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la/oc smta chapter news
September 2004 EDITION
is Proud to Present…
September 2004
Presentation/Dinner Meeting
Jim Blankenhorn
A Look at New Packaging
Impact on Design
& Manufacturing
Thursday, Sept. 16th, 2004
6:00PM, Social Hour
7:00PM, Dinner/Presentation
$20, Members
$25, Nonmembers
Baked Red Snapper with
Almandine Butter
Call: MaskTek
(714) 557-3383
If you can not attend, please cancel your
reservation by 12 Noon on Wednesday,
prior to the meeting. See you there!
is Proud to Present…
Chapter Training Program
A Lead Free Process
Dr. Paul Vianco
Sandia National Labs
Thursday, October 21st, 2004
8:00AM - Check-In
8:30AM - 4:00PM - Presentation
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
5221 California Avenue
Irvine, California, 92612
Phone: 949.231.4993
FAX: 949.231.3115
LA/OC SMTA Chapter is Proud to Present…
September 2004 Presentation & Dinner Meeting
A Look at New Packaging Impact on Design & Manufacturing
Presented By:
JIM BLANKENHORN, President, SMT Plus, Inc.
James C. Blankenhorn has been in SMT since it first
came to the US in the early 1980’s. For nearly 10 years
Jim setup and managed several design and assembly
operations for AWI, Jabil Circuit and SMT Plus. His
research and publications helped establish many of the
design rules and processes used in the SMT industry
today. Prior to his entry into SMT he designed and managed semiconductor products for Motorola, Texas Instruments and Honeywell. In addition, for 3 years he
started and managed two semiconductor burn-in and test
Over the years Jim has authored numerous books about
design, packaging and manufacturing. He has also written many articles and been a speaker and chairperson at
numerous conferences worldwide. Having identified the
growing needs of the industry for education, SMT Plus
is an industry leader in onsite and advanced online technical training courses for SMT, wireless & fiber optics
with over 90 courses and several curriculums currently
available online.
In 1984 Jim was a co-founder of the SMTA, received
the 1996 Founders Award for Distinguished Service,
and served twice as technical chairman for the Silicon
Valley SMTA chapter. He holds a BSEE degree from
Arizona State University and is listed in Who’s Who in
America. Currently he is the President of SMT Plus Inc.
located in Scotts Valley, CA (near Silicon Valley) and
travels extensively performing onsite training classes.
He may be reached at (831) 438-6116 or email:
[email protected] In addition to onsite & online
training, SMT Plus sells books, design libraries, and
design and training software to the industry.
Since SMT first arrived in the US we
have seen a constant evolution in packaging. These new packages are a blessing and a source of potential problem.
Most products are getting faster and
performing more functions in less time
than ever before. To support this demand in the past few years smaller and
smaller packages have been developed
that are making possible the design and
manufacture of these new high technology products ranging from low to high
pin counts, from handheld to desk top
products that are a fraction of the size
and lower cost in many instances than
the predecessors.
In this presentation we will explore the
trends, take a look at new packages and
what affect they have now and in the
future on design and on manufacturing.
It does not do us much good to design
something that is difficult or cannot be
cost effectively assembled. The range of
products will include plastic, ceramic,
wafer scale, etc. As with most things
there are limits and getting too small too
quickly can certainly cause lots of assembly problems. In addition we will
look at vertical stacking concepts and
how they may affect us in the future.
What’s Inside this Months News Letter...
Page 2……….Presidents Message
Page 3……….2004 5th Annual SMTA/CCA Aloha Golf ‘Get Together’ Review & Pictures
Page 5……….2004 5th Annual SMTA/CCA Aloha Golf ‘Get Together’ Sponsors
Page 6……….2004 5th Annual SMTA/CCA Aloha Golf ‘Get Together’ Sponsors
Page 7..…..….November 2004 SMT Process Engineer Certification Information
Page 8..……...SMTA Student Chapter Formation Invitation
Page 9....…….SMTA Student Chapter Formation Start-Up Form
Page 10..…….2004/2005 LA/OC SMTA Monthly Chapter Meeting Presenters Request
Scott Penin, CSMTPE
Paradigm Manufacturing LLC
3304 W. MacArthur Blvd
Santa Ana, Ca. 92704
TEL: 714.438.0822
FAX: 714.438.0028
E-mail: [email protected]
Vice- President
Atul Mehta
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pasadena, CA
TEL: 818.393.2962
FAX: 818.393.5055
E-mail: [email protected]
Vice-President of Membership &
Vendor Advertisement Chairman
Michelle Ogihara
Seika Machinery, Inc.
3528 Torrance Blvd., Suite 100
Torrance, CA
TEL: 310.540.7310
Presidents Message
By: Scott Penin
Hope everyone had a good summer. The weather has been a
little off this year, but overall not that bad. The kids will be off to
school soon and everything will be back to normal.
The 5th annual golf “Get-together” was a big hit. We had 104
golfers and 53 sponsors. It was a beautiful day for golf. The
raffles prizes were fantastic and everyone looked liked they
had a great time. We’d like to thank Frank and all his volunteers for their yearlong effort. We hope to see everyone back
and some more new faces for our 6th annual event.
September 16th is the return of one of our favorite speakers,
Jim Blankenhorn. The subject will be Design for Manufacturability. We will again meet at the Embassy Suites in Anaheim. If
you have not attended a seminar by Jim or want the latest upto-date information on DFM, please join us.
October 21st is our annual chapter training day. The subject is
Vice-President of Technical Programs & the most popular around: Lead-Free Soldering. Our speaker is
nationally known, Dr. Paul Vianco of Sandia National Labs.
The meeting starts at 8:30 am and ends at 4:00pm. It includes
Kathy Palumbo
Production Analysis & Learning Services, LLC breaks and lunch. Skyworks Solutions has graciously allowed
5 Homestead Drive
us to use their conference room again. For further information
Trabuco Canyon, CA
please see our website (as noted below).
E-mail: [email protected]
TEL: 949.713.7229
FAX: 949.713.7229
E-mail: [email protected]
Vice-President of Education
Dick Garlic
RG & Associates
Aliso Viejo, CA
TEL: 949.643.1822
FAX: 949.215.4240
E-mail: [email protected]
Riki Brown
Golden West Technology
Fullerton, CA
TEL: 714.738.3775
FAX: 714.738.7727
E-mail: [email protected]
Golf Tournament Chairman
Frank Kurisu
SolderMask, Inc.
17905 Metzler Lane
Huntington Beach., Ca. 92647
TEL: 714.842.1987
Email: [email protected]
November 9th-11th is for anyone interested in becoming a Certified SMT Process Engineer. The class and tests will run for 3
days and the certification lasts for 10 years. The certification
process is in its 2nd year and has the ability to increase not only
your knowledge, but also your selling power to employers.
November 18th is an extension of our October chapter training
and will consist of perfecting your oven profiling experience
(both lead-free and standard eutectic solders). The speaker is
Mary Beth Allen of KIC. She has been performing profiling
seminars for many years and is an expert in the field.
December 10th is the tentative date for our Christmas program.
Location and date confirmation will be forthcoming.
We are also looking for speakers and new board members for
2005. Please contact us at [email protected] email address if you or someone you know is interested.
As always, if you have any suggestions that will assist or improve our chapter, please contact us at
Frank’s 2004 5th Annual SMTA/CCA Aloha Golf ‘Get Together’ Review
On August 5, 2004 the SMTA and CCA again hosted
the 5th Annual Aloha Golf Get Together at the California Country Club, in Whittier. For the last 3 years the
California Country Club has been our gracious host for
this growing event. As in years past their hospitality
was exceptional.
The purpose of the event is to bring "Together" people
from the Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing side and
the Assemby side in a relaxed atmosphere to meet and
share their views while enjoying a day in the sun, and
golfing. To that end the event was a big success with
everyone having a great day of mingling, golf and
I would like to offer a BIG MAHALO to all of our
Sponsors who found it their hearts to support this
event. Without their generous support this event
would not take place. Because of our Sponsors and the
support of the 102 golfers who attended this years
event, we are able to contribute to the SMTA and CCA
fund which will in part go to provide them with the
necessary funds to continue their activities supporting
our Industries throughout the year.
I also would like to acknowledge the support of all the
volunteers who help Laura and me before, during, and
after the event. Without these unselfish individuals
this event would be impossible to run and would not
take place. Please if you have any dealing with any of
the volunteers, let them know how you feel about the
event and thank them for their time and efforts.
Will Gonzles, Old Time PCB Guy, ISOLA
Dick Crowe, Burkle North America, President of California Circuits Association (CCA)
Riki Brown, Golden West Technology
Linda Cooke, National Association for the Self-Employed
Scott Penin, Pardaigm Manufacturing, President of
Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)
Kathy Palumbo, Production Analysis & Learning Services, LLC
Joe Palumbo, Production Analysis & Learning Services, LLC
Leo Orvananos, Production Technology
Dick Garlic, RG & Associates
Michelle Ogihara, Seika Machinery, Inc.
Kristie Fails, Self
Donna Lemley, Self
Jon Erickson, SolderMask, Inc.
Kevin Phan, SolderMask, Inc.
Laura Thorn, SolderMask, Inc.
A BIG MAHALO to all of the volunteers.
Now for those of you that were not fortunate, for whatever reason, enough to be a part of this wonderful day
let me tell you a bit about what went on.
Staring at 11:00 AM our volunteers greeted golfers
with Coffee, Krispy Kream Donuts and fruit. Hawaiian Music played in the background while the golfers
checked in and received their "goody bags". This
year's "goody bag" was a black leather golf shoe bag
imprinted with the Aloha Golf Get Together logo in
gold (very nice). The bag contained, Snacks, Tees
(thanks to Seika Machinery), green pick, sunscreen,
Aloha Golf Get Together Logo Towel and a sleeve of
balls donated from PK Metals. This is the 3 year that
Larry Kay has donated enough balls for our "goody
bag"; Mahalo, Larry.
This year I tried to make things different and hopefully
more fun for all that participated. This included a one
hole putting contest that proved to be very difficult but
fun for everyone. New this year was a accuracy chipping contest, which took place in the warm up area
where contestants attempted to chip a marshmallow
into a small net.
Also new this year was the sale of a "super ticket"
which allowed all who purchased it a chance to play a
golf "scratcher" game with a vacation package going to
the person with the lower scratcher score. It also gave
the purchaser entry into all the events on the course
such as the hole-in-one contests, etc. Even though
Scott Penin is not a golfer he did manage to 'scratch"
out the lowest score and walk away with the vacation
On the course this year there were many events to help
make the day fun for all. We tried to give away a Mini
Cooper and 3 vacation packages on all Par 3's to anyone making a hole-in-one, but there were no takers.
We also had a closest to the pin on all the Par 3's with
the winners going to a $100,000.00 shot out after the
event. Even though no one won the $100,000.00, Jim
Glasgow, Surface Mount Techniques, did put his shot
closest to the hole in the shoot-out winning a vacation
To help the groups on the course I invited Mike Corns,
Pinnacle Long Drive Champion, to hit drives on a par
4 which gave the groups a chance to make an eagle
putt. Mike also had some Inferno drivers for sale and I
know that a few of the player took advantage of the
unbelievable price.
I know that all the players in this year's event appreciated the roaming beverage carts manned by our volun-
Frank’s 2004 5th Annual SMTA/CCA Aloha Golf ‘Get Together’ Review
teers. While the temperature was not as high as it has been
in years past everyone still needed to have their "thirst"
quenched and our volunteers provided excellent service in
satisfying this need.
At the 19th hole, lots of mingling and stories of the long
drives and missed putts, while waiting for the Swordfish
and NY Steak dinner to be served. This year we also put
on a Silent Auction with sports, movie and other memorabilia. Some of us went home with some great stuff, Laura
and I included.
In order to get everyone home at a decent hour I announced
the days winners during the dinner.
1st Place
Bob Metcalf, Rohm & Haas Electronics Material
Mike Ming, Rohm & Haas Electronics Material
Lonnie Latson, Rohm & Haas Electronics Material
Jeff Thomas, Rohm & Haas Electronics Material
2nd Place
Sam Morgan, Tritek Circuit Products, Inc.
Joe Morgan, Tritek Circuit Products, Inc.
Jack Crabb, Tritek Circuit Products, Inc.
Gregg Gall, Speedy Circuits, Inc.
3rd Place
Jim Glasgow, Surface Mount Techniques
John Manoche, Surface Mount Techniques
Dennis Parks, Golf Walkers, Inc.
Roger Stephens, Evolution Laser Technology, L.L.C.
Congratulations to each group for their outstanding scores.
I also gave a special gift to the four women who came out
to play in the event. I know that they will enjoy the Nordstrom's Gift Certificates.
And then the event everyone was waiting for..........the raffling of approximately $5,500.00 of quality Golf Equipment. The final prize was a $500.00 Taylor Made R7
Driver. For those of you who are not golfers this driver is
brand new on to the golf scene and most golfers would love
to have in their bag. The winner of this item was yours
truly, but because of the pressure brought to bear by the
audience I donated the club back into the raffle, boy was
that a mistake on my part.
Having put this year's SMTA / CCA Aloha Golf Get Together to bed, Laura and I would like to again thank all the
Volunteers, Sponsors, and Golfers for supporting the event.
I have to take a line and say the BIGGEST MAHALO to
Laura. She does so much in putting this event together and
without her support this event would just be a dream.
Mahalo, and Aloha.
Frank Kurisu
2004 SMTA / CCA Aloha Golf Get Together Chairman
SolderMask, Inc.
3rd Year Sponsor
4th Year Sponsor
A-CAL / Associated Calibration, Inc.
2nd Year Sponsor
Evolution Laser Technology, L.L.C.
1st Year Sponsor
ADS Gold, Inc.
4th Year Sponsor
714.632.1888 / Pat Lopez
3rd Year Sponsor
Advanced Book Keeping Service
2nd Year Sponsor
714.842.4911 / Susan Le Bouf
Advanced Micro Systems
1st Year Sponsor
949.367.0464 / Sach Pasarnikar
AIM Solder
2nd Year Sponsor
1st Year Sponsor
Allen, Haight, Cooney & Monaghan, LLP
4th Year Sponsor
Burkle North America
4th Year Sponsor
C.A. Picard, Inc.
2nd Year Sponsor
Christopher Associates, Inc.
3rd Year Sponsor
Circuitree Magazine
1st Year Sponsor
Coates Circuit Products
2nd Year Sponsor
DuPont Electronics
4th Year Sponsor
GC Aero, Inc.
2nd Year Sponsor
GemTech, Inc.
3rd Year Sponsor
Global Communications
1st Year Sponsor
Hallmark Circuits, Inc.
1st Year Sponsor
1st Year Sponsor
4th Year Sponsor
Irvine Electronics
1st Year Sponsor
Lewis & Clark, Inc.
2nd Year Sponsor
MicroCraft, Inc.
1st Year Sponsor
Microtek Laboratories
2nd Year Sponsor
Miles Chemical Company
1st Year Sponsor
Salmon & Shroeder, Inc.
2nd Year Sponsor
National Graphic Supply
4th Year Sponsor
Seika Machinery
3rd Year Sponsor
Omni Training Corp
4th Year Sponsor
SolderMask, Inc.
5th Year Sponsor
P. Kay Metal, Inc.
3rd Year Sponsor
Spec Elite, Inc.
3rd Year Sponsor
Practical Components
4th Year Sponsor
Speedy Circuits
1st Year Sponsor
Prestige Metal Recyclers, Inc.
3rd Year Sponsor
Surface Mount Techniques (SMT)
5th Year Sponsor
Prime Technologies
2nd Year Sponsor
Taiyo America, Inc.
2nd Year Sponsor
Production Analysis & Learning Services, LLC
4th Year Sponsor
Technic Inc.
3rd Year Sponsor
Production Technology
3rd Year Sponsor
Technica, USA
1st Year Sponsor
RBC Dain Rauscher
2nd Year Sponsor
Technical Devices Company
5th Year Sponsor
REStronics Southern California
3rd Year Sponsor
Tech-Source Intl., Inc.
3rd Year Sponsor
Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials
1st Year Sponsor
Tritek Circuit Products, Inc.
2nd Year Sponsor
Saati Print
3rd Year Sponsor
1st Year Sponsor
760.244.9344 / Gerry Oerlemans
LA/OC SMTA is proud to Present…
November 2004
SMT Process Engineer Certification Course
Get the recognition that you deserve.
These days it takes more than experience. It takes "proof".
SMTA Certification will quickly become the electronic assembly industry's most respected sign of approval.
Certification is one way to enhance your stature in our industry. Your certification can also be a marketing tool
for your company. They will be able to proudly say that they have team members who are SMTA certified.
What The Certification Programs Are
Each SMTA Certification program is a three-day workshop consisting of refresher topics in the SMT processes
or systems. This will include both open and closed book examinations. The workshop, as well as the exam,
assumes that the participant has at least one year of SMT experience and has an educational background
equivalent to two years or more of college in a technical discipline. This is not an entry level program. Basic
algebra and geometry will be used in the workshop and examination. The examination is "competitive" in that it
requires written answers and some calculations. The intent of this procedure is to enable the students to establish competitive credentials as "Certified" by the SMTA in SMT Assembly Processes or SMT Systems.
SMT Processes Curriculum
SMT Materials
SMT Components
Stencil Printing
Component Placement
Reflow Soldering
Wave Soldering
Test and Inspection
Line Balancing
Who Should Attend
SMTA Certification is intended for manufacturing and process engineers. However, design, test and quality
engineering personnel, as well as SMT assembly managers who want to confirm their current competence at a
fundamental level of overall process technology, should also consider certification. The program assumes that
the student has a year or more of SMT experience and is competent in elementary engineering mathematics.
November 9th to 11th, 2004
8:00AM, Check-In
8:30AM to 4:00PM, Certification Course
Course FEES
$1195 SMTA member / $1345 non-member includes the workshop, study guide, and test.
$745 SMTA member / $895 non-member includes just the study guide and test (no workshop).
5200 Willson Road · Suite 215 · Edina, MN 55424-1343
T 952-920-7682 · F 952-926-1819 ·
Invitation to Start an SMTA Student Chapter
The SMTA is looking to start student chapters! The mission of SMTA student chapters
is to build a network of students and professionals and to create learning opportunities
for students to develop skills and knowledge necessary to work in electronic assembly
technologies and related business operations.
A student chapter may be established at any post secondary school that supports surface mount technology, microelectronics, electronics packaging, or related industries
via programs, courses, and/or activities. Only five student members are needed to
start and maintain a student chapter. The student membership cost is $5.00 per year.
You can find the application for an Associate (Student) membership on-line at Membership puts students
in touch with the many SMTA publications and services. It also provides student discounts on conferences along with many opportunities for professional development.
The details of operating an SMTA student chapter are quite simple and spelled out in
the "SMTA Student Chapter Guidelines and Bylaws”.
If you would like to start an SMTA student chapter at your school, please complete the
"Student Chapter Start-up Application Form" that is attached.
Thanks for considering the formation of an SMTA student chapter at your school!
Sis Sullivan
Student Chapter Coordinator
[email protected]
Application for academic year beginning __________________________(Month/Year)
School Name ________________________________________________
Please describe how your school supports the surface mount technology, microelectronics, electronics packaging, or related industries, in terms of school programs, courses and or activities offered.
Name and contact information of the SMTA member to serve as faculty advisor:
(Advisor must be an SMTA member)
Faculty Advisor Name: ____________________________________________________
Preferred Address: _______________________________________________________
Business Phone: ______________________ Business Fax: ________________________
Business Email: __________________________________Member Number:___________
Five SMTA student members are required to start and maintain an SMTA student chapter. Please list five
students that are currently SMTA members at your school.
Student 1 Name: _________________________________________Member Number:______
Student 2 Name: _________________________________________Member Number:______
Student 3 Name: _________________________________________Member Number:______
Student 4 Name: _________________________________________Member Number:______
Student 5 Name: _________________________________________Member Number:______
Please mail, fax, or email this form to:
SMTA Headquarters
5200 Willson Road
Suite 215
Edina, MN 55424
Fax 952.926.1819
e-mail: [email protected]
All Student Chapter info (including this form) is available at :
If you have any questions please...just give us at 952-920-7682
Get Connected!
Business Card
1 Month
$ 50.00
1/2 Year (5 Issues) 225.00
1 Year (9 Issues)
Chapter News
1/4 Page
$ 90.00
1/2 Page
$ 175.00
Submission Guidelines
Technical Articles
Membership Directory
Those of you who are receiving this newsletter by
U.S. mail, please forward your e-mail address to:
[email protected] that we may e-mail the news letter to you.
This helps lower our distribution costs, which
means more benefits for our members.
Acceptable Artwork Formats: .pdf, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .tif, html, & Camera
Ready Artwork. Laser Printed Pages will not be accepted.
Acceptable Font Style: Graphic, MSWord, or html.
Business Card
1/4 Page
1/2 Page
Ads should be submitted at least one week prior to the end of the month
proceeding the first month of desired publication.
Vendor Tables
Display your products and literature at a Chapter Meeting for a fee of $100,
and receive a bonus of one free 1/4 page AD for one month.
Scott Penin
Call: (714) 403-1874 / E-Mail: [email protected]
Calling All Members!
We need presentations for our 2005 meeting schedule
Currently our planning board has the following months available:
March 2005, April 2005, May 2005, June 2005
We are looking for Presentations in the following categories:
Factory Enterprise Systems & QA Techniques/SPC, Lead-free Assembly & Performance Measurement, DFM/DFT/DFA & SMT Design Methodologies, PCB Final Finish Selection, BGA’s, Chip Scale/Micro BGA’s & Fine-Pitch components.
If you have a presentation and/or know of someone with a presentation we would like to hear from you.
Please E-mail Kathy Palumbo at [email protected] OR Contact by Phone at 949.713.7229