No. 153
MARCH 1995
995 M
HIS size, structure, confident
marmer and savoir-faire all
armounce it - British giant
Selwyn Cotterell is a man born to
become a powerful bodybuilder.
Join him for a pec blitz that will
have you sticking your chest out
with pride ................ 130
On our cover this month are Lee
Apperson and Melissa Coates.
Photo: Art Zeller
Can you believe the luck of some
people? Tom Varga claims that
he's always been so genetically
gifted that he had to cut down on
leg training because his quads
grew too fa~t! ............ . 67
Bodybuilding is a sport of
maximums. The older we get the
harder it is for us to retain much
of the mass and power of youth.
..................... 102 Willem S. van der Merwe dares
to challenge Greg Zulak's views
of how heavy-duty training is
perceived by the majority of
lifters ... could he be right? . . 174
If someone you trusted told you
he knew of not one, not two, but
three ways in which you could
build yourself a great back,
would you be pleased? If your
answer is yes, then be prepared to
let Will Brink make you happy .
.. . ............. .. . ... 20 A proflle of the lady and her
triceps. . .... . . ..... .... . 148
This month in our Star Proflle
we feature one of the fastest - rising
young bodybuilders of the last
five years, Craig Titus ..... . 202
"Cory Everson - " Since I quit
competing in 1989 I've maintain­
ed my muscle tone, size and
defin ition by doing a half-hour
worko t hree
a week."
" Dorian Yates ­ Written on the
wall of his Temple Gym in
Birm ingham, England, "To all
those who doubted me, kisS
" Dave Fisher and Sue Price ..
"~~~:~:aul to long·fime girlfrier
" Mike Dayton and Cheryl
Van Damme to
Darcy LaPier
UlWUU~J In' '-n~~J
L_"_B~e~rrry~'a_D_e_M_e_y_a_n_d_g_i_rl_fr_ie_n_d_~ AT ~HE WORLD OfMlJSCjlES!
that matt ers_to
'...:. b.. :.ei__
" 9_ __
matters ,.. Is my cal, MUllchkin."
Newest Fad
The who's·that·
and Maria.
• To Achim Albrecht and Dayna,
• To Vince Taylor and wife Randy,
Junior Vincent Anthony
Most Dubious
The "Wow, we didn't
know" Department
Country music star Sandra Lee,
MCing the NPC Las Vegas Classic
last October, announced one
petite young female bodybuilding
contestant as being " 105 years
old! " In actual fact, the young
lady, in her early twenties,
weighed 105 pounds.
A publishing trade magazine
pOinted out that MuscleMag
International has more color
photographs than any other
monthly magazine in the world!
I'll stand by you and
promote you until my dying
breath" Award
Peter McGough who loyally
supports, promotes and publi·
cizes three-time Mr. Olympia and
fellow Brit, Dorian Yates
Growing ...
- Manfred HoeberJ's arms! ,
-Women's fitness contests
-Joe Weider's publishing and
supplement business
- The number of pages and
photographs in MuscleMag
Most Dubious , Muscle Sculpture Shirley Klinghoffer's "Strengthen" - a sculpture to emphasize mind·building Most Dubious Offer
Frank Hillebrand, exhausted after
a strenuous cover photo-session,
was tempted to once again rise
to the occasion for King and
Country . •
- Fabio - "To the man who thin ks
I'm gay, I say, "Then you don't
mind if I date yo ur wi fe, eh?"
- Joe Weider giving Musc/eMag
the thumbs up
Dubious Writing Awards
The "Yes, it happened!"
- Photographer Jim Amentler's
awesomely inept attempt to
mount Marla Duncan's horse!
oTim Lyons brawling at a Jack
LaLanne Health Club, bit his
opponent's nose, tore it o ff with
his teeth. stood up, turned and
spat it out before a horrif ied
crowd of ontookers. Lat er he
blamed his behavior on steroids.
oTo gain the minim um heig ht re­
quirement for sumo wrestling ,
Takeji Harada had six inches
of silicone implanted under his
oJoe Gold apparently complain­
ed to Arnold S that "things at
World Gym are not like they
used to be," whereupon the Oak
promptly handed back his chair­
manship and ownership of the
successful gym chain.
oln early January, Italy's top·
selling newspaper, Republica.
carried a front-page report that
Lou Ferrigno had died.
-Bob Fuchs, husband of Nicole
Bass. and owner of the Natural
Physique Center in NYC, under­
went surgical tongue
- To make sure Joe Weider was
suitably Impressed. Kevin
Levrone wenl lnto the wash­
room at t he Weider o ffices to
pump up his arms before taking
his shirt off for Ihe Master
- After placing poorly in women 's
pro conlests. Marie Mahabir
had a nose job and immediately
placed well in the Ms. Olympia
contest in Atlanta.
Best Writer
Best Gossip Writer
Peter McGough (Flex)
Best Training Articles
Greg Zulak (MuscleMag,
lronman, MO)
Most Thorough
Contest Report
Arnold Classic 1994 (Muscle Mag
Top Personal
Experience Feature
"To Hell And Back" by Dick
Hathaway (Iron man, Dec. '94)
Best E:Jitorial
" MuscleMag Celebrates Its
Twentieth Year" by Johnny
Fitness (MuscleMag International,
Sept. '94)
Best Retrospective Article
"My First 70 Years in the
Iron Game" by John Grimek
(MuscleMag International, Oct. '94)
NEW S Canada's presence at the Olympia was
impressive, yet failed to have its
deserved impact.
I write this, the cold winds of
autumn are upon us with Old Man Winter
just around the comer. The 1994 body­
builcting season has wound down with the
fmal pro event of the season now history.
Of course, this year's Olympia was dif­
ferent with the Masters, Mr. and Ms. all
held the same weekend. I feel a bit sad that
the Ms. Olympia is not being held in late
November in New York City as in past
years. Late fall is always a great time to visit
New York as the city is alive with Christmas
decorations and the holiday festive spirit.
I will miss the traditional New York Ms.
Olympia, which was the final pro show of
the season. I really feel that combining the
Ms. Olympia with the Mr. Olympia takes
something away from this exciting women's
competition. Perhaps the Masters and Ms.
could be run successfully as a separate
show. How about it, Wayne? We need a
pro event in late fall to end the season with
a loud bang.
On the subject of the Mr. Olympia I
was most disappointed at how Canada's
Henderson Thome was literally ignored.
Henderson was in terrific shape and pre­
sented a formidable package. I honestly felt
that he should have been up near the middle
of the pack. Out of the 23 competitors
Henderson was better than at least ha'lf of
them. Oddly he was totally ignored in the
prejudging and not called out for any com­
parison poses. Give me a break. The guy
deserved much better treatment than this.
'----- - - _/ He should at least have been compared to
several of the other competitors. In 1994
he was the winner of a major pro show (the
Niagara Falls Pro International), and his
condition at the Olympia was just as good .
Why he was overlooked is a question that I
can't answer. Perhaps the judges can. I do
think that his position onstage in the lineup
hurt him. Wearing number 23, he was the
last guy out, and was left standing in the
shadows at the rear of the stage in the
lineup. With 23 of the world's best pro
athletes to judge it is very easy to ignore
someone stancting in shadows at the back
of the stage.
Henderson is a heck of a nice guy, and I
felt his frustration following the prejudging
when Bob Kennedy, Johnny Fitnes.~ and I
were walking through the parking lot and
ran into a very disappointed and frustrated
Thome. Henderson just threw up his hands,
shrugged his shoulders, and exclaimed,
"Man, I just don't know what I have to
do!" We all agreed and offered him moral
support; however, Henderson had a good
point. What does he have to do?
This year's Olympia was not the best that
I have witnessed. Dorian Yates won more
or less by default. He certainly was not in
his best condition and no one really chal­
lenged him. Granted, Shawn Ray and
Kevin Levrone were in terrific shape, but
they still lack Yates's colossal mass and
thick proportions. Only transplanted
Canadian Paul Dillett has the same kind of
potential for huge mass as Yates possesses.
In fact, if Yates were to be defeated at this
year's event, many felt that it would be
Dillett who could pull it off. Paul did
manage a fourth-place fmish, which was
well out of the expected first place. When
he is just standing relaxed, Dillett is
awesome. His structure is unbelievable. His
yard-wide shoulders taper to the smallest of
waists, his thighs flare out to astounding
proportions, and he has the most amazing
calves in pro bodybuilding. However, it
seems that a lot of his remarkable impact is
lost during the compulsory poses. For some
reason his full potential just does not come
across. When he flexes, his muscles don't
seem to swell and striate like those of Ray
or Levrone, who are just the opposite.
They appear to almost explode with rock­
hard muscularity and striations whenever
they hit a pose. I sincerely hope that Paul
can make something happen with his tre­
mendous potential. He is a Mr. Olympia
just waiting to blast to the top.
The Ms. Olympia this year resulted in
some controversy as many felt that popular
Laura Creavalle should have knocked off
reigning champion Lenda Murray. Laura
was in spectacular condition and in my opin­
ion should have been declared the winner. I
am sure that much will be written regarding
this unpopular decision.
We had two Canadians at the cham­
pionships, Ontario's muscular Laura
Binetti and B.C.'s streamlined Sharon
Bruneau. Laura presented tremendous
muscle size and muscularity which was
superior to most of the field; however, she
does not have the kind of aesthetic look
that the judges want in a Ms. Olympia. Her
thick muscle density was rewarded with an
II th-place finish . In contrast the beautiful
Sharon, now living in California, had shed
considerable muscle and appeared too small
and drawn to really be competitive. She
failed to place, and I am told that she may
drop out of bodybuilding events and pursue
Ms. Fitness competitions. Certainly she has
the structure and necessary attractiveness to
do well in these fitness events.
Speaking of top Canadian women body­
builders, newcomer Melissa Coates of
Thunder Bay, Ontario caught us all off
guard by taking the middleweight title at
the '94 Canada. Now this is one sexy,
attractive lady, and she has a great per­
sonality to go along with her looks. Top
this off with a highly intelligent brain, and,
boy, do you have a winner! Following the
Canada Melissa and I got to be pretty good
friends. (Hell, why not? I am single!) Any­
way Melissa's parents are doctors, and she
was on her way in that direction as well but
has taken a break from her studies for the
time being. She likes bodybuilding and
competition, and at one time was a nation­
ally ranked junior tennis champion.
I was fortunate enough recently to do a
photo shoot with Melissa, and what a treat
this was! Beats photographing guys any
day! The girl is a pleasure to work with,
never complaining and always giving that
little bit extra to make sure that you get the
very best photos. I am most impressed with
Andrew Box was the only competitor
in the bantamweight class, but he was
nonetheless a deserving winner. Robert
Lachance took the lightweights with a build
that was both wide and massive. The
middleweight class came down to a fight
between an impressive Kevin Benta and
veteran Frank Scardino, who made a
strong comeback to competition in '94. The
judges finally chose Benta for fust place
with Scardino close on his heels in second.
The light heavyweight title went to Junior
Black who, with shaved head (a Sergio
look?), striated glutes ("cut butt"), and
zippered quads, was a crowd favorite. The
heavyweight class loaded the stage with
major beef as 10 big men took their places
in the lineup. Huge Greg Kovacs (256
pounds) as usual brought the crowd to
fever pitch, but it was the magnificently
symmetrical physique of Freddie Antwi,
chiseled like a work of art, that prevailed ...
and subsequently triumphed in the men's
overall as well.
Ontario Championships overall
Melissa and feel she has the potential to go
a long way in whatever field she chooses.
She mentioned in a recent letter that she
was just heading to California to do some
photo shoots and play in a movie by Albert
Pyun called Prey Harder with Sue Price,
Sharon Bruneau, Debbie Muggli and Dave
Fisher. It is a futuristic production in which
cyborgs battle humans. Melissa promises to
keep me updated on the movie. Good luck,
Melissa. We at MuscleMag are all pulling
for you. Look for future features on
Melissa and how she trains.
Bruce Patterson is doing well in California.
His training is right on target as he plans
to make his pro debut next May 7th at the
Montreal Canada Cup m and pro show.
He confessed that he is a bit homesick and
intends to take a trip home for the Christmas
holidays. It's hard for a young lad to leave
the hospitality of the Maritimes where his
friends and family all live to head out to the
fantasy world of California. Often people
and things in LA are not what they seem to
be. But big Bruce has a good head on his
massive shoulders and he handles himself
well. He will make a good pro and serve
as an inspiration to all the teenage body­
builders out there.
From the nation's capital we have the
results of the 1994 Ontario championships.
Ottawa-area promoters Larry and Sue
Champagne displayed their usual talent for
organization, and despite somewhat small
entries in a few classes, the fans had plenty
to cheer about with a strong field of compe­
titors who had previously qualified in level
2 contests around the province. Bodybuild­
ing Ontario, headed by Mark Baker,
president, and Barb Stadelman, vice­
president, provides a proving ground for
many top-notch athletes who go on to
national prominence.
Although Ontario has a wealth of
excellent female bodybuilders, the women
were less well represented, number-wise, at
these championships than the m~n. Call it
quality in place of quantity. Nicole
Marcou,,, took the lightweights, Tania
Crabbe the middleweights, and Amanda
Aivaliotis the heavyweights . In a tight
posedown for overall honors, Crabbe was
victorious over the heavily favored
Aivaliotis, the latter being awarded the Best
Poser trophy for the women. Freddie Antwi
won Best Poser for the men.
Chalk up another success for Champagne
Promotions. And that's it for me till next
month . ...
;::;>" 1

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