about the iugb foundation - International University of Grand



about the iugb foundation - International University of Grand
Date Founded: February 2012
Organized by U.S. and Ivorian supporters of the
International University of Grand-Bassam (IUGB)
located in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa
Non-Profit Designation: 501(c)(3)
Location: Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
Mission: To provide financial and in-kind assistance to help the International University
of Grand-Bassam realize its vision of becoming a Regional Center of Excellence in
Higher Education.
Main Goals of the International University of Grand-Bassam:
† Delivering high quality, regionally relevant education
† Establishing a strong and effective governance structure to ensure accountability,
transparency and high standards
† Recruiting and building an ethnic, regional, and gender diverse student body,
faculty and staff
† Securing and properly utilizing the financial resources necessary to sustain the
students, faculty, staff, and operations of the University
† Establishing collaborative partnerships with both local and international
institutions and organizations
† Engaging in outreach programs and services to the local community
† Providing for quality assurance as well as university and program accreditation
Types of Assistance: The Foundation provides need-based scholarships and
fellowships, learning technology and grants and stipends to IUGB students,
faculty and staff from Africa, the U.S. and elsewhere.
Administration: The IUGB Foundation headed by an Executive Director with
a Senior Development Officer and two part-time staff handling administration
and IT functions.
Leadership Team: Composed of a group of highly skilled professionals from
various disciplines, the IUGB Foundation Board shares the belief that higher
education in Africa is the key to the continent’s economic advancement.
Educating Global Leaders of Tomorrow
Background Note: African Higher Education Challenges
The role of the International University of
Grand-Bassam and the IUGB Foundation
It is a well-established fact that well-trained and highly skilled
human resources are essential for developing countries to make
the transition to emerging and eventually developed country
status. Côte d’Ivoire and other Sub-Saharan African countries
in general do not have the institutional capacity to produce
the relevantly trained personnel to meet the workforce demands
of government, non-governmental and private sector institutions.
We’re Young, We’re Ambitious, We’re at IUGB
On average, higher education institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa
can absorb less than 5% percent of those who qualify for
university study each year. Moreover, many existing higher
education institutions have suffered degradation in quality
and governance over the past three decades.
As indicated in the May 16, 2007 Charter that formally
established IUGB, the Government of Côte d’Ivoire is
supporting IUGB to help overcome institutional capacity and quality issues, to diversify
higher education and to establish an accountable, transparent and merit-based model that
can be emulated in Côte d’Ivoire and throughout Africa.
Since IUGB’s fee structure is market driven, students must pay tuition, housing and other
fees for certain academic and extra-curricular activities. At the same time, IUGB is committed
to accepting and providing financial assistance to all qualified students irrespective of their
economic status.
In addition to financial resources raised through tuition and fees, the Government of
Côte d’Ivoire and international aid agencies, the University seeks and welcomes support
from private sector sources. To facilitate international fundraising efforts, a U.S. based
IUGB Foundation was established in Atlanta, Georgia in February 2012. For the next
several years, the top fundraising priorities will be financial support for needy students,
funding to support the expansion of IUGB faculty and professional level administrative
staff, and support other critical needs of the university.
Your investment will benefit your company while helping IUGB achieve its
vision of becoming a regional center of higher excellence that produces ethical
and talented professionals needed to build democratic institutions and sustainable
national and regional economies.
Educating Global Leaders of Tomorrow
Dr. Debra F. Cannon
Director & Associate
Professor of Hospitality
at Georgia State University’s
J. Mack Robinson College of
William E. Fitzgibbon, III
Dean of the College
of Technology,
University of Houston
Ambassador Alice M. Dear
President of A.M.
Dear & Associates
Mr. Thomas White
Managing Director of Sales
for UPS
Florida District
Mr. William I. Garner, Esq.
Contracts Manager,
Raytheon Corporation
Mr. Samuel Koffi
Vice President and COO
International University of
Dr. Sidney E. Harris
Georgia State University,
Foundation Chairman
Ambassador John F. Hicks
Executive Director and
Board Member
IUGB Foundation
Mr. Gary McKillips
Marketing and Public
Relations Advisor
Mr. Glenwood Ross, III
Website & Business Manager
Mariani Bahamboula
Administrative and
Program Assistant
Ms. Denise Berry
Senior Development Officer
Educating Global Leaders of Tomorrow
To view the biographies of the IUGB Foundation Leadership Team and Staff, visit our website at: www.iugbfoundation.org

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