February 21 - St. Paul`s



February 21 - St. Paul`s
“ Release from the Burden of Sin ”
(3rd Sunday in Lent)
End of 121st Maramon Convention
General Body Meeting Notice
The 2015 Annual General Body meeting of St. Paul’s Mar Thoma
Church will be held on Sunday, 02/28/2016 in the sanctuary following
the Holy Communion service to transact the following agenda:
1. To receive, consider and adopt the Annual Report for 2015.
2. To approve extra budgeted and non-budgeted expenses for 2015.
3. To receive, consider and adopt the Annual Accounts for 2015 along
with auditor’s report.
4. Presentation and adoption of the budget proposals for the year 2016.
5. 2016 Christmas collections to be deposited in the Building Fund, be
used to fund legal fees from the present personal injury lawsuit against
St. Paul’s MTC in the year 2016, if needed.
6. Election of Facilities manager
7. Any Other Business with the permission of chair.
General Body Meeting Guidelines
Please review the report, accounts and budget and submit
your questions, if any, in writing (not in emails) to Achen.
All questions must be submitted by Friday, 02/26/16 by
5:00 PM Central Standard Time (CST).
All questions received by Friday, 02/26/16 by 5:00 PM CST
will be answered appropriately during the General Body
Questions received after 02/26/16 5:00 PM, including new
questions from the floor of the General Body, will not be
General Body Meeting Guidelines
This process is not to discourage anyone from asking questions. This
is only to ensure that the Committee members can prepare the
answers for all the questions and present it to the general body. This
is also in line with the guidance provided in previous year’s Annual
General Body meeting.
2015 Annual Report, 2015 Annual Accounts and 2016 Annual Budget
has been emailed to church members, those who have not received
it via e-mail please request a copy from 2015 Secretary. If you need a
printed copy of the report, there are a few available, please request
them from 2015 Secretary Jeff Thomas or get with your prayer group
Most importantly, please keep this meeting in your prayers.
Worship Service
Thanks to all who assisted in today’s worship service.
Next Sunday, February 28th, 2016, there will be Holy Qurbana in
Malayalam starting at 9:30 AM. The chief celebrant will be our
Vicar, Rev. Shaiju P. John.
Thanks to Mr. Thomas Mathew (Valsan) & family for today’s
Thanks to Mr. Phil Mathew & family for providing the fresh
flowers for the alter each Sunday service for the month of
For the month of January it was provided by Mr. John Oommen &
Prayer Fellowships
Monday Prayer - Monday, February 22nd 7 PM at the residence of
Mr. & Mrs. Oommen Koshy & Mollykutty.
Fasting Prayer - Friday, February 26th 10 AM at Parsonage.
Agape Prayer - Saturday, February 27th 6:30 PM at the
residence of Mr. & Mrs. Reji Philip & Bindu
Emmanuel Prayer - Today, February 21st 6:30 PM at the
residence of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Koshy & Bindu
Parish mission - Every Friday, 7 PM at church
Lent Evening Prayer
Lent season evening prayer worship will be starting
(everyday from 7- 8 PM) from Tuesday March 2nd onwards
at member’s homes. The prayer schedule is posted on the
notice board. During the passion week, all evening prayers
will be held at church.
Please pray and plan accordingly to make every effort to
attend these evening worship times.
SS Announcements
Praise and Worship team practice every 1st and 3rd Sunday after service. All
praise and worship team members must attend the practice today in the
Sunday School room.
Special note about Sunday School exams- Teachers will notify parents 3
weeks prior to the date of the individual class exams. All students present
in class on that test day must take the exam with no exceptions. Students
who are out that test day due to illness or being out of town will be given a
different version of the exam the first Sunday they return to class. If you
have concerns about this please discuss with the superintendent.
VBS will be held Monday June 27th thru Sunday July 3rd. Please mark your
calendar with these dates.
Bindu Joseph,
Sunday School Superintendent
SS Center-A Announcements
March 6th will be the last day to register for tickets for the passion
play of the 2016 Easter season called “The Thorn” which will be
held on Saturday, March 19, 2016 at 3:00 PM at Covenant Church in
Carrollton, TX. Cost is as low as $18.50/person for groups of 10 or
more. Tickets will be on sale in the church foyer today after service.
The MTC Sunday School Center A would like to inform you of the
upcoming free Harvest America event at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium
on March 6th from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. For more details about the
event please check the website TEXAS.HARVESTAMERICA.COM
SS Center-A Announcements
Sunday School SW Center-A is planning a community outreach event
for students ages 13+ to volunteer their time on Tuesday March 8,
2016 during Spring Break at Buckners Children's Home, helping them
to sort shoes for orphans. We will meet at St. Paul’s MTC at 11AM,
do the event from 12PM-4PM and have a follow-up session at St.
Paul’s MTC that will conclude by 5PM. This is a Sunday school
Southwest Center A event and participation is voluntarily. Those who
want to participate please sign the wavier form with Sunday School
Superintendent and pay $5 to cover lunch. For those looking for
volunteer hours, Buckners will sign off on your completed volunteer
form. In addition, we encourage (while it is not mandatory)
volunteers to bring a pack of new children's socks for the orphans.
Joseph Koshy
Secretary, MTC Sunday School SW Center-A
Youth Fellowship
YF Membership dues are being collected by Sen Mathai and Ashish Mathai.
It is currently $10 per person. After March 1st, the price will be raised to
$15. So please turn them in before March 1st.
 Dallas Area Youth (The Debate)
 Friday, February 26th, at 6:30 PM
 Farmers Branch Mar Thoma Church
 Carpool from church at 5:45 PM (Must sign the waiver form)
 Please bring at least two of the following items with you for
the community service activity
 Hygiene Product (soap, wipes, tooth brush, etc)
 Scarves
 Blankets
Anisha Mathew,
Youth Fellowship Secretary
Yuvajana Sakhyam
The annual general body meeting of Southwest Center A
Yuvajana Sakhyam is scheduled to be conducted on Sunday,
February 21st from 4:00 - 5:30 pm at the Mar Thoma Church
Dallas, Carrollton to transact the following agenda:
Annual Report & Audited Account 2015.
Budget & Calendar 2016
AOB with the Permission of the President
After the general body, there will be a farewell meeting for
Rev. Sam Mathew. All YS members are requested to attend.
Biji Joby,
South West Center A YS Secretary
Sevika Sanghom
There will be a 2015 Sevika Sanghom Varshika meeting on
February 27th 2016, 10 AM at church. Requesting all Sevika
Sanghom members to attend this meeting
Jolly Babu,
Sevika Sanghom Secretary - 2015.
Choir Announcements
The annual general body meeting of the St. Paul’s Mar Thoma
Church Choir is scheduled to be conducted on Sunday
02/21/2016 immediately after the Holy Communion Service in
the Sanctuary to transact the following agenda.
Review & adopt Annual Accounts for the year 2015
Review & adopt Annual Report for the year 2015
Elect an auditor for the year 2016
AOB with the permission of the Chair
Saji P. George,
Choir Secretary - 2015
Choir Announcement- Junior Choir
St. Paul’s Mar Thoma Church Choir is seeking interest from children
of ages 7-15 years in participating in a Junior Choir. This choir will not
be affiliated to the Department of Sacred Music and Communication
and will only be governed by the decisions of St. Paul’s Mar Thoma
Church Choir.
 This Junior Choir is open to all children of ages 7-15 years and all
applied will be admitted with no audition.
 This is not meant for current choir members, rather to provide other
children who are interested in an opportunity to further enhance
their musical skills and to participate in an organized Church Choir
set up.
 If you are interested, please sign up with Mr. John Thomas (Kunju) on
or before 02/29/2016.
 A minimum of 15 children are required to form this choir. So ALL are
encouraged to sign up.
Edavaka Mission Announcement
Those who wish to register their name with the Edavaka
Mission and like to be a registered member, please contact
Edavaka Mission secretary Thomas George.
Thomas George,
Edavaka Mission Secretary
Mini Pappachen
James Thomas
Raju Mathew
Ritika Reji
Jaiden Bincent
Maya Easo
John Mathew
Nevin Thomas
Cheryl Babu
Ruben John
Wedding Anniversary
02/21 Mr. & Mrs. Varghese George
02/23 Mr. & Mrs. K.J. Thomas
02/25 Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Mathew (Shiju)
Have a blessed week!
[email protected]
Any and all St. Paul’s Mar Thoma Church, Dallas presentations, speeches,
communication, written, spoken or visually represented contents including
materials deemed or assumed to be so are protected by U.S. Copyright laws.
The contents of this presentation are strictly confidential and private, intended
for the internal use of St. Paul’s Mar Thoma Church, Dallas members. It is not
meant for publication and/ or communication outside the Church premises
unless and otherwise expressed in writing by the Church Secretary and
© 2015 St. Paul’s MarThoma Church, Dallas

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