colombia. Andres arrives at a
forgotten town looking for his
brother. A picture is the only clue of
his whereabouts. He finds a place
ruled by violence and silence.
Indifference marks his route
towards finding his brother.
2013 • Argentina / France • 11’45”
North America Premier
Alvaro Sarmiento
Maribel y Carmencita son dos
niñas indígenas que trabajan en la
plaza central de Cuzco tomando
fotos con los turistas a cambio de
una propina. Leoncio, el padre de
Maribel, no tiene un trabajo regular
lo cual provoca peleas con Inés, su
esposa y el resto de la familia.
Jesus Reyes
Andrés llega a un pueblo perdido
de la costa atlántica Colombiana
en búsqueda de su hermano.
El encontrará un sitio marcado
por la reciente realidad violenta
en Colombia. El silencio y la
indiferencia de sus habitantes
marcarán su recorrido hasta el
momento de hallar a su hermano.
Santiago “bou” Castro
Day by day a woman nurses her
bedridden military father. The
dictatorship in Argentina is over,
but this army daughter is lost to the
Día tras día, la hija de un militar
enfermo se dedica incesantemente
a atender a su padre. La dictadura
llega a su fin en Argentina, pero no
en la vida de esta mujer.
Diverse in style and content, each
film offers a particular vision of the
Latin american continent.
FRI • APRIL 4 • 21:00-22:40
On identity, Politics and Human Rights
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • $10 • Students/Seniors $8
Lucia 21
Laura Cazador
2013 • Switzerland / Cuba • 35’ Fiction
North America Premier
Lucia lives with her mother, her
brother and his daughter in a
working-class neighborhood of
Havana. She is waiting for her visa
for France which will allow her to be
with her boyfriend. When Lucia’s
mother gets back together with her
alcoholic lover, the mood changes.
Lucia vive con su madre, su
hermano y la hija de éste en una
barrio de La Habana. Ella está
esperando su visa Francesa para
reunirse con su novio pero cuando
la madre de Lucia vuelve con su
amante alcohólico, la situación se
vuelve un drama.
Família em Férias / Family
on Vacation
La Mirada Perdida / The
Missing Looks
2013 • Brazil • 1’11” • Sand Animation
International Premier
2011 • Argentina • 11’ • Fiction
Wayner Tristão
A family arriving at the beach trying
to enjoy their vacation.
Una familia llegando a la playa
9546 km / My World
Sergio García Locatelli
Damian Dionisio
2013 • Spain / Peru • 6’ • Experimental
Canadian Premier
Argentina, 1976. Claude is forced
to live with his family in hiding,
due to his political ideals but they
are discovered by the military. His
wife Teresa decides to paint their
daughter’s glasses to get her far
away from the horror that she is
about to experience.
I keep asking myself if Madrid is
my city. I came here more than 7
years ago from a place 9546 km
away from here. Although no one
notices, except when I speak, in
the daylight, I feel like a foreigner.
Argentina, 1976. Claudio se ve
obligado a vivir con su familia en
la clandestinidad, debido a sus
ideales políticos. La casa en la que
viven es descubierta por un grupo
de militares. Su esposa Teresa
intentará refugiar a su hija en un
mundo de fantasías.
Me sigo preguntando si Madrid es
mi ciudad. Llegué aquí hace más
de 7 años, desde un lugar a 9546
kilometros de distancia. Aunque
nadie lo note, excepto cuando
hablo, en la luz del día me siento
SAT APRIL 5 • 11:30-13:00
(4-8 years old – No subtitles - No dialogue)
Wychwood Theatre • Artscape Wychwood Barns 601 Christie Street • $8 adults, $7 children, $5 siblings
Este mágico y divertido programa
para niños te llevara por un
viaje animado a las estrellas; te
enseñara lo que le pasa a una niña
cuando le salen alas y como una
hiena mal portada por fin aprende
una merecida lección. También
conocerán a nuestro maravilloso
grupo de mosquitos bailadores!
Co-presented by:
Daniel Najera
2013 • Mexico • 2' • Animation
International Premier
Betty, the lush and graceful
waitress in the ice cream
restaurant, becomes tangled with
the funniest situations in this film,
thanks to an unexpected visit from
Cuca, a friendly bug. To make
situation worse, a very grumpy
customer arrives, and that was just
the beginning.
Betty, la exuberante y graciosa
mesera de la nevería, se ve envuelta
en los embrollos más cómicos
gracias a la inesperada visita de
Cuca, una simpática alimaña. Para
empeorar la situación, un cliente
muy gruñón llega al lugar, y esto es
solo el comienzo.
Un Dia que Llueva / One
Fine Day
imaGIGANTES: Las Estrellas
/ imaGIGANTES: The Stars
2012 • Mexico • 11’ • Animation
Canadian Premier
2012 • Mexico • 11’ • Animation
Canadian Premier
Felipe Esquivel
A tired office worker lives a sad
routine every day. Although he’s
surrounded by magic things he
doesn’t realize that he needs little
in order to change his situation.
One fine day, it will rain.
Un oficinista vive con pesadumbre
su rutina diaria. Rodeado de cosas
mágicas, no sabe que necesita
poco para poder cambiar su
situación. Solamente necesita un
día que llueva...
Diego Najera
A young man has to change a
broken electric bulb that serves
as a star in the sky. If he doesn’t
change it the sky will stay dark
forever. He struggles through
various difficulties to accomplish
his task. Will he be able to do it?
This fun and magical kids’
program will take you on an
animated journey to the stars; it
will show you what happens when
a girl gets wings and when a mean
hyena learns a big life-lesson.
Also, just wait ’til you meet our
fabulous cast of salsa dancing
Un joven sube por una plataforma
de poleas al cielo. No hay estrella
alguna y el joven debe hacer que
el cielo se ilumine cambiando el
foco dañado. El queda enredado
entre los cables pero cuando se
libera de ellos, encuentra el foco y
lo cambia.
SAT • APRIL 5 • 11:30-13:00
(4-8 years old – No subtitles - No dialogue)
Wychwood Theatre • Artscape Wychwood Barns 601 Christie Street • $8 adults, $7 children, $5 siblings
Guo Cheng-Da Ba Chan De
Shi Lu
Asteroid Attack
2013 • Mexico • 4’46” • Animation
International Premier
2013 • Paraguay • 4’33” • Animation
2012 • Mexico • 3’31” • Animation
2012 • Argentina • 2’36” • Animation
North America Premier
Ponkina is drawing, when suddenly
a fly approaches her. She chases
the fly and kills it. Shortly after, she
takes a nap. When she wakes up,
she discovers that she has wings
and gets very excited… But she is
about to receive a lesson.
Melisa Lovera
Gonzalo Rimoldi
Three friends are in search of sound
elements to build their inventions.
Tres amigos están en busca de
elementos sonoros para construir
sus invenciones.
Beatriz Herrera Carrillo
Ponkina se encuentra dibujando
cuando de pronto una mosca se
acerca, Ponkina la persigue y la
abate de golpe. Poco después
se echa una siesta. Al despertar
descubre que tiene alas y se pone
muy contenta… Pero está a punto
de recibir una lección.
Jose Pedersen
An intergalactic explorer named
"Astro" is lonely and bored in
the vastness of space. His luck
changes when he finds himself
surrounded by millions of asteroids
and must quickly seek his way out
of danger. This short plays tribute
to the classic game of the 80's,
intergaláctico llamado ¨Astro¨ se
encuentra solo y aburrido en la
inmensidad del espacio. Su suerte
cambiará al ser rodeado por
millones de asteroides y deberá
buscar forma de salir del peligro.
Este corto es un tributo al clásico
videojuego de los 80 ¨Asteroid¨.
Beatriz Herrera Carrillo
Bololo is a shameless mocking
hyena who likes to make fun of
all the bad and misfortune that
happens to the other inhabitants
of the savanna. But soon he will
receive a lesson.
Bololo es una hiena burlona y
descarada, le gusta hacer mofa de
todo lo malo y desafortunado que
les ocurre a los otros habitantes de
la sabana. Pero pronto recibirá una
Wychwood Theatre • Artscape Wychwood Barns 601 Christie Street • $8 adults, $7 children, $5 siblings
2013 • Mexico • 6’40” • Animation
Mexico • 5’ • Animation
International Premier
Ricardo Torres
Papantla is suffering a terrible
drought. Kolo is an old indigenous
foreman who decides to send a
message to the fertility god so that
everything returns to normal.
Papantla se encuentra en una
gran sequía. Kolo, un viejo caporal
indígena, decide enviar un mensaje
al dios de la fertilidad para que
todo vuelva a la normalidad.
Cid Rodrigo Castillero
Gwydion is a scientist that lives in
a city which is lit in the evenings.
This prevents him from doing what
fascinates him the most: to observe
the stars. He must find a way to
accomplish his biggest dream, to
see the celestial stars through his
Gwydion es un científico que vive
en una ciudad iluminada por las
noches. Esto le impide hacer lo
que más lo apasiona: observar las
estrellas. Él deberá encontrar la
manera de realizar su mayor sueño
que es ver a los astros celestes a
través de su telescopio.
Las Tardes de Tintico /
Tintico’s Afternoons
Alejandro García Caballero
2012 • Mexico • 11’ • Animation
Canadian Premier
Under the beautiful Quebrada
cliff in Acapulco, a group of
mosquitoes addicted to tropical
music are desperately trying to
bring happiness back into a rumba
director´s life. Join us and come
to enjoy great musical numbers,
superb talent and a lot of Sabor!
Tierra Seca / Dry Land
SAT APRIL 5 • 11:30-13:00
(4-8 years old – No subtitles - No dialogue)
Bajo la bella Quebrada de
Acapulco, un grupo de mosquitos
adictos a la música tratan
desesperadamente de devolverle
la alegría a un viejo y famoso
maestro de la rumba. ¡Pase a gozar
de grandiosos números musicales,
grandes talentos y mucho sabor!
Mejor cortometraje de animacion, Morelia
International Film Festival.
SAT • APRIL 5 • 14:30-16:00
for Shorties II
(9-12 years old – ENGLISH subtitles)
Wychwood Theatre • Artscape Wychwood Barns 601 Christie Street • $8 adults, $7 children, $5 siblings
A spooky journey to the
underworld, a bird hunting trip
and a quaint visit to grandma’s
house. These are only a few of
the adventures that this exciting
program will take you on. Enjoy,
but beware of the hair- eating
Un escalofriante viaje al
inframundo, un viaje de cacería
de pájaros, una agradable visita
a casa de la abuela. Estas son
solo algunas de las aventuras en
las cuales embarcaras en este
divertido programa. Disfrútalo
mucho, pero mucho cuidado con
el monstruo come-pelo!!!
Co-presented by:
D / d
Rafael Veláasquez Stanbury
2012 • Venezuela • 6’ • Animation
Canadian Premier
“D” tells the story of dot “d”. “d”
is being chased by a fountain pen
that eagers to transform him into a
big ink stain. Ironically, the hunter
becomes the prey, as the pen
watches “d” become a big inkmonster with a thirst for revenge.
“D” cuenta la historia del punto
“d”. “D” es perseguido por una
pluma estilográfica que desea
transformale en una gran mancha
de tinta. Irónicamente, el cazador se
convierte en presa, cuando la pluma
observa a “d” transformado en un
monstruo con sed de venganza.
Ganador Festival Internacional de Animación
ANIMANDINO. Venezuela Premio al
Mejor Guión, a la Mejor Animación y al
Mejor Diseño Sonoro. 4 Festival Chorts, .
Venezuela. Premio al Mejor Guión, a la Mejor
Animación y al Mejor Diseño Sonoro.
El Mimo y la Mariposa
Negra / The Mime and the
Black Butterfly
Juancho El Pajarero
2012 • Canada / Mexico • 5’ • Animation
Canadian Premier
Juancho, a farmer’s son, spends
his days in search of birds,
much to his family’s disapproval.
However, when his father is offered
significant money for the capture
of an elusive tourpial, Juancho is
sent on a hunting adventure that
will eventually lead him to freedom.
José Luis Saturno
Marcelo is at the gates of the
underworld and will attempt to
teach Death to laugh in exchange
for a new chance to live.
Marcelo se encuentra ante las
puertas del mundo de los muertos,
e intentará enseñarle a la muerte
a reír a cambio de una nueva
oportunidad para vivir.
Rafael Loayza Sánchez
2013 • Colombia • 17’• Fiction
Canadian Premier
Juancho gasta sus días buscando
pájaros pese a los reproches de su
familia. Pero cuando a su padre le
ofrecen dinero por la captura de un
exótico turpial, Juancho es enviado
a una aventura en la que termina
por descubrir el valor auténtico de
la libertad.
SAT APRIL 5 • 14:30-16:00
for Shorties II
(9-12 years old – ENGLISH subtitles)
Wychwood Theatre • Artscape Wychwood Barns 601 Christie Street • $8 adults, $7 children, $5 siblings
Carl Zitelmann
2013 • Venezuela • 5’ • Animation
Canadian Premier
Flamingo is a surreal animated
musical about depression and
finding happiness again. The
protagonist, represented by a child,
sets out on a trip that will lead him
through a magical underworld
filled with characters and magical
creatures who will force him to face
his emotions.
Flamingo, es un musical animado
surrealista acerca de la depresión
y de encontrar la felicidad
emprende un viaje que lo llevará
por un mundo lleno de personajes
y criaturas mágicas quienes lo
forzaran a enfrentar sus emociones.
La Cucaracha Contraataca
/ The Cockroach Strikes
Carlos Paredes
2009 • Paraguay • 2’30” • Animation
International Premier
Chuck is a cockroach who loved
to do cockroach stuff, but one
day fate puts Chuck in a bind and
brought to the surface his most
profound instinct for revenge.
Accompany Chuck in the most
agitated adventure of his life.
Chuck es una cucaracha a la que
le encantaba hacer cucarachadas,
pero un dia el destino la puso
en aprietos e hizo aflorar en ella
su mas profundo instinto de
venganza. Acompaña a Chuck en
la aventura mas agitada de su vida.
Mi Abuela / My Grandmother
A Equação do Amor/ An
Equation of Love
2012 • Colombia • 7’10”• Animation
Canadian Premier
2012 • Brazil • 20’ • Fiction
Canadian Premier
Carlos Smith
A 7-year-old city girl spends a
weekend at her Grandmother´s
place in the countryside. She is
terrified of her Grandmother’s
wrinkled skin and imagines her as
a big knotty tree. The little girl will
have to overcome her fear in order
to get closer to her grandmother.
Una niña de 7 años pasa un fin de
semana en la casa de campo de
su abuela. Ella está aterrorizada
por la piel arrugada de su abuela
y la imagina como un gran árbol
nudoso. La pequeña tendrá que
superar su miedo para poder estar
cerca de su abuela.
Fåabio Allon
Ian, wonders about dating Nina
(who wonders about other things
except dating Ian). While dreaming
about his beloved, Ian gets
confused when answering his test.
Will our South American anti-hero
be able to solve his problems and
not leave this page of his life blank?
Ian fantasea en salir con Nina (quien
fantasea acerca de muchas cosas,
menos salir con Ian). Al soñar con
su amada, Ian se confunde en la
respuesta de su examen.¿Podrá
nuestro anti-héroe resolver sus
problemas y no dejar ésta página
de su vida en blanco?
SAT • APRIL 5 • 14:30-16:00
for Shorties II
(9-12 years old – ENGLISH subtitles)
Wychwood Theatre • Artscape Wychwood Barns 601 Christie Street • $8 adults, $7 children, $5 siblings
Felipe Torrents
2013 • Mexico • 1’32” • Animation
Crescendo is about the aspirations
of a paper boat. It is based on a
very pleasant dream that I drew
before it could fade into oblivion. I
realized it would be fun to make it
an animated short film and capture
the contemplative feel of the dream.
aspiraciones de un barquito de
papel y está basado en un sueño
muy agradable que no dejé escapar
al olvido, dibujándolo apenas me
desperté. Pensé que sería divertido
hacerlo cortometraje para visualizar
y captar la sensación con un toque
algo surrealista.
Como Perros y Gatos / As
Cats and Dogs
Lluvia en los Ojos / Rain in
the Eyes
La Hora Señalada /
High Noon
2012 • Mexico • 4’ • Animation
Canadian Premier
2013 • Mexico • 7’ • Drama
2013 • Venezuela •11’• Drama
Armando Vega-Gil
A dog and a cat meet in the
middle of nowhere. They are about
to confront each other, but they
escape only to reunite in a dream
in which they become a woman
and a man who tear each other
apart like cats and dogs.
Un perro y un gato se encuentran
en medio de la nada. Están a punto
de enfrentarse, pero huyen el uno
del otro y se reencuentran solo a
través del sueño. Se convierten
en un hombre y una mujer y se
destrozan como perros y gatos.
Rita Basulto
Sophia is a 7-year-old girl who
remembers the day she broke her
arm, being chased through the
woods. Her story full of fantasies, it
conceals a heartbreaking moment
in the life of Sofia.
Sofía, una niña de siete años,
recuerda el día que se fracturó
el brazo en una persecución por
el bosque. Una historia llena de
fantasías que ocultan un momento
desgarrador en la vida de Sofía.
Ivan Mazza
In a school playground, Figueroa,
a small and lonely child, is
accidentally pushed against the
biggest boy of his class: Almendros.
The boys around them decide they
should fight, outside the school,
when the noon bell rings.
En el patio de una escuela,
Figueroa, un pequeño y solitario
niño es empujado accidentalmente
hacia el mas grande de la clase:
Almendros. El resto de los niños
decretan que deben pelear a la
salida de la escuela, cuando suene
la campana.
Wychwood Theatre • Artscape Wychwood Barns 601 Christie Street • $8 adults, $7 children, $5 siblings
Felipe Torrents
2012 • Mexico • 2’30”’ • Animation
Bodoque is about a very simple,
spherical and gelatinous character
with great personality and curiosity
transmitted through its huge eyes.
It will go around an imaginary
world, changing through every
door it steps through, until it enters
the wrong one.
Bodoque trata sobre un personaje
esférico y gelatinoso, con una
gran curiosidad, que lo llevará
por lugares extraños y un tanto
psicodélicos. Este recorrerá un
mundo ficticio y virtual en el cual
descubrirá con sus enormes ojos
las rarezas de los lares imaginarios.
Freddy Chávez Olmos
Shervin Shoghian
2012 • Canada • 11’ • Fiction
Guillermo uses his imagination
to overcome his bully: a haireating monster. Eventually, he
takes matters into his own hands.
Then we realize that the monster
might not be as fictitious as we
thought. Inspired by the childhood
nightmares of director Guillermo
del Toro.
SAT APRIL 5 • 14:30-16:00
for Shorties II
(9-12 years old – ENGLISH subtitles)
Guillermo usa el poder de
su imaginación para superar
Eventualmente, él decide tomar
justicia bajo sus propias manos.
Es entonces cuando nos damos
cuenta que el monstruo no es tan
ficticio como parece. Inspirado
en los sueños lúcidos del director
Guillermo del Toro.
SAT • APRIL 5 • 15:30-16:45
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • Pay What You Can
This program reflects the wealthy
imagination of Latin-American
filmmakers. From a revealing
documentary made by Brazilian
natives, to a co-production
between Colombia, Denmark and
France in which a love story is
unraveled, and which was affected
by the film’s production itself. This
is a bold cinematic and cultural
journey, political, funny and tender.
Este programa refleja la riqueza
e imaginación de creadores
latinoamericanos de varios
origines. Desde un documental
revelador realizado por indígenas
del Brasil, hasta una coproducción entre Colombia,
Dinamarca y Francia en la que se
relata un historia de amor en la
que la producción de la película
tuvo un efecto real. Este es un
viaje cinematográfico y cultural
audaz, político, divertido y tierno
a la vez.
Xupapoynag / The Otters
Isael Maxakali
2012 • Brazil • 15’54” • Indigenous
Otters invaded the village to
avenge the exploitation and killing
of their relatives that were Otters
hunted and eaten by humans. It
is for women to wage a battle to
expel the invaders.
Las nutrias invaden el pueblo
para vengar la explotación y la
muerte de sus parientes, cazados
y comidos por seres humanos. Las
mujeres tienen la tarea de luchar
para expulsar a los invasores.
Mi Tio Abuelo Estuvo Aqui
Antes / My Great-Uncle was Oscar Ruiz Navia
2013 • Colombia / Denmark / France
Here Before
20’07” • Documentary Experimental
Juana Awad
2012 • Berlin • 17’52” • Experimental
I interview my great-uncle Jose
Elias, General Secretary of the
Colombian Communist Party, talks
about his Berlin years (50s-60s).
His words resonate with me, while
images of my own environment
describe my life and give testimony
to a displaced Utopia.
Entreviste a mi tío abuelo José Elías,
Secretario General del Partido
Comunista Colombiano, acerca de
sus años en Berlín (50s-60s). Sus
palabras resuenan mientras las
imágenes de mi entorno describen
mi vida y dan testimonios de utopía
The protagonists in this film met
the director during a casting
process at their high school. Right
there, they tell him, each on either
side of him, the story of their love
relationship and breakup. What if
a fiction would allow them to get
back together?
cortometraje conocieron al director
en un casting que él realizó en
su colegio. Ellos le contaron allí,
cada uno por su lado, la historia
del rompimiento de su relación
amorosa. El director les propone
que construyan un reencuentro
para la ficción y al mismo tiempo
para la vida real.
SAT APRIL 5 • 15:30-16:45
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • Pay What You Can
Emiliano Cunha
2013 • Brazil • 12’33” ’• Drama
Carlos goes to the kitchen and
makes coffee. He contemplates
the time that separates yesterday
from now.
Carlos va a la cocina y hace café.
Contempla el tiempo que separa el
ayer del ahora.
Tomou Café e Esperou / A
Cup of Coffee and Wait
Nano Benayon
2012 • Argentina • 7’20” • Animation
On March 24, 1976 begins
a dictatorship in Argentina.
Along seven years the military
government kills 30,000 people
and installs a macabre system
that deepens social and economic
injustices. Coincidentally, that day,
Buenos Aires is invaded by a group
of zombies.
El 24 de Marzo de 1976 comienza
en Argentina un proceso dictatorial.
Durante 7 años el gobierno
militar mata a 30.000 personas
e instala un sistema perverso de
injusticias sociales y económicas.
Coincidentemente en ese mismo
día Buenos Aires es invadida por
un grupo de Zombis.
Co-presented by:
Awards:Festival de Cine Latinoamericano
de La Plata (Argentina); Best Fantastic Short
SAT • APRIL 5 • 17:30-18:35
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • Pay What You Can
Killing Strangers is the product
of the collaborative work of
Mexican-Canadian filmmaker
Nicolás Pereda and Danish editor
Jacob Secher Schulsinger, as part
of DOX:LAB, an initiative launched
by CPH:DOX in 2009.
Recreating of what could have
been a historical event, Killing
Strangers questions the paradigm
of revolution and the role of
cinema in the construction of
these paradigms.
Matando Extraños es el producto
de la colaboración entre cineasta
mexicano-canadiense Nicolás
Pereda y editor danés Jacob
Secher Schulsinger, como parte
de DOX: LAB, una iniciativa
lanzada por el CPH: DOX en
Recreando lo que podría haber
sido un acontecimiento histórico,
Matando Extraños cuestiona el
paradigma de la revolución y el
papel del cine en la construcción
de estos temas.
Matando Extraños / Killing
Nicolas Pereda
Jacob Secher Schulsinger
2013 • Mexico / Denmark • 63’
Killing Strangers tells the story of
three young men who try to join
the Mexican revolution in 1910,
and get lost in the desert north
of Mexico. On their journey, they
face each other’s fears and their
unrealistic dreams and hopes. Matando Extraños cuenta la
historia de tres jóvenes que tratan
de unirse a la revolución mexicana,
en 1910, y se pierden en el desierto
del norte de México. Durante la
aventura, se enfrentan con sus
temores y con sus irreales sueños
y esperanzas.
Co-presented by:
SAT APRIL 5 • 19:30-21:00
Slow Cutting
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • $10 • Students/Seniors $8
Esta colección de trabajos es
una verdadera exploración del
medio cinematográfico impulsado
por la curiosidad, la originalidad,
y la creatividad. Usando desde
cámaras Súper 8 hasta el medio
digital estos trabajos son un
estudio hipnotizante sobre la
manera en que vemos el mundo y
nos hace pensar y reconsiderar la
manera en que pensamos sobre el
tiempo y la memoria.
Co-presented by:
Imaginario / Imaginarium
Memories of Glory
2013 • Argentina • 7’17” • Documentary /
2011 • Belgium / Mexico • 12’
Essay Video
2012 • Colombia / Argentina / France
62” • Docuexperimental
Imaginarium addresses the issue of
memory linked to the public space
in the city of Buenos Aires, filming
the sculptures and monuments
that best represent them.
Memories of Glory explores the
symbolic core of Brussels through
an analysis of the Royal Park which
embodies the city’s architecture,
politics, and Belgium’s relation to
the Congo.
Corta centers upon the hypnotic
extenuation generated by the body
movements of sugar cane cutters.
A contemplation of the frenzy and
softness of their performative
gestures of hand manual labour.
Memories of Glory explora el
núcleo simbólico de Bruselas a
través de un análisis del Royal Park,
el cual encarna la arquitectura de la
ciudad, su política y la relación de
Bélgica con el Congo.
Corta se centra en la extenuación
hipnótica que producen los cuerpos
de los hombres que cortan caña
de azúcar. Una contemplación del
frenesí y la suavidad de los gestos
performáticos del trabajo manual.
Jeymer Gamboa
Imaginario aborda el tema de la
memoria vinculada al espacio
público de la ciudad de Buenos
Aires, filmando sus esculturas y
monumentos más representativos.
Mara Elsa
Felipe Guerrero
These works are a true exploration
of the film medium driven by
curiosity, originality and creativity.
Utilizing everything from Super 8
cameras to Digital, these films are
an entrancing study of the way we
view the world that challenge our
perception of time and memory.
Annecy International Animation Festival
(France): Audience Award Best Film (2011)
Festival Internacional de Cortos de Olavarría
(Argentina): Best Animation (2011) Anima
Mundi (Brazil): Best Animation (2011).
SAT • APRIL 5 • 21:30-23:00
Bittersweet - Queer Program
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • $10 • Students/Seniors $8
The exciting diversity in Latino
culture is something we not only
study, but also celebrate, during
aluCine. This year we are proud to
present this compelling collection
of Queer Cinema that includes
everything from animation to
documentary. It is the courage
and passion of these filmmakers
and their stories that make the
program so special and unique; a
real must- see this year.
La rica diversidad en la cultura
Latina es algo que no solo
analizamos, sino celebramos,
durante aluCine. Este año
estamos orgullosos de presentar
esta absorbente colección de
nuevo cine Queer que va desde
animación hasta documental.
Es la pasión y el valor de estos
cineastas y de sus historias lo que
hace este programa tan especial
y único, algo que se tiene que ver
este año.
Co-presented by:
E Agora Luke?
The Rookie and the Runner
2013 • Brazil • 3’ • Animation
2012 • USA • 10’ • Fiction
Luke has a secret that may question
social, religious and moral values.
Will this secret be discovered?.
A runner in the park gets more than
he bargained for when he comes
across two handsome strangers...
Luke tiene un secreto que cuando
es descubierto lo hace enfrentarse
a sus valores sociales, religiosos, y
Un corredor en el parque recibe
más de lo que esperaba cuando
se encuentra con dos apuestos
Alan Nóbrega
Augie Robles
El Cañaveral /
The Sugarcane
Samuel Lopez
2013 • Canada / El Salvador • 60’
Fearing for his life, Joaquín, a
member of the HIV+ gay community
and a Salvadorian political activist,
sets in motion a desperate attempt
to seek asylum in Canada. With
a deportation order hanging over
him, Joaquín is given a reprieve
by a Federal Judge who orders a
judicial review of his case.
Al temer por su vida, Joaquín,
un miembro de la comunidad
gay seropositva y un activista
político salvadoreño, empieza un
intento desesperado de buscar
asilo en Canadá. Con una orden
de deportación, Joaquín recibe
esperanzas por un juez federal que
ordena la revisión de su caso.
SUN APRIL 6 • 17:00-18:30
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • $10 • Students/Seniors $8
Alan Nóbrega
2013 • Brazil • 3’ • Animation
Ethan has made several choices
in his life, but he can’t avoid his
Ethan ha tomado varias decisiones
en su vida, pero no puede escapar
su destino.
Best Animatoin Júri Popular no Festival
DIV.A -Diversidade em Animação 2014.
Prêmio Coelho de Prata de melhor filme
no Show do Gongo do Rio 2013- 21º
Festival Mix Brasil de Cinema e Vídeo da
Diversidade Sexual
Raramente se captura el misterio
y la magia del viaje que es la
Vida de una manera tan natural
y conmovedora. Este inspirante
documental sigue la vida de Arturo
y Gustavo Martínez, dos hermanos
que salieron de Pachuca, México
en 1956 con la ilusión de cruzar
Norte América en bicicleta. Ahora,
mas de cincuenta anos después
ellos tienen que volver a considerar
el verdadero concepto de Casa y
de la Vida.
A Chave Do Armario De
Rarely does the mystery and
magic of the journey that is life
get captured so naturally and
poignantly on film. This inspiring
documentary follows the life of
Arturo and Gustavo Martinez, two
brothers that left Pachuca, Mexico
in 1956 with the desire to cross
North America biking. More than
50 years later they are again forced
to reconsider the concept of home
and of Life itself.
Andea Martínes Crowther
2012 • Mexico • 91’• Documentary
May 1st, 1956. Brothers Arturo
and Gustavo Martinez leave their
hometown of Pachuca in central
Mexico with the desire to cycle
across the continent. Eighty-two
days later they arrive in Toronto,
not knowing this journey would
change the entire route of their
lives and of their family tree.
1º de mayo, 1956. Hermanos
Arturo y Gustavo Martínez, salen
de Pachuca, Hidalgo con el deseo
de cruzar el continente en bicicleta.
Ochenta y dos días después,
llegan a Toronto, sin saber que
esta hazaña cambiaría la ruta de
sus vidas así como de su árbol
genealógico. -
Co-presented by:
SUN • APRIL 6 • 19:00-21:30
DIVERSIDAD: Canadian Films
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • $10 • Students/Seniors $8
It is with great pleasure that we
introduce new Latino- Canadian
artists to the world each year. This
year we are thrilled to present
this festival highlight, a program
dedicated to the work of Latinos
living in Canada. While there are
many similarities in some of the
works it is astounding to see how
different each film is, displaying
the real diversity that exists within
the Latino culture. These are
artists that we need to celebrate.
Local talent, local flavor, local
Es con gran alegría que cada
año introducimos nuevos artistas
Latino- Canadienses al mundo.
Este año estamos emocionados
de presentar un programa muy
importante dedicado a los trabajos
de Latinos viviendo en Canadá.
Aunque hay algunas similitudes
en los trabajos es impresionante
ver que tan diferente cada pieza
es, demostrando la verdadera y
grande diversidad que existe en la
cultura Latina. Estos son artistas
a los que debemos celebrar.
Talento local, sabor local, y unos
verdaderos héroes locales!
Entrando / Going In
Francesca Dasso
2013 • Canada / Argentina • 6’10”
This is a personal narration about
the experience of being a new
migrant in Toronto.
Una narración personal sobre
la experiencia de ser un nuevo
inmigrante en Toronto.
John Lennon en La Habana
/ John Lennon in Havana
Presque Vu
2013 • Canada • 29’ • Documentary
Lush hand-crafted film footage
and HD images are combined to
reveal a mysterious past through
remnants of a memory that is
almost remembered, but which
never fully develops.
Luis Garcia
The documentary John Lennon in
Havana captures the effect of the
statue’s inauguration. Through
interviews and testimonies, it
reveals a difficult period of the
Cuban Revolution, but ultimately
portrays the love Cubans have for
the former Beatle and his return to
Havana as a saintly figure.
El cortometraje John Lennon en
La Habana capta el impacto que
provocó la inauguración de su
estatua. A través de entrevistas y
testimonios se revela un periodo en
la historia de la Revolución Cubana
y el cariño de los cubanos hacia el
ex Beatle.
Cecilia Araneda
2013 • Canada • 4’13” • Experimental
Una combinación de elementos
de película e imágenes de alta
resolución revela un pasado
misterioso. Aunque los fragmentos
de la memoria parecen a punto de
formarse de nuevo, el recuerdo nos
SUN APRIL 6 • 19:00-21:30
DIVERSIDAD: Canadian Films
Jackman Hall • Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West • $10 • Students/Seniors $8
Cecilia Velasco
2011 • Canada • 5’30” • Experimental
This film is a mixed media animation
that develop between people
who inhabit different rooms in an
apartment complex.
Animación de técnica mixta sobre
las relaciones indirectas que
se desarrollan entre personas
habitando cuartos diferentes en un
complejo departamental.
El Oficial Tuba Conoce al
Fantasma Feliz / Officer
Tuba Meets Happy Ghost
Minimall Cop 2
2010-2011 • Brazil / Canada • 5’
The story of a kidnapping in the
Shot on location at Cree Nation
of Wemindji, Northern Quebec,
Canada, with young Cree actors.
soJin Chun
Characters appropriated from
Hong Kong films are put into
contemporary footage. They are
recast as Koreans, playing with
western perceptions of Asian
identity. The continuity of culture
frame these figures displaced in
time, space, language, and culture.
Dos personajes de dos películas
de Hong Kong son puestos
en un corto contemporáneo.
Ellos reaparecen jugando con
percepciones occidentales de la
identidad asiática. La continuidad
de la cultura enmarcan estas
figuras desplazadas en tiempo,
espacio, lenguaje y cultura.
Ullyses Castellanos
Sarah De Carlo
2013 • Canada • 39’45” • Fiction
La historia de un secuestro que
acontece en una pequeña reserva
indígena en la tundra del ártico
Canadiense. Filmada en la nación
Cree de Wemindji en el Norte de la
provincia de Quebec, con jóvenes
actores Cree.
Sagaz / Swiftly
Cecilia Velasco
Canada • 2’14” • Romance
Spoken word love poem taking
place in a dream within a dream.
Un poema de amor narrado que
sucede en un sueño dentro de otro
Co-presented by:
aluCine showcases excellence and innovation in
contemporary independent film+media arts
aluCine accepts submissions for all media arts.
Entry fees: $20
Deadline: August 31, 2014
aluCine is generously supported by
The Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Toronto Arts Council, and Ontario Arts Council
APRIL 4-28
Toronto Arts Council Gallery
568 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON
898b St. Clair Ave West 2nd floor, Toronto, ON CREATIVE BLUEPRINT GALLERY
376 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON
New Adventures In Sound Art (NAISA)
Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie Street Suite 252, Toronto, ON
Galleries closed during long weekend: 18, 19, and 20 of April
Exhibitions and Performances
Exhibitions and Performances
Fragmented & Appropriate Memories
Toronto Arts Council Gallery
Espectador Vigilante
Creative Blueprint Gallery
Artists: Livia Daza-Paris, María José Alós
Opening Reception: Sun April 6, 14:30
Artists’ talk: Sun April 6, 14:30
Gallery hours: April 4 – 15 (Tues-Sat 12:00-18:00)
Gallery Information
Artists: Jorge Lozano, Unai Valis
Performance by Edgardo Moreno: Sat April 5, 23:30
Opening reception & Festival Party: Sat April 5, 20:30-2:00
Gallery Hours: April 5-26 (Tues-Sat, 12:00-18:00)
Performance co-presented by:
Co-presented by:
Weeds / Mala Hierba
Bavia Arts Gallery
Artists: Alexandra Gelis
Opening Reception: Fri April 4, 20:30
Artist talk by Alexandra Gelis: Sat April 26, 18:30
Gallery hours: April 4 – 28 (Tues-Sat 11:00-18:00)
Sponsored by:
Co-presented by
Bosque Sonoro
New Adventures In Sound Art, Naisa
Artists: Balam Soto, Hector Centeno
Opening Reception: Sat April 5, 13:00-15:00
Performance by Hector Centeno: Sat April 5, 13:30
Artists' Talk: Sat April 5, 14:30
Gallery Hours: April 5 – 12 (Tues-Fri: 13:00-16:00, Sat: 10:00-15:00)
Exhibition sponsored by:
Performance co-presented by:
Exhibitions & Performances
Fragmented & Appropriated Memories
The Books of Waiting / Los Libros de Espera
An Appropriate Self-portrait / Autorretrato Apropiado
The Books of Waiting is a series of diaristic videos projected onto three handmade books that capture kinesthetic responses to childhood memories
about state organized violence. These memories oscillate between fiction
and reality, attempting to make sense of a history meant to disappear from
official records during Venezuela’s 1960s armed insurgency.
The starting point for An Appropriate Self-Portrait is the conviction that
the film fragment is to word, what audiovisual material is to vocabulary,
and what the film archive is to language. Alós builds a character out of
fragments extracted from international cinema and weaves with them
her own personal history: past, present, and future; both imagined and
Livia Daza-Paris
Los Libros de Espera son videos diarísticos proyectados sobre tres libros,
estos capturan reacciones cinestésicas a memorias infantiles sobre
violencia organizada. Estas memorias oscilan entre realidad y ficción,
intentando dar sentido a una historia que debió desaparecer de archivos
oficiales durante la insurgencia armada de los años 60 en Venezuela.
Venezuelan-Canadian artist Livia Daza-Paris incorporates performance,
video and poetic narratives to integrate themes of unresolved memories.
The Skinner Releasing Technique greatly influence her work.
Artista Venezolana-Canadiense Livia Daza-Paris, incorpora vídeo,
performance, y narrativa poética para integrar temas de memoria-noresuelta. Su práctica esta influenciada por la técnica de Skinner Releasing.
Toronto Arts Council Gallery • 568 Richmond Street West
Storytelling from a different perspective, these works created from reconstructed memories, attempt to re-tell, re-do or re-create an intimate portrait
of the artists. Desde una perspectiva diferente, estas obras son creadas a partir de los recuerdos reconstruidos, intento de volver a contar, re-hacer
o re-crear un retrato íntimo de los artistas.
María José Alós
El punto de partida de Autorretrato Apropiado es la convicción de que el
fragmento cinematográfico es a la palabra, lo que el material audiovisual es
al vocabulario y el archivo fílmico al lenguaje. Alós construye un personaje
a partir de fragmentos extraídos de películas del cine internacional y teje su
historia personal: pasado, presente, y futuro; imaginados y reinventados.
María José Alós, from Mexico City, has participated in several international
festivals, among them Women in Film and Television, Morelia International
Film Festival, and MEX-PARISMENTAL.
María José Alós, de la Ciudad de México, ha participado en varios
festivales, entre ellos Mujeres en el Cine y la Televisión, Internacional de
Cine de Morelia, y MEX-PARISMENTAL.
New Adventures In Sound Art • 601 Christie Street, #252
aluCine and New Adventures in Sound Art are excited to co-present the interactive installation _Forest_ by Guatemalan artist Balam Soto, and a special sound
performance by Mexican artist Hector Centeno. aluCine y New Adventures in Sound Art están emocionados de co-presentar la instalación interactiva _Bosque_,
obra del artista guatemalteco Balam Soto, además de un especial performance sonoro por el artista Mexicano Héctor Centeno.
Forest / Bosque
Toronto_05apr2014 _
Forest is an interactive installation that incorporates touch technologies
and light, generated by a minimalistic touch interface. This artwork utilizes
custom hardware designed by Balam. Forest responds to the presence
and behavior of individuals providing a seamless interaction between
humans and technology.
_Toronto_05apr2014 _ is a multichannel sound performance that creates
subtle soundscapes through virtual three-dimensional sonic spaces. The
artist makes sound-field recordings prior to the event while performing
attentive sound walks within the city. The experiences and recordings
gathered are then used as the source for live improvisation, allowing the
artist to explore the concepts of ecology and awareness through sound.
Balam Soto
Bosque es una instalación interactiva que incorpora tecnologías táctiles y
luz, generada por una interfaz táctil minimalista. Esta obra utiliza hardware
especialmente diseñado por Balam. Bosque responde a la presencia y el
comportamiento de cada individuo, ofreciendo una interacción fluída entre
humano y tecnología.
Soto has exhibited at international art venues, including the Bronx
Museum of the Arts, NY; the National Library of Cameroon, West Africa;
and Museum Miraflores, Guatemala. He was awarded the “Golden Latino
Award for Arts & Culture” in Connecticut. Soto ha expuesto en museos
internacional, incluyendo el Museo de Arte del Bronx, en Nueva York, la
Biblioteca Nacional de Camerún, y el Museo Miraflores, en Guatemala.
Fue galardonado como “Latino de Oro en Arte y Cultura”, en Connecticut.
Exhibitions & Performances
Bosque Sonoro Hector Centeno
_Toronto_05apr2014 _ es un performance de audio multicanal que crea
sutiles paisajes sonoros de manera tridimensional y virtual. Previo al
evento, Centeno hace grabaciones de campo al caminar por la ciudad.
Las experiencias y grabaciones obtenidas se utilizan como material para
su improvisación en vivo, permitiendo así al artista explorar conceptos de
ecología, tiempo, y conciencia a través del sonido.
New Media Artist Héctor Centeno works with sound and technology. His
interactive sound installations and performances have been presented
at the Sounds Electric ’05 Festival in Ireland, Sound Travels Festival and
SOUNDplay Festival in Toronto, among others.Centeno trabaja con sonido
y tecnología. Sus instalaciones sonoras interactivas y performances han
sido presentados los festivales Sounds Electric ‘05 en Irlanda, Sounds
Travels y SOUNDplay en Toronto, entre otros.
Exhibitions & Performances
Espectador Vigilante
Creative Blueprint Gallery • 376 Bathurst Street
Bio-overexposed / Bio-sobreexpuesto
Bio-overexposed is an enter-active sound and video work. It utilizes
electronic components to allow the viewer to “play” with serious matters,
among them the increasing capacity for surveillance and traceability that
the acceleration of new technologies allows. Is this techno-bio–somasemio-political control science fiction or the beginning of a new era?
Phantomaton is a 3-channel-video installation that places spectators in
various urban landscapes through composite video shots. The installation
requires audience participation in order to function, and addresses the
tension between authorship and spectatorship in regards to its aesthetic
Jorge Lozano
Bio-sobreexpuesto es una obra inter-activa audiovísual. Utiliza
componentes electrónicos para permitir al espectador “jugar” con temas
serios como la capacidad de vigilancia y trazabilidad que ha aumentado
gracias a la aceleración de nuevas tecnologías. ¿Es el control tecno-biosoma-semio-político una ciencia ficción, el comienzo de una nueva era?
Lozano has participated in prestigious festivals, including TIFF and
Sundance. As a founder of aluCine, Lozano has mentored young artists,
providing an exhibition platform for their works, as well as conducting
workshops for marginalized youth in Canada and Latin America. Lozano ha
participado en varios festivales prestigiosos, incluyendo TIFF y Sundance.
Como fundador de aluCine, Lozano ha sido mentor de decenas de jóvenes
artistas, proporcionando una plataforma de exhibición, así como talleres
para jóvenes marginados en Canadá y América Latina.
Jorge Lozano (Colombia-Canadá) and Unai Valis (México) present two interactive multimedia installations using a photo booth, toy cars, webcams and you!
Light refreshments will be served followed by Festival party. Jorge Lozano (Colombia-Canadá) y Unai Valis (México) presentan dos instalaciones multimedia
interactivas utilizando una cabina de fotos, carritos de juguete, cámaras web y ustedes! Se servirán refrescos seguido por la fiesta del Festival.
Unai Valis
Phantomaton es una instalación responsiva, la cual coloca a sus
espectadores en varios paisajes urbanos a traves de videos compuestos.
Dicha instalación requiere la participación de la audiencia para funcionar
y alude a la tensión entre autor y espectador en su creación estética.
Phantomaton transforma al espectador en sujeto, crea una narrativa
emergente y ofrece la posibilidad de un encuentro.
Unai, born in Mexico City, studied Theatre and Sound Design. He holds
an MFA in Film Production from Concordia University. He has exhibited
work at Nuit Blanche, Conscientia, and In’Lakesh (Parisian Laundry, 2010).
Unai, nacido en Mexico DF, estudió Teatro e Ingeniería de Audio y obtuvo
su MFA en Producción Cinematográfica en la Universidad de Concordia.
El ha participado en Nuit Blanche , Conscientia, e In’Lakesh (Parisian
Laundry, 2010).
Creative Blueprint Gallery • 376 Bathurst Street
Opening Reception: Fri April 4, 20:30
Artist talk by Alexandra Gelis: Sat April 26, 18:30
Gallery hours: April 4 – 28 (Tues-Sat 11:00-18:00)
Performance by Edgardo Moreno: Sat April 5, 23:30
Opening reception & Festival Party: Sat April 5, 20:30-2:00
Gallery Hours: April 5-26 (Tues-Sat, 12:00-18:00)
Weeds / Mala Hierba
Double Exposure / Doble Exposición
Weeds, is an immersive sculptural sound space with video and electronic
components that deal with the use of plants for medicinal purposes and
for funeral rituals in the town of San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia. This
town is known as the first free settlement created by runaway slaves in
colonial times and has been designated as a World Heritage Site.
Using video, pre-recorded and live music as well as real-time sound
manipulation Edgardo Moreno explores themes of immigration to Canada as
a child. Navigating the rough waters of his parents’ social and political culture
as it comes into contact with a new one. The questions that arise and the
unexpected answers that emerge. It is a story both personal and universal.
Alexandra Gelis
Mala Hierba, es una instalación de sonido y video con componentes
electrónicos. La obra hace referencia al uso de plantas medicinales y
rituales funerarios en la ciudad de San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia.
Esta ciudad es el primer asentamiento libre creado por esclavos fugitivos
en época colonial y ha sido designado como Patrimonio de la Humanidad.
Colombian-Venezuelan artist based in Toronto. Her studio practice
combines new media, installation, and photography with custom built
interactive electronics. Her projects incorporate personal field research as
a tool to investigate the ecologies of various landscapes through examining
the traces left by various socio-political interventions. Artista ColomboVenezolana con sede en Toronto. En su obra combina instalación y
fotografía con diseños interactivos. Incorpora investigación de campo para
investigar ecologías de distintos paisajes y lugares, espacios marcados
por huellas dejadas por diversas intervenciones socio-políticas.
Exhibitions & Performances
Bavia Arts Gallery • 898b St. Clair Avenue West
Edgardo Moreno
Utilizando video, musica en vivo y pre-grabada, así como manipulación
sónica en tiempo real, Edgardo Moreno explora temas de immigración
hacia Canadá como infante, navegando las aguas turbulentas de la cultura
socio-política de sus padres al entrar en contacto con una cultura nueva,
las preguntas que surgen, así como las respuestas inesperadas. Es una
historia tanto personal como universal.
Toronto-based composer Edgardo Moreno was born in Santiago, Chile.
He specializes in film scores and contemporary dance and theatre. He
is also an educator and has worked as an Artist Leader for the Ontario
Arts Education Institute. Compositor Chileno Edgardo Moreno reside en
Toronto. Se especializa en música para filmes, danza contemporánea
y teatro. Moreno también es educador y ha sido Líder Artístico para el
Instituto de Educación de Artes de Ontario.
Special Events
special events
Internet And Network Based Art Projects
Curated by Julieta Maria
Executive Director, e-Fagia Visual and Media Art
In this selection of internet and network based art projects from artists of
Latin American background, the idea of net-art presents itself as a point of
intersection between art and other communities beyond the limited artistic
sphere. These work explore communication networks as a way to sharing
community knowledge and/or experiences from a localized perspective.
Art education, formal and informal has always played an important role in
establishing the conceptual and practical trends influencing contemporary
practices. In this debate two teams of three will debate the questions: Is contemporary practice over theorized? How can artists make a living outside of
academia? Is an MFA the minimum requirement for maintaining a professional
practice? Are there alternative and community based pedagogies that can
disrupt the hegemony of the university?
En esta selección de proyectos de arte basados en el internet y la red, por
artistas y colectivos de origen latinoamericano, la idea de net-art se presenta
como un punto de intersección entre el arte y otras comunidades más allá de
la esfera artística limitada. Estos trabajos exploran las redes de comunicación
como una manera de compartir el conocimiento y / o experiencias comunitarias desde una perspectiva localizada. Online program (
La educación artística, formal e informal siempre ha sido una parte importante estableciendo las modas conceptuales y las tendencias que influyen
las practicas contemporáneas. En este debate dos equipos discutirán estas
preguntas: Es practica contemporánea demasiado teorizada? Como puede
ganarse la vida un artista sin lo académico? Es una Maestría en Artes el
requerimiento mínimo para mantener una práctica profesional? Hay alternativas o pedagogías basadas en la comunidad que puedan romper con la
hegemonía universitaria?
Bicycles, Borders and Beyond
Sun, April 13, 2014 14:00-16:00
Monarch Tavern – 12 Clinton St.
An exhibit documenting the Martinez brothers’ bicycle journey from Mexico
to Canada in 1956.
Una exposición que documenta el viaje en bicicleta de México a Canadá de
los hermanos Martínez 'en 1956.
Presented by:
Photographs by Arturo Martínez McNaught
Sat, April 5, 2014 17:30-19
Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre Centre (lobby) -189 Yonge St.
Co-presented by:
Is Art School Killing Art?
The Best of aluCine 2014
An exciting program that showcases what our audiences loved and our jury
awarded at this year’s festival. Enjoy some of our highlights representing a
wide range of genres that capture the spirit of Latino artistry. A true feast for
the eyes!
Este emocionante programa nos muestra lo que nuestro publico amó y nuestro
jurado premió en este festival. Disfruta de esta gran selección representando
una gran gama de géneros que capturan el espíritu del arte y la cultura Latina.
Una verdadera fiesta visual!
Fri, April 25, 2014 19:00-21:00
Bavia Art Gallery - 898b St. Clair Avenue West
Uma Nota Culture animates Bavia Art Gallery with talks, workshops, and
musical experiences that highlight its collective influences and their cultural
relevance in Toronto. This will focus on the present and place into context
the history and evolution of artistic forms from the Latin American, Brazilian,
and African diaspora and their impact on Canadian society.
Uma Nota Culture is a reference point for world citizens and lovers of music
and culture. Local to Toronto, the collective is heavily influenced by Latin
and Brazilian culture, where art is not simply something to be viewed on a
stage, but part of a social experience.
ChocoSol Presents The Story of Chocolate
Pan American & Afro-Diasporic Music and Dances in Toronto
Special Events
special events
How are these artistic forms manifested in Toronto by people who don't
necessarily share in the direct heritage? A discussion panel -- involving
students, teachers and fans of said artistic forms -- explores this question.
In addition, to put the discussion into practice, Mar Aberto hosts a 'coco
de roda' (northeastern Brazilian folkloric circle game/dance) and invites
cultural and musical groups to participate, including Zé Fua, Baque de
Bamba, Capoeira Angola Ori and Capoeira Camara.
Thurs, April 10, 19:00
Bavia Art Gallery - 898b St. Clair Avenue West
Afro-Brazilian Folguedos
Circle games and parades. A talk highlighting tradition and modernity
in certain popular cultural 'games' of Brazil, including samba schools,
capoeira and maracatu nations.
Fri, April 11, 19:00
Bavia Art Gallery - 898b St. Clair Avenue West
The DJ and Some Music History
General Eclectic takes us on a musical journey highlighting diverse styles
with a focus on Pan-American and Afro-diasporic forms.
(Date/time TBD please refer to our website)
How is it made? Its history, tradition, and modernity. Special attention is
also paid to ChocoSol's own process involving close partnerships with
Mexican farmers of raw, sustainably produced and fairly traded cacao.
Wed, April 9, 13:00
Bavia Art Gallery - 898b St. Clair Avenue West
Industry Series
Industry SERIES
Demystifying Media Arts
Sat, April 5th • 11:00am-14:00pm
Creative Blueprint Gallery • By Donation
At aluCine we believe that the discussion and dissemination of ideas
in contemporary media arts is of primary importance. In this panel
we will promote the advancement of knowledge, the exchange of
ideas, and an appreciation of media arts.
We hope this event will offer a strong vision of the role of working
Latin-Canadian artists and their dynamic communities in Canada.
Likewise, the panel will celebrate the unique creative strategies
employed by these in the making of film and media arts.
En aluCine creemos que el debate y la difusión de ideas en las artes
mediáticas contemporáneas es de importancia primordial. En este
panel promoveremos el avance del conocimiento, el intercambio de
ideas, y la apreciación de las artes digitales.
Esperamos que este evento ofrecesca una sólida visión del trabajo
de artistas latino-canadiense y sus comunidades dinámicas en
Canadá. Del mismo modo, el panel celebrará las estrategias
creativas únicas empleadas por éstos en la realización de filmes y
artes mediáticas.
Co-presented by:
Susan Lord
Head of Department and Associate Professor, Queen’s
Susan Lord is Head of Department and Associate
Professor in the Department of Film and Media,
Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
Affiliated with the Graduate Program in Cultural
Studies, as well as the Departments of Art and
Gender Studies, she researches in the areas of cinema and media arts;
cosmopolitanism; new media, gendered spaces and the city; and Cuban
cinema and visual culture.
Lord es Jefe de Facultad y Profesora Asociada de la Facultad de Cine y
Medios de Comunicación de la Universidad de Queen, en Kingston, Ontario. Afiliada al Programa de Posgrado en Estudios Culturales , así como
a los departamentos de Arte y Estudios de Género, hace investigación en
las áreas de cine y artes audiovisuales; cosmopolitismo ; nuevos medios,
la ciudad y el género; así como en el cine y la cultura visual cubanos.
Susan Douglas
SOFAM/ Art History, Contemporary art/ visual cultures/
visual theories/ Latin America, University of Guelph
Author, editor and curator Susan Douglas, PhD,
specializes in contemporary art and art theory. Born
in England and raised in Argentina, she moved to
Canada where she studied art criticism and historiography. She received her doctorate for a study
of Canadian art and theories of vision and visuality in 1998. She has
been published nationally and internationally.
Autora, editora, y curadora Susan Douglas, PhD, se especializa en arte
contemporáneo y teoría del arte. Nacida en Inglaterra vivió en Argentina
antes de mudarse a Canadá, donde estudió Criticismo Artístico e Historiografía. Recibió su doctorado en 1998 por un estudio de arte canadiense y teorías de visión y visualidad. Ha publicado libros nacional e
Mark Haslam
Ontario Arts Council, Media Arts Officer
Mark Haslam is a filmmaker, and the Media Arts Officer at the Ontario Arts Council. Previously, he was
the founder and Executive Director of the Planet in
Focus: International Environmental Film and Video
Festival. He has also worked for Amnesty International, the National Film Board of Canada, and Ten Days for Global Justice.
Mark Haslam es cineasta, y Oficial de Nuevos Medios en el Consejo de
Artes de Ontario. Previamente, fue fundador y Director Ejecutivo de Planet in Focus: Festival Internacional de Cine y Video Ambientales. También
ha trabajado para Amnestía Internacional, la Junta Nacional de Cine de
Canadá, y Diez Días para la Justicia Global.
Bushra Junaid
Ontario Arts Council, Outreach and Development
As OAC’s Outreach and Development Manager,
Bushra Junaid is responsible for improving access
to programs, services, and resources, and building
connections to artists from diverse communities.
She is also the Officer for Access and Career Development, a skills-building/professional-development program for Ab-
original and culturally diverse arts professionals. Bushra is passionately
committed to equity and diversity in the arts.
Como Gerente de Desarrollo y Difusión del OAC, Bushra Junaid es responsable de mejorar acceso a los programas, servicios y recursos, así
como conexiones con artistas de diversas comunidades.Es también Oficial de Acceso y Desarrollo Profesional, un programa para profesionales
de las artes aborígenes y culturalmente diversas. Bushra está apasionadamente comprometida con la equidad y la diversidad en las artes.
Industry Series
Industry SERIES
Francisco Alvarez
Art Consultant
With more than 25 years of experience in the cultural sector, Francisco has produced several exhibitions and worked as a volunteer director in several
not-for-profit organizations. He has also collaborated in several festivals such as the Inside Out LGBT
Film Festival, Pride Toronto, the Toronto International Film Festival, Contact Photography Festival, Nuit Blanche, Luminato
and the Pan American Food Festival. Francisco is co-founder of Mr. Pink
Art Consultants and previously was Managing Director of the Institute for
Contemporary Culture at the Royal Ontario Museum.
Con más de 25 años de experiencia en el sector cultural, Francisco ha
producido varias exposiciones y ha trabajado como director voluntario en
varias organizaciones sin fines de lucro. También ha colaborado en varios
festivales como el Festival Inside Out LGBT Film Festival, Pride Toronto,
the Toronto International Film Festival, Contact Photography Festival, Nuit
Blanche, Luminato and the Pan American Food Festival. Francisco es
co-fundador de Mr. Pink Art Consultants y anteriormente fue Director
General del Instituto de Cultura Contemporánea en el Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).
Industry Series
Industry SERIEs
Giving Life to Your Short Film: from financing to
Sun, April 6th • 11:30am-14:00pm
Creative Blueprint Gallery • $15
With this panel discussion, we aim to provide emerging and
prospective filmmakers with information on how to navigate and
operate within the industry in order to accomplish their artistic goals.
The panel will be divided in three parts: production, marketing,
distribution and sales. We have invited knowledgeable members of
the Canadian film industry, who will share details about the different
ways their organizations offer financing, resources, and/or support
on all of these three stages with our attendees.
Con este panel nuestro objetivo es ofrecer a cineastas establecidos
y emergentes información sobre cómo navegar y operar dentro de
la industria con el fin de lograr sus objetivos artísticos.
El panel se dividirá en tres partes: producción, comercialización,
distribución y ventas. Hemos invitado a miembros sobresalientes
de la industria de cine Canadiense, que compartirán los detalles
acerca de las diferentes maneras en que sus organizaciones
ofrecen financiamiento, recursos y/o apoyo en cada una de estas
tres etapas con nuestros asistentes.
Co-presented by:
Moderated by Lina Rodriguez
Director and Producer
Colombian director Lina Rodríguez studied film at
York University in Toronto. Her films and installations
have been shown at international venues and
festivals such as Festival des Films du Monde, New
York Film Festival, Images Festival, and Scotiabank
Nuit Blanche. Her film, Señoritas, premiered at the
International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias and at Latinbeat 2013
Directora y productora Colombiana Lina Rodríguez estudió cine en la
Universidad de York en Toronto. Ha exhibido películas e instalaciones
internacionalmente en festivales como: Festival des Films du Monde,
Festival de Cine de Nueva York, Imágenes Festival, y Scotiabank Nuit
Blanche. Su película, Señoritas, se estrenó en el Festival Internacional
de Cine de Cartagena de Indias y en Latinbeat 2013 (EEUU).
Andrea Whyte
Programming Manager
Spafax Canada, enRoute Canada
Andrea Whyte is the IFE Programming Manager
at Spafax Canada, for Air Canada’s in flight
entertainment, and the Air Canada enRoute Film
Festival, She has worked for TIFF Bell Lightbox,
Regent Park Film Festival and Women In Film and
Television’s Short Film Showcase. Andrea holds a MA in Cinema Studies
from the University of Toronto. Andrea Whyte, es Gerente de Programación en Spafax Canadá,
Entretenimiento a bordo para Air Canada, y de su Festival de Cine
enRoute. Ha trabajado para TIFF Bell Lightbox, Festival de Cine de Regent
Park y en la Muestra de Cortometrájes Mujeres en Film y Televisión.
Wanda vanderStoop
Distribution Director, Vtape
Wanda vanderStoop provides continuing support to
Vtape’s artists, promoting over 5000 independent
productions to worldwide markets including
museums, national and international festivals,
broadcasters, educational institutions and mobile
platforms. She is a committed advocate for artists’
rights and fees and contributes to a policy consultation process on the
changing methods of dissemination in video and new media.
Wanda Vanderstoop proporciona apoyo continuo a los artistas de Vtape,
promoviendo más de 5.000 producciones independientes a mercados
internacionales, incluyendo museos, festivales, organizaciones de
radiodifusión, instituciones educativas y plataformas móviles. Es
defensora de los derechos y honorarios del artista y contribuye a un
proceso de consulta política sobre los métodos cambiantes de difusión
en vídeo y los nuevos medios.
Michelle Johnson
Coordinator, Insiders & Distribution
Canadian Film Centre
Michelle Johnson is the Distribution Coordinator for
the Canadian Film Centre. She earned her Hons.
B.A. from the University of Toronto in Art and Art
History, and received a Masters in Modern Art:
Critical and Curatorial Studies from Columbia
University. With a passion for the moving image, she has a wide and
varied background in the visual arts and film.
Michelle Johnson es Coordinadora de Distribución para el Canadian
Film Centre. Obtuvo su licenciatura de la Universidad de Toronto en Arte
e Historia del Arte, y recibió una Maestría en Arte Moderno: Estudios
Críticos y Curatoriales de la Universidad de Columbia.
Anita Lee
Industry Series
Industry SERIES
National Film Board of Canada
An award-winning producer at the National Film
Board of Canada. Her films have screened at
festivals worldwide, including TIFF, Sundance, and
Venice. Recent films include the critically acclaimed
Stories We Tell by Sarah Polley, and Home Again by
Sudz Sutherland. She is the founder of Toronto Reel
Asian International Film Festival and serves as the chair of the Advisory
Anita, del National Film Board de Canada, es una galardonada
productora de cine. Sus películas han participado en varios festivales
internacionales, incluyendo TIFF, Sundance y Venecia. Películas recientes
incluyen la aclamada Stories We Tell de Sarah Polley, y Home Again de
Sudz Sutherland. Anita es fundadora del Festival Interncacional de Cine
Reel Asian de Toronto, y actua como presidente de la Junta Consultiva.
Magali Simard
Film Programs Manager
Magali Simard is the Short Cuts (International
& Canada) programmer for TIFF and the Film
Programs Manager at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.
Magali Simard es Programadora de Cortos
Internacionales y Canadienses para el Festival Internacional de Cine de
Toronto (TIFF), y Gerente de Programas de Film en TIFF Bell Lightbox.
Industry Series
Industry SERIES
Kate Mckay
Images Festival
Kate MacKay is a visual artist, film curator, and
projectionist, who works as Programmer for Images
Festival. She co-founded the screening series Early
Monthly Segments, and has curated programs for
the Innis Film Society, Cinematheque Ontario’s Free
Screen and independents series. She has coordinated the Wavelengths
program at the Toronto International Film Festival. She watches hundreds
of films each year.
Kate MacKay es artista visual, curadora de cine, proyeccionista, y
programadora para Images Festival. Es co-fundadora de la serie Early
Monthly Segments, y ha programado para la Sociedad de Cine de Innis,
la pantalla libre de la Cinemateca de Ontario, y Wavelenghts en el Festival
Internacional de Cine de Toronto. Kate mira cientos de películas cada
Germán Gutierrez
Producer, DOP
Argus Films
After studying cinema, Germán worked as
cameraman for Radio-Canada, the National Film
Board of Canada, private companies, and foreign
televisions. He soon moved on to directing, shooting
mainly social and political subjects, often in conflict
zones as well as remote and wild regions. Germán enjoys being a director
or director of photography, and often acts as both simultaneously.
Después de estudiar cine, Germán trabajó como camarógrafo en
Radio-Canadá, National Film Board de Canadá, empresas privadas, y
televisiones extranjeras. Como Director filma principalmente sujetos o
temas sociales y políticos, a menudo en zonas de conflicto, así como
regiones remotas y salvajes. Germán disfruta ser Director o Director de
fotografía, y con frecuencia actúa como ambos a la vez.
Greg Woodbury
Operations Manager
Charles Street Video
Greg Woodbury has worked as administrator in
artist-run production centres and public media
Arts organizations; and as freelancer. In his own art
practice, he has produced videos and installations.
He has also fostered the work of independent artists
through teaching, advocacy, technical support and creative collaboration.
Greg’s has exhibited nationally and internationally. He is co-manager at
Charles Street Video.
Greg Woodbury ha sido administrador en centros de producción artística,
en organizaciones públicas. En su práctica artística, ha producido
videos e instalaciones. También ha fomentado el trabajo de artistas
independientes a través de su enseñanza, promoción, apoyo técnico y
colaboración creativa. Greg ha exhibido a nivel nacional e internacional.
Es co-director en Charles Street Video.
Milagro Cantinas
Valdez Restaurant
Creative Blueprint Gallery
Bavia Arts Gallery
Thurs, April 3, 2014, 21:30-23:30
783 Queen Street West
Tel: (416) 366-2855
Sun, April 6, 2014, 21:30-23:30
606 King Street West
Tel: (416) 363-8388
376 Bathurst Street
Tel: (416) 938-1229
Sat, April 26, 2014, 18:30-2:00
898b St. Clair Avenue West
Tel: (416) 658-8980
Get down with DJ Noloves. Unete al FIESTÓN y BAILE de esta noche
Noloves dj is a Colombian born, T.O. based artist who has been active
in the local scene for years, spinning Latin Soul, Bolero, Cumbia, Salsa
and rumba!
Uma Nota & aluCine meet!
What would be better to end our Hispanic Heritage month celebrations than ending with a Fiesta? Uma Nota and aluCine meet on the
dance floor!
Sat, April 5, 2014, 20:30-2:00
Film Index
9546 km/My World
By Sergio García Locatelli
[email protected]
By Daniel Nájera
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Guo Cheng-Da Ba Chan De Shi Lu
By Melisa Lovera & Gonzalo Rimoldi
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Arma Blanca
Mauricio Calderón Rico
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By Rafael Velasquez Stanbury
Contact info
By Cid Rodrigo Castillero Mortera
[email protected]
Asteroid Attack
By José Pedersen
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by Maria Ruiz
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Home Appliance/Electrodoméstico
By Erik de Luna
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Abraham Escobedo Salas
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A Equação do Amor/Equation of Love
By Fåabio Allon
[email protected]
By Diego Najera
[email protected]
By Felipe Torrents
[email protected]
E Agora Luke?
By Alan Nóbrega
[email protected]
by Gisela Pelaez
[email protected]
By Beatriz Herrera Carrillo
[email protected]
El Cañaveral/The Sugarcane
By Samuel Lopez
[email protected]
Invisible Mountain
by Angel Linares
[email protected]
by Cainan Baladez & Fernanda Chicolet
[email protected]
El Mimo y la Mariposa Negra
By José Luis Saturnino
[email protected]
by Alicia Segovia
[email protected]
By Andrea Martinez Crowther
[email protected]
By Francesca Dasso
[email protected]
John Lennon in Havana
By Luis Garcia
[email protected]
Como Perros y Gatos/As Cats and Dogs
Armando Vega-Gil
[email protected]
by Cecilia Traslaviña,
[email protected]
Juancho el Pajarero
By Rafael Loayza Sánchez
[email protected]
By Felipe Guerrero
[email protected]
Familia em ferias/Family on Vacation
By Wayner Tristão
[email protected]
La Casa Triste/The Sad House
Sofia Carrillo
[email protected]
By Felipe Torrents
[email protected]
By Carl Zitelmann
[email protected]
La Cucaracha Contrataca
By Carlos Paredes
[email protected]
La Hora Señalada/High Noon
By Ivan Mazza
[email protected]
La Mirada Perdida/The Missing Look
By Damian Dionisio
[email protected]
Las Tardes de Tintico/Tintico's Afternoons
By Alejandro García Caballero
[email protected]
Lluvia en los Ojos/Rain in the Eyes
Rita Basulto
[email protected]
Lucia 21
By Laura Cazador
[email protected]
Mi Tio Abuelo Estivo Aquí Antes/My Great
Uncle was Here Before
By Juana Awad
[email protected]
By Beatriz Herrera Carrillo
[email protected]
Officer Tuba Meets Happy Ghost
Sojin Chun
[email protected]
By Santiago “bou” Castro
[email protected]
The Road
By Laura Marie Wayne
[email protected]
The Rookie and the Runner
Augie Robles
[email protected]
Tierra Escarlata
By Jesus Reyes
[email protected]
Tierra Seca/Dry Land
By Ricardo Torres
[email protected]
By Nikkie Schuster
[email protected]
Tomou café e esperou/ A Cup of Coffee and
By Emiliano Cunha
[email protected]
Presque Vu
By Cecilia Araneda
Un Día Que Llueva/One Fine Day
By Felipe Esquivel Reed
[email protected]
Matando Extraños/Killing Strangers
By Nicolas Pereda & Jaco Schulsinger
[email protected]
by Roberto Fiesco
[email protected]
Memento Mori
by Daniela Wayllace
[email protected]
By Freddy Chávez Olmos & Shervin Shoghian
[email protected]
Memories of Glory
By Mara Elsa
[email protected]
By Oscar Ruiz Navia
[email protected]
Mi Abuela
By Carlos Smith
[email protected]
By Cecilia Velasco
[email protected]
Minimall Cop 2
Ullysses Castellanos
[email protected]
By Cecilia Velasco
[email protected]
By Isael Maxakali
[email protected]
By Nano Benayon
[email protected]
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