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Valentine’s Day
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Table of contents
Valentine’s Day in USA, Mexico
macaron recipes
and Vietnam
He Said & She Said:
Valentine’s Day
A self-made gift: cookie and
Movies: must- sees of 2014
Sports review in numbers
Valentine’s Day Survey
Places to go on Valentine’s Day
A self-chosen gift: what to buy?
All around the world – Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is coming, and with it the special, Valentine edition of
High! But don’t worry, it’s not going to be in this lovey-dovey style
nobody wants to read about. We leave the tips like “ how to love
your singleness” (yeah, some people actually write stuff like that)
behind us. This year you will have a chance to find out about some
interesting facts happening on Valentine’s Day in three different
countries of Żeromski High School students.
United States – probably the first place that springs to mind
when you think about this particular holiday. With the special
help of our Rotarian friends – Kaely and Robert, I’ve been able
to find out about things that don’t really happen in Poland on
Valentine’s Day.
“When you’re in primary school, you get Valentine’s cards from your
classmates. Every kid has its own box made especially for small gifts
like candies. Other children put their presents for you in those Valentine
boxes. Except that, during Valentine’s Day in America boys go out with
girls, buy them chocolates and roses like all over the world. It’s not a
popular holiday among people who are single, though."
Vietnam – the home country of our Vietnamese friend –
Hania. Thanks to her you can see how people celebrate this day
in Asia.
“The proper name for Valentine’s Day is - Ngày Gần Tinh Nhan. We can
translate it as “ the feast of love””. Pretty, isn’t it ? They also celebrate
it on 14 February.
One of the interesting facts is that sometimes students decide to skip
their classes at school and go out on the street to sell flowers and other
Valentine gifts. It’s nice, ‘cause you have a chance to see lots of bikes
filled with roses, coming through the most crowded streets of Vietnam.
Though in this country people have a bad habit of raising prices on
every occasion they get, so the price of roses goes up, costing 150 000
VND a bouquet (about € 5 per change). “It’s really a lot, you could buy
a dress for this amount of money in there. “
Mexico – home country of Sebastian Pena. He was so
kind as to help me with the article and told me about
the way they spend it in this South American country.
“In Mexico Valentine’s Day doesn’t vary that much from the
American way of celebrating it . Though there is a particular
tradition called Serenata. The idea is to go to the house of the
person you love and stay out, facing the window of your loved
one. With the help of Mariachis (a band of trumpets and
guitars ) you are supposed to sing a love song to your chosen
one. Serenata is this kind of tradition that may occur any day
of the year, but surly, during Valentine’s Day it’s more
Almost all over the world people celebrate Valentine’s Day.
The way they do it is similar everywhere, only small traditions
differ it from each other. I guess it’s understandable, after all,
it’s hard to come up with an extraordinary way to express your
love, and even if you do have an idea how would you like to
express it…why on earth wait till Valentine’s Day ? We don’t
need the 14th February to show our love, do we ? Anyway, it
still feels nice to look at signs of love in the air during this
particular day. Maybe it’s a great occasion to do something
good for one another, give chocolates to the kids form
orphanage instead of giving your loved one additional
kilograms ? Think about it and I leave you with the very
romantic quote of John Lennon’s :
"We've got this gift of love, but love is like a
precious plant. You can't just accept it and leave
it in the cupboard or just think it's going to get
on by itself. You've got to keep watering it.
You've got to really look after it and nurture it."
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Kasia Skoneczna
“Did you hear about the fire at the
circus? The heat was in tents.”
She said - Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day, people! The appeal to all the guys looking for an idea for the upcoming day of love: do
not cut corners. Chocolates, flowers, a romantic dinner ... Officially overrated, but don’t worry. To help
you come up with an incredibly original idea, we’ll tell you today how girls see a perfect date!
“If I had a boyfriend, I'd definitely want to make this day special.”, says Gabrysia
“If it was possible he could leave little notes that would lead me to a place where
we’ll meet.” A pretty awesome idea, huh? Then, just think of some activities
which are universal such as cooking. Well, I bet you’ve all seen lots of romantic
comedies, so you should know what happens in the kitchen – food fights. So,
guys, basically if you want to kiss your girlfriend, romantic scenery included, you
should learn how to bake cookies!
Romeo +
What would you say to a drive-in cinema? Personally, I would fall in love with a
boy if he took me to the black-and-white movie. If you do not have a driving
license (and I know that most of you don’t) and since it’s cold, you can prepare
an indoor picnic: a blanket, snacks and a laptop with a funny comedy or thriller.
You can create Valentine’s atmosphere by lighting candles or buying heartshaped chocolates!
“Why not go ice-skating?”, says Aga and she’s totally right. I mean, it’s winter: you and your
date should make the best of it! Instead of ice-skating you can also take your sled and go for a
ride in a park! And here’s something really creative: Aga says that if it snows you can take your
date to the top of a really high building – PKiN for example – and it could be your winter
wonderland. Just remember to bring a warm blanket and some hot chocolate in a thermos!
"Can I just say that it makes no difference to me?", asks Ula. She believes that a nice evening
spent on the couch accompanied by board games and a large amount of pizza is just fine for
her. “Valentine's Day is not about who spends more money buying a bountiful gift or a
dinner in a restaurant.”, she says. So guys, the idea is to do something from the bottom of
your heart! If you’re playing an instrument maybe you could teach your date? It's much
better than buying a ticket for a random comedy. In conclusion: less money, more heart!
Last comes a suggestion from our teacher! “My recipe for a perfect Valentine’s date? In a
nutshell, abandon the typical! Try and do something romantic yet fun. Why not hit the iceskating rink? And how about that salsa club you’ve been meaning to check out for ages?
Also, I suggest skipping the obligatory candlelight dinner (so cliché!) and spending the
evening enjoying an indoor picnic instead. Just spread out the blanket, bring some fancy
snacks, a bottle of bubbly and have a great time with your sweetheart.”
17 again
He said – Valentine’s Day
14th of February is just around the corner! I bet not all of the guys associate this date with hearts,
cupids, dates and true, magical LOVE. Most of us usually act like really tough machos but this day
is the only one exception when true men become romantic admirers. It’s the most important day
of every couple (maybe except 12410 other occasions, like the 1st kiss anniversary, 1st date
anniversary, 1st hands’ holding anniversary or 1st simultaneously said word anniversary). I’m
writing it for every hopeless guy because that’s our male loyalty, but also for every girl, curious
about our Valentine’s Day concerns.
No. 1
Don’t forget! Forgetting is the worst way of beginning Valentine’s Day and/or
anniversaries. You have to prepare everything at least the day before. If you’re
completely unprepared, you have to act really fast. Otherwise you’re going to have a
bad time… The second rule should be commonly known to every living male - every
woman, from toddler to grandma, is absolutely besotted with presents. You can let
loose when it comes to choosing your gift, but try to use your common sense - your
17 year old girlfriend probably wouldn’t like a knitting wool set. 14th of February is a
manifesto of love! Try flowers, they always work. You can also present your date
with some sweets but try not to exaggerate. One of the best ideas is a hand-made
gift, for example a photo album or a tee with your photo overprinted (okay, I admit,
I exaggerated a little). And If you’re going to stay at home together, remember to
put on romantic music (she doesn’t have to understand the lyrics, just be sure that
it’s calm and chill out).
When I asked my friends about their plans they weren’t really romantic. Cinema
isn’t the best choice if you date a girl for more than a month. Guys, if you want to
keep your girl happy till the next occasion/anniversary you have to exert yourself
and make use of your imagination and romance! My idea is to surprise her in the
most unexpected moment. If you book a table in a restaurant, try not to wait for
her, but go to her school or house with beautiful bouquet of roses and try to win her
„My God
How Much
Does It
He Said
Uff, we made it to the actual date. You may wonder, how should you behave,
what to say, etc. My tip is : simply be yourself. The beginning is the hardest, but
later you should just enjoy the moment and the beautiful girl sitting in front of
you. If she wears a dress or skirt, she really fancies you (try to wear shorts when
there’s -15 outside). If you successfully made it to the end, now it’s your duty to
see her home. If you followed my suggestions, acted like a blend of macho and
Romeo but also remained yourself, then you’d probably get a kiss. If not… well,
see you in 365 days!
Aleksandra Szulowska & Paweł Stępniak
“Two peanuts were walking in a tough
neighborhood and one of them was a-salted”
Valentine’s Day Survey
– 25 girls + 25 boys
For guys: Do you prefer when girls wear:
Skinny Jeans – 8 votes
Skirt/Dress – 12 votes
Shorts – 5 votes
For girls: What gift would you enjoy the most?
Red roses – 11 votes
A small gift from the shop – 5 votes
Something handmade – 9 votes
For both: Would you like to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Yes – 39 votes
No – 11 votes
“Smaller babies may be delivered by stork
but the heavier ones need a crane.”
Places to go – Valentine’s Day
It's that special time of the year again when both girls and guys need
to be a little bit more creative than usual. Whether it's a gift, an outfit
or a special idea for the day - it is highly expected from us that we be
impressive and impressed. But how do we turn a cliché occasion into
something special and somewhere in between put a little personal
twist to it? Maybe you’ll find the answer by the end of reading this
article. I do hope you will soon realize that a candlelight dinner or a
picnic are not the only choices you have.
GET TO KNOW – a casual place to hang out
Żurawia 32/34
I've recently enriched my best-places-in-Warsaw list with a proud
addition of DINER 55, an “underground New York diner", which is
precisely what it is - a dim diner with street décor (also used in
Krowarzywa – a place that serves impossibly delicious vegetarian
burgers on Hoża 42), where you can hear Jay Z or Rihanna blasting out
the speakers, that serves pancakes, burgers and tacos (I am aware of
the fact that tacos are Mexican, and yes, I do know they are more Los
Angeles than New York, but they do represent the multicultural feel of
the Empire State Of Mind). Additionally, you do need to go underground
to get there. There are a couple of good reasons why I feel like it’s a
perfect get-to-know place. First of all, it is three really different menus
in one place – you won’t have to worry whether your friend wants
something sweet, a drink or a full meal. We all know Mr. Pancake’s
Porn Food Pancakes and their smoothies (my personal favorite is
Marshmallow Fluff Smoothie), so those are perfect for a not-too-messy
eating with pretty smells, but for those after a whole day of hanging
out, a burger, taco or quesadilla are in place. Also, from the choice of
your friend, you will instantly be familiar with what kind of tastes or
foods your friend is fond of, which is something good to know, if you
plan to have that person in your life for quite a while. Another reason
why this place is so perfect for a casual outing is their price range. There
is a vast choice of meals for under 20 zł – for example a quesadilla (10
zł) and a mango passion fruit smoothie (8 zł), a set of tacos (17 zł), Porn
Food Pancakes (17 zł) or a burger (18 zł). For those who want to splurge
– you can order a pancake with lots of extras (a plain pancake costs 8 zł
and you can customize it with whatever American essential candy or
topping you can think of).
IMPRESS - on your first date
Dog or bitch?
Szpitalna 8
It really is a perfect place for an evening outing. It is originally a drink
bar, but for those under eighteen - they have AMAZING nonalcoholic
choices. My favorites would have to be their famous DogColada (12 zł) a Piña Colada without an alcoholic twist and with a generous addition
of mint. It is claimed on the board by the front door that a bartender
will "satiate your needs" so you can tell him what you want (for
example a nonalcoholic version of a drink) and he'll make it for you. He
is really fun to talk to so it would be a nice ice-breaking game to chat
with him and take your orders in a fun way. What makes this place
absolutely stand out is their design studio with really impressive
modern art décor pieces. Going in there, you feel like walking into a
cozy 21 century contemporary art museum. It's a really artsy place as a
whole, from the gate, where the path to the building is lit up with red
lights to even the bathrooms, which are of a really interesting shape. In
the main room, they have interesting magazine racks with the latest
issues of some of my favorite magazines (KMag and other Polish based
fashion/food/design choices) and a shop with small versions of their
huge designs. An interesting place to go to is important for the first
date, because not knowing a person too well, you can quickly run out
of ideas to talk about. In here, topic-wise, you already have a lot of help
provided to you. Also, when there is absolutely nothing you can think
of, you can pay for the drinks and ask if the other person is hungry or
just simply tell them you want to show them a cute little place just
around the corner. As it's awful and wintery outside, you literally only
have to walk for 2 minutes to get to my'o'my (Szpitalna 8) - a really
cute, cozy and romantic place with amazing food.
ENJOY – when you have a better half -
Senatorska 28
Since you are a couple, young, in love and content about your
relationship, you don't have to impress anymore but you still have to
show that you care and are creative enough to find a special place that
is not too over the top and known by everyone. The place I'd
recommend to cute couples who want to escape from the whole world
“I knew a woman who owned a
taser, man was she stunning!”
and just be with each other on that day is Waff'love Belgian waffles.
What I love about this place is that everything is handmade – every
cake, cookie, the waffle dough (which comes in butter and
cinnamon flavors) and even ice-cream. The waffles are absolutely
outstanding (let me just tell you that those you can get in the old
town are nothing, compared to these). They are also rather
inexpensive (fresh waffles alone cost 5 zł, Nutella topping 3 zł,
whipped cream 2 zł, homemade ice cream - 4 zł). The place is tiny,
with 4 to 5 tables you can occupy, but it is cozy and really
beautifully decorated, with pretty old school ice cream holders, cute
tea mugs, candle lights and bedroom lights. There may however be
an option that it's full, so the other feel-good place with really good
inexpensive treats is Karmello Chocolatier (Chmielna 11) with the
most amazing hot and iced chocolates (each 6 zł), Frappes (8 zł), icecreams, all kinds of pralines and so on. It is also a very tiny place
(definitely my go-to place on a bad day) with probably the same
amount of seats, but it's not as cute and romantic as Waff'love. Still,
I recommend both from the bottom of my heart.
I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day, whether you're taken or
single. If you are a single boy, you can just probably invite friends
over and have a play-off on Xbox or play station or whatever it is
that you play, but I do encourage you to get out of your house and
go to a crowded place where lots of single girls are looking for a face
they could fall in love with. If you're a gal and single, you can simply
go out with your best girls and enjoy a night of lots of laughs and
pretty feminine drinks and maybe, just maybe, there will be that
one lonely boy lost in the crowd, looking and waiting for you. I hope
I've provided you with at least a little bit of help and I wish you the
best of luck.
Hania Sagan
A self-made gift – what to bake
If you cannot afford a diamond ring, I can assure you that the next best thing is a handmade gift.
Whether it's a card with "50 thing I love about you", a compilation poster with all your best photo
memories or a cover of Drake's "Hold on we're going home" recorded in a studio (35 zł for an hour and
the guy helps you put the song together) - your significant half would be over the moon and will
remember your act of love and dedication for life. A lazier and a definitely more last minute version of
such a gift could be something made in your very own kitchen. If you are even a little skilled in the
department of baking (as long as you know how to measure ingredients and turn on the oven you'll be
fine), I have two extremely easy but effective suggestions you can attend to.
My absolutely favorite and simultaneously the easiest one is MINT or EARL GREY cookies. What you want
to do is put flour (1,5 cup), white sugar (3/4 cup), baking powder (1 teaspoon), salt (1/4 a teaspoon),
sodium (1/2 a teaspoon), earl grey (get it from a tea bag, but make sure it smells like earl grey, f.ex that
from Twinings - add a 1,5 teaspoons) or shredded mint (you can get it on the seasonings wrack in the
shop, add around 1,5 teaspoons), one large egg and 5 tablespoons of milk into a large bowl and mix it all
up. Then add half a cup of oil and keep kneading the dough with your hand till it's smooth. Take out your
baking tray, put baking paper on it and form little cookies to put on that (make sure to leave space
between them!). Put the trays into the 170 degrees oven and bake for 13 minutes. The baking time largely
depends on the size of your cookie so just keep checking, they're ready if they're of a nice brownish
yummy color. Buy a nice red ribbon and wrap three to five cookies on top of each other just like you'd
wrap a box. Voila!
The second option is slightly harder but definitely doable - earl grey macaroons. First you beat 2 egg
whites and 4 tablespoons of sugar with your electric mixer. In another bowl put 1/2 a cup of almond meal
(I found mine in Tesco, a pack will cost you 10 zł and it suffices for two makings),1 cup of powder sugar (an
important tip is to sift both the sugar and almond through a sifter, which prevents the macaroons from
not working out or having ugly chunks) and 1 teaspoon of earl grey (from a tea bag, I recommend Twinings
earl grey tea). After those two steps, combine all the dry ingredients with the previously done egg whites.
Start slowly by folding the dry ingredients into the egg whites and keep going until ready (the tip to make
sure the mix is done is to put a little bit of the mixture onto the plate and see if the mix spreads and stops
by giving the plate a little shake). When done, put everything into a plastic bag (or a piping bag, if you have
one in handy) and cut a little hole in one of the corners. Take out your baking tray (NOT the one with
holes), put baking paper onto it and draw lightly (with a pencil) little circles of a 2 cm diameter with at
least 2 centimeters space between them. It is tempting to skip this part but you definitely should not spreading the mix evenly proved to be my personal difficulty of making macaroons. When the mix is filled
into the drawn circles, take the whole tray and tap it on the kitchen table to release any left air. After that
leave the macaroons for 20 -30 min (they're ready when they don't leave any mix on your finger once you
touch them). Put the macaroons into a preheated140 degree oven and bake for 13 minutes (again, the
duration depends on the size of macaroons so keep checking and make sure they DO NOT brown). When
done, take them out, put Nutella as a filling and voila! – your macarons are ready to pack or serve. One
thing which I need to point out is that it really doesn't matter if they work out. A simple "I tried to make
you macaroons" will make your girl feel like the most special girl alive.
Hania Sagan
A self-chosen gift – what to buy
At first, I’d like to say that this article is especially for boys. I
thought you would need a little help with the gifts for Valentine’s
Day, because it’s widely known that it nearly always poses a
problem. Did you ever wonder how to make your girlfriend smile
with a gift? For sure, we can’t consider diamonds or the newest
high fashion handbag. But you should know that the gifts that
make us, girls, truly happy are those which are from the heart. So
don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your
girlfriend feel special. Remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t only
about presents but more about spending this day with the person
you care about. So I would like to suggest to you three gifts that, in
my opinion, will definitely satisfy your crush.
My first proposition is a gift for only 7zł! La Vanille cupcakes are so
tasty and pretty that they will melt every girl’s heart. You have a
very big choice and there’s even a special Valentine’s Day cupcake.
So, boys, these little pieces of heaven are waiting for you at Krucza
16/22 or in Złote Tarasy!
If a cupcake isn’t good enough for you, then you should opt for the
gift for 20zł. It’s a personalized mug, on which you can print a
picture or write a few words. Drinking coffee or tea on cold winter
days from a mug with a writing done specially for you, must feel
My third and last proposition for a Valentine’s Day gift is a teddy
bear. I know it sounds quite childish and very sweet, but that’s what
Valentine’s Day is about - love and sweetness. So these gifts aren’t
really supposed to be useful. Teddy bears cost about 30zł and some
of them have t-shirts with personalized writings. It’s a really great
gift idea that you should seriously consider.
I hope that after reading this article you will have some ideas about
the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriends. If you still don’t
know what to buy for your crush, just go for flowers (especially
roses) and chocolates – girls love them!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Gosia Duluk
“It's better to love a short girl than
not a tall.”
What to watch: 2014 must – sees
12 years a slave, 2014
Steve Macqueen
First of all I must admit that this film made a huge impression on
me. Moreover it made my heart beat a little bit faster. Not only
because of the cruelty or because of violence, which obviously
appear in the movie, but predominantly because of its educational
message .
The movie was directed by Steve Macqueen . Chiwetel Ejiofor plays
the main role of Solomon Northup. We also have a pleasure to watch
Brad Pitt and Benedict Cumberbatch. Action takes place in upside
New York in the nineteenth century. The movie tells us a story of the
African-American, well-educated musician-Solomon, who leads a
calm and peaceful life with his loving family. One day, unexpectedly
he finds himself enchained and handcuffed. He has no idea of his
current whereabouts; he appears to be vulnerable and hopeless.
I am not going to describe the whole story, because it’s not my role
to do so. However, there is a smidgen of information that has to be
covered. The movie is based on a real story .It means we can
somehow identify with the main character and try to see the
surrounding reality through his eyes. More importantly we have a
chance to understand better the history of slavery and its appalling
consequences for the humanity. Additionally the production shows
many aspects of racism. We can see how the main character fights
for freedom, justice and honor. Taken away from the homeland and
captivated, he can’t trust anybody. The fiddles, which are the only
thing he has left, would play a meaningful role in his suffering.
Salomon – daily beaten with stripes is on the brink of death.
Nevertheless, in many scenes we may discover his courage and
unbelievable soul-strength. It helps us to notice how astonishingly
righteous he is.
In my opinion “12 years a slave” is simultaneously heart breaking and
breathtaking. Of course, you have to make your own judgment.
Undoubtedly, it is a production of many grounds, that is why I truly
recommend it.
Karolina Fijałkowska
The Wolf of Wall Street, 2014
Martin Scorsese
There are multiple reasons why you should watch this movie. For
starters - a film where Martin Scorsese plays with Leonardo DiCaprio
and Kayne West is a soundtrack executive producer just cannot be
The thing that makes this movie so exceptional is that even though it
seems like a fairy tale slash nightmare, it is actually based on a true
story. The main character is a real, famous, ex-con, author of two
bestselling books and now, thanks to this movie – back to being a
Still I have to warn you - my friend made a mistake of choosing „The
Wolf” on a family night out and, well, her mother and younger sister
simply left the cinema, so following this example -bring neither
siblings nor parents with you. Not recommended for people not used
to explicit content.
Dallas Buyers Club, 2014
Jean-Marc Vallée
What would you do if you were diagnosed with an untreatable
disease? Ron Woodroof organized a semi-legal, paid care system for
HIV. Woodroof was HIV-positive and a few years after having been
diagnosed was laughing in the face of doctors who gave him a month
to live. Also, he was a drunkard, whoremonger and a homophobe.
The movie directed by Jean-Marca Vallee is tailored for the Oscars.
Both Matthew McConaughey (as Woodroof) and Jared Leto (as
Rayon, transvestite) are said to have created roles of their lives.
Yves Saint Laurent, 2014
Jalil Lespert
Biography told in a fresh way? Jalil Lespert takes us to 1958 were we’ll
watch young Yves ebb and flow through the eyes of the person he
loved the most and who was responsible for his great success - Pierre
ergé(Guillaume Gallienn).
Pierre Niney who is said to be one of the most talented French actors
of his generation took his time to understand YSL and learn
everything about his private life. Also, he actually looks a lot like the
incredible designer he’s portraying. I can’t wait to see the result of
this combination.
Daria Kurpiewska
56 Polish athletes will take part in the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, which start on the 6th of February.
This information was announced by Polish Olympic Committee. Only once did we have such a numerous
representation- in 1976 in Innsbruck. The last Olympic Games in Vancouver were attended by 47
sportsmen, who won 6 medals. Andrzej Biernat, the sport minister, claims that Poland is able to gain even
10 medals in Sochi. Undeniably, the biggest star of Polish Olympic team is Justyna Kowalczyk. The experts
see the strongest likelihood of her winning 10 km run/ classic technique/. We all count on a gold medal.
The sports fans have high hopes for ski jumpers including the best of them- the World Cup's leader Kamil
Stoch. Despite his fickle form at the beginning of the season, it seems to have finally stabilized. In the new
year he hasn't been classified in the place lower than 9th, except the competition in Zakopane, where the
wind was too capricious to allow long jumps. Fans are also looking forward to the other ski jumpers'
performances including notoriously cheerful Piotr Żyła or Jan Ziobro, the winner of the competition in
Engelberg. And they believe other sportsmen such as ice-skaters or biathletes can prove their skills as
2nd most powerful official in Fifa, Jerome Valcke, said the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will not be held in
June and July. He claims it will be most likely played between November 15 and January 15 at the latest.
The temperature in Quatar reaches 50 degrees in summer. Winter time with an average temperature of
25 degrees is, as Valcke says, "perfect for football". Although, there was not official declaration of Fifa and
its president, Sepp Blatter, the information is very controversial. US and European TV broadcasters have
already protested. The European team managers are concerned about the players, who would have to go
through a full plate both in Champions League and the World Cup. Also the International Olympic
Committee has already made it clear that the tournament should not clash with the 2022 Winter
0 €- this is the price that Bayern had to pay to sign Robert Lewandowski. He will join the Bavarian club as
soon as his contract with Borrusia Dortmund finishes in July. Despite the previous gossips, Polish striker
hadn't confirmed them till the January 4th when the information became official. He will be paid 11million
€ per year. Some claim Poland's best striker will not manage to oust Mario Mandziukić from the starting
line-up and will end up warming up the bench. However, Mateusz Borek, Polsat's football journalist,
thinks different. "Lewandowski by three years’ time will have been at the best age for footballer and is
likely to gain the next titles : Bundesliga's top scorer and Champions League cup", he says. Time will tell
who was right...
4 years Cristiano Ronaldo had to wait to be given the Ballon d'Or for the second time. Receiving the award
for the best football man player in the world, he broke Lionel Messi's domination. His female fans must
have been delighted as emotional Ronaldo picked up the trophy during the ceremony in Zurich and
tearfully said: "First of all I have to say a great thanks to all of my team-mates with the club and the
national team. Without all of their efforts this would not have been possible. I am very happy, it is very
difficult to win this award." The 28-year-old player has had an incredible year and been in outstanding
form for the club and country, breaking goal scoring records along the way. He became the quickest
player who reached 200 goals for Real Madrid, playing in 197 games.
57 days Henning Berg had been managing Blackburn Rovers before he was sacked. Now he takes over
Legia Warsaw. For many football fans it was a big surprise to replace Jan Urban, who had won the
campaign last year, with inexperienced Norwegian manager. Berg became famous of his reliable defence
play for top Premier League teams- Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United, winning the league titles
three times. However, he has not succeeded in the manager role yet. He spent a few years gaining the
experience from the best coaches in Premier League. Berg's leading skills have been recommended by,
among others, sir Alex Ferguson. "He is a respected person in the UK and Scandinavia, who has the
proper personality traits and workshop to become a leading coach in Europe. He's determined,
hardworking, fast learner and has his own vision of football" says the Scottish ex-manager .

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