ProPer email `Netiquette



ProPer email `Netiquette
Issue 12
News • Talk • Sports Weekly
August 3, 2007
Proper Email 'Netiquette
that overly sensational headlines are not usually the best choice,
as people tend to regard them as spam.
While email might be helping some of us reduce the cost of
our monthly long distance phone bills,
communication through cyberspace is
not always the best choice when it
comes to doing business. Ever sent
an angry email to someone you later
wish you hadn't? How about that time
you accidentally hit the "send" button, only to realize you've forwarded
information that wasn't intended to be
read by the person you sent it to?
Jeff Keller, President of Attitude Is Everything, works with
organizations that want to develop achievers and with sales
managers who are looking to help their people become more
positive. I recently re-read a newsletter by Keller that I'd saved,
in which he weighed-in on the subject of email. Keller offered
a half-dozen do’s and don’ts that are worth remembering in our
fast-paced cyber-business world. In Keller's words, "Take the
time to assess your own e-mail habits, and make sure to use the
technology in a way that builds rapport and accurately conveys
what you wish to communicate."
• Don't Use Exclamation Points Following Negative Words!!!
For example, following the word "no" with an exclamation
point conjures in the mind of the recipient a vision of an angry
face. Negative words, especially when capitalized, come across
as harsh and confrontational. If you want to say "no" or deliver
a negative response, that's fine. But make sure you stay away
from exclamation points as they can exaggerate the tone of
your message. Remember that email cannot convey subtle body
language or facial expressions. Therefore, use punctuation such
as exclamation points and words typed in all "caps" carefully
and sparingly.
(continued on page 3)
•Do Select Your Heading Carefully: Your email note is of no
use if the recipient doesn't open it. Many people who receive
a high volume of email will delete messages when they don't
recognize the e-mail address of the sender. So, when sending
a message to someone who isn't familiar with your address,
take the time to create a heading that attracts the interest of the
recipients and invites them to open your message. Keep in mind
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News • Talk • Sports Weekly
August 3, 2007
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Satcaster News
Houston sports fans now have four stations to feed their habit,
as KGOW joins already established H-Town Sports/Talkers
KILT, KBME and KFNC ... Mile High Sports Radio has
launched new Denver Sports/Talk KCKK and has affiliated with
Sporting News Radio ... Yet another new Sports outlet sign-on:
Cherry Creek Radio's KUNF/St. George, UT drops Oldies to
become ESPN Radio 1210 ... Simmons-owned KESL/St. Louis
drops its Urban music format to become FOX Sports Radio
WFFX ... KFTK/St. Louis overnight host Crane Durham
moves to morning drive to co-host with Jamie Allman as Allman
and Crane In The Morning, starting August 6. Concurrently, Talk
Radio Network's Phil Hendrie will move into overnights at the
Emmis FM talker.
XM Satellite Radio's NavTraffic service supporting GPS
navigation has added 29 new markets, giving XM subscribers
access to real-time traffic data in 79 U.S. cities. The new markets
include: Albany, NY; Albuquerque; Allentown; Birmingham;
Colorado Springs; Dayton; Grand Rapids; Greensboro, NC;
Greenville, SC; Harrisburg; Lancaster-York; Lincoln; Little
Rock; Louisville; Mobile; Naples, FL; New Orleans; Oklahoma
City; Omaha; Portsmouth, NH; Raleigh; Richmond, VA;
Rochester, NY; Spokane; Syracuse; Toledo; Tucson; Tulsa; and
Wilkes Barre.
Network/Syndication Aircheck
Producer Chad Wilkinson exits Westwood One after four
years to become a Production Director at XM Satellite Radio
... Syndicated Solutions' Travel Today With Peter Greenberg
inks WIOD/Miami as its 140th affiliate ... Envision Radio
Networks' Washington Monthly on the Radio adds KABQ/
Albuquerque, while the network's American Biker Minute
adds WSNN/Watertown, NY ... FOX Sports Radio adds new
affiliates KUPA/Pearl City HI; WLRT/Hampton Roads, VA;
WJLG/Savannah, GA; and KBST/Big Spring, TX ... Meryl
Gitter Michon has been tapped as Producer for Premiere Radio
Networks’ Wake Up With Whoopi show, hosted by Whoopi
Goldberg and Paul "Cubby" Bryant ... Meanwhile, Whoopi
adds daily co-hosting duties at ABC-TV's The View, filling the
chair most recently occupied by Rosie O'Donnell ... Talk Shows
USA's affiliation crew has been busy adding KMAJ/Topeka and
KFXD/Boise (Cigar Dave Show); CINW/Montreal, (ChickChat
Radio); KFXD/Boise (Tom Gresham's Gun Talk); WMOV/
Ravenswood, WV (Bobby Likis Car Clinic); and WSBA/York,
PA, KFXD/Boise and KTBB/Tyler, TX (The Money Pit Home
Improvement Show) ... WARL/Attleboro, MA (Providence)
adds Sally Jessy Raphael's independently syndicated radio
show ... Clout! with Richard Greene moves from weekends on
Air America Radio to a new 8-10pm weeknight slot, starting
September 4.
Gig Alerts
Clear Channel News/Talker WSCC/Charleston, SC is looking
for a PD. Get your package to OM Brad Kelly, 950 Houston
Northcutt Boulevard, Mt. Pleasant, SC, 29464 ... WBAL/
Baltimore is seeking a full-time talk host. Send audio and resume
to Jeff Beauchamp, [email protected] ... Radio One is
seeking both a VP/Marketing and a VP/Online Programming for
the Urban radio company. Get details and apply at ... KPAM/Portland is seeking a PD with five
or more years' experience. Email your info to [email protected]
Hall Of Fame President
Actor Robert Vaughn portrayed President Franklin D. Roosevelt
during the "75th Anniversary Salute To FDR" held recently at
The Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago. More
than 1,800 people were on hand to welcome "FDR,” as the former
president was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.
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News • Talk • Sports Weekly
August 3, 2007
(continued from page 1)
• Do Count To 10 Before Sending An Email Message If
You're Angry: Have you ever been really annoyed and began to
type an email to let the other person know just how you feel, but
right before you clicked "send" you re-read the note and decided
it was overly combative? The truth is, if you were face-to-face
with the other person, you probably wouldn't say what you just
typed. But because the other person isn't right in front of you, it's
easier to let it all hang out. So take some time to cool off before
sending an email note. You'll often choose to dial down your
language, and usually be glad you did.
• Don't Repeat The Sender’s Message In Your Reply: Have
you noticed that you are getting more and more email where
your own message – in full – is copied into the top of the reply?
In these situations it takes a lot of scrolling down just to get to
the sender’s message. There’s nothing wrong with excerpting
relevant portions of the email you received and then give your
reply. But don't just cut and paste the whole thing.
•Do Add A Personal Touch To Get Your Foot In The Door:
When an email is an obvious form letter, most of us tend to
discard it instantly. So be sure your message shows you have
taken the time to personalize it to the recipient. That’s the way to
get their attention.
•Don’t Use Email When There’s A Better Option: It's easy
to become so dependent on email that you tend to always use it
to communicate. That's a mistake. There are many times when
a phone call or even a personal meeting is the better option.
People are thinking, feeling beings - not robots. For example, if
you are planning to promote or fire someone, e-mail is not your
best option. Also, if you haven't spoken to someone in a long
time, consider a phone call rather than an email. You can hear
the person's voice and connect at a deeper level. Email is also
not the best choice when discussing a topic that is complicated,
detailed or that requires frequent exchanges of feedback. No
matter how fast you type, it's much easier to discuss certain
issues in person or on the phone.
Contact NTS Aircheck
NTS Aircheck
1102 17th Ave. South Suite 205
Nashville, TN 37212
Al Peterson: 858-486-7559
Brooke Trissel: 512-218-8228
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