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Loimer Brochure - Winebow Public Site
The fertility symbol from Polynesia
was chosen as an emblem of both
One doesn´t have to give up or do without
something in order to live and to work sustainably.
This is the philosophy that Fred Loimer lives by. He
is a happy up-beat person who enjoys life, who´s
hungry for life, and is always keen to learn. He
also is extremely concerned about quality, and he
doesn´t leave anything to chance. And all of this
is reflected in his wines. Loimer wines convey a
zest for life and uncomplicated pleasure. Sip by
sip, they reveal multi-layered structure and depth.
whimsy and pleasure
ancient tradition and
that Loimer seeks to transport
into his wines.
As the son in a winemaking family, Fred Loimer Jr.
realized very early on that he would take
the same path in the future. He attended the
Weinbauschule Klosterneuburg, Austria´s renowned
wine-growing school, and later gained important
experience at the Weincastel Schilling winery in the
Nahe region of Germany and at the Schug Winery
in Napa Valley, California. When he returned to
Langenlois, he utilized his newly gained experience
– something that didn´t always please his father.
By applying other growing methods in the vineyards,
yield reduction, and changes in vinification,
Fred Loimer continuously succeeded in improving
the pursues improved quality of the wine in his
wines. In 1998, one year after the winery was
handed over from father to son, Fred Loimer
took his chance and bought a historical vaulted
brick cellar - a former cellar of the Haindorf
Castle - in the middle of the grapevines between
Langenlois and Zöbing. With the help of the
architect Andreas Burghardt, he renovated the
cellar and, above it, built a minimalist building
to serve as the tasting room and the office.
Since 1999, the wines have been vinified there
and stored under perfect natural temperature
conditions. Moreover, the Veltliners and Rieslings
from individual sites are ranked amongst the
best wines of Austria and, in fact, the wine world.
Grüner Veltliner 2010 DAC
Riesling 2010 DAC
From 100% estate grown fruit in the freshest
A fine, aromatic Riesling with
expression – demonstrating the characteristics of
scents of citrus fruit, green
classic kamptal Grüner Veltliner and the essence
apples and apricots underscored
of the Loimer estate. Spicy, peppery notes and, at
by delicate blossom notes. The
the same time, exotic expressions of grapefruit and
palate demonstrates a delicate,
pineapple. The pure, delicately juicy fruit combined
juicy fruitiness. The sweetness
with a beautiful acidity make this wine especially
and acidity balance lend finesse
animated and enjoyable to drink.
and lightness to this wine.
With the 2008 vintage, the wines of this region
have entered into the emerging Districtus Austraie
Controll regulations. The regional committee, of
which Fred Loimer is current president, has determined
the classic grape varieties that should be associated
with Kamptal are Gruner Veltliner and Riesling.
The wines are released now as appellation wines
under two categories:
• Kamptal DAC
The Classic style for early consumption
and without the influence of oak or late harvested grapes. Maximum 13% alcohol
to maintain freshness.
• Kamptal Reserve DAC
Single vineyards, later harvest and more concentrated styles, intended for longer
term aging. Can be vinified in wood
barrels and are released later.
Kamptal &
Grüner Veltliner
Fred Loimer is a member of the respekt association, and from 2011 vintage his estate wines will carry the
logo on the back. The objective of this compact is not to provide certification or proof, but to demonstrate
a commitment to a certain respectful and diligent approach to the production of wines and the stewardship
of the land and people that are the source of the wine. Strongly influenced by the work of Austrian
philosopher Rudolf Steiner, the core principles of respekt are founded in biodynamic viticulture and
winemaking, but are adapted to preserve the individual nature and independent spirit of each producer.
In short, to hold the principles as guidance but not to follow as dogma. This recently formed group is
comprised currently of mostly Austrian winemakers, joined by one from Italy and one from California.
These are the young ones. The fresh wines, crafted from the early fresh grapes from the estate vineyards and selected contract
vintners. Fred devotes quite a lot of time to working with these local vintners, insuring that they work in a sustainable way and
requiring that they refrain from using chemical herbicides and pesticides in the vineyards he contracts.
LOIS Grüner Veltliner
“There’s touches of richness to the baked apple and ruby grapefruit flavors in this
white, which ends with a spicy finish.”
November 15, 2011
2010 Vintage
The most important commercial wine for the Loimer estate,
this is fresh young Grüner Veltliner. Still very expressive of
Fred’s philosophy – simplicity and pure pleasure. While it is
easy to drink and can be enjoyed in a variety of surroundings,
the LOIS is still and always a solid and reliable benchmark for
early drinking Grüner Veltliner. The name comes both originally
from Loimer’s hometown LangenLOIS, but it is also now the
name of Loimer’s elder son.
Riesling Lenz Kamptal 2010
“Concentrated ripe apple and Asian pear flavors are well-spiced and feature plenty
of minerally accents. Finishes crisp, with
hints of savory herb.”
November 15, 2011
2010 Vintage
Born in 2008 – both the second son, Laurenz, and the
second wine – LENZ. With this wine, Fred introduces
his spin on a young Austrian Riesling – with juicy and fresh
fruit profile and a burst of cleansing acidity on the finish.
Featuring Lois Peel Back Label
Grüner Veltliner Reserve
The Terrassen Veltliner is a selection of harvests
from the First growth vineyards of Loiserberg
(20%) 20-40 year-old vines; Käferberg (15%)
young vines; Seeberg (20%) 20 year-old vines;
Eichelberg (5%) 45 year-old vines; Kogelberg
(20%) 40 year-old vines; and Spiegel (20%) young
and 20 year old vines. Fermentations are with
spontaneous yeasts, 50% in stainless steel tanks
and 50% in 2500 liter barrels of Austrian and
Slavonian origin. Aged on the fine lees and
bottled the summer following harvest.
Riesling Reserve
Loiserberg (30%) Young as well as 40 years-old
vines; Steinmassl (15%) Young vines; Seeberg
(10%) 10 year-old vines; Eichelberg (10%) 45
year-old vines; Lauser (10%) 10 year-old vines;
Heiligenstein (25%) 10 year-old vines.
Fermentation in stainless steel with spontaneous
yeast, followed by aging on the fine lees and
bottling in the summer following the harvest.
Pinot Noir
From 10-20 year old vines in the sites Kittmannsberg, Hasel and Dechant, planted to mostly Dijon clones.
Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel, followed
by malolactic, then racking and subsequent aging
in 1,250 liter barrels of Austrian origin.
Reserve Spiegel Grüner Veltliner
Spiegel, a southerly-exposed site at about 250 meters above sea level,
stretches just in front of the town of Langenlois, in view of the river Danube. It extends over a vast layer of loess (up to 40 meters), which has a light and sandy surface. Thanks to the deep, well-drained soils, the vines have formed deeply penetrating root systems, thus overcoming even long periods of
draught without damage. This site is ideal for growing Grüner Veltliner.
The grapes marry so well with the terroir, that they yield highly aromatic,
concentrated wines. A massive Grüner with a long life ahead.
Reserve Käferberg Grüner Veltliner
Käferberg is perched on the upper end of an east-facing slope, about 350
meters above sea level. Loess soil dominates the central part of the hill,
but at the upper end, where Loimers vineyard lies, there are alternating
layers of various soil types; heavy loam often meets light sand as well as
some gravel. In addition to the different soil, the special, generally cool
microclimate prevailing on the Käferberg adds to the appeal of this site.
Long hang times here enable the Grüner Veltliner grapes to reach their
full ripeness. Thus, the grapes are mineral-rich and ultimately produce
wines full of elegance and finesse
Reserve Seeberg Riesling
To the west of Zöbing lies the Seeberg, south-facing site situated
approximately 300 meters above sea level. The climatic influence of
the cool Waldviertel region to the north brings a seductive tension
Loimer is a member of the Oesterreicher
between hot days and cool nights here. The grapes ripen slowly and, Traditionsweinguter, the Traditional Wineries
therefore, the wines produced from this site show a very fruity
expression. Sand and loam alternate here with rich layers of slate –
almost all the way to the surface. These mixes bring to the wines a
of Austria, abbreviated as ÖWT. This 20
year old winemaker’s collaborative has 20
fine fruitiness and spice with firm concentration - and especially
members, the top wineries of the Danube
expose the real character of the Riesling variety.
valley regions outside of the famous Wachau
valley. Over time, this group has worked to
Reserve Steinmassl Riesling
Ried Steinmassl, located at around 350 meters above sea level, stretches
identify and classify the best vineyards of
the four regions they cover: Kremstal, Kamptal,
along a south-southeast-facing slope, and is thus protected against cool
Traisenthal and Wagram. With the 2009
winds blowing from the west and north. The subsoil here consists of Gföhl
vintage, the wines from these single cru
gneiss and includes slightly weathered, silvery shimmering mica. The brown designates can now be labeled with the
earth, which is often only 50 cm thick, is heavy (clay) and rich in nutrients,
”Erste Lage” – first growth – symbol. For more
and contains an above-average amount of stones that render vineyard
operations difficult. Yet, this loose rock also has a big advantage: It absorbs
and stores heat, which it continues to radiate even long after sunset.
information, visit www.traditionsweingueter.at
Lois Grüner Veltliner 2010 – 85 points
“There’s touches of richness to the baked apple and ruby
grapefruit flavors in this white, which ends with a spicy finish.”
– Wine Spectator, 11/15/2011
Riesling Lenz Kamptal 2010 – 88 points
“Concentrated ripe apple and Asian pear flavors are well-spiced
and feature plenty of minerally accents. Finishes crisp, with
hints of savory herb.”
– Wine Spectator, 11/15/2011
Grüner Veltliner Kamptal 2011 – 90 points
“This has plenty of crushed stone notes to the crisp green apple and tropical fruit flavors. A touch austere, with a powerful finish of slate and spice.”
– Wine Spectator, 01/2013
Riesling Kamptal 2010 – 89 points
“A racy style, with plenty of crisp green apple flavors that are flanked by
lemon zest notes. Features mineral and sea salt notes on the bright finish.”
– Wine Spectator, 11/15/2011
Grüner Veltliner Kamptal
Terrassen DAC Reserve 2009 – 89 points
“...Appealing quince and mango aromas ... white pepper and wet rocks. A
discreet residual sweetness is nicely masked by vibrant acidity. Finishes
with sweet pear and crushed minerals.”
– International Wine Cellar, 04/2011
Langenlois Reserve
Spiegel Grüner Veltliner 2009 – 90 points
Broad shouldered and brooding in tone, this allies grace
with power, its rich in flavors of peach and tropical fruit feeling
silky and poised. It turns increasingly savory and dark, with
plenty of depth and fragrance
– Wine & Spirits, 04/2011
Langenlois Reserve
Spiegel Grüner Veltliner 2009 – 91 points
Riesling Terrassen Kamptal DAC Reserve 2009 – 90 points
“Juicy, ripe and rich, with concentrated flavors of apricot,
Fuji apple, pear and spice. Creamy midpalate, with a long,
lush finish that has pepper notes.”
– Wine Spectator, 08/31/2011
“...fresh, zesty and concentrated flavors of juicy apple and spice ... wellfocused finish features notes of apricot, quince and melon.”
– Wine Spectator, Web Only 2011
Langenlois Reserve
Seeberg Riesling 2009 – 91 points
Langenlois Reserve
Käferberg Grüner Veltliner 2009 – 92 points
“This is a dominated by spicy, savory minerality, despite showing a
densely knit array of stone fruit and citrus flavors on the palate.”
– Wine & Spirits, 05/2011
Langenlois Pinot Noir Terrassen 2010 – 88 Pts
“Features succulent red fruit and mocha flavors that drip with licorice snap
notes. Chocolate and allspice elements linger on the lively, rich finish.”
- Wine Specator, 05/2013
Langenlois Reserve
Käferberg Grüner Veltliner 2009” – 93 points
...an alluring and complex mix of mango and Golden Delicious apple
lifted by pepper, celery and orange zest. Full and firm ... concentrated
sweet pear flavor ... abundant, nearly salty minerality. Ripe, juicy orange
and quince flavors persist with mouthwatering intensity on the finish.
– International Wine Cellar, 04/2011
Langenlois Reserve
Spiegel Gruner Veltliner 2009 – 92 points
“...Ripe apple and pear fruit aromas ... tobacco and freshly crushed
green peppercorn. Full-bodied and creamy, with smooth sweet
apple fruit wrapped around a firm spine of acidity. Intense peppered
green mango persists impressively on the finish.”
– International Wine Cellar, 04/2011
This feels nervy and focused, the slate soils imparting a dark, almost
severe minerality under citrusy fruit. It needs a decade to reveal its full
depth of flavor, but even now its finesse and refinement are on display,
particularly in the elegant texture and long, detailed finish.
– Wine & Spirits, 04/2011
Langenlois Reserve
Steinmassl Riesling 2008 – 95 points
One of Austria’s great Rieslings, Loimer’s Steinmassl is a wonderful,
elegant and restrained statement. At two years, it is very young, as the rich
peach and honey flavors are just waiting to come out. It is just off dry, but
the intense structure keeps the wine beautifully focused on minerality.
– Wine Enthusiast, 12/31/2010
Langenlois Reserve
Steinmassl Riesling 2009 – 93 points
“This has uncommon complexity of flavor, its notes of stone fruits,
grapefruit pith and Meyer lemon inseparably intertwined with stony,
saline minerality. It expands with graceful dimension on the palate,
tethered by racy acidity, and finishes with subtle persistence.”
– Wine & Spirits, 04/2011
Langenlois Reserve
Steinmassl Riesling 2008 – Silver
“A racy style, with plenty of crisp green apple flavors that are flanked by
lemon zest notes. Features mineral and sea salt notes on the bright finish.”
– Decanter World Wine Awards, 06/2010
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