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Bag-i Irem Condominium Project is constructed on 12000 sq. meter land and 24000 sq. meter closed
construction area with legal authorization and located on a unique area in the heart of the nature,
near the Dam of Yuvacık, in Kocaeli with its spectacular mountain and Körfez Bay view surrounded
with holiday resorts offers a peaceful life to enjoy through all seasons together.
It will be clear to see that the options are limitless when it is decided to own a house from Yuvacik
Bag-i Irem Apartments either for settlement or investment.
It is a profitable investment to make, considering the site's instruction quality coinciding with
earthquake regulations, the unique nature and Körfez Bay view and Sapanca Lake view, along with
the reasonable price options.
You will have chance to live a peaceful life in nature with the 24/7 security cameras and entry-exit
security check services. Your property will be safe even when you are away from home.
70% of the Bag-i Irem Project consist of green areas and remaining areas include swimming pool,
children’s playground, kinder garden, sports fields, parking lots, shopping center and all the details
were designed for your comfort with the highest technology security systems.
Features of the Bağ-ı İrem Project
The Bağ-ı İrem Project consists of 6 buildings and 170 apartments and a Mini Market.
The Bağ-ı İrem Project provides you couple of apartment options with amazing views;
(You will find each building and floor plans at Appendix 1 at the end of the catalogue)
60 Garden Duplex – 3+1 / 158 sq. meter
10 Normal Mid Floor – 3+1 / 86 sq. meter
40 Normal Mid Floor - 3+1 / 158 sq. meter
60 Roof Duplex – 3+1 / 158 sq. meter
40 condominiums designed as 1 living room + 1 bed room.
130 condominiums (duplex and normal flats) designed as 1 living room and 3 bedrooms.
Interior Features of the Bağ-ı İrem
Interior walls gypsum plaster and
plastic paint
Natural gas heating system
Plasterboard ceilings
En suite
Spot & efficient LED lighting
Places 1.class laminate flooring
Wet floor (shower‐WC) made of
first class ceramic (Çanakkale
Interior doors are made of first class
PVC double glazing Windows
Quality and elegant lacquer kitchen
Video Intercom
Satellite Connection
Heat and Thermal Insulation
Exterior Features of the Bağ-ı İrem
70% Green Area of the Project
Outdoor pool
Hiking trails
7/24 security guard
Controlled site entrance
Surround Security Camera System
Children's play grounds and areas
Sport center
Basketball court
Tennis court
Mini market in the site
Open parking lots
Construction Process of the Bağ-ı İrem
The area’s manufacturing capacity holds 27% of the International and domestic trade activities, more
than 100 international brands & investments have been executing their activities in the area, 5
Government Harbors and 43 private port based in the area, Izmit Refinery (The largest in Turkey,
The 7th Largest in Europe, Ranked on 28th in the World)
4.2 million tons of black products into about 3.5 million tons of high-value, environmentally friendly
white products at EU standards, including mostly diesel, gasoline and LPG, was completed at end of
The Izmit Refinery started production in 1961, with a 1 million ton/year capacity of crude oil
processing. As a result of significant capacity augmentation and investments over the years, its
design capacity reached 11.5 million tons/year.
Following modernization efforts to increase white product productivity, the crude oil processing
design capacity was registered at 11.0 million tons/year.
Izmit Refinery is located at the center of a consumption hub that accounts for around 33% of Turkish
petroleum products consumption. The refinery is capable of producing at Euro-V standards in
compliance with EU norms.
The RUP Facility, which will convert 4.2 million tons of black products into approximately 3.5
million tons of high value, environmentally friendly white products at EU standards, including
mostly diesel, gasoline and LPG at the Izmit Refinery, was completed at the end of 2014. Once the
facility starts operating at full capacity, Izmit Refinery’s Nelson Complexity index will rise from
7.78 to 14.5, one of the highest complexities in the world.
In 2014, as a result of the maintenance shutdowns for pipeline connections of the RUP Facility and
optimization efforts, 8.6 million tons of crude oil - a total of 9.1 million tons of material, including
semi-finished products - wereprocessed at Izmit Refinery; capacity utilization rate stood at 82.3%.
The production of its main petroleum products - LPG, naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, diesel,
heating oil, fuel oil and bitumen - amounted to 8.6 million tons. Total domestic sales amounted 7.3
million tons, while total sales including resold imports to 9.6 million tons in 2014.
DP World Yarimca is one of the biggest container terminals in Turkey with 1.3M TEU capacity. The
new container terminal is located in Kocaeli city's Körfez district. Total area of the terminal is 46
DP World Yarımca, Turkey’s newest deep-sea container terminal, situated in the Körfez district of
Kocaeli province has started commercial operations by welcoming it’s first vessel - the 224 metre
long and 33 metre wide container ship Maersk Bulan. Once operations had completed and the vessel
departed, a second vessel, the Georg Maersk arrived in the early hours of Saturday 12th
of December. At 367 metres long and 43 metres wide, Georg Maersk is one of the largest ships to
visit Turkey and called at DP World Yarımca to load and unload its cargo.
DP World has a portfolio of more than 65 marine terminals across six continents (1), including new
developments underway in India, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
Container handling is the company’s core business and generates more than three quarters of its
revenue. In 2014, DP World handled 60 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent container units). With
its committed pipeline of developments and expansions, capacity is expected to rise to more than 100
million TEU by 2020, in line with market demand.
DP World has a dedicated, experienced and professional team of over 36,000 people serving its
customers around the world, and the company constantly invests in terminal infrastructure, facilities
and people to provide quality services today and tomorrow, when and where customers need them
Turke’s The Important Brands Located in Kocaeli
The largest 37 division of 100 industrial facilities are based in the area such as;
Tupras (The Largest Refinery Facility), Aygaz & Milangaz (The Largest LNG Companies Of
Petrol Ofisi (National Oil & Gas Processing And Distribution Company Of Turkey) ,
Shell Gas (Processing Terminal),
Ford-Otosan, Hyundai Assan, Pirelli, Goodyear
Nuh Cimento (One Of The Largest Cement Company OfTurkey),
Marshall, Polisan, Mannesmann (One Of The Most Prestigious Company On Manufacturing Of
Pipes And Construction Material ), Izocam, Unsal Porselen
İzmit is the Heart of the Gulf of Kocaeli
Kocaeli is a province located in the north-west of Turkey. It is about 50-75km far away from
Istanbul, which is considered to be one of the most important metropolitan cities in the world.
Because of its strategic location Kocaeli has always served as a connection between Europe and
Kocaeli, which is bordered by two important seas, the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, is today a
logistics center opened to world markets, thanks to the availability of its several ports and an
industrial port.
With 1.676.202 inhabitants and a population density of 445 persons per square kilometre, it also is
one of the most populated provinces.
In the North of the city you have railway and highway infrastructures, which are the main access
roads of the country. Additionally, you have two airports that are about 50 and 90 km far away from
One of Turkey’s largest centers of industry, Kocaeli is also home to some of the country’s valuable
cultural and natural treasures. Usually regarded as a province one drives through in intercity travel,
Kocaeli and its treasures lie in wait of discovery.
With its forests, picnic spots, Black Sea and Marmara coasts, lakes, and cultural treasures, Kocaeli is
open to both summer and winter tourism. Kocaeli, where you can engage in several activities in
many nearby places simultaneously, will never disappoint you with its hidden treasures awaiting
Located in a region known as Bithynia in antiquity, the area of Kocaeli has a history infused with
splendor. Its geographic position allowed it to maintain its importance—which continues today—
throughout history.
Olbia, the name of the first settlement known in the area, was followed by Astacus, Nicomedia,
İznikmid, İzmid, and Kocaeli.
The best known among these historical names is Nicomedia, after Nicomedes, the founder of the
Kingdom of Bithynia. Especially in the era of the Roman and Byzantine empires, Kocaeli gained
even more significance, eventually becoming an imperial capital.
Entering Turkish rule a short time after the Anatolian Seljuks adopted İznik as a capital, the region
was captured permanently by Ghazi Akçakoca—one of the three Ottoman beys—in the time of
Orhan Ghazi.
Kocaeli underwent significant development in the Republican era, becoming one of the country’s
leading centers of economic and cultural attraction.
KOCAELI Is the Production Center of The Country’s Industry
The most important aspects that identify Kocaeli are its rich industry and its investment potential.
The province's economy is built on its industry, as it contributes on its own to 13% of Turkey’s
manufacturing industry production. In recent years, Kocaeli is preferred by both domestic and
foreign investors, several automotive industries, such as Ford, Hyundai, Honda and Isuzuc
established facilities in the region.
In addition, the region is also home to giants in the tyre sector such as Goodyear, Pirelli, LassaBridgestone and Özka tires. In fact Kocaeli’s automotive industry contributes to 34.02% of Turkey’s
total automotive industry.
The chemical industry is also well represented in the region with the presence of the biggest
company in Turkey, the Turkish Petroleum Refineries Co.
Today 2,200 important industrial companies, including 252 foreign-owned accounts, are based in
Kocaeli. In fact, 26 companies of the 100 biggest companies of Turkey are based in Kocaeli and 87
companies from Kocaeli are in the country’s top 500 list.
Another important aspect of the city is that 12.4 % of Turkey’s tax revenues come from the industry
in Kocaeli. The tax revenues generated in Kocaeli are equal to the resources provided by 73 other
Turkish cities.
Furthermore, Kocaeli has a significant potential in terms of foreign trade. In 2013, the exportation
amounted to 18.421 billion USD, whereas importations of 51.457 billion USD were realised. These
values can be explained by the excellent shipping facilities that Kocaeli offers. The companies
located in Kocaeli can deliver their products all over the world thanks to 35 ports, special piers,
motorway and railway infrastructures.
Industrial Zones, Techno Parks & Free Zones in KOCAELI
The investments in Kocaeli are being encouraged in industrial zones, techno-parks and in free zones.
More precisely, 13 industrial zones, 3 techno-parks, as well as 2 free regions are located in Kocaeli.
Instead of investments in heavy industry, Kocaeli prepares for advanced technology and high valueadded investments. The techno-parks of GOSB, KOU and TÜBİTAK are planned for small
productions. The TÜBİTAK techno-park is a free zone, where important developments in software
technology are being implemented.
Qualified Human Resources for the Industry
Two universities are located in Kocaeli, with approximately 81,000 students. The Scientific Research
Institutions that are present also play an important role for the fulfillment of needs and the
development of human resources.
Advanced Facilities for Infrastructure and Environment
The most important facilities for the industries in general are transportation and natural gas
infrastructures, electricity and water demand, those are supplied via the Yuvacık Barrage
It is this sustainability that makes Kocaeli a center of attraction of investments. A strong cooperation
between the Metropolitan Municipality and the industrialists, for instance in finding new water
sources, can also be added to the positive aspects of Kocaeli.
Turkey's only hazardous waste disposal facility (İZAYDAŞ), located in Kocaeli, provides important
advantages related to environmental issues and product standards for the industrial companies.
The establishment of the first Industrial Waste Exchange contributes to the industrial recycling, and
provides an environmental encouragement and the awareness programmes combined with
Environmental Awards make a great contribution both in the province and in Marmara Region.
With regard to the telecommunication facilities, the industries benefit from good infrastructures,
above the standards of Turkey.
Life Quality
The archaeological richness of the region also paves the way for cultural tourism in Kocaeli. New
museums bring new expansion to highlight the cultural life and the economy.
Kocaeli reaches to the future with its investment capabilities, cultural background and economical
Finally, you can admire Kocaeli, by visiting the Spanca Lake, the Gulf of Izmit and beautiful
beaches, like Kefken and Kerpe, on the shore of the Black Sea. You may also visit the Kartepe
Winter Sports and Skiing Center where fun is guaranteed!
A Museum Town
Kocaeli is a city rich in museums. You can see archaeological items from the region, whose past
dates back to before antiquity, in the İzmit Archaeological Museum.
The summer house of master Ottoman-Turkish painter Osman Hamdi Bey, which was turned into a
museum, is among the places that one must see in Kocaeli.
The City Museum, and especially the museum ships Gayret, Yarhisar, and Hızır Reis, provide
valuable information on Kocaeli’s more recent past.
Joyful Nature
Kocaeli leaves those who see it in awe not only with its historic treasures, but also with its natural
riches. The Sekapark, Başiskele, and Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha parks, as well as walking trails, create
opportunities for pleasant open-air activities in the city center.
With its hot springs, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes, Kocaeli is also a city of water. In particular, the
catfish facilities around Maşukiye and Sapanca present fresh, delicious foods accompanied by views
of peerless beauty.
One cannot skip over Lake Sapanca on mention of lakes—around Lake Sapanca, one of Turkey’s
largest and most beautiful lakes, there are several settlements and holiday resorts.
The lake also offers a large variety of options for water sports. The city of Kocaeli is also deeply
connected with the sea.
The shores of Karamürsel, Değirmendere, Gölcük, Kirazlıyalı, and Tütünçiftlik connect the city and
its people to the sea.
Harikalar Coast, in Derince, is a shore on which families with children can especially have an
enjoyable time.
Those going toward the Black Sea, on the other hand, can enjoy both the sea and local delicacies on
the coasts of Kefken and Kandıra.
In Kocaeli, nature presents different aspects of its beauty in all four seasons. In the current season of
winter, Kartepe (“Snow Hill”) is an ideal venue for winter sports, particularly with its proximity to
Istanbul, Bursa, and Ankara, and its great options for accommodation.
Nature hikes and scout activities also take place frequently around Kartepe, which is suited for
winter sports November through April.
Traces of the Ottomans
Kocaeli is a basin that witnessed the founding era of the Ottoman Empire and has managed to
maintain its traditional historic texture as best as it could.
The mosques of Gebze, Kandıra Orhan Bey, Mehmet Bey, and Kara Bâli Bey; Sultan Suleiman
Bridge; Pertev Mehmet Pasha Mosque Complex; and Kasr-ı Hümayûn (the Imperial Summer House)
are the first to come to mind of the traces of the Ottomans in Kocaeli.
For the Ottomans, Kocaeli was a place of significance not only in the founding of the empire, but
also in its final times. The Mosque of Sultan Abdul Hamid II and the world-famous Hereke rugs are
among the Ottomans’ final imprints on the region.
Hereke Rugs
The factory, founded in the first half of the 19th century as a weaving factory, in time switched to
producing rugs. Many of the empire’s important buildings, most notably the palaces of Dolmabahçe
and Beylerbeyi, were furnished with Hereke rugs.
Production was occasionally paused during the Republican era. From the 1950s onward, the
production of silk Hereke rugs picked up speed once again. The silk Hereke rugs, which possess
several international awards, are among the treasures of Kocaeli that continue to receive much
interest today.
Hereke carpets are only produced in Hereke, a coastal town in Turkey, 60 km from Istanbul. The
materials used are silk, a combination of wool and cotton and sometimes gold or silver threads.
The Ottoman sultan, Abdülmecid I founded the Hereke Imperial Manufacture in 1841 to produce all
the textiles for his Dolmabahçe Palace on the Bosphorus. He gathered the best artists and carpet
weavers of the former Ottoman Empire in Hereke, where they began producing high quality rugs and
large carpets with unique patterns.
After completing work on the Dolmabahçe Palace, the Ottoman sultans used to give Hereke carpets
as gifts to selected visiting royalties, noblemen and statesmen. It was not until 1890 that some traders
in Istanbul were allowed to sell some of the pieces made at Hereke. With the end of the Ottoman
Empire the production of Hereke carpets was restricted until the middle of the 20th century when
some master-weavers in Hereke began once more to produce the carpets in continuation of the
tradition of the Ottoman palace carpets.
Yenişehir Mah. Gazi Mustafa Kemal Paşa Bul.
Konak Sok. No:19
Yenişehir İzmit 41100 Kocaeli
+90(262) 3003030
Sanayi Mah. Ömer Türkçakal Bulvarı No:26
İzmit 41200 Kocaeli
+90(262) 3354980
Körfez Mh., Cevher Dudayev Caddesi, 41090
+90 262 300 0000
Şekerpınar Mah. Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Cad.
No:43 Gebze Kocaeli
+90(262) 4449763
Yahya Kaptan Mah. Şehit Ergün Köncü Sok. No:10
Yahyakaptan İzmit 41040 Kocaeli
+90(262) 3101111
Yahya Kaptan Mah. Kandıra Yolu No:6
Yahyakaptan İzmit 41100 Kocaeli
+90(262) 3247575
Yenişehir Mah. Dönmez Sok. No:13
Yahyakaptan İzmit 41100 Kocaeli
+90(262) 3115787
Şehit Ali İhsan Çakmak Sokak No:46 Yahya Kaptan
İzmit Kocaeli
+90(262) 3111525
Şehabettin Bilgisu Cad. No:135
İzmit 41200 Kocaeli
+90(262) 3213125
M.Ali Paşa Mah. Erkan Sok. No:3
İzmit Kocaeli
+90(262) 3259595
Kozluk Mah. Salim Dervişoğlu Cad. No:33
İzmit 41200 Kocaeli
+90(262) 3252319
Çayiçi Mahallesi Sönmez Caddesi No: 47 54600
Sapanca / Sakarya
+90 264 582 52 37
Yenimahalle Inkilap Cad. No: 9
İzmit 41100, Turkey
+90 262 317 4444
Yenişehir Mahallesi Demokrasi Bulvarı No:44
İzmit / Kocaelı̇
İZMİT 41050, Turkey
444 9595
Karabaş Mahallesi.Abdurrahman Yüksel
Caddesi No:28
İzmit 41040, Turkey
+90 262 324 8484
Şehirler Arası Otobüs Terminali Karşısı
904 447 686
Yenişehir Mah. Demokrasi Bulvarı No 44
İzmit, Turkey
444 9595
Yahya Kaptan Mah.
İzmit, Turkey
904 448 244
Karabas Mah.. No:28 Kocaeli,
026 2331 9944
Erenler Mah. Turan Güneş Cad. İZMİT, Turkey
+90262 324 8484
Ovacık Mahallesi D100 Karayolu Yahyakaptan
Işıklar Karşısı Başiskele/KOCAELİ
41140, Turkey
+90 262 300 4141
Kadıköy Mah. Atatürk Bulvarı No: 2 Bekirpaşa,
İzmit, Kocaeli
İzmit, Turkey
444 4469
Yahyakaptan Mahallesi Akasyalar Caddesi
Kocaeli 41100, Turkey
444 9541
Yenişehir Mahallesi
Izmit 41050, Turkey
+90 262 318 7070
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Our vision is to provide secure, proactive and fast-pace business deals with international partners. Whether
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