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Face to Face with Benjamin Tan, Qantas
It was fantastic to be part of Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence celebrations. What a
special time to be in Singapore. It was great to have the strong support from our members who lent
a hand at the Australian High Commission’s SG50 BBQ’s that took place throughout Singapore
back in June. Thank you so much to the many AustCham volunteers who took part.
That same week we also held a special breakfast. AustCham had the honour of hosting The Hon
Tony Abbott MP Prime Minister of Australia at an event that sold-out in less than two days. I’m very
happy that our events continue to resonate so strongly with our members and this is something the
Chamber is committed to continue over the coming months.
This issue of Access Asia is a little different to our regular ones as we shine a spotlight on some of
the Australian business success stories in Singapore over the last 50 years. Inside you’ll find the
‘Singapore story’ of some businesses, insights into their growth over particular decades as well as
some of their exciting future plans across various industries.
I’ve just returned from our second and very successful Australian Roadshow. We partnered with
the Australian High Commission and Austrade, visiting seven cities over seven days, holding seven
key events and nine round tables with more than 800 attendees. From the many discussion we
had with attendee’s the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership has raised the profile of Singapore’s
business opportunities and there was much interest from government and businesses. I’d like to
acknowledge and thank our Roadshow partners; Australian International School, ANZ, Ernst &
Young and Telstra. We couldn’t have done it without you.
I look forward to seeing you at an event soon.
Leigh Snelling
Inational Maritime
Guy Scott
Sean Straton
Credit Suisse
Annette Tilbrook
Guy Scott
Going troppo
Face to Face with Benjamin Tan, Qantas
Benjamin Tan, regional general manager Asia, Qantas
AustCham: Can you tell us a little about your
background and your connection to Australia outside
of Qantas?
Benjamin: My career grew in the tech industry, I worked
for Nokia in the glory days and was with Microsoft for
more than a decade. I only moved into the aviation
industry with Jetstar around four years ago so I’m a
relative newbie. I’ve spent most of my career outside
of Singapore, I worked in Beijing and Tokyo and I’ve
only moved back to Singapore four years ago, about
six months before I joined with Jetstar.
and weaknesses. This has been extremely helpful in applying myself across a region of huge
I lived in Melbourne in 1991, just for a year so I can’t
claim to have deep connections but it was a very
formative time of my life. Before moving to Australia I
was very studious with lots of hard mugging, very hard
working and completely inactive in sports. The year I
returned from Australia I became involved with the
debating team and track and field. It wouldn’t be an
exaggeration to say that one year in Melbourne really
transformed my outlook and my approach.
Jetstar also gave me a very deep appreciation of the economics of the aviation business in general.
Without realising it for most of my life in sales and marketing I’ve actually assumed that supply
meets demand, that demand generation and getting customers is all you care about. In aviation,
you have a limited number of planes and limited number of flights so if you want to undergo a rapid
market expansion it’s got to be a planned activity. Aviation is much more heavy on strategy and
planning than what I had realised before.
I’m the first local general manager for Asia with
Qantas. All of my predecessors have been Australian
expatriates. I think this is a break through for Qantas
and certainly underscores that we have achieved a
sufficient level of understanding and trust to enable this
to happen. As a matter of fact my manager, as well
as quite a few other senior executives back in Sydney,
have all rotated through Singapore which shows it
is a key station that is certainly important to Qantas.
AustCham: You were Jetstar’s group head of sales for
three years in Singapore before you started at Qantas
in December last year. How did those three years
prepare you for this role?
Benjamin: Everything I knew about aviation when I
started at Qantas was from Jetstar and it was interesting
coming from a local carrier perspective as I tend to be
very conservative when it comes to spending. My role at
Jetstar was essentially head of worldwide sales, which
actually gave me an end-to-end view of every single
sales channel, with their associated costs, strengths
Benjamin Tan meeting Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.
Over here we have Singapore and Hong Kong which, from a commercial level, is alike in many ways.
Then the emerging regions of Indonesia and Thailand which is again really quite different and then
China which is obviously incredibly important and also has a different set of rules. So, because I owned
all of it at Jetstar, I think that was really good knowledge I could bring into the business at Qantas.
AustCham: The aviation industry has seen significant change over the last few years, particularly in
APAC, what do you see as the number one opportunity for Qantas in Asia over the next 12 months?
Benjamin: Number one is the transformation that Qantas has gone through with the shift of the
European hub from Singapore to Dubai. On the surface it may seem like a loss of flights from an
Asian perspective but I think it has helped us very much in terms of clarifying and focusing our
efforts on Australia - which is absolutely what Qantas should be all about. Now we’re no longer
distracted with how to fill the flights to Europe or trying to compete with many airlines but we are
focused on, from my perspective, bringing customers to and from Asia and Australia. This shift has
actually helped us train our efforts to being better representatives for Australia and over time that
has actually made us much more relevant to the market and also much more successful.
In the past, the role that Singapore played is that it was pretty much a pit stop for Aussie travellers
going back and forth to Europe. Most of the A380 flights were filled with transit passengers so when
the A380 moved to Dubai and Singapore started to get the A330, which is a much smaller plane,
we actually had a lot more seats to fill. Now Asia is a destination in itself and we need to think a
lot harder about reaching and penetrating much more deeply into Asia to get a greater breadth of
customers to Australia in more creative ways.
This result of the transformation is extremely important and what helped us very much was that even
though Qantas was undergoing some difficult times we never stopped investing in our customers
and products. So, the upgraded A330 planes that is being brought into service in Asia actually
makes Qantas the most competitive we’ve been in quite a long time.
We have the best lounge; I think we have the
best business class of any airline going to
Australia so it’s never been a better time to
work for this international carrier.
AustCham: This year marks 50 years of
Singapore’s independence but it also marks
the 80th year since Qantas’s first overseas
passenger flight. How fitting that it was from
Brisbane to Singapore, congratulations on
this remarkable anniversary! What are some
of the ways in which you’ve celebrated this
Benjamin: We have partnered with DFAT to
bring the koalas to Singapore and have had
massive coverage and also, quite frankly, a
fair amount of anxiety that they would arrive
We ran a series of marketing campaigns and
consumer activations at the airport. It is a very
significant anniversary. You may have heard
that most Singaporeans are actually migrants
or children of migrants. So when I reflected
on Qantas arriving in Singapore for the first
time 80 years ago that’s actually longer than
my family has been in Singapore. I’m a proud
third generation Singaporean but Qantas
landed here before my grandfather did and
it’s the same for a lot of other Singaporeans
(L-R) New A380 business class and Qantas office on Robinson Road, Singapore.
AustCham: Can you tell us a little more about the Qantas and Singapore story and how it’s
developed over the last 80 years?
Benjamin: I think Qantas has played, and continues to play, a very important role in connecting
Australia and Singapore and the significance of Singapore to Qantas is that we have more flights
from Singapore to more cities in Australia than anywhere else in the world. We have five from
Singapore, there is no other city with five daily flights and we have direct flights to four cities in
Australia. So, it’s an extremely important market for us, plus all of Asia is run out of Singapore.
Qantas has also benefited from Singapore’s positioning and excellence as an air hub for the region.
The success and efficiency of Changi Airport, the business friendly policies, rule of law and lack of
corruption in Singapore have all contributed towards Qantas investing significantly in Singapore for
a very long time.
An example is Jetstar Asia which is not fully owned by Qantas, we own a 49 percent share, and
it’s really the first airline that the Qantas group have set up outside of Australia. The policies of
Singapore’s government have been such that it’s a very liberal market, of course it’s competitive
but it’s also a very level playing field. There are no distortions and in Singapore we have the
opportunity to play by the same rules as everyone else and to fight for our share of the pie.
AustCham: What’s next for Qantas in Asia?
Benjamin: I think for the next two years we really have to bed down our new found position in the
markets. So in Singapore we have to evolve from being the hub for Europe to being a destination
for Aussie’s and for tapping into Singapore’s strength as a hub for Southeast Asia into Australia
and back.
We have to leverage the new product that has progressively been deployed across the Asian
markets and to be much more successful and raise our overall profile and awareness as a premium
carrier. Obviously, and this is not specific to Singapore but certainly top of mind for many, we will
work very hard in capturing the China opportunity.
Over the next five years Qantas will be renewing its fleet and bringing in new aircraft types that are
more fuel efficient and using much more modern leading technology and that’s going to be exciting
to watch as many other cities in Asia will be in reach much more economically for Australia.
Our rule as the Australian national carrier is to provide a broad spectrum of product choices for
Aussie travellers into Singapore and for Singapore travel into Australia across all price categories
so we have a full range of products; from the world’s highest quality business class seat to Jetstar.
We’ve got offerings for all levels of affordability.
Qantas customer desk at Raffles Hotel.
Australia’s Best Culinary Trails in Winter
There are so many reasons to visit Australia – not least of which is its
astonishingly good food and wine. Australia’s remarkable fresh produce
tastes better when eaten outdoors, even in winter and going on a culinary
trail is the perfect way to discover the country’s finest fare and worldclass wines in some unforgettable settings. From foraging expeditions
to tasting award-winning Shiraz in one of Australia’s best known wine
regions, here are some of Australia’s best culinary trails to go on this
Capital Country and a Truffle Hunt
Discover Canberra, Australia’s capital city and a treasure trove of food
and wine offerings. Dine at some of Canberra’s amazing restaurants
including Aubergine and Močan & Green Grout. Take a short drive to the
rural setting of Poacher’s Pantry, home to award-winning Smokehouse
Café and Wily Trout Vineyard located in a beautifully restored 1930
weatherboard farm cottage.
From June 21 to late August, be a part of the Canberra and Capital Region
Truffle Festival. Regarded as one of the best truffle regions in Australia,
the Canberra and Capital Region shows off this prized local fungus with
a two-month festival. More than 40 venues across the region join in the
celebration, with tastings, truffle degustation dinners, masterclasses,
truffle hunts and markets. Book in at one of the local truffières to take part
in a truffle hunt. Every hunt is different but includes a hands-on hunting
experience and a talk about truffles.
Sunshine State and Regional Flavours
From casual eateries to fine dining, virtually every taste and budget is
catered for in Brisbane. The city’s dining scene is as diverse as it is
delicious. Establishments such Esquire, Urbane and Gerard’s Bistro are
some of the most outstanding the city has to offer and foodies the world
over are rapidly descending upon the capital city of the Sunshine state to
discover for themselves what else Brisbane has to offer.
If you’re there on the weekend of July 18-19, providores in Queensland
and celebrity chefs from around Australia will be in South Bank for the
food and lifestyle festival, Regional Flavours. The festival feeds people’s
passion for food with about 100 stalls decked out with produce and
serving a range of events along the riverbank. Make a day of it and visit
South Bank’s Epicurious Garden, which is packed with edible plants
including fruits, vegetables and herbs.
City of Churches and a Gourmet Weekend
It may be known as the City of Churches but Adelaide is also known for
its cuisine which is complemented by locally grown wines. Orana, Peel
Street and Bistro Dom join the city’s old but gold establishments such as
Chianti Classico to bring a youthful exuberance to the many offerings in
Adelaide that will leave food lovers impressed with both the cuisine and
the environment in which meals are savoured.
Away from the city, the Barossa Valley might be well known as one of
Australia’s premier wine regions, but it’s also responsible for some of the
finest produce in the country. At the Barossa Gourmet Weekend from
August 14–16, indulge your culinary curiosity with three days of markets,
music, cooking and wine masterclasses, as well as the best food and wine
in the region. From luxury lodges to boutique accommodation, immerse
yourself in the festivities by staying in the Barossa Valley.
Visit for more information and discover why There’s
Nothing Like Australia.
Celebrating 50 years
of Aussie business
success in Singapore
For those of us living in Singapore it should
come as no surprise that this August
Singapore celebrated its fiftieth anniversary
of independence.
Branded as SG50, patriotic evidence of this
significant event has abounded in our island
state. From supermarkets, buses and street
signage to flags, advertising and events,
Singapore has SG50 fever which culminated
on National Day on 9 August.
Another anniversary occured at the same
time that might be less well known to some
of you. Australia also celebrated fifty years
of diplomatic relations with Singapore. In
fact, Australia was one of the first nations
to establish diplomatic relations and have
maintained a close relationship over the last
fifty years.
A recent example of this close relationship is
the signing of the Comprehensive Strategic
Partnership (CSP) which occurred during
Prime Minister Abbott’s visit to Singapore
in late June. The CSP lays out a 10-year
roadmap for closer collaborations in areas,
such as defence and economy between the
two countries.
Aussie’s have been doing business in
Singapore for over 100 years but since 1965
their presence has definitely strengthened
and grown in alignment with the success
that Singapore has achieved. From start-up’s
and SME’s to large and MNC’s, Australian
businesses have contributed to Singapore’s
growth and success throughout various
Over the next six pages we’re shining a
spotlight on a few of these Aussie businesses
who have been established in Singapore at
various stages over the last fifty years, in fact
one of them has been doing business since
1891. We find out the Singapore story behind
Australian companies in the insurance,
property, finance, telecommunications and
logistics industries. They also share what
their plans for the future are in Singapore and
This spotlight is just a snapshot of what the
many successful and dynamic Australian
businesses have done, and are doing, in
Singapore and how they are increasingly
using the Lion City as a regional hub for doing
AustCham’s 2015 Business Survey revealed
the outllook for business in Asia is very
positive with 81 percent of respondents
having a positive outlook for the next
12 months and 60 percent reporting an
increased profitability in 2013 as compared
to 2012. The survey also found that 41
percent of respondents had been operating
in Singapore for less than five years.
There are great opportunities for growth
in Singapore in regards to business and
AustCham is committed to supporting this
growth by continuing to create business links
between the two countries.
Steeped in
Singapore’s history
Karl Hamann
Chief Executive Officer
QBE Insurance
QBE has been a product innovator throughout the years
and has brought several new products to Singapore
QBE Insurance first set foot in Singapore 124
years ago with their parent company at the
time being Burns Philp, a merchant trading
QBE Singapore is part of the QBE Group
that has grown into one of the world’s
top 20 general insurance and reinsurance
companies. We are the oldest Australian
company in Singapore since 1891. We have
witnessed the phenomenal development of
Singapore over the years, and are proud to
be part of its growth journey.
As testimony to our commitment to Singapore
we have continued to build our capabilities
in the market whilst others have come and
gone. QBE in recent years has acquired the
general insurance businesses of ING, Zurich
and a marine underwriting agency. This has
resulted in QBE being one of the leading
insurers in Singapore.
Being a global company, QBE is able to
leverage on what it does well in other parts of
the world, such as leveraging on its London
operations where QBE is the largest capacity
provider to Lloyds of London.
Key to QBE’s strength is that it has remained
focused on its core. QBE is a pure general
insurance company and does not write life
insurance. Additionally QBE’s focus has been
on the commercial and corporate market and
as a result is not a player in the retail market.
QBE has been a product innovator through
the years and has brought several new
products to Singapore with the most recent
being the contractors plant and equipment
policy “Industrial Special Plant” which is
targeted at construction companies seeking
to protect their mobile plant and equipment.
The policy replaces up to five standalone
policies for policyholders, thus reducing both
intermediaries’ and clients’ administrative
costs. No other insurer offers such a
comprehensive package in Singapore.
Besides this, QBE also offers simple products
such as property, construction, liability,
commercial motor, professional indemnity,
aviation, workers compensation, medical,
directors and officers, marine cargo and
hull. On top of this, we also offer specialised
products such as terrorism, fine arts, event
cancellation and hole in one, as well as
Making it possible for businesses in
Singapore to succeed is illustrated by QBE
currently being the insurer of 50 percent of
the Singapore flagged vessels. The company
does signature accounts such as the medical
insurance for the staff of Singapore Airlines,
insures the Singapore Flyer as well as
participates on the construction insurance for
the new terminal at Changi Airport.
As the leading marine insurer, QBE Singapore
“Advance Export Declaration” to strengthen
Singapore’s supply chain security through
risk assessment using credible information
prior to export. This helps to strengthen
Singapore as a robust, safe and secure
trading hub to attract more marine business
activities into Singapore.
As Singapore celebrates its golden jubilee,
QBE is working towards partnering with the
country for more years to come.
Lendlease’s CEO, Rod Leaver shares
their remarkable Singapore story
Rod Leaver
Chief executive officer, Asia
Lendlease began operations within Asia through Singapore back
in 1973. Our first project was in partnership with a local company
to deliver 30 blocks of Housing Development Board (HDB) flats,
public housing which is home to over 80 percent of Singaporeans.
It involved bringing new and innovative construction technology to
the market. For example, to meet HDB’s requirement for plenty of
pillar-free space in the void deck to cater for events like weddings and
funerals, we introduced stronger and thicker concrete beams to take
the weight of the floors above.
Looking forward
In Singapore, we will continue to explore opportunities to capitalise
on our integrated capabilities and strong track record for growth
opportunities in sectors such as retail-led mixed use developments
and urban regeneration. This is an area where we can demonstrate
clear value to our clients, like Governments, through a track record
that has seen us deliver major iconic projects around the world that
help people to live, work and play in safe and sustainable places for
generations to come.
With Singapore’s stable social-economic environment, open economy
and a strong pool of talents, Lendlease has rapidly expanded over the
years and Singapore is now our Asia headquarters, overseeing our
operations in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Japan. For the last 42
years, we have completed over 400 projects in Singapore across various
sectors including industrial, commercial office, life science, retail and
education. From pharmaceutical plants, factories, offices, schools and
shopping malls, millions of Singaporeans are living, working, studying
and shopping in places designed, built and managed by Lendlease.
We’re looking forward to delivering our next transformational project at
Paya Lebar Central, a large mixed use urban regeneration development
site that we secured in April 2015 with our joint venture partner. The
site has capacity for circa 165,000 sqm of development and has direct
connections to the Paya Lebar MRT that serves both the Circle and
East-West lines. Getting a sizeable plot in such a well-located and
connected area is something our partners and us are very excited
about. Our project has the critical mass and we have the development
expertise to re-rate the area. It is something we have been doing
consistently over many decades in key international cities.
We are the only end-to-end property solutions provider in Singapore,
participating in the entire value chain from taking on the roles of
investment manager, developer, builder to asset and property
manager. Projects that we have developed through this integrated
model include [email protected] and Jem in Singapore and the upcoming
Paya Lebar Central mixed-use development. Other notable projects
completed by us in Singapore include the Insead Campus, Australian
International School, GEMS World Academy International School as
well as pharmaceutical facilities for Pfizer, Merck and Novartis.
Our design includes commercial, retail and residential within a very
generous public realm and outstanding public space. It will be a
beautiful precinct to be part of and we are excited to create something
for the community there, a focal point for people to come together,
eat, work, play and be entertained. On the construction front, we will
continue to leverage our leadership position in the life sciences and
education sector, as well as look for opportunities in the sustainable
refurbishment, general industrial, manufacturing and data centres
ANZ’s transformation
Vishnu Shahaney
CEO, Singapore and Malaysia
over four decades in
Our Singapore story resonates with Singapore’s own
success story as a regional and global hub.
ANZ opened a representative office in
Singapore in 1974. It was later converted
to offshore bank status in 1980 and further
upgraded to a wholesale bank in 2002.
ANZ Singapore is one of two designated
ANZ regional hubs in Asia which can provide
integrated solutions across institutional and
corporate banking, financial markets, trade
finance, corporate finance, retail banking,
private banking and investment banking
Helping our customers grow across Asia
ANZ’s Singapore story – helping our
customers grow across borders and
connecting them to the region’s expanding
trade and investment flows – resonates with
Singapore’s own success story as a regional
and global hub.
ANZ’s vision is to be the best connected
and most respected bank in the Asia Pacific
region. As one of ANZ’s two regional business
hubs, our Singapore business plays a critical
role in bringing this super regional strategy
to life, focusing on institutional, corporate,
wealth and retail clients who use the country
as an entry point to Asia Pacific.
Just as Singapore has transformed over
the last 50 years, ANZ too has evolved with
our customers here.
From a representative office in 1974, we have
built a strong, customer-focused business
and, importantly, an excellent team that
serves more than 400,000 customers across
all segments.
We have also grown from just 80 staff in 1999
to more than 2,200. Today, we are one of the
few banks – and the only Australian bank – to
hold a Qualifying Full Bank license from the
Monetary Authority of Singapore, which has
enabled us to gain a strong foothold in the
Throughout Singapore’s journey, we have
partnered with enterprises to help them
grow regionally while using Singapore as a
strategic base.
As the world’s economic centre of gravity
continues to shift to Asia, we are welcoming
more and more Australian customers who
have Asian connections or who want to grow
their businesses in this part of the world.
who are looking to expand into our home
markets of Australia and New Zealand.
ANZ plays a key role in facilitating this trade
and investment flow between Australia
and the region, connecting individuals and
companies with our networks and expertise.
As an Australian company in Singapore, we
value our unique position in strengthening
ties between the two countries. We engage
actively with both the local and Australian
communities here, from local voluntary
welfare organisations to AustCham and the
Australian International School.
What’s next for ANZ in Singapore?
As Singapore and the customer landscape
continues to transform, so must we.
We will continue to grow our business across
the Institutional, Corporate, Retail, Wealth and
Private Banking segments while continuing
to strengthen our commitment to Singapore
by focusing on local talent development and
building a local talent pipeline.
Equally, as ANZ expands across Asia Pacific,
we also see more customers from this region
position pays off for
Telstra is a leading Australia-based tier one telecommunications and
information services company offering a full range of communications
services. Telstra considers Singapore to be a key growth market – both
for Telstra as well as their customers – due to the region’s vast economic
Through strategic investments over the years and the recent acquisition of
Pacnet in Asia, Telstra now have the largest privately owned subsea cable
network in Asia Pacific, have licences throughout Asia, Europe and the
Americas and facilitate access to more than 2,000 Points of Presence in
230 countries and territories.
Telstra Global Enterprise and Services (GES) is a division of Telstra
that focuses on growth opportunities outside Australia through onward
investments, deploying disruptive technologies across the world and
growing international and local customer relationships. Telstra’s success
story comes from a deep understanding and experience in the Asian
market for more than 30 years.
Singapore timeline
• 1990’s: Telstra began its long relationship with Singapore by
supporting Australian companies with business operations
1999: Data centre and business services in Singapore Harmony/Data
2002: Telstra in Singapore transforms to an ‘Asian-centric’ business
with local sales and support teams
2012: Telstra Global expands APAC hosting capacity with a new
Singapore data centre
2013: New Singapore office officially opened.
Supporting start-ups
Telstra-backed startup accelerator, muru-D, was launched in Singapore in
April 2015. muru-D’s goal is to help Australia and Southeast Asia become
a centre of digital business by providing mentoring, tailored acceleration
services and investment to early stage startups. Its inaugural six-month
accelerator program commenced in August with 10 technology startups.
Successful applicants receive S$40,000 in seed capital, work space in
muru-D and introductions to world-class mentors, coaches and investors.
The Singapore accelerator program grow’s Telstra’s global footprint.
Toll’s big plans
in Singapore
Chris Pearce
Toll Group Logistics
The region is set to become one of the largest
economic blocs in the world
Leap into Asia
In 2007 Toll Group acquired SembCorp
Logistics, since then we have delivered
warehousing and transportation services and
solutions, including feeder activities to Batam
and Bintan. We have provided end-to-end
supply chain services to many multi-national
companies in Singapore and we have been
fundamental to the integrity of defence and
health efforts of the nation. We operate a
large fleet of over 70 prime movers, 300
trailers and ten trucks, including dedicated
and specialised feeder services with five units
of multi-purpose vessel fleet in Singapore.
Singapore has, and can be, our test bed for
new ideas, IT development and research
and development efforts. For example
we introduced two 30-metre long Super
B-Double trailers to be used for container
transfers after four years of positive
engagement with PSA, LTA and EDB.
That initiative alone has helped reduce
labour by 50 percent, fuel and emissions
by 36 percent, while increasing productivity
by 57 percent. It’s a clear demonstration
of the teamwork between a progressive
Government and an agile logistics business
to ‘challenge the norm’ with well thought-out
Toll City
We recently unveiled our blueprint for Toll City
– a 100,000 square metre Toll City logistics
hub in Tuas, Singapore. Set to become the
logistics hub of choice in the Asia Pacific, the
S$228m five-level, ramp-up facility will house
state-of-the-art automation systems to
improve productivity and operating efficiency
for Toll and its customers in Singapore and
in the region.
The development is a key part of Toll’s
strategy to strengthen its presence in the
region and to continue providing best-inclass supply chain solutions across different
market sectors.
The size and scope of this investment is a
testament to Toll’s intent to achieve supply
chain excellence in Asia Pacific for its
customers. Toll City will redefine warehousing
solution options for its customers through
leading-edge technology and innovation in a
world class facility.
We will be ready to increase Toll’s
productivity and meet warehousing capacity
demand in a region that is set to become one
of the largest economic blocs in the world.
We are not just an investor in Singapore,
or a supply chain company who delivers
from A to B. We are focused on continuous
improvement that drives to achieve greater
operational excellence and new opportunities
for employees to upgrade their skills, which
fit EDB’s vision for the logistics industry in
Training and development
Toll is focused on a program of continuous
excellence and create opportunities for
employees to upgrade their skills – a
program in line with Singapore’s vision for
its country’s workforce. In collaboration with
the Workforce Development Agency (WDA),
Toll has developed core and advanced
training segments to meet the demands of
Singapore’s ‘Smart Nation’ vision.
As part of the move into Toll City, Toll
will continue its work as a WDA in-house
Approved Training Operation which will
provide a framework for reviewing the use
of technology and automation to design the
jobs of the future that attract more young and
mature locals to the logistics industry.
Australian Trade Commission
10 things you need
to know about the
Strategic Partnership
On Sunday 28 June 2015, the Prime Ministers of Australia and
Singapore concluded a historical Comprehensive Strategic
Partnership (CSP) agreement between the two countries in Singapore.
Born from a desire to forge a relationship with Singapore “as close as
the one we have with New Zealand”, the agreement sets out a long
term plan to leverage the synergies and complementary natures of
the two countries to take advantage of both future opportunities and
address future challenges.
At a high level, the agreement is a commitment to formalising
an elevated partnership with Singapore to drive closer relations
similar to the Australia-New Zealand relationship. At a practical
level, it is a ten-year roadmap of specific measures to enhance
cooperation across foreign affairs and security, defence, economic
and people-to-people spheres. From a business perspective,
the two countries will work towards a “Closer Economic
Relationship (CER)” that will drive closer economic integration.
In the economic sphere, the overall goals are:
a review of the existing Singapore-Australia Free Trade
Agreement, unlocking new trade and investment opportunities
and establishing a Closer Economic Relationship arrangement
exploring investment opportunities in sectors such as food,
agribusiness and infrastructure, and in new growth areas
including Northern Australia
increasing the flow of skilled labour and visitors
joint tourism cooperation
reviewing Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board thresholds for
Singapore’s investments into Australia
6. better access to, and integration of, financial and capital markets,
including cooperation on financial market infrastructure
7. expanding potential to increase two-way investment flows, including by
working together in third markets in our region and beyond
8. building additional research and development partnerships, including
by working on the commercialisation of research among our agencies,
academic institutions and the private sector
9. enhancing our aviation and maritime connectivity
10. promoting trade and investment activities through more partnerships
in the private sector, including through sharing information on
infrastructure opportunities, collaborating on food and agribusiness
opportunities (including in aquaculture and fisheries), and promoting
mutual recognition of standards, conformance and qualifications.
Unlike, say, a free trade agreement, this agreement doesn’t automatically
trigger a series of changes immediately upon signing. Rather, it represents a
commitment to working towards bringing our two countries closer together.
Some of the advantages will be bilateral – we will be able to access each
others’ markets better, our economics will become deeply integrated, and
business between our countries will become increasing easier to conduct.
Others will be the ability to partner together to access – and contribute to –
the growth of the ASEAN economies over the coming decades.
We believe this agreement will provide a platform for Singapore and Australia
– different from each other in so many ways yet with complementary
economies and shared goals and aspirations – to continue to forge closer
and increasingly productive and profitable ties.
Australian Trade Commission in Singapore
Contact us to discuss how our industry specialists can help your business:
Phone: +65 6418 8400
Email: [email protected]
The signing of the CSP on 28 June 2015
fo is.e
am a
St w.s
Vi t w
Ages 2-6
Stamford American is
delighted to offer their
Math Enrichment Program.
At Stamford American we recognize the
importance of setting math foundation from
an early age. From Nursery, children are taught
to explore, notice and connect mathematical
dimensions within their world, whether comparing
quantities or finding patterns. From Kindergarten
2 children join Stamford’s specialist Math Enrichment
Program, delivering differentiated instruction to ensure
our students achieve more than they believe they can.
We are ready and waiting to meet your future Math Professor.
Please introduce us.
Stamford offers an outstanding international
education for students from 2 to 18 years.
We offer the rigorous IB Program –
enhanced by American standards and
a focus on languages – to equip your
child for global citizenship.
Stamford American International School CPE Registration Number: 200823594D Period of Registration:
August 10, 2014 to August 9, 2018
Inquiry Hotline
+65 6653 7907
An Aussie
celebration of SG50
and 50 years of
diplomatic relations
2015 is not only Singapore’s 50th anniversary, it also marks the
50th year of Australia and Singapore’s diplomatic relations. In fact,
Australia was the first government to open relations with Singapore,
on 18 August, 1965.
L-R: John Gordon, Adam Lyle, Guy Scott and Australian High Commissioner
to Singapore, Philip Green volunteering at the SG50 BBQ at Bishan Park.
50 Bridges
The Australian High Commission in Singapore wanted to contribute to
Singapore’s celebrations in ways that brought Australian elements to
Singapore’s “heartlands”; this led to the creation of 50 Bridges.
The 50 Bridges programme was launched on 20 May by Australia’s
Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop and Singapore’s Minister for
Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong.
Fun festivities
The programme comprised of three elements, aimed specifically at
Singapore’s locals. One of the elements, 50 walls, brought public art to
hawker markets, schools and malls. Throughout May, residents were
also able to enjoy 50 performances - a series of uniquely Australian
puppetry performances that could be found surprising Singaporeans
at MRT stations and public parks.
10,000 steaks!
The Australian High Commission also brought to life 50 simultaneous
barbecues to heartland locations across the island. More than 10,000
steaks were consumed which meant that the five hundred Australians
volunteers were kept very busy cooking up a storm.
L-R: PM Abbott, Dallas Cuddy and PM Lee cooking up a storm at Bishan
Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and Prime Minister Lee joined
into the festivities at Bishan Park, donning aprons and getting behind
the BBQ to the delight of the many locals who attended.
Koala crazy
Aside from these fun festivities, Singapore experienced some
Koalamania in May with the arrival of four koala’s (Paddle, Pellita,
Chan and Idalia) from Australia at Singapore Zoo.
Our native furry friends will be on loan from Australia to Singapore for
six months, offering visitors to the Zoo an opportunity to have a peek
at an icon of Aussie wildlife.
Melbourne’s Polygot Theatre’s snuff puppets on the streets of Singapore.
Upcoming events
Dear members,
Register for events online at
Like Guy, I too have just returned from our
Australian Roadshow and I can’t tell you
how strong the interest is in Singapore at the
moment. It’s great to be back and I’m looking
forward to catching up with you at some
upcoming events.
Fri 21 August 2015
Wine+Cheese Night: A taste of
Australia & New Zealand
Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt
Co sponsors
Supporting sponsors
We have an AustCham Special Breakfast: The
Global Economy in Transition on Tuesday 8
September. Warren Hogan, chief economist,
ANZ will be sharing his expert opinion on this
topic in an informal Q&A breakfast forum.
Later that week our popular networking
event, Business Connects will take place on
Thursday 10 September.
Although I was on the Australian Roadshow
and wasn’t able to attend our Australian Night
of the Races I’ve heard that it was a fabulous
evening. I can certainly see from the photos
that the Derby style dress code was a huge
hit as the fashions on the field were stunning –
and great to see the gents getting involved too!
Gourmet sponsor
Tue 8 September 2015
This was our third annual celebration of
Australian racing and I have a feeling that
this event is going to join our legendary
Wine+Cheese Nights and Australia Day Ball
as a must attend social event.
Guest numbers grew significantly this year
and we’ve had wonderful feedback, thank
you so much for your support.
Speaking of Wine+Cheese our second, and
last one, for the year is coming up on
Friday 21 August at the Grand Hyatt. We’ve
moved into a bigger space this time and are
expecting over 600 cheese and wine
A big thank you to ANZ for their continued
support as co-sponsor and a warm welcome
to Flight Centre who are co-sponsors for this
August and March 2016.
We’d also like to welcome new supporting
sponsor a.hartrodt for this Wine+Cheese
Night and are very pleased to acknowldge
the return of Australian International School
and Eastern Carpets, your ongoing support
as sponsors is greatly appreciated.
Lastly, we’d like to recognise the return of
Fresh Trust as the events gourmet sponsor,
responsible for the delicious market produce
available at Wine+Cheese.
AustCham Special Breakfast:
The Global Economy in Transition
Event sponsor
Thu 10 September 2015
Business Connects September
Annette Tilbrook
Executive Director
Event sponsor
Governance. Compliance.
Ethics. Law.
Some things can’t afford to get lost in translation
Our International Company Directors Course will equip you
with the knowledge to address the unique challenges faced by
directors and senior executives operating across countries and
regulatory frameworks.
To find out more visit
Excellence in Leaders series: The Hon Tony Abbott MP
Prime Minister of Australia
Monday 29 June 2015, Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt
Opposite page
The Hon Tony Abbott MP Prime Minister of
Australia addressing the guests
(L-R) Linda Collins, Garry Taylor and Grace Liu
(L-R) Andre Casson, Ben Tallentire, Sarah Wainwright, Martin Aitchison and Det Fischer
(L-R) Justin Madhaven, Robert Tan and Lawrence Ang
Guy Scott welcoming Prime Minister Abbott
MC, Philip Forrest
This page
A full room to hear PM Abbott’s address
(L-R) Grant Kelley, Tony Ryan, Guy Scott and PM
(L-R) Philip Green, PM Abbott and Sally Trethewie
(L-R) Peta Credlin and Philip Forrest
(L-R) John Osborn, Genevieve Osborn and Jamie Osborn
AustCham Board and PM Abbott
(L-R) Ben Smith and Manish Shroff
(L-R) Det Fischer, Dale Anderson and Sarah Cullens
(L-R) Andre Casson, Philip Green and PM Abbott
(L-R) PM Abbott, Benjamin Tan and PJ Roberts
11 (L-R) Lucas Glanville and PM Abbott
12 (L-R) PM Abbott and Sally Brazier
From top left: Ben Shewry, Attica; Quay, Sydney; dish from Brae, Victoria; native fruits of Australia dish, Attica; dish from Sepia, Martin Benn, Sepia and
Dan Hunter, Brae.
Australia’s Best Restaurants
This year, four of Australia’s best restaurants have been named in the
prestigious S.Pellegrino World’s 100 Best Restaurants list, as judged by
900 of the world’s leading chefs, restaurateurs and food media.
To have four restaurants in this list is a record achievement for Australia,
reflecting the unique combination of innovative chefs, awe-inspiring
landscapes, access to surprising native ingredients and some of the
freshest produce in the world. Australia’s rich ethnic diversity has
produced one of the most exciting and multicultural cuisines in the world,
with chefs able to thrive in the creativity of a food and wine culture not
bound by tradition.
Attica – Melbourne, Victoria
Ranked at number 32, Ben Shewry’s gastronomic temple in Ripponlea
continues to break new ground in the evolution of contemporary
Australian cuisine and a must-visit when travelling to Melbourne.
Taking great inspiration from the native landscape to form his menu at
Attica, Shewry’s pantry of native ingredients has grown to include bunya
nuts, samphire and finger limes, while muntries, plum pines and saltbush
also feature. He has championed wallaby as a meat, and one Attica
dessert includes desert limes, native currants, lemon aspen, muntries,
macadamia nuts and bottlebrush flowers.
Quay – Sydney, New South Wales
Is it the sparkling harbour location, the stunning, uninterrupted
view or Peter Gilmore’s unique, culinary vision? We suspect all
these of these helped Quay jump up to number 58 on the list. A love
of botanical art translates into dishes including freshwater marron
with scales of micro radish and superb rosehip puree, and abalone
and squab in an anchovy broth garnished with white bean flowers.
Arrive in time for sunset for one of Australia’s best views as the restaurant
is housed in a contemporary glass space perched between the Sydney
Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Sepia – Sydney, New South Wales
Martin Benn’s many years as head chef at Tetsuya’s are evident
in the dazzling harmonies of texture, flavour and mood in his
Japanese-inspired dishes at Sepia which debuted at 84 on the list.
Don’t let the corporate atmosphere mislead you; this is cooking that is far
from conservative. Also receiving the Fastest Rising Restaurant Award, a
new Yakitori menu served at the bar is the more affordable option. Wine
service under sommelier Rodney Setter is exemplary.
Brae – Birregurra, Victoria
Dan Hunter’s Brae joins the list for the first time at number 87
and is the former Mugaritz (Spain) head chef’s first venture out
on his own.
He exposes diners to indigenous ingredients and
aims to develop a cuisine with a uniquely Australian identity.
Some of the ingredients he employs in his superb cooking are bower
spinach, warrigal greens, river mint, coastal bone fruit, chocolate lily,
wattle seed and quandongs.
To create your own culinary adventure in Australia and discover
why dining out here is different from anywhere else in the world, visit
Business Connects July
Thursday 9 July 2015 at Boomarang, Boat Quay
Event sponsor
Westpac’s special guest, Tim Horan
(L-R) Lyn Boxall, Philip Forrest and Faith Sing
Aussie style canapes by Boomarang
(L-R) Scott Harris and Justin Sampson
(L-R) Belinda Braggs and Candy Braithwaite
(L-R) New member, Lydia Neo sharing her story with attendee’s
(L-R) Tim Horan and lucky prize winner Candy
(L-R) Annette Tilbrook, Bala Swaminathan,
PJ Roberts and Francis D’Souza
(L-R) Edward Kennan, Bill Castellas, Nicholas Whalan and Natalie Whalan
10 (L-R) Brad Johnson, Kerriann Tyson-Jones and
Johanna Johnson
11 (L-R) Tony Gravina and Rick Chapman
12 (L-R) Tim Horan and Francis D’Souza
Gold Corporate Members
Gold Corporate Members
ANZ’s presence in Singapore dates back almost four
decades. Starting as a representative office in 1974,
Associate director
 Marketing manager
Since opening our first location in Sydney Australia
in 1978, Servcorp has grown into a global network
the Bank progressively transformed its business
of exceptional office facilities with over 140 locations
to grow alongside client needs, offering financial
around the world. With an unwavering commitment to
solutions as an offshore bank in 1980 and later in
deliver premium quality business solutions, Servcorp
2002 as a wholesale bank with a private banking unit.
always establishes facilities in premier buildings with
unparalleled addresses located in the most dynamic
In 2010, ANZ received approval from the Monetary
cities worldwide. With four outstanding locations in
Authority of Singapore for a Qualifying Full Bank
Singapore, Servcorp will have a solution to meet most
license, after completing its acquisition of Royal Bank of
requirements and budgets.
Scotland’s retail and commercial banking businesses in
Faithful+Gould is a world-leading integrated project and
program management consultancy that supports clients
Sales manager
Corporate Members
with the construction and management of their key
assets, important projects and programs. With a turnover
in excess of £220 million, Faithful+Gould is staffed by over
Allied Pickfords began its operation in Singapore in 1974
2,200 experienced and passionate professionals spread
and have grown steadily over the years to become one
across 50 offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East,
of the most sophisticated moving companies in Asia.
and the Americas.
Their speciality is the movement of personal effects and
household goods for expatriate staff from all over the
Senior project manager
world. It also provides local moving, office relocation and
records management services.
Marketing executive
James Cook University is Australia’s leading tropical
research university. Additionally it is ranked in the top
4 percent* of universities in the world. JCU Singapore
was established by the university in 2003 with just 50
students and has since grown rapidly to have in excess
Campus dean
of 3000 students. The campus offers programs at the
undergraduate and postgraduate level in business,
information technology, psychology and education.
Astrum is developing intelligent lighting systems that
provide high quality light supported by intelligent
autonomous control systems to deliver significant energy
Corporate Members
Corporate Members
Established since 1968, Arup has over 40 years in
Biopharmax Pte Ltd. is a consulting business based
Singapore and has earned a fulsome reputation for
in Singapore. Biopharmax provides marketing and
its close and exceptionally productive collaborations
commercialisation services to the pharmaceutical and
with leading architects, and for devising advanced and
biopharmaceutical sectors. Other services include staff
economical solutions for the built environment.
development and training that are designed to enhance
in-house competencies in product commercialisation.
Managing director
Structural engineer
At the Professional Development Centre of the British
Council our team of well qualified and experienced
Australian Technical and Management College Group
expatriate trainers will work closely with you to support
conducts vocational education and higher education in
the training and development of your team. With over
business and information technology at its campuses in
50 workshops on offer across our seven suites, we
Sydney, Melbourne and Geelong in Australia as well as
offer something for every learner at every stage of their
teaching centres in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal
and Malaysia.
Assistant director PDC
Assistant director PDC
development. Whether it be leadership, team work,
written communication, creativity or innovation through
to personal performance, interpersonal communication
or customer service, our highly interactive and practical
workshops will challenge your staff to continue their
journey of life-long learning, enhancing their capabilities
and adding significant value to your organisation. You
may choose to join our workshops in our purpose built
Software products and services focused on AML
training facility at Toa Payoh or we can come to you
compliance, fraud analytics and cyber security.
and work in your premises on a customised workshop
designed especially for your team.
Assistant director PDC
Baker & McKenzie’s member firm in Singapore, Baker
& McKenzie.Wong & Leow is part of one of the world’s
Caevest Global Commissioning Management is a leading
leading and most internationally diverse law firms.
Singapore consultancy servicing the international oil and
Senior associate
With broad global coverage and comprehensive local
gas industries. Strategically headquartered in Southeast
knowledge gained from over 30 years of operating in
Singapore, they offer a unique combination of resources
Principal consultant
to help you effectively manage the challenges and
Asia we service a portfolio of clients globally.
Caevest has an enviable track record in providing
opportunities of doing business in Singapore, the rest of
turnkey completions, commissioning and start-up
Asia and globally.
solutions and expertise to a number of sectors including
floating production facilities (FPSO/FSO/FLNG), process
systems and marine systems, power generation and
offshore oil and gas production facilities.
Explore the beauty and charm of Lang Co. In Central
Vietnam, Banyan Tree Lang Co is an all-pool villa resort.
Senior manager
Feel the warm waves of the East Sea tickle your toes,
and raise your gaze to behold the magnificent stretch of
Our business provides expatriate individuals and
the Truong Son Mountain Range. Within touch of three
international business clients with integrated tax
UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the imperial city of Hue,
accounting and structuring advice for their home market
charming old town of Hoi An and My Son’s historical ruins
and the international markets in which they operate.
- culture aficionados will be satiated. Those with a bent
for the physical will also find joy in wide range activities.
As a client of CST we have empathy with your facts
Golfers can tee off in style at the Sir Nick Faldo-designed
and circumstances, a focus on executing tax and or
18-hour championship golf course, meandering through
rice paddies and trickling streams against the backdrop
business solutions for you while we add value in the way
we present information to you and deliver our services.
of a staggering mountain range.
Corporate Members
Founded in 2008, we are a leading independent insurance
KPMG operates as an international network of member
broker in Singapore serving the expatriate community.
firms offering audit, tax and advisory services. KPMG
We aim to provide comprehensive and cost-effective
work closely with clients to mitigate risks and grasp
services and solutions for our clients. We pay very close
attention to detail and pride ourselves in our professional,
yet friendly, approach to conducting business. Our
Manager marketing and
business development
international team of advisers understand our clients’
needs. Based on our local knowledge of products and
services available in the market, we offer sound advice to
individuals, families and companies including: medical,
business liabilities, employee benefits, travel, home and
contents and motor Insurance.
Senior travel consultant
Pinsent Masons MPillay offer clients a seamless service
in both Singapore and across the wider Asia Pacific
region. Its clients value their ability to advise on all
Based in Brisbane and expanding globally, Flight Centre
aspects of both commercial and construction litigation
is continuing its rapid growth across the island here in
and arbitration work, with a particular strength in the
Singapore. With four retail shop fronts and Flight Centre
construction and engineering and energy sectors.
Business Travel, we pride ourselves in delivering amazing
travel experiences along with our trade mark lowest
airfare guarantee. Our store is located at International
Singapore Expats’ favourite wine company. Discount
Plaza and we are well travelled, multi lingual and just
premium Australian and New Zealand wine from $25.
really great people!
French champagne from $59. Same day delivery and
free for two dozen. Minimum order is three bottles.
Singapore based Geek Team offers technology support
needs at home or in the office.
Pop Up Wine’s 70 hand-selected wines are critically
lauded, much awarded and represent unquestionable
Geek Team are a 24/7, 365 days-a-year service with fully
qualified technicians and in person experts who can do
everything from set up a new computer, troubleshoot
wireless networks, sync Apple hardware, fix a virus or
Managing director
Reviresco Specialist Recruitment is a privately owned
help with software installations.
Singapore based organisation providing clients and
candidates with a personalised and uncomplicated
The Geek Team understand technology and take pride in
recruitment experience. Our directors have been
providing a high level of service.
recruiting in Singapore for over ten years, making their
partnership one of the most experienced in the country.
King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) is a new choice of
For clients we offer expert advice on recruitment strategy
thinking and client experience. We are strategically
from competency based interviewing to staff retention.
positioned in the world’s growth markets including
For candidates our aim is to establish a strong working
Singapore and Hong Kong, with deep roots and scale
relationship with you so that we can offer the best
in China, Australia and Europe. KWM is a full service
possible objective advice on your career and job search.
firm with over 2,700 lawyers in more than 30 offices
cutting through the challenges facing businesses,
providing commercial solutions, and transforming the
work with a diverse group of clients, placing mid to
senior level candidates across a variety of disciplines.
law firm bringing a fresh perspective to commercial
They have an in-depth knowledge of the market and
way legal services are delivered.
At Taylor Vinters we want to change your view of what
dealing with a law firm is like. Professional yet progressive, we are lawyers who listen and who are flexible,
approachable and quick to respond. Our job is to get
to the point: to get to the heart of the challenges you
face, find practical solutions and communicate them in
language you understand. Our lawyers are excited by
our clients, how their organisations and lives progress
and how they can use their experience and technical
expertise to enable clients to meet their objectives.
Corporate Members
The Prime Society offers a modern contemporary cuisine,
Charter Keck Cramer (“Charter”) is Australia’s leading
showcasing the very best breeds of Australian beef.
independent property advisory firm. Charter operates
nationally from its Melbourne and Sydney offices.
From premium grass and grain fed, to 100 percent full
Food and beverage
blood Wagyu, dry and wet aged beef. All beef is sourced
Our client’s success is our sole focus. We support a
from suppliers that do not use growth hormones or
range of clients from small to large, private, multinational
antibiotic feed supplements. Our steaks are served with
house made flavoured salts and condiments.
and government.
Executive manager,
ASEAN and China
We have the largest senior team of property advisors
in Australia. Our team is drawn from backgrounds
including, property, finance, construction, planning,
research and architecture.
Willliam Angliss Institute is a private education institute
We have the best national capability in Australia. Our
operating as a continuing education and training centre
cross border experience extends to all states and
in the tourism and hospitality industry.
It provides WSQ programs and other training will
be added over time. The institute is a wholly owned
Head, regional
subsidiary of William Angliss Institute in Melbourne
which provides tourism, hospitality and foods training
Whether you have 20 people or 20,000, Frontier
and consultancy throughout Australasia, Pacific, Asia
Wellbeing is your strategic wellbeing partner. We
and Africa.
understand the importance that wellbeing offers to a
successful business strategy. We develop and deliver
corporate wellbeing programs that coordinate your
Associate Members
health and wellness needs with your business strategy.
Aurigin Coffee Roasters are an innovative Australian
Professional services
Our programs integrate the latest research in wellbeing
and human function so you and your team can align your
choices with your required outcomes.
roaster of coffee and manufacturer of coffee solutions
for small and large customers. We make it possible
for anyone to enjoy great coffee, anywhere, any time
through any method of preparation.
Led by one of Australia’s prominent media identities,
KA Communications is a premier media and political
Managing director
consultancy. We specialise in executive seminars for
companies that do business with Australia, featuring
highly-respected and recognised media, government
Auzcorp operates a diverse portfolio of projects
and corporate identifies.
having made its mark as a pioneer in the provision
of accommodation and hospitality services in the
Pilbara region and expanded its operations to medical
services, human resources, residential and commercial
development and infrastructure. Auzcorp maintains a
vision of delivering successful and sustainable solutions
to any given project.
Foreign lawyer
Managing director
Senior fellow
Real estate agent
visit for full details & conditions
AustCham members and their accompanying family
AustCham members enjoy 20 percent off the total
members can access business class check-in at the
bill at The Trading Floor, Tuxedo, Plate all-day
Qantas Lounge at Changi Airport, Singapore, when
dining restaurant and roof top Graffiti Sky Bar every
travelling with Qantas. Just remember to bring your
day of the week. For more information please email
current AustCham membership card when you travel.
f&[email protected]
Note: offer is not transferable; AustCham membership
card must be presented to take advantage of this offer.
Cliftons is the leading provider of premium, purposeAllied Pickfords are pleased to offer two hours
built training and event facilities. AustCham members
complimentary handyman service on your moving day,
enjoy a special discount of 25 percent off when
when booking your move with Allied Pickfords.
booking a room with Cliftons Singapore.
Contact Allied Pickfords on +65 6862 4700 to take up
this offer.
AustCham members enjoy 30 percent off professional
ANZ Private Bank, Singapore is pleased to waive the
application fee for AustCham members applying for
a new Australian property loan (save up to US$750).
negotiator and 50 percent off strategic collaboration
public programs. For details call +65 6513 2132 or
For information, contact Peter Mostyn: t. +65 6681
AustCham members and their immediate family can
2254; or email [email protected]
enjoy member benefits with Dental Essence. Check
out the Membership Card Programme page on the
AustCham members receive 25 percent off best
AustCham website for specific pricing. Terms and
available rate at Banyan Tree Bintan or Angsana Bintan.
conditions apply.
This offer comes along with international buffet
breakfast for two persons and other great benefits.
Far East Hospitality hotels in Singapore are offering
AustCham members five percent off best available
rate with complimentary daily buffet breakfast and free
WiFi. For TFE hotels in Australia, AustCham members
receive 10 percent off best available rate. Check the
AustCham website for links to the reservations pages.
AustCham members receive 20 percent off all public
workshops. Training over 10,000 people a year, the
British Council Singapore provides over 60 workshops
in seven key areas. They also run customsied
workshops for in-house training.
AustCham members receive 10 percent off best
Minimum of two nights stay. Members also receive
a special rate at the new Fraser Residence Kuala
Lumpur. Conditions apply.
AustCham members receive a 20 percent discount.
Geek Team can fix all your technology support needs.
best available rates at Capri by Fraser, Changi
City, Singapore, Capri by Fraser, Ho Chi Minh,
Whether it’s in the home or office we bring a helpdesk
to your front door. Geek Team tackle both small and
complex issues from setting up a home network, to
servicing the needs of a growing company.
Malaysia inclusive of one breakfast and Wi-Fi.
AustCham members also enjoy 10 percent off
Sunday Brunch at Capri by Fraser, Changi City.
Complimentary car park coupon with minimum of four
diners. Conditions apply.
International school GEMS World Academy (Singapore)
is pleased to extend priority discounts and preferential
placement to all AustCham Singapore members
for enrolments for the 2015-2016 academic year.
visit for full details & conditions
Honan Insurance Group is pleased to offer AustCham
Contact Celestina Cheung: email [email protected]; t. +65 8198 4110.
Pay a flat fee of only S$15 for money transfers to
Australia with Pay2Home Remittance Services, a
saving of 25 percent. To redeem the offer email
[email protected]
Janus Academy offers AustCham members receive
20 percent off private class rates for all general and
business language classes or 30 percent off if your
QBE Singapore extends a 20 percent discount on
children are enrolled in any of their language classes.
Conditions apply.
This includes coverage on both business and leisure
travels. Please contact Ms Wendy Goh by phone
AustCham members enjoy preferred room rates in a
Deluxe room from S$330++ per room per night.
They also receive special offer dining privileges at
Olive Tree; 1 for 1 weekday dinner and 4 for 3 weekday
lunch and weekend lunch/dinner and at the Victoria
on +65 6477 1151 or email [email protected]
QBE has been represented in Singapore for more than
a century and we are the Republic’s oldest Australian
Bar receive 30 percent of all drinks and complimentary
tapas and special rates for weekend afternoon tea in
the Lobby Lounge.
Enjoy ‘The Virtual Office’ package and two hours use
of the Servcorp Boardroom complimentary for one
AustCham members receive 15 percent off best
month. Note: the usual Servcorp terms and conditions
available rates at Marina Mandarin Singapore and enjoy
apply; not applicable to current Servcorp clients.
15 per cent discount on food and beverage the whole
year round at hotel managed restaurants and lounge
that include the AquaMarine, Peach Blossoms and
Shiva Designs are offering a 15 percent discount
Atrium Lounge. Terms and conditions apply.
on all online and in-studio purchases over $99. This
discount can be used by quoting “AUSTCHAM” or presenting your AustCham Membershio Card.
Meeting Magic offers AustCham members free graphic
recordings at facilitated meetings. Contact John Ogier
on +65 82440244 or
With an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary
[email protected]
dishes, Soi 60 represents a fresh approach to Thai dining in Robertson Quay. AustCham members receive a
Style sets the tone of the three ultra-luxurious
10 percent discount off on their total bill, conditions
Mulia properties set along 30 hectares of sprawling
landscape, on the exclusive coastline of Nusa Dua.
AustCham members enjoy up to 20 percent off best
available rates. Conditions apply. For reservations
t. (62-361) 301 7777 or email [email protected]
AustCham members enjoy $0 establishment fee (save
up to AUD$750) when they take out a new Australian or
New Zealand investment property loan with Westpac
AustCham members receive a 15 percent discount
on the total food bill only (all buffet) at The Square
contact Garine Hagopian on +65 6530 9852 or
Restaurant upon presentation of their AustCham
[email protected]
membership card.
underwriting standards. Terms and conditions apply.
AustCham members receive a 10 percent discount off
the best available rates for all room categories at the
Orchard Hotel. A range of discounts are also available
at the hotel’s food and beverage offerings, including all
night long 1-for-1 happy hour at Intermezzo Bar.
Wine Exchange Asia is offering AustCham members
S$69 per bottle for cases of six Veuve Clicquot Brut
NV. Subject to availability. To order email Robert at
[email protected]
New event space
for Grand Hyatt
Grand Hyatt Singapore revealed
space with a Food Lover’s
Market themed party on 25 June.
Executive Chef Lucas Glanville and
his team transformed the Grand
Ballroom into an enchanting and
interactive market place with fresh,
sustainable seafood and healthy,
thoughtfully sourced produce from
countries like France, Italy and more.
The new events space offers three
levels of residential-style event
space. Integrated show kitchens,
natural floor-to-ceiling windows,
high ceilings and panoramic video
mapping capabilities make the hotel
a new venue for small to mediumsized events, be they corporate or
Qantas announces Rockpool sommeliers
A new team of wine experts and mixologists from the Rockpool Restaurant Group will select wine,
Champagne, spirits and other beverages for Qantas domestic and international flights and lounges
from July 2015.
The new team, named The Qantas Rockpool Sommeliers, features 16 highly experienced
sommeliers and mixologists. Among the group is Head of Sommeliers Australia, David Lawler and
one of only two Master Sommeliers in Australia, Sebastian Crowther, as well as Head Bartenders of
Rockpool restaurants around the country. The sommeliers will blind taste, review and select from
1,200 Australian wines and Champagnes over four days each year and provide tasting notes for
the International First and Domestic Business cabins. They also provide recommendations for
wine in the lounges and for the first time, Rockpool mixologists will create monthly cocktails.
Qantas Chef and restaurateur Neil Perry said his team’s expertise in wine and mixology will offer
the very best restaurant experience in the sky to Qantas passengers. “Rockpool has worked with
Qantas for over 18 years to design menus and we are thrilled to be working more closely to select
beverages for the airline. We are committed to continue providing the finest Champagnes and the
boldest wines from across Australia and deliver a restaurant experience on the ground and in the
air,” said Neil.
AustCham Singapore
(Australian Chamber
of Commerce Singapore)
25 Napier Road, Level 3,
Singapore 258507
Tel: +65 6738 7917
Fax: +65 6738 7916
Angelique Dingle
[email protected]
Annette Tilbrook
[email protected]
Qantas Rockpool Sommeliers L-R Bon Klaus Kuil, Matt Langdon, Neil Perry and Ryan Gavin.
Win & Win Printer
MICA (P) 159/08/2014
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Australia’s first bank,
here in Asia.
With more than 40 years’ experience in Asia, take advantage of our
strong local and regional knowledge and expertise. Whether you’re
investing in Australian or New Zealand property, or just need a
trusted banking partner in Asia and Australasia, Westpac can help.
Speak with one of our Relationship Managers today.
Singapore +65 6530 9898
Hong Kong +852 2842 9888
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banking licence and is subject to supervision by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Westpac Hong Kong Branch
holds a banking licence and is subject to supervision by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Westpac Hong Kong
branch also holds a licence issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) for Type 1 and
Type 4 regulated activity. DW_WBC613A1_AA
Is there a little
er ok
er so
na you
lt r
w. ou
in your child?
Inventors and Mentors
International thought-leadership program to
inspire our students
World-renowned leaders and academic experts join AIS in inspiring our
students to find their inner inventor. Recent mentors to engage with AIS
students include Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, the 2005 Nobel Laureate for Peace,
Professor Peter Sullivan, the co-author of the Australian Maths curriculum and
Richard Gill OAM, an internationally renowned conductor and educator.
Enquire now to find out more
call +65 6653 7906 or visit
Australian International School Pte Ltd is registered by the Council for Private Education.
CPE Registration Number 199204405H. Period of Registration 6 July 2015 to 5 July 2019
Globally focused,
distinctly Australian
The Australian International School is a world-leading school for
2 to 18 year olds. The International Baccalaureate, underpinned
by the Australian curriculum, and a focus on the arts & sports,
ensures your child reaches their full potential.