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Get to know about Slam Poetry
and the poets.
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JAN, 2013 2013
protect your
Friendship falloutur might
Bel Bivah is just one type of
marriage. Three more to go.
Moving mountains with words
We present you all about Slam Poetry and the
poets! Including the sneak peek at their works and
their story as a slam poet.
Anil Shahi shares how wild
and focused he was.
The tale of the global
moderator, Niraz Giri
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Entertainment Youtube Playlist
Have a thing for East-Asian movies?
Well, how about watching some
romantic comedies on Youtube?
Risa, a tall Japanese girl, gets
rejected by a boy because she is taller
than him. Otani, a short Japanese
guy, gets rejected by a girl because
he is shorter than her. They are
nowhere near to a good match.Well,
love doesn’t always follow such logic
as Lovely Complex shows.
Sunny (Korean)
Chun-Hwa, Jang-Mi, JinHee, Geum-Ok, Bok-Hee
and Su-Ji come to her
savior when a new high
school transfer student
Na-Mi gets bullied. Na-Mi
becomes part of their
group. These seven girls
then form their own group
named “Sunny”.
lled Love (Thai)
A Crazy Little Thing Ca
Suck Seed (Thai)
Lovely Complex (Japan
Ped had never listened to Rock music
until his classmate, Ern made him. From
then on she became his secret crush.
Destiny takes a roll, separates them and
unites them after six years when Ped
and his friend, Koong decide to form
a rock band along with another school
mate Ex to impress girls.
Hello Stranger (Thai)
Coincidence or the wants
of two young Thai souls is
what this movie is all about.
With agreed terms the man
and woman decide to tour
South Korea keeping their
identity a secret. When it’s
time to depart, will they fall
for each other or will they
say goodbye.
An ordinary 14-year-old girl, Nam is
talented, funny but has plain looks. She
has her secret crush over the most
popular senior, Shone. Every girl goes
crazy about him which makes hard for
Nam to grab his attention. But Nam is
determined, grabs every possibility to
get noticed by the boy she loves.
Love You You (Chinese)
Do good girls fall for bad
guys eventually? May be yes,
may be no. But the movie
portrays a young owner of
the island’s beach resort
suspected for illegal business
practices. Xia Mi who is a
Law rm employee is sent to
a picturesque tropical island
to investigate You Lele as an
undercover agent.
From Me to You (Japan
Gained popularity but in
every wrong way, Sawako
Kuronuma is named
“Sadako” by her classmates
because of her similar hair
cut with the main character of
a horror movie “Ringu” and
therefore, no one befriends
her. However, her life takes a
turn when most popular boy
falls for her.
Your New Best Friend
Focus Models (2):
1.Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TF1
• Certi ed waterproof, dustproof,
shockproof and freezeproof,
• Stunning 16.1 megapixels with 4x
optical zoom,
• 1/2.3” Super HAD CCD Sensor
Imaging Sensor in a 152g body,
• 720p HD Movie Recording
• Optical SteadyShot™ image
• 360° Sweep Panorama,
• Beauty Effects, Sweep Panorama,
Face Detection upto 8 faces and
Smile Shutter™ technology
• Dimensions of 102.4mm x 62.0mm
x 22.7mm
Price: 27, 499
• Waterproof down to 197 feet
• Impervious to dirt, dust, mud, snow,
rain, and grime.
• SteadyShot™ image stabilization
• Wi-Fi Enabled : Send to
Smartphone, Control with
• Powerful recording capabilities of
HD SLOW 2x (1280 x 720, 60p),
HD SLOW 4x (1280 x 720, 120p)
that shoot slow motion and Full
HD (1920x1080 30p), STD HD
(1280x720, 30p) and SD VGA
(640x480, 30p).
Price: Rs. 43,499
Other Line Up (6):
3.Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W710
• Sensational 16.4MP Pixel Gross in
a 97mm x 55.1mm x 20mm body
• Smart Zoom® Technology
2.Sony HDR-AS15 HD Action
• Striking 1/2.3” Super HAD CCD
Sensor Imaging Sensor weighing
only 114g.
• ISO upto 3200
• 2.7” Clear Photo™ LCD (230K dots)
• SteadyShot™ Image Stabilization
• In-Camera Editing : Trimming / Red
Eye Correction / Unsharp Masking
Price:Rs. 11,999
• Compact Action Camera in a 65g
• Approx.24.5mm x 47.0mm x
• Carl Zeiss® Tessar® Lens with
AF2.8 Aperture
• 1/2.3” (7.77mm) back-illuminated
Exmor® R CMOS Imaging Sensor
with BIONZ® image processor
4.Sony DSC-WX200
• Smallest 54x92x22mm camera
ever seen to use a standard 1/2.3in
• 121g Alumunium Body
• Instant sharing with built-in Wi• 10.0x Optical Zoom in a Compact
• 2.7 inch LCD screen size with
460,800 pixels
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  • Powerful 18.2 megapixel Exmor
R™ CMOS and BIONZ™ Image
• Optical SteadyShot for Image
Stabilization with fast AutoFocus
and Blur-free videos
• Full HD Movie ( (1920 x 1080 60i)
with Optical SteadyShot
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• 360-Degree Intelligent Sweep
• Accessorise your Cyber-shot with
cases, tripods and extra batteries
Price: Rs. 30,499
5.Sony DSC -WX80
• Rich 16.2 Megapixel Backilluminated Exmor® R CMOS Image
Sensor with 10fps burst power
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mode-up to 360° with the addition of
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wide and up to 360° full circle shots
• High-quality 6.2MP Exmor® R
CMOS sensor with superb quality
Carl Zeiss® VarioTessar lens in a
92.3mm x 52.5mm x 22.5mm body
• Weight of only 124g with built-in
wi• PlayMemories compatible with
Android™ and iOS®
• Back up images on a networkconnected PC or view content on
your compatible TV
• Crystal-clear, high-resolution
movies with Full HD 1080/60i
AVCHD™ video capture
• Optical SteadyShot™ image
stabilization with Active Mode
compensates for camera shake
by countering camera movements
in both horizontal and vertical
• ISO upto 12800
• 2.7’’ ClearPhoto™ LCD (230K dots)
LCD screen
Price: Rs. 24, 499
Tech Realm Game Review
Love gaming, but don’t really want to commit yourself to playing
games with pre-defined story lines? Well, how about building
your skills with something short and sweet, like FIFA 13!
IFA 13 is the latest edition of
EA Sports FIFA videogame
series, which simulates
high quality gameplay
of football in a video game. FIFA
13 is compatible on most gaming
platforms including Microso
Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation
3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation
Vita, PlayStation Portable, Wii U,
Nintendo 3DS and iOS. With its
demo downloaded a record 1.99
million times within three days of
launching and its worldwide sales
reaching 4.5 million units within 5
days, it is the biggest video game
launch of 2012 and is arguably the
most popular football video game
series of present time.
Along with building on
remarkable features introduced
in previous versions, FIFA 13 also
includes new features that make
game play more convenient,
thrilling and realistic. e game
allows gamers to choose from
30 different leagues in the world
allowing for wide range of interests
and inclinations with an addition of
Saudi Professional League for the
first time in the series’ history. In
addition to leagues, FIFA 13 also
includes 46 international teams
featuring the return of Paraguay
and Czech Republic aer being
dropped last year and India, Bolivia
and Venezuela aer 11 years.
Speaking of teams, FIFA 13 has an
awesome new feature known as
FIFA Ultimate Team, which allows
gamers build their own teams
from real players and compete in
divisions and tournaments online.
As gamers complete games, they
are awarded coins to spend on
enhancing their teams. Gamers
can also check out Seasons mode
where players advance through
an online league by competing
against players of similar skill
levels. It involves choosing a real
world-team to play as, and an
online player with similar skills
and team ratings will appear as an
opponent. As gamers earn points,
they get promoted in the league.
If you have been a fan of career
mode in FIFA, you will be delighted
to learn that FIFA 13 allows you
to manage both an international
team as well as a club except if
you are MAChead (like me!) as we
are only allowed to make offers to
get players in national teams, not
manage one. FIFA 13 also features
26 stadium, including two new
actual ones: Toenham Hotspur’s
White Hart Lane and Saudi
Arabia’s King Fahd International
Stadium and one new generic
stadium. You won’t, however, be
able to spot FC Barcelona’s Camp
Nou stadium in FIFA 13. Few
additional commentary voices and
celebrations also form a part of the
new version.
If you are gaming and football
enthusiast, this is the game for you.
As the game can be made short, you
can avoid spending too much time
and yet get great entertainment
concurrently. For teens, who love
football but think that gaming’s not
their cup of tea, this might just give
you the right start for your gaming
Happy Gaming Folks!
Tech Realm iCandy
Xperia-nce Priceless
Forwarding the saga of the legendary
Xperia series, Xperia L, the trim black
and silver beast roars this month as the
perfect mid-range Android phone to slip
back in your pocket, and it comes with a
free Sony Zx100A headphone too.
If this 137g of a powerhouse, worth
Rs. 31999, is your rst Android phone,
you will not struggle with it; it’s easypeasy and it’s PlayStation certi ed to
The design of the phone is what
makes Xperia L such a lustful piece
of meat. The sleek matte body with
an arched back ts comfortably in
your hands and packed with the
powerful Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, it
is an animal to reckon with. With the
edges holding the micro-USB port,
a 3.5mm headphone jack, a volume
rocker, a big, silver power button and
a dedicated camera shutter button,
Xperia L is one of the most visually
interesting phones to date. To add to
the cool factor, the at front and the
concave back gives the impression
that the entire phone is curved.
The body holds the dynamic
power of the dual core Qualcomm
Snapdragon S4 processor with the
integrated Qualcomm Adreno 305
GPU, 1 GB memory, 4 GB storage,
expandable storage upto 32GB for
photos and videos, Bluetooth 4.0,
an NFC module and a 8 MP camera
packed in a scratch-proof Schott
Glass. The display recognizes up
to four ngers simultaneously and
executes multi-touch gestures like
pinch to zoom with precision while
the screen parcels a 854x480-pixel
resolution and a pixel density of 227
pixels per inch. The high tones from
the speakers are very precise and
there are no distortions at higher
The Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
software is responsive and deals apps
and games in smooth animations.
Xperia L has taken a bold risk with
a signi cant interface changes with
does include the usual multiple
homescreens but the settings are
more augmented, coherent and useful
to experiment with and although
version Android 4.2 is already
available, it is not very often used due
to some persistent issues such as
users report system crashes, reduced
battery runtimes and Bluetooth
problems. Moreover, the 3D chips in
the mobile runs games like a breeze.
Xperia L boasts Sony’s Exmor RS
image processor with a single LED
ash, 720p video recording, HDR and
panorama modes. Dubbed as “camera
experts’ camera phone” by Sony, a
backside-illuminated sensor has the
sensor’s circuitry on the rear rather
than at the front, so there’s no wiring
in the way of light reaching the sensor
making shooting better in poor lighting
conditions. The camera automatically
exposes the picture several times and
can show large brightness differences
with more details compared to the
standard picture mode. The Xperia
L has a VGA webcam for video calls
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  while the rear lens is housed inside of
a raised silver ring to protect it from
contact when it’s lying on a table.
Xperial L is indubitably a Sony fan’s
favorite puppy. This pleasantly
surprising phone has the best value
for money and it is just awesome
when you don’t have to sacri ce
aesthetics for price.
De nitely have a look at Sony’s other
line-up below:
Rs. 61, 400
Rs. 17,999
Rs. 25,500
Rs. 15,999
Rs. 41,999
Note: Sony is providing a training
workshop on “DSC fundamentals” on
13th September 2013 from 1 PM to 3
PM. Last date to register at
your nearest Sony dealer is 12th
September 2013. Sony provides
similar workshops twice a
month. Another workshop by Bravia is
being held on 26th September 2013.
ere are a handful of us who seek to be loved,
aaccepted, admired, cared for and then there
are the other handful of us, just yearning to be
heard. For all the poets who want to be heard
yet are hidden out there in every nook and
cranny, right here in Kathmandu, the wave of
“Spoken Word Poetry” has been a fresh breath.
Illustration: Sunil Maharjan (ECS Media)
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  Putting Words on Fire !
When emotions find words and words find voices.
first heard about slam poetry
when the US Embassy and
ixote’s Cove called out for
application to participate in first
slam poetry workshop to be held
in Nepal followed by competition.
It was 2010. I checked out what
slam was and immediately fell
in love with the genre. Who
wouldn’t just love it? It is a
genre that almost mixed two
other genres of arts – poetry and
performance, where poets recite
their poems in theatrical manner.
I have always loved both
poems and performances. But
sadly, due to some problems,
I couldn’t take part in the
workshop which I regreed a lot
later. I regreed more every time
I watched videos on YouTube of
Sarah Kay and her partner Phil
Kaye. I regreed more every time
I heard about slam poetry events
that happened around the town
because I couldn’t go as I didn’t
know anything about it. Even
if I had a vague idea about slam
poetry, I wasn’t really sure about
honing it until I met Sarah for
I had already started posting
poems on the Facebook group
page of Word Warriors when
Sarah was in town. e group
was formed aer the first slam
event and had been active in
Sarah Kay workshop with Word Warriors. Photo by Ujjwala Maharjan
organizing various ones in
the city and beyond including
performances around the city
and open session on Skype with
Sarah Kay. So when there were
notices regarding Sarah being
in town and doing a workshop,
everybody was prey excited. But
I was more scared for I thought I
wouldn’t be able to perform in a
stage. A friend of mine made me
take part in the workshop just to
make sure I met Sarah and get
inspired. So when I did meet her
up close in person, not only I got
mesmerized by I realized that she
was just another human being.
at and her amazing workshop
about writing slam poems and
performing them helped me
gain confidence and be a slam
poet. What we basically did in
the workshop was get familiar
with the techniques and styles.
Aerwards, when there was an
event “Sarah K in K-Town”, I
jumped in along with a few others
when the participants were given
opportunities to perform. My
poem had a line (I wrote it as an
assignment) of a famous song by
Eric Clapton “Tears in Heaven”
which I forgot when performing.
For a while I froze and tried
Cover Story
Word Warriors with students of Kopila Valley, children’s
home & school, Surkhet. Photo by Nayan Pokharel
my best to remember the lines.
ankfully, someone from the
audience started the song and it
all came back to me.
at was November 2012.
It was what could have been
horrible but turned out as
wonderful performance for me.
Aerwards, I got more confident
and more into performing that I
felt like this is what I want to do.
For many people like me, who
Word Warriors with students from North Point HSS in
Jhapa after a workshop. Photo by Nayan Pokharel
Sarah Kay teaching at Thames College with Word Warriors
in Dec 2,2012. Photo by Ujjwala Maharjan
has learnt about slam watching
videos of foreign slam poetry,
geing chance to learn it and
do it was amazing. Also, there
is this different charm about
it. I have seen many poets
including myself performing one
in events just by seeing other
poets’ performances. And I have
seen audiences being moved
by a performance. e roaring
laughter across the venue and
the tears flowing from the eyes. I
have seen people who otherwise
seemed shy shining in the crowd
when performing. Young people
from various backgrounds
bonding over their common
Although slam poetry is fairly
new genre in comparison to
other genres of art, its popularity
is increasing in full speed. With
each event, slam poetry has been
able to reach more people than
the last one. With workshops
and events inside and outside
the valley, it has been able to
reach hearts of lile boys and
girls and men and women. It has
given chances to people who
otherwise remained hidden and
unheard. Chances to express
and be who they are. Chances
to shine. Chances to rise like a
star. Chances to people like me to
explore and learn on the way to
fulfill their dreams.
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  Birat Shrestha at QC Awards Poetry Slam 2013.
Photo by Nayan Pokharel
How do they feel?
Samip Dhungel
“Slamming as a
member of Word
warriors has been
an enriching
experience. I have
met marvelous
people, people
that inspire me and hopefully
have been able to inspire a
few minds at least, through
performances and Workshops.
Spoken Word poetry has been
to me as growing up is to a
normal kid.”
Sneha Manandhar
“I knew about Rap
Battles as we all
grew up watching
‘8 Mile’. But,
somehow I had
been oblivious to
the fact that something like that
existed in a milder manner.
Where people weren’t dissing
each other, where there is
no hate shed around for no
reason. Slam poetry is all I
could have ever asked for. Just
a simple play of words, a few
movements here and there,
maybe even singing some
verses, and once you’re heard,
you know that your words have
moved and touched at least
one soul.”
Battling with spoken words
The Word Warriors
Married at 17
Her dreams were crushed
into ne red powder
which she wore in a straight line
along the partition of her hair.
Yukta Bajrach
Anudeep Dew
Hemantika Pa
You’re like a circle with a twist in
the middle
Because you go round and round
in my head and thoughts clash
and I’m confused which path
to follow and that my friend is a
never ending process
So, you’re my circle with a twist in
the middle, you are my in nity.
I am the house built by bricks
of words,
Cemented and sealed by the
scratch of pen on paper
I am an expression,
I am a sentiment,
I am a poem
Nasala Chitr
adawno ove.wordpress.com
The empty space in the double bed
that you share
The silence in your room in full
volume she would hear
Your presence lingering in the empty
seat as they’d sit to dine
How will she even ll the void that
you’ve left behind?
' Ghimire
Gunjan 'Eco
d}n] p;nfO{ dfof u/],
p;n] dnfO{ afn lbPg,
p;n] To;nfO{ dfof u/L,
To;n] p;nfO{ afn lbPg,
v'lrË Û
Cover Story
This is a group largely focused for the public to express
their feelings in words, be it anger or frustration, rebellion or
sarcasm, love or nostalgia.
r'/fsf] uLt
Samip Dhu
idlingidols.word be Channel)
hdfgfsf] s'/f xf] /]
d}n] t e'ª\u|f] eGg] hGt' b]Vof klg 5}g
sfnf], l3g nfUbf], xfjf vfGYof] clg cfuf] cf]slNyof] /]
cfdf To:t} bfgjx?;Fu ef8fs'6L v]Nb} x'ls{g' ef]
cfdfsf] ToxL ;fxf;n] ubf{ cfh 3/df dfd kfS5
cfdfsf r'/fx? lbge/ vGsLG5g\
cfdf klg oftf ptf ul5{g\
a;\ Û n'ufdf ;fa'g nufpbf Kof6–Kof6 km'65g\ Sof/]
slxn] sflxF cfdf afFemf] xftn] n'uf k;f/l5g\
t/ lsg xf] s'GgL afafnfO{ cfdfsf] afFemf] xft dgkb}{g
afafnfO{ cfdfn] wk]8L df/]sf] dg kb}{g ls ?
afafnfO{ r'/fv'a dgkg]{ xf] Û
af sf] s/f af n] g} hfg'g\
dnfO{ t cfdfsf] xftsf] r'/f r'krfk a;]sf] x]g{ /x/ nfU5
What is Word Warriors?
Ujjwala Mahar
You can search for her videos
on Youtube
Word Warriors is a spoken word group in Nepal formed in
December 2010. The group holds more than 1000 members, also
known as warriors, many of whom update their poems on a regular
basis on the facebook page Word Warriors: A Poetry Slam Group.
The members believe in the power of spoken word poetry to bring
about inspiration and change in the society. Its vision is to create a
platform for individuals, especially the youth, to express themselves
and share their stories. The warriors get together once a month for
a poem sharing and learning experience, mostly held in The Yellow
house, Sanepa The poets have also been performing and teaching
slam poetry in Kathmandu Valley, Jhapa and recently, Surkhet. The
goal is to take slam poetry to different parts of Nepal and to help all
Nepali youth, nd their voice.
;fob ltd|f] nflu
ltdL lyof} / d lyP
t/ d]/f] nflu ltdL lyof}
t d lyP ,;fob
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  The Events
Another interesting thing about Word Warriors is that they can perform their slam poetry
anywhere. All you need to do is provide them with a good platform. ey have performed in
many places and events and the most startling one being their slams in travelling buses in front of
astounded audiences which I can guarantee must have made their ride a very memorable one.
2010: Quixote Cove
(QC) 2010 SLAM
- QC Awards 2010Voice Your Words
April 29-30 2011:
IWP Programs
Poetry event at
Jatra with Bob
Holman and other
visiting poets
2010: Wordmill
On the Road at
House of Music
Sept 2012:
Word Warriors
On the Road
mock workshop
in Birgunj
Nov 28 - Dec 4, 2012: Word Warriors
On the Road in schools- KISC,
Kasthamandap Vidyalaya Workshop
with Sarah Kay - Sarah Kay in K-town
Nov 28, 2012 - Dec 4, 2012: Word
Warriors: On the road with Sarah Kay
- Nava Prabhat School, Rato Bangala,
Shuvatara, KU High School, Daffodils
School, Lincoln School
Nov 30, 2012: Sarah K in K-town,
poetry event at Jatra Cafe
Cover Story
September 7, 2013: Word Warriors
live at The Yellow House
Time: 3-5 PM
FREE ENTRANCE for all those out
there interested. The event will have
slam poetry performances and if you
are interested you can voice in your
poems too.
QC Awards Surkhet 2013
Feb 2 2013,
Slam poetry:
At Occupy,
April 27, 2013:
Word Warriors
Live Cuppa’s cafe
June, 2013: Workshop
at St. Xavier’s Godavari
June 8, 2013: Word
Warriors live
The Yellow House
June 21, 2013: Flash
Poetry at Civil Mall
July 2, 2013: Word
Warriors live
The Yellow House
March 2, 2013: Finals,
Quixote Cove (QC) 2013
SLAM QC Awards 2013:
The Poetry Slam
May 6th, 2013:
Word Warriors Live
The Yellow House
March 21, 2013: Word
Warriors at Jatra Cafe
Wordmill The New Wave
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  August 2-11, 2013:
QC Awards Surkhet
August 3, 2013:
Word Warriors Live
The Yellow House
Maybe Old Isn’t
Always Gold
ast night, my lile
cousin refused to play
hopscotch with us
and was instead busy
changing the password on her
shiny, new iPhone. She’s 10 years
old. And she had no remorse or
guilt whatsoever for ditching
the game that we cherished ever
since we learned how to jump.
e question is, can we instill in
today’s generation the thrill of
playing games that are not limited
to video games and cartoons,
Candy Crush and Temple Run? Or
is it wishful thinking?
Long gone are the days when
children yearned for school to
end so they could run around in
the playground. Long gone are
also the days when lile kids
craved for a new football, a new
skipping rope and newness in its
entirety. Today, they sele for
the monotony the consumerist
society has to offer them. I, for
one, have a vague recollection
of my favorite game as a child
but my memory tells me I wasn’t
inclined to computers, video
games or television even. I would
go out with the neighborhood
kids in an absolute gusto and
come back, tired and wired.
Some of our most profound
experience as a child relate back
to the games we played. Going
back in time and recollecting
the memories from the past
would mean speaking in plenty
the glories of outdoor games.
But today, the notion of “fun”
for children revolves around
video games, cartoons, reality
shows, Facebook, smartphone
applications and the list goes on.
I’m slowly beginning to accept
that these modern games are all
that we’ve got and there’s just no
turning back.
As kids, we weren’t
materialistic at all and took
solace in every silly game that
we played with our friends and
family. Be it going that extra
mile to find a hiding place while
playing Lukamari or running like
a cheetah while playing Choidum,
we were happy and hopeless in
our lile world. Today, there is
hard to find a game that comes
nearest to bearing the same kind
of excitement and zeal. Video
game has taken over the lives
of the young generation and
why wouldn’t it? Kids today
probably own more video games
than toys. Materialism is placed
before minimalism and spending
has become a habit, not a
necessity. No wonder games like
dandi biyo, lukamari, choidum,
chungi, gaa, ghwai, tug-o-war,
skipping, kabbaddi, etc. have been
forgoen. ey have become, to
put it crudely, obsolete! Chances
are that the young generation
hasn’t even heard of these games!
Even if the kids were to be
given an incentive to play in the
fields, they would discard the
idea and go back to their Temple
Running, Candy Crushing and
Video Gaming! Maybe this is a
true testimony to the fact that
old games that were once so
intrinsic to all of us have now
have lost their charm! Even when
most of them crouch on the
couch all day, browse channels
aer channels or just laze around
staring at the laptop screen
waiting for a notification, this
mundane activity still appeals
to them more than going out,
making new friends and tiring
themselves out. I can never
probably articulate why is it that
they are simply not willing to
give old games a chance? Today,
kids and teenagers don’t have
the imagination or the will to
innovate their own games. eir
dull minds just won’t let them.
What is worrisome,
in fact, is the fact
that obsession
towards modern
games is
becoming an
e farthest they will go to
playing games other than video
games is cricket and football and
the likes of it.
Deep Rauniyar, 21, tells us
that his favorite game used to be
‘Lock and Key’. “As a child, this
game used to be my personal
favorite. Children love running
around. Anybody should be able
to resonate with my feelings
here.” However, now he finds
himself coming back home
from college and logging on to
Facebook the minute he puts
down his school bag. “I cannot
resist it.” If not Facebook, he is
seen playing basketball with
friends and on days where he is
low on energy, he likes to play
video games. “Not Monopoly.
Not Scrabbles. Not even Super
Mario interests me anymore. It’s
either movies or games like DotA
and League of Legends that keeps
me occupied,” says Deep who is
currently pursuing Bachelor’s.
ere’s no doubt about the
fact that with maturity comes a
gaming spirit. Perhaps children
find it embarrassing these days
to play games like Red Rover,
Hopscotch, Marbles, etc. but
appreciating the good old sport
should never mean that you
haven’t matured up. What is
worrisome, in fact, is the fact
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  that obsession towards modern
games is becoming an epidemic!
Not just outdoor games, even
interactive and imaginative
games like Monopoly, Ludo,
Antakshari, Carrom and
Chess seem to have lost their
grip among people of this
generation. Part of the reason
of this unrelenting video game/
laptop mania is because of the
money-oriented parents! It’s the
parents who want to enthrall
their children by giing them
expensive video games and
phone devices. For once, give
them something completely
random and plain. Even a
box will do. en will your
children learn how to use their
imagination and won’t have
to fiddle with the games that
already come with instructions!
While most of the blame can
be shouldered on the parents
and the fast-paced technology,
the academic pressure children
face these days is immense and
quite honestly, bewildering!
Children simply have no time
to go out and give in all their
energy to their much cherished
sport. ey therefore choose to
sele for the less overbearing
task – sit on the couch, carry a
remote and fix their eyes on a
flat screen. “How hard can that
be, right?” they think!
Regardless of the evolution
of games, kids need to be given
the opportunity to feel like kids.
Same with teenagers. Simply
because there are gadgets to be
explored in the market doesn’t
make the old games quaint!
ese prehistoric games (as you
may call it) are an essential part
of everyone’s childhood and
one must not be deprived of the
wonders of it.
Speak up Brethren,
Your Time is Now!
eing a spectator is
easy, but when it
comes to voicing our
opinion we choose
to remain mute. e courage
to stand up for something
wrong remains highlighted
only in novels and movies. e
presence of lingering fear and
lack of confidence convolutes
the young minds. But for how
long are we going to be the
diffident individual, unlikely of
progress and change? For how
We are afraid to take
the first step; we are shy to
showcase our talents, we
are afraid to raise a hand in
class, we get bullied but we
remain silent. Stage fright
and public speaking for some
is a nightmare. We fret over
our romances turning sour,
we give importance to our
external look; we spend time
cursing our self-thought
body anomalies and stick to
our status quo. We are the
majesties of procrastination
and we disrespect time. A
famous quote by George
Bernard Shaw which reads
“The youth is wasted on the
young,” seems somewhat true.
Yes, all of us may not be
prodigies or have scholarly
talents; we might not excel in
sports or music. But excellence
can come through practice,
focus and determination and
there are examples which the
search engines would gladly
list out. Asking questions is
another quick way of learning,
you need to voice your concern
and speak up. Without it, your
opportunity to understand will
be limited. Never be afraid of
criticisms or failures because
these two forces are a way
to make you a more capable
If you want to be a rebel, be
one; provided your attitude is
correct and the cause that you
are standing for is just. Some
of us may be an introvert, shy
and reserved, that is not a bad
thing but you should not let
this overshadow the person
that you are. When the time
comes shed your inhibitions
and let your guard down
for you are the only person
capable of changing yourself.
It is never too late for
anything as long as you start
something; more appropriate
is the phrase ‘beer late than
never’. Build your confidence,
start fresh and start asking
questions. Raise your hand
and meet your teacher’s eye
the next time she/he asks a
question. Pursue your dreams
and let nobody stop you.
Respect your elders for they are
wise, respect time and realize
that money is valuable. Never
lose your ability to love and be
compassionate for these maer
in life. Help your needy friend;
lend a shoulder for them to cry
on. Scold people who think it’s
funny to abuse animals, make
them understand that animals
feel pain too. If you do not
want to be inferior to someone,
you stop regarding others as
your inferior. Speak up for what
you believe in because your
time is now.
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  Biker’s Diary
The Biker
Next Door
“A four-wheeler moves the
body, but a two-wheeler
moves the soul.”- Niraz Giri
Describe your love for riding.
I started riding bikes when I was 12.
The feeling of control, the cool wind
through your body, the sense of
freedom, a road full of opportunities
and the can-do-anything attitude I
get when I’m riding got me hooked
like a drug. It isn’t just about getting
from Point A to B but it is the journey
that matters. I’m currently riding a
Pulsar 200 NS. What I love about my
NS is the tripe spark, the four valves,
liquid cooling, underbelly exhaust, the
digital console, battery power and the
naked, monstrous look, all merged in
midnight blue, worked for me.
So where have you taken the
naked monstrosity on trips?
My friends and I went to Pokhara
and roamed around every nook and
corner. We travelled almost 1200
kilometer. I’m a regular visitor towards
Khasa and Dolalghat. I’m planning to
go to Muktinath and Jomsom soon.
Those must have been very
special memories
Yes, amongst many. We didn’t leave
any single alleyway. We found a
lot of hidden unique and beautiful
places. Once on a trip to Khasa, one
of our bikes stopped working for no
apparent reason, and there weren’t
any workshops around for kilometers.
We had our own toolbox and xed
the bikes ourselves. That sense of
accomplishment was amazing!
Do you use GPS and mobile
Yes, I use speedometer and mileage
monitor apps. I just attach my phone
on the bike and I’m set to go. The
maps apps work for Nepal too which is
incredibly cool.
Which bikes are on your
wish list?
I love the 1198 Panigale and the 848
EVO. I got a lot of opportunity to ride
superbikes through Riderz Nepal too.
How long have you been
a member of Riderz Nepal
and why?
For 4 years now. I write reviews, articles
and take pictures for the website. I
am also a global moderator for Riderz
Nepal. We have an intensive forum for
discussion and talks regarding bikes.
We also provide mineral water, rst aid
kits and walkie talkies for free during
trips. We highly emphasize on riding
safely. Roads are an ally to success but
also a friend to danger.
What precautions do you
take while riding especially
on trips?
I just use common sense. Common
sense such as always wearing a
helmet, using the side light, using
insulated full gloves and boots
for traction, CE approved jackets,
and guards. Servicing your bike,
and checking tires, fuel and other
peripherals should be second nature.
Niraz Giri, 25, is a KNK graduate
with a degree in management. He
is the global moderator for Riderz
Nepal, a web portal for bike lovers
with a singular vision. He is also
a motographer and reviews bikes.
Riderz Nepal organizes huge gettogethers for free with a turn up
of around 50-60 bikes. They are
currently planning an ambitious bike
trip from Mechi to Mahakali.
*Note: Nepal Inked 2013 is a Tattoo
Convention in association with Fr!day
which will be held at Bhrikutimandap,
from 18 October to 20
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  October 2013.
To Be Wild
and Focused
One of best classical guitarists of the
nation, and a music director and an album
composer to boot, Anil Shahi, was always
a determined teenager. “Focused could be
the perfect word to describe my teenage
days,” says Shahi.
You are an amazing musician.
When did you rst pick up a guitar?
I was 12 when I started. However,
I loved playing the ute and the
percussions, too.
How come you didn’t pursue your
career with those instruments?
I still love playing those instruments
and I still do at my shows. But the
guitar is a romantic instrument. It
beguiled me with its versatility. I can
play any genre on the guitar and it
adapts to it. The rhythm and scales ts
perfectly with any song. There are so
many experiments that I can do with
the guitar. The guitar can be soft, it can
be hard, and it can be mellow.
You decided to study in Varanasi,
India. Why?
There weren’t many opportunities in
Nepal and no concrete curriculum or
any respected institution. However, the
scenario has changed tremendously.
Photo Courtesy
Anil Shahi
Did your parents support you when
you chose to go to Varanasi to
pursue music?
They were hesitant obviously. They
loved me a lot. It wasn’t so easy to
survive in the music scene since it was
in itself a growing industry. They didn’t
see any prosperous growth or scope
chhindra Bahal
forming at Ma
Shahi, 19, per
in the profession. But they saw how
focused I was and how I loved to create
music. I even sold my watch and other
personal items to support my dream.
Were there other sacri ces you
made when you were a teenager for
your dream?
Jeans were really popular during that
time and very expensive. I sold them
too. There were hardships, too. There
was no television then and promotions
were slow. It was hard to participate and
book events and shows. I was so young
and they weren’t so open.
So you had a band then?
Yes, my friends from my neighborhood,
and I started one. I played the guitar
and percussions. But we didn’t pursue
that agenda seriously. We loved
jamming till late hours.
Tell us more about your teenage
I loved playing football and swimming.
I was very outgoing and a very
unusual, crazy kid. A wild one. I had
My Teenage Days
a deep af nity with my bicycle
and later motorbikes. I loved to
experiment with the handles.
Obviously, my guitar was always
with me. I, unfortunately, got in
many accidents because of my
childish stupidity. I remember this
one time I didn’t wear a helmet and
got into an accident at Kamaladi.
I nearly killed myself. I still have
scars on my hands (shows scars).
This other time when was I was
studying in India, a lot of monkeys
lived near my school. I loved
watching them. They fascinated
me (laughs). They looked just like
human beings, and they were
always jumping from one tree to
the other. So, one day, I decided to
jump like them. That story did not
end well for me (laughs again).
Do you have a favorite Narayan
Gopal song?
Yes. “Polhiera Gham Ko Jhulka”.
I loved covering the song on my
guitar, too.
Were there any other songs you
loved to cover then?
Yes. I loved covering “Money for
Nothing” and “Sultan of Swings” by
Dire Straits and also some songs
from Eagles and Pink Floyd.
You said you listened to a lot
of classical music. Was that a
major inspiration during your
teenage years to pursue fusion
and classical music?
I loved it, yes. It was inspiring. But
I hadn’t really thought of fusion and
ECS Media
You said you were unusual too.
How so?
As I said, I was extremely focused
unlike my friends. I knew what I
wanted to do with my life. I was
determined. That was why my
parents supported my decision
and agreed to send me to India
which was not an easy decision.
I practiced a lot. I used to go up
in the roof in the morning with my
guitar and only came down late at
night. I was weird (laughs). Also,
my friends used to listen to a lot
of rock and contemporary music
of those times. I, on the contrary,
loved classical music. I loved
Narayan Gopal.
classical during those times. That came
later after my teenage years.
Do you regret anything you did in the
teenage years?
No, everything was a learning
experience for me.
If you could go back to one moment
during your teenage days, which
moment would it be?
No, I am still a teenager at heart. I am
still living my teenage years (laughs).
Hence, you must be active on social
media? Where can fans contact you?
I am incredibly active on Facebook.
My fans keep writing on my wall and
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  asking me questions and I try my
best to answer them all. Facebook
has provided me with such an
incredible platform. Fans can
de nitely contact me there.
Is there any advice you would
like to give to teens?
Teenage years are incredibly
precious. It is the most joyful
event. But you should never loose
your focus. Never stop learning.
If you lose your determination,
people will lose faith in you and
hence, you lose faith in yourself.
You should a foot both in the
present and the future.
Trends Girl’s Wardrobe
The Formal Look
Orange blazer teamed with
off white shirt and rolled up
jeans she asserts, “Gone are
the days when formal was
just black and white.” And
truly she looks smart in it.
The Casual Look
In her striped t-shirt
and shorts with slipper
she looks cool and at
ease. “Keeping it simple
and being just me –
Elements as such sure
de nes casual for me.
The Party Look
The Date Look
“I can be sexy for once
and feel awesome
about myself,” says
Swasti in her black
net apparel with
ats again. “I am
comfortable with ats
and I think heels are
not for me.”
Donning a oral shirt and
a pastel pink pant with
at she says to me, “Skirt
would be too mainstream.”
She tells me how a rst
date is about looking
good and giving a good
impression and smiles
away to the camera with
her cute look.
Swasti Karmacharya
“I haven’t had a tattoo but I de nitely would like to get one,” says Swasti
Karmacharya, 16 studying A-Levels at Ace Institute of Management.
Rummaging through her clothes she confesses she is a shopaholic. She
tells me she hates Maths but enjoys everything that excites her. She scrolls
in her cell to call her mitini, Sumitra G.C. who is usually by her side most of
the day – their friendship has been unbreakable and is something others will
surely be jealous of.
Guy’s Wardrobe
The Date Look
“I believe I am a patriotic
person but I love this
English agged T-shirt”,
he says with a giggle. I
don’t have a particular
style to follow on a date.
However I’d like to keep
it simple. Whatever I
wear, she will de nitely
have the heart for me!
The Formal Look
Dark colors are my thing,
especially black. A thin cotton
coat with zipper details on
either side is my current
absolute favorite which I
believe ts my formal look.
The Casual Look
The Party Look
Casual reminds me of
white instantly; a sneaky
way to look bright and cool
at the same time. As for
being comfortable, Sirshak
nds a light pair of white
jeans as easy as ABC!
A blue shirt adds more
coolness to the look.
A well t tuxedo sure
helps to emit a gentlemen
look. A sure shot eye
pleaser. Sirshak with his
one-sided smile is all
set to grab the attention.
Some lame far relatives
might set him up for a
marriage if he attends a
family party.
Sirshak Rajbhandari
Tall, chocolaty and a smile to die for, Sirshak Rajbhandari
is 17 years old, Management student at Malpi. He is
a cyclist by heart who owns a cool cycle of the brand
Jamis. He mentions, “My Saturdays are always occupied
with cycling sessions around Khokana with my dad and
friends.” Besides, he enjoys R&B music the most. And
as for fashion and style he thinks he is gradually getting
to know the dynamics of it and will de nitely want to rock
good looks in the future.
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  Trends Go Glam
Suit up in your Avatars
Our school days are the most awesome times of our lives as we are all
warming up to be the person we think we want to be. Although a lot changes
after that, we pretend as though we understand life in our own avatars. I
know you are all familiar with it. So, which character do you slip into every
morning? Which one is it – jock, achiever, nerd, hippy or hot dates?
The Jock
Donning a sporty look with an attitude, they
make it seem their life is legendary. But is it so?
White T-shirt Rs. 1,290, Shorts Rs. 1,290, Inception, Civil Mall
Shoes Rs. 5,299, Basketball Rs. 1,250, Li-ning, Jawalakhel
The Nerd
The ‘Ms./Mr. Know it all’ who becomes the best
of buddies for many during exams is very serious
about work. You might want to watch out for them
as they may beat you in your toughest game.
Topshop shirt Rs. 1,590,
Long skirt Rs. 1,590, Rahar,
Civil Mall
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  The Hot
On him:
As they walk
all eyes fall on
them. They are
the hot couple
that everyone
only wishes to
be. They are the
heavenly gures
who know how
to dress and
how to be madly
in love.
White T-shirt Rs. 1,290
Cotton pant Rs. 2,190
Varsity jacket Rs. 6,595
Shoes Rs. 6,795
Inception, Civil Mall
On her:
Jersey T-shirt Rs. 1,050
Quarter pant Rs. 1,290
Rahar, Civil Mall
The Achiever
Lost in their world, they weave about their
future a lot. Ambitious, you can say. Smart
and witty they know what’s important and will
share with you the beauty of having dreams.
Blue T-shirt Rs. 1,290
Cardigan Rs. 1,895
Red pant Rs. 2,295
Toms Rs. 1,875
Inception, Civil Mall
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  The Hippy
Cool is what de nes them. Composed
with ease they will sing all the way.
Sweet at heart they will understand
you better than anyone else.
Crop top Rs. 940
Red printed shorts Rs. 1,190
Rahar, Civil Mall
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  Trends DIY
Map,Cut and
Things you ne
A large-sized printed shirt, a scale, a
cloth marker or a chalk, a good pair of
sharp scissors.
Hmm, that’s a nice shirt he’s got!
Want to make it yours in a better way?
Then just ask for it! Or plead for it! If he
doesn’t agree to it, well just steal it! And
we shall proceed with this cool way to
make a Her-Shirt.
For a clear picture, draw a shirt onto a clear
paper and mark as per the requirement.
1. Measure 5 inches down the button line on
either sides close to the stitch line.
2. Mark a middle point in the collar line and
create a slant line of 3 and half inches or so.
3. Join the ending points of the 3 and half inches
and the 5 inches line with a curve mark.
4. Join the collar end points to the sleeve points
as per your desire on how open you want the
cut to be.
Wear the shirt to know the
measurements of the marks you’ll
need to make.
Start cutting the marked lines with a
steady hand.
Mark the lines in the shirt as per
the criteria
If you desire you can simply cut the
shirt to tie it into a knot for that extra
style or if you’re too scared you’ll go
overboard on the cuts, just loosen up
the last 3 buttons and simply tie it into
a knot. That should be just as ne.
You can hem the uneven lines to
secure it further.
Wear it with high waist black pants for
a semi-formal look teamed with black
heels or just wear it with your favorite
pair of shorts and sneakers for that
sporty look. You’ll nail it both ways.
Happy Experimenting!
Trends Products
Neck piece
Rs 850, Re extion
Crop top
Price on request, Posh
Fringed top
Price on request,
High waist skirt
Rs. 2100, Posh
Try some
Price on request,
From bold colors, graphic prints
to earth toned pieces – you can
bring back that awesome ethnicity
in your style. However don’t go
overboard with the print !
Rs 900, Milano
Red dress
Rs 3200, Posh
Rs. 2650, Re extion
*All the shops are located in Durbar Marg.
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  Skirt
Rs 1890, Re extion,
Woodland complex
Feather earring
Rs. 890, Re extion
My Room
My Room
Her room is extra
cool because her bed,
cupboard, book shelf
and study table were
designed by her mom
who is an interior
She has a
collection of
bags, all gifts
from her loved
ones. Her
favorite is a
blue bag from
United Colors of
Benetton which
was a gift from
her parents.
One of her wishes in her
very long wish-list was
to spray paint her room.
One less, numerous more
to go….
This is a pin-up
board where she
has put photos of
her parents, cousins
and a recipe for
making CannelloniNeapolitan Style.
She chose this
wallpaper in Bangkok
while she was on a
family vacation. “My
favorite color is black
and white, and I feel it
adds a very retro look
to my room,” shares
Adhishree Shrestha recently
completed her IB from Ullens School
and is interested to take up International
Communication Management for her
further studies. Her friends call her
room an aquarium because it has
big glass windows. She who loves
swimming is also an ardent fan of
delicious Nepali and Newari cuisine.
Her neatly organized study table is
where she performs her school work
or to look at the view outside.
This mirror is a
birthday gift and is
special because it has
been custom made
by her aunt especially
for her.
She reads a lot of books but has no favorite as such. Her
shelf contains books by Linda Goodman, Meg Cabot,
Sparks,Vikram Seth, Cecelia Ahern and more.
SEPTEMBER  |Nicholas
TEENZ  Places where you want to view
sunrise and sunset from
Some prefer to indulge themselves in a cozy environment,
some wants to explore the world, some go for the simple
yet comforting home town, some just laze around in their
bed. High School students of Ace Institute of Management
jot down their will of where they’d like to be.
3. Nirisha Rajbhandari, 16 Sarangkot and Nagarkot
4. Utsav Thapa, 18 Dharahara and
ghar ko kausi
5. Chadani Shrestha, 17 From my
room’s balcony and at sea beach
6. Tina Thapa, 16 From the lake
side and from my terrace
7. Krishnaa Tandukar, 15 Nagarkot
and Sarangkot
2. Ankit Ratna Tuladhar, 17
Sarangkot and Nagarkot
1. Pooja Ghatri, 18 Alaska and
Themes River(England)
8. Dipit Pyakhurel, 16 Nagarkot
and Sarangkot
9. Aishwarya Shakya, 17 Nagarkot
and Sarangkot
10. Sandhya dahal, Nagarkot and
11. Samyukta, 16 Sarangkot and
 TEE
E 
12. Ayustha Bhandari, 16 Both
from Nagarkot
13. Atul Gautam, 17 Both from
14. Subechha Bajracharya, 17
Nagarkot and Pokhara
15. Appecha Bista, 16 Both
16. Astha Rana, 17 Nagarkot and
17. Shreya Pudasaini, 17 Nagarkot
and Red Sea
18. Anjeena Shrestha, 17 Nagarkot
and Suryabinayak
19. Rashmi bhattarai, Any hill top
and Isolated Island
20. Shelina Hada, 16 Nagarkot and
21Sambridhi Rai, 16 Tigerhill and
22. Rikita Acharya, 17 Nagarkot
and Hawaii
37. Shraddha Nakarmi, 16 Nagarkot and Swayambhu
23. Anusha Shrestha, 16 Mt. Everest and Hawaii
38. Suyasha Shah,16 Nagarkot
and Swayambu
24. Prativa Sharma, 16 Nagarkot
and Hawaii
39. Sabrina Jonche, 15 Nagarkot
and Swayambu
25. Solina Thapa Magar, 16 Nagarkot and Hawaii
40. Annie Shrestha, 16 Darjeeling
and Nagarkot
26. Smriti Bajracharya, 16 Pokhara
and Hawaii
41. Merisa Singh Suwal, 16 Nagarkot and Pokhara
27. Ashreeya Shrestha, 17 Nagarkot and Hawaii
42. Merisha Neupane, 16 Nagarkot and Goa
28. Shubham Joshi,16 Chisapani
and Hawaii
43. Srishna Dangol, 17 Nagarkot
and Goa
29. Ashmita Kunwar,16 Nagarkot
and Hawaii
44. Rejisha Shrestha, 16 Nagarkot
and Pokhara
30. Muhammed Qasem Miya, 17
Pokhara and Sauraha
45. Aisha Joshi, 16 Thankot and
31. Bhuwan Thapa Magar, 16
Nagarkot and Sauraha
46. Suyesh Shrestha, 17 Both
32. Sujina Tamang, 17 Dareeling
and Nagarkot
47. Aatish Chaudhary, 17 Nagarkot
and Chobar
33. Denish Gauchan, 16 Chitwan
and Nagarkot
48. Anushree Baral, Poon Hill,
Ghorepani and Goa
34. Neha Hada, 17 Tiger Hill (Darjeeling) and Nagarkot
49. Jelina Karki, 15 Nagarkot and
35. Aney Satyal, 15 Darjeeling and
50. Sanjeela Joshi, Thankot and
36. Sahil Palanchoke, 16 Nagarkot
and Goa Beach
51. Ajar Singh Basnet, 17 In my
dream and sitting on a sofa from
my terrace
52. Rojan Sthapit, 17 Sarangkot
and Nagarkot
67. Rishika Rimal, 16 Nagarkot
and Norway
53. Bibek Dhungel, 18 Nagarkot
and Chitwan
68. Gautam Gavaju, 17 Sarangkot
and a beach
54. Dibesh Pokharel, 17 Nagarkot
and Sarangkot
69. Surakshya Malla, 16 Nagarkot
and Sarangkot
55. Aju Shrestha, 18 Nagarkot and
70. Aakriti Rana, 17 Sarangkot
and any beach
56. Nischaya Gauli, 17 Darjeeling
and Chovar
71. Aakash Rokka Chhetri, 17
Sagarmatha and Chitwan
57. Pranij Shrestha, 17 Sarangkot
and Jaipur
72. Susan Prajapati, 17 Nagarkot
and Goa
58. Yasri Ojha, 17 Nagarkot and
73. Akash Suman, 17 Nagarkot
and Goa
59. Aastha Gurung, 16 Poon Hill
and Sarangkot
74. Cholung Senehang Subba, 18
Daman and Sauraha
60. Angelica Khatri, 16 Nagarkot
and Chitwan
75. Manish Maharjan, 17 Kirtipur
and Nagarkot
61. Sumedha Giri, 17 Nagarkot
and Sauraha
76. Nithen Shrestha, 17 Lake side,
Pokhara and my roof
62. Samik Shrestha, 17 Nagarkot
and Goa
77. Yugal Rajbhandari, 18 Nagarkot and Hawaii
63. Nikel Bajracharya, 17 Sarangkot and Nagarkot
78. Aseem Shrestha, 17, Nagarkot
and Pokhara
64. Bikrant NS Rana, 17 My bed
and my terrace
79. Anam Adhikari, 18 Great wall
of China and Sagarmatha
65. Bigesh Shrestha, 18 Nagarkot
and Chitwan
80. Sweta Pandey, 17 Nagarkot
and Godhavari
66. Priya Gadal, 17 Shreeantu and
the windows of my room
81. Seajal Adhikari, 16 Nagarkot
nd Sauraha
82. Grishma Singh, 17 Nagarkot and Naudadha, Pokhara
83. Manjita Thapa, 16 Budhanilkantha and my rooftop
84. Aakriti Thapa, 17 Pokhara and Nagarkot
85. Abhilasha Rayamajhi, 18 Nagarkot and Hamptons
86. Ashma Dhungana, 17 Nagarkot and Darjeeling
87. Phoebe Bhattarai, 16 Bora-Bora and Costa Rica
88. Sweyasha Sharma, 16 Nagarkot and Sauraha
89. Sanil Tuladhar, 17 Nagarkot and Swoyambhu
90. Shekhar Kuma Dev, 17 Sarangkot and Chinese Peace Gumba,
91. Ayushi Pant, 17 Nagarkot and Goa
92. Utkrista Bhattarai, 16 Switzerland and the Himalayas
93. Kinjal Puri, 18 Nagarkot and my house
94. Sashank Ranjit, 18 Nagarkot and Goa
95. Ashis Shrestha, 16 Nagarkot and Goa
96. Anish Chakradhar, 17 From my terrace and from a flying plane
97. Sushen Singh, 17 From my bed and sitting on a beach chair
on a beach
98. Apoorv Acharya, 17 Nagarkot and Japan
99. Kritagya Tuladhar, 18 Sarangkot and from a sea beach
100. Pramesh Chettry, 17 Darjeeling and Chovar
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  100
Relationship Quiz
How well do you
handle embarrassing
No one can escape from the trap of being
embarrassed in public. But if you are an
expert in handling such situations then
flaunting becomes easier than falling into it.
So, can you handle it like a boss?
You’re caught in the parking lot with your dad singing
an oldies song, You…
Sing along with him.
Hide and pretend that you’re not with him.
Ignore him and continue walking.
You’re telling a joke and no one laughs at the
punch line. You…
When someone mocks you, you…
Smile and repeat the joke with funny
Tease them back.
Glare at them.
Start crying.
You’re walking down the street and you
suddenly trip and fall on your face. You…
Stare at them.
Say, “Don’t you people have any brain?”
Get up and dust yourself.
Get up giggling and look around.
Start crying.
You’re having coffee with your friends and you accidently
spill it all over yourself. They all start laughing at you. You…
Laugh along with them.
Run to the bathroom.
Scream, “Shut up!”
Mostly A’s: You cover up bad situations quickly with
humor. Congrats! Keep up the talent.
Mostly B’s: You’re doing okay but you should take
it a little easy. Not everyone is good at this stuff.
Experiences make you better but let’s hope not to be
embarrassed too often, eh?
Mostly C’s: You really need to take advice and try to
cover up better. You have a hard time handling these
kinds of things, but that’s life. Next time just take it easy.
Laugh it off or pretend that you are not affected by it at all.
Be gutsy!
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  Relationship Teenz Query
When we can’t confront our parents and guardians, we
look to our friends for help and that is what some of the
teenagers did - they sought a friend in Teenz.
Dear Teenz,
I just moved schools about a month
ago, and I hate it. All the boys are
mean to me for being the new girl
in class, and I haven’t made any
friends among the girls either.
Yesterday, I sat next to a girl the
whole day and she didn’t say a
word to me! I cry every day, and try
to convince my parents to change
my school but they refuse to do
it. I can’t study here anymore; I’m
lonelier than I’ve ever been before!
I miss my friends from my last
school. Please help me.
Regina, 15
with it in every phase of our life. You
will have to keep one thing in mind
though, Regina, if you want to make
friends, you will have to put in some
effort. When you sat next to the girl
the whole day, did you try to make
conversation with her? You could
start with something simple, like her
name, how long she has studied in
the school, and where he/she lives?
If you make the effort, people will
reciprocate. Sometimes, all people
need is a smile. So be friendly, and
open up. And soon enough, you will
have made friends, and life will seem
a whole lot better.
Dear Regina,
Change can be dif cult; it is dif cult
for all of us, especially if we liked how
life was before. However, change
is inevitable. We will have to deal
Dear Teenz,
I like a senior in my school. She
is two batches senior to me, and
doesn’t know if I exist at all, but I
nd her so pretty. She is the head
Everyone everywhere seems to be carrying an iPhone. Everyone in my
group at college carried an iPhone. They brag about it all the time. I, on the
other hand, am still using a Motorola, which used to belong to my sister.
It is humiliating for me, whenever people start talking about gadgets, and
money. I just want to retreat inside a hole and die. I’ve told my parents I
want a new phone, but they don’t think I’m ready. If my other friends are,
how come I’m not? I really need an iPhone. Help me out, please!
- Anonymous, 17
Dear Anonymous,
I know it doesn’t feel good when other people are in possession of
something we desire, and we aren’t; but just because everyone has an
iPhone doesn’t mean you need one too. You want one, sure, but you don’t
need it. I’m sure you don’t want to hear this, but you should never want
something because everyone else wants it too. Being materialistic is never
the answer. But if this is really bothering you then you can make a deal
with your parents, set a target in your studies (maybe during your nals,
or mid terms) and if you achieve it, you get the iPhone. If this doesn’t
work with your parents, maybe there’s something else other than just
not wanting to buy you an iPhone. Maybe your parents are under quite
a lot of nancial stress. Talk it out. Find out, and if that is the case, be an
understanding child.
girl of our school, and is also top of
her class. I have liked her for over
a year now, and I try and talk to her
every now and then. Last week,
one of my friends told me she has
a boyfriend. I don’t know who he
is, but people are saying he is not
from our school. I really want her
to notice me; please give me some
tips on how I can make her like me!
Bilal, 14
Dear Bilal,
It is adorable that you care so much
about what your crush thinks about
you. If you’ve liked her for so long,
I’m assuming you’ve gathered the
courage to talk to her? You have to
have some sort of relationship with
her, so she notices you. It is not
possible to force your will upon other
people, therefore I cannot give you
any advice on how to ‘make’ her like
you but I can give you some tips on
how to be the best version of yourself,
so that your crush notices you. First,
you have to build a relation with
her. Talk to her, smile at her and be
friendlier towards her. When you’ve
created a relationship with her, you
can then compliment her (nothing too
elaborate, don’t go too cheesy on her).
The best way to win a girl’s heart is to
make her laugh, so listen to her when
she talks and make her laugh as best
as you can. I hope this helps you out,
but if things don’t go well remember
there really are plenty of sh in the
sea. Write to me about the next
chapter of your life. Good luck, Bilal.
If you have questions in your mind and
are confused as to who to turn to, feel free
to approach TEENZ for anything that’s
bothering you.
Place your questions at teenz.com.np
Buy me, will you?
Ads are witty, funny, informative, entertaining and most of all, very pervasive. The
marketing tactics they use tie us cleverly – with guarantees to do many wonders.
But Nepalese ads haven’t been able to do the same. Despite trying hard, they
haven’t tickled much to rouse urge. So, where are we going wrong? Find out
what the students of Flytech International have to say.
Do you believe advertisement
promotes unrealistic views?
Niru: Well, ads are supposed to be
informative but lately, they haven’t
been. They’ve been sending
out wrong messages like
valuing beauty over talent.
Deebyani: We love to
possess products but
then the reaction we
await for isn’t received.
Hair fall treatment,
Dandruff, White
complexion – is it
really true?
Rashmi: Ads have
a lot of potential
to in uence - if it’s
informative it will
aware. But today it’s
half-truth that brings
sales to products.
Sneha: Showing falling in love and
being chased by women sends an
unclear view in the market. To rightly
state it, I think sex is prioritized.
What do you think about Nepalese
Kavita: Our ads are still raw. They
aren’t credible.
Niru : We catch the fakeness even
before the ad runs. Ideas aren’t
brought out properly.
Deebyani: Overacting rules the ads.
The simplicity that life de nes is
overly acted out. But not all ads have
been the same – some ads today
have reached out to the audiences
Sneha: We know when we watch ads
it desperately just wants to sell - which
shouldn’t be the case I think.
Why do Nepalese ads become a
reason to laugh and goof about? What
do they lack?
Sneha : Like I said we can assume
the desperate need of the ad to bring
a sale. Ad makers should rst think
over their idea and look how best to
present it on screen.
Rashmi: It shouldn’t be screaming out
‘I want your attention’; it should slip us
into believing what they have to say.
Niru: But sadly we see through all their
presentation. I think the actors should
act it out as though it is real. After all
it’s the actors that set the message out.
Deebyani: The feel of emotions is
missing. Actors blatantly state their
lines without any honesty.
Kavita: I think the dialogues should be
reasonable, the information shouldn’t
be abrupt instead it should take it’s
time to make us understand what they
are about to tell.
How can advertisements reach out to
Kavita: I think better ads can encourage
us to be a better person. Like Wai-Wai’s
Gyan Jyoti was visionary and wellconceived. I also think there should
be less comparison and more focus
on the ads’ motive.
Niru: Ads should try to socially
educate. If better ads are made we
can build our economy and tourism.
Deebyani: It can try to inspire
rather than jumping into “buy
me”. Today the viewers are wise
enough to understand what’s right
and wrong. So, tricking them will
no longer sustain ad promotion.
Sneha: Nepal should try building
its own identity and should explore
creativity rather than dubbing
international brands. Only then it
will reach out to us because we
will not have to feel that Nepalese
products aren’t good enough.
The idea of ‘perfect body’ of a man
and a woman is promoted in a
stereotypical way. Nepalese ads have
been pondering over it for years. What
do you have to say?
Rashmi: Informative ads can bridge the
gap of knowledge. Awareness about
diseases and polio drops can help the
society. But the wrong idea of women
for house and men for jobs isn’t a good
gesture that the society should re ect
on especially Nepal when it has miles
to go to bring development.
Niru: If ads don’t pay attention to
content, it can direct the youth
in a wrong path. They might feel
necessary to de ne their facial beauty
above all. They may feel insecure
about themselves.
Kavita: Nepal should stop brie ng
stereotypical ideas. It should promote
honesty for that’s what we need right
now, i.e. to be true to ourselves and
Pathasala Head of School
Lying to be
Sometime in life you have to lie
to define perfection.
A class is going on when I
enter – Anup Baral is gesturing
some exercises in his acting
class that I am unknown to but
about to find out. Nepal for
long has emphasized on Science
and Commerce. Here and there
sometimes we get to hear, “Arts
is as much a Science as Science
is,” but the reality is that for most
it is just quenching leisure time.
And yet Anup Baral is happy
teaching his students acting.
As he sits down to talk with me
his eyes gleam with his dream
to take theater mainstream in
Why do you think acting still
isn’t considered a subject of
importance here in Nepal?
Well, I think it’s the story of
every country. People feel
anyone can act and it’s easy to
represent life in front of camera
and stage. ey don’t realize
that hard work resides in all
art forms. ey take acting too
literally. But some who have
come to learn acting have
understood this and it’s going
to take time for everyone else to
understand that.
It’s only recently that Nepali
people have taken interest in
watching Nepali cinema? What
do you think we lack?
Acting if not done genuinely gets
distorted. All actors first need
to be honest with them to lie to
people. To make things believable
one has to make it sound true
and believe in what one is
saying even if it is a dialogue.
Pretending isn’t enough. And
when this pretense gets loud the
cinema falls apart. But besides
that it is also the narrative and
the direction of the story that
makes good cinema. Also, we
are lacking producers who really
want to invest in real movies.
Many youth believe that Nepali ads
and movies lack realistic address in
their acting. Do you think you can
make this area beer?
Nothing happens on its own.
Everyone needs a lile help to be
beer. And this is what confirms
to our area to. ose who think
they can act needs to be well
groomed. People who just go off
and about without taking time
to understand what acting really
means will get it wrong. ey
will lose before they start. And
maybe that’s why our acting fails
to portray reality.
What steps can people take to
emphasize on theater and acting as
a study that has so much potential?
First off, seing an institution
isn’t enough. Infrastructure
is as much as a requirement
as teachers are. A serious
curriculum from the respected
authorities and the government
needs to be brought about.
Only if all these requisites work
together we can develop this area
for much seriousness it deserves.
Further, people need to start
believing that there is nothing
innate - to achieve we need to
persevere. Magic and miracles
don’t just happen we have to
cultivate art to make it magical.
Readers’ Stop Scribble
TO comic con
I had never been to Comic Con before, and on
September 12th of 2012, I was on hyper-nerd mode
because I was about to be at one.
y mind was set. I
was going to my
first ever Comic and
Cosplay Convention
in Bangalore, India. Enough
ogling awesome cosplay pictures
on the internet! Enough wishful
thinking of aending one! e
moment was nigh, and the time
was mine. However, the fact
that India was hosting the event
made me anxious that the event
would fall flat, but boy, was I
wrong! India amazed me with
her cosplayers and brilliantly
gied artists.
e venue was immense and
a gigantic poster of Dora, e
Explorer looked at me straight in
the eye and as a tacit promise of
a day of unforgeable fun was
made. A cartoonish smile was
already forming on my awestruck face.
e event was an
amalgamation of artists,
illustrators, publishers,
cosplayers, graphic novels, comic
books and the incredible spirit
of the aendees. Comic books!
Movies! Video games! I was
hyperventilating as I swallowed
in the whole of this geekfest. I
interacted with some of the best
artists and writers of the country
who showcased their work,
experts of the medium in panel
discussions and interviews, and
some of the coolest national and
international merchandise on
sale at the event.
No one could sit still for a
single moment. All anyone could
see were the characters that
they grew up with. Spirits were
chockfull with high nostalgia,
and the air was bursting with
tangible excitement.
e cosplay subculture
bought everyone together. What
surprised me more was that it was
a family event to boot! Families
cosplayed as a Hulk family, as
a zombie family, with make-up
so realistic it could’ve directly
jumped from a Hollywood movie
screen, and friends grew deep
bonds as they paired as Archie,
Bey and Veronica, and Batman
and Catwoman. I loathe Ninja
Hatori but when a life-size Hatori
came to hug me, I just let the
warm bastard embrace me. I also
came to find about an Anime club
who were recruiting members and
I was a happy boy to be one. eir
Naruto headbands, Sharingan
contact lenses and wigs had to
be ordered internationally. eir
charged dedication impressed me
However, all sweet things do
become bier. e scene was
crowded as Asan Bazaar. ere
was elbow brushing of the worst
kind, and where the moist air
intermingled with sweat inside a
contained space, temperaments
were high. But through it, I was
engrossed in several workshops,
interactive sessions, interviews
and speeches by various comic
book artists and writers, and
thought they were not the
creators of e Avengers or
Stan Lee himself, their creative
process and their imagination
was inspirationally infectious.
is made me wonder why
Nepal can’t host such a joyous
event. e event doesn’t need
to be big. It doesn’t need to
include hot-shot names. Nepal
needs her own game-changing
entrepreneurs and risk-loving
sponsors to step it up. We do
need to buy in big names as DC,
Marvel, Dark Horse, Vertigo
Comics, and Image Comics. We
can and need to celebrate national
art at its best. e past year
has seen a vivacious growth in
Nepalese art: the various murals,
graffiti and what national or
international artists have done
in the artworld is more than
Nepal needs her own Stan Lee
(creator of Fantastic Four, Hulk,
Iron Man, Spider-Man, or,
X-Men, Daredevil, Avengers) Bob
Kane (creator of Batman), William
Moulton Marston (creator of
Wonder Woman) and Jerry Siegel,
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  Joe Shuster (creator of Superman).
We need our own Wolverine,
Captain America and X-Men or
Nagraj, Kaalia, the crow, and
Supandi; we need to break away
from constricting stereotypes of
Ram and Hanuman. ese are
hard time for dreamers, but this
should be taken as a wake-up call
to break dogmas; to try something
new. Innovation is essential to
evolution. A new step is to be
taken. If the content is good with
imaginative storytelling, creative
artwork and brilliant illustration,
the market will automatically
Comic con can be incredibly
good business from artists who
gets exposure, tailors who make
the costumes, businesses who
need to publicize events and
products, and organizers who
profit from tons of stall bookings.
It should be a celebration
of creative minds. It should be
a discovery of nostalgia and a
clear reminder to have fun and
embrace the inner child.
So, let this wrien piece be a
stepping stone.
e gauntlet has been thrown.
Your move, Nepal.
Tie the Knot!
Let us get little acquainted with some peculiar facts on
marriage just to keep all our options open. After all one day,
most of us, if not all, have to face it, whether we like it or not.
When one of the kingdom’s
most holy god, Krishna, himself
is believed to have 16,108 wives,
we can’t exactly put past our men
to have multiple wives, can we?
Although polygyny is illegal in Nepal,
it is still widely and openly practiced
today, especially among the “grandgrand
dad generation”. C’mon guys, time
to pull your act together!
Particular ethnic groups in the
Himalayas, in places such as
Upper Dolpa and Upper Mustang,
have an ancient culture of the sons
of a family jointly marrying the same
woman. This tradition, also known
as polyandry, has its own economic
bene ts - it prevents the practice of
each generation of a family dividing
their holdings. Recalls Draupadi’s
situation, doesn’t it?
The practice of marrying one’s cousin
remains common among several
ethnic groups such as the Gurungs,
Magars and Thakalis. It helps keeping
cultural values intact through manyy
generations; they believe and also
o due
to the “why marry a stranger” notion.
Debates have been held on the ethicality
of Cousin Marriages, especially fuelled
by recent studies that show that the
children of rst-cousin marriages have an
increased risk of genetic disorders.
s. Keen
after this? I vote NO!
All Newari women get to marry
three times. Yes, that’s right.
THREE TIMES! But don’t get too
envious, the rst two marriages are
to a never decaying bael fruit (Ihi or
Bel Vivah) and to the eternal sun
(Barah or Gufa), respectively. It is
believed that if the girl’s husband
(from the third marriage) dies later
in her life, she is not considered
a widow as her rst two husbands
will always be alive, thus preventing
her from the tortures of society.
Sounds like a pretty clever idea to
A peek outside Nepal
After Death Marriage - Permitted in
France, a living person can marry a
dead person of the opposite sex after
the individual has died.
Boston marriage - Refers to two
women who lived together in a long term
relationship and interacted in public as a
couple rather than as roommates.
Group marriage - Involves three to six
adults where each member is equally
married to all other members. Such
cases can be found in Melanesia, North
America, and also among a few native
tribes from Australia.
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  Wanderlust
Eat! Drink!
Dance! Swim!
Ping! Sukute!
he moment seemed
perfect for a deserved
getaway trip of revelry.
Plans were densed
itineraries were made, the
necessities were packed, fuel was
filled and we were set for Sukute
Bea Camp.
e roads and our journey
started from Koteshwor and the
highway stretched till the resort
bestowed nature’s staggering
sights which were a vision
to behold. e road had to be
traversed on bikes and not inside
the confined space of a bus. e
ride was as smooth as silk and
it felt like sailing through the
stratosphere for a lile more than
two hours.
We stopped at Dolalghat for
their infamous fish delicacy and
soon, our awaited haven opened
their doors to us. A glorious fresh,
small swimming pool accompanied
by trimmed gravel roads and lush
greenery welcomed us to the main
hall which was a recreation room,
dining room, lounge and bar all
fused into one. Men and women of
every age and nationality traversed
around like a hippie, eating French
fries, swimming peacefully and just
having a plain good time.
Manish, our so-spoken guide,
showed us our well-maintained
safari-styled tents and neatly
tidied beds. Our tents overlooked
the mighty Bhotekoshi River,
crashing mercilessly on the rocks
and shore producing a soothing
sound forcing you into deep
mediation and contemplations.
We immediately stripped
and aacked the swimming pool.
Without drying, we ran towards
the shore, but unfortunately
because of the heavy rains, we
couldn’t enjoy the adventures of
raing but a volleyball net was set
up and a firm ping stood nearby,
and we aacked both. We were
back in our childhood days and
some of the sunbathing onlookers
joined in too.
A delightful lun set awaited
us ready to be relished aer
our tiring playful session. e
scrumptious food reimbursed our
energy back as we hopped on to
play table tennis and pool.
Our relaxation started once the
darkness seled in and the colorful
lights were lit. We ordered in
some breveand experimented on
the bartender’s offerings. e
speakers blasted some electronic
music that drew people out of their
tents, and the party atmosphere
hit off.
A bonfire was lit and our
dinner was served. Bird flu did
not dampen the palate as we were
served muon and got ourselves
second helpings. We danced till
late night with newfound friends.
At midnight, the music stopped
and the lights went out but our
spirit wasn’t. With tor lights, we
promenaded along the shore and
again jumped on the ping while
the rest were lying in the sand,
listening to the rushing waters
of the harsh river in complete
darkness and uer silence.
Next morning, aer indulging
in our breakfast and a swim, a
kayak was taken out, and we
started a mini-kayaking session
in the swimming pool itself. Soon,
we filled ourselves to the brim
with a vivacious mixture of tea,
coffee and muon-rice until we
unwillingly bid goodbye to the
great outdoors and set out of the
resort again into the 69 miles to
Kathmandu which was half the
whole experience.
Lights Out
The Fallout
Many usually confuse fallout with a fightt but it is entirely
different! Fallout with a friend is like holding a love
e sorrowfully
in the heart, knowing that things will never be the same
again. You don’t know what went wrong but something
definitely did. Sometimes it’s the time and the circumstance
but mostly, it’s just life. Here, Snigdha Bhatta gives you six
best ways to survive friendship fallout.
Ask yourself
Was it your fault or theirs?
Or was it nothing? You’re
probably wondering why the
friendship that was once so special
seems so strange now. The best way
to make peace with the friend (if you
want to) is by being calm and asking
yourself “What happened?” and
believe me, there’s always a reason
behind the fallout.
It is extremely hard to muster
up the courage to confront
the situation and talk to your friend.
But, do it. Your ego has been horribly
bruised but it’s better to put in the
time and effort to revive the friendship
you have cherished for so long than
to just go separate ways without a
Apologize if you want
to, if you need to
Sometimes a simple apology
can work wonders. No matter whose
fault it is, a “sorry” can mend broken
relationships. If you want to and if
you need to, apologize! Remember
that apology doesn’t equate to losing
your self-respect as the quote goes:
“Sometimes apologizing doesn’t
mean you are wrong, it just means
that you value your relationship more
than your ego.”
No hope? Move on
Most often than not, fallouts
have a dead end. You’ve
gone out of your way to x things
but nothing seems to have worked.
Forget it. There’s only so much one
can do but when it’s over, it’s over.
You will feel lost and dazed for a
few weeks, few months even, but
time is the biggest healer and before
you even know it, things will fallinto
Hang out with other
Don’t blame yourself
You had one bad history
with a friend and that is not the end
of the world. I know, I know. It is
always easier said than done but you
have to give friendship a chance.
Friendship breakups oor you than
any other drug but know that there is
always someone or the other to help
you get through the bad days. Don’t
stop believing in the power of good
friendship. Make as much friends as
you can and appreciate life in all its
Holding yourself responsible
for all that went wrong is
the last thing you should
be doing. The blame game is the
recipe for disaster. Cheer up and stop
infecting your thoughts with gloomy
thoughts. Shake off the emotion and
know that you did all you could. If it
helps at all, you can vent your anger/
resentment/sadness to someone who
understands you. But be careful not
to talk lthy. That’s not civil.
No-Nos of the
Post-Break up Phase
How can you get over your ex?
It’s time for awakening indeed!
Think of ways to get back
to him/her? NO!
You broke up for a reason. Like they
say, some people come for a season
and some for a reason. That’s the way
it is. Trying to get back to your ex is a
completely pointless pursuit.
Take the annoyance and
rage out on yourself? NO!
You might be shocked to read this but
half the population is prone to harming
themselves at the face of adversity.
The countless cuts and scars are
not going to bring him/her back. Stop
crouching in a corner with a blanket
over your head. Stop sucking the
poison from a wound that deserves
zero attention. Let the door of hurt and
pain be locked.
Pour out the stories of
your break-up to people?
There’s an awful feeling that rests in
your heart and head and you want to
let it out. We get it. But remember to
express your feelings only to those who
genuinely care about you. Having said
that, do not wallow in self-pity and stop
seeking sympathy!
and there. Don’t do it! That’s the most
unpleasant thing to do and you know
you are better than that.
Blame yourself? NO!
Do not concentrate the faults in
you. Relationships rust all the time. It
is never entirely your fault. Even if it is,
you need to know that this is the time
for your recovery and you need to stop
wasting your energy trying to put the
scattered pieces together. Don’t beat
yourself up over the fact that it was
your mistake.
Stalk them? NO!
It is extremely tempting to log on to
Facebook and check out all of his/hers
daily happenings, the guys/girls they
have added, the pictures they have
posted, the places they have visited.
Yes, it is only natural to want to know
what the other is up to but it only
worsens your state of mind. His/her
life should be none of your business
Watch sad movies or
listen to sad songs? NO!
Your lonely heart needs a fresh,
new and happy start! Do not try to
Spreading rumors about
your ex? NO!
You probably nd yourself clenching
your st in rage waiting for the right
moment to present your ex in a bad
light. “He’s the bad guy, not me” has
been registered in your brain and you
can’t wait to prove it, even if that means
exaggerating and tweaking things here
Illustration By Swechhya Dangol
keep soliciting sympathy through the
romantic/depressing songs. They just
do no good.
Rebound relationships?
Jumping into another relationship
bandwagon with the hope that it will
help you forget your past is a huge
(terrible!) blunder. Not only are you
inviting a new heartache but you’re
also toying with someone else’s
emotions. Not cool!
Bug them with constant
texts and calls? NO!
The longer you hold on to him/her,
the longer it will take for you to feel
okay. Let go. While you might feel the
need to explain and be clear about
everything, constantly bugging the
other will do more harm than good.
Illustration By Sikuma Rai
SEPTEMBER  | TEENZ  Become hateful? NO!
After all is said and done,
remember not to let pessimistic
thoughts crowd your mind. Hold
back and feel grateful for all that has
happened. Remember, all good things
come to an end!
Lights Out
Do not change your profile
picture every day. No one
wants their newsfeed hogged
with your selfies. Get a job.
Do not write status on
mundane, everyday activities.
Avoid “I just did my shoelaces”
or “I just pooped.” No one wants
to know how that. Trust me.
“I hate this world. Everyone
sucks.” No, no. Stay away
from such status at all cost.
In case you have an
unrelenting urge to write
a status like mentioned in No.
3, and some kind, caring saint
happens to comment with “Oh
no. What’s wrong?”, DO NOT
reply with, “I don’t want to
talk about it. Go away.” If you
didn’t want to talk about it,
you shouldn’t have told the
whole world about it in the
first place.
Oh this one really got on my
nerves! is person writes
the longest Facebook post (an
essay would be a more accurate
term). It’s her declaration of
love filled with one too many
hearts. Aer what seem like a
gazillion words, it ends with,
“I am so grateful to have you.
things you should
not do on acebook
I love you brother.” WHAT⁇?
Brother? Are you kidding me?
Brothers are for wrestling
matches and food fights. Not
for long and cheesy Facebook
posts. Point is - don’t make a
similar mistake.
Never write like this - “OmG
that [email protected] lIKe sOOoo cool
#loveyoubabes.” It’s just way too
freaking confusing and annoying
to read!
Do not write deep, philosophical
and/or melancholy paragraphs
on Facebook which have clearly
been copy-pasted from Google.
Don’t be a wolly and tag a
hundred random people in
your photo just so you can get
a few extra likes. Learn a lile
subtlety, my friend.
Those guys who post
topless bathroom photos of
themselves or wanna-be-sexybiting-their-lips close-ups:
yuck. That’s all I have got to
say to you lot.
Please don’t write, “Smile
is really the best makeup.” in a photo where your face
is clearly caked in makeup and
your smile is awkward.
Do not tag a photo with
#swag. We all know
#swog is all you got.
“Having such a wild
night with my besties
xoxox.”- Such status, especially
on a Friday night, never fails to
emphasize how nonexistent my
social life is. So please, don’t.
Don’t upload pictures
where you’re wasted or
smoking. ings might turn
ugly back home.
ose people with weird
Facebook names such as
“Swag-on-the-lose” or “Bieberlover-Ayusha”- do us a big
favour and change your Fb
name back to your real name?
Don’t inform your
that they have been dumped
by changing your relationship
status from ‘In a relationship’
to ‘Single’. Not cool at all.
Don’t poke me. I don’t
like people who go
around poking others.
Don’t put “ex oh ex oh”
on anything. at’s like
so last season.
Best Vacation
for your Zodaic Sign
Mar 21 - Apr 19
June 21 - July 22
Aries have plenty of energy to burn, so a
vacation where they can work out a bit is
a good idea. They also prefer to travel in
style rather than camp, so a night or two
in a cozy bed and breakfast near a lake
or sea is preferable. They love traveling to
theme parks, bungee jumping, and rock
Apr 20 - May 20
Taurus tends to like to camp, but in safe
areas that also include other families.
They prefer vacation packages and tour
groups because they hate spontaneity
and indecision. The love strolling, sightseeing and the absolute convenience of
staying in a hotel in a theme park.
May 21 – June 20
Gemini likes to stroll through city streets,
browse through markets, and meet as
many strangers as possible. They also
like the celebrity life and will try and stay
in a place where they can do as much
social climbing as possible. As urbane
and sophisticated that they seem to be,
they also enjoy hiking and swimming.
Cancers prefer vacation by the ocean
or the sea in tourist towns where there
is plenty to see and do. They also
love to sun bathe. This materialistic
sign also enjoys shopping and is
happiest being pampered at a spa or
window shopping.
Prince Harry
July 23 -Aug 22
Adventurous Leos love to travel and
they will beg, borrow, or steal to attend
a music concert, rave or happening no
matter where it is in the world. Singing
songs by a camp re is also very
appealing to this fun loving sign. They
also really enjoy hunting and shing.
Aug 23 – Sep 22
Virgos like short, well planned
vacations. They prefer to drive to their
holiday destinations and many of them
do not want to take a vacation at all
unless they are somehow combining
business with pleasure. They like
cities with big museums and art
galleries. They treasure their privacy
and enjoy a long walk alone on a
beach or seeing a movie alone.
Prince Harry of Wales is also
known as Prince Henry of Wales
and “the happy prince”. Besides
being a royal heir, he is famous for
his teenage escapades. He is also
a big fan of Star Trek.
Sep 23 - Oct 22
Dec 22 - Jan 19
The Libra native likes to go away with a
special someone for a day – even if that
special someone is just a household
pet. This air sign enjoys loves culture
and places to shop. An ideal day trip is
a short jaunt to an antique market or to
a beach side village that has plenty of
cafes. This very social sign also likes
to meet people so taking a cruise is a
good idea.
This sign does not like to travel too
far from home. They prefer short day
excursions. They like to camp, but
only if they have a recreational vehicle
or camper on hand. They love to be
pampered and eat good food, so if
they travel for any length of time they
prefer to stay in a hotel that offers
recreational activities, such as gol ng
and swimming.
Oct 23 - Nov 21
Jan 20 - Feb 18
Scorpios are happiest cruising the
waters in a sailboat, motorboat, or
even just in a canoe. They also love
portaging and white water rafting. This
sign enjoys camping out and does not
really like splurging on hotels unless
they are thinking of seducing someone.
An ideal vacation for a Scorpio is
a cross country one by bus, car, or
motorcycle. They love to eat exotic
and spicy foods and really enjoy taking
specialty cooking courses.
Aquarian natives are happiest in
more sophisticated urban locales,
although they also like a little bit
of adventure. An ideal vacation
for an Aquarian would be to visit
a museum in a big city and then
dance the night away in a popular
night club. They also love music and
will travel a long way to attend a
performance or concert.
Nov 22 - Dec 21
The more exotic and challenging the
vacation is the happier Sagittarians are.
They love hiking through the woods
and climbing mountains, horseback
riding and water sports, such as water
skiing and parasailing. Cave exploration
and deep sea diving also appeal to this
adventurous and brave sign.
Feb 19- Mar 20
Even though pisces prefer to stay in a
city or small town, they are happiest on
vacation when they do not have to talk
a lot or deal with a lot of people. They
also thrive taking day trips by car that
have no purpose other than to enjoy the
scenery out the window. Spontaneity is
very important to this sign.
Rishi Kapoor
Today probably known more
as a father to his ‘Rockstar’ son
Ranbir Kapoor – Rishi Kapoor
is a brilliant actor who received
a National Film award in 1971
for his debut role as a child
artist. He is best known for his
performances in Bobby, Laila
Majnu,Rafoo Chakkar, Sargam,
Karz, Prem Rog, Nagina,
Honeymoon, Banjaran, Heena
and Bol Radha Bol.He also acted
in British lms like Don’t Stop
Dreaming and Sambar Salsa.
Market Report
Access Keys Training Academy
Theories can only tell what
you can do, but won’t really
point out what to do when
in a situation. Learning to
use theories in a situation
can help us big time, for our
career ahead. Access Keys
training academy fills this
gap in our education system
while imparting knowledge
knowledge in a real situation.
Offering 3 months of training,
access key guarantees 100%
practical and real-time work
Today students hopelessly
relent to any kind of job
abroad. Access Keys assures
students that their training can
give them a beer job in an IT
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enroll themselves as a trainee
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UI designer and gain a live
experience of the world they
are thinking of geing into.
Students will be assigned a real
time project and will be guided
by the project manager. Access
Keys aims to make an amateur
to students. Access Keys, a
software outsourcing company a professional IT engineer and
designer. It also promises to
that is based in Kathmandu,
offer and recommend jobs in
gives an opportunity to fresh
established IT firms locally
IT graduates to groom their
Knowledge in a real time job. It and globally. What more do
highly believes that knowledge you need when you are geing
more than you are bargaining
isn’t enough to secure
for? So, now is your chance –
ourselves with job – what
counts even more is using that fill in the forms and apply now!
Phoenix, the Premium 125 cc
Motorcycle Launched
CG | Moto Corp, the authorized
distributor of TVS 2 wheeler
in Nepal, recently launched its
premium executive deluxe 125cc
motorcycle, TVS Phoenix 125 in
the Nepali market. TVS Phoenix
125 is targeted at consumers
who aspire to upgrade from just
commuting to those who crave for
a spirited ride experience without
compromising on mileage.
Speaking at the launch, Auro Asish
Choudhuri, General Manager
- International Business, TVS
Motor Company said, “We have
developed an all new engine for
this motorcycle and it complements
several unique features to ensure
premium ride quality.” e
introductory price for the new
TVS Phoenix 125 Premium Bike is
marked Rs. 169,900.
ISSUE 32, Rs. 30
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