ShadowCon Talk (Graham Fletcher)



ShadowCon Talk (Graham Fletcher)
Becoming a Better Storyteller
Graham Fletcher
email: [email protected]
twitter: @gfletchy
a story
the math world we live
• the cause of missing the mark
• effect of not telling an accurate story
• how to right the ship
Textbooks and assessments don’t tell us
what to teach…standards do.
It is possible to over-emphasize the
importance of simplifying fractions in this
way. There is no mathematical reason
why fractions must be written in simplified
form, although it may be convenient to do
so in some cases.
Simplifying fractions is one-way thinking
Thinking equivalence is a 2-way street
I put that
on everything!!!
Let the wild rumpus begin!
Let the wild rumpus begin!
Know Your Standards
Be a Wise Consumer
standards 1st
textbooks 2nd
Things I consider when looking at standards:
draw it or use tools to support understanding
be dumb…surround yourself with brilliance
be vulnerable
Find one standard in the grade level you teach
and discover something new about it. Post it to
the message board.
What’s your simplifying fractions? Is there
something you currently teach that isn’t in the
standards? Do you see something being taught
that isn’t in the standards.