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20 More Volumes Of Traffic Secrets 2.0...
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Printed on: 07/23/2008
Topic author: Admin
Subject: 20 More Volumes Of Traffic Secrets 2.0...
Posted on: 07/20/2008 20:58:49
The Winners Will Be Announced Soon...
Thank you to all those who posted. There are some great posts in here...
But wait...there's more...LOL!
This one is not quite so easy. You will need to answer a question, to the best of your ability, and we will pick the top 20
winners to get a free copy of Traffic Secrets 2.0 shipped to their door from John..
Post your answer in this thread...
Here's the question:
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the
shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
That's the question..
This will bring the total of free copies of Traffic Secrets 2.0 given by John to the Warrior Forum members to 25. Thanks John!
EDIT: This isn't based on how fast you can respond. You have time to give a great answer. I'd like this to be a great thread
for newbies hitting the forum if possible. Thanks!
Reply author: Michael Silvester
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:02:51
Hi Allen,
This is what I'd say!
Come to the warrior forum...learn and take action!
Take Care,
Michael SIlvester
Reply author: longroad
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:03:03
I would tell them 2 things:
1. Gather items from your house and visit fairs and garage sales to purchase cheap items of value to sell on eBay. This is a
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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guaranteed income stream to keep you going and once you become an expert at choosing valuable items, you can be making
a full time income just from this method. For example, I recently found an old book that someone was willing to pay $1000
for. I picked it up for $5 from a book fair. This strategy can be started immediately.
2. Create an ebook about how you sell these valuable items on eBay. Market your ebooks on various work at home forums
and sell the PLR or Resell rights to it at Warrior Forum.
A basic strategy but one that is virtually bullet proof
Reply author: Todd Walker
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:06:49
I would tell them to take there dollars, fold them in half, and put them in their wallet... Simply way to double your money!
But on a serious note, to make money in the shortest time possible...hmmm
I would say, write ten articles on "so and so", submit them to article directories, place the links to the articles that are also on
your new blog on "so and so", use Wordpress, and then, sell the site for $50-$100 via sitepoint or ebay.
Or, any auction on any item, simply write on a piece of paper, "This is worth $.99", people will buy it for feedback ...lol sell
1,000 of those.
Reply author: Jeffery
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:07:37
Quick money... Join an established GoGreen Site and make $25 to $50 in less than 8 hours.
Costs zero to start and easy learning curve for anyone with a PayPal account.
[Edited 22 July 08 to add the details that Allen suggested.]
The shortest time possible would be to use a proven method that
thousands of people are using at this very moment. That would be the
GoGreen or GetPaid method. Personally I call the following method
GoGreen because the end result is Green In The Bank. The official term
is GetPaid and a whole industry is built around that term.
Get started by joining a legitimate GoGreen or GetPaid site that
provides a forum for the staff to communicate with the members. The
forum is the source of the proven method. The staff and users will
always have threads that announce the most current methods that payout
that same day! A nice resource with a list is found at the end of this
works for you that hundreds of Warriors have bought from me and
Before you get started allow me to disclose Five Tips To Success..
1. From the guide at the end of this report search the listed forums
for one method that "beginners" report to be quick and easy money.
There are always links in the threads to the site's program that will
explain how to get started and how to complete the program.
2. Select a method that pays out the same day or at least within 48 hours.
3. There are times when the program is limited to a specific number of
users or there is a time limit that the program must be completed. Do
not hesitate to submit for acceptance and do not hesitate to complete
the program. Failure to immediately complete the program will be
logged and may affect your status.
4. As you complete the work create screen shots of the process and
save them for future reference. After you complete the work and Get
The Green go back and study the screenshots. This is a good way to
familiarize yourself with the specific method. In the future you will
learn how to complete the work more proficiently and faster. Tip = A
better alternative to screenshots is a PDF Creator called NovaPDF from
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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5. Some programs require a credit card or a deposit. Avoid those in
the beginning. Better to join a program that pays out to PayPal. You
will need a PayPal account to receive payment. A PayPal account to
receive money is free the last time I looked.
There is a very good guide in PDF and is accompanied by videos that
explains it all very well. The main aspects of the guide are a list of
legitimate sites and other resources It is sold by Dr C and
resellers. I am a reseller and use it to introduce beginners to the
GetPaid Industry and they found it invaluable. Without being
"promotional" I will happily give you access to it with limited
distribution, maybe a dozen or less. I have talked to Dr C in the past
and we are only to happy to help whereas Warriors are concerned.
Private Mail me if you wish.
Jeffery 100% :-)
Reply author: Jenn Dize
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:07:39
Figure out what you are good at. What is your passion in life? I believe one of the fastest ways to make money online is to
focus on your talents.
Are you a good writer? (if so, develop a portfolio of writing samples to get potential clients). If you network and prove
yourself you can get work right away.
Services are often the fastest road to online profits, in my opinion and experience. If you would rather design and create
websites and you have a talent for it you can start that as a service.
If you aren't so sure about your skills, many marketers will hire you to drive traffic. This just takes a little bit of research to
understand the basics, but I believe starting a traffic generation service could be up and running in no time.
It's all about taking action. As you're making money from getting service jobs you can build your own business and passive
My #1 piece of advice is to network at get to know people. Find your USP, what sets you apart from other providers.
I would also share my experience:
The very same night I decided to become a ghostwriter I had orders. The very same week I matched the income I had
previously made as a first grade teacher. It was because I took the time to set myself apart.
Prove yourself, network, and make sure you offer the very best experience for the buyer. You'll not only make money right
away, but you'll get referrals and become very sought after. After that, it becomes a lot easier to start up those passive
income streams.
Here are the exact steps I took to earn a full time income online nearly right away:
1. Networked in forums like WF and Earn 1 K a Day, got to know people and a little about how IM worked
2. I saw that there is a need for good web writers. I've always loved writing so thought it was a great possibility.
3. I wrote two articles as examples and created a web site to showcase those examples and offer my services.
4. I wrote a sales letter on this site to set myself apart and show why I was a great person to hire
5. I put a link to my site in my signature file at WF, and offered a special at Earn 1 K a Day (a paid marketing forum)
6. I priced my services low to start out and get testimonials ($6 per article)
7. I got a few bites that first night and put them on my schedule
8. I gave very fast turnaround and made these articles darned perfect.
9. When the buyers told me they were happy, I asked for a testimonial
10. I put these testimonials on my site for social proof
11. I continued forum marketing to get more clients, and the word spread
12. Eventually, I ran a WSO to expand my client base
13. The rest is history :)
You could do something similar with any service based online business. As long as you can log into a forum and write, You
CAN do it :)
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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Reply author: Bev Clement
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:09:02
[original part of answer]I would tell them to start by writing a business plan and to make sure they have a sustainable
business and not just a 5 minute wonder.
[edited as Allen asked for more details]The simple solution is that you need to develop a business plan.
These questions will help you to know what your focus should be.
Which direction is your business heading?
Can you tell others where your business is heading?
Do you have a sense of commitment, as you tell others your business objectives?
Do you have a sense of achievement, as you see your business progressing in the way you had envisaged?
You know you have never created a business plan, and now you are wondering where you should start. You have a blank
piece of paper or a new page open on your computer and writing the opening sentences will always be the hardest. What do
you do next?
You know you can make the plan as complicated as you want, but there are really four elements that all business plans need
to cover.
When you write the plan using these four elements you will be able to extend them naturally.
• Why do you have a business?
• What direction do you see your business going?
• How are you going to achieve your goals?
• How much will it cost to reach your goals?
How do you write your plan now? Well, the secret is to keep it short and sweet. If you can’t sum up in a sentence or two what
the purpose of your business, then you’ll need to go away and consider what your business is about. You’ll need to keep
working at it until you reach the stage where you know exactly what your business is about.
Imagine this situation, when you are trying to explain what you do to friends and family. It is worth sitting someone down
and trying to explain to them your business.
The problem is they become bored or worse think you are a scammer, because you are still trying to explain it and it is
making no sense to them. It’s time to stop and think again about what you are doing. The solution will be to keep fine tuning
what you are saying, until you reach the stage where they understand what you are doing online. That doesn’t mean they
won’t think you are mad, but at least they understand the principles involved in what you are trying to do.
Do you know, what a lot of people say their goals are with trying to have a presence online? It is to make money. Now the
bad news is that all businesses want to make money, but that is not a good reason to have a business. If your goal is only to
make money, then you should take a job. Many jobs will pay you more than you are earning online, especially if you are just
starting out.
You see, there has to be another motivation for you to run your own business.
• You might want to be your own boss.
• You want to work at home to be around the family.
• You might want to be able to do some charity work.
Whatever, your goals you need to know what that is, to be motivated when you go through the difficult time. These times will
come when you run your own business.
What direction do you see your business going?
Yikes, this is the six million dollar question, because at the moment, you are barely making any money online. If only you
knew where your business was heading then you could answer the question.
The simple solution is to start to put more information into your business plan.
You need to know that the secret is to write your business plan the SMART way.
• Specific
• Measurable
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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• Actionable
• Realistic
• Timed
All good businesses have a solid foundation. You’ll need to have a good foundation for your business plan. Without it, your
whole business will tumble and fall.
So your plan is to stop working in a job. Not good enough, you need a specific plan which would say you want to quit that job
in 1 year’s time. You need to have something to aim for, in other words a GOAL.
Your plan is to earn money online. Yet, the specific plan says, you want to earn $100 per day and you will reach that goal
within 3 months.
You’re going to make money but you have no idea when you will reach your goal, because you don’t know what your goal is.
The answer will be to have a time scale to reach your goals.
But, you say, you might not reach your goal within that time, what do you do then? Simple solution to this, you move your
time scale or your goal. The one thing you don’t do is QUIT.
You set a goal to earn $100 a day in 3 months. 3 months is now over, and you only earned $90 a day. Is that bad? No, it is
$90 a day more than if you had never tried. Now aim for that extra $10 a day.
You are going to take action now to see your goals fulfilled. Regardless, of the goals, you need to have a plan and then you
need to follow that plan through with action.
The bad news is that a lot of people fail online. They tried this product, and that system. Today they try one idea, and
tomorrow they move onto the next idea. Everything they do is a failure.
You see there is a moral to this story, and that is unless you have a plan, and you take action then you will fail.
Now read that again.
Unless you have a plan, and you take action then you will fail.
Each person will have different goals, and you should keep updating your goals and carry on taking action.
I have some news for you, and that is you are not going to be a millionaire overnight, unless you have a relative who leaves
you a fortune.
But, you say, my bills need paying at the end of the week, and I heard that you can earn money overnight, in your sleep
The secret here is to be realistic in your goals.
Being realistic is not for a lot of people. Are you someone who has never earned any money online? How long have you been
trying to earn and being failing? Do you know the big secret that we are keeping from you? It is this; you will not make a
fortune overnight. If you don’t set realistic goals, then you will quit and be a failure. Being realistic is important and you need
to start right now. Yes, this is the time to be real, and see what you need to do to earn that money.
You know, this is going to be excellent training for you, because you need to set your goals with a time for seeing those goals
But, there is more to it than that. Time management is essential for any business. If you are providing a service you need to
know how long a job is going to take. You see, if I ask you to write me some articles, and you think I can do that in a couple
of hours, you will charge me for a couple of hours work. Now, listen carefully, because the problem is this, you had to take
twice as long to research and then write them, than you first thought. That means you worked twice as long for the same
amount of money.
The answer is to learn to manage your time, and be able to estimate how long a job is going to take.
If you are going to be serious about your business, then knowing how long every job is going to take will be important.
There is an added bonus here, and that is once you know how long it takes to do a job, you will know how long you have to
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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surf the web, and visit your favorite websites.
Need some help with questions, try these.
• How much turnover and net profit do you want to achieve and by what date?
• You want to be the top of your niche by what date? How would you like to see that achieved? This needs to be included in
both the long term and short term plan.
• You need to increase your products and services to what? When is that going to happen? Creating your own products then
be realistic, it might not be possible (unless you outsource) to write 100 ebooks each month.
• Increase in traffic to your website is something we all want. How much extra traffic do you want to see and what date would
you like to achieve that by? Do you need to change you marketing to get this extra traffic?
Now, you want to have a business which is selling to other Internet Marketers, and this is the problem you are new and
nobody knows you. Guess what, the way around this is to do some research. It is a simple solution, but if you can do this, you
will learn lots of secrets that you thought were hidden.
• What motivates them to buy?
• What are the trends in Internet Marketing?
• Who are your competitors?
• Why would these people buy from you?
• What are you offering that is different from the rest?
You see, you need to ask many questions as you research and then you should analyze all the research material you have.
You see, there is no point in spending valuable hours researching if you are not in a position to use that information.
You see, you as you analysis your research you need to consider three questions.
Who is my market?
Why will they buy from me?
How will I provide the products for them?
One problem you face when you start a new business is being in direct competition with other established businesses. You will
be trying to sell your product alongside well known Guru’s. Your name isn’t going to be well known and people will want to
know they can trust you.
All around you people will be asking questions even if they are only in their mind.
Is it a new or unique product?
Is the price cheaper than other people’s products?
What is the guarantee with the product?
Is it a better quality product?
Summary of Your Business Plan
By now your business plan should be focused on two periods of time. You have the present time and the future which should
be between one or two years only.
You have included some good information into the plan.
• What type of business you have, and include both the products and services you have available.
• Include information about your business, how many employees, turnover, profit margins and location of any offices you
• What is the growth and expansion of your business?
• What niche do you market?
• Have you identified your competitors?
• Do you know how long it will be before your plan will become a reality?
Three Stages to Preparing Your Plan
Do you realize there are only three simple stages to be used when you prepare your business plan?
• Research
• Draft the Plan
• Action
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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You see, you will need to do thorough research. This isn’t only true when you start your business but you should do research
at different stages during your time in business.
Why is this important? It is only important if you want to stay at the top.
“But it is time consuming,” you say. Well, it can be, and you might need to take a couple of days away from the business to
do this. If you are running your business single-handed then schedule the time into your day to day routine. It might take
time, but think about the benefits to you and your business.
Now, yes right now, take a good look at where your business is today; be honest with yourself because if you are not making
any money then you will need to know why that is happening.
You see, there is no benefit for you to inflate your earnings to what you want them to be, because only you are seeing them
at the moment. If you want to reach your goals then you need to know where you have been; where you are; and where you
are going.
Now if your business is selling digital products, then evaluate which ones sell well and which ones are not making you any or
very little profit. If you look at each product carefully, you might find that a certain niche isn’t selling well. Dig as deep as you
need to go to find out where your business is at.
You see now you are making progress, you now know where you want your business to be, in the next quarter, or year. You
know you need to give yourself a time scale.
Ah! But what if you discover the business is doing badly, you might want to have the challenge of turning it around quickly.
The solution will be not to set the deadline too far in advance. If you do, then you might fail to take any action until the last
Look at every area of your business, and see if it is producing the best results possible. Is there a new niche you want to add
to your business?
And finally, you’ll need to find a way to get from where you are today to where you want to be in that allotted time period. It
might mean dropping some products; updating others or even find new products to market. You’ll need to know exactly and
clearly what you need to do and how you will achieve those goals.
You see, this is what a business plan is all about; it will give you the map for your business to follow.
Just imagine you’re taking a car journey and you’re going to somewhere new. Nobody in the car knows the way either. You
see most motorists would look on a map or use their computer to get the route needed to be taken. But, you are not like
most people, because you don’t want to be told what to do. You know you can find your own way there without any help from
anyone else.
Well, you might but it is likely you will get lost many times, and you might never reach your destination. However, if you do
reach your destination you will find you have spent many more hours on the road than you needed to get to the destination.
Listen carefully here, only if you are stubborn will you say you don’t need a business plan. You know you can make that
decision because it is your business that will be affected, and you will get lost time and time again. You’ll be the one who is
trying to get to a goal and not reaching it. You’ll be the one who won’t make any money and be able to run your own
business. You’ll even get added to the statistics of businesses that fail.
We all like to know secrets, well here is another one for you, if you don’t want to be a failure with your business, then you
will start to plan today what you business is going to be like in twelve months time. Not only that but you will have your
route map and you will follow it until you see the goals achieved.
You see all the time you need to consider where you are going because without a destination, you will keep going around and
around in circles.
You’ll need to consider how you are going to sell your product before you spend hours creating it, and then you need to
decide how to deliver that product.
Draft the Plan
Let me tell you there is no format for writing your plan. You should find your bank or financial institute have ones available
for people starting out in business. But, you’ll need to find what works for you and your business.
You see, as you start to write the plan you’ll realize what needs to be added which is exclusive to your business and strategy.
Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Always, give yourself room to expand the plan as you find out more information
from your research.
Listen, you might start to do a basic financial statement and realize that you have to change your opinions about certain
areas of the business, based on what you are now seeing. That is a good way to progress your plan.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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Keep in mind these points.
• Where your business is today?
• Who works for your business?
• What are the turnover and the profit?
• How does you business compare to your competitors?
• What is your profile like?
• Where will your business be by a given date?
• What is the vision of the company?
• How many people do you need to fulfill the vision?
• What turnover and profit do you need to achieve?
• How can you improve your business to overtake your competitors?
• What do you want your profile to be like?
• How you are going to get there?
• If you need staff, do you have any idea whom will you hire?
• How can you increase both your turnover and profit?
• How can you change your marketing and image?
• How can you increase your profile?
You see, keeping the plan simple is all that is needed. You can use these bullet points and add in any other information as
Now, you might think the more complicated the plan the better it is, but that isn’t true. The more complicated the plan the
less likely you’ll implement it.
You see, there is no point in spending time analyzing and researching your business if it ends there. Too many will do the
groundwork and then quit. You know what will happen then, these businesses will fail. The best business plans are from those
people who take action.
Here is the real secret of any successful business, whether that is online or offline, you need to take action.
You know, there is nothing worse than talking with a person who has a problem, who doesn’t want to take any action. How
many times have you seen a person ask a question on a forum, only to come a week later asking the same question? At some
stage, another person will ask did you read and act on the advice given.
Now if you are dealing with a person on a one to one basis, and they ask for your advice and come back time and time again
with the same problem, what do you do? You ask if they put into practice what you suggested. They then say, “No!”
You are frustrated because you are unable to help them. But until they are prepared to do anything to get out of the
situation, they will remain in exactly the same state that they are in. Until the person puts into practice what they have
learnt they will never, ever leave that situation behind.
Now you know that this is true with some people who want a business. They want the financial benefits without having to do
any work, and because they don’t want to work, they won’t take any action.
As your business expands, you’ll need to have a good idea who is going to do each task, or know what type of person you are
looking to employ. You might need to find a good writer for articles and ebooks. You could have a target of a certain number
of articles which need to be written each week. You’ll need to set the tasks, the deadlines, and the person to do the job.
Now this is important, as you build your business, you will come across people of excellence and you’ll want to hire, employ
or outsource to them.
You should keep a record of their details, name; email; phone and any other details you might have. When you need to have
a job done you already know which people you’ll want to work with.
And finally, you should keep you plan handy and use it on a regular basis. Let it influence everything in your business
especially as you expand.
Can you see you business rapidly expanding, do you really want to have to spend time writing a business plan or trying to
work out how the business should run?
Now, if you have the plan written, then it is simply putting it into action. If you need to expand, then add to your existing
Always, remember to review your plan on a regular basis. Don’t wait until a crisis comes to try and work out what you should
do. Be prepared before the crisis happens. You business plan will keep you on track to remain in the group of people whose
business survive.[end of edit]
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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[original part of answer]I would also suggest they buy membership to the War Room and then they would have all the
information that they need
Reply author: jhollar
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:11:53
The easiest way for a beginner to make money in the shortest possible time is one of three ways in the order of difficulty:* * Sign up for Amazon Mechanical Turk...perform HITS for others (won't buy much...but we are talking easy money)
* Go to cashcrate or any one of the GetPaidTo sites...fill out a few offers...done
* Sign up at Rent A Coder, Get A Freelancer etc...write articles for others.
Again, these may not produce tons of money...but are good to see some short term returns without too much effort.
This is sure to work, till they graduate to bigger things like website creation, affiliate promotions, list building etc...
Reply author: Admin
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:12:43
Maybe I should mention this isn't a fast, fast, fast thing..
You have time to give a more detailed answer if you would like. :-)
Reply author: Brian Tayler
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:12:57
quote :
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the
shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
If they didn't know a thing about the internet then having them jump into Internet Marketing sounds silly. I'd spend weeks
training them simple information about HTML, CSS, JAVA, Flash, Photoshop, web searching, etc. In the meantime for ANYONE
to make money (regardless of skill level) I'd have them go down to the local hardware store, pickup some black paint
and some stencils for all numbers (0-9). Then go door to door asking people if they'd pay ~$10-$20 to have their
street number painted on the curb in front of their house. Quick way for anyone (especially someone with no
internet experience) to generate some money in the shortest time possible.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Creating an Online Business For the New Internet User in 5 Easy Steps!
Created Exclusively for Allen & John in the "Traffic Secrets" Competition
Instead of giving a man (internet newbie) a fish (short-term profits) and feeding him for a day, we must give a man (internet
newbie) a fishing rod (key to long-term profits) so he can feed for life (GOLD!)
1) Starting With a Plan
Before entering any endeavor, one needs a plan. Making money is no different if you wish to be EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT at
it. In business, we call this a "business plan". You can take tons of classes, and read hundreds of classes on how to "properly"
write a business plan... but if you aren't seeking venture capital (or partners to invest with you) then this doesn't really
matter. What matters most is a simple scribble of where you are... and where you want to go. Even the most successful
people have business plans. Writing your goals and plans may seem silly now but I assure you in time you'll look back and
realize it's effectiveness as it keeps you on track.
2) What Should You Do?
The most effective way to make money online (and we'll assume you want to do it "online" since... well... YOUR ONLINE) is by
selling a product or service. They seem like completely different worlds but actually a product and service aren't too different
from each other (both require you to find customers and sell to them). Don't try to think of what will be the most lucrative,
but yet what you have a PASSION for (a hobby, a sport, a language, a subject from school, etc.). For instance, if everyone
tells you "write articles" yet you absolutely despise writing... don' do it! It will show in your writing (and thus in your quality
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
10 of 170
of work) if you have absolutely no passion for it.
OK, lets say for this example your passion is horses. But wait... how can we SELL horses online and make money? Well, do
you ride horses? Do you ride well enough to teach others? But how can you teach others how to ride horses online...? It's
easier than you think.
3) Creating Your Product
Now that you have your true PASSION figured out, how do you go about creating a product? Especially one as "weird" (for
online selling) as "how to ride horses"? You might think that you need to write an eBook (since so many others do it... it must
be the way!). But just as I said earlier, even if you aren't proficient in writing... you still have hope. In fact, in a unique
subject area like learning how to riding horses... staying away from writing may actually be beneficial. In this example I'd
recommend video tutorials (but anything can work... pictures, drawings, audio recording, writing, etc.). Assuming you have
an easy technique for beginner riders it'd probably be best to SHOW them rather than talk them through it (especially since
again, they are beginners). Since you aren't there to physically show them in person... do the next best thing! Show Them!
... and you thought your summer part-time career training neighbors how to ride horses only encompassed your neighborhood
didn't you?
4) Marketing Your Finished Product
Now that you have your finished product the next step is finding your customers. Given the market of horse riding you'd want
to search for horse related websites. Find people generally interested in horses that may find your information useful. I
wouldn't recommended targeting the advanced horse jumping and competition forums (at least to start) as these people are
unlikely to jump on a beginners training guide to horse riding. However given the fact that people spend thousands on
horses, hundreds on saddles, and thousands on other horsey accessories... you'll be assured there is a market for your niche.
Start talking to people in your area of interest about your new product on different websites. Even let some people try it out
for free so you get some real life feedback. This will help you fine tune your product while also giving you testimonials
confirming the usefulness of your new product (which you'll add to your website!).
While doing this you'll want to also setup an e-mail list (also called an autoresponder or mailing list). You can sign up for an
account at services such as aweber.com. A e-mail list will give you access to past and potential customers. Use this list to
simply give a couple of small paragraphs with tidbits every month or so. After awhile of enough useful content you'll find this
list to grow on it's own if you follow step 5!
5) Becoming Gold
OK, so you have a couple sales... you have the testimonial... the product is the best it can be... now what? To become "GOLD"
and truly MAKE MONEY you need one thing above all else... TRAFFIC! If you know how to get traffic then great! If not then
there are a number of sources to obtain traffic like buying campaigns from AdWords and other PPC campaign sites, or buying
LOTS of traffic from sites like traffictaxi.net. You need to be careful when buying traffic because costs can add up quick.
Watch your sales as you spend money on traffic. If you aren't making any return... you might want to backtrack and before
spending too much more. Obviously this brings up the next point. Rather than paying for it, why not get it for free? Actually
that turns out to be even more effective most of the time. Because with your free traffic you usually have the most control
over and thus it is highly targeted (meaning the people coming to your site are more likely to buy). A great place to think
about getting free traffic is from sites like facebook.com, myspace.com, and twitter.com. Setup an account telling a little
about yourself, befriend a couple people and give some free information about your passion on your profile (NOTE: your
passion, NOT your product). You *DO NOT* want to come off like you're selling people at the start. First you want to give
people a feel of who you are. Once you've established that trust and "connection" you can then invite people to join your free
e-mail list for free tips. Once people are on this list (that you setup in step 4) you'll easily obtain new customers.
Most likely you won't generate the amount of traffic you need from sites like facebook.com, myspace.com, and twitter.com. If
this is the case you may want to really start downloading some free information online for traffic generation... or if you want
to get serious about your business: hire a traffic or SEO consultant that can really optimize your site, give you some traffic
tips, and really start generating a heavy TARGETED stream of traffic (aka buyers!). Well what if you can't afford a private
consultant? You may want to look into products put out by heavy hitters (aka traffic consultants) that really know all about
traffic. One all encompassing traffic product is Traffic Secrets by John Reese (who recently released v2 in July of 2008). This
product will keep you up to date with all of the traffic tips you need to keep your website ranking high, pulling in the visitors,
and MOST IMPORTANTLY making you sales!
To all your success, I wish you the best of luck! Remember... When people realize THEY TOO have something important to
say, well, the money just comes naturally.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PS- Another "quick" money making tip... take this WHOLE thread, PDF it... sell it via a WSO and via a Ad Words campaign
pointing to the WSO post (no need for a website) as a <<Complete Way to Make Money Quickly and Effectively for Complete
Newbies as Told by Various "GURUS" and "DIE HARD" Warrior Forum Members Who *ARE DOING IT EVERYDAY*>>
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
11 of 170
Reply author: Scott Ames
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:13:29
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest
time possible, what would you tell them?
In detail of course but..
Buy Traffic Secrets 2.0
Create a blog/s for reviewing products
Join appropriate affilate programs
Drive traffic to those sites
Capture email addresses and build a list
Give lots of value to your subscribers
Reply author: Vince Runza Online
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:14:35
I'd tell them it's just like an offline business: you need to know what you do best, you need a plan and you need help. Nobody
figures this stuff out alone.
Reply author: cbean
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:15:43
I would tell them to go to Warrior Forum and buy a Step-by-Step WSO that has
a great number of views and feedback and take action by implementing the steps
outlined to the letter. If it worked for all the folks who bought it...it must
be a good model once followed.
Reply author: mmurtha
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:20:04
I would say come, follow me!
Then I'd offer to coach them free of charge, and bring them into some of my projects so they can learn and earn first hand.
This way the person gets a very quick start at making money, and learn how to set up a real online business.
People in this forum have been so generous - Not just to me, but many others here. Why not return that same generosity by
taking newcomers by the hand and mentoring them? I think it's the least we can do.
All the best ...
Reply author: Eric Johnson
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:23:02
I really do believe that the quickest way to earn money on the internet is by providing services.
If you can write (and, unfortunately, looking at your competition at places like Elance and Guru you don't have to be all that
great)then sign up at Elance and/or Guru.com and then bid low on jobs. You will get the people who want cheap work. Once
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
12 of 170
you get a few under your belt then you can up your price.
Also if you write, you can come here to the Warriors forum and tell everybody that you do it. Heck, even if you don't
advertise I see people multiple times a day posting needing writers.
If you can do something technical like code or build websites then Elance and Guru are also a good place. Also there is
The Sitepoint marketplace is also a place where you can find many of these types of jobs.
Can't do anything like I just said? Well, there is a administrative assistant area on these sites as well. People are always
needing grunt work done so once again go to Elance of Guru.com
Granted, you are not going to make a killing and this is probably something you don't want to do forever BUT it is a very
quick way to make money. I've been doing it for about 6 months now.
The other great thing about doing article writing/copywriting...etc for these places is that you get a real feel for what markets
are hot/doing well. This is a place many Internet Marketers go to get their content done, so you start to get your finger on
the pulse.
Not to mention, you just plain get better at creating content so you can create you are that much better once you start.
If you are a graphic designer then, once again go to Elance, Guru.com, sitepoint and of course advertise on the Warriors
forum. I'm starting to get a little repetitive but I just want to be clear that if you can do pretty much any type of service is it
probably covered by these places.
Another idea is to quickly learn how to submit to directories and then have people pay you to submit to directories. I don't
think this is as good as the first ones though, unless you already have this knowledge, and what you described in the
question would not. So you would have to take a couple of days to learn how to do it. Much better, if you ask me, to leverage
your pre-existing skills and then you can branch out into the internety stuff.
Reply author: annoyedgirl
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:23:13
Go to WF and read, read, read. Get all educated.
Do affiliate marketing...
But that takes time so in the meantime be a freelancer. Go to freelance sites and bid on projects you would be good at.
In the meantime write and submit articles to point to your website or blog.
For lots of traffic submit a video to youtube pointing to your site.
Reply author: Sylvia Rolfe
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:24:05
I would have to say something like article marketing. If you can write and research, get started offering PLR article packs and
as you become more well known and have written numerous packs you will find the offers for ghost writing will come in and
these can be the ticket to a sustainable income while you search for passive income opportunities. That`s how I got started at
least. And this great forum of course. Any questions you could ever have you will find the answers here. Including how to
make money fast and the tips tricks and secrets for every online business you could ever imagine.
Reply author: NathanFalkner
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:26:49
quote :
Originally posted by Admin
Here's the question:
If you were talking to someone brand new
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
13 of 170
to the Internet and they asked you how could
they make money in the shortest time possible,
what would you tell them?
This is a fun question, it's hard to resist replying!
I'd tell them to
sell what's already selling.
Let me elaborate on this a little bit, because it's
a concept that gets thrown around a lot, but I'm not
convinced people really "get" it.
When you're just starting out, unless you've got a
ton of money that you can blow on experimental ventures
that involve a lot of trial and error, you're going
to want to really focus on doing what's already working.
Yes, I know, this sounds incredibly lame, and not very
innovative or creative. But stick with me...
So by selling what's already selling, you're essentially
cutting out a lot of that trial and error. You are also
giving yourself significantly higher odds of succeeding.
With that said...
You're not going to make many friends if you just go
and rip someone else off entirely under the guise of
simply wanting to grab your fair share of sales in a
particular niche or product category. The idea is that
you can hopefully improve on what's already
working, so that you make even more money.
So how do you do this?
It's actually fairly simple... you can, for example,
visit the ClickBank marketplace and see what comes up
as a top selling item. Go to the website, sign up for
whatever newsletter you're able to find. See if they've
got an affiliate resource page. That's a treasure trove
of extremely valuable information that gives you a very
solid blueprint for how the site is instructing their
affiliates to promote their product.
Your starting point is to promote YOUR product as
similarly as possible to the product(s) that are already
selling very well. This does NOT have to necessarily
include spending tons of money, or any money at all...
Again, I realize this sounds incredibly uncreative and
probably doesn't sound as fun or exciting as inventing
some crazy new product and "creating" a market that's
not even in existence today from scratch. But remember
that the odds of hitting a home run like that are low.
Here's the trick... if they're selling an eBook, why not
differentiate your product a little by offering a video
supplement in addition to an eBook? Think about that...
People are multi-modal, and some might prefer learning
from a video as opposed to just reading text within the
pages of an eBook. Again, the goal isn't to rip someone
else off and make enemies in the world... in fact, you're
really creating a complimentary product.
Keep in mind...
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
14 of 170
Most buyers will suck up tons of stuff in a particular
topic that's of interest to them, so you can even become
an affiliate of that other product you're improving upon
and make money from people who buy your product but who
want to learn "more" about the subject. You make it easy
by "highly recommending" they also check out the products
of your competitors... it can be a very easy sale.
In a nutshell, that the fastest way to start making a
decent chunk of change online is to sell what's already
being successfully sold, in the largely the SAME manner
it's already being sold. By selling what's already
selling, you're eliminating a great deal of costly trial
and error, and enhancing your chances of succeeding.
Reply author: jhongren
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:31:46
I feel the first question to them (who is brand new) is if they want to be in this money-making niche in the first place.
Eventually what they are getting themselves is a journey, Not a one-time off event. So I would sit down with this new friend
of mine to educate him and get him at least emotionally and mentally ready for the immense of work he is going to get
himself into.
Plus, I would like to check his mindset too. Even if it is the fastest way, I would like to remind him that he still need to get the
work done by him. No one is going to do it for him except himself.
Then I would give him time to reconsider, it is not easy. I know the temptation to make fast money is there and there is
always a temptation so say "I want I want to do it now." But by being his friend, I would want to protect him too and not let
him get thrown into this money-making niche, and later realise it is not what he wants.
If eventually he wants to continue, I would want to leverage on his strength and passion.
By knowing what can be done to earn money quickly is easy. There is in fact of 1001 ways of making fast money online.
I don't think I can answer what way I will tell him to as I feel it is not fair for him.
Something I feel easy for me may not be easy for him.
But I can be 100% sure that if I recommend him a way align with his passion, strength and fire in him, it is going to be the
best gift for him and for us.
And everything aligned with him in it, is going to be sustainable in the long term, not just for that fast moment of making
money, but he is going to use it eventually and move on.
I am sure this will be the best gift for him. =)
Reply author: Kat Bartone
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:31:58
I would make several suggestions for making some fast money.
1. Since they're 'new to the Internet' (not just new to Internet Marketing), I'd find a friend or family member who is familiar
with eBay and get their help in setting up some listings. Then they can find stuff to sell on eBay using several sources: their
own garage, attic, basement, etc., garage sales, dollar stores, and their own friends, neighbors, and family members who may
have stuff to sell on eBay but don't know how to or don't have the time to - sell their stuff for a cut of net profits.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
15 of 170
2. Make a short list of their marketable skills and offer these services on the Warrior Forum. At least partial payment can be
required up front, thereby getting some quick cash. Being new to the Internet means they won't be offering web design
services and such, but they can write articles (or series of articles/article packs/ebooks), offer editing services, etc. If they
have some technical skills they may be able to offer a service such as converting VHS to DVD. If they've got some carpentry
skills they can write a quick series of how to articles, or get a little help setting up a membership site so people pay up front
for info that can be drip fed over time.
Even though it doesn't meet the 'quick cash' requirement, I'd still recommend that they begin to work out some long term
goals, and to devote some of their quick-cash gains into long term profit by developing a business plan that best exploits their
skills, interests, and passions.
- Kat Bartone
EDITED: How could I have forgotten? My visit to the private forum this morning reminded me:
3. Pay the fee to join the private forum. Tons of stuff in there for long and short term profits - just the recent post on writing
reports alone is invaluable, and can easily be applied by a newbie to make quick cash.
Reply author: DougBarger
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:33:27
In the absolute shortest amount of time,
you could go to a freelance job site and look for ONLY those projects that are
about to expire.
Some of them, like Getafreelancer.com, actually show down to the hour how long
is left before the project buyer must choose a provider/bidder.
By choosing only the low hanging fruit, which would be those that
were set to expire within the hour and have no other bidders...
you just bid and tell the project buyer that you must be paid upfront by paypal
before beginning the work or at least half upfront.
So from start to finish, that's starting from literally NOWHERE and
having money in your account within a single hour.
Hope you enjoy it.
Reply author: sree94
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:33:48
I would tell them to write articles for AssociatedContent.com
They would have to work, and they would certainly not get rich, but it would mean cash very quickly
Reply author: gareth
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:36:54
I'd tell them to sign up at ebay and sell absolutely anything they can find like old clothes, any kind of stuff at all even if they
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
16 of 170
consider it to be junk.
Short and Sweet.
I reckon they could make some money faster doing this than any other method.
Reply author: Michael Oksa
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:37:10
I'm working on an answer, but I was wondering if...
quote :
Maybe I should mention this isn't a fast, fast, fast thing..
You have time to give a more detailed answer if you would like. :-)
Was aimed at Bev's short post?
Seriously though, great answer Bev! And generous offer from Allen and John.
Wishing you every success,
Michael Oksa
Reply author: Raja Sekharan
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:38:05
I would tell them to ditch such limiting beliefs such as "do what you are passionate about". I'd ask them to choose a market.
Then, I'd tell them to find out where the target market hangs out (forum, blog, etc) and ask them to get in front of the traffic
by making endorsement/affiliate deals with the blog/website or hang out at the forum if any to get the traffic.
To summarize:
1. Find out what is already selling online in the niche and sell that.
2. Find out where the traffic is
3. Get in front of the traffic
Reply author: tommygadget
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:40:35
Pick me, Pick me!!!!
OOPS! I thought this was a speed contest and I posted before I read the post
Now here's my answer after some
Spend at least a day or two reading the threads here on the forum, especially Jeremy Kelsall's.
Decide on an approach that you can do.
Create a plan of action.
Stick to your plan and don't get distracted.
Test and refine, rinse and repeat.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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Reply author: John Rowe
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:45:55
How much money? An amount might make this easier to answer more specifically. Also, on what budget. Does the newcomer
have any money to spend?
Reply author: Sean Houser
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:47:40
write out 5-10 articles on something you know about or can easily find out about and then set up an account at rentacoder
and search for bid requests asking for articles on your topic, badda bing, badda boom, $50 bucks before the weekend hits.
Reply author: samstephens
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:52:32
Firstly you need to look at the differences between internet marketing and internet business:
Internet marketing is about promoting (just like offline marketing).
Internet business is about creating a product or service and making it available to the public for a fee.
Marketing takes time to learn, and techniques take time to learn. And learning can cost money, both in purchasing learning
materials, but also in trial and error with paid promotional activities.
So for the beginner, I'd recommend creating an internet business. By creating your own business, you can leaverage the
experience of other marketers who will promote your product for you.
Info products are by far the easiest products to create.
An info product is basically, as the name suggests, information packaged up so people can buy it.
Everyone knows something that other people would be willing to pay to learn.
Think about your life experiences, your hobbies, your specialities: maybe you're a fitness guru who can help people lose
weight; Or maybe you're just really good at party tricks like dislocating your shoulder and swinging your limp arm around like
some kind of circus freak.
Identify what it is that you know than other people don't. Chances are, people will pay for it.
Next, write an ebook about it - just use whatever you normally use to write letters (OpenOffice if you don't have anything,
and want something for free).
Once you've created your ebook, show it to a few friends and get them to have a read and make comments.
You can use many of these comments as "testimonials", which are basically quotes from people saying how damn good your
ebook is. You paste these onto your sales page to help build trust with your prospective clients.
Next, you need a payment processor so people can fling money at you. Signup with Clickbank: www.clickbank.com
They have a built in affiliate program so that you can take advantage of other internet marketers' experience as we spoke
about earlier.
An affiliate program is basically a sales commission program, that's all automated and designed for the internet - people
promote your webiste, and if they buy from you, the promoter gets a commission from your sale.
Clickbank takes care of all of this for you.
Next you need a website.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
18 of 170
If you signup with a hosting provider like HostGator then they have cheap hosting and also provide an easy to use online
webpage designer.
This will help get your new site up and running really quickly.
You only need one page for your website.
This page needs to have a heading that will draw your visitors in, make them want to read more.
You can use a subheading to give a little more information, confirm to your readers that they want to keep on reading.
Your sales letter is about convincing your readers how your ebook will change their life for the better.
Keep this in mind - in most cases you don't want to sell, you want to convey the idea that if someone buys your ebook, their
life will be changed for the better.
Next, you need to create a sales link on your webpage.
If you a small amount of money to invest into your business, check out: www.dlguard.com
This product will create your sales link as well as create a secure download area so your customers can download your ebook.
It's much easier and faster than setting a product up for sale on your own.
Alternatively read through Clickbank help documents on their website, and they'll run through how to create your own sales
links and download pages. Keep in mind these download pages aren't secure, so at some stage you should invest in a
download management solution such as DLGuard.
This will also allow you to automatically subscribe your customers to your mailing list provider, so that you can email your
customers upgrades and other offers.
For a mailing list subscription, check out GetResponse
They are a very popular mailing list provider that offers the flexability of adding your customers to your mailing list quickly,
easily, and automatically when using a download management system like DLGuard.
Once this system is set up, you're now ready to promote. Join a marketing forum such as this one, and include links to your
pages in your signature. Once you've been a valuable member, you can also launch your new product in the WSO section,
which will get instant and easy sales for you.
Many of your customers may also promote your affiliate program. You'll thereby leaverage their marketing experience,
paying them a sales commission in return.
Also, hang out in forums dedicated to the subject your ebook is on, and if their rules allow it, include a link to your site in
your signature.
Approach established websites, and if your ebook may be helpful to the website's reader, ask the owner if they'd like to
promote your website for a sales commission.
This is the absolute basics of creating a new internet business. Talk to people, read forum posts in forums such as this one,
and you'll learn more and more about promoting your own site, and making changes to increase your website's profit.
Remember that you'll learn as you go: you DON'T need to know it all before you launch your own business.
Get the basics, launch your site, and then learn more and make changes as you continue to learn.
And remember, treat this as a business, as that is EXACTLY what it is!
Reply author: Steve Porcaro
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:58:31
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
19 of 170
The quickest way to make money on the internet?
Though you want to make quick money you want to establish a business model. That business model and long term plan
starts with selling a service.
Know the one really good thing that you are good at an enjoy and sell that as a service.
Learn how to write well, make audio and video.
Plan a website
Learn how to fulfill proposals for your services
Learn how to price your services fairly.
Join the Warrior forum with your real name and offer solid answers to your expertise.
Learn Wordpress and Paypal.
Learn Craigslist
Sign in at Facebook and other social websites
brand yourself.
Keep track of everything you do, so you can build a process, test and tweak.
Reply author: derrickp
Replied on: 07/20/2008 21:58:48
I would have them create a website, place adsense on it and write a few articles to submit to ezinearticles. This would get
them some "small wins" show them money can be made on the internet.
Then I would site them down and work out a plan tailored to their exact strengths. Something that is doable for them, not
everyone can excel at every aspect of this business.
I would help them setup this plan and a business plan, something they can execute step by step and do it over and over.
Finally I WOULD NOT tell them about the Warrior Forum or any other forum as it makes it too easy to get distracted.
Someone new needs to stay focused and not go in ever which direction until the foundation is built.
Once they had a small amount of income coming in I would teach them about outsourcing and to reinvest 50% of profits into
outsourcing tasks that will add to the bottom line.
The other 50% I would have them invest 25% of that into a retirement account, and the other 25% into a bank account
specified as for the business.
This process repeated over and over will lead to a strong business with a solid foundation.
Reply author: Matt Ryan
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:04:29
quote :
Originally posted by Admin
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money
in the shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
Wow, the shortest time possible? This is going
to be a great thread!!
It's already been posted but if the new person
has limited to no skills, clean out the attic and
start listing on eBay with KILLER Buy It Now prices.
But, use that money to start learning about making
money online.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
20 of 170
Invest the income received from that by investing
in the writing services of any Warrior Forum member
and buy 10 unique articles, a domain and hosting.
Download NVU or similar free html editor and the
free GIMP graphics program. Follow one of the free
online html tutorials and build a first site
completely in html - sure it's quicker to use
Fantastico to install WordPress, but I still think
basic html knowledge is important. Additionally,
this gives the new user the basics of site management
such as hosting control panels, ftp etc
Once it's done, sell it on one of the site selling
market places. The idea, is to that while they're
learning, they're also making some money and that
just feels good!
Now, repeat and up the ante a little. The next site
build in html again (get a good grasp of html) but
incorporate a handful of SEO strategies. Let the
traffic start to build and flip it. Keeps money
coming in and money coming in feels good.
Now, repeat and up the ante a little. Move to
using WordPress or a similar platform, incorporate
more link building and SEO strategies on top of
what was learned with the last site. With this
site, keep working on it until traffic flows and
affiliate income comes in and flip it. Yeah, the
whole money thing.
Continue doing as such.
The whole idea of this little plan is to help the
new user stay focused on one project at a time
while slowly introducing new aspects with the
intention of reducing information overload. I
would stress to focus ONLY on one site until it
is up for sale before moving to the next one.
They could continue doing this ad infinitum or
until they feel completely comfy with the basics
of building a site and getting traffic to it and
making some affiliate income. At which point,
they can continue building and selling or build
one to keep long term while building one to sell.
Or, flower it out any way they like. After a
certain amount of time they will also have learned
marketable skills that they will be able to use
to provide to other webmasters as well...which,
in and of itself can create even more learning
opportunities while still avoiding the whole
information overload issues many newcomers end up
Anyhow, it's one of a many ways and I can't wait
to see what others share.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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Reply author: Bev Clement
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:06:27
Michael, my post was short until Allen asked for more details, so I extended it slightly.
Reply author: Kevin Riley
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:09:46
Allen, you're forcing me to do this much typing on a Monday morning. I feel a need for more caffeine.
Here it is:
Dear Person Who Wants To Make Money Quickly
IMO, the easiest way to make some money ASAP is to write a short report that solves a nagging problem, and sell it for a low
price. Here's how to go about that:
1. Research the market and find where people are spending money. What are they already buying? Make sure you get into a
niche that both interests you and will bring you paying customers.
2. Become an active member in at least one active forum in your chosen niche. Find a forum or two where you can see lots of
daily activity. No cobwebs.
3. Research that forum. See what kind of problems people are running up against. What do they need answers for? Are they
having difficulty getting their poodles fluffy? Is their Egg Foo Yung coming out to fooey? Do they have weevils in their
4. Pick one problem and start brainstorming a solution -- hopefully, something you already have knowledge of, or else you'll
need to do a bunch of research. Write down the steps that the reader must take to get from point A (the problem) to point B
(the solution).
5. Brainstorm all the extra info to go with each step. What kind of brush do you use in the first step of poodle fluffing? Where
can the reader get one? What alternatives are there?
6. Grab a free copy of Open Office at http://openofice.org
7. Create a template for all your reports (a one time task). You can see a video tutorial on setting up templates at:
8. Start writing. Don't start with the intro, as that can be daunting. Leave it until later. Instead, start with step 1. In your own
words -- just as though you were teaching a friend -- tell the reader exactly what to do. "Gently hold one of Fido's ears
between thumb and two fingers. Hold it up at a slight angle and use the #6 Fluffermeyer brush to gently brush the hairs
towards the base of the ear."
I highly recommend using digital photos or screenshots to illustrate each step. The visual cues will make it much easier for
your reader to follow, and they'll be much more likely to buy your next report or guide (Sure, you want to make money
quickly, but think of future sales too). Images are easy to add in your Open Office document -- just Insert > Picture From
9. Now, write your introduction. Basically, tell the reader what you're going to tell them. Also, give a little background on why
this solution is important.
10. Wrap the report up with a good conclusion and tell your reader where to go next (Hint: Your next report with a link).
Also, include a resource page with more links to other reports of yours (or affiliate products if this is your first report).
11. Hit the Export As PDF button.
12. Either upload the report as a PDF (for those customers who are beginners to Intyernet, this is the easiest delivery) or
package it in a Zip file, using http://WinZip.com
13. Sell the report for under $10 and put it on a script like $7 Secrets. This will get others selling your report for you and
bring you more customers to sell your next report to (Always look to the future, not just today).
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
22 of 170
14. Write a compelling sales letter.
15. If the forum allows advertising, put up an ad for your new product. After all, that is the most targeted advertising you'll
ever get -- other than to your own mailing list.
16. Don't rest on your laurels. Start working on your next report. Create a product line and make multiple sales to each
Reply author: Michael Silvester
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:12:49
quote :
Originally posted by Admin
Maybe I should mention this isn't a fast, fast, fast thing..
You have time to give a more detailed answer if you would like. :-)
Damn... heheh
P.S Holy Crap Bev...I have to get a bigger screen
Reply author: chiboa
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:23:50
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the
shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
If you have no patience, then you should sell some crap on eBay.
If you do have patience, then you need know that it isn't going to happen overnight. While you have the potential to grow a
heck of a lot faster than a traditional brick and mortar company, you still have to put in the hours (and they are often long).
Find someone that has achieved success and do what they have done.
That is the quickest way to get on the right path.
Think about it, if you wanted to run a marathon and have never done so, wouldn't it be a good idea to talk to someone that
has completed one? Wouldn't it be even better to talk to one of the best marathon runners in the world?
I would think so.
Do not believe everything you read. There are plenty of people out there that can live with themselves selling BS. Then there
are a few who produce easy to follow plans that can get you in the right direction. Oh, and once you decide on something,
There is a catch.
Nothing that you purchase or read will do the work for you. You have to get off your butt and actually do it.
Find something you are passionate about, at least to start with. Figure out what is missing in that area and do your best to fill
that demand.
Again, if you have no patience, then you should sell some crap on eBay.
Reply author: Narthil
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:26:46
What happens if enough people report this thread as abuse? =P j/k
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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Reply author: roulettered56
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:29:38
Of course I could show you how to make a few bucks right now via surveys and ebay or even a few THOUSAND via WSO, but
instead I'll show you the Fastest way to long term profits..
FIRST, sign up with PayPal.com for a merchant account. At this point you don't need the business seller option.
1 I would tell them (my mum
) to Find a great affiliate product they are knowledgeable or have passion in, via
www.clickbank.com and get the hoplink (this is the link you'll promote and show the merchant you should be awarded the
commission for each sale generated).
2 Go to Hostgator and sign up for the cheapest package available.
3 Go to Namecheap.com and purchase a domain with 1 to 2 keywords related to the affiliate product about to be promoted
(be creative as people will not want to click GreatHorseBook.com..MUM!). Also, you will need to point the domain to the area
given to you by Hostgator in the welcome email.
4 Now, Go to your Cpanel area provided in the Hostgator welcome email. Log in, and click the "Redirects" button. There
should be a drop down menu with your domain, CLICK IT. Next you will want to tell it where to redirect to, this is where you
insert you hoplink that Clickbank provided.
So you are redirecting YOUR DOMAIN to your CLICKBANK AFFILIATE PRODUCT HOPLINK! When people go to your domain
they will then be redirected to your hoplink and you'll make a commission if the visitor buys. Just to be clear.. you will be
promoting YOUR DOMAIN as it will redirect to the HOPLINK.
Start promoting that affiliate product:
1 Write as many articles (NOT promoting) BUT related to the affiliate product as possible and submit them to
EzineArticles.com. Also Google search "article directory" and submit to a few more. The articles can be anything from "top ten
tips" to "how to". At the start I told you to pick a product you have knowledge in or are passionate about so this shouldn't be
to hard.
The most important part of the article is the TITLE! this should have product/niche related keyword in.
2 Join forums relating to your product and post helpful posts and replies with a link to YOUR DOMAIN in the signature area if
allowed. you can create links by typing http://www,YOURDOMAIN,com but also you will want to put one of your affiliate
product benefits above the link to entice more people to click.
One forum post can be spread between multiple forums so the more you find the better.
3 If you've windows XP then there's a good chance you have Windows Movie Maker (WMM). Create as many videos as
possible either affiliate product descriptive or some related pictures in the timeline. You should make sure the last part of the
video is your call to action IE.. "go to www,YOURDOMAIN,com".
Upload the video to Youtube.com and when asked for the video description, the first thing you put is
http://www,YOURDOMAIN,com followed by a description of the video. The video TITLE and KEYWORDS should all have the
affiliate product keywords in. for example if you are promoting a dieting Ebook then you want to add "dieting" related
keywords in the title/ and keywords section along with the description I mentioned earlier. The description part is very
important as this is where you can put a LIVE link for people to click next to your video.
4 Join the Warriorforum.com and learn more "Bum Marketing (free)" methods to promote your affiliate link. ALL whilst
learning how to build websites and market future products. This is a fast cheap way to get you started my friend.
Good luck.
Reply author: Tyler Horn
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:34:50
Well, (Since I was complaining about not getting on on the latest post) I am going to take my time with this one, and
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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hopefully EARN my copy of Traffic Secrets 2.0 ---> Here Goes
If I was speaking to someone new to the internet and not Internet Marketing: I would first suggest taking some time to
understand the basics of the internet, how it works etc - but mostly an appreciation for the sheer POWER and potential of the
internet at any given time.
Next: I would have the person look at the very first information product they were ever "sold on" online. This can be the most
powerful crash course you can ever receive in Internet Marketing, if you take your time and do it right.
Every time I lift my ass to get my wallet out of my back pocket, I take it as an invaluable piece of education and I dissect it
all. To a newbie this "Reverse Engineering" is amazingly invaluable.
Think about it. You consider yourself a reasonable person right? Free from any compulsion or impulse control issues? And yet
this person got you to BUY. If you're like most of us and you've bought more than one "offer." online than what is the fastest
you've bought? Did you ever click ORDER before you finished a sales letter? If you've done this GOOD This is your GOLDEN
Study, study, STUDY the entire process.
1. How did you find the offer? Adwords, Search Terms?
What made you click that ad as opposed to the others?
What about the headline/ad caught your attention?
What was your AUTOMATIC RESPONSE when you clicked the ad? What was your mental and emotional response?
2. What IMMEDIATE impression did you have about the website that made you stay long enough to even read the offer? A
Warrior recently posted that the majority of his visitors left within 15 seconds... What made you spend more than 15 seconds.
Where did your eye go as soon as you entered the page?
What's the NEXT headline that caught your attention? What was your next mental and emotional response? The seller in
question has you at this point, they overcame the odds to have you give careful thought to their offer.
3. Analyze the "pitch"
What did you do next? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to check the price? You can assume your potential customers
will do the same thing. The person YOU purchased from apparently passed this test. Study the Price Point. Would you have
paid more? Did you expect it to be more or less?
If you've scrolled back up to the top then pick apart every bit of this "selling" copy. What comes next after the headline that
kept you on the page? Testimonials? What did this do for you?
EVERY good sales letter builds your desire for the product while overcoming your natural desire to hang on to your money!
Now go through every element to this sales copy and think about how it accomplished that with you, again, pay attention to
your EMOTIONAL response
4. What took you "Over the top?" Everyone who makes a purchase has something that takes them over the top. A feature of
the product, an element of the copy (maybe it's that PPS at the very bottom).
What made you click ORDER?
5. What happened after you clicked ORDER? How easy did the seller make it for you to give them your money? What kept
you submitting your info? Was there an upsell? Did it work?
6. What happened after the purchase? Did you easily get what you were promised. What worked well? What do you wish was
7. How was the follow-up? Hopefully this person follow's up with you, maybe with an autoresponder... Track every message,
keep every message, STUDY every message.
Now do it again, in even more detail this time. Take Notes. Welcome to your CRASH COURSE in internet marketing.
You might be saying NOW WHAT?
Allen's question was, what to do if you are BRAND-SPANKING NEW?
Here is what I would do, step by step.
1. Sit down with a blank note pad, and list off the things you do well, the things that you are knowledgeable about, don't
think - just list.
--Do you write well? Pr00fread?
--Do you know about birds? Woodworking? HTML? Raising kids?
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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What could you write 20 pages on without breaking a sweat?
2. Decide what your an expert at, register a domain.
3. Log on to the Warrior Forum and READ READ READ. Pay close attention to Article Marketing, Free traffic generation, Blog
configuration and SEO.
4. Make your blog. Go back to your notes from your successful purchase, don't worry about making a sale, but pay attention
to what you liked about the website. Make sure your blog is pleasing to the eye, and most of all, makes it EASY for people to
get information.
5. Take half of the info you wrote about your subject and put it on your blog.
6. Sign up for an auto responder and begin to capture the e-mails of the people who regularly visit your site. Reward there
opt-in with more expertise and useful info. Make yourself an expert, a staple.
7. Make the other half of your info into useful articles, and submit them to article directories. Find the popular forums about
your topic and make USEFUL posts. Prioritize expertise, trust and traffic to your site.
8. When the size of your list and the level of interactivity grows, think about what you can offer to your list members they
could pay you for. A consultation, a review. Put together a simple but high-value offer and send it to your list. Solicit positive
feedback and testimonials.
The money starts coming in.
9. Ask your community members what the biggest question is about your area/niche -- keep a list. Answer 1/3 of them on
your blog and turn the rest into a small e-boook.
10. Go back to your notes about the site/sales letter that really worked for you, and duplicate it. (Not literally of course) But
take all of those successful elements and apply them to your site and sales letter.
11. Talk up the product tastefully in your blog posts and auto responders. Build some buzz.
12. Launch it. Sell it at a 25% discount to your list.
And the money continues to come in.
In retrospect: This may not be the quickest way for a newbie to earn money. But will give you 3 Amazing things.
1. Gives you crash course in sales methods that work (Reverse Engineering)
2. Builds expert status in a confident area
3. Builds quality relationships with repeat customers
I hope you like my post
EDIT:While it may seem like I glossed over alot of bog steps here, keep in mind I showed them the Warrior Forum, so they
have an amazing resource to research/study any method they are unclear on.
I would teach them how to use the Search feature so they can find info before posting questions
Reply author: lakading
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:34:58
quote :
Originally posted by Admin
Here's the question:
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money
in the shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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The ONLY thing I would TELL them is that I need to ask them some questoins before I could give them a useful answer.
Such as...
What does "Make Money" mean to you? Are you looking to make extra cash, replace your income, or launche a full
fledged business?
What's your money budget? How much money are you willing & able to INVEST?
What's your time budget? How much time per month/week/day are you willing & able to INVEST?
What's your reason for asking? Do yo want OR need to make money quickly? Either way, what sacrafices are you willing
to make?
What ramifications would it have on you and your family if you failed? How would it change the lives of you and your
family if you succeeded? What specifically would you consider a success?
Depending on how they answer those questions, I'd recommend which specific method I thought would give them the best
chance at success based on their objectives. Whether it be offering services as a freelancer, selling their expertise by
publishing an information product, selling other people's expertise through affiliate programs, selling things on ebay, selling
physical goods through their own website, etc, etc, etc.
If they persisted in asking the question about making money in the shortest possible time and avoided answering the
questions, the only piece of advice I'd feel comfortable leaving them with is this...
Traffic x Conversion = Sales.
If after I told them that, they said to me...
"Lance, dude, I just want to make a few dollars real quick to see if this making money on the
internet deal is legit."
Then I'd tell them to sign up for a PayPal account if they didn't already have one and promote digital products that pay
100% commission instantly to their PayPal account.
Once they decided on which product to promote, then I'd have them look in their email address book and see if anyone in
there would possibly be interested in the product. If so, they would shoot them an email telling them that they found this
thing that they thought their friend/family member might find interesting and include the link telling them they can check it
out if they want to.
And then I'd show them how to set up a website of their own and use related forums to properly promote their site via their
sig files. And how to write and submit a few articles related to the market served by the product and properly promote their
new site in the resource box.
After they made their first sale or two and know that it can be done, then I'd start in with the approach I listed at the start of
this reply.
Reply author: DrNick
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:37:51
Ok, I just wrote this and had to restart the computer, so here it is again :)
I would love to get my hands on Traffic Secrets 2.0, so here's 3 quick cash ideas.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
27 of 170
1) First off, spend a couple days on the Warrior forum soaking in as much as possible and getting up to speed on whats new
and working, and the terms etc.
Method 1: the quick Affiliate cash deal:
1) go to clickbank.com, and pick out 3 high gravity products with good sales pages. Login and get your hoplinks
2) Post 5 videos for each product, either using photos in a slideshow with moviemaker or animoto, and upload. These videos
need to be catchy and quick, with a call to action. Only quality videos will work. You can also ask other youtube members for
permission to use their videos as part of yours, some will be ok with this, and you can choose high ranking videos. Put the
link in the description box and your off.
3) Post video comments on related videos pointing back to yours, and post comments on relevant blogs, forums, etc, while
offering value and knowledge.
4) Use a service like Heyspread to get those 15 videos on all the other video sites, with your affiliate link in the description.
5) Kick back and read more at the Warrior Forum while checking your sales periodically.
Method 2: the middleman deal
1) Find web design and web service needs on your local Craigslist and local paper. Pick out a few projects and contact the
people and offer to do the work.
Do the work yourself, or...
2) Find people on Elance, or fellow warriors, that can handle completing the project.
3) Offer to do the work and collect 50% up front ,which will then go to a fellow warrior or Elance provider to complete.
4) Deliver completed project and collect the other 50%
Method 3 - I really want Traffic Secrets 2.0 bad, so here's another :)
The JV on a WSO deal:
Since your new and probably can't offer a lot of new knowledge yet, offer to do a lot of the work for a fellow warrior on their
WSO. You may get lucky and find someone that is almost ready to do a wso, but could use help in managing it and maybe
some of the grunt work involved. I say this because WSO's pay quickly, right into to your paypal. You could offer to do some
of the work (writing, handling sales, delivery, marketing etc) and just do a 50/50, or 75/25 split, and make good contacts at
the same time.
Now I could go on forever about 10 more ideas, but I don't want an eternal post and bore you all, so I hope those 3 can do it.
I think these ones are good because Allen specifically asked for it to be quick, and for it to be for newbies.
Hope this is good enough!!! I really really want TS2.0!
Reply author: Sleaklight
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:40:26
I would have them start a website on a subject they have a passion about.
-Picking a subject one has passion for means that one will want to work on their site to improve it. Picking a subject that one
does not have passion usually means one procrastinating or lacking quality in the work produced for the webiste.
I would indicate that to make money on line, it is best to get your own domain name and hosting.
I would give them coupon codes for GoDaddy.com to get the domain name at the cheapest possible price.
I would show them where to get free website templates/layouts.
I would also show them a good reliable, cheap host.
After spending a little money we would go over the basic learning stages of HTML editing, making web pages live in the
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
28 of 170
Internet, and any other steps necessary to get his content from his computer to the Internet.
I would give them website links so that they could learn to edit HTML, upload/download files with ftp or other program his/her
host would use (cPanel, etc) to get files on line.
Then I would ask them to write content for their website along with articles to submit to article directories.
I would indicate to them which affiliate products they could place on their site to earn money.
I would encourage them to join websites with forums that are related to his site, use signatures and discretely advertise his
website to get visitors and potential customers.
All along having a opt in list on his website to capture people for future contact.
After having some descent content, I would have them apply to ad publishing companies like AdSense, after being approved, I
would show them how to add AdSense or other, and optimize it to their website to earn revenue from ad clicks.
From the traffic that will get generated, there is bound someone to make a purchase or click ads. With the money earned, I
will recommend to invest some of the profits in buying some ad space on related websites that have traffic. This will get even
more traffic to my friend's site and thus some of the visitors will become buyers or clickers.
This is a great way to get someone new to get someone to make money quickly on line.
Reply author: Craig Desorcy
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:48:04
If you were talking to someone brand new to the
Internet and they asked you how could they make money
in the shortest time possible, what would you tell
I'd first ask "Are they willing to work their butt
off over the next few days? And if so, once the dust
clears, are they willing to repay me with some free
service such as article writing?
If this is a go then I'd take a personal inventory
of any skills that can be leveraged NOW to make money
such as article writing.
If the person is ok with article writing I'd walk them
through building Squidoo lens fast. Real nice ones.
(Sorry tiff
I'd then show them how to sell them on site point and
right here as a WSO.
Before launching the WSO, I'd see if this person would
like to write articles and build Lens and other types
of sites for others as a paid service, if this is cool,
I'd teach how to get a mini site up now offering these
services as a back end to their WSO offer.
Once the dust clears and this person pockets some cash
and better, has their own little business up and running
I'd get a testimonial for my scandalous
coaching program
If you're reading this and wondering if this will really
work, here's proof
All you have to do is contact some experienced marketers
here and ask for help. Some will, some will not, so
what, just keep asking.
Reply author: BlueSquares
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:49:26
Take all those old photos on your hardrive, and submit them to iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Fotolia and BigStockPhoto.
No need to create content. All the content is already there. Just upload.
Reply author: internetmarketer99
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:50:10
Ok, here are 5 “easy” and "fast" strategies to go from zero to... not zero!
Create simple, one-page websites for local small businesses. In many cases, you can use material they already have, such as
a brochure, logo, advertisement, etc. for the page without needing much more in the way of graphic arts or design.
Get a $5/month shared hosting account, and a free html editor like NVU. Create a few "sample" sites. Print out the screens at
a Kinko's, and take them around to local businesses. Since you're just starting out, you can afford to offer very aggressive
Not only will you get some "lump-sum" jobs, but most will agree to a monthly hosting fee - perhaps $10/month, essentially
all profit after the first one, plus perhaps a once-per-month "update" fee to change or update the site.
Approach local repair shops, tradespeople, craftspeople, trainers, etc. Offer to build a new revenue source for them by
creating and selling an info-product of their expertise online. They don’t have to learn or do anything, and in return you split
the revenues 50-50.
Spend a few days videotaping them doing their thing. Use something like Windows Moviemaker to turn it into a series of
clean video segments. Ask them to spend an hour watching the video and narrating what they are doing while you record it.
Transcribe the recording and turn it into a PDF. Create a simple sales page and put your new, unique info-product up on
CPA Offers
CPA offers don’t require selling, just getting someone to fill out a form of some sort. You don’t even need a landing page, just
drive traffic directly to the offer using your affiliate link.
One simple way to drive traffic to CPA offers is with video. Create a video that is either funny, or bizarre, or controversial.
Paste or watermark your CPA affiliate link onto the video and upload it to Youtube and other video sites (make sure you pick
an offer that doesn’t prohibit this).
You can create screen-capture videos by downloading Camtasia’s 30-day free trial, or use pre-fab professional videos from
istockphoto.com for $10-$20, or even find a “good” video already on one of the video sharing sites, and email the poster to
ask for permission to use it.
Copeac, Rocket Profits, and Hydramedia all have many good CPA offers.
Affiliate Products
Do some keyword research to find a few topics that interest you and have high search volume, i.e. as Golf, Fitness, a hobby,
etc. Pick an affiliate product in that niche. Register a domain name - you can get .info domain names for 2 bucks, and you’ll
find many more keyword-relevant .info names available than .com names. Now forward the domain name to the affiliate
product landing page using your affiliate link (you don’t even need a hosting account if you’re just forwarding the domain).
Start writing and submitting articles, using your new, forwarded domain in the resource box, and in the article body where
allowable. Write a few articles each day, and pretty soon you’ll start to see sales happening.
What are you good at? Have some graphic arts skills? Writing skills? Run a WSO offering your services. If your skills are
good, you can probably keep yourself as busy earning money as you want to be.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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Reply author: celente
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:51:14
John just answered this question (see next line) BUT I WILL HELP HIM OUT ;)
Give away some of your best stuff for free, THANKS JOHN!
Create interesting high quality content and they will be a fan and buyer for life.
I really follow my guru's **Newbie Focal lens guide**
so what are these secret focal lenses?...
They are there as a guidance to help any newbie see his success and plan out a step by step procedure to making money
TIP YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK: - LISTEN to 1 guru, study what they say, do what they do, then the most important thing
But first here is the 3 focal lenses you need to build and mold to your characteristics so your focus is clear and sharp when it
comes time to wear them.
- Look at current trends or what is happening in a market to make sure you have strong buying audience, without a hungry
market you will go broke
- As john reese says, study what is selling and make it better, add your twist and offer it to hungry desperate buyers. QUICK
- DON't reinvent the wheel and try to make your own new market selling to several people who are half interested. SELL
- Don't Just find a hot market, interact with them, ask them what their biggest problems and frustrations are, find out ways to
fix these and the money will flow like a spurting oil well.
- Don't just plan on making a money spinner, plan on making a solid high quality business, to help people out. The money will
become secondary benefit to helping people out.
- You cant do everything, hire others that are good at copy, graphics and webpages to do this for you.
- Let other highly skilled researchers filter out the best information for you & your new website. Others will link to you.
- Interview high ranking officials and those with credibility in your niche, this gains credibility and quickly gets you noticed.
- Network at events and help others out. As karma serves it purpose you will give and get back sevenfold.
- Build a list and create a small following. Many people underestimate the power of even a small list of say 1000+ people.
- Draw a flow chart of your profit process from one visitor if they become buyer i.e. subscriber > Buyer small product > offer
backend product > offer monthly membership (repeat profits)
- Before you relax what three different things can you do today that will make you money by tomorrow. ASK YOURSELF then
- Make sure you work environment is free from distractions, radio, tv, loud noises, people interrupting. Quality time to a new
business is crucial.
- Write out your plans and stick them on the side of your monitor.
- If you have goals of your perfect woman, man, house, boat, car, pool, don't dream about it pin it up on your board look at it
everyday and let it motivate you. Work towards it!
- Congregate around other who will kick you up the bum and are highly motivated people.
- Hang around people that are smarter than you and more successful than you, their success automatically rubs off on you.
- Set your daily, weekly and monthly goal. Without a simple set of goals you have no direction or deadlines.
- reward yourself after the action is taken. It will make you look forward to your day, make you get your daily weekly tasks
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
31 of 170
done promptly as you look forward to your reward.
- Listen to at least 10 minutes of highly motivational material on tape or youtube or something easily accessible before you
start your working day.
now you put these 3 lenses together and look and deeply gaze through them...What do you see?.....YOUR focus and short cut
to profits online is so clear and your success is so close you can almost reach out and grab it.
Reply author: Joseph Ratliff
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:52:20
Well Allen,
I would say to use Ebay, and sell off old stuff using a 7 day auction.
But I would also tell them that the results would give them the keys to the kingdom...and to reinvest those immediate funds
into creating a long term business online.
Then, I would explain the difference between "making money" in the short - term and building a business in the long - term.
It's easy to make money online...but it's NOT easy to build a business...unless you come to this with business building
experience. So there is a learning curve.
Read the Warrior Forum posts.
Do a search on Amazon for "internet marketing", and buy the books that are highly rated...read and absorb them.
Then, invest in the classics like "Scientific Advertising" by Claude Hopkins, and read those over and over.
More classics?
"The Lazy Man's Way To Riches" by Joe Karbo
"Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill
Etc...read the Warrior Forum posts for "classic marketing books" to get the rest, they are listed here about 5,000 times.
But invest money in and buy these books before you read them...if you get them for free, the value (and your stake in
reading them) is reduced.
Or...go to the library and pick them up...but I urge you to pay attention to the lessons within.
After reading and studying...and participating in WF...find the hungry market...create a product for that hungry market...and
sell it to that market...then create your back end products and start to build a list and build a business etc...
One post will NOT tell you the entire answer...but rather the sum of education here at WF.
And the final lesson...take massive and unobstructed action to the advice you learn. Do not let people tell you that you can't
do this...or can't do that. Do it, and show them wrong.
Let your actions and results speak...don't speak ahead of your actions and results.
Reply author: John Casement
Replied on: 07/20/2008 22:53:25
Hey Allen, many thanks to you and John for the opportunity to receive a great product! Both of your generosity is astounding
– thanks for providing us with such a great community.
quote :
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money
in the shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
32 of 170
Originally I was going to go into two different topics, services and selling products. However, since the goal of this post is to
get someone earning money the fastest way possible, I’m going to dedicate all of it to providing services online. Because
unless you know exactly what you’re doing when you are trying to sell products, and already have an established list, it is
more common to lose money quickly than make money quickly. However, people providing services can make instant money
the very same day.
So, off we go!
There are literally thousands of different ways you can provide a service online. Here’s a very short list to get your brain
You can write articles, blog posts, forum posts, website content, sales copy, essays, press releases, literally anything you can
think of. Generally you can get paid anywhere from $5-$25 per 500 words, but the most common is probably $10 per 500
words. Sales copy is in a completely different league, and if you are interested in learning how to write effective copy, give
Perry Marshall a search in Google and grab his guide – it’s an invaluable tool that will help you write great copy. Copywriters
online (people that write sales copy) can get paid anywhere from $500-$5000 for as little as 10 pages of sales copy.
There are tons of ways to provide services for people if you are artistic. People are always looking for people to design
graphics for web pages, buttons, stock photos, headers, etc. If you are interested in providing graphic design services online,
you should probably pick up a copy of Photoshop, and learn the in’s and out’s of it before you do anything else. Once you can
maneuver around Photoshop well, you can basically write your own paychecks to an extent – people will pay anywhere from
$25-$250 for quality graphics. Not only that, but you can create a package of various graphics, and sell them online over and
over again.
If you’re well versed in multiple languages, go ahead and look into providing a translation service. Technically this could be
under Writing, but it is a highly specialized task that most people won’t be able to do. Translators generally get paid per word,
so if you can type fast (or can use Dragon Naturally Speaking well), you can do very well translating documents and audio for
Virtual Assistant
If you are looking for steady work online, perhaps you might want to offer a virtual assistant service. Generally VA’s will write
articles, answer e-mails, answer phone calls, and do various jobs for a company or individual. It is a pretty easy way to make
some serious steady cash, but you have to be able to consistently work online. Good VA’s can make as much as $200 per day
(and up), but the normal rate is probably around $15-20 per hour.
eBay Lister
Everybody has junk laying around their house, and most people don't want to bother with selling it (or don't know how).
Selling things on eBay is quite simple, all you have to do is create a sellers account and use their "what you see is what you
get" HTML editor to create your listing. Charge 10%, and post fliers around town saying that you'll list their junk on eBay for
cheap. Matter of fact, if you are trying to get some quick cash; scrounge around your house and sell some stuff of your own.
If you get things rolling, you can make upwards of $200/day!
Be a Middle Man
Many people have products out there, or are looking for products, and just don't know how to sell/buy them. The answer?
Become a middle man. I'm not talking about becoming an affiliate; rather, contact product owners or business owners and ask
if you can get a commission if you get the product(s) on the local news (note: try to find a very young product owner). Then,
once they agree, contact your news station and tell them about this amazing young entrepreneur, and recommend that they
run a story on him/her. In fact, write the story yourself, and send it to them - if they are running low on things to run, they
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
33 of 170
might pick it up and make you a healthy profit!
Voiceover/Audio service
Have a good voice? Want to make some money with it? Try reading some advertisements on the web, and record them on
your computer (you can grab a cheap mic from Best Buy). Record advertisements that are already on websites, and then
contact the owner offering to sell him the voiceover (provide him with a 30 second clip). If you're good enough, you can make
some handy cash doing this - as much as $500 per advertisement if you are good enough!
Script Installer
Now if you haven't used a computer much, you might want to give this one a pass. If you are handy with computers and
programs, however, you might want to look into installing scripts for other people. There are thousands of scripts people buy
online, and many of them don't know how or want to install them. That's where you come in - you offer a script installing
service, simply following the directions for the script (and tinkering with the program if need be - again, you will want to be
good with computers and programs). If you get good enough, you can start contacting companies, offering to provide their
customers with your script installing service for a discount. This can give you a very steady line of work, and you can get paid
anywhere from $10-$50 per install.
That’s just the tip of the iceberg – if you work at a job, the odds are pretty good that you will be able to turn those skills into
an online service (providing you nearly instant cash). Let’s say you are an engineer – offer your services online to a design
company or a construction company. Lawyer? Offer legal services online, which will result in a steady stream of clients.
Accountants, managers, marketing professionals… all of these can be turned into an online service if you use your
imagination. Get out a piece of paper and a pen/pencil, and start writing down all of your hobbies, interests, talents, and
occupations. Then, go through each one and see if you can turn that into an online service – just by doing this, you will
probably come up with 10-15 ideas for various services you can provide online.
Marketing your service
Now that you have a service in mind that you want to provide to others, you are probably wondering how to get in contact
with customers. This is easier than it sounds, and there are tons of mediums you can use to advertise your service. Here is a
list of various online “marketplaces,” where people post jobs they need done, and service providers place bids on how much
they will offer that service for.
Basically the eBay of service providers. You can create an account and bid on any job that you want to do (they are all
divided into categories, and there are thousands of jobs posted every day). Payment is very easy and secure through Elance,
and you can get a steady stream of work just by bidding on projects and getting a good reputation. My advice – start by
bidding a very low amount for your first project or two, and completely exceed their every expectation. Not only will this get
you glowing feedback from the satisfied individual, it will help you build your portfolio of past work that you can present to
future interested clients. Also, it is very likely that the individual will recommend you to his friends if you do a good enough
job, turning one project into many, many more.
A more specialized marketplace where coders and web designers can provide their services online. If you are interested in
graphics design, web design, software programming, javascript coding, etc. then I would give rentacoder a try. It is a great
place to get some steady work, and will often times pay much better than elance, simply because it is a more specialized
An Elance type of site, but is generally filled with more skilled service providers. As a result, you will usually make more
money here than at Elance. A great site for anyone looking to provide a service; and as with Elance, I would suggest bidding
low for the first project or two.
Those marketplaces should give you a steady stream of work, and will allow you to make some cash almost instantly (you can
bid on a project today, and get paid today if you are motivated enough). The next step for you is to create a website that
advertises your service, and start driving traffic to this website. You can charge more, and if you can get enough traffic, you
can get many more clients than at Elance or a similar marketplace. I’m not going to go into web design and creation here, but
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
34 of 170
generally you can find someone to create your website on those same sites that you are getting work from – give rentacoder
a try to start.
Once your website is live and accepting orders for your service (you can use PayPal to receive payments), you need to get
traffic to it. The easiest way (and cheapest way) to do this is to write. Write articles related to your service and submit them
to Ezinearticles.com (with a link to your site at the bottom), write captivating posts on related blogs and forums with your
link at the bottom, and just generally get the word out there that your website is live, and taking orders. Don’t be afraid to
ask customers to refer a friend or business partner to your website if they are satisfied with your service (just shoot them an
e-mail asking if you could have done anything better, and ask them for referrals at the end of the e-mail); as this will often
times get you tons of new clients.
Don’t be afraid to go low-tech, either – newspaper ads, fliers around town, spray painting your car lime green with a huge
advertisement for your website…. Get creative! There are literally thousands of ways to spread the word about your website,
you just need to use a little bit of everything.
Once things are going well, don’t be afraid to expand either – hire a worker to double your workload, or even step away from
providing the service and become simply a manager of a business. This is the way million dollar companies are often started,
and they all have one thing in common – the person took action. So go right now, start writing down things you are
interested in, your hobbies, etc. and find a service you can provide to people. Then start taking clients! It really is simple, and
just requires a little bit of work. The best thing is, the money will start coming in fast, and if you are providing quality work, it
will keep coming faster and faster!
I hope this helps someone
All the best,
John Casement
Reply author: cremaster
Replied on: 07/20/2008 23:01:04
I'd tell them to sell websites to OFFLINE local businesses.
1)It's a lot lower level of competition. You're competing against graphic
designers who build 'pretty' flash sites for the most part. Offer the
local business owners what they REALLY need - more customers - and you've
eliminated most of your competition.
2)It's fairly quick money. A simple WordPress site can be biult in a few
hours, even by a beginner.
3)It's scalable. Your friend can concentrate on sales, and hire out the
site building on elance or rentacoder. Or, he can find a commission salesman.
And, eventually, he can outsource both tasks!
4)You have the recurring payments of hosting and whatever SEO you can sell the
5)It's expandable into various back-end businesses. Local portals, for example.
Reply author: crystalq
Replied on: 07/20/2008 23:01:42
I would say...
Search through the warrior forum special offers section
of this forum, because there are hundreds of great products
made by warriors who are making money online everyday and
the prices they charge are very affordable.
Theres no better place to find quick ways to make quick cash.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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Reply author: rhondaklewis
Replied on: 07/20/2008 23:03:20
Well most newbies want to make money fast. If you give them something that is going to take a lot of time they will probably
not do it. So I would give them a faster way of making money like:
CPA marketing.
Sign up to a CPA site. Look for an ad to promote on Craiglist or Usfreeads. Of course I would point them to a free ebook that
gives them step by step instructions. I would follow that up with telling them of all the other money makers out there that
they could find out about on the WF.
Reply author: xctang
Replied on: 07/20/2008 23:03:59
To Whom This May Concern:
How to make money on the internet in the shortest amount of time, you ask? Good question!
If you spend just 5 minutes to browse the WF, you'll quickly come to the realization as most of us did: There's SO MUCH to
learn in IM! And perhaps you thought as most of us did at some point: "Wow, I'd better dig in the materials and learn
everything before I start on my own so I can do it right."
I don't blame you. Human instinct seems to like the idea of perfection, but this mindset that we call paralysis by analysis is
nothing short of the deadliest sin of internet marketing success.
The message I want to get to you is simple: IM only works when you work it. IM does not work when you think and "learn
everything". There's no secrets and no underground strategies in this game, and there's no need for you to learn everything
before you start doing. Virtually every guru made their fortunes by sticking to the basics, and the basics have been written
and re-written for all to see. Yet the only ones who reap the rewards are those who take ACTION.
Unless the others, I'm not here to share with you a single strategy to profit online. In such a vast industry as IM, there are
MANY ways to make money quickly. Different approaches suit different people, and there's no universal best way that works
for everyone. In fact, some of the best and diverse strategies have been shared for free in this very forum. Just hop over to
BestWarriorThreads.com and take your pick there.
After you've found something you like, make sure you understand it, then drop everything and get to work. Stop thinking,
stop reading, stop being afraid that you're doing something wrong, and just do what needs to be done for you to make
money. You'll be amazed at how fast things go when you have the momentum. Even in the worst case scenario, where you do
EVERYTHING wrong, you're still a lightyear ahead of 90% of people who do NOTHING, and you'll make more money than
them, and quicker too. The people who over-analyze and do nothing, on the other hand, will quickly lose steam and
enthusiasm in what they intended on doing, and go off to search for the magic pill that will never come.
Focus on COMPLETION rather than PERFECTION, and you're guaranteed to succeed!
Kind regards,
Reply author: JaniceElizabeth
Replied on: 07/20/2008 23:26:11
Because the marketplace is crowded with experienced marketers selling every Clickbank product that has a hope of selling, I
would advise a newbie to look elsewhere in the beginning where they are able to gain skills without getting discouraged by
the competition.
I would tell them to think about their interests and the type of physical products which people with those interests need and
want. Then I would tell them to make sure that the product category is being searched for using Wordtracker free keyword
tool or Nichebot classic while avoiding those products with huge competition (such as iphone and Nintendo wii).
After that it's a case of finding a range of physical products on offer in that niche for at least $10 commission per sale on the
affiliate networks such as Commission Junction or Linkshare.
After checking that the actual products (brand/model) chosen are indeed selling by researching on sites such as eBay
completed listings and Amazon best seller lists, I would guide them through building a simple review site with just a handful
of products to begin with and building up one page a day in a silo structure.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
36 of 170
Each product would have a simple web page with image, description and reviews / opinions found from around the net (by
searching in forums and shopping sites) as well as affiliate links to the merchants site where the product can be purchased
(and commission earned).
After getting the on page SEO optimization right, external factors would not be too difficult Because each page would be so
focused on one physical product it will be easy to get a few links from Web 2.0 properties and article marketing to reach a
high position in the search engine results.
To avoid distraction I would say to the newbie to do nothing else every day before
a) building a new page
b) getting 5 links to one of their existing pages
And to start no other project before trying this one for 60 days.
Reply author: truedeals
Replied on: 07/20/2008 23:38:18
Although there have been a great many good ideas posted here for making money on the internet, most of them require a
substantial amount of time to accumulate any appreciable amount of cash.
For example, writing articles as a service can produce income, but it takes time and the potential for an unknown author will
probably be small and slow to build.
Writing articles and submitting to article directories can produce income from affiliate sales, but again, it takes time to build
Selling possessions that are no longer needed on Ebay can produce fairly quick money, but what do you do when you run out
of junk to sell?
Here's an idea that I implemented myself, so I know for a fact that it works I purchased the rights to a software product for just $67. The function of the software was to generate lots of search engine
traffic. I found high-dollar software that was similar and using those sales pages for inspiration, I wrote my own sales letter.
Next, I offered the software thru Clickbank and paid a generous commission to affiliates. I set the sale price at $77.
With no additional effort or promotion, I had an almost immediate army of affiliates selling for me. My profit, after all
expenses for the first month was a little over $6,000 and the second month brought in a nearly $15,000 profit.
There was nothing magic about what I did - anybody could do the same. I didn't write the software, I just purchased the
rights. And although my sales letter did a decent job of generating sales, I'm by no means a high powered copywriter.
There are many products being offered with rights, so finding a good one for a cheap price shouldn't be too much of a
problem. Take a little time to write the best sales letter you can and put your new product up on Clickbank and you too can
soon have lots of affiliates sending you paying customers!
Reply author: Kelly Verge
Replied on: 07/20/2008 23:57:03
This is what I would and have recommended:
First, find a real product with a fleshed-out affiliate program. It should be a product that fills a need of a hungry market.
Ideally their affiliate program should have emails and/or articles (preferred) for use by affiliates. This sounds like a stretch,
but the affiliate competition for real products - especially for those outside of the IM niche - isn't that big of an issue.
quote :
Example: Acne treatment
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
37 of 170
Look outside of the regular channels. Search for "acne treatment affiliate" on Google. If there aren't any obvious results,
search for "acne treatment" and email the companies listed, asking about affiliate programs. The best success I've seen came
from emailing a company who advertises on national radio. They didn't have an affiliate program shown on their website, but
they have one, and were able to provide a dozen pre-written articles on their top products - articles that have not been
Find two or three competing products and sign up as affiliates for them as well.
quote :
Searching for "acne treatment" on Google returned 5,360,000 results. I'm certain there are LOTS of companies willing
to work with an affiliate in that number.
Create a simple review page, rating each of the products on criteria based around the benefits. One product should stand out
- perhaps the one without any negatives - maybe the one who provided articles or the one with the highest commission.
Regardless, it's important that the reviews don't appear "salesy." You should seem to be an objective third party.
quote :
Criteria for the acne treatment might be, effectiveness, mildness, side effects, cost, then the "total" might be called
overall value.
The #1 pick should be the one with the highest overall value. If the #2 pick is the lowest priced product, you'll sell
some of them, too.
Take the articles the company has provided and post them on article sites (other than Ezinearticles). These articles can also
be used to build a hub on Hubpages or a lens on Squidoo. The bio box on the article sites (or links on HubPages/Squidoo)
should point to your review site. Post one article every 4-5 days, and run each article through a social bookmark tool (such as
SocialMarker) once the article is live.
This traffic should be sufficient to drive your first sales.
After you get your first check, use that money to hire a ghostwriter to write more articles for you. You can find many
affordable ghostwriters on the Warrior Forum. These and future articles should be for keywords related to the niche/product
as well as product name/misspellings if the advertisers allow it. These articles can be placed on Ezinearticles and elsewhere.
Again, hit each article with social bookmarks for backlinks.
quote :
Below are the keywords straight from Wordtracker for "acne treatment:"
350 acne treatments
165 acne scar treatment
77 acne blackheads natural treatment
76 best acne treatment
73 laser acne treatments
69 laser acne treatment
67 best acne treatments
64 natural acne treatments
62 natural acne treatment
60 homemade acne treatments
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
38 of 170
acne cystic natural treatment
acne foruncular naturist treatment
acne comedoniano natural treatment
acne foruncular natural treatment
acne granites natural treatment
acne serious naturist treatment
acne myths natural treatment
exposed acne treatment
treatments for acne scars marks
treatment for acne
acne nodules naturist treatment
proactive acne treatment
acne naturist treatment
acne nodular natural treatment
home treatment for acne
new acne treatment
acne scar natural treatment
murad acne treatment
prescription acne treatment
treatment for deep acne scar
acne foruncular natural treatment
acne nodules natural treatment
acne pimple natural treatment
scalp acne treatment
acne scarring treatment
blue light acne treatment
blue light laser acne treatment
body acne treatment
homemade acne treatment
acne comedoniano naturist treatment
acne keloid natural treatment
acne keloid naturist treatment
acne laser skin treatment
You would want to weed through the list using the terms that people would use when they were trying to solve their
problem or were looking for a solution. Obviously, some of these terms might even branch out into further keywords...
Rinse and repeat, pumping all of the profits back into articles until the monthly income reaches a good level, then start over
with a new niche/product.
quote :
What's a realistic profit ceiling for an acne treatment review site? I couldn't say. However, once you're making
$1000-$2000 per month, you could probably safely move on to niche #2
This isn't the fastest way to a fortune, but you will start earning something pretty quickly, and you won't have to write a
single article unless you want to. The key is having the discipline to keep the money in the business until you reach critical
Reply author: Jonathan Heusman
Replied on: 07/21/2008 00:06:07
To whom it may concern...
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
39 of 170
If you would like to begin making money online in the shortest amount of time possible, I want you to first look up two
definitions in the dictionary and make sure that you truly understand them and understand the power of each.
1) FOCUS: A central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity
The hardest lesson for newbie internet marketers to learn is that they will need focus in order to succeed. Everything they
hear and read sounds new and exciting and they end up jumping from one secret money making method to the next. Pretty
soon they become frustrated at the lack of results and give up. What they struggle to realize is that if they would choose just
one of these methods and focus on it they actually COULD make money from it. A smart man once said start with a 2-inch
hole and if it is profitable, dig 2 miles deep. If you are always just scratching the surface, you'll never get to the treasure.
and the second definition...
2) LEVERAGE: Power or ability to act or to influence people, events, decisions, etc.
The biggest way that we as marketers can increase our money making efforts is to use leverage. Whether it be through
outsourcing to sites such as elance or scriptlance for cheap and professional articles or professional looking web sites or if it is
using powerful software or personal assistants to increase your efficiancy and ability to get tasks done. We can only do so
much on our own, but there are plenty of people out there who are looking to do the small or large jobs that take up our
In leveraging, it is important to know what you are good at, what you like to do, don't like to do and what you can afford to
As a newbie, once you truly understand these two terms and their importance to making money online, you will "get it" and
you will be making money in a VERY short period of time.
Short of giving them an EXACT method, this will make money for newbies shearly by saving them the hundreds of dollars
they would likely waste on "hot new" WSO's, special reports and software. Not to mention, the amount of time they will save
reading and testing all of the hot new methods. And we all know, time is money, right?
Reply author: JimZ
Replied on: 07/21/2008 00:29:46
"If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest
time possible, what would you tell them?"
Make money in the shortest time possible step by step and get an education at the same time.
1) Get a Paypal account.
2) Look through 20 to 40 current WSO's to get ideas on writing a WSO sales letter.
3) Do your own WSO offering to write articles or blog posts from 250-500 words. Price you articles based upon what other
writers doing WSO's are charging for article writing. Since you are new to to writing articles/posts and are not known, take
most of the risk up front to get sales. Only require a small deposit up front and full payment when articles are completed as
an incentive to get orders.
4) Do article/posts on all subjects, not just subjects you know about or are interested in. (See below why I say that).
5) This plan can be done in the shortest possible time - 6 to 12 hours at the most to get a WSO together, up and
6) This plan has a low investment. Only costs $20.00 to do so once you have $21.00 in sales you have covered your
investment and made money.
7) The most important part in this plan is that you are getting paid to get an education.
8) You are brand new to the internet - you do not need a business plan, marketing plan or advice on html, software, Hub,
Enzine Articles, Bum, FTP, hosting, etc. You do not need to invest any of your time, any of your money or confuse yourself
with any of this.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
40 of 170
9) You are brand new to the internet - the first thing you need to know is how to research on the internet and how to write. I
contend that if you cannot do research on the internet or write you will not succeed. You will not make any money on the
internet. Even if you have the funds and outsouce everything you still need research and writing skills.
10) This plan is like tough love. It requires a small investment in money but a large investment in "taking action". If you
succeed at your first WSO you will have figured out how to research a topic, write on any topic and know you did it well
enough to get someone to pay you for your efforts. If you fail at this then maybe you cannot make money on the internet,
maybe you do not have the skills yet. Think of all the money you made by not spending it on "how to make money on the
Whoa, I was away for a couple of hours. Topic on page 2 already. Allen I think you are going to have to hire staff to review all
of this before you end it.
Reply author: Chikira
Replied on: 07/21/2008 00:32:19
I am very impressed with all of these suggestions and they are all very valid and have their merits.
One thing to consider is that people who are new to the Internet as stated in the question is that they are very easily
intimidated and overwhelmed. They may not really understand what hosting is, how to set up a website or even setup their
email. To really help someone this "green" you have to start very very basic and step it up as their skill level rises.
I have had to do this with a lot of clients who want to find the quickest and easiest way to make money online. Throwing
them into internet marketing and not scaring them away from the internet is going to be hard and setting up a website
quickly and professionally can be very daunting to someone new.
The quickest, most reliable way for someone to make money is to sell their own skills.
I have one client who is making a very nice 4 figure income a month writing for other people. I will use their story as an
example and anyone (new or experienced) can apply this to any skills they may have (and everyone has some) that have
I will not use my clients name as they are actually on this forum and on many others now. We all know people who have not
used the Net much as are pretty intimidated. They had lost their job of 40 years as the company they had been working for
went bankrupt and had laid off over 200 staff. They were in their late 50s and although they had tried to find work, no one
wanted to hire someone of their age even with all their experience.
So they were referred to me through a friend who told me what had happened and asked if there was anything I could do. So
I met with them and got a good idea of who they were and what they were good at.
They explained that they had worked for most of their career in management and they were responsible for collating
information and condensing it into report for the Board of Directors.
I explained to them that there are many people online who are busy trying to make money and are eager to outsource for a
reasonable price. People are generally lazy and if they can afford it they will be happy to have someone else do the grunt
work. I explained that they could apply their considerable experience in writing to write for other people, be it articles,
reports or even eBooks.
They started off with 1 post on a popular forum, offering their skills and clearly stating their prices. Over the next few days
they spread out to a few other forums and started posting on projects on ELance, etc. Within the first week they had made
$500 and had promises of other contracts to write reports and eBooks.
That was 2 years ago. They are now a top freelance writer on ELance and many other sites making a good and healthy
income helping us Internet Marketers do what we do best.
Everyone has skills they can sell and you do not need a fancy website, business cards, suit or tie. You just need yourself,
professional mannerism and a little determination.
So to recap, here are the steps they took:
1. The setup a free PayPal account
2. They signed up for a forum or two and posted an offer to do some "Free Articles" and announced they were a freelance
writer who was happy to do articles, reports and eBooks as a Ghostwriter for reasonable fees. They had prepared what they
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
41 of 170
felt was acceptable hourly rates based on what they could in a good 8 hour day.
3. They sent our samples of corporate reports (not real corporate reports but mock ones based on old reports as they were
very good at using MS Word) and sample articles
4. They responded to PM's about the "FREE Articles" to prospective clients and offered a discount for bulk purchases. They
also requested a good faith 50% in advance for bulk work.
5. They grew into other forums and eLance with a good list of testimonials under their belt
6. They took me and my wife out to dinner after the first 2 months and clearing as much money in that time with 2 contracts
for eBooks and a stream of articles than they did in their old job.
This was all started with:
Zero Budget
Zero Internet Experience
No Website
No Email
No Joint Venture
No Outside Help (Except my initial advice)
Like I say, everyone has a marketable skill, you just have to find it and market it. Anyone can make money online.
Anyway, I hope that this little tale helps some people who get disheartened about making money online. There are so many
people who are new to the Internet as well as internet marketing that just plain give up. If you feel you are just getting no
where and finding it hard to make a dime then consider marketing yourself and your skills as there is always a market for
them if you can find the right crowd to sell them to. The most important thing to remember is never give up.
Best regards
Reply author: harmonized
Replied on: 07/21/2008 00:33:31
You didn't say there was a budget so:
Look at a topic that interests you and have some knowledge of. Do a google search on words that you would search for if you
wanted information or products on said topic.
See how many ads that were showing for each keyword(s). There should be at least 2 pages worth or one page for sure. If
there is no one advertising in your chosen topic, pick another one.
Visit the number 1,2 and 3 sites that come up in the organic search. See which one has the best info, layout and products
that you would buy yourself. Some peripheral research about each site like traffic stats, maybe pagerank and link count for
the sites. Check them on Yahoo and MSN also.
Then buy or make offers on the sites you choose. Just start with one.
Then buy Traffic Secrets 2 (ass-kissing for the freebie) because you need to learn how to maintain those high organic
Live happily ever after. Then buy another one.
Reply author: Nathan J. Hockley
Replied on: 07/21/2008 00:38:07
This is a great opportunity.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
42 of 170
There is always the problem of 'You gotta spend money to make money'. So to start I would send them to eBay. Anything
that they have of value that they don't use anymore can be sold. They say the average person has $1000 to $2000 worth of
goods sitting in their homes that other people want!
Say after eBay fees etc. They have $1000 to invest into their internet adventure. Having this $1000 will help them to get
things done that they do not want to do. This could be graphics, copywriting, articles, script upload. These are ALL available in
the WF and at a rate you can't find anywhere else. There $1000 will go a lot further here than anywhere else!
Not to mention the relationships they will build, and the help & advice they'll receive (which is ultimately priceless).
A product they can produce is also right under their nose... 'How I made a quick $1K with eBay!' with many ebay experts on
the WF possible JV's can be struck.
Also having the $1000 can mean they don't have to dive into their savings. If what they do doesn't work out, or they don't
want to carry on anymore, knowing they haven't set back their savings can help them feel secure.
Have a good week guys n gals,
Nathan J. Hockley
Reply author: Kelvin Brown
Replied on: 07/21/2008 00:43:38
quote :
Originally posted by Admin
Here's the question:
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money
in the shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
Remove the learning curve. JV.
Write a report. This report would be based on their previous knowledge set, prior to the coming online.
Use a forum to find a JV partner who is already in that niche, work with them to promote the report.
Reply author: Hamish Jones
Replied on: 07/21/2008 00:44:20
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the
shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
The more I look at this question, the more complex it is.
I mean, is the person asking in dire need of cash (i.e. Help! I need to pay the rent by Friday) or is it just someone interested
in what I do making money online? This drastically alters how I would answer this question.
If it were someone who were in dire need of cash quickly, I would tell them to set up a little old paypal account and get ready
to pimp themselves out (article writing, VA services etc). I’d probably even offer to be their first client. With a paypal account,
they can also get rid of a lot of stuff on ebay.
Whilst they are doing this, I would also encourage them to visit the WF to read, and learn! I would explain to them the
benefits of planning out an online business so that they will not face these money problems in the future. (I would also
explain the freedom that working for yourself gives to you!)
If it were one of my friends for whom money is not so much an issue, I’d go through what I do and show them how easily I
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
43 of 170
can make money sometimes, concentrating on making money with minimal time and effort (and explaining concepts like
Virtual Real Estate etc.) This would be for those time poor friends I have who are making good money but working 80 hour +
For someone like this, I would concentrate more on explaining systems and the ability to outsource work to that I am no
longer so time poor. These people are not interested in making quick cash to pay the rent, so writing 1 cent per word articles
is of no interest to them. These are people who want to see the viability of making an honest living online (and lets face it,
we all have friends and family who dismiss the internet as full of get rich quick rich schemes trying to rip off poor suckers.
To rehash:
For time rich, asset poor sods who need to cover bills, I would tell them to:
Step 1: get a paypal account.
Step 2: Sell anything you do not need on ebay
Step 3: Pimp yourself out for services (data entry, VA work, forum posting etc) at DP
Step 4: Read the WF and take advantage of the free resources to build yourself an ongoing income to ensure that it doesn’t
happen again.
Step 5: Plan your attack and measure your results so you can actually see if it is working.
Step 6: Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice, but make sure that you are not asking for someone to do the work for you.
For those people I know who are sick of their job and would like to work on their own, I would:
Step 1: Gloat about how great my life is not working for the man.
Step 2: Get them to write down what their goals are and what they want to do with their life.
Step 3: Show them how they can work out if there hobby is profitable (niche research) and what they could do to make
Step 4:If their niche isn’t profitable, show them some ideas about how they can earn incomes to fit around what they want to
do with their life. (Get them to read “4 Hour Work Week.”
Step 5: Reinforce the importance of planning and measuring their success.
Step 6: Bug them to stop procrastinating and take action.
Step 7: Be there to help them along the way as they face the inevitable hurdles that we all see online.
Now of course, the person asking the questions may actually be only making small talk and have no real interest in making
money online. if so, I would probably say something along the lines of"Work out what people want to buy, and either sell it to them or show them where they can find it for a fee."
Or make a joke about p*rn.
Reply author: caddyman69
Replied on: 07/21/2008 00:45:40
I would say to write 10 well researched quality articles on a hot topic, and release them as a PLR package in the WSO forum!
Reply author: Magic Mel
Replied on: 07/21/2008 00:49:52
1. have a writer on elance create your a report/ebook on your given topic
2. place that ebook/report on clickbank
3. start looking for jv partners, affiliates
a. find jv partners by posting a jv request in this forum
b. find the top listed websites for your niche, see if they collect email addresses, shoot the webmaster an email
c. recruit affiliates on www.abestweb.com
4. make sure to give your jvs/affiliates 60 to 100% commission
this is the way to make good money even for newcomers.
Reply author: Shrinivas
Replied on: 07/21/2008 00:52:35
I would say.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
44 of 170
Forget about trying to make money. First learn to get into the mindset of helping people. Let money come to you "naturally"
as a natural result of your sincere actions.
The more the value of your solution, the more you will earn in lesser time. Everything else on the Internet can be learned. I
mean blogging, web2.0, email marketing, affiliate marketing, selling your own ebooks, online auctions, keyword research are
all "methods" of money making and no one method is better than the other. But all these are useless if you don't have a
mindset to help others or provide a sincere solution.
A newcomer in IM can get easily confused because there are more than one "easy" ways to make money. But there is only
one approach to any method your choose and that is to provide a valid solution to the visitor's problem. If the newcomer
starts with this mindset he will never fail.
As far as mechanics of the IM business are concerned a newcomer can hire people who know the technical stuff and get the
work done from them so that he saves time in learning these things such as setting up an autoresponder, installing a WP blog
* Not everyone has a marketing mindset.
* Not everyone can sell or even recommend to someone (though we all are doing this all the time). Once I read a free ebook,
which said, "if you can't sell offline then probably you won't be able to sell online too." Because marketing and selling is a
mindset and some people have it naturally some don't.
* Not everyone has the confidence to create brand new ebooks in X hours and launch a brand new IM business.
* Not everyone can create websites and host then in a few minutes.
* Not everyone can write to persuade.
But every one of us has the ability to think about others and their problems and does not require "learning", so why not use
this ability to earn money, "naturally".
This is what I will tell a newcomer.
Reply author: kenttkc
Replied on: 07/21/2008 01:01:03
"If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest
time possible, what would you tell them?"
My answer is:
1.Please register and attend for any Offline Internet Marketing Seminar or Networking session in your nearest place.
2.Get to know 1-2 feeling good Internet Marketing 'Expert/Player', Offer Your Services or Products as incoming
Joint Venture opportunity.
3.If you don't have any services or products, invite them to do an Interview with you about their expertise and record it as
your Front-end product or Free Offer.
4.Create Squeeze Page, set up Email Auto-responder, write Follow up emails with some offers inside. Promote your JV
partners' products as your Back-end offers.
5.Send in Traffics to your website & Tracking your results.
Hope this can help you. Thanks.
Reply author: Alan Petersen
Replied on: 07/21/2008 01:02:19
I would first advise them against thinking the Internet is a get-rich quick business. To make a few bucks is easy but to earn a
living will take work. It's fun work but you do still have to work.
Affiliate marketing is a great way to get started quickly.
I would advise them to download High Performance Affiliate Marketing by Jeremy Palmer which is 100% free. Not even an
optin required:
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
45 of 170
Then take action on what is detailed in the book. Start setting up your first affiliate review website and do not stop until you
have the first one setup. Don't start a new site. Don't buy another book or product until you have that first site up.
Pick a domain with your keywords for the URL. Use GoDaddy with code oyh3 so the cost for the domain is $6.95.
Get hosting via Host Gator (baby croc plan at $7.95 per month). Google Host Gator coupon and pay only one penny for your
first month.
I would suggest using WordPress and one of three free sales page themes here:
Once that site is up do the following to start driving traffic to that site:
1. Submit a free press release
2. Social bookmark your site (use: http://www.socialmarker.com/)
3. Submit to link directories
4. Write a US Free Ads
5. Write 3-5 ezine articles (submit them to EZA)
6. Trade off links with like sites
7. Comment on Blogs - don't comment crap/spam
8. Build a Squidoo Lens
9. Build a HUB page
10. Record a five minute podcast get it into iTunes
11. Record a video tour of product review and upload it to all the video sites using Tube Mogul which is free.
If the budget allows drive traffic via PPC using AdWords. I would advise they buy and read Perry Marshall's Adwords Guide
before proceeding with PPC.
But setting up a pre-sell review site for a popular product as an affiliate is the quickest way to get started. It's also a great
way to learn the ropes before moving to the next step of creating your own info products for that I would suggest they read
Kevin's post.
But #1 - Like Nike says...just freaking do it! Don't over analyse and think things to death. Just do it.
Reply author: tigres409
Replied on: 07/21/2008 01:16:13
Oh man I Really want to get this FREE TS2 so I can make money with all that traffic in the shortest time possible.
But here's what I would say:
1. Get a Paypal and Clickbank account. This are Free of course.
2. Go to clickbank and look for a product that you like and that you know something about. Sign up for a that website's
affiliate program. Make sure that they, pay good percentage on every sale, the product is very successful in selling and
doesn't get many refunds.
3. Once you've signed up for an affiliate program, go and get your own Domain Name at Namecheap or GoDaddy. Get a
webhost so you can redirect your website to your the site you will be promoting with your own affiliate link. Cloak you link!
This way, you don't get hijacked.
4. Now that you have an organized for your new "business" and you have links to drive traffic to, it's time to let people know
you are in business. It's time to get back to your plan and map out your Goals. (Don't Limit Yourself as this will only cause
you to put so much effort to your project.) Get a nice looking FREE website template and turn it into a review site.
5. Get a Myspace account, and add alot of friends. On your profile, have a link to your review site so that your friends con
visit it, read your review and later purchase the product you are promoting so you can get your affiliate commision.
6. Article Marketing is a VERY Powerful internet tool. You don't have to be a good write. Simply find something you like, get
the hang of it and re-tell the story in your own words. If you absolutely don't like to write articles, than get someone to write
them for you which usually costs a few dollars. You can find article writers on these links:
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
46 of 170
Once you have your article, you will need to get it out for people to read them. You want to get your article in front of as
many people as possible. Simply submit your articles to as many article directories as you can. This might take some time but
it is all worth it. Here are a few sites where you can submit your articles:
www.articlebiz.com, www.articlecity.com, www.articledashboard.com, www.ezinearticles.com, www.selfgrowth.com,
www.articlealley.com, www.articlecube.com, www.easyarticles.com, www.ideamarketers.com, www.articles.webraydian.com,
www.site-reference.com, www.submitondashboard.com, www.the-article-directory.com, www.a1-articledirectory.com,
www.afroarticles.com, www.articlecat.com, www.article-junction.com, www.articlenorth.com, www.articleretreat.com,
www.articlesbin.com, www.article-submission.us, www.article-voip.com, www.articlezap.com, www.bigarticlepro.com... AND
7. This step is very easy, because you already have your articles written and now you just need to tweek them a little and
turn them into a Press Release. As where your article is more like news and topics, a press release is more like an
announcement. Stick with the topic you have in your article and just tweak it to fit a different media. Here are a few press
release sites where you can post your press realeases:
www.i-newswire.com, www.clickpress.com, www.free-press-release.com, www.express-press-release.com,
www.1888pressrelease.com, www.pr9.net, www.pressmethod.com, www.pressreleasespider.com, www.malabits.com,
www.prnuke.com, www.prlog.com, www.afly.com, www.press-base.com, www.pressexposure.com, www.sanepr.com (AND
8. Anybody doing anything online should have a blog. The easiest way to set up your blog for free, is to go to
www.blogger.com. Blogs are easy to set up and simple to maintain. Use your articles as your blog entries and post something
every day if you can. Blogging is a very easy way to generate leads without spending a lot of money. Once you have your
blog set up, go to www.feedburner.com. You want to use this because it simplifies the RSS feed, or simply put, to help people
subscribe to your blog. Once at the FeedBurner site, enter your blogs URL and follow the steps. Now every time you add new
content to your blog, you want to let the online public know about it by getting the word out. The way weblog trackers learn
your content has been updated is for software to "ping" the trackers. To do this, go to www.pingomatic.com and enter your
blog address and your RSS URL address, then send your "pings". This lets the various trackers know the content of your blog
has been updated and helps your online ranking.
9. Craigslist is the largest site on the planet for placing free ads in different cities across the U.S. Take a look around the
website and familiarize yourself with the site a little bit. You will be placing ads in the "small business ads" section. You will
wnat to have an appealing title that really make people curious enough to click your ad. On Craigslist, you will be better
served by keeping the content short and simple and of course, with a link back to your product review site. Now you want to
move on to all of the major cities across the United States. You cannot take the same identical ad and use it in different
cities. To beat the filter, your ad post need to be different by at least 20%. Change the headline and the text in the body. You
will want to post ads daily.
10. Google Groups is a free service from Google where groups of people have dicussions about common interests. Posting to
groups is very effective and FREE! Anyone can create a group on Google and create a community of like minded individuals.
Find an active group that gets a ton of posts. Look through the posts for an active user who posts frequently, click on their
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
47 of 170
latest post and you will see who the author is and then click on 'view profile' and you can see whatever personal information
they chose to share. You will also see their recent activity. Click the dropdown menu arrow and you can see all the groups
this person has posted to. Simply go to each and every group and join if necessary, and post your message with a link to you
site. Google spiders will pick up information prettly quickly and help you get your domain ranked higher in searches. By the
way... Yahoo also has Groups!
That's is what I would say to that noob that wants to make money online as soon as possible.
Thanks for reading and I hope this was enough to get that traffic secrets course because I really want it.
Reply author: Neil S
Replied on: 07/21/2008 01:18:28
Well I would tell them exactly how I did it. It took me 1 month from the day I heard the phrase "internet marketing" to start
making money (that was 2 months ago). I now have a site that is making consistent sales. I still have a ton to learn and have
made mistakes at every turn but I took these steps and made money QUICKLY.
1. Choose 4 top selling products off of www.clickbank.com that create a solution to the problem.
2. Go to www.wordtracker.com. Find some keywords related to the niche with a high amount of searches but less than
100,000 competing websites. Choose one to be your domain name and the rest use as topics for article marketing.
5. Register your domain and use a hosting service.
6. Find a website template and upload it to a web editor like NVU or WordPress. Write a little bit about each product and pick
one as your #1 choice. Upload your website. Doesn't have to be perfect, my first website was an embarrassment but I put it
up there and started making money.
7. Submit 7-10 articles to Ezine Articles based on your keyword research. Write great content and include a link to your site.
Thats it. I had no previous experience with IM or HTML but I was able to make money right away. It's not brain surgery, just
do it!
Reply author: TimG
Replied on: 07/21/2008 01:21:19
Allen - Brillant thread here which probably has the makings for a future product written all over it -
Kudus to you for
starting it!!! Now for the question:
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the
shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
Let me start by saying the advice given here is simply awesome and anyone wanting a sure plan to make money can easily
find it in this thread - I mean good grief, did you read Bev's advice!!!
But, here is what I have found when dealing with someone brand new to the Internet, trying to teach them how to make
money in the shortest amount of time is fairly difficult because 90% of the time they are not familiar with what it takes to
register a domain name, purchase web hosting, upload a website....etc. Essentially, if they don't understand the basic skills
then trying to convince them that selling an affiliate product or starting a WSO or selling something on ebay could be difficult,
time consuming and a complete morale killer.
Instead here is what I would do - I would simply ask them one question. "Can they write 500 words on a subject of my
choosing?" Here's my rationale, if they are capable of writing then I would be willing to commission them to write 10 articles
at a reasonable rate with a down payment of 50% upfront.
The total time for this instant income - no more then a few minutes. Additionally, I would offer to show/teach them the
additional skills that the other Warriors mention in this thread so that they could then start to build a long term business.
In the event thay can't write I could follow up with a question of "What could they do for me in order to earn some instant
Remember, people new to the Internet might be able to perform many tasks for you but learning how to make money onlien
in the shortest amount of time is difficult at best. If it wasn't then why are so many people showing up asking how to make
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
48 of 170
money online?
By no means is this a detailed answer but I truly believe it is the most realistic answer in terms of how to make money in the
shortest amount of time for someone new to the Internet.
Reply author: GarrieWilson
Replied on: 07/21/2008 01:29:38
This is hard as I would need to ask more. Things they like, free time, amount of cash they want to make right away, how muc
can they invest, etc.
However, since they are new to the Net, I will assume they have no technical skills and no money to invest.
1. Join one of them cpa offer sites. They are good for a few bucks in a day or two.
Then I would tell them....
2. Join safelist sites as a free member, then promote 100% commission sites on them.
Then take that money to invest in other products, services, etc.
Nothing glamorous but good for a few sales to get going.
PS If this has been said, sorry. I didnt read but the first few replies.
Reply author: DougBarger
Replied on: 07/21/2008 01:33:28
It really boils down to finding out what people already want to buy and then selling it to them.
It's much easier to help someone get to where they are already going anyway because they want to.
That's the secret.
Reply author: Ephrils
Replied on: 07/21/2008 01:47:59
This is what I would tell them.
Take an interest you already have, get a website or free web space, set up an affiliate account with a product related to it,
and write as many articles as you can about it pointing to your website. On the website make it a pre-sell for the affiliate you
signed up for so your traffic can click through and buy from there.
This is one of the easier things, since I'm pretty close to this point in my own career :) Keep it as simple as possible and fill in
the whys for them later as they need it, so you also need to stay available for question they have that will come up.
Reply author: Chris_Willow
Replied on: 07/21/2008 01:51:27
Alright- my method needs some startup money, it's good and the results are almost instant1. signup at nicheaday.com/ (I'm not trying to advertise)and Get a list of keywords daily.
2. take 1 full day to study everything you can find about google adwords (preferably adwords blackbook)
Study successful adwords ads too
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
49 of 170
here are some free resources:
3. pick some keywords ( some with small max bid)
4. find an affiliate program for that particular keyword with $27+ payout (clickbank, CJ, Pepperjam etc)
5. create adwords campaign & run the ad based on the info you studied the day before
6. test & measure results (in terms of sales and adwords investment)
You will fail, but once in a while you will step on a goldmine. It's like turning cents into dollars- as long as the page converts,
you make money
So it comes out- 2 days of work and $50-$100 of investment...
so in the very core it's - creating ads and getting affiliate commisions
Chriw Willow
Reply author: Chris_Willow
Replied on: 07/21/2008 01:53:47
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Reply author: adeel-chowdhry
Replied on: 07/21/2008 01:56:43
Don't close this thread without me!
- Just writing mine up :)
Reply author: Richard Odell
Replied on: 07/21/2008 02:03:53
quote :
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the
shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
1. Get them to sign up for PayPal. Essential
2. Tell them to sign up for free hosting at Weebly. Fastest way to set up a site from scratch for a complete beginner.
3. Show them where they could buy the MRR for an info product (one that has all the sales copy included). Fastest way to get
a product and reap all the profit.
4. Instruct them how to buy Traffic from Google AdWords. Quickest way possible to get customers from scratch, with no
previous knowledge of Internet Marketing.
5. Get them to sign up for Ejunkie for secure download.
Instant payment gateway - Instant website - Ready made product - Immediate traffic - No hassle quick shopping
I thank you..........
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
50 of 170
Reply author: capriliz
Replied on: 07/21/2008 02:11:26
“In the shortest time possible”
I would tell that brand new person to start with a blog. I would explain that it would not be a large amount of money, but it
could be a stepping stone to a steady flow of income. A simple blog or lens can provide earnings as an affiliate from clickbank,
Amazon, or eBay just to name a few. A quick search on Google or the warrior forum will provide answers to basics like what
is an URL.
I would then list the following steps (no affiliation with any links provided):
1.Find a niche market that has people buying.
This will require some research. Check sites such as Amazon, eBay Pulse, Yahoo Answers, Google Trends, Magazines, Hobbies
List. You can find an excellent list of 47 niche research sites at robsblog.co.uk . Make a list of 5 or 10 possible target markets.
2.Do keyword research to narrow down the market to a niche market.
With keyword research tools, find keywords that have at least 200 searches a day and less than 200,000 competing sites.
Start your research using free tools, http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/gtrends/ , https://adwords.google.com/select
/K...ToolExternal , and http://tools.seobook.com/keyword-to...ok/#results.
3.Next, using the keywords already researched, start writing articles. Include titles with each article. Use your keyword in the
article title, and in the body of the article.
4.Set up a blog. Go to http://www.squidoo.com/browse/homepage and set up an account. Include your keywords in the blog
title and URL. At this time, you may want to take a moment to look at a few blogs in the top 100 to get an idea of how a lens
can be designed.
You will also want to open an account at flickr and you tube.
Add your articles to the lens, along with photos from flickr. Insert some videos from you tube. And don't forget your Amazon
and Ebay recommendations. Before you can use the Amazon and Ebay feeds, you need to set up an affiliate account at each
After signing up as an Amazon affiliate, choose appropriate products to use on your lens.
5.Go to clickbank.com and open an account. Search the marketplace for an appropriate product, and add that to your lens.
6.Now, tell the world you have a lens. Visit related forums, participate responsibly, and promote your lens accordingly.
Another tactic is to search for other blogs related to your topic and leave comments. Again, do this responsibly. You can also
write additional articles and submit to article directories. Using the address of your lens in the resource box, you can direct
traffic to your lens. You can also use social bookmarking. Submit articles from your lens to various sites, such as
stumbleupon, digg, and propeller. A simple search will provide you with a multitude of sites that you can use for this purpose.
Use caution. If any of these sites think you are spamming, your accounts will be terminated.
7.Next, start another blog using Google's https://www.blogger.com/start. After you set up your blog title, go to
https://www.google.com/adsense/login/en_US/ and set up an AdSense account. You will want to use this on your blog. You
will then do basically the same things you did to set up your squidoo lens.
8.As you begin to make money, you can think about getting a domain name and building your own site. The beauty here is
that you can use the blogs and lens already set up to drive traffic to your new site.
9.Also, as money is made, you want to set up an autoresponder and start building a list of potential buyers. To get people to
want to sign up to your list, you will offer a product of some kind – a report, a newsletter, or maybe access to a video (you
are still new, so maybe your video can be purchased).
10.Always remember to offer quality content to your readers and they will return. Before you know it, you will be considered
an expert in your field.
Best Wishes,
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
51 of 170
Carmen Ellington
Reply author: mdunn123
Replied on: 07/21/2008 02:16:40
I REALLY hope that others here truly grasp the power of this post. Many have just told you exactly what you need to do (or at
least their educated opinions) on how to get started right now, in the shortest time possible. There's a reason that this forums
is considered a goldmine...newbies...take advantage of this post...even bookmark it and read through every post.
Reply author: sheriffonline
Replied on: 07/21/2008 02:19:34
Firstly i would say to them as
"Learn as much as possible to earn your very first $"
(join Warrior Froum to earn your first $)
In order to make money, you definitely need to have:
1. A product to sell..(Market)
2. A way to get people looking for your product.. (Traffic)
3. How to attract these people to buy your product.. (Conversion)
Those are the 3 steps for newbies i can recommend.
Reply author: Ralph Smith
Replied on: 07/21/2008 02:41:28
If someone is new to the Internet marketing world, I think it is important for us to consider that they are most likely not
familiar with webdesign and are very careful on how much they spend (no one likes being burned) and are very cautious
about learning "marketing stuff" if they don't have any marketing background.
But, they are usually familiar with stuff like the iPhone, MySpace, Facebook etc.
So, keeping that in mind, I'm making this post.
1. Go to www.rentacoder.com or www.elance.com
2. Outsource a software product that makes life easier to work with any Web 2.0 site (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter etc.) such
as friend adders, template designers, comment managers etc.
3. Put your budget at $30 to $50 range.
4. Get it done from someone who has a feedback score above 5
5. Keep in constant contact with the programmer
6. After it is done, you finally have an asset on your hands.
NOTE: it does NOT have to be new or groundbreaking.
Now you can...
a) Sell re-sell rights to the software with your name branded to get branding in the market
b) Approach industry leaders and offer them re-sell rights for a premium price and cash out quick.
This can be done by visiting forums like WarriorForum.com, ABestWeb.com and other sites. Many sellers are looking for
products to promote to their list and will be happy to pay you a premium price for exclusive limited resale rights of the
software product.
c) Build a site and sell the software product which has a higher perceived value
But the key is, without any marketing knowledge, without designing a minisite, and without even learning anything new, you
built a product that will be your asset forever.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
52 of 170
Now, you can either cash-out quick and make a quick $1,000 or more by offering resale rights or learn how to market the
product yourself.
Another great strategy to use can be to also have a "trial version" with limited features made and give it away for free by
posting on all free download sites or use a software called PromoSoft.
Get it here: http://www.develab.net/download.htm
This will give you a massive avalanche of traffic to your sites and get you a nice list of potential prospects.
This is how I made my first 'big bucks' online. Once I knew it was possible, I started to do more cooler stuff.
Anyone can make money with this method. All you need to have is a little bit of determination and ability to write an email.
That's it!
All Success,
Reply author: ExRat
Replied on: 07/21/2008 02:47:11
I'd tell them to read this thread!
This is the best bunch of free WSOs ever!
Thanks Allen and John.
I'm just teasing (although there is some truth to what I am saying here - IE - everyone should read this thread and try and
soak up all the valuable nuggets) and I will try and add a helpful post myself once I've had my jog and my breakfast.
Reply author: DebbieB
Replied on: 07/21/2008 02:51:49
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest
time possible, what would you tell them?
Here's my answer:
There has been a lot of great advice in this thread. But a lot of it comes with assumptions e.g the person will be working on
the idea themselves, they have a limited budget etc.
In fact, the question does not actually tell us anything except that our subject has no Internet experience. We don't know
anything about their business background, interests or budget.
The question is specifically about how someone with **no Internet knowledge** can make money (no amount is specified) in
the **shortest time frame**.
Here's what I suggest:
Buy an existing Internet business.
Assuming you do due diligence and buy one that is already profitable, the second you own it, you could already be making
You can't get faster than that.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
53 of 170
And it doesn't matter if you are new to the Internet - keep the existing staff on to run the site for you. You just own it, pay
salaries and keep the profits. No learning curve. No hassle.
Reply author: David Squires
Replied on: 07/21/2008 03:20:55
What a great challenge! If I were to start from scratch, I'd do the following and so this is what I'd recommend to a friend.
1. Set up necessary accounts - Warrior Forum, PayPal, Associated Content, and Sitepoint should work to start.
2. Write ten articles for Associated Content and submit them for upfront payment. Upon acceptance, my friend should have at
least $50 if he wrote five articles.
3. While waiting to hear back from Associated Content, ask questions, post comments, and learn from the Warrior Forum and
4. Write 10 more articles around a tightly focussed theme.
5. Set up two WSO's.
6. WSO #1 - Offer to ghostwrite articles/reports/ebooks and point to your portfolio at AC.
7. WSO #2 - Create a PLR Package with your ten articles. Hold back one of the PLR licenses for yourself.
8. Use the PLR material you created to create a website either selling an affiliate product, offering CPA offers, or simply
Google Adsense. Use about half the content to create the site and the other half to create articles to point to your site.
Submit those articles to EzineArticles.com. Socially bookmark your new page and each article page.
9. After a month or two, offer your site on sitepoint. Make sure you can show revenue generated as well as traffic driven to
your site.
10. Go back to step 4 (you can skip step 6 if you're tired of writing).
From that point my friend can keep his website, create a list, and create his own product. With what he learned by going
through those steps, he'll have made some money online and learned a great deal about IM. Knowing my friend, this will
whet his appetite and he'll learn even more.
Now it's off to step 1 for me. I think I'll try to put my own ideas to work.
Reply author: adeel-chowdhry
Replied on: 07/21/2008 03:32:15
Allen, can you give us all a deadline please...?
Reply author: tigres409
Replied on: 07/21/2008 03:38:36
quote :
Originally posted by adeel-chowdhry
Allen, can you give us all a deadline please...?
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
54 of 170
Just write your response to the question Adeel!
Don't think just write. (that way i have more chances of winning)
P.S. Your site looks Awesome!
Reply author: shazef
Replied on: 07/21/2008 03:42:46
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest
time possible, what would you tell them?
The ONLY thing I would tell anyone who is new to the internet - is to find an experienced mentor and do EVERYTHING they
tell you to WHEN they tell you to.
There is too much information out there that can be confusing and misleading. Anyone new to the internet needs a guide to
show them the way through the forest.
We can all offer our personal insights, but having someone leading you by the hand helps to keep the distraction factor down
and the ACTION factor UP.
This is my one and only piece of advice to any new internet marketer.
Nothing about techniques, methods, tactics, tricks .. nothing. Just find an experienced (and successful) internet marketer
you feel comfortable with as your mentor - and stick with them until you're successful. Just make sure whoever it is, is
up-to-date with, and utilising, all the latest information on today's internet technologies and tools.
Finding a mentor is not that difficult as the most successful internet marketers today are offering memberships for training
that are well worth the small investment that is required.
Checking through the Warrior Forum and other Internet Forums for successful marketers with a solid reputation and following
is sure to unearth some excellent people to choose from as mentors.
Choose one that you can relate to regarding their style and find out if they have a training program you can get involved in.
If you want to avoid all the distractions and confusion and just get on with making money, I believe this is the quickest way
to make money online and to establish an ongoing and successful internet business.
Reply author: annoyedgirl
Replied on: 07/21/2008 03:49:03
quote :
Originally posted by ExRat
I'd tell them to read this thread!
This is the best bunch of free WSOs ever!
Yeah, I'd point them to this thread.
It will take a while to read it all.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
55 of 170
Holy guacamole, it got huge since I was last here. I don't have a chance of winning, but tons of great advice here. Maybe this
should be a sticky.
Reply author: Joel O
Replied on: 07/21/2008 03:57:12
A very good idea Allen :)
However maybe you can narrow down the question a bit, as to how much money in the shortest time?
Please don't include my post in your choosing, as I already have a copy of TS2.
I would have to say that it would probably be a service that they would have to perform, since services usually don't need a
lot of upfront work.
Some quick ideas for services; article submissions, site/video submissions to directories, creating graphics, writing articles,
creating web sites. It depends what the user is capable of though.
Online Adverting Service
Step #1 - Go out and find a good content web site that you feel would benefit from some added advertising on their site. This
site can be in any niche and can be in almost any form (static site, blog, community site, game site, etc…). The site shouldn’t
already have a lot of ads on it or be selling a product, as those sites will probably not be interested as much in more
The site that would work the best would be a content rich site that you can see is getting some traffic to it, without any ads
currently on it. To quickly check to see if a site might be getting some traffic, simply search Google for the site’s main
keyword, which is usually their title or a headline. If you see the site listed in Google, then that can tell you that they
probably know a bit about search engine optimization, thus probably is getting some traffic.
Step #2 - Next, you will want to contact them to see if they are interested in advertising on their site. You would explain
that you will go out to find a few sites that target the same market as them, and you would work out a price for an ad on
their site.
Step #3 - If the publisher agrees (they aren’t risking anything at this point to say Yes), then you can go out and find a site
that targets the same people, but not the exact same topic. You want the advertising site to compliment the publisher site,
not compete with it.
Step #4 - You would then contact the advertising site and ask if they would be interested. If they agree, then great! Now just
finalize the sale.
You can even do it the opposite way, and contact the advertiser first, then go find a publisher.
I don't think that should take too long to do. The longest part would be waiting for replies from the web sites. But to get
faster responses, try calling them :)
Also, try to work with several clients at one time.
Now go out and take action on this idea and/or any of the other ideas in this forum thread!
Joel Osborne
Reply author: milan
Replied on: 07/21/2008 04:13:15
Allen, thank you very much for the opportunity.
I'd say to her or him:
Choose one of those two options, have a plan and focus on it until it happens:
You could trade your time for money.
Are you good with any of these: writing articles, graphic design, programming? If yes, there are people on the internet who
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
56 of 170
would pay you to work from home on these. The easiest way to find these people and to be sure you get paid is to use one of
the specialized sites where both the buyer and the seller are protected.
You could trade your time for your own 'piece of the internet', and even make sustainable income.
You need to do two things to make this happen:
Here is how.
Although, you want to make money in the shortest timeframe, get out of the 'in shortest time' mindset for an hour or two.
More money will follow shortly if you do things right (plus you'll not get caught in the numerous "make money fast
Now, here is the right mindset: You need to find a need that people have, and fill it. Find a, what I call, a H.O.T. market.
High Demand
Obtainable Traffic
Top Dollar
Boy, I love making up acronyms. Find a demand, high demand but, ideally make sure people are willing to spend GOOD
money on it (that's T). Let's say you find a problem that could be solved by creating a software, or information, a book could
solve it. Find such a good solution, that has an affiliate program and become an affiliate.
How do you find there is a high demand? A good way would be to use wordtracker.com and see how much search the related
keywords get.
Search clickbank.com for ebooks, and networks such as shareit.com for software. Get to know the product, it doesn't take
much time anyway.
Obtainable traffic. Note, this bullet doesn't say low competition, because you want a market that people already make good
money in, you want competition, eventually you want great offers that you are affiliated with.
Let's choose one traffic technique. One – because you want to focus. It's making informative videos for Youtube. We could
argue that some other traffic techniques bring the results faster but this one is great, very underused and doesn't require too
much skills. Plus, free to try. Informative videos on the subjects that people look for (check your wordtracker.com results
again) are going to bring traffic to your affiliate offer. Make a compelling title, make sure you provide a link to your affiliate
offer at the video description, and video itself. There is so much traffic on Youtube, and it's still
What To Do If If You Don't Make It (But You Will)
Take a deep breath, and don't get discouraged so easilly. Remember there only two things you could do wrong, either traffic
or conversion. Check which part needs development and do it!
Reply author: JannoDL
Replied on: 07/21/2008 04:25:21
Hi Allen
My answer would be as follows:
To make fast money online you have so many choices that it is almost incomprehensible.
What is the fastest way you ask? IMHO there is no fastest way, but the best piece of advice would be to go to the warrior
forum and start reading what people have been writing about making money online, mainly go and read this thread:
http://www.warriorforum.com/forum/t...IC_ID=262546 , look through all the excellent suggestions to making fast money
online, there are some really golden nuggets there.
While reading, take notes of all the possible ways you can make fast money online, and decide what kind of money you want
to make?
Do you just need a few quick bucks?
Do you need an ongoing income?
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
57 of 170
When you have read the entire thread, and decided on what kind of income you are looking for, decide on 1... and only 1 of
these business models, and follow it dilligently and to the letter, and you will be making money in no time.
All you have to do is take action, do not start jumping around, decide what you want to do, and do only that, block out
everything else.
These are all valid business models, and i'm sure one of them will fit you, and having you making money in no time, and
getting the information is free...
Reply author: Manuel Viloria
Replied on: 07/21/2008 04:25:48
How to make money online (in the shortest amount of time)?
I would ask them to look for local bloggers who already have Content (at least 300 posts),
plus Traffic (at least 100 visitors daily), who are focusing on a
particular niche that people spend money on (i.e., Running, Track and Field).
(Local bloggers... They can target bloggers who live near their
area, which makes it convenient for face-to-face meetings.)
The number of comments will give them an idea about the number of
visitors or fans the blog has.
Next: Read through the comments and find out what the blog fans
keep asking about (i.e., Running tips, marathon gear).
Then, do research and come up with a quick report which answers
the top 15 questions asked by blog's fans/commenters.
Approach the blogger and offer an affiliate marketing type of
deal: "If you offer this $7 Special Report to your blog's visitors,
I'll give you 70% (about $5) of each sale.
If the popular blogger agrees, then use OpenOffice and flesh
out your Quick Report and produce a PDF file. Alternatively,
you can produce an audio recording of your answers to those
Top 15 Questions (with the help of an audio recording software
called Audacity), and offer a downloadable audio ebook (MP3).
Or even offer both versions (PDF + MP3).
How long will it take you to produce a 15-point
Question and Answer report? :-)
If only ten percent of the blog's daily visitors buys the
report, that's $20 for you each day ($600 each month).
In short: Leverage on someone else's existing website,
content, and traffic.
Kind regards,
Manuel Viloria
Reply author: adam2525
Replied on: 07/21/2008 04:46:43
I would say
"Buy Traffic Secrets 2.0" :-)
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
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Reply author: Martin Luxton
Replied on: 07/21/2008 04:47:35
Go to bed on the other side of the world and there's already 3 pages of great posts here. It's hard to add anything new so this
is my improvised idea.
Choose three of the best posts here and use all the quick money that you make to BUY Traffic Secrets 2
Reply author: Lloyd Lopes
Replied on: 07/21/2008 04:54:50
-------------------If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money
in the shortest time possible, what would you tell them?------Keywords : "Brand New"
"Make Money"
"Shortest time possible"
Solution = Brand New + Make Money + Shortest Possible
--------------------Major league newbies usually think PPC is cement and that hosting is throwing a dinner party. Most of them also cannot
write. They are clueless about how to put up a website , and quite frankly , most of them don't care how to. They adopt a
"show me the money punk" approach and then if you tell them its a lot of work then they bail....promptly.
Heres a dirty , kniving , completely tech free way to make money in an hour or two. Getting paid out depends on who you
open an account with.
Startup capital required : None , apart from 1 credit card that isn't maxed out. Add 1 hour to acquire one. We will be using
free tokens for the search advertising fund
Time Needed : 3 hrs
Expected ROI : 35%
1) Open a Paypal account at www.paypal.com , then open a paydotcom.com account and a clickbank.com account.
Need money in 2 weeks? = Use Clickbank
Need money in 1 day? = Use paydotcom.com
Follow onscreen instructions to open these accounts. Then find something thats offered for affiliates to sell priced around $20
that you would buy if you weren't a broke newbie. Make sure it has been bought before , and that there is a demand for the
product ( Which you can find out in step 2 )
2) https://adwords.google.com/select/K...ToolExternal
- Go there. Find keywords on that topic that have some search volume. Add them to the list of keywords. Then select "more
keyword options" - and select even more keywords. Add them to the list. Then select even more keywords. Repeat until the
results start to look irrelevant.
Because you're a broke newbie - you don't have excel. Theres an "export to txt" option at the bottom of that list.
Get rid of all the keyterms that are shorter than 2 phrases . Then think about which of the remaining keywords will attract
the most buyers. Delete the others.
Put square brackets around all these keywords.
3) Now use this list that you made and signup with Yahoos search marketing , MSN Adcenter and maybe Google Adwords , if
you're feeling lucky.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
59 of 170
Adwords is usually the most expensive and the most risky , but if you have refined your keywords properly you're in.
Now write a good ad. Search Google for writing good adwords ads. Take some tips. Use these tips to write your ads.
Now redirect your ads to your provided affiliate link and set them to live.
Now watch and wait , and disable any keywords that are not performing. You will pick up a few sales. This will be pure profit
from the $50 free keywords.If you decide to go over that , you will get paid before Google charges your card at months end
anyway so you won't end up with a cash flow problem - within 2 weeks for clickbank and within a day or so for paydotcom.
Solution End
-------------I have three sites that are ready and in need of some traffic - but I have only $250 to spare this month :P...
Reply author: seree
Replied on: 07/21/2008 05:08:44
This thread is cool and I've to tell all newbies who want to make money on internet to read this!
Reply author: JasonKing
Replied on: 07/21/2008 05:28:51
--------------------------------------WARRIORS, THIS IDEA COULD BE WORTH
--------------------------------------Please read this post carefully.
What I’m about to share with you has
changed my life.
This one idea, I reckon, has been responsible for
almost every single dollar I have made on the
Internet to date. In case you were wondering, the
person who passed this idea on to me currently
And now I’d like to pass it on to you.
It’s so simple. When you read it, you’ll think
you understand what it means.
But read it again. Then apply it.
It’s not talking about AFFILIATE MARKETING,
although that’s part of it.
It’s not talking about finding JV PARTNERS,
although that’s part of it.
In fact, once you discover the REAL meaning
behind this idea, you may even find an example of
its truth ...
------------------------------... IN WHAT JOHN REESE AND
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
60 of 170
------------------------------Here it is...
The secret to making money on the Internet in the
shortest time possible is to make other people
Best wishes,
Reply author: Lucy Weber
Replied on: 07/21/2008 05:55:32
I notice a lot of the responses focus on providing services, and while that's great and I do it myself, it's not exactly what most
of us go into business for ourselves for. We do it to get away from having a boss or being confined to someone else's ideals,
for example. As you're providing a service for other people to bring in the income you need to pay the bills, it's absolutely
vital to begin building your own business. Being a freelancer isn't really a business, it's a job - just in a different form.
I've been working on a plan of my own, and I've already set the wheels in motion. I spend a LOT of time on my freelance
work, so I don't have as much time to work on this as I'd like, but I am spending every spare moment possible on getting this
STEP ONE: Getting started.
1. Choose a very popular niche with a TON of competiton. This niche must have a ridiculous amount of competitors, and
desperate buyers. I know this goes against the long-tail approach that so many people advise, but it's very important for this
2. Find a PLR product that caters to the niche. Let's say you've chosen weight loss. Find the best possible weight loss PLR
eBook you can find. Rewrite it and make it the best you can possibly make it.
3. Get a custom sales letter and eCover/Minisite done for it if possible. (I'll be doing this myself since I'm a designer. If you
can't afford to have this done for you, just use whatever comes with the package. It's better than nothing.)
4. Buy a domain. This domain should ideally be related to your niche, and contain a keyword phrase for the niche. If your
weight loss book is about low carb diets, then a domain like lowcarbdietsuccess.com might be good.
5. Set up your sales letter and add a PayPal order button. Set up a download page with a link to download the book. Make
sure the PayPal order button redirects to the download page after payment. Don't worry about protecting your download page
for now. Most people won't know how to find it, and your product won't be "popular" enough to be searched for in mass
quantity. You can add a download protection mechanism later, once you're making enough money to afford a good one.
STEP TWO: Promotion.
1. Write 2-3 articles per day in the niche and submit them to EzineArticles, linking to your sales letter.
2. Rewrite your 2-3 articles and create a Squidoo lens. Link to your sales letter.
3. Rewrite your 2-3 articles again and create a HubPages hub. Link to your sales letter.
4. Repeat these steps every day for a week, then two days per month thereafter.
After the initial one week promotion phase, you can simply repeat this two days per month to keep traffic flowing in. You'll
want to choose another niche to start on the next week, and keep doing this until you have a total of ten niches you're
working in. (Using multiple niches helps keep you from hitting critical mass in a single niche.) If you are working in 10 niches
and performing your promotion phase two days per month for each niche, that means you'll be working 20 days per month
with about 10 days off. You could use these 10 days off to move into membership sites or creating Clickbank products for
affiliate to promote if you want.
The important part of this plan unlike so many others is that you're not promoting Clickbank products, you're promoting your
own. You get paid DAILY to your PayPal. Waiting for a CB check, especially the first one, can be a nightmare for anyone living
on a strict budget and needing to pay for hosting and domains and such. By using article marketing in a niche with a ton of
traffic and promoting a product that pays you instantly by PayPal, you'll have an almost instant income that will grow larger
as time goes on. But that instant cash will be vital for growing your business with new domains and such.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
61 of 170
Other promotion ideas:
If you want to grow your income even faster, here are some optional promotion ideas that could increase your income even
1. PPC, especially AdWords. Stay away from smaller PPC. The prices may be cheaper but the quality of many of them is
2. Advertise in newspapers. If your niche is very broad like weight loss, a newspaper ad could bring in a lot of traffic to your
sales letter.
3. Forum marketing. Visit forums in the niche and offer a free downloadable report in your signature (if they're allowed,
check the rules!) In your free report, you can add a link to your sales letter. It's better to offer a great free report than to link
directly to your site. You have a better chance of the link staying if you're just giving away great free advice.
4. Contests. If you can afford to foot the bill for a decent prize, run some sort of contest in your niche. A good contest can go
viral quickly. If possible, have a business sponsor the prize. You might have the marker of a Pilates DVD series offer their
product as a prize in exchange for their name being marketed during the contest, for example.
You should also find an accountability partner. These are absolutely vital if you believe you might lack motivation. Find
someone working on the same plan you are and work with them, keeping each other in check. You might hold a competition
each week to see who creates the most sites, submits the most articles, or makes the most money. The loser has to pay a
token prize to the winner. It might be cash, it might be writing a couple of articles for the other person, or it might just be
gloating rights. The prize should be very small, just a token to get you motivated. It's not the prize that counts, it's the ego
boost when you win.
Just remember, the only way to truly fail is to do nothing. I have spent years terrified of failing, and it's caused me to fail to
take action. I consider this more of a failure than all the times I've launched a product and sold only one or two. I'm not
letting the fear of failure stop me anymore, and I hope you won't either!
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - Walt Disney
Reply author: jimmymc
Replied on: 07/21/2008 05:57:06
The fastest way to make money is using adwords and clickbank...very little work, no website, no hosting and quick sales
possibility. Can implement in less than an hour.
Roy Carter's simple method is good.
Reply author: dbarnum
Replied on: 07/21/2008 06:05:06
Simple 2-step:
1) Pick up the phone. Call people you know: friends, relatives, past co-workers, places of employment, groups you are
associated with, church members, neighbors, etc. Briefly introduce yourself to connect, state that you trying to make money
putting some product and service packages together (in a short sentence like this). Then ask what their needs are and how
you can help them.
2) Follow up with emails, faxes and meetings – either in person and / or online – to put deals together, offering a short
list of ideas from which they could choose, based upon their needs and what you can provide, and presenting a call to action
to close a deal with a bonus in the P.S.
Reply author: Angela V. Edwards
Replied on: 07/21/2008 06:16:37
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
62 of 170
quote :
Originally posted by Admin
But wait...there's more...LOL!
This one is not quite so easy. You will need to answer a question, to the best of your ability, and we will pick the top 20
winners to get a free copy of Traffic Secrets 2.0 shipped to their door from John..
Post your answer in this thread...
Here's the question:
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money
in the shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
That's the question..
This will bring the total of free copies of Traffic Secrets 2.0 given by John to the Warrior Forum members to 25. Thanks
EDIT: This isn't based on how fast you can respond. You have time to give a great answer. I'd like this to be a great
thread for newbies hitting the forum if possible. Thanks!
It actually depends on the person's skills. There is a young lady whose mother I currently work with. She doesn't have a job
and she lives at home with mom and dad (she's probably 18 or 19). This young lady has some awsome technical skills and
can use Wordpress to make cool websites. This is hers:
Even before I saw this thread, I had planned on emailing her tomorrow to give her tips on where she can go to offer her
services. I plan to hire her for my own websites; I am as UNtechie as it gets and my websites need serious help. I will be
introducing her to the Warrior Forum and to some other places such as Rent-a-coder and similar types of sites. I have been
telling her mom that with her talents, she could make a full time living building websites for pay or to flip. The family can
certainly use a few extra bucks each month. The girl is simply lacking the confidence it takes to go out and actively market
her skills.
My mom is an AP newspaper reporter and can research just about anything. She also has been working with her own family's
geneology and has found our family's records back several hundred years. She visited Norway and Denmark as well as New
Jersey (opposite coast from us) to meet family members and get records. A woman on one of the geneology sites she
frequents had been looking for her ex husband for nine years; my mom found him in a week. She's a bulldog and doesn't give
up until her research has produced the desired results. She knows things such as which years the census records are easiest
to read and where to go to get the census records. (She's spend countless hours in the Mormon library; how many people
know that that's the best place to go to access geneology?) How many people know about the Social Security Death Index
and how to use it?
She's extremely organized and has record books that she's built that tell entire geneological stories. I've been encouraging
her to use her research skills as well as her knowledge of geneology to create information products to sell to others who
would like to learn such skills. She also could be a ghostwriter and make a whole bunch of money writing articles and ebooks
for others. If she'd only listen to her daughter, she could make a bunch of money either now, or when she retires in a couple
of years.
If a person wanted to make money online in a short amount of time, I would first find out what they can do well and then
show them where online they can go to find folks willing to pay for that service or information.
That's what I'd do if I were asked this hypothetical question; just about everyone does something well...in my opinion, it's
simply a matter of introducing them to people who are willing to pay for the knowledge or service.
Reply author: David Maschke
Replied on: 07/21/2008 06:23:49
Key words:
quote :
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
63 of 170
...brand new to the Internet...
This would be a long discussion.
First he or she will have to learn how to walk before running.
Everything you say will go right over their head, and the questions you'll get are:
How do I upload a website?
How do I register a domain?
How do I install scripts?
How do I make an ebook?
How do I make a recording and convert it to mp3?
How do I make the sales letter?
I can't get the download link to work, what do I do?
I do I accept payments?
Or we could do the popular catch-all reply, "outsource everything".
Reply author: John Taylor
Replied on: 07/21/2008 06:25:51
This assumes that you can afford to invest in buying "stock".
1. Go straight to eBay, and select the Computer category, then
drill down into either desktops or laptops.
2. Select Dell as the manufacturer in the left hand side search
section. Narrow the search down as required to identify the most
recent products and look for hot selling models (Hint: at the time
of writing this, "XPS" is a good search term). When you have chosen
a hot selling model (Lots of watchers, bidders and price is quite
high on completed bids) go to next step..
3. Go to Dell.com and check the reatil prices of the model(s) that
you have chosen. Make a note of the price, specification, etc. You
will need this later but you can always come back.
4. Now go to the Dell "outlet" store where they sell off returned
products. Don't worry, they have been quality checked and come with
a Dell backed warranty. Search for your hot model, be sure to check
the specification. You're looking for a discount of around 40% off
the equivalent retail price.
5. Purchase the computer from Dell Outlet and wait for confirmation
of your order. As soon as you get the delivery date, submit your
auction on eBay. Use your marketing skills to emphaise the benefits
of owning the computer, be sure to emaphasise the fact that it comes
with an official Dell warranty to reassure your potential buyers.
Price your action with a low start price, set a reserve which covers
all your costs plus a reasonable profit and set a Buy It Now Price
that is competitive with other auctions for the same model/specification.
Be sure to set your delivery fee at a price that will cover your costs.
(Hint: include the delivery fee in the price of the computer and offer
"FREE Delivery" - that will make your list stand out
Don't be tempted to keep the computer!
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
64 of 170
Rinse and repeat and you'll have a nice little computer retail business
with a ready market.
Reply author: James Schramko
Replied on: 07/21/2008 06:45:23
Assuming this new person has no skills at all other than basic desire.
1. Join the warrior forum
2. Post an "introductory" thread with huge personality
3. Reply to the well wishers and keep discussion going
4. Contribute to other discussions as you learn
5. Observe what 'problems' are discussed over and over
6. Read all the answers using the 'search' button
7. Write a 15-20 page report summarizing the problem and the solutions
8. Post requesting an expert who has authority to review it
9. Thank the expert and ask three experts via PM for an interview
10. Record them using free teleseminar line
11. Post a WSO with report and one MP3 interview
12. Use the beer button for payment
13. From profits buy an autorepsonder
14. Send the second interview as an unannounced bonus
15. Add buyers to autoresponder and ask for feedback and suggestions
16. Send another free report - part 2 and 3rd interview to list
17. Make another paid product and run a WSO and email clients
18. Buy a domain and hosting
19. Make a yourname.com blog and start generating traffic
20. Learn, Learn, Learn and take more action.
Reply author: Admin
Replied on: 07/21/2008 07:08:29
Without a doubt I'm going to try and con Bryan into picking the winners..
Reply author: Craig Desorcy
Replied on: 07/21/2008 07:21:54
quote :
Originally posted by John Taylor
This assumes that you can afford to invest in buying
1. Go straight to eBay, and select the Computer category,
drill down into either desktops or laptops.
2. Select Dell as the manufacturer in the left hand
side search
section. Narrow the search down as required to identify
the most
recent products and look for hot selling models (Hint:
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
65 of 170
at the time
of writing this, "XPS" is a good search term). When
you have chosen
a hot selling model (Lots of watchers, bidders and
price is quite
high on completed bids) go to next step..
3. Go to Dell.com and check the reatil prices of the
model(s) that
you have chosen. Make a note of the price, specification,
etc. You
will need this later but you can always come back.
4. Now go to the Dell "outlet" store where they sell
off returned
products. Don't worry, they have been quality checked
and come with
a Dell backed warranty. Search for your hot model,
be sure to check
the specification. You're looking for a discount of
around 40% off
the equivalent retail price.
5. Purchase the computer from Dell Outlet and wait
for confirmation
of your order. As soon as you get the delivery date,
submit your
auction on eBay. Use your marketing skills to emphaise
the benefits
of owning the computer, be sure to emaphasise the fact
that it comes
with an official Dell warranty to reassure your potential
Price your action with a low start price, set a reserve
which covers
all your costs plus a reasonable profit and set a Buy
It Now Price
that is competitive with other auctions for the same
Be sure to set your delivery fee at a price that will
cover your costs.
(Hint: include the delivery fee in the price of the
computer and offer
"FREE Delivery" - that will make your list stand out
Don't be tempted to keep the computer!
Rinse and repeat and you'll have a nice little computer
retail business
with a ready market.
John, this is outright scandalous!
Here is a add on, offer world wide shipping!
I hate Japanese keyboards.
Reply author: Navneet Rai
Replied on: 07/21/2008 08:06:47
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
66 of 170
don't have a very long answer but these are the things i learned the hard way.. don't make these mistakes that i did and you
can a 10 lap head start!
1) do not try to do everything at one time. find one person, one niche and only one topic and stick with it. Think of
everything else as a mirage in the desert.
2) when you have that one goal, divide your time equally on the product, marketing and selling. They're all equally
important, remember that. Think of a spark plug in a car. It may be a tiny trivial part but your car won't even budge if it's
missing. Same goes for selling online. One missing part and it just won't start.
Reply author: Brad Spencer
Replied on: 07/21/2008 08:11:42
If someone were new to the internet I would recommend the basic article marketing/list building business model.
1. First, as stated in a post above (God this post is awesome :), I would get all necessary accounts going. For me that is
Aweber.com, Godaddy, EZA, Buzzle.com, Squidoo, Hostgator (or other hosting package), and a squeeze page generator from
nichelistbuilder.com or some other freeware site.
2. Write 10 articles and submit them to EZA and modified version to Buzzle.com
3. Point articles to your squeeze page.
4. Capture emails and market value-added (this is the key!!!) products to them.
5. Reinvest profits into more articles (outsourcing to freelancers)
With this system in place, a person should be able to start seeing an income. I would keep learning on WF on article
marketing, affiliate marketing, and product creation so you can speed up this circle from Step 1 to step 5. It's simple AND
easy but just takes effort and a long-term goal!
Brad Spencer
PS- This might be simple and not elaborate but it's a very low cost (hosting, domains, and Aweber) business model that
simply....WORKS!!! Everyone has knowledge and they can put this to work in a very asset-light business :)
PPS- Welcome to all newbies and feel free to contact me (Private Message or Facebook!!!) if I can help you in any way!
Reply author: Johnson Tay
Replied on: 07/21/2008 08:31:47
quote :
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the
shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
Rob the bank!
He has got a WRONG mindset!
By saying he wants to make $$$ in the shortest possible time, it's the MONEY he's concerned with and guess what... there
are MILLIONS of ways to make money fast WITHOUT using the Internet.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
67 of 170
I think anyone who wants to jump on the Internet Marketing bandwagon needs to understand that the Internet is merely the
fastest way to - NOT make money - but reach out to as many prospects quickly, easily and cheaply.
Do you sense the difference???
I didn't say the Internet is the fastest way to make money, instead I stopped at the Internet being merely the fastest way to
reach out to prospects quickly, easily and cheaply.
This FORCES the newbie to look at the Internet as being merely a marketing medium. Ultimately, he still needs to create
***VALUE*** (or in layman's term, have something to sell) in order to "exploit" the marketing medium to attract customers.
And the best way to do that would be to leverage his strengths to create a business, afterall that's the only sustainable way to
thrive online!
Johnson Tay
Reply author: JamesPenn
Replied on: 07/21/2008 08:57:21
This is a pretty common strategy that I used recently and it made me my first $18 within about 16 hours and I only used
10% of the strategies in this post.
Step #1
Go to Clickbank.com or your favourite affiliate network and choose a product to promote. It doesn't matter about keywords,
competition or anything like that - just don't choose a product in the IM niche. Make sure the product solves a desperate
Choose a product that has a high % payout (above 60%), that pays at least $15, has a well designed salesletter and has
been proven to convert visitors to sales.
Step #2
Now that you've chosen your product, you need to register a domain. Head on over to NameCheap.com and register a domain
relevant to the product you have chosen to promote. Get a .info domain if you want - it's much cheaper!
Redirect the domain through your affiliate link. It's very simple to do.
Step #3
Now you have to turn into a content producing machine. Spend an entire day pumping out (quality) article after article. Let's
say you chose a product on lowering high blood pressure, write articles that agitate the problem, such as:
The Hidden Dangers Of High Blood Pressure
What You Don't Know About High Blood Pressure & How It Could Kill You
Also, write articles that offer "mini cures". These articles offer solutions, but not enough info to COMPLETELY relieve the
problem. Such articles could be:
5 Herbs To Lower High Blood Pressure
5 Foods To Lower High Blood Pressure
5 Exercises To Lower High Blood Pressure
Garlic: The Unknown Cure For High Blood Pressure
If you work hard, you should be able to produce 15-20 articles by the end of the day. Although, I guess it depends on
whether or not you REALLY want to change your life for the better.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
68 of 170
Take a sleep, have a rest and get ready for the next day.
Step #4
Now it's time to publish your content. We want to get our articles in as many high profile places on the internet as possible.
Make sure you have a resource box with a call to action and link to your domain which redirects to the affiliate product.
Here's how I'd publish the content to make the most of every article:
1. I'd take ALL of the articles and publish them to a free blog. Simply go to Blogger.com, get your free blog set up and publish
all 20 articles over the course of five or six days. Throughout the articles link to your redirect domain and stick links and
banners down the sidebar of your blog.
2. I'd take ALL of the articles I'd written and publish them to:
If I was writing in the Health, Wealth or Self Improvement niches I'd also publish to SelfGrowth.com
3. Again, take all articles and publish to a new Squidoo lens over the course of about 10 days. Add some interactivity, such as
a guestbook, polls and add other modules such as Amazon books and a links module. Scatter links to your redirect domain
throughout. Join groups and make comments on other lenses linking back to your lens.
4. Take some of your best articles and convert them into videos. It's simple to do, I just use Windows Movie Maker. I put one
paragraph on each slide, scatter in a few images and some cheesy background music and stick a link to your redirect domain
at the beginning and end of the video. Post to YouTube (and other video sites if you wish). In your YouTube video description,
make sure the first thing you put is your redirect domain.
5. Now it's time to maximise our exposure and we do this by getting on high traffic niche specific blogs and websites.
Go to Google.com and search "your keyword blog". So I'd type in "high blood pressure blog" and go through all of the top
blogs collecting contact emails. I'd email them explaining that I had some free content that they could use on their blog, as
long as they gave me a link back. I'd also find newsletter owners at places such as BestEzines.com and contact them saying
they could use any of my articles as newsletter content (It's amazing how many people accept). If you want, you could even
pay for ads.
Step #5
Let's go back to the blog we just published. It won't be getting any traffic yet because we don't have any backlinks, but we
don't need any. We're going to create our own traffic.
Yahoo Answers provides a fantastic opportunity for marketers. I've done a few experiments and found that for each answer I
give, I get on average around 2.5 visits. I know that doesn't sound like many, but this is just about as targeted traffic as you
can get.
Go to answers.yahoo.com and register an account. Then choose the category that best resembles the topic of your articles
and click on that. Now it's just a case of waiting for the right questions to pop up. Refresh the page every two or three
minutes and see the new questions that have come up. When one comes up on the topic of your articles then answer it
simply by providing a little text and then a link to the article on your blog that will best answer the question.
This will send highly targeted traffic to your blog, the visitor will read your article and then more than likely click on one of
the links to your affiliate product. Because the traffic is so highly targeted, these visitors will probably convert better than
regular traffic.
You can answer up to 20 questions per day, which could bring you around 50 visitors per day. Once you advance to the next
level you can answer 40 questions per day. You could even hire someone off Elance to answer questions for you for very
reasonable prices.
You might be wondering why we don't just link straight to our affiliate product within our answers and the simple reason is
that you'll be banned within a few hours.
Step #6
If the sales are pouring in, then keep creating content, keep publishing it. Keep doing the same things, but bigger.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
69 of 170
To make even more money, move onto another niche and another product. Apply what you've learnt from your first attempt
to your next go to maximise your profits.
Like I said at the beginning on this post, I made $18 within just 16 hours and all I'd done so far was get published on
GoArticles.com and on one fairly small blog.
Try it yourself and see if it works for you.
James Penn
Reply author: Jerry McGough
Replied on: 07/21/2008 09:08:12
I'd tell them that making money on the internet is "not" easy and if they're new to it then it must be extremely simple.
You'd have to give them something specific to do in order to make money as soon as possible
So lets start with the most simplistic needs...
You need lots of traffic...
So you need to jump into the middle of traffic that someone else can supply.
You need to tap that traffic and you need something to convert the traffic to money...
Let's find a source of major traffic...
Let's go with YouTube
And what's the easiest thing to sell ?
How about free stuff....such as CPA/PPA/PPL....or as they would understand.....things you give away and get paid to do so.
So...the video....
How about demonstrating the power of "free"....
Make a video...several scenes...of creating a frenzy for free money...
Such as....
Go to a busy downtown city street at lunchtime and dump a jar of change on the sidewalk....
Hold a few bills in the air and holler "Who wants some money"
Create a frenzy...make it entertaining...
Put it on YouTube and tell people that if they like free stuff to go to www.______.com .....where you offer multiple
PPL/CPA/PPA offers.
Simply stated, you need to funnel an existing flow of major traffic and be able to convert that traffic to income.
Reply author: greenovni
Replied on: 07/21/2008 09:20:31
Hello Allen & John
Nice thing you are doing here. Here is a quick step by step for our newbie friends:
To clarify a point: I ask permission to re use downloaded videos and 95% of the time, video makers say yes.
Those that say no I just do not use.
I wanted to stop by and give back something to the WF community since many warriors have helped me along the way + I
would LOVE to win 1 of those traffic secrets 2.0 ;)
I am going to describe something I tested out with video that netted me $309.00 for about an hour worth of work.
The links included in this "tutorial" will lead you directly to the respective websites and none are affiliate links.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
70 of 170
I will tell you everything I did step by step and at the end you will see my stupid little video that generated my $309
Lets get started.
1. Your Offer:
I believe this works best with CPA offers but will work with nearly any offer you come up with. I chose CPA since I needed
something quick to test my new "method" and CPA pays me pretty fast.
My offer was a ZIP submit offer where I received payment of $3.00 for every ZIP code submitted and I chose to use a free
Maybelline mascara offer
Look through your CPA offer "inventory" and choose which offer you want to promote today.
2. Your Video
A. Either make it yourself
B. Download a video already made
Since I just wanted to do a test, I chose to download a video already located on youtube and "edit" it.
If you want / need to download a video from the many video sites out there, use http://clipnabber.com/ which is a free
service to download video clips.
You can also use the free Opera web browser (http://opera.com) and download it. Once downloaded just download the
VideoDownloader widget for the Opera web browser and this will enable you to download videos directly from all video
sharing sites, not just youtube.
3. Convert Your Video:
If you downloaded a video from any of the video sharing sites, you must convert it to avi or mpeg format so you can edit it.
Your downloaded videos are all in flv format but cannot be uploaded as such.
In order to do so, you can use this free video converter too. http://www.rivavx.com/index.php?encoder&L=3
4. Edit Your Video
In my case I chose to add a title screen at the beginning and a credits screen at the end. Both of these simply said Get a
FREE sample of Maybelline's Mascara at http://Mascara.GreenOvni.Org
You can edit your video with Windows Movie Maker which is included free with every windows computer.
5. Set up your redirect
When users go to your website, you can either have a landing page or a redirect.
I chose to simply redirect people to the offer so I could test the method.
A landing page would have allowed me to collect all these people's email addresses and will try it on my next video run.
6. Uploading your Video
Now that your video is finished and ready to be uploaded, you must tag it correctly. This step is crucial to your success.
Title: Maybelline Mascara (Come up with the most accurate title you can think of)
Tags: Go on youtube and see the highest ranking "similar" video and take a look at their tags, if they look like they will work
for your video, use them.
To look at a particular video's tag click on the "more" link on the video's description and the tags will be shown to you.
7. Description of your video
The first thing I put there (and usually by itself) is the domain pointing to my affiliate offer like so:
You can make the description anything you want.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
71 of 170
8. Upload your video
Finally we are done and ready to upload your video. You want to upload your video to about 30 video sharing sites. The
reason you want to do this is because there is a whole video world besides youtube with tons of traffic.
Places like Metacafe, GoogleVideo, Revver and AOL video are loaded with people that only use those particular services.
I uploaded to 33 video sites in one sitting but I used an automated software that uploads my videos automatically.
The real work was in opening an account in each an every video website since I had to do each and every one by hand. Once
you have all your accounts, you can simply let the software upload your videos.
You can also upload your videos by hand and more than 1 at a time, just open a new tab in Firefox for every video website
you want to upload to.
When doing it by hand I would open 5 tabs at a time & upload. Once those were done I would do 5 more video sites and so
9. Video Responses
Now that your video is uploaded, you want to take some time to do some video responses to the most popular videos on your
particular niche.
By making video responses, you will get yet more traffic to your video.
10. BlackHat Technique For Video Popularity
This step is not needed but it is worth mentioning. The more views and comments that your video has, the higher it will place
within the video sharing sites.
There is a program designed to automatically open youtube accounts and place comments & views on your video which in
turn places your video in the most watched list and gives you maximum exposure.
I did not use this program on my method but will be trying it in my next run to see if there is any significant difference in
People love video and are out there clicking away in the different video websites.
While youtube is the most popular video website, the others have sent a significant amount of traffic to my offer. Some of the
others have actually sent more traffic than youtube :o)
The finished product? (My Mascara Video) http://video.aol.com/video-detail/m...a/3491206566
Since I had the infractstructure already set up (all of my accounts opened with the video sites) it only took me an hour to get
an offer, look for a video, download it, edit it & re upload to all the video sites with my software.
Total for an hour's work = 103 Signups X $3.00 = $309
PS. If I am one of the chosen ones for traffic secrets 2.0, you don't even have to ship it ;) I'll be GLAD to go pick
it up @ John's house since we're both in Orlando
Reply author: greenovni
Replied on: 07/21/2008 09:37:01
Another thing I have done for a few new warriors is to give them a copy of my little e-book Lonely Women Looking for
love of CL & how to capitalize on it for free.
These new people who are supposed to be broke and desperate download the e-book, set the things they need up and then do
From the 25 people I have given them a free book with step by step instructions, I've seen 24 people sign up to the affiliate
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
72 of 170
program and from those 24 only 1 has put it to work and that 1 makes about $1,000 per month.
The rest of the supposed new and desperate people that I have given a free copy of my book to, none took action.
The most important thing to know about making money online is to take ACTION - Do SOMETHING.
There is no free & quick button that you will press that will make you $$. You HAVE to put in the work in order to be able to
This is also true to all the people that have purchased my book. They buy it, read it and move on to the next thing.
This makes me wonder how many people bought TS 2.0 and are going to do nothing with it. Then they sit and complain that
IM does not work for them.
Reply author: garovich
Replied on: 07/21/2008 09:37:08
Here goes.....
1. Interview an author/expert in the area that the person has a passion in.
2. Transcribe the audio or outsource it.
3. Break the interview into 2 parts. Put part one of the interview on their website/blog along with ads for related products
with affiliate links. Also have an affiliate link to amazon if it is an author and their book is sold there.
4. Have an opt-in for visitors to receive part 2 of the interview using aweber or getresponse. Offer related bonus to increase
opt-in rate.
5. Send out a press release using webwire ($19) if on a tight budget or other services depending on what they can afford.
6. Join related forums and start posting and include a signature that promotes the exclusive interview you have.
7. This just occurred to me, but parts of the interview could be broken up into articles and submitted. Not sure if they would
be accepted in that form with Ezine Articles but it would be worth a shot. If they aren't accepted, use portions of the interview
to come up with your own articles and submit.
8. Find more authors/experts and repeat. Start building your relationship with the list.
EDIT: I forgot.....Also offer the audio of the interview. Possibly use this to increase the opt-in rate for their list.
Reply author: Hunter06
Replied on: 07/21/2008 09:37:37
Someone new to internet marketing would likely not have the required experience to create a system that will create an
income online. That takes time and effort and generally lots of trial and error.
The use of a duplicable SYSTEM is the key to ongoing internet based income. Every marketer who has made a success online
whether it be selling eBooks, software, courses, content etc. has a system that allows them to fine tune what works and drop
what doesn't.
In order to offer advice on how to make money quickly, one needs to define the amount of income to be earned (whether
there is Start Up Capital) and the time period in which you want to earn it. I seriously doubt that anyone here spends time
reading email ads or filling out surveys as their full time income, but it's a way to earn some cash reasonably quickly. Within
15 minutes you can be making anything between $0.01 and $150 with not much effort beyond being able to respond to an
email and think up a user name and password.
Likewise, if you need $3 000 this week, it's unlikely you will be successful trying to make it through afilliate programs or
article marketing. Even pay per click advertising would be a challenge for someone new to IM to try and make money quickly.
So what's the solution? You would need to take stock of your own experience in running a business and see if there is any
common denominator with that which is required to be successful online. The skills or experience that you don't have, you
must hire. There's no difference between offline and online businesses in this regard. You can't do everything and still remain
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
73 of 170
To make money quickly you need to go where the money is. Check out the affiliate networks and product sites to establish
what is selling and where the demand is. It doesn;t matter how passionate you are about a topic, if your aim is to make
money and you aren't, then you are not going to last. It's amazing what motivation you get from a check from Google or a
notification from Paypal saying you just earned some cash.
Look at markets where you can see lots of passionate people who have cash to burn. You want a product that you can sell to
individuals or businesses that fulfill a need. Golfers want to lower their score, single guys want to date more girls, virtually
everyone wants to loose weight or gain a shapely muscular body. Internet marketers and most businesses want more traffic
to their websites and the list goes on and on.
Find a product or service that is attached to a system that you can duplicate and you have enough time to work on every day
and you will stand a good chance of success. If the system comes with a real live Internet Marketer who will hold your hand
and show you what to do personally and answer your questions, then so much the better.
Put yourself in front of a wave of desire brought about by passionate people and you will make money. I can't remember who
said it, but if you are going to open a restaurant, the one thing you want is a crowd of hungry people at your door.
Reply author: bizmonte
Replied on: 07/21/2008 09:38:36
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest
time possible, what would you tell them?
Well, first and foremost, I would like to clarify to them that there are no such things as shortcuts in Internet Marketing and if
he/she is expecting to make money, he/she should dedicate a lot of effort into building a business. Also, if he/she is
persistent in wanting to make quick money, then I'll be the first one to discourage him/her because if I really want to be
helpful, this simple advice will definitely save them a lot of wasted money from empty promises coming from all the hype in
However, if the person is ready to dedicate his/her time in building a business, I would say that the only real way in making
money online (short time or long time) is to build his/her own presence on the internet, building traffic to that presence and
monetizing it for profit. Of course, if the person is a definite newbie, I would assume that he/she doesn't have any idea of
what I'm talking about, and because of that reason alone, I would gladly take the hand of this person and guide him/her
every step of the way. Because, let's face it, all you ever need in IM is a mentor, and with that follows everything.
I hope I answered the question simple enough. Sorry for the bad English.
Reply author: adeel-chowdhry
Replied on: 07/21/2008 09:47:26
Having read all the previous posts I’m like, “what on Earth
are all these people taking about?!”. You have people talking
about JV’s, Affiliate Programs, Hubs, Squidoo Lenses, Niches,
PLR, CPA Marketing, and creating websites!!!
I just showed my 21 year old brother (marketing virgin) this
thread and told him to read it and let me know what he thought
and if it helped him…
The first three words he said, were (please excuse his French),
He said he couldn’t understand what people were talking about
and there were only a few comments here he actually understood.
“People are talking about all these fancy words as if a new
person like me actually understand them, but we don’t! They have
got to remember that we haven’t been living in the virtual world
like they have, and they have to keep that in mind.”
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
74 of 170
So I said, “What kind of information would you like?”
He said that he would like it if someone actually posted
something dummy proof, without the jargon and terminology,
because no newbie would understand any of it, keeping in
mind he’s never created a website or even knows what FTP is,
and wanted something presented in a STEP-BY-STEP format.
So from that initial research I had conducted I put on my
drinking hat, loaded it with Coca Cola, opened the little
right hand side window by my desk for some fresh air, and put
on my favourite Britney Spears’ single (‘shave my hair off one
more time’) – and then set off to work on producing something
that any newbie would be able to understand and implement - to
make some super quick cash in 7 days.
2i) www.Elance.com
2ii) www.Rentacoder.com
2iii) www.Guru.com
2iv) www.eBay.com
2v) www.Gumtree.com
2vi) www.Craigslist.org
(See video for more information).
- You will be able to charge more for your services later,
once you get some experience.
- You should aim to get regular, long term business from all
your clients by providing good professional customer service
and good quality work. The quality of your work will get better
with time and as you become more experienced.
- Set up a dedicated email address for your services. Chose a
professional sounding name, not something like [email protected]
Grab a Google mail account. Image IS Everything.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
75 of 170
- Record the jobs you are doing in a spreadsheet. You can
download free spreadsheet software here; http://www.openoffice.org/
This way you will be able to record what jobs have come in,
the name of the client, their contact details, the date job was
received, date of completion, etc.
- Always keep your clients informed on the progress you are
making. Keeping them updated will help you stand out even more.
Not many service providers communicate with their clients
effectively, so make sure you DO.
This will keep you in their minds and they’ll remember you the
next time they have a job.
- During dry periods, follow up with old clients with special
offers. See what services they had you do for them in the past
and offer them something similar at a discount, hard to resist
price! This strategy is killer.
- Sign up to other freelance sites, business sites and marketing
forums where demand for writing, general and graphic work
is high.
Use Google to find more.
- LEVERAGE: Once you start doing well you can outsource much of
your work to another company. So essentially, what will happen
is that you become like a PROJECT MANAGER – being a central point
and passing the work to a company that can manage and do all the
work you require, like writing, graphics, duties and a heck
of a lot more than you would EVER be able to do yourself.
I personally do this and don’t even have to lift much of a finger
since I pass the jobs I receive to a team of people who fulfil the
tasks I send them. This will not only free up your time, but will
make you MORE money since you can take on more jobs, and even provide
more SPECIALIZED services like link building, and even programming.
Best Regards,
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
76 of 170
p.s. the first time around I recorded a 30 min video then after
recording realized I had the mic switched off!! I could have
p.p.s. I am donating this video (took me 5 hours to make) to
this community. Feel free to download it, share it, sell it,
or give it away for free even. Share the knowledge!
Reply author: n/a
Replied on: 07/21/2008 09:50:46
Great question and even greater replies. Hopefully Alan and John will answer the question too once the awards have been
given :)
Brand new to the internet? Jesus! It must have been 1998 or so when I started using the internet that's like 10 years ago, so
I have no clue how it feels, hence would say nothing to him.
Fast cash? I'd smile and tell him that everybody wants fast but good things happen to those who wait.
My guy is someone who is somewhat literate with the internet itself and has at one time or another considered making
money online after hearing all the buzz or the jow dropping worth of Google in billions. He probably bought some product
which offered him millions in the next minute, read it and hardly saw the possibility of millions being made.
Somehow though, by chance, he found the warriors forum. Rightly so, he thinks that he has stepped into a secret world
where people do things and talk of awesome stuff. He knows that sooner or later he will be one of those people, he knows
that this moment is the day his life changed forever.
AT first he is overwhelmed not only with excitement but acronyms, words that he dose not understand, concepts that confuse
him. He feels somewhat helpless, maybe slightly uncomfortable, he feels very small facing such giants hanging around this
Finally, he has spent enough time in this place to make 200 posts, he now understands the basics and is ready to dive in.
Good choice.
I'll speak to him or her. Naturally he has dreams, goals, vision. I'll tell him to come down to earth and grow his roots deeper
and deeper into earth. The stars on the sky are beautiful and so are dreams, but beyond beauty they serve not much
purpose. Our society, life, and everything is based on objectivity. If you lose sight of objective thinking and acting, you soon
get lost.
Be objective, always be objective. Objectivity includes employing such tools as analyzing, thinking, brainstorming, concrete
action, plan designing and orchestrating. (the list is hardly exoustive)
I would remind him that knowledge and understanding are very different. What influences our mind and ourself is
understanding mostly. Understanding might derive from knowledge but it usually derives from a blending of knowledge with
To be successful is not enough to simply know, nor to simply have experience. One needs knowledge + experience =
Which brings me to the next point. Balance
I do not think our mind likes excess anything. When one is alone for a while he wants to be with his friends and vice versa.
When there is summer one likes winter, or when one is off during summer time he wants to get back to school and so on.
Balance is pivotal if you wish to be successful, I believe. One needs to educate one self but also act. Or stated otherwise, one
needs to stimulate the mind while also engaging the body.
Balance requires discipline. The sons of rich people are very disciplined, or so they are perceived by myself. Discipline has
been ingrained deeply within themselves which most certainly plays a major role in their forthcoming success.
Our mind craves for discipline and order most of the time. In the duality between the will and the mind discipline is the most
powerful weapon one can use to make the mind obey his desires.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
77 of 170
It is rather easy to interrupt work to check your email, or to prefer doing the washing, or to pretend that you are doing
something else, anything, just not to do what you are supposed to. Our mind, although a powerful tool when employed, it
works against our desires at other times. It is only through discipline that our mind is trained to obey ones will.
Now, of course it depends who this person is and I doubt I would say such things to him, but since in this case this person is
MANY, I will take him deeper into the rabits whole if he dares follow.
Yesterday I realised why religion is so powerful, and also why intellectuals have higher chances of being depressed.
The power of religion lies in the complete surrender of one self to the will of some invisible being which employs the powerful
conditioning weapon of punishment and reward.
When one gives his freedom over to the will of god one find the most freedom possible in this life. Through such an act he is
freed completely from egoistic or selfish goals and life ceases to be daunting. The commitment made towards such invisible
being is so powerful that one is willing to go without food for days (fasting) or die.
Such power is not only found in religion. Such power is found in revolutions, visionary leaders, cults and so on. When one
gives away himself, he is finally free.
Now what does this have to do with business. One ought to believe that business is not simply something you do, It is instead
something you live for. When one surenders his own self to his own business, he finds such freedom that he has never before
experienced. Business becomes his god, as such all the good traits of religion are employed into ones life without the "bad
traits". His soul is lightened and also his life, his way of viewing life and his existance.
Depression of course comes from the opposite, from not having something to surrender yourself to. In such a case the heavy
questions of why am I doing what I am doing, does it even matter if I do it or not, what is life, why do I exist and so on put
such burden on an individual that his whole mind is engaged in such life taking questions to the expense of other tools such
as clear thinking, vision, focus and most importantly willingness.
Now, if such a person is able to have his roots deep into earth, continually strive for understanding, keep a balance, have
strict discipline and most importantly surrender oneself completely to whatever endeavour he wishes to follow, then
mountains can become flat and iron walls can be torn apart.
Of course one should not forget to treat himself after some hard work, his money is plenty so it is only just to go and spend
some of them. Afterall, that is amongst others what makes life worth living.
Reply author: Steven Wagenheim
Replied on: 07/21/2008 10:14:55
Okay, I hope you have about an hour in your day to go through all this.
Just kidding. If I were to mentor somebody who is looking to make money online
in the fastest way possible, from scratch, I would take them through the
following process. Please note. Reading through this process will probably
take longer than actually making the money.
Step 1
This is something that I have found literally everybody here has left out
and it is the most crucial part of the whole process. Why? Because as much as
we'd like to think that this is a cookie cutter business and we can just plug
somebody into a system, we can't. Not everybody is cut out for every little
thing that you can do online. And giving somebody a "step by step" system is
no guarantee of success. And I'm not just talking about taking action. I'm
talking about the "ability" to take certain actions. Not everybody can.
So step 1 is to sit down with the person and go over their qualifications
for doing anything. I would have them give me the following information.
skills (i.e. typing, writing, programming, etc.)
interests (i.e. history, science, geography, etc.)
hobbies (i.e. bug collecting, chess, scrapbooking etc.)
education level...primarily their grades in English Grammar.
I would then take all of this information and proceed to step 2.
Step 2
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
78 of 170
I would explain to them that there are basically only 3 ways to make money
online, with all subsets being a part of one of these.
1. Sell A Physical/Digital/Virtual Product/Service.
2. Work A Job.
3. Freelance Your Skills.
That's it. If you look at every which way that there is to earn a living
online, you will find that it falls somewhere in those three areas.
I would then explain to the person what is involved with each. I'd give
them a complete rundown on what is involved in doing each. Naturally, there
will be variations for each subset, but the core principles will remain the
same, more or less.
Step 3
After going through the entire explanation, keeping it as brief as I can, I
would then ask the person what they felt most comfortable doing. Now, if the
person had absolutely no skills and couldn't write his way out of a paper bag,
naturally freelancing his skills (copywriter, article writer, programmer)
would be out of the question and he'd be down to choosing between selling
a product or service or working a job. And yes, there are jobs online. They
are not easy to come by, but they exist. Just go to Monster dot com or one
of those places and you'll find plenty of things you can apply for. Granted,
most of them take...you guessed it...skills.
Hey, I didn't say this was going to be easy.
Step 4
After the person made a choice, based on the info I gave him, I would pick out
a plan that would bring him an income, for each, that would do so in the
fastest time possible.
Okay, now that I have said that, here is my plan for each method. So you can
choose which one you want to pursue.
Selling A Product etc.
Only thinking about quickness and not how much money you're going to make,
I'd have the person do the following:
(1) Go to the Clickbank marketplace and look under Home & Family. Pick out
a top selling product. Make sure it's one that pays a decent commission. I'd
recommend a minimum of $25. Sign up with Clickbank and get yourself an ID.
(2) Write to the merchant and ask him if he'll send you a review copy. Tell
him that you plan to promote it heavily and want to write a review of the
product in order to sell it. 9 out of 10 merchants who I contact give me a
review copy.
(3) Get yourself a blog at Blogger.com. These are the best blogs to get as
far as free because Blogger is owned by Google and are thus favored over
other blogs in the rankings, all other things being equal.
(4) Write your review of the product and post it up at your blog. Make sure
at the end of the review, you have a link to the product sales page using
your Clickbank hoplink.
(5) Open up an account with Ezine Articles.
(6) Write several articles related to the topic of the product you're
promoting. To get the relevant keywords, look at the meta tags of the sales
page under the keyword meta tag. If the sales page doesn't have any, write
to the merchant and ask him to supply you with keywords. You can also check
with Wordtracker or the new Google tool and pick some keywords on your own.
Make sure the ones you use have at least 30 to 40 daily searches.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
79 of 170
(7) Submit the articles to Ezine Articles. Make sure you submit them late
enough in the day so that they get approved late in the day. Because new
authors take a while to be approved, you want to also submit variations of
these articles to other directories that approve them quickly or don't have
an approval process. GoArticles is good for getting your articles up on the
net quickly. In the resource box of your article, have a link to your review
of the product at your blog.
I have made sales using this simple method in as quickly as a day.
Now, there is one drawback to this method. Clickbank doesn't pay right away.
You need 5 sales with at least one Visa and one Mastercard to get paid via
check on the 16th or the 30th of the month, whichever pay period hits first
after you've qualified.
So, if you want to speed things up and not have to wait for 5 sales, use
the same process, but instead, pick a product from PayDotCom. You won't get
paid quicker (usually a month after the sale comes in to allow for refunds)
but even just one sale will get you paid from the merchant.
If you want to speed this process up even more, you'll have to do some more
Here's the two cent tour of the super fast system.
(1) In the same niche where you were going to pick that product, look for
a PLR site that will sell you a product in that niche. Buy it, make some
changes to the product and the sales page and upload it to your site. Yes,
you're going to now have to get hosting and a domain. Can't afford to pay
for it? You can get by for a short time with free hosting. The best is
probably Freewebs.
(2) Sign up with PayPal and create a buy now button for the sales page. Put
it there in place of whatever came with the PLR package.
After everything is uploaded, the rest of the process is the same as above.
Write your articles sending people to the review of the product. Now, here's
the catch.
You're reviewing your own product. So the review is going to have to be so
honest that people will believe it even though it's your own product. Meaning,
you're going to have to point out problems with your product. I did this with
one mailing I sent out about one of my products and made 5 sales from that
one mailing...just because I was honest. People are tired of all the hype and
BS. Be honest about your product and you'll surprised how many sales you can
This would be my quick plan for selling a product. The amount of money you'll
have to put out is minimal. Actually, you can do this absolutely free.
Everything you earn is pure profit. Just continue writing articles on a daily
basis, and you'll see a steady flow of income.
Work A Job
This is the hardest, but with these inside tips that I used to land me my
only online Job (lost it when the company went belly up) you'll be surprised
how easy it is to work one, if that's what you really want to do.
(1) Go to either Monster or one of those other job search sites. It really
doesn't matter which one. You will find that many of the ads are duplicated
across sites.
(2) Find the ad that you're interested in. DON'T go through the standard
submission process.
(3) Find out who the company is and where they're located.
(4) Write them a personal letter detailing your qualifications and why you
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
80 of 170
would be perfect for the job. If the job requires some kind of technical
writing or programming skills, attach samples of your work. If you're a
programmer, send a CD with one of your programs that you created. Send your
best work, even if it's something you could sell for hundreds of dollars.
Show your new boss what you're capable of doing.
Okay, here's the clincher.
Offer to work on a 30 day trial basis for deferred pay. If they are happy with
your work, tell them that they can pay you the following month or whenever
the next pay period is. If they're not, they own you nothing. In other words,
you're doing what most Internet marketers do...offering a guarantee.
Trust me, it works. If a job means that much to you, this is almost a sure
fire way to get an online job. Personally, I'd rather eat bugs, but hey,
some people like working for others.
Freelance Your Skills.
This is the most challenging of the three because you have got a lot of
competition from others who have been probably doing this a lot longer in
each skill category.
(1) The first thing you have to do is identify the skill that you want to
offer to others. You want to narrow this down as much as you can to something
very specific. Don't try to do too many things. You want to establish yourself
an expert at just ONE thing.
(2) After you've established your skill, there are several ways of going
about getting your services out there so others know you exist.
(a) Write articles just like you did for the product sales. These will be
articles addressing the issues involved with these services. For example,
let's say you want to offer your copywriting services. You want to write
articles targeting marketers explaining to them the importance of sales copy
in promoting their products. Then, in your resource box, offer your service.
You want to make it an offer that is hard to resist.
In order to do that, you have to understand the market. Meaning, you have to
know what copywriters are charging. You then have to make the prospect an
offer that would make them crazy not to take you up on it. Naturally, you
will need to show samples of your work.
If you don't have any, start writing. Just whip up some sales letters. Don't
make any claims as to conversions or anything like that. Just let them see
your writing. If it's good, I mean REALLY good, you'll get work. Then, as
you get work, you'll be able to show testimonials and show conversion figures.
(b) Make videos of your skill. Let people see who you are. YouTube videos
for the right keywords, get tons of views. It doesn't take many to get your
first client. Just make the video benefit based. In other words, you want
to concentrate on what's in it for the prospect.
(c) Go to Elance and see who is looking for what. This is probably the
quickest way. Yes, you'll have to put in some low bids to start, but after
you've gotten some work and have built a bit of a name for yourself, you
can start charging more.
Naturally, this is just a general outline, so what I would do, for anybody
who wanted to follow any of these plans and needed help, I would offer 30
days of free support to help them through any of this that they had any
problems with. I wouldn't let them go this alone.
I would be almost willing to put my reputation on the line that following
any one of these 3 plans, the prospect will be earning, not just some money,
but a steady income online.
I don't know how "quick" you consider any of this, but from my experience,
this is as quick as it gets, and NONE of this involves having to build a big
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
81 of 170
list of putting out a ton of capital to start. I can do all of the above for
NO COST. That is a big stumbling block for most people starting out and is
why I feel this plan would be very attractive to a first time marketer.
There you go...Hope this helps somebody.
Reply author: Ryan_Taylor
Replied on: 07/21/2008 10:18:49
I'd love to win this, so I'll give it a quick shot.
Here's a method that will only cost you $20 with potential to bring in thousands quickly
Find out what "hot product" everyone is promoting by reading the topics here and searching ClickBank's popularity.
Create a 20 page report on the topic and break out each page as a seperate article.
Run a WSO to sell the PLR package to 20 people
Take your profits and buy the Rapid Action Profits script
Now create your own ClickBank product on that same topic or another you're comfortable with
Do your own research, interview experts in the field which can be found at guru.com
Create your own high-quality pdf
Find a squeeze page template and put together a sales page
Price your product for $47 with PayPal and use the RAP script
Offer 100% commission to affiliates
Build your email list of just your buyers
Sell them some backend products either in the pdf or your email campaign - could be your own or another affiliate product(s)
You now have a profit producing business in place.
Don't get caught up in perfection. Just set deadlines and get to work.
EDIT: I swear I wrote this prior to reading Alan's blueprint he posted in the Private Forums this morning. Although this just
scratches the surface of what he was talking about, I do credit him for originally giving me this plan.
Reply author: Kurt
Replied on: 07/21/2008 10:21:21
quote :
Originally posted by Admin
Here's the question:
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money
in the shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
That's the question..
This is sort of a trick question...If we take it literally, then we need to find methods to make money the fastest, but these may
not be the best long term strategies.
Also, each person is different, so there's no "one size fits all".
Based on this info:
We need to eliminate SEO, link building, etc. Also, all affiliate programs, unless they pay instantly, like the $7 script. Even
the fastest affiliate networks, such as Clickbank only pay every two weeks, so they aren't the fastest way to get cash.
So to get paid the fastest online, you MUCH have a Paypal account or your own merchant account, in order to receive money.
If you have $1000 to invest - Adwords + Allen's War Room + The Warrior Copy Writing Forum. Use the War Room to learn
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
82 of 170
how to develop a product, learn copy writing basics, then use the remaining $967 to get instant traffic from AdSense.
If you have extra stuff - eBay.com
If you can write - Create articles and sell them as a WSO including PLR. Also, post on all the free lance sites for writing jobs.
If you know some web design - Learn how to flip sites.
If you're willing to work - Post at Craig's list. Offer services like lawn mowing, shovel snow, window washing, chimney
sweeping, paint home addresses on the curb, picking up doggy poo (The Tootsie Roll Patrol), dog walking, pet sitting, house
siting, or installing hot water heater covers/insulators.
Adding a hot water heater cover can save a small bundle on an energy bill, which is a very hot topic right now. If you have a
Lowe's or Home Depot, hot water heater covers are very inexpensive. Just add the cost to the cost of your time. Advertise
"Save energy - Pays for itself" "Fast, honest custom installation - Just sit back and save".
Although none are glamorous, each of these could easily develop into a full time business where you eventually hire others to
do the "dirty" work, if you're in a moderately sized city. You just concentrate on marketing and finding new customers.
And since Craig's list is FREE, you can place multiple ads for any/all of these services and start making some cash within a
day or so, with the potential to build a big time business within a year. (if you keep marketing)
If you're willing to learn: Install services - Spend a day or two learning how to install one or two of the the most popular
scripts, such as SMF forums and WP blogs. Do some research and include a set of additional plugins in your package. Offer
you service through the WSO, etc. and in your sig and post on all the various IM/webmaster forums.
If you're a musician - Create some royalty free background music for others to use in videos, sell as WSO. Even create a
membership forum for ongoing revenue. As a backend, offer custom "scoring" of videos.
Be a forum/blog poster - Many webmasters need help making their forums/blogs look busier.
Exploit your noobiness - Offer your experiences as a noob to test the usability of sites and software, making sure that
someone with little web experience can use the sites/programs.
Reply author: AndreVas
Replied on: 07/21/2008 10:26:34
I'd tell the noob my #1 METHOD for making 10000% guaranteed
income from scratch within 3 days from time of talking with
In summary: Find info-product sellers on Ebay (who are stupid
enough to leave the Powerseller icon on their username, hence
revealing what REALLY SELLS WELL).
And buy their info-products (ones with resell rights. 95% are.)
And put that up on his own eBay account, changing:
(1) Title name by reversing order of words
(2) CAPITALIZE TITLE NAME. Because it increases attentiveness.
(3) Put a light-green border around the Gallery pic, because this trick
dramatically increases views.
(4) Sell the info-product in Australian eBay. (I've tested that infoproduct buy rate is over 30% more successful on AU eBay, then US.)
And do all above while buying cheap items to push his feedback to least
15+ as quickly as possible. And obviously open a PayPal account first.
As for "no digital delivery" policy on eBay... THAT'S EASY TO OVERCOME!
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
83 of 170
Convert all "digital download" and "instant access" words to pictures.
Because eBay search engine can't pick it up, hence can't pull down your listing.
And lastly I'd tell him:
"If you apply above action-plan, and you don't make at least 1 sale within next
3 days, I'll personally pay you $500 out of my wallet for wasting your time.
Because having trained dozens of total brainless noobs this formula in Sydney,
I've never seen it fail."
Reply author: Joe Curzon
Replied on: 07/21/2008 10:41:16
quote :
Originally posted by AndreVas
As for "no digital delivery" policy on eBay... THAT'S EASY TO OVERCOME!
Convert all "digital download" and "instant access" words to pictures.
Because eBay search engine can't pick it up, hence can't pull down your listing.
Breaking eBay's terms isn't something I would want to recommend
to someone new to online marketing.
Reply author: SunTzu82
Replied on: 07/21/2008 11:32:18
I would direct them to Associated Content site. I am new to IM and it's a great place to make some cash by writing unique
articles ($4-18 ea.).
Reply author: AndreVas
Replied on: 07/21/2008 11:42:22
quote :
Originally posted by Joe Curzon
quote :
Originally posted by AndreVas
As for "no digital delivery" policy on eBay... THAT'S EASY TO OVERCOME!
Convert all "digital download" and "instant access" words to pictures.
Because eBay search engine can't pick it up, hence can't pull down your listing.
Breaking eBay's terms isn't something I would want to recommend
to someone new to online marketing.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
84 of 170
So then for you it's about ethics, despite that noob is desperate for money (for example). :-)
He can comply with rules all he wants after he's implemented the system, gained confidence and acquired skill so much so to
proceed with sending out CD version.
Comply or not, the download trick works and is safe.
Reply author: TE2
Replied on: 07/21/2008 11:45:04
The question:
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the
shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
The simplest and fastest way to make "make money" for someone "brand new to the Internet" is...
List an item(s) on craigslist.org
There is essentially no learning curve and they could have cash in their pocket in a matter of hours and sometimes minutes.
They have used the Internet to market their item, they have made money in the shortest possible timeframe, the only thing
they had to learn was how to post their ad on craigslist, they didn't need a website, they didn't have to buy a bunch of how to
materials, and they did it for FREE.
Is there a better way to meet the questions objectives? I respectively submit the answer is "no"!
ps - Anyone can do this - no special skill of any kind is required.
Reply author: Zulfus
Replied on: 07/21/2008 11:46:12
This thread best stay open, I've got a mega response half-way done
Also - Do we know when the decision will be made?
Reply author: AsTheCrowFlys
Replied on: 07/21/2008 11:51:04
Step 1: search "100 ways to make money online" tell them to read it and find one that speaks to them
Step 2: search "chosen money making method"
Step 3: read a free ebook on a proven method
Step 4: don't read another thing, don't turn on the t.v, don't even pick your kids up from soccer practice until you've followed
that method to the end.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
85 of 170
There are a million ways to make money online, hundreds of thousands that will work for anyone - but if you don't do it it
won't happen. If you're in it for the money then pick something no matter how dumb it is and make sure you do it damn well
and you will be rewarded.
Reply author: tigres409
Replied on: 07/21/2008 12:05:00
Wow! Allen and John are gonna have some reading to do! Lol.
Reply author: Popstar
Replied on: 07/21/2008 12:11:19
In the spirit of John Reese, I think the fastest way to build a profitable business online is "Don't Reinvent the Wheel."
There have been a lot of great suggestions on this thread, but I think we need to cut to the chase.
You need a mentor--pure and simple. Someone who will show you step by step how to create a business that brings in the
I'm not talking about $50 a week. No one can live on that.
I mean six figures and up in the fastest way possible. Because that's when you need Traffic Secrets 2.
So here are the best of the best, in my opinion. I've bought tens of thousands of dollars of courses, books, videos, you name
it. I'm pretty clear on who's giving you the real deal and who's leaving things out so you can be a customer forever.
I won't get into specifics, but I have a lot of business experience. So I know when I'm reading fluff.
Here are the people you need to follow:
1. JD Swanson. JD Swanson. JD Swanson.
Simple. Step by step. He's practically giving away his information. It's better than all the $5000 and $10000 courses out
He's on the Warrior Forum under the name, tiesto. I don't know if he's still posting.
But here's his latest info product empire course:
That's not an affiliate link. If you can still get it, do it. This will take you to 6 figures if you do the work (which really isn't that
hard). Yes, I'm sure of it.
2. Chris Rempel, aka chris surfrider on the Warrior Forum.
I'm not much for affiliate marketing, but that's his specialty. I buy all his stuff. He's that good.
He's another one who's giving it to you step by step to get to 6 figures quickly (not overnight, but reasonable quickly). His
"Conduit Method" is especially good.
You can buy it from him directly at:
http://www.thelazymarketer.com/vip-...it/index.php (not an affiliate link)
Or you can get it FREE on the Warrior Forum Private Forum (aka The "War Room"). It's on this thread:
"The Simplest Way to Make $100,000+ As An Affiliate"
I've got both the free and the paid versions. The free version will give you what you need.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
86 of 170
3. Allen or Admin on the Warrior Forum
I'm not kissing up here. I already own most everything, so I don't have to. Besides, it's not in my personality.
Again, pay whatever the minimal cost is to join the Private Warrior Forum and read his threads. The best one to get to 6
figures quickly is:
"Free Traffic-Free List Building" posted under Admin.
With any of these 3 methods, you can build a 6-figure or higher business quickly and profitably. And that will give you
something worth using John's Traffic Secrets 2 on. Then you can really watch your profits skyrocket.
Reply author: drmani
Replied on: 07/21/2008 12:13:37
This is the third time I've seen a very similar question asked
this week, so decided to reply in detail.
Note: *IF* you pick this reply for a free copy of Traffic
Secrets 2.0, I'd like to donate it to the first Warrior who
takes action (and shows proof of it) on a plan based on ANY of
the 20 winning entries.
quote :
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet
and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest
time possible, what would you tell them?
Here's what I would tell them...
The Web revolves around INFORMATION. It is still a
medium to research, search out and consume information about
various things, in addition to communicating with people
One of the most effective ways to profit from this networked
information-seeking universe is to sell information products (or
access to information resources).
As an infopreneur, that's how I have worked on the Internet and it is an approach I would highly recommend to anyone
starting out with the same goal of making money on the Web.
Why information?
* Information products have high perceived value. If you
want to know the solution to a problem and someone can share it
with you, that has value.
* Information products have low production costs. You
could create one with practically zero expense other than your
time and knowledge.
* Information products have very low distribution costs.
Digital files can be downloaded or emailed across the world
nearly for free.
Because of these reasons, selling information products over the
Internet can be very profitable and even for beginners.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
87 of 170
What is the first step?
Many people mistake 'information' for 'data'. Data is made up
of raw bits - facts, stats, news clips and the kind - which need
to be compiled to become meaningful information that has actual
value to the consumer.
That's your job as an infopreneur.
The first step is to choose an area where you can provide
such a service, and add value to your clients by doing it.
And the approach I follow and highly recommend to others is to
begin with finding out what you have PASSION for.
There is a reason it is better to begin with what you love,
enjoy, appreciate, like, derive pleasure from - you are more
likely to stick with it.
Overnight success stories are nice to hear, nicer to dream about
- but seldom happen. Most often, 'success' comes after a solid
amount of groundwork is done. And that is, essentially, boring
- unless you have a special passion for the topic.
How to find what you are passionate about?
Sit down with a paper and pencil/pen and THINK.
* What are your areas of specialization or expertise?
* What do people most often come to you for advice or
counselling on?
* What unique skills or knowledge do you possess?
* What are your special talents, strengths, advantages?
* What problems do you have the solutions for?
* What things do you find yourself fascinated by, spend most
time on?
* What subjects do you curiously explore, read about, research
Take your time about answering these questions, because this is
at the core of whatever future direction you decide to take with
your work online.
And don't make the common mistake of thinking you are not
'expert' at anything! Everybody - yes, YOU too - are more
knowledgeable than others in some, often many, things.
Finding out what they are is not always easy, but by thinking
over those questions, you'll get close.
Match your passion to profits
The next step (which many beginners miss) is matching your
'passion' to the potential for 'profits'.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
88 of 170
While working on what you love doing sounds nice, in time you'll
get frustrated when your efforts don't make you much money.
That's why you need to find out if what you love, enjoy and
relish can actually also make you a profit.
If it doesn't, drop it - as far as your plans to make money
online goes. Instead, focus on one of your other passions that
has bigger potential.
How to evaluate profit potential?
There are many approaches. Here are a few that may help:
* Go to Magazines.com and see how many PRINT magazines are there
in the niche you select. If there are many, the chances are it
is a profitable niche - because print magazines cost money to
publish - which indicates someone is making money from that
* Go to www.Google.com/adwords and open an account. Log in.
Use the 'Tools > Keyword Tools' link to test your niche. Type
in a few keywords related to your subject of interest, and click
on the 'find keywords' button. Closely observe the number
beside each one, which indicates how much an advertiser on
Google Adwords is paying to 'bid' for top placement on that
keyword. High dollar figures indicate many people are profiting
from that niche/keyword.
* Go to ebay.com and click on eBay PULSE. It lists the hot
trends on eBay every month. Since ebay is a buying/selling
marketplace, what's 'hot' there very likely has profit
* Go to Clickbank.com and explore the MARKETPLACE by category.
Look at the top selling products on each category. That gives
you an idea of what kind of products and market niches have more
profit potential.
There are other, more sophisticated methods to test
profitability, but the idea is to get moving, testing things
small, and then modifying or tweaking to improve your results so let's move on.
Keep one thing firmly in mind - nothing is cast in stone!
If you pick a niche, work on it for a reasonable period of
time (say, 1 or 2 months) and do NOT see results that justify
your effort, MOVE ON. Give it a fair trial, see what works,
drop the losers and run with the winners. That's a short, quick
formula for success online.
Pick your business model
As a beginner just getting started, with a plan to be an
infopreneur and sell information products, the fastest way to
get going is to sell existing information products - as an
affiliate partner.
You *could* begin by creating your own information product - but
it is a little more 'risky' and uncertain to start off this way.
We'll get to this in a later phase of the plan, but if you
prefer doing this rather than being an affiliate, go for it!
(Just realize your first ebook may not be a runaway bestseller!)
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
89 of 170
Where to find products to sell?
There are some affiliate networks that specialize in listing
digital products for sale - and let you join as a partner to
help sell them, in return for a share of the profits (typically
between 25% and 75% per sale).
Clickbank is one - http://www.Clickbank.com
Paydotcom is another - http://www.PayDotCom.com
Go to these networks, and look for a product you like,
complements your area of expertise or passion, and that pays out
a reasonable affiliate commission. Then, click on the link and
visit that product's sales page.
See how it looks. Does the style of the selling suit your
Would you be comfortable referring your prospects to the site to
Would you yourself buy the product from that sales page (in
other words, is it a compelling sales letter)?
Clickbank gives some data which lets you judge how well the
product is selling. Pick the ones with a good 'conversion'
rate, so that more people you refer to the site will end up
buying the product, earning you a referral fee.
Chosen your product(s)? Here's what to do next...
Try and pick at least 3 products, preferably many more. Out of
this list, choose the one where you will focus your attention
If you can afford to, buy it.
Nothing sells as well in an affiliate promotion that's a genuine
review or endorsement. It is hard to get excited and
enthusiastic (in a genuine way) about something you have not
personally tested out yourself - and it gets even more unreal
when you're urging someone ELSE to spend money on something you
won't or haven't!
When you have bought the ebook, read it and jot down notes.
Here's what you want to include in your review:
What did you like about the ebook?
What problems will it help solve?
What benefit will readers get from it?
Who needs to buy it - and why?
Here is a key point about writing such a review - don't try to
sell the ebook, just PRE-sell your prospect so you kindle their
interest and get them curious enough to want to learn more about
it... then, refer them to the sales letter which should 'sell'
them on buying it.
You could also focus your review on explaining WHAT the ebook
teaches a reader to do - without revealing the HOW about doing
it. To learn 'how', they must buy the ebook!
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
90 of 170
Building your web presence
Whew! That was a lot of preparation.
But without this background, the rest of your work may well just
end up spinning wheels while getting nowhere. It is
time-consuming, even hard work, but will bring you the big
pay-off down the road - so clench your teeth and do it!
Once you're through, you know:
what topic you are passionate about
how much profit potential that niche has
what information products exist and are selling
what is the value of those products to your audience
Now, your next task is to share this information with them through your web presence.
Building a website used to be hard work. Today, it is
relatively easy. But there is one way that's easiest for
beginners - to publish a BLOG.
It's a point and click and type web-publishing system where you
install a blog, type words into a text box, click a button and
have your content published on your website.
There are many blogging solutions. You may begin with a blog on
Blogger.com or if you have your own web hosting account, you
could install a WordPress blog on it.
There are some things you can do with your blog to make it more
search engine friendly, attractive and interactive - but I won't
get into this as it would be far beyond the scope of such a
tutorial. There are many guides to blog optimization you can
research this on.
Why use a blog?
There are many reasons to prefer a blog over any other
are easy to set up and use (as mentioned above)
get ranked in search engines more quickly
are designed for easy navigation and user friendliness
can be tweaked, customized and maintained more easily
Of course, if you don't like blogs, you can do this all using a
conventional website too.
Post to your blog regularly
The key to getting visitors to your blog is to constantly
provide them with something of value on it.
That's where the importance of tying your niche to your passion
comes in - because you'll find it easy to blog about something
you are passionate about. Plus, you won't run out of things to
At a minimum, blog once a day for the first month or two.
Your blog posts do NOT have to be lengthy tomes, just a short
paragraph or two will do - as long as it provides something of
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
91 of 170
value to your audience.
Sometimes, just a set of links to OTHER resources on your topic
will be enough.
Where does the money come from?
That's where you're being smart and subtle! You'll place links
to the ebook you are recommending - on your blog!
Near the top, or at the end of each post, you can feature the
short review you wrote for your 'Recommended Ebook' - so that a
visitor to your blog will read your blog post, then your
endorsement, and if convinced about the value, will click on
YOUR AFFILIATE LINK to visit the sales page. Any sales that
result will earn you an affiliate commission.
The more compelling your review, the more sales you will refer.
The more valuable the content on your blog, the more people will
read your review.
You'll notice it all begins with ADDING VALUE - and that's where
your passion and expertise come in.
Where to get your first visitors?
Blogging will get you some visitors - but not a whole lot, and
not instantly.
To jumpstart your blog, you'll need to do some conventional
'marketing'. No, nothing fancy or 'cutting/bleeding edge' just tried, tested and proven stuff like:
directory submissions
article marketing
blog commenting
forum marketing
paid advertising (?)
I'll briefly discuss each.
Directory submission: Once you start blogging and when
you have at least 3 or 4 day's posts on it, you can submit your
blog to various directories. Most important of all is
Technorati.com where you can list your blog.
There are close to 50 major blog-only directories, as well as
other 'RSS directories' where you can submit your blog's RSS
feed (Google 'RSS feed' to learn more).
Oh, and you can also submit your blog to other niche directories
relevant to the topic of your blog.
Article marketing: Write 350 to 500 word articles on
your topic and submit them to various directories. At the very
least, submit them to these 3 top ones:
Ezine Articles - www.EzineArticles.com Buzzle - www.Buzzle.com
Idea Marketers - www.IdeaMarketers.com
The Warrior forum itself has an article directory, and many
other forums do. There are even niche article directories that
may get you more relevant traffic.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
92 of 170
Simply writing articles won't get you many visitors. There's a
trick to doing it right, and you'll gain expertise as you keep
doing it.
Here's a short summary: DON'T reveal everything in your article
itself. Hold back a bit - and then use your 'Author Resource
Box' at the bottom of your article to mention how you reveal it
all on your blog - and include the URL of your blog.
For instance, if I were to adopt that approach with this very
article, I'd stop here and say something like:
"There's a lot more to making money online that you have to
learn as a beginner. I've got the rest of this article on my
blog where you can read it for free. Go to:
Blog comments: Done right, this can both drive traffic
to your new blog and make you powerful friends and build your
network in the blogosphere.
Every day, after you post a message to your blog, visit AT LEAST
3 blogs in your niche and read their posts. Leave your feedback
or comment on one of the posts, with a link back to your blog.
DO NOT ABUSE this method. Blogs are published by PEOPLE.
If you post junk or useless comments, the same bloggers who
might become good friends will end up hating you and destroying
your reputation. Use blog comments the right way - it's a VERY
powerful marketing method.
Forum marketing: Search on Google for forums on your
niche topic. Register at them. Follow discussions. Post
comments that showcase your expertise. In your signature,
include a link back to your blog, with a catch phrase that
intrigues readers and makes them curious enough to explore it.
Like blog comments, forums can be places to build up your
reputation - or destroy it completely. It's your choice how to
do it - the right way is obvious!
Paid advertising: I put this last because you may be just
starting out and not want to spend money you haven't yet earned.
If you have a budget to drive traffic to your blog, you might
use PPC (pay per click) advertising, ezine ads, banners or
classified ads and other methods to exchange cash for clicks.
Blog consistently
What drives a system like this is having a constantly updated
blog with useful content being added, so that visitors to the
blog keep coming back and telling their friends about it.
A system like this is not built overnight. It takes between 1
and 2 months of consistent action to 'prime the pump'. But once
the flow begins, it is much easier and less effort-intensive to
So be ready to work the system - until the system works for you!
Testing, tracking and tweaking
I asked you to pick 3 or more products to promote on your blog.
While you bought and reviewed one of them prominently, the
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
93 of 170
others can also be mentioned on your blog, or even rotated in
place of the first product.
Test different combinations, approaches and locations of the ad
to see which brings in more sales.
Try out variations of short endorsements, longer reviews, images
and ebook covers, experiment with different headlines, and track
results with each tweak.
After your blog has received a reasonable number of visitors,
measure your results and decide which approach works best. Keep
it, drop the others, and test again to improve your results.
Most beginner systems being taught stop at this point.
This is the hard stuff. What you'll do next to boost the power
of the system you have built and leverage all the effort you
have invested upto now in your business is EASY.
Yet too many people will not know about them - or lack the
persistence to implement them and multiply their return!
Build your list
Once you know which of the products you are promoting is selling
the best, you can take the next step towards making more money
from this process - creating your own information
The easiest way to sell information products is to offer them to
your own list... a group of people who have indicated they find
what you give them valuable - and want more of it.
You can find that list from within the crowd of visitors to your
blog. And you can do that by offering them a free gift - one
with high value, but which costs you very little to create.
A Special Report
What should your special report be about?
Why, the very ebook you are making the most sales of! Take that
ebook off your digital shelf, read it again and write a short
report on any one element of what it covers.
For instance, if the ebook is about building your own water
garden, your special report may be a review of all the tools
you'll need to build your water garden.
Or if the ebook is about the various methods of list building,
your report will go into greater depth about list building
through blogging - which is what you're doing!
The catch is that you ask visitors to give you their email
address and name in exchange for collecting your report.
That way, you have a method of communicating with them - and get
to know them better.
There are many tools, scripts and services you can use to build
and manage such a list, you can find some excellent reviews
right here on the forum.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
94 of 170
Develop a trusting relationship with your email list
Do NOT start pitching products to sell your list right away.
Instead, communicate in a way that nurtures trust and confidence
in you, your skills and expertise.
Every week or so, you can send them one email message with a
link to the most interesting content you have published on your
Once in a month (or every 15 days), you can also email them a
review of one of the other products you have picked from the
Clickbank list - and include an affiliate link, which will make
some more sales!
And most important, run surveys from time to time.
What to ask in your survey?
Ask about the most pressing problems they face.
Enquire about the solutions they have come across.
Find out what they are happy about in them, and what they felt
was lacking.
Probe to see what they expect from their 'dream solution' to the
Check to see whether they are able and willing to pay for such a
How much will they pay? And what will they expect for that
You can get more people to respond by offering an incentive to
answer your survey - a free copy of the product, or a discount,
or another free report - something your audience will think is
The answers to these questions should give you valuable
information in planning and creating your own information
product - one which overcomes all the drawbacks and deficiencies
of others in the market, and is tailored to the very needs your
audience revealed in their survey response!
Creating your infoproduct
There are literally over FIFTY different forms of information
products. The most popular are ebooks. But audio recordings,
video tutorials, teleseminars, interviews and many more options
Pick the format you are most comfortable creating - and one that
your audience desires. Create your own infoproduct or have
someone do it for you. A complete description of the process is
far beyond what this tutorial set out to be, but there are some
excellent guides to doing this quickly and effectively.
Selling your infoproduct
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
95 of 170
With your own infoproduct, tailored to the needs of your
audience, you are now taking your infopreneur efforts to a
higher level - and can keep most of your profits from every
As your blog gets more popular and attracts more visitors, your
sales increase, and your profits skyrocket.
You can scale this up even higher by getting affiliates to join
YOUR affiliate program - and refer sales to YOU in exchange for
a part of the profits!
You can team up with joint venture partners who will help sell
your infoproduct to their audience. They get the money, you get
the list of customers - to whom you can sell even more products
and services over time.
How long will this all take?
It depends.
* Do you have focus? You will have to stick with the
plan, and execute it with consistency.
* Will you do the work? In the beginning, there will be
a lot of effort involved, both to create your information
resources and promote it through networking.
* Can you adapt and adopt? There is no single formula
for success. A lot is trial and error. Some things you try
will be winners, others will fail. You'll have to be ready to
keep trying until you get many winners.
If you do this, and especially if you picked your niche right,
you can see substantial success (even if you're starting as an
absolute beginner) within a year.
Unfortunately, far too many people will read even such a step by
step, tested and proven plan - and then get distracted by the
next shiny, new thing... and go around in circles.
A powerful lesson I learned from an ebook was this:
Success is like the surface of a sphere. We all begin in
the center. If we keep moving in one direction, ANY direction,
but keep on moving, eventually we'll reach the surface. But if
we constantly keep changing direction, backtracking and
re-thinking everything we do, we'll just keep on moving in
smaller circles - around the center!
I wish you every success in your online business.
... the Internet Infopreneur
Reply author: richpeck
Replied on: 07/21/2008 12:24:20
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
96 of 170
I would personally tell them this:
1. Head to the Clickbank Marketplace and pick out a popular product Promoting popular products with a proven track record of sales is the hands-down best way to start earning online. And the
best way to find a popular product to promote is to browse the Clickbank marketplace categories and pick a first page product
which they might feel confident writing a lot of content about.
Once they've found a product they wish to promote, they need to sign up to Clickbank and then grab their hoplink.
It must be noted that "gravity" (the approximate number of affiliates promotinga product) shouldn't matter for what we are
going to do next because we're actually going to leverage what other affiliates have already achieved in order to almost
guarantee success
2. Scope out what other affiliates are doing by Googling the product name Seeing how other affiliates promote the product is another "shortcut" to success. By cloning their sales process (I.E what they
write about, how they present the product and their calls to action), you can ride on the research they've already done in
order to make the most of your efforts.
I would get them to search for the product and find 5 people with lots of content who are using their hoplink to recommend
the product. I will then tell them to bookmark the websites they found as we'll be using the ideas in a minute
It must be stressed that you should not COPY other affiliates outright. Think of it like McDonalds & Burger King. They both
SELL the same way but what they sell and their offers are pretty different.
3. Sign up for Squidoo and start a lens with the main ideas that the big affiliates use You need to then take what you learnt in terms of ideas from the big affiliates and put it into your own words in a new
Squdioo lens.
By this, I mean if they found that the top affiliates promoting Fat Loss 4 Idiots were writing about the best diets to lose
weight quickly, then that's what their lens should be about.
I would instruct them to take the ideas from the other affiliates but then use their own writing skills and maybe other sources
(such as EzineArticles) for inspiration on what content they could write.
4. Once they've written at lesat 3 sections of text, publish the lens then sign up for Digg and submit the lens Submitting the lens is pretty simple and straightforward and is almost self explanitory. They need to have 3 content sections
in order to have enough content to keep visitors & potential customers interested.
5. Keep adding some content every day so that their lens becomes a true powerhouse of information about that
particular product Top search rankings and plenty of traffic all come to Squidoo lenses with lots of quality content. In order to ensure that they
get the biggest wave of visitors, they should keep adding fresh content daily.
6. Ensure that their hoplink is present throughout the WHOLE lens I've left this until last because you can easily get carried away by writing AROUND an affiliate link. If you make your writing
as natural as possible and then include the aff link in various places, it will not only read more naturally but should boost
Also, when you've added plenty of content, you can then place some banner ads from the affiliate resources page of the
product on your lens. This will also appear to be more natural because you'll be able to gauge exactly where the best place is
for the banner.
-- That's what I'd say to them :)
Richard Peck
PS - You could also tell them to sign up for Adsense, get a Digitalpoint account, plug their adsense code into their DP file and
then post around on the forum. Because DP is a revenue sharing community, they'll start earning straight away!!
Reply author: jasonl70
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
97 of 170
Replied on: 07/21/2008 12:56:43
Here's the process I recently used successfully, and currently is being used by a friend of mine as well.
Now, building a list has been my best moneymaker, but this process below seems easier to get a newbie started on. YES, it
involves ppc so it's not for everyone. I'll post my approach for my 'list based' model if I get the time... unfortunately, I'm not
in the 'IM' niche, so I don't already have this content sitting around :)
I'm just going to run through this as a bullet list type thing.. almost every step I mention has a ton of resources available for
anyone to research, so I'm not going to go into a lot of detail - otherwise I'd just put it into an ebook and sell it :) If this were
a 'real' course, obviously it would require more details, less jargon, links to resources, etc..
1) find a large and hot niche (weightloss, etc). Use google's keyword tool to verify what's 'hot'.
(EDIT: When you get profitable, you want to be able to scale up as much as possible - so I go after niches with a lot of traffic)
2) Go to clickbank and pick out a popular product.
3) Set up a free blogger or wordpress account
4) Write up a review of the CB product on your blog.
5) Do a google search for PLR article packs related to your niche. Buy them.
6) Edit the articles some and drop your CB affiliate link in as contextual links within the article.
7) post the articles to your blog. These are to give your site some relevant content to keep google from slapping you. Dup
content doesn't really seem to be an issue here.
8) Learn the basics of adwords and ppc (there's a ton of resources out there for this)
9) Sign up for adwords.
10) go back to the google keyword tool and build your list of keywords. Make sure they are relevant, and not too generic. Be
sure to include variostions of your CB products name.
11) download the list of keywords.
12) start doing some google searches on those keywords.
13) look at the existing adwords ads. check out the websites they link to. Do a whois search on them, and see if their site's
been around for a while. If it has, then there's a good chance that they have a profitable operation running. Look at their ppc
ads, copy/paste them over to notepad.
14) Break up your keyword list into 'theme's'.
15) Set up an adwords campaign. I'd just use the search network at this point. I'd set my daily limit for $25.
a) create an adgroup for each of your keyword themes.
b) go to the adwords ad you pasted to notepad. Edit/tweak it some so it includes a common keyword from your 'theme', and
point the ad to your blog.
c) bid 75 cents per click. Google will show you your estimated search traffic, clicks and positions. they arent' very accurate,
but it will let you know if you have a fighting chance of placing decently.
16) let your ads run until you hit their daily limit. If it gets hit quickly, switch around the time of day you run it.
17) do #16 until you have at least 100 clicks (I prefer several hundred).
18) At this point, I look over my numbers. How much traffic did I get? How many sales? If I come close to making enough
sales to cover my ppc costs, I go on to the next step:
19) get a domain name related to the niche you've chosen. It doesn't really need to be a '.com' - i've had just as much luck
with cheap .info's. Get web hosting for your domain. Make sure the company you are using can install wordpress for you (via
cpanel, etc).
20) From here I pretty much duplicate the old 'free' blog, but on my own domain.
21) edit my google adds and point them over to my new domain. Any keywords that weren't performing, I disable. Anything
under .30% CTR and you're probably going to be google slapped.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
98 of 170
22) Look over your cost-per-click for each key word in your ad groups. Edit your bid for each one so it matches your actual
cost. Take note of your ad position. Repeat this step over time, and it will reduce you costs. If my ads slip more then 1
position, I ususally stop editing the bid any further.
23) If your at least breaking even, duplicate all your adwords efforts to a new campaign, but this time using the 'content
An option when setting up your website is this:
find a plr or resell product related to this niche. Offer it as a bonus to anyone who purchases the product. You can get the
customers email address from clickbank, so it's pretty easy to manage. A good bonus package could potentialy turn a break
even campaign to a money maker.
If you made it this far, you should be running a profitable campaign. You might also want to ad a little bit of adsense to your
site - I've done this in moderation w/o it effecting my sales, yet recouping no less then 10% of my ppc expenses at the same
Reply author: tsamarketing
Replied on: 07/21/2008 13:04:09
A wise man or woman (lol) once said to me the easiest way to make money is to find someone who is making the amount you
want and copy them. So My advice to a newbie would be to hire a mentor who makes money online and learn from them.
I have personally followed this advice and started making money within 4 weeks of undergoing mentoring.
Reply author: Steve Taylor
Replied on: 07/21/2008 13:06:10
quote :
Originally posted by Joe Curzon
quote :
Originally posted by AndreVas
As for "no digital delivery" policy on eBay... THAT'S EASY TO OVERCOME!
Convert all "digital download" and "instant access" words to pictures.
Because eBay search engine can't pick it up, hence can't pull down your listing.
Breaking eBay's terms isn't something I would want to recommend
to someone new to online marketing.
I agree with you Joe.
Also, what if a competitor or the person you bought the PLR item from reports you to ebay for selling and delivering a digital
product as a download.
Reply author: annoyedgirl
Replied on: 07/21/2008 13:31:58
Someone is going to have a lot to read.
Hope they enjoy reading and are a fast reader.
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
99 of 170
For all beginners instead of buying an ebook, read this thread. Tons of info, they might suffer from information overload
though. Lots of great posts.
Reply author: jasonl70
Replied on: 07/21/2008 13:36:57
quote :
Originally posted by jasonl70
Here's the process I recently used successfully, and currently is being used by a friend of mine as well.
Now, building a list has been my best moneymaker, but this process below seems easier to get a newbie started on.
YES, it involves ppc so it's not for everyone. I'll post my approach for my 'list based' model if I get the time...
unfortunately, I'm not in the 'IM' niche, so I don't already have this content sitting around :)
I'm just going to run through this as a bullet list type thing.. almost every step I mention has a ton of resources
available for anyone to research, so I'm not going to go into a lot of detail - otherwise I'd just put it into an ebook and
sell it :) If this were a 'real' course, obviously it would require more details, less jargon, links to resources, etc..
1) find a large and hot niche (weightloss, etc). Use google's keyword tool to verify what's 'hot'.
2) Go to clickbank and pick out a popular product.
3) Set up a free blogger or wordpress account
4) Write up a review of the CB product on your blog.
5) Do a google search for PLR article packs related to your niche. Buy them.
6) Edit the articles some and drop your CB affiliate link in as contextual links within the article.
7) post the articles to your blog. These are to give your site some relevant content to keep google from slapping you.
Dup content doesn't really seem to be an issue here.
8) Learn the basics of adwords and ppc (there's a ton of resources out there for this)
9) Sign up for adwords.
10) go back to the google keyword tool and build your list of keywords. Make sure they are relevant, and not too
generic. Be sure to include variostions of your CB products name.
11) download the list of keywords.
12) start doing some google searches on those keywords.
13) look at the existing adwords ads. check out the websites they link to. Do a whois search on them, and see if their
site's been around for a while. If it has, then there's a good chance that they have a profitable operation running. Look
at their ppc ads, copy/paste them over to notepad.
14) Break up your keyword list into 'theme's'.
15) Set up an adwords campaign. I'd just use the search network at this point. I'd set my daily limit for $25.
a) create an adgroup for each of your keyword themes.
b) go to the adwords ad you pasted to notepad. Edit/tweak it some so it includes a common keyword from your 'theme',
and point the ad to your blog.
c) bid 75 cents per click. Google will show you your estimated search traffic, clicks and positions. they arent' very
accurate, but it will let you know if you have a fighting chance of placing decently.
16) let your ads run until you hit their daily limit. If it gets hit quickly, switch around the time of day you run it.
17) do #16 until you have at least 100 clicks (I prefer several hundred).
18) At this point, I look over my numbers. How much traffic did I get? How many sales? If I come close to making
enough sales to cover my ppc costs, I go on to the next step:
19) get a domain name related to the niche you've chosen. It doesn't really need to be a '.com' - i've had just as much
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
luck with cheap .info's. Get web hosting for your domain. Make sure the company you are using can install wordpress
for you (via cpanel, etc).
20) From here I pretty much duplicate the old 'free' blog, but on my own domain.
21) edit my google adds and point them over to my new domain. Any keywords that weren't performing, I disable.
Anything under .30% CTR and you're probably going to be google slapped.
22) Look over your cost-per-click for each key word in your ad groups. Edit your bid for each one so it matches your
actual cost. Take note of your ad position. Repeat this step over time, and it will reduce you costs. If my ads slip more
then 1 position, I ususally stop editing the bid any further.
23) If your at least breaking even, duplicate all your adwords efforts to a new campaign, but this time using the
'content network'.
An option when setting up your website is this:
find a plr or resell product related to this niche. Offer it as a bonus to anyone who purchases the product. You can get
the customers email address from clickbank, so it's pretty easy to manage. A good bonus package could potentialy turn
a break even campaign to a money maker.
If you made it this far, you should be running a profitable campaign. You might also want to ad a little bit of adsense to
your site - I've done this in moderation w/o it effecting my sales, yet recouping no less then 10% of my ppc expenses
at the same time.
OK, here's my squeeze page approach.. the basic framework is the same as described above, but with the following changes:
for the 'free' blog site:
1) Sign up for an autoresponder.
2) take your article pack, and fill up your AR sequence using them as content. Find ways to work your afifliate link into the
message (even a simple PS will do). Set it up mail every few days.
3) For your squeeze page content, simply come up with a decent headline, an intro paragraph, and some bullets regarding
the content of your AR sequence. I'd also take your optional bonus from the first process I described, and use it as free
giveaway. Add some bullets regarding it, and a cover graphic if it came with one. Of course, include the opt-in form from your
4) set up you free blog so the top of your first page shows your squeeze page. This is done differently depending on which
platform you are using.
5) Make a blog post using only your squeeze page html. This may very well be a duplicate of step 4 depending on the blog
6) for the rest of your blog content, use the first paragraph from each of your articles from your article pack. At the bottom of
each, put a 'page 2' sort of link that goes to your squeeze page from step 5.
when it's time to set up your own site, just use the squeeze page html for your home page. Add links for privacy policy, TOS,
etc at the bottom. Install wordpress on the domain, but into a subfolder. copy all of your content from your free blog over,
perhaps add a bit more. Go back to your home page, and a blog link to your list of links at the bottom of your. The search
engines will find it, but most people will ignore it - which is what we want.
Also, if you can find more plr or resell products related to the niche (which you should, as you picked a popular niche right?!?!), you can use it as a OTO on your autoresponder's thank you page.
I've just started with affiliate marketing a few months ago, and this makes me a few grand a month now - after paying
Reply author: BJ Min
Replied on: 07/21/2008 13:41:24
100 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Man...I would love to get John Reese's traffic secrets 2.0!
I have been online and started form $200 a month to now $2000 a month (1000% increase) studying everything I can learn
and now my dream is to one day make $5000-$10,000 a month within 5 years.
To answer this question...
I think the FASTEST way to make money online is:
What I've learned is that it is MORE IMPORTANT to take SOME KIND OF ACTION than taking
all your time trying to study.
In fact, from my experience, I think people LEARN MORE when they take action more
than trying to study it forever.
So take action...stop learning so much...you probably already know the basics...if you are
interested in making money online, you MOST LIKELY have some idea on something...
STOP ANALYZING which domain hosting is better or more cheaper..JUST BUY ONE...
STOP worrying about your domain name...JUST GET IT!!!
Stop worrying about what to write about..JUST WRITE!!!
Stop worrying about what product to promote...JUST PROMOTE IT!!!
LIKE THE cliche nike, JUST DO IT!!!
STOP LEARNING...and START TAKING ACTIOn!!! ANY ACTION because any action is
a better TEACHER than any teacher...
Regradless, I want to study John Reese's Traffic 2.0...John, if you pick me, I will
study it thoroughly & take action, I promise! In a year, I went from $200 to $2000 a month!
That may be nothing to you but I promise you I will use your secrets and I am dedicated
to this because I want to do this full-time...and I will give you the BEST testimonial I can
possibly give you online & offline, video, text, whatever!!!!
PLEASE pick me dude!
BJ Min
Reply author: Sam Rodrigo
Replied on: 07/21/2008 13:43:37
I'd tell them to setup a web site using WordPress designed to have optimized content for a local business that is not that IM
savvy, and then sell the site to the business once you achieve page one or even top 3 ranking for that phrase locally. If they
don't buy it, sell it to their competitor. Make sure not to use tradename --stay generic with the site name.
And since every time I talk to someone, I tell them to visit my site, to learn about IM, I'd do the same before parting...
Reply author: Vinnie
Replied on: 07/21/2008 14:06:23
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quote :
Originally posted by
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Here's the question:
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money
in the shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
If they have enough time to write a couple of letters (emails or web pages or whatever) they can make some money. (Quite a
lot actually
He who knows how to write compelling letters has money, joint venture partners, traffic -- the whole shebang.
P.S. Too short to qualify for the prize, I'm sure. But since this thread is designed to help newbies, I figure that someone might
as well say it
Reply author: JordanFrancis
Replied on: 07/21/2008 14:06:37
Here is my answer:
Dear seeker of knowledge.
Do you know how many ways there are to make money in
this world?
Have a guess. Pick a number. Got it? Good, then let
me tell you.
The answer is there are only 2 ways of making money in
this world. Internet or not. Here they are:
1) You working for money.
2) Money working for you.
Think about that. And yes, that was a bit of a trick
question. I promise to not ask another one ;-)
Of course, when you look at the specific variations of
how you can work for money, and how money can work for
you, you'll end up with an almost unlimited number of ways
to make money. But that may just make your head spin.
So I find it helpful to go back and remind myself that
I either work for money, or I find ways to have money
work for me. Or I can do both! Which is often the case.
My next piece of wisdom that I will give you is the most
important piece of wisdom any man or woman could ever
give you in regards to money.
Are you ready for it?
Good. Here it is.
Always, always, always remember:
It Is Always About People
People have money. People spend money. People use money.
People save money. People receive money. It is always
about people. The moment you stop thinking in terms of
people, you will have lost your way.
To extend this, here are 3 steps which you should burn
into your brain. These are never optional steps, these
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
ARE the steps.
1. Find a hungry crowd. Starving? All the better.
2. Find out EXACTLY what they're hungry for. Do not guess.
3. Give them EXACTLY what they are hungry for.
It really is as simple as that. But guess what? Simple
does not mean easy. Those are 2 different words. But don't
worry. It does not have to be hard either.
The next thing I want to tell you will sound rather
odd, but bare with me ok?
There are many people both on and off the Internet who
will be more than happy to help you understand how to
make money on the Internet. They will share their own
experiences and methods they have personally used, and
also some times you will be given advice on methods
which they have not personally used. But even though
they have good intentions to help you, and even though
they are giving their advice to you knowing you are a
complete beginner, you will often find that you can not
understand well enough, the advice that is given to you.
Now, what ever you do, please do not assume that the reason
you couldn't understand the advice given is because you must
be "dumb," or lacking in some way, shape or form.
So why then?
Well, I would say that 9 times out of 10, the reason anyone
may not fully understand the advice given to them is actually
due to an incorrect assumption made by the teacher.
For example, it is not uncommon for most people to assume that
you know what the following terms mean:
Article Marketing
And so on. I ask you, if you do not know what these
words mean, could it possibly be that you had no reason
to know what they mean, at least until now? Of course!
Yet many people who you ask for advice will freely throw
around such terms without explaining what they are, leaving
you rather confused and possibly feeling silly.
Now, how on earth do you go from where you are currently, to
making money on the Internet? Well, that, my friend, has as
many perfectly valid answers as I have had hot dinners.
That's a lot. But remember:
You either work for money, or
Your money works for you.
And you can always do both.
Let's take what we've learned so far and see what we can do.
We know that at the root, it is always about people. And we
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
learned a nice 3 step process related to this. Let's use that
process and see what we discover.
1. Find a hungry crowd.
The key words here are "hungry" and "crowd." Notice it doesn't
say "Find a hungry man," or "Find a satisfied crowd."
We want to make money remember. So having a large group of
people who are hungry for something is what we need.
Now, "hungry" here basically means "craving for a solution."
People can get rather "hungry" for solutions you know. An
overweight woman may crave a slimmer body. A balding man
may crave for his hair to return.
So, find a crowd of people who share a hunger for a solution.
Now, that is step 1. What about...
2. Find out EXACTLY what they're hungry for.
Well now. This step is crucial. You might think you understand
what your chosen crowd are hungry for, but you really ought to
confirm it. The recipe for making money has little room for
guess work. It is best to be sure of the facts, rather than to
assume them.
For example, let's say you find a crowd of overweight women who
are in their 30's, and have recently just had their first born,
and you discover they are hungry to return to the shape they had
before the baby.
What you now need to do is find out exactly what they want.
Now, what on earth do I mean by that? Surely we know what they
want?! Well, we know they want to lose some weight, BUT there
are many ways to achieve this... and so we must now look at which
way these women would truly want to use to achieve their goal.
For example, there may be women who want weight loss surgery.
There may be women who want to go the dieting route. Others
may be thinking about exercise. Some will want a combination.
And that is without even considering the numerous paths available
within each of those options.
So you see, just knowing they want to lose weight is not enough.
It is wise to learn exactly what they want before you continue.
And so, when you have done this, you can then do...
3. Give them EXACTLY what they're hungry for!
This one is self-explanatory. Or is it? You would be surprised
at how many get this wrong. I think one reason people slip up
at this final and vital step is that some where along the way
they lose sight of what their target market (hungry crowd)
really wants, and they end up veering off the path. Who knows. It
doesn't matter why, all that matters is that you stick to the simple
steps. When you do, you can not go far wrong.
I will leave you with one last piece of advice.
Failure. It happens. And it is even necessary for most success to
come about. Whatever happens, do not let failure stop you. If what
you're doing is clearly not working, then sure, tweak it or move on,
but never quit.
Really, in all honesty, quitting is the only true failure.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Everything else is FEEDBACK. Things either work, or they do
not. It is all feedback though. And it is what you do with
the feedback that is important. This is what separates the
winners from the "lossers."
Well, I have said a lot. None of it has given you any hands on
practical steps, but that type of advice is plentiful and can be
found easily. In fact, just visit the warrior forum for all the
Internet money making advice you'll ever need (www.warriorforum.com).
See, my advice here is crucial because it is the very fundamentals.
This is the foundation knowledge you need, and using it, you can
have riches beyond your wildest dreams.
Without it, you will be operating blindly.
This, my friend, is your eyes.
Good luck!
Reply author: Rick Johansson
Replied on: 07/21/2008 14:30:30
Thank you very much for this awesome opportunity to win a copy of one of the BEST traffic generation courses!
I have been online for three years and work at internet marketing full-time. I am going to tell you how you can start making
money online as fast as possible—AND set yourself up for a huge profit windfall in the future.
In other words, this isn’t just a "quick-fix" cash solution that’ll get some extra cash into their bank account—you’ll be able to
build upon this initial work to make a HUGE income online and dominate any niche you choose.
(In fact, these are the steps I recommended to a friend of mine who wants to quit their job as an accountant...tired of
crunching numbers, I guess...)
I am going to divide this up into two sections: how to make quick money via 1) free and 2) paid traffic. I’m also going to add
an important section about copywriting and how to get up to speed in no time. So here goes!
How To Make Money With FREE Traffic:
1) Find a good market: My personal criteria for finding a market are the following: What do you enjoy doing? What would you
do for the rest of your life if money weren't an issue? It is a lot easier to excel in a niche you enjoy. Write all these down on a
piece of paper—no matter how crazy they sound. Do you enjoy playing poker? Golf? Underwater basket-weaving? Put it all
2) Of your list, choose 3-5 markets to research. You should have about 40-50 market ideas on you piece of paper...narrow
them down to 3-5 for the next step.
3) Go to Google and type in your market keywords to analyze the competition. For example, if you’re into snowboarding, type
in "Snowboarding" into Google and other variations (snowboarding sites, snowboarding tips, etc.). What you’re looking for are
three things 1) how many Google Adwords are showing up on the right-hand side of the page, and 2) how many pages are
indexed for that keyword. I always target niches with between 3-22 Adwords ads, and under 50,000 competing pages. You
also don’t want a lot of web 2.0 platforms in the top-10 listings for your keyword (ezine articles, digg, reddit, hubpages,
squidoo, etc).
4) Type in your keyword into Google and add the word "affiliate" at the end. Which means, you’ll type in "snowboarding
affiliate" into Google. Click on the links and you should see plenty of pages about information regarding snowboarding
5) Once you find a niche and keyword that fulfills the above criteria, now is the time to choose an affiliate program to
promote in your niche. Shoot for an affiliate program that’ll pay at least a $15 dollar commission for that product. Anything
less and you’ll have trouble profiting based on the methods I’ll describe next.
6) Register for a "Web 2.0" Platform such as Blogger, Hubpages, Squidoo, Weebly, etc. This is where you’re going to create a
landing page about 300 or so pages long. IMPORTANT: you do NOT want to register your OWN domain--the reason we’re
choosing one of the following Web 2.0 platforms is because they rank higher in Google; whereas, you’d have to wait months
105 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
for your own domain to gain "reputation" in Google’s eyes.
7) Write an informative article about your subject that’s 300 words long recommending the product you chose to promote.
HINT: you don’t want to appear "salesy"...you want to appear to be a trusted friend whose recommending a product. Also,
make sure your keyword is in your title, and appears at the beginning and the end of your mini-article.
8) Post the article on the Web 2.0 platform of your choice. Make sure you have a "call to action" pointing your customers to
your affiliate link at the end of the article. A good example of a "call to action" is, "For more information on how you can
improve your snowboarding skills in as little as 7 days, click here:(insert link)"
9) Post your article on many of the major social posting sites. You can either go to Digg.com, Reddit.com, Furl.com,
Propeller.com. and submit your article, or you can automate submissions by going to www.socialposter.com. What you’re
doing is getting some instant links to your article. If you play your cards right, you should be indexed in Google in 24-48
hours and start making sales in no time.
From here on out, you can start concentrating on writing articles, submitting to directories to build your "link power".
How To Make Quick Money Using Paid Search Traffic
With this strategy, you’ll use Google Adwords to drive traffic to a squeeze page which leads to the affiliate product you’re
promoting. You’ll then follow up with your leads promoting the affiliate site via an autoresponder series. Here goes!:
1) Follow the keyword and research steps outlined above.
2) Register your domain with your keyword in it. This is important. You’ll score huge "relevancy points" with Google when the
searched keyword is in the domain.
3) Register for an autoresponder such as Aweber.com.
4) Create a simple squeeze page. Create a simple swipe file from the top marketers in the industry and use them as an
example. Think about what your target market wants (To solve a problem? To fulfill a desire?) and make sure your squeeze
page promises to fulfill their wants. After the prospect opts-in, make sure it forwards to the affiliate page.
5) Make your squeeze page relevant: make sure your keyword is in your title tag, meta description and Alt-tags. Also, make
sure the page is labeled with your keyword (instead of "/index.html" your page will be "/snowboarding.html"). This is critical
to make your page relevant in the eyes of Google so you'll get low click costs (as low as 10 cents).
6) Create a 10-day autoresponder series separated by 2-3 days. Just take the sales letter of the site you’re promoting and
chunk it down into 10 pieces in your own words. You’re going to essentially repeat the sales letter to your prospects via your
autoresponder series.
7) Go into Google Adwords and create a couple tightly-focused campaigns. You want to use SPECIFIC keywords e.g. buying
keywords. For example, "snowboarding" is too generic of a keyword and is indicative that the searcher is browsing. However,
"snowboarding lessons in Salt Lake City, Utah" is more specific and the chances the searcher is a buyer increase.
8) Start driving traffic to the site. You should get sales via direct referral to the affiliate site via the opt-in and via your
autoresponder follow-up.
The best part about the second method is you’re building a list you can sell to again and again. You can also choose to drive
traffic to your squeeze page in the free-traffic strategy and build your list in similar fashion. You can either start selling other
people’s products as a backend, or create your own product so you can keep ALL the commissions!
I cannot underestimate the importance and relative ease of getting started in affiliate marketing. It gives you the chance to
"test the waters" and get some great market research before you create your OWN products!
The Importance Of Learning “Salesmanship in Print”
Now, I’m going to tell you the importance of copywriting…the ability to sell on paper or on the web.
Based on my experience, people can follow my instructions and build their squeeze pages and write their articles, but if their
words aren’t persuasive enough, people will not read their material and take the action the marketer wants: Click on the link
and buy (or opt-in)!
So I highly recommend the following “crash course” in copywriting:
1) Buy the book, “How To Write a Good Advertisement” by Victor Schwab. This is a great primer into copywriting and costs
less than 20 bucks at Amazon.
2) Handwrite the “Wall Street Journal” letter. This letter sold millions of subscriptions to the WSJ and is a perfect example to
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
handwrite manually and study.
This should take 2-3 days to complete, but you’ll get an invaluable lesson in salesmanship.
That’s it and have fun!
Reply author: proapc
Replied on: 07/21/2008 15:02:04
Last February I opened a business on Main Street in Hailey Idaho and Put up a sign that read (Top Line) My Stuff Online .Com
(Bottom Line) Your Stuff On The Web. The Traffic driving past my little store is a meek 150 Cars per minute at 25 MPH. 98%
of those who stop in ask how they could "sell" their stuff online. Most only heard of EBAY and the majority do not know where
to even begin.
I tell everyone the story of how I learned to play golf. I was a massage therapist at a private club in La Quinta California and
never played golf in my life. I was 38 at the time. When members asked me what they were doing wrong because this or that
hurt, I usually replied "Go take a lesson with the pro and let him watch and see what you may be doing that needs a little
tune up".
Little did I know that this same advice would follow me wherever I went. At the end of that season in 1990, I walked into my
office and found a set of clubs sitting on the floor with a note to learn how to play golf during the off season.
I left the desert and headed to Ruidoso NM where I spent my summers and remembered my advice and went to the local golf
pro and showed him my clubs and asked him where I should start. He took me out on the driving range and handed me a 7
iron and told me to hit the ball. Well I turned toward the ball and he immediately yelled wait a minute. You are standing
backwards he said. I told him I was left handed and this was the only way I knew to stand. He laughed because the clubs
given me were right handed. I had a choice to make. Buy a set of clubs or learn right handed. Well I chose the latter and
today I am a 7 handicap right handed golfer.
The point here is I took my own advice and sought a mentor and followed their lead and they looked over my shoulder so to
For someone who is brand new, they only have a vague idea about what to do on the internet and they really need to be
taken by the hand and follow a mentor who will teach them the basics and work with them on those tools that will follow
them in any online business.
Follow the teaching pros who can make things easier for the student to understand HOW to do what they need to do. There
are a lot of people who are successful in online marketing but simply do not know how or have the patience to teach.
If I take a month off of playing golf, I simply go back to the basics and the game usually takes care of itself.
If someone comes to you looking how to make money in the shortest time possible, send them to a teaching pro who will take
them by the hand and teach them the basics. From there they can build any business and succeed as long as they have the
sold foundation to build upon.
Reply author: buckapple
Replied on: 07/21/2008 15:11:31
What a great question. I'm going to assume that the person is "a complete newbie to the internet". Ok if he is a complete
newbie, I would also have to assume that he has heard of google but that is about it.
I would tell him/her to go to the public library or (college library if they give public access). Beg, plead, ask nicely for
someone to show you how to use the computer and printer. And then how to surf on google.
Now you research,
Whatever area you live in, think of something that people would pay for to get all the info you could dig up. People looking
for a solution. For example in my area brown recluse spider bites are dreaded and everyone and their mother has a remedy
but it's hard to say what works. There could be any number of thing pertaining to a problem that people want relief from.
What you are going to do is research, research, research for a couple of hours. Home remedies, latest medical findings, latest
university research, everything you can surf to. Assuming someone has showed you how to copy and paste by now.
107 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Now you are going to format it, make it look as nice as you can, print it, make 5 copies. (you can always make more, save
the original)
Now you're out of time and whatever it cost to print, couldn't be much.
Now that some nice person has shown you how to surf, go over to craigslist and post an ad. It's not that hard to figure out but
it could take a newbie a bit, stay with it. By now you're getting a little tired but you're almost there.
You haven't been in long enough to learn copy writing so don't even go there, just do a "downhome" ad, do the best you can.
Complete up to date information about brown recluse spider bites. Again keep it simple in your own words. Sell it for $7 free
shipping (make sure your report can go into a regular mail envelope to keep postage stamp at a minimum. You take money
orders. Cash if you're allowed.
Give your mailing address, list in as many Craigs list as you can, sit back and wait for checks to arrive.
Now that you're becoming a "computer expert" you have time to learn about eBay, paypal, affiliate marketing, find a mentor,
Is there money here? Who knows, an amount wasn't stated. This is the quickest way I can think of for a compete newbie to
the internet to make money.
Reply author: mak25
Replied on: 07/21/2008 15:35:55
I hope nobody minds if I interrupt for just a second to say how incredible this thread is.
As a quasi newb, it's gonna take a while for all of this invaluable info to sink in. There's a wealth of information in this thread.
I can only thank all of you who took the time to put your answers in with all the knowledge that you have.
I'm still in the learning stage, although I have made a few sales, I still have so much to learn.
For someone like me, who's living paycheck to paycheck and struggling, how do I find a mentor?
With all of the knowledge and information in this thread, it still leaves someone like me lacking the hand and guidance of
someone to give me the daily plans of action to take, and how to do them.
Taking action isn't my problem, it's exactly what actions to take, and more importantly, step by step instruction on how to do
them. Speaking one on one to someone I think would be a HUGE help.
Thanks again to all of you who volunteered to put your expertise in this thread.
PS - I wish all of you could get your free copy!
Reply author: Ram
Replied on: 07/21/2008 15:58:11
Get a Paypal account, sign up for ebay.
What to sell?
Hit garage sales, second-hand bookstores, Goodwill. Flea markets. Buy old magazines -- before 1970, before 1960 even
better. Cut out the ads -- especially cigarette, cigar, booze, etc --- and sell them as prints. Offer framing for an extra charge.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
The same for old cartoons.
There is a big market for this stuff. No, it's not like hitting a big money on a launch. But it s fast cash and easy as heck.
Reply author: Justin Michie
Replied on: 07/21/2008 15:58:48
This might sound obvious and someone may have already said it, but I’d tell them to sign up to the Warrior Forum and post a
WSO for a service that doesn’t take a lot of skill, but takes a lot of time like directory submission, blog commenting or
There are lots of people who have more money than time and would gladly pay someone to do simple things for them.
Reply author: SethDaley
Replied on: 07/21/2008 16:10:31
Interview your way to success!
I've used this method. I've coached others to use this method.
I would start with a market, product, or industry that I am passionate about. This includes area that I may not be an expert
1. Make a list of 10 - 15 industry experts in the market you are entering. Make contact and ask for a 30 - 45 minute
interview with them.
2. Survey your market place to uncover their biggest challenges or questions. - Yahoo Answers, forums, ect.
3. Compile the list of questions and work them into your conversation with the "Expert". Make sure to record the
After the calls are completed you should have 5-7 expert interviews that solve your marketplace biggest questions.
Your product is now virtually complete (you may add transcripts, video tutorials, ect). I would negotiate a mailing to the list
of each of the experts.
The next step would be to find other markters who are in this niche and negotiate a JV with them for your newly created
Here's a few things you'll potentially accomplish in this process:
- gain credibility in the eyes of your marketplace. (just by interviewing an expert - you're now perceived as one)
- build a targeted list by leveraging the "experts" lists.
- a product that holds value in which you didn't have to know anything about.
This process is fun and can work in just about any marketplace where there are well known people - including health,
nutrition, marketing, success, ect.
Not to mention the whole process can be completed in about 30 days of focused action!
Reply author: Michelle Strait
Replied on: 07/21/2008 16:17:38
The question:
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest time
possible, what would you tell them?
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
The quickest way to make money is to sell something valuable on Craigslist or through your local paper's online classified section. Or
ask a friend or family member for a loan or do chores around town. That's the quickest way to make money and have it in hand by
the end of the day. A WSO wouldn't work because you need a certain amount of posts first. Ebay wouldn't work because a person
new to the internet would need time to learn how to use Ebay.
Reply author: slippy1
Replied on: 07/21/2008 16:26:03
I'd tell them, and have, to stop trying to do everything for nothing.
Everybody seems to not only want to do things for cheap, they want to do it for zero investment, which although possible, turns out
to be wildly inefficient.
You can do IM successfully for a very little investment, but will have a very tough time with NO investment.
I mean, it's a BUSINESS. You would try to start a tanning salon, a bank, a Subway franchise, or a strip club with NO MONEY AT
ALL would you?
Get decent tools that you need to work your BUSINESS. Don't use the free newsletter tool with your host that won't get into a single
inbox when the best autoresponder in the world is 20 bucks a month.
If you can't spare 20 bucks a month, cut my lawn till you can (it'll take once).
Don't try to make your own graphics when you have no clue. You'll suck, your customers will think you suck, and nobody will plunk
down a credit card.
You can put up a business with a REAL shot at making money for a couple hundred tops. Spend the dough. if you've done your
research, it's a strategic gamble.
Not everything will work. 8 of 10 of my sites fail. But those 2 that work - WORK.
Don't sweat the product so much. The product is nothing without a market and a market is nothing without traffic and traffic is
nothing without conversions.
You can find almost anything online for free, but the time it takes to find it out is well worth even some of the most expensive
products that have all the info consolidated in one place.
Take some action and stop reading about it. This thread is already too long for you to be reading it all the way to this point! Go get to
Reply author: John Rogers
Replied on: 07/21/2008 16:32:03
A quick cash mentality is generally accompanied by the danger of falling prey to scammers and expensive hyped up methods that
likely won't work. However, when the need for quick cash is tempered with some common sense, it is certainly attainable.
Making money fast requires that you have your own product or service that you receive instant payment for. Affiliate programs often
have a payment threshhold, and generally don't pay commissions for thirty or more days after the sale.
The minimum tools you should have are a PayPal account, Open Office (free to download), NVU (or some other web design
software), a web hosting account, and an autoresponder. You are also going to need a domain name. With these few free and
inexpensive resources at your disposal you can easily be creating and selling simple info products within 24 hours for instant cash.
Start by picking a hobby; preferably one that you participate in or have some knowledge of. Use a search engine to find discussion
groups or forums related to that hobby, and make note of what types of questions are being asked about the hobby on those sites. If
110 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
you have trouble finding places to do your research, pick another topic.
After you've identified the most frequently asked questions, go back to the search engines and find answers. Gather enough
information to compile a 6-10 page report. Find a few related affiliate programs, and create ads for those products to place on the last
few pages of your report. Compile the report into PDF format.
Create a simple sales page and thank you page for your report using a program such as NVU (free). Use your autoresponder to create
a web form for opting in to your list for this niche, and place that web form on your thank you page.
Understand that the people you will be selling to don't know you, and aren't going to be anxious to open their wallets for you.
Because of that, your first sale to them should be a low priced ice breaker. Most people are willing to chance a loss of $3-5 for a
short information product. Price your product accordingly.
Advertise your product at USFreeAds, and in marketplaces where people who participate in the hobby congregate. After you have
placed ads in as many places as you can find, move on to another topic or hobby, and repeat the process.
As you refine your process you will find that you can easily create a new short info product each day.
Don't forget the customer lists you are building. Make sure you send them an occassional follow-up with an affiliate link, and create
additional info products to sell in the hot niches you identify by the number of sales.
This is an extremely condensed version of the method I present in Middle School Marketing. I've made $75 an hour on the front end
using this method.
Reply author: xmx
Replied on: 07/21/2008 17:06:38
As in the real world to make money you need to fulfill needs of other people and provide solutions to their problems.
It is useful to target niches of markets instead of big markets where competition is too big.
With the net the needs do not require always tangible products or services that have to be personally provided but solutions can be
provided as digital products and online services.
With also the advantages of digital copies delivered from the original products without need to create a new product for each
It is also easy to do using affiliate programs that already sell if you can't create your own competitive product and professional sale
material and you are on a limited budget.
Research keywords that connect the potential buyers with your web site that provides the answer to their needs (I suggest the paid
service of nichebot.com that provides many different research keywords tools, but there are many ones on the internet nowadays).
You can then go with paid advertising like adwords to reach the searchers of those keywords in google, or try to reach them with free
This free advertising can be accomplished in many different ways, like writing articles based on the keywords researched and posting
them in article directories, blogging about the topic, using popular classified sites like craiglist or usfreeads, or even go with online
communities, like the Warrior Forum is, and Web 2.0, so you create videos to submit to platforms like youtube, or use social
bookmarking and social networking like myspace, facebook and others to reach a potential audience.
Do not only sell the product or service but create a list of buyers and prospects that you can contact again and propose other services
related to the same niche or near.
Sometimes it can be also useful to provide some free basic solutions to create connections with the prospects and create a list, after
you can contact them to sell the much better paid products or services.
Or even the product given away can directly contain the link to the paid products, presented as a much better solution.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Reply author: Shannon Herod
Replied on: 07/21/2008 17:26:01
quote :
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest time possible,
what would you tell them?
Work on yourself first!
The rate at which internet based businesses start and fail is
staggering. Many people come to the internet dreaming of riches
when they are not ready for it.
It does not matter what strategy you use or what course you buy you
never seem to get ahead. Why is that? Well, that is a tough
question to answer, but I think I can get your mind going in the
right direction.
You see, most people do not believe they can achieve success, or
they believe they do not deserve it. When this happens you are
setting yourself up for failure no matter what happens. You will
literarily self destruct before you hit your goals.
This is not done on a conscious level, but on an unconscious level.
Studies show that you live up to 80% of your life in the
unconscious mind. So your reality is determined by your belief
If you believe at an unconscious level you do not deserve or you
cannot do it, you will ultimately self destruct. So, what can we do
to fix this little challenge?
Well the first and easiest part of this equation is acknowledgment.
You need to acknowledge the fact that you are not always
consciously in control of your decisions.
The next step will be "juicing up". Now, this step takes some time
and dedication. TO "juicing up" you need to drink at least 60
ounces of OJ a day. Ok, that is a joke. Seriously, to "juicing up"
you need to start squeezing out the negative and filling up on the
I am not saying to not let a negative thought in your head. To me
that is impossible. But, if a negative thought does creep in, grip
and squeeze it out and fill it in with a positive. The more you do
this the more positive you will come and the easier success will
Next you need to lay a solid foundation for success. In my opinion
the best way to do this is to find a mentor. Finding a mentor will
drastically decrease the time you go from zero to your first dollar.
But, finding a good mentor is not always the easiest task. For me
112 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
this was the hardest part of building my business. So the person I
wanted as a mentor wanted more than I was making in a year for
personal time so I "Modeled" my mentor.
I watched every move he/she made. I studied every email, and I
found that this worked well.
Now you need to write out your plan. Writing your plan makes you
accountable. Also you can come into this very forum and get some
very good tips on if the plan is good or not. Beware of the fakers
though! This people could only have 10 posts or 2,000.
If you are going to take advise then you should do a little digging
to find out if the poster is worthy or not.
Anyway, the main point is accountability.
Next you need to find yourself a battle buddy. This will be a
person that is at your same level and you two will help hold each
other accountable and learn from each others mistakes. You do not
need to limit this to two people, but I would keep the group around
4. The bigger the group the less accountable you will be held.
Next is the absolute hardest part of this equation and it is
because of this step that 99.9% of all the people that fail, fail.
You need to take Massive Focused Action. You need to take your plan
and stick to it. Do not let yourself get pulled in 7,000 different
directions. You need to take focused action.
You see I have found that people will at least do something. But
the problem is they are easily distracted and bounce around from
plan to plan to plan, which in turn leads to a whole lot of nothing.
So, in short I believe you can take any method listed above and
make some money fast.
Would you rather make some money fast or
build a business and self awareness that will pay you forever?
Reply author: Joe Curzon
Replied on: 07/21/2008 17:34:04
Fast money with limited experience..
1. Find a hungry market where people are already spending money. A good place to look would be eBay which is full of people
looking to buy. For general category ideas, you might try browsing through magazines.com to see which topics are popular. Once
you've spotted a market that interests you, check out WordTracker's free keyword tool to find "long tail" keyword phrases.
2. Now look for a ready made product, with PLR, that matches the need of your market. Edit the product to "brand" it with your
name and "personality". Find and register a suitable domain name(preferably using a popular long tail keyword phrase), get a hosting
account, an autoresponder account and set up a squeeze page which leads to your sales page.
If you can afford it, get some new graphics to match the name of your new product. Re-write the sales page - stories sell so create a
story around your product. Look for forums where your target audience hangs out and see if you can get a few testimonials by
113 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
offering review copies of your ebook.
Create an eCourse by writing a series of email lessons that provide useful information and which "Pre-sell" your ebook. Load those
lessons into your autoresponder account. Compile all the lessons into a PDF that you can give away as an ethical bribe.
3. Get a PayPal account and create a buy now button. Add the buy now button to your sales page, set up your "Thank you/Download
page" and get a friend to make a test purchase to make sure everything works.
4. Register with Google and open an Adwords account. Use your long tail keywords to set up a small number of campaigns. Set up a
landing page for each of your long tail keywords - position your long tail keyword in the headline. Activate your Adwords account to
drive traffic to your landing pages.
Closely monitor your results and stick to your budget. Test and tweak your system to increase your conversion rate.
You could set that system up for less than $100 and have it running after a weekends worth of hard work.
Reply author: Lucy Weber
Replied on: 07/21/2008 17:52:44
quote :
Originally posted by Joe Curzon
Fast money with limited experience..
1. Find a hungry market where people are already spending money. A good place to look would be eBay which is full of people looking to
buy. For general category ideas, you might try browsing through magazines.com to see which topics are popular. Once you've spotted a
market that interests you, check out WordTracker's free keyword tool to find "long tail" keyword phrases.
2. Now look for a ready made product, with PLR, that matches the need of your market. Edit the product to "brand" it with your name and
"personality". Find and register a suitable domain name(preferably using a popular long tail keyword phrase), get a hosting account, an
autoresponder account and set up a squeeze page which leads to your sales page.
If you can afford it, get some new graphics to match the name of your new product. Re-write the sales page - stories sell so create a story
around your product. Look for forums where your target audience hangs out and see if you can get a few testimonials by offering review
copies of your ebook.
Create an eCourse by writing a series of email lessons that provide useful information and which "Pre-sell" your ebook. Load those lessons
into your autoresponder account. Compile all the lessons into a PDF that you can give away as an ethical bribe.
3. Get a PayPal account and create a buy now button. Add the buy now button to your sales page, set up your "Thank you/Download page"
and get a friend to make a test purchase to make sure everything works.
4. Register with Google and open an Adwords account. Use your long tail keywords to set up a small number of campaigns. Set up a
landing page for each of your long tail keywords - position your long tail keyword in the headline. Activate your Adwords account to drive
traffic to your landing pages.
Closely monitor your results and stick to your budget. Test and tweak your system to increase your conversion rate.
You could set that system up for less than $100 and have it running after a weekends worth of hard work.
Great minds think alike? That's almost exactly like mine, except I use mostly free traffic methods rather than PPC.
Reply author: pizzatherapy
Replied on: 07/21/2008 18:07:52
114 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
I would ask the person to look at themselves first. You need to evaluate your own passions and strengths. I would also explain that
while you can make money, there is effort involved.
First thing is to get a paypal account so that you can accept payments.
Then ask yourself: what do you bring to the table. Evaluate who you are and look at your strengths. In order to make money you
need to either offer goods or a service. What can you offer? Are you good at writing? Do you cook? Do you have a bunch of recipes
avaiable? Have an unusual hobby? What is it that you can do well? What are your passions? What gets you really excited?
By looking at your srengths, talents and aptitudes you will be able to focus on what you do well. What your passions are.
I would suggest you check out a site like Associated Content. They will pay cash into your paypal acount for submitting articles,
videos, audios and slide shows. Do you have anything that you have already written for your own profession or hobby? This may be
content you can submit immediately.
Maybe it was a report or opinion piece. Associated Content is regularly requesting submissions for specific kinds of content. For
example political opinions or reports. Reviews on certain restaurants or places in your area. Understand that to get paid you will need
to give them exclusive rights to your content. But this is a way to get paid quickly for content you have produced.
Understand that you are going back to school: Internet Markeitng school. Every experience you have, all that you learn will take you
closer to your goal of making money in the shortest time possible.
Pick a niche that you are passionate about. It should be specific and not to general but not to specialized that no one is interested in
Of course hang out in forums such as the Warrior Forum. But also visit Forums in your niche. Listen, read, learn. Are there any
themes? Common questions or issues that come up? You may discover a need or you may know a solution to an issue.
Do not discount your own abilities and talents. That is what you are bringing to the table already and you can immediately capitalize
on your own talents to make money quickly.
The important idea is that you start in one area and concentrate on that, first. Creating content is always in demand.
Create some content in your area of expertise. If you have several articles or reports you can offer to sell them, or turn them into
Private Label content. Internet marketers are always on the look out for unique valauble content.
That to me is the fastest way to make money on-line. Have passion, then take action. Don't be discouraged. Don't give up.
And if you do not make money quickly, keep trying. Read "Acres of Diamonds". Think positive. Be positive. Remember: attitutde is
Reply author: kidbossman
Replied on: 07/21/2008 18:10:13
My answer would be to first set a goal and then to break down this goal into smaller attainable targets that are easy to accomplish.
So, If you wanted to earn $1000 a month, then a realistic goal would be $33 a day which equates to approximately one affiliate sale a
To get one affiliate sale a day, you will need at the most 100 targeted visitors a day which we can again break down into smaller
attainable targets.
To get the 100 targeted visitors a day, you could do the following daily:
- Make 10 posts on yahoo answers
- Make 5 useful posts on 5 different forums
- Write 2 articles per day and submit these to 5 different directories
- Make 2 useful posts on a blog and then ping your blog
115 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
So as can be seen, breaking down targets can be very useful and will enable even the extreme noobs to start earning within days.
Thanks and I hope this is enough to get a copy of traffic secrets 2.0
Reply author: napoleonfirst
Replied on: 07/21/2008 18:19:16
Buy Blogsolution.Period.
Reply author: Zulfus
Replied on: 07/21/2008 18:21:41
[ote: May be some typo's. I've proof read it once, but I'm sure i didn't catch everything. I'll go over it again once i get back.
Ignore them for now]
quote :
Q. If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest time
possible, what would you tell them?
First of all I'd have to tell them, that the only way i feel they could make money in a short time frame, with a low enough risk to be
worthwhile, is to offer their services performing freelance work. However, I'd also suggest that if they were prepared to work hard,
and hold off on the returns a little longer, in terms of $/hour, they'd probably make a lot more following this plan. So this is the plan
I'd get them to read and follow and think about until they were making more than enough never to have to ask that question again.
Step 1: Goals
Step 2: Mindset
Step 3: Planning
Step 4: Picking a Niche
Step 5: Keyword Research
Step 6: Finding a product
Step 7: Building a platform
Step 8: Marketing
Step 9: Growth
Step 10: SEO & Copywriting
Step 11: Realizing your full potential
The Process
Summery of Goals
Key Points
Task Checklist
Step 1. Goals
Section Goal: To realize anythings achievable, and to learn to find solutions to reach our goals, no matter how large they seem.
116 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Let's begin. The most important step before taking any action at all, is thinking about and clearly defining your goals. Goals are the
basis of all success. As humans we're constantly setting goals in whatever we're doing, sometimes our goal will be to get up and go
down to the shop for some milk, or to go out and socialize, but whatever our goals are we generally tend to achieve them.
So think about this, what if we were to set a goal so high, it seemed impossible to reach? Would we be able to achieve it? Most
people would say no. It's too high. But of course that depends on the goal. To the average person if i were to say, "If you set a goal to
achieve $1,000,000 by the end of the year, do you think you could achieve it?" Again, most people will say no, that's too high of a
goal, it's impossible.
But if i were to go ask the very same question to a successful entrepreneur, "If you were to set a goal to reach $1,000,000 by the end
of the year, do you think you could achieve it?" A lot would say "Yes, easily". In fact a lot of those would also feel like they'd
underachieved if they were to only make $1,000,000 in the year.
So you might be saying "But that's unfair, the entrepreneur already has a lot of money, and experience, it's easy for him!" Yes it is.
But where do you think he got all that money and all that experience? And you'd be wrong if you said anything to do with already
having money, education, contacts, social background. It's been proven none of those things have any direct correlation to success.
Many entrepreneurs start with nothing and work their way up, how did they achieve it? Are they special? Do they have something
we don't? No. It's all mindset, and whether your prepared to pay the price for success.
If we set a goal, no matter how high it seems, or how impossible, if we think about it enough we'll come up with solutions about how
to get there. And if we then put that into a plan, and work at it, and never give up, we'll get there. That's the only secret to achieving
whatever we want to achieve. If there's only one thing you take away from this, take that. It'll serve you well in everything you do in
Which brings us onto our next topic:
Key Points:
- Be crystal clear about what your goals are
- Realize your can achieve anything, it's nothing to do with circumstances
- We constantly move towards goals we set, whether we realize it or not
Step 2. Mindset
Section Goal: Learn the key mindset that allows us to achieve our goals
So it's all well and good having these huge goals and thinking about them constantly, what if i never come up with any solutions?
Well thinking like that you won't. Your mind is split up into two separate parts as you might know. The conscious, and the
subconscious. It's important you understand how both parts work, if you want to achieve your goals.
The conscious part of your mind, is the objective part, whenever we learn something new, see something, smell something, it's our
conscious part of the mind that decides what it is. It'll decide whether it's good or bad, and then it'll tell the subconscious what it
thinks. It'll make a decision and then tell the subconscious.
Now the subconscious part is completely different, it's not objective at all. It'll take what the conscious mind tells it, and just store it
away, and accept that it's true, even if it's not. So if we're sat there thinking "Oh i can't achieve that" our subconscious mind will be
listening and it'll just accept it as true. So our first lesson in having the right mindset, is to always think positively.
Secondly, once we start producing idea's to achieve our goals, the only way to actually accomplish them is to work at them. And
even if we fail, to get back up and keep going, and trying again and again. Hard work and perseverance are the two most essential
attributes when it comes to achieving success, and without them weren't almost doomed to fail before we've even begun.
Thomas Edison took around 11,000 attempts before he invented the light bulb. 11,000! He was asked at around 5000 attempts why
he keeps persisting despite failing 5000 times. And he simply replies; "I have not failed 5000 times, I've simply found 5000 ways
which do not work. Which brings me 5000 ways closer to the way which does"
If we think about success like that, we could only be one more attempt away from achieving our dream. Failure is simply the chance
to learn from our mistakes and start again with a better idea of what will work, and what won't. It's our failures that give us
Key Points:
- Always think positively
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
- Never give up - You could be only one attempt away
- Work hard to achieve - The harder you work, the faster you get there
Step 3. Planning
Section Goal: To learn how to utilize planning to give us clear focus about where we're going
The next all important step is planning. Once we've got a clear idea of our goals, and we're ready to work hard, persevere, and think
positively at all times, we're ready to start putting things into action. And all action starts with a solid plan. Without a solid plan it's
impossible to stay focused and keep heading in one direction. A major problem a lot of newbies face is the tendency to jump from
one project to the next, and never really getting anywhere. If this is something you've been struggling with, I'd recommend sitting
down and writing a proper, detailed plan of everything. Once you've got a plan, your got direction, and once you've got direction you
can keep putting one foot in front of the other until you eventually achieve your goal.
So how you do write a good plan? first of all outline what you want to achieve, clearly and as specifically as possible write down
your goal down at the very top of the page.
Secondly, write down the reasons you want to achieve this goal. Again, write them as clearly and in as much detail as possible.
And finally write down in one or two sentences how your going to go about achieving those goals.
After you've done that you should have a pretty clear picture of what you want to achieve in your mind. And to keep things even
clearer, the plan we're writing has three goals. To detail the actions we're going to take as precisely as possible. To prioritize those
goals in order of importance, so we can work towards our goals efficiently, and to come up with a set of time constraints within
which to achieve each step.
With a plan of achieve produced according to those rules, we'll be focused like a laser towards achieving what we want to achieve.
For the rest of the plan simply outline what you need to achieve, in clear steps according to the rules above. Addressing any problems
that come up along the way with solutions. If you cannot come up with a solution to hole in your plan, go away, think about it for a
bit and come back, usually you'll have a solution when you return.
Key Points:
- Outline your goal at the top of the page
- Outline the reason for wanting the achieve the goal
- Outline in one or two sentences how your going to achieve it
- Be as specific and as detailed as possible
- Outline in as much detail all the steps that need to be achieved to reach the goal
- Come up with a set of time constraints within which to achieve each step
- If problems present themselves, go away and think about them for a while
Now we've got goals, the right mindset, and a plan. If you follow that plan with the mindset we talked about before you should be set.
However, it's often coming up with the steps in that plan that phases us most, so as well as that I'm going to give you the steps and
area's you need to cover to make money on the internet (Obviously not true in all cases, but a large portion of them).
And the very first one is:
Step 4. Picking a )iche
Section Goal: Learn how to pick a profitable niche, and about the two different types of niche's
If we want to sell something, we're going to have to have people who want to buy it. So that's the first thing we're going to have to
come up with. Our niche. Everyone has their own way of picking a niche, and the types of niche they pick. But me personally, i tend
to go for tried and tested niches. They're often harder to get into, but also yield much higher rewards.
Examples of "tried and tested" niches would be:
- Weight loss
- Acne treatment
- Forex
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
If you want to go the other way, you can find a non-mainstream niche, there'll be less competition, but also less money. You've
basically got to decide whether you'll do better off with the large piece of a small pie, or a tiny piece of a big pie. There's no real
wrong or right answer here.
Another thing to consider when picking a niche, is the community. Are there a lot of forums you can post on? Or a lot of groups on
Facebook/Myspace etc.? If you can find a group/forum within your niche, usually there's the potential to make some money.
You've also got the "pick something your passionate about" approach. I think this is a risky way to pick a niche, and should only be
used in conjunction with the other methods of analysis here. On the one hand if you passionate about working out, you've got great
potential to make lots of money doing something your going to love, but on the other hand if your passionate about making tiny
houses for mice, your probably not going to make much money at all, despite being passionate about the topic.
Key Points:
- Decide what kind of niche you want to get into, large or small
- Check around for signs of a community
- See if you can find something your passionate about, that will ALSO be profitable
And one of the other ways to pick your niche.. Keywords.
Step 5. Keywords
Section Goal: Learn how to pick profitable, targeted, low competition keywords.
Keywords are essential to not determining your niche is profitable, but also, in bringing you large amounts of natural traffic all for
free. By picking and focusing on the right ones, we'll be able to literally create site after site that makes money without having to
spend a penny on Pay Per Click Ads
Okay so first things first, we're going to need a keyword tool. There's plenty about, but i personally recommend SEO Book Keyword
Suggestion Tool (http://tools.seobook.com/keyword-to...ok/index.php) It's completely free and does a great job. If your interested in
some of the paid options out there, keyword elite and wordtracker are amongst the most popular.
So this what we do. Think of 5-10 "Core phrases" related to the niche you've picked. E.g. If we'd picked weight loss for example we
might pick things like "lose weight today" "fast weight loss" etc. Then once you've got a list of 10 or so phrases, we just take it in turn
to plug each one into our keyword tool. Copy and paste all the suggest keywords that come up into a notepad file, and repeat for
each word.
So we've got a pick list of suggested keywords, if they've got more than 30 searches a day keep them, otherwise delete them off the
list. Now we've got a list of only the keywords that could produce decent results left. Next we need to find out is they're
competitively viable. Or if they've got a low enough competition to bother trying for.
Plug each of the remaining words on the list into Google, record how many results are returned and then type
"allintitle:keywordphrase" into the box, without the quotes and record that number as well.
We should have the keywords, daily searches, results returned and the "competition" recorded for all the keywords.
Now if they competition is a.k.a the "allintitle:keyword" results are over 1000, then it's probably best to avoid that word, as it'll be
harder to rank for. However feel free to throw a few in there if you think you'll get some luck.
So now we have a list of low competition keywords, with a decent amount of traffic.
In order to turn this into a list of targeted profitable keywords with low competition, we're going to have to use a bit of thinking. This
bit isn't an exact science, its more intuition. Take a hard look at each of the keywords remaining, and reduce it down to a list of
20-40, based on which ones you believe to be the most targeted and the most profitable. Once you've done that, you've achieved the
goal for this section and we're done with the keyword research.
Key points:
- Get a keyword tool
- Come up with 5-10 key phrases
- Plug them all into the keyword tool and save the results to a file
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
- Delete any results with less than 30 daily searches
- Check the results returned and "Allintitle:keywordphrase" results in Google and write them down for each keyword
- Delete any results with over 1000 results for "Allintitle:keyphrase"
- Use your discretion to narrow down the list to 20-40 phrases based what you believe are the most targeted and profitable
Step 6. Finding a Product
Section Goal: Learn about the different ways to go about finding a product, and the advantages and disadvantages of all three.
Another crucial step in making online is finding the right product. We have several options here:
- Create our own
- Becoming an affiliate
- Drop shipping
I'd personally advise anyone following this with no previous experience to go the affiliate method since it's a lot simpler, and requires
less figuring out off the bat. Though I'll run through each of the options anyway, and you can decide for yourself.
Creating your own product - What it says on the tin. You have the added work in creating the product, coming up with idea's,
research, design etc. but your profits are higher than the other routes. You also have to deliver the product yourself, and sort out
payment, but have the potential for huge sales via JV's and recruiting affiliates.
Becoming an affiliate - This method involves you selling somebody else's product, and taking a commission on all sales made through
you. I like this option because all the product creation stuff is taken care of, as well the delivery and payment processing of the
product, and at the end of the day your still usually making around 60-70% commission. Plus another bonus with this is if your
becoming an affiliate of a large organization, they've usually poured buckets of money into the product development so you can rest
assured your customers are getting a good deal.
Dropshipping - This is sort of in the middle of the two, the product is created for you, and delivery is taken care of as well, but the
selling and payment processing is totally your responsibility. Again though, you get to keep 100% of the profits.
Once you've decided which one you'd prefer to go with simply go to Google and type "yourniche affiliate" or "yourniche
dropshipping" and you'll get some affiliate programs/dropshipping programs show up in the results. Obviously if you've gone the
product creation route you need to sit down and come up with a product. But the details of that are beyond the scope of this guide.
Okay so in terms of our plan, we've already found a niche to target, done all the keyword research, and selected a product. Now all
we need to do is sell it. I'm going to use the affiliate method in my examples, as it's what I'd recommend.
Key points:
- Decide which kind of product suits you best
- Go to Google and find an affiliate program or dropshipping program using "nichetopic affiliate" or "nichetopic dropship"
- Alternatively research creating a product, and then go create one
So on to step 7.
Step 7. Building a platform
Section Goal: Learn about the different types of platforms we can use to sell our products, and how to create each
Right so now we've got our product and research sorted we need to get selling, but to do that we need somewhere to sell it from.
Again we've got a few options here:
1. Create a niche site, complete with domain name
2. Create a blog
3. Setup a Squidoo Lens
Note that the last two items can be done completely free, so up to this point our plan has cost a grand total of $0 to put into action.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
You can however get a domain name for the lens or blog if you wish as well though. That way you still have control of the traffic.
Building a niche site - For this you just want a simple 20-ish page site. Fill two thirds of the pages with informative keyword rich
articles, and one third with reviews and you'll be set. Sprinkle affiliate links around the site and your done.
Creating a blog - Again for this your going to want to use two thirds informative articles, and one third reviews/promotional posts.
You can get a free blog from blogger or wordpress.com.
Setting up a Squidoo Lens - Again this is free, and you can register one at Squidoo.com. Fill it with interesting informative content,
and throw your affiliate link in occasionally, and you'll be good to go.
Once you've got one method working for you, you can expand by creating one (or both) of the alternatives and linking them together
for a traffic explosion.
We're getting there, don't worry, there's only one real step left now. We're got the infrastructure, the mindset, the plan, and the
product. All we need now is traffic.
Key Points:
- Decide which platform suits you best and build one
- Alternatively build one of each!
Step 8. Marketing
Section Goal: To learn all about the primary marketing tactics used to promote our site, and the advantages and disadvantages
Entire collections of books have been written around this topic, so i can't possibly give you it all. However i will give you the most
relevant bits in details, and then give you other area's to cover once you've got those down.
The main methods I'm going to go over here are all free traffic methods, to keep this entire then achievable on zero budget. Here's
what we'll cover:
- Article Marketing
- The power of social bookmarking
- Community Sites
- Directories
- Video
I should also mention our traffic strategy is based primarily on leveraging the natural traffic from the search engines. E.g. User >
Search Engine > Article/(>)Our Site > Affiliate site > $$$
Article Marketing - This will be the cornerstone of our marketing efforts. The idea is we to write interesting informative articles, rich
in the keywords researched earlier, which we can then submit to e-zines, and article directories. Search engines will then spider these
articles, and rank them highly for the keywords used, due to 1. The low competition 2. The Page Rank of the article directory. By
making our headline and article interesting, users will click on the result in Google, read to the bottom of the article. And then click
on the link we've placed there leading to our site. Eventually with enough articles pointing to our site our site will then rank for the
search term rather than the article, giving us even more traffic.
Social Bookmarking - This one can be used in conjunction with article marketing too. If you ever find your article has slipped off the
front page of Google and your site is yet to rank, use a few social bookmarking sites and submit a topic linking back to the article.
This will give it more backlinks and give it more Google love. Usually the article with climb back up to the top of the search results.
Social Booking has another use as well though, besides building backlinks for our site, we can also use it to bookmark interested
articles on our site. If the topics popular enough it'll get votes and quickly receive huge amounts of traffic over the course of a few
Community Sites - By community sites i mean things such as blogs, forums, groups, Q&A sites. Any site where you can share your
opinions with multiple users. By participating in these kinds of sites and including a link back to our site in either the signature file, or
some other means (though only use signature files on forums) we can generate healthy amounts of backlinks and also natural traffic
from the sites. Two birds with one stone!
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Directories - If you've the endurance for it, you can submit your site to as many of these as you can handle. Each one will give you a
relevant back link, increasing your standing in the search engine results. Beware though, some directories are in bad standing with
Google. If you get a link from these, you can hurt your sites standings in the results. Avoid sites that look dodgy.
Video - This one's not my forte, however they can provide good traffic if done right. One easy way of creating them is to take one of
the articles you've written and create a slide show around it. Then speak over the top of the slides about the topic and you've
successfully turned your article straight into a video. Post these to various video sites, and you've got yourself some more traffic.
If you use those successfully, you can get some nice traffic, and make quite a nice number of sales.
Just based off the articles, I've managed to get 200 views/article, with a click through of 50%, that's 100 visitors to your website, a
further 50% clicking through to the affiliate site, leaving us with 50, and with a conversion rate of 2% that's 1 sale every article.
Now if you can produce those number with every article (which is very doable with practice) you can produce 10 sales purely from
new article each day. Presuming your getting $20/sale that's $200/day. See how powerful this can be?
Mix it up with the other methods, and you'll be away.
So what happens when you've done all that, your making money and everything flowing smoothly. Where do you go from there?
That leads us into our next section: Growth
Key Points:
- Leverage traffic of the search engines
- The success of our keyword research effects how successful our marketing is
- Market using articles
- Gain backlinks and traffic by leveraging Social Bookmarking
- Use Social Bookmarking to create huge traffic over popular topics
- Submit your site to directories for backlinks
- Avoid directories that look dodgy
- Convert your articles into video's
- If you can make 1 sale per article your doing exceptionally well
Step 9. Growth
Section Goal: Learn about different idea's and methods we can use to grow our site from a site, into a business
Let's stop and look at the current model for a second. Our sales funnel is looking like this:
User > Search Engine > Article/(>)Our Site > Affiliate site > $$$
What if we were to add another few sites in there? (Blogs, Len's, more niche websites), we can create a whole web of sites, all
connecting to each other. And once you've got one established, you can easily bring another one up by feeding your google love to
the new site via a link. Once that's established we can add another, then another, then another. And eventually you can have a whole
web of sites, all pointing to the same products to produce massive traffic. Not only that though, we'll also have tons of Google juice
flowing throughout the whole thing cementing out positions in the search results.
I suggest once you've got to that stage that you create one giant authority niche site, fed by the current web of sites, containing tons
of content, to bring you to the next level. Done successfully you can control massive keywords, some with over a hundred thousand
searches a month each. How'd that do for traffic?
You can also add autoresponder's to all the sites, to capture peoples email addresses, and sell to them time and time again. You can
pick up a good one such as Aweber for around $20/month. If you could capture 10,000 emails, and convert at 2% per offer, that's
200 sales from one email. Do that once a week, with a $20 product and you've got $4000 from that one email!
How about other marketing methods? There's literally tons of them! I won't go into detail with them all, but a simple search of the
Warrior Forum will reveal more than enough information to implement them effectively.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Here they are (including the previous ones):
- Articles
- Turn your articles into video's
- Social Bookmarking
- Directories
- Forum posting
- Blog posting
- Q&A Sites
- MSN/Yahoo/Google Groups
- Facebook and Myspace (including groups)
- Press releases
- Email bloggers in your niche asking for a link
- Email bloggers in your niche offering to write free content in exchange for a link
- Create Squidoo Lens and Hub pages
- Ping services
- Use Technoratis' blog promotion features, such as tags, claim your blog etc.
- Mention your site on craigslist
And many more, a search of the Warrior Forum will reveal the one's I've missed off.
Another extremely useful thing would to do would be to test every aspect of your marketing, and sales process. You can do this with
split test scripts, which will load different web pages when the same domain is entered. This way if you think using say a purple
headline would increase sales, you can test one page with a purple headline and see if you earn more money from that page. Always
track your statistics, they're vitally important in improving your sales process.
So you can see the potential is enormous!
Key Points:
- Network sites together to rank higher for keywords
- Create huge authority sites once your network is large enough to rank for massive keywords
- Add autoresponders to your sites to leverage your traffic time and time again
- Utilize every marketing method you can get your hands on
- Test everything and keep track of all your statistics so you can see what's working, what's not and how you can improve
Step 10. SEO and Copywriting
Section Goal: To realize the importance of copywriting and SEO in marketing
I felt I should include a special section specifically for SEO and copywriting since they play such huge roles in getting traffic, and
increasing conversions. Again these are topics that entire collections of books are devoted to, so I'll just give you a very very brief
run down of each, otherwise this post would get even longer.
SEO: It stands for Search Engine Optimization. There's too different types, On-Page and Off-Page. On page factors are concerned
with things that effect your search engine ranking on your web pages. And Off Page are naturally things that effect your ranking off
the actual website. Things you can do to improve you On-Page optimization:
- Always include the keyword phrase your targeting in the title tag of your page.
- Use the keyword phrases your targeting a few times on the relevant pages
- Every new page you create, use a new set of keywords optimized for that page
- Use your keywords in the anchor text of you website links to the relevant pages
- Fill out your meta tags with keyword's, but don't over do it
Off-Page factors are obviously harder to control since they're not on your website. However the two main things you want to do are
1. Get backlinks from relevant sites linking back to your site. The more backlinks you have, the more popular your website looks.
Therefore placing it higher in the search engine results. And the second: Whenever creating backlinks to your site from whatever
content, always use keyword phrases your targeting that are relevant to the page. This way you appear like the authority on that
Obviously there's a lot more the SEO, however again a search of the Warrior Forum will reveal far more than i could ever type here.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Copwriting - This is the process of using specific language and writing techniques to increase the persuasion of your writing.
Copywriting is a psychological mind game. It can cause your user to become more interested in what your saying, and also create
emotions in them. There's nothing shady about it. They're simply techniques used naturally in writing, but we don't always use. If we
use them all the time though, we can always communicate what we want to not just with words, but with emotions. Since article
writing is the corner stone of the marketing in this guide, I'll give you a quick rundown of things a perfect headline should be:
- Unique
- Specific
- Urgent
- Useful
- Knowledge
- Curiosity
If you headline can include at least 4 of those, you'll get readers attention no problem!
As for SEO in articles, try and include your keyword phrase for the article at the beginning of the title, the start of the first line, a
couple of times in the body, and then in the anchor text for your link.
Again, do a search of the Warrior Forum for more information on SEO and Copywriting.
Step 11. Realizing your full potential
Section Goal: To look at how methods and idea's utilized here can be applied to different area's of our life.
So that's it. Your all done. Once you've digested all that information, you'll have everything you need to build and entire career in
internet marketing. But what about making money quickly? That's what i asked after all wasn't it?
Think about it this way, if you can get in a position where you making $4000 from each email to your list, your already making far
far more than you ever could with any quick money method. The juice is definitely worth the squeeze.
So hold out and put this plan in to practice instead, and if you really work at it, you'll be making money a lot quicker than you think.
This isn't just a guide in making money quickly on the internet, if you take some of the lessons talked about here and apply them to
the rest of your life, you can see huge changes. Like goal setting, ever wanted to achieve anything in life? You can use the very same
method. Get your goals crystal clear and make a plan, and then take action. Mindset as well, if you take those three traits we spoke
of earlier and apply them to every aspect of your life you could make huge improvements in some cases (of course if you already
possess those traits, your already golden.) A life full of positivity and persistence coupled with a hard with ethic could take you
further than you'd ever imagine.
I hope i've helped you not only make money quickly online, but also improve other aspects of your life. With both parts together,
you'll be in the top most successful people in the world. Guaranteed.
The End. Almost.. I've included some key points and checklists down below to help you remember everything included in this guide.
The Process
Remember our sales process goes: User > Google > Article > Site (Web of sites) > Affiliate site > $$$
And then once our sites are ranked: User > Google > Site (Web of sites) > Affiliate site > $$$
Summary of Goals
Section Goal 1: To realize anythings achievable, and to learn to find solutions to reach our goals, no matter how large they seem.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Section Goal 2: Learn the key mindset that allows us to achieve our goals
Section Goal 3: To learn how to utilize planning to give us clear focus about where we're going
Section Goal 4: Learn how to pick a profitable niche, and about the two different types of niche's
Section Goal 5: Learn how to pick profitable, targeted, low competition keywords.
Section Goal 6: Learn about the different ways to go about finding a product, and the advantages and disadvantages of all three.
Section Goal 7: Learn about the different types of platforms we can use to sell our products, and how to create each
Section Goal 8: To learn all about the primary marketing tactics used to promote our site, and the advantages and disadvantages
Section Goal 9: Learn about different idea's and methods we can use to grow our site from a site, into a business
Section Goal 10: To realize the importance of copywriting and SEO in marketing
Section Goal 11: To look at how methods and idea's utilized here can be applied to different area's of our life.
Key Points
- Be crystal clear about what your goals are
- Realize your can achieve anything, it's nothing to do with circumstances
- We constantly move towards goals we set, whether we realize it or not
- Always think positively
- Never give up - You could be only one attempt away
- Work hard to achieve - The harder you work, the faster you get there
- Outline your goal at the top of the page
- Outline the reason for wanting the achieve the goal
- Outline in one or two sentences how your going to achieve it
- Be as specific and as detailed as possible
- Outline in as much detail all the steps that need to be achieved to reach the goal
- Come up with a set of time constraints within which to achieve each step
- If problems present themselves, go away and think about them for a while
Picking a Niche:
- Decide what kind of niche you want to get into, large or small
- Check around for signs of a community
- See if you can find something your passionate about, that will ALSO be profitable
Keyword Research:
- Get a keyword tool
- Come up with 5-10 key phrases
- Plug them all into the keyword tool and save the results to a file
- Delete any results with less than 30 daily searches
- Check the results returned and "Allintitle:keywordphrase" results in google and write them down for each keyword
- Delete any results with over 1000 results for "Allintitle:keyphrase"
- Use your discretion to narrow down the list to 20-40 phrases based what you believe are the most targeted and profitable
Finding a product:
- Decide which kind of product suits you best
- Go to Google and find an affiliate program or dropshipping program using "nichetopic affiliate" or "nichetopic dropship"
- Alternatively research creating a product, and then go create one
Building a platform:
- Decide which platform suits you best and build one
- Alternatively build one of each!
- Leverage traffic of the search engines
- The success of our keyword research effects how successful our marketing is
- Market using articles
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
- Gain backlinks and traffic by leveraging Social Bookmarking
- Use Social Bookmarking to create huge traffic over popular topics
- Submit your site to directories for backlinks
- Avoid directories that look dodgy
- Convert your articles into video's
- If you can make 1 sale per article your doing exceptionally well
- Network sites together to rank higher for keywords
- Create huge authority sites once your network is large enough to rank for massive keywords
- Add autoresponders to your sites to leverage your traffic time and time again
- Utilize every marketing method you can get your hands on
- Test everything and keep track of all your statistics so you can see what's working, what's not and how you can improve
Task Checklist
- Decide on initial goals, and get them as clear and specific as possible
- Get in the right mindset: Be positive, Always persevere and Work Hard at everything you do
- Write a your plan and be crystal Clear, then follow it to the end
- Pick a niche that's profitable
- Find profitable, targeted, low competition keyword phrases with at least 30 searches a day
- Decide what kind of product and process you want to use, then create/find a product to sell
- Create a platform to sell your your product/plug your affiliate links
- Market your site till you get a nice stream of traffic and make regular sales
- Expand and grow
- Take the time to read up and learn about copywriting and SEO
- Apply the goal setting, planning and mindset lessons to all area's of your life to realize your full potential
Reply author: rjj418
Replied on: 07/21/2008 18:31:01
#1. READ your local newspaper - find out who is successful in business (or considered to be). Talk to them. The chances are you will
find traits that are replicable in IM. If not...talk to them anyway and learn about their business and...
#2. Ask them what would it be worth to them for bona fide leads to their business?
#3. Outline for them the power of IM and ask if you can show how it can be done <maybe even for a small fee based on
performance - THIS TIME!>
#4. Write <or outsource to be written> 10-20 short articles about the business or product; write a review yourself; check out the
#5. Set up a simple site designed specifically to attract bona fide leads and capture names and at least email addresses. Give
something away directly relevant to the business that has great perceived value.
#7. Parlay this success and repeat for other businesses - right in your own backyard!
Rich J
Reply author: SEOSuperGuide
Replied on: 07/21/2008 19:06:30
Exploit a niche market. Just like everyone else, isn't it that simple ?
126 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Reply author: p1a1u1l1
Replied on: 07/21/2008 20:09:01
I would show them how to make $500 to $1000 in 30 days.
1. I would get them to set up a paypal and ebay account.
2. Then to build up some quick feedback, sell some low
cost items from there home junk).
3.I would get them to source a drop-shipper through
global source, salehoo, alibaba or put them in contact
with one of my old suppliers.
4.Make sure the company is legit, check out contact details,
contact them and ask a few questions and research the company
through google.
5.Search on ebay for popular goods (example electronics)
6.Work out profits after paypal an ebay fee's for products I want
to sell keeping in mind my competitions prices.
Only sell higher end products with profits of $40-$80 per item.
7.Teach them how to create great ebay listings.
clear simple offer
good photos
Add graphics
8. Open an set up ebay shop, to add credibility.
9.Create 10 listing for high end product.
10 listing in shop and 10 listings on buy now.
10. show them how to process there first orders,
ordering online through suppliers website.
11.show them how to handle there customer services
and after care.
12.show them to use airmail to drop-ship products
direct to customers door without customs charges
due to a hole in the UK customs system.(This is legit)
13. use the profits after the first month to start building up
14. get an account with a courier service.
15.offer next day delivery with new stock to bump up sales.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Reply author: Sweeney
Replied on: 07/21/2008 20:34:36
I can't decide if I want to read through this whole thread... or wait for Allen to pick the best 20 and save me some time..
Reply author: Dan Liptak
Replied on: 07/21/2008 21:08:12
If you are going to make money online, then you need to be committed to learning. The best way for a newbie to learn the ropes is by
setting up a niche blog. The topic of you niche should be something you are interested in and/or something you are an expert in.
There are thousands of niches that can be profitable. Once you decide on your topic then, here are the steps I would recommend.
1. Get a domain and web hosting. Signup for Google Adsense.
2. Install Wordpress. If you don't know how to do it yourself, don't worry you can easily outsource this on Elance or Rentacoder, etc.
3. Install these plugins - All in One SEO, Akismet, Feedburner Feedsmith, Adsense Manager, Google XML sitemaps, Tagilize It,
Twitter Tools, and Share This.
4. Get a custom template. Again this can be outsourced. Google "adsense optimized wordpress themes" to find one that will work
well with adsense.
5. Start gathering content for your blog. You should be posting at least one entry a day if not two. Once you get indexed in Google it
is a good idea to feed the Googlebot fresh content. Start by writing some of you own content so that you can set the tone for the blog.
Then you can start to outsource the content. Again you get look to elance and other sites to outsource.
6. Once you have at least ten posts, start to build traffic. First, take some of your posts you have written for you blog and rewrite
them for article directories. Ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com are where you should concentrate. It your bio box, have a link to
your blog. Next, find some forums related to your niche. Start joining some of the conversations. WARNING, do not spam the
forums. If you genuinely join the discussions, then you will find that you get high quality traffic back to your blog. Next, do the same
with related blogs. Post thoughtful comments on other peoples blogs. Again, don't spam or you will be wasting your time. Before long
you will start to get regular traffic to your blog.
7. Use social bookmarking sites to submit some of your best blog posts. Do not do this for every post, just the most trafficked. Use a
site like socialmarket.com to make submitting fast and easy.
8. After you have been participating in your niche community for a while, you should start to notice some reoccuring
themes/questions/delimmas. Write a free ebook that addresses these. Then use this to start building an optin list. Subscribe to a
autoresponder like aweber. Set up a squeeze page on your blog. You will use this to capture people's email address in exchange for
your free ebook. The next time you post to a forum, include the link to your squeeze page in your signature.
9. Once you start building a list, you can offer affiliate products. This is where you can start hitting the big $$$.
10. Start developing your own product targeted to your niche. Recruit some JV partners and start promoting. Not only will you make
a high return on your own product, but you will start building an even bigger list of buyers (buyers are the best people to have on
your list!) You can also develop a paid membership site and earn recurring income.
11. Stick to what works and repeat it. Once you have mastered the niche blog, then you are ready for the next step such as
developing a web service, providing software, or membership sites.
The number one rule is: Never stop learning. Watch what others are doing and be willing to invest some money in your education.
Also, be patient. A lot of people think that you can strike it rich over night on the internet, but this is a rarity. The biggest advantage
of the internet is that it is a low barrier of entry. It just takes a few hundred dollars to get started and the upside potential is unlimited.
Reply author: Scott Million
Replied on: 07/21/2008 21:13:18
128 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
1. Go to Elance.com
2. Sign up for an account and bid on projects for link building / article writing. Do short projects that pay you little amounts, even if
it's well under your worth. This will build up your track record / credibility.
3. Take your money from those projects and setup a one page website. Make sure to get the testimonials from the elancers you did
work for.
4. Use $20 of the money you made to start a WSO on unique article writing and/or link building. Point the users to your one page
5. Find other Elancers who work for cheap and have quality writing / performance. Outsource your business from the WF to those
Elancers, so you don't have to do any work.
-----> The above can take as little as 2-3 weeks <----Okay! Now you have an automated business that requires very little effort on your part. You now have funds to 'blow' on Pay-PerClick, link building, article writing, etc. for your own niche websites.
Make sure to reinvest your funds into more websites or further development of your existing ones. You should always be thinking of
'growth' rather than 'cashing in'.
The #1 literature I can recommend that was the backbone of my success is Chris Rempel's 'Confessions of a Super Lazy Affiliate'...if
you can follow directions this will get you there, but do the Elance part first...it will teach you a lot about the game.
Best of Luck Friend...
Reply author: Dave Ryan
Replied on: 07/21/2008 21:32:22
quote :
Originally posted by Admin
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest
time possible, what would you tell them?
For maximum profit in the least amount of time --- having no list, no product and no money to invest --- I'd tell them to leverage
other people's hard earned assets...
There's a million ways to do this, but why not just find someone with a great product who has a large amount of credibility... Contact
them and say "If I can get major publishers to promote your product will you give me 15%?".
Then after the ink is dry - Go and contact as many directly related ezine publishers and website owners that you can. Tell them how
they will make a large sum of money by helping their readers solve a unique problem. Explain why the person who created the
product is a go-to source. Explain how they'll make 45% of the sales for promoting it, you'll make 15% as the broker and the product
owner will make the remaining 40% even though it took his entire lifetime to create the product.
Close a few deals and make, ohh, let's say... $17,931 with about two hours of work.
)o list, product, or money required and presto - you're making more money per hour than a neurosurgeon.
No reason to over-complicate things here.
Reply author: greenovni
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Replied on: 07/21/2008 21:41:28
Here is another entry for me. Go Green Go!
There are many ways to make cash and this thread has some of the "quickies" as well as "longer term"
If I read Allen's question correctly, I should be telling & showing my "newbie" how to make some quick cash.
It also depends on the situation, what my newbie might consider quick is another newbie's "long term" + what their financial situation
is currently also comes into play.
I am going the route that my newbie is broke, desperate and needs money within the month (Time for the affiliate check to get
home). I also think that my newbie is so new that he needs step by step hand holding so I am giving him/her step by step directions
Here we go
Today’s lesson comes to you thanks to the sucky economy we are all living in at this time and some CPA offers for payday advances.
We all know that this economy and the credit / foreclosure crunch has a lot of our fellow men in a really tight pinch. These people
are hurting for money to pay their bills and some of them are just a paycheck away from losing what they have worked so hard to
A lot of them will not go to their local payday advance office because of shame / pride but will use the same offer online thanks to
the “invisibility” of the internet.
Items needed:
1. A CPA account that has a payday advance offer
2. Craigslist account(s)
3. (Not necessary but makes job easier) Craigslist Auto Poster
4. (Not necessary but makes job easier) Craigslist & Gmail account creator
5. (Not necessary but makes job easier) A Free Link cloaker
The process:
1. Go to your CPA affiliate account and search for a payday advance offer, get your text links, copy and paste them into notepad.
2. If you have a link cloaker, cloak you affiliate links (you can use tinyurl for this)
3. Now that you have your cloaked links, save those in notepad for later use.
4. Open a Craigslist account(s)
5. Write your ads & subject lines. Keep them short and clean.
Sample Subject Lines
Are you broke? Get $1,500 loaned to you today!
$1,500 in your bank account CAN change your life.
Behind on mortgage? Let our company save you with a small loan.
$1,500 in your bank account in 24 hour . . SAVE YOUR HOME!!
Sample Ad Postings
I was a paycheck away from losing my home and only 1 company HELPED ME! They sent $1,500 in 24 hours straight to my bank
account and I saved my home. (Cloaked link)
Try to insert an image in all your ads
6. Post all of your ads in ALL the major cities on Craigslist in the financial sections & real estate section.
7. Rinse and repeat.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
I get $15.95 per signup and was able to generate over $800 in my first 48 hours.
Till Next time
PS. I know that my newbie will not be spamming CL since I will also show him how 3-4 CL ads per day is all he needs.
PPS. Allen & John, How many entries can people submit?
Reply author: jbsmith
Replied on: 07/21/2008 21:44:58
I already have my copy of TS2.0 on the way, so no need to worry about that, just thought the question was incredibly interesting.
My answer...
1. Start with a topic/market you have some interest and passion with - you'll refine it to find opportunities in the next step - but start
with what you love first, it will make everything else easier and more successful from here. Did Bill Gates love creating software for
PC's? Does Donald Trump love doing Real Estate deals? Does Allan love running the Warrior Forum? Duhhhh...so, yes passion,
interest, desire are all pre-cursers to making it big.
2. Now, all businesses (at least successful ones) address desires, wants and needs people have to either avoid pain or gain pleasure.
So, take the marketplace you have inventoried above and figure out what the #1 desire is within that marketplace - what frustrations
do people in your market have that you can help overcome or what unfulfilled desire exists that you can help fulfill? This folks is
your business idea.
3. What will you give the marketplace and in what format. So, you have identified a "cause" in #2 that is inline with your passion in
#1 - now you must identify how you will fulfill that passion. It could be 1) Bringing an already great product to the attention of those
you want to help through reviews, promotions, education, etc... or 2)It could be quickly putting together your own report, audio or
ebook on the topic. Because you want to succeed FAST, pick a few experts and interview them to get your content - add your own
experiences and BAM, you have a product to sell
4. OK, so you have a passion, a unique value proposition based on the #1 desire in your marketplace and a plan to offer your market
a solution - how do you monetize this? If you choose to promote someone else's product, then make sure you earn a fair commission
(30-50% is fair if you are doing most of the education and marketing) or bundle written, audio and video content together to create a
course you can price higher than just an ebook - such as a home study course, guidebook, learning program, etc...where you can get
$97 or more for your information.
5. To really kick things into high gear, pick a dozen sites that offer products to your market where they do not directly compete with
you and first approach them about a review of your product - then approach them about promoting your product on launch day - this
will earn you the biggest, fastest return in the shortest amount of time.
Have I left anything out?
Oh ya, don't forget to work on yourself. You need a strong sense of desire, success for you should be a forgone conclusion - you
should already see it in your mind, you must have a strong belief and cofidence in yourself and don't give up - no matter what!
You are about to head out on the journey of a lifetime - that's serious stuff, but it's also an incredible and joyous rush where the
journey will be worth as much as your financial reward.
Reply author: Mike Viskovich
Replied on: 07/21/2008 22:14:07
Lets assume the person has very little to no I.M/internet experience whatsoever, has
a limited supply of motivation, and even less time.
131 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
In order for this person not to fall prey to the most common trap of all IM newbies
(which is giving up on a method, getting sidetracked and not following through) we
need two simple things.
1. We need a SIMPLE GOAL which is easy and short term enough that the person will not give
up. The minute the fragile newbie senses even slight unease, there is potential to fall
victim to the giving up trap.
2. We need to make some money in as short a time possible. This is purely for motivational reasons.
The systems goal will be to make $1.00 on the internet in 24 hours. When the person does
this, something in their minds will shift, and realize that making money is a DIRECT RESULT
The mission will be completed within 24 hours, and will give the newbie
a sense of accomplishment, and knowledge that they followed through on their
first IM venture and made money doing so. All in 24 hours!
So, my easy step by step plan for the absolute IM newbie.
Make $1.00 (or more) in 24 hours on the internet.
1). Post the day and exact time you're starting.
2). You have 24 hours to make $1.00 on the internet
3). Report back and share exactly how you did it.
(With a screen shot of that first online dollar as a 'visual trophy')
To further inspire participation, there could be some kind of prize to the
most creative/inspiring 'first online dollar' story.
I think having a goal like this without any set in concrete 'method',
Makes it a little more exciting, and harder for the newbie to give
up and 'blame the method'.
Reply author: marktse
Replied on: 07/21/2008 22:24:16
Buy Traffic Secrets 2.0, study it and action.
Reply author: David Spyres
Replied on: 07/21/2008 22:35:03
Here's the question:
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you
how could they make money in the shortest time possible, what would you tell them?
132 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Allen, John and Newbies….
This is not going to be the best answer, nor is it going to be a short answer, but it is what I would tell newbies….being a relative
newbie myself and having made some serious mistakes the last 3 years.
The very first thing you need to do is ask yourself: are you in this for the quick buck or do you seriously want to create a business?
It’s a simple question and while many may want to build a business, many are lured into doing this for the quick buck. Sure, you can
make some serious fast cash and if that is all you want to do…that’s your choice.
But if you are in this for the long haul, and want to create something that you can be proud of…something that you can build into a
very lucrative and rewarding business, then you first need to make that commitment. Building a business is NOT a get-rich-quick
If you are serious, then my answer to the question is literally…quit thinking of how to make money in the shortest amount of time
possible…and start thinking of this as a the beginning of a very challenging and very rewarding career.
Second, I would tell you to STOP buying EVERY new thing that comes across in your email! I’ve stopped adding up how much I
have spent on the “latest and greatest” next-big-thing product!! Yes, I have learned from most of it. But guess what? If that is all you
are going to do … then you will continue to buy, continue to learn (which is not a bad thing), BUT YOU WILL ALSO continue to
Start by reading the forums that are dedicated to this business. Get to know people. Ask for help, after you have spent time soaking
in all of the great information that these forums can offer you. Yes, be prepared for a TON of reading and learning. Create a Golden
Nuggets document – cut and paste all of the great information you find. As you spend the time reading and soaking it all in….start
thinking of how you can start your business.
What are your passions? What are your hobbies? What do you REALLY want to create? Do you want to create a product or series
of products? Do you want to offer the world your knowledge and skills by offering them a service? What are your strengths and
weaknesses? It’s OK to admit you are fantastic in one area and admit that you suck at another. For example, I love research. I think I
am pretty good at it. But I think I suck at writing ;-)
So using the above, create an inventory of what you love (or like) to do, your strengths and weaknesses, and what you want to build
as a business.
Next is to spend some money in your area. Yes, I know I said stop spending money…but this is a little different! Here is what I
mean: if you are just buying stuff because you “have to have it”, that is NOT investing in your business. You are buying because you
feel that if you don’t buy, you are missing the boat!! Guess what? It will still be there!
So what I mean by spend money in your area is to look around and find products, services, memberships that are in your
niche…THAT is money better spent. Take a look in various forums and you will start to see the names and websites that are
“authoritative” in your area. If you have trouble finding them….hello? ASK!!
Spend a little time researching your passion. Gather ideas, note the marketers that are doing a good job in that area…emulate them
(no…I didn’t say copy them!)…maybe even ask them for their advice. Will they tell you all their secrets? NO. But they may say just
that ONE THING that creates the spark that ignites your imagination and produces an idea you can run with.
Once you have your idea…dang it…STAY FOCUSED! I am willing to bet that FOCUS is where a vast majority of marketers fail! I
am first to admit I have a serious focus issue. It is SO EASY to lose focus on your goal and your business plan. I fight it every singe
day. And you will too. That’s OK. It happens to everyone.
I believe what separates the very best marketers from others is the ability to recognize when they are losing focus…and to get back
on track. Yes, you will get derailed at times when your ideas and plans do not go exactly like you were hoping, but that is how we
grow. You learn to recognize when you are starting to get off track and you learn to adapt to changes that are outside of your
control…a great example: Ebay’s ban on sellers of digital (downloadable) items…many bitched…but those that recognized this as an
opportunity prospered! The point is that with changes like that, it would be very easy for the average marketer to become very
unfocused by dwelling on the negatives. STAY FOCUSED!
HOWEVER, do not get SO entrenched with an idea or plan that you are rigid and fail to recognize your idea or product or service is
just simple not what the market wants at this time. It happens. If you keep your blinders on all the time, you will miss what the
133 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
market is saying. They could be screaming “we do not like what you have to offer,” but if you stay narrow-minded and ignore the
warning signs, you are setting yourself up for major disappointment.
Ok…let’s move onto after you have created your new product or service. Treat every customer with respect and don’t be afraid to
go overboard with support. Under-promise and over-deliver. Surprise them with unannounced, value-added bonuses. Having a list of
100 well-cared-for customers is worth 100 times more than a list of 1000 “buyers”. And remember that you can NEVER please
100% of the people 100% of the time, but try anyway! Treat them like gold…because they are!
I know this is getting long, but finally I would like to say that when you are successful, NEVER forget where you started! You were a
newbie once. Take the time to help others. Take the time to take that newbie under your wing….FOR FREE and help them to not
just create a product…but help them create a business!!
I hope this was helpful to someone (and made sense LOL!) and that you follow the advice of EVERYONE who contributed. Your
job now…is to start studying and APPLYING what you learn…THEN you will be on your way to success!!
Wishing you the best,
p.s. I am still learning to take my own advice!
Reply author: Jag82
Replied on: 07/22/2008 00:01:13
Many many good answers here. A little information overload I will say. For a newbie, that could a killer. Too much info, but little or
worse, NO action taken. Beware of the dreaded 'Analysis paralysis' syndrome.
Anyway here's mine, a short and cut-to-the-chase version:
1. First off, cut away all the clutter. Everything that will distract, shut them off.
2. Go to forums in your niche, and observe what are people asking. What do they want? What problem are they facing? What
solution are they seeking?
How can we help them save time, money, be richer, more beautiful, heathier?
3. Once you done your research, find a PLR for it.
4. Create an email course or digital report.
5. Create a sales page and slap on the buy button.
6. Linked it up with Aweber and an affiliate script like Rapid Action Profits.
7. Direct traffic and sell.
8. Offer 100% commission and build your list. Sell somemore. To new customers and your list.
9. Rinse and repeat. Test and tweak.
There. That's it. No need for more stuff. Just get the plan down. And take MASSIVE action. In a few days and months time, your
effort will pay off.
Keep the 'READY, FIRE, AIM' approach in everything you do.
Reply author: Chikira
Replied on: 07/22/2008 00:05:12
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Wow, 171 posts and climbing... this is an epic thread that is almost ready made to be turned into an ebook in its own right.
Reply author: Stanley Tang
Replied on: 07/22/2008 00:48:59
Find someone who's already successful and model after them.
Reply author: VaibhaV KumaR
Replied on: 07/22/2008 02:30:01
Don't end this before my post please Allen! I am working on it
Reply author: ChristineKaraoke
Replied on: 07/22/2008 02:30:25
My entry for TS2.0 contest :>
Newbies entering Internet marketing always has the wrong perception of "fast, easy money". Here I will talk about long term success
with a solid foundation for years to come
I encourage newbie affiliates to focus on a niche instead of jumping head 1st into hosting, mortgage, Internet marketing ebooks and
other highly competitive and overly saturated markets. Just remember there is no ONE right way to get started, this is just one of
many ways to go but teaches some good lessons you could apply even if you are a seasoned aff.
One of the easiest ways to make money online today is by creating “niche minisites.” The internet is huge, and it’s growing bigger
everyday. You can always make a site that attempts to compete in large content areas, and you can succeed if you put enough time,
effort, and money into it. What if you don’t have a lot of time? What if you don’t have much startup money? What if you’re lazy
(even too lazy to start a Myspace turnkey)? Well then maybe you should give niche minisites a shot.
A niche is “a distinct segment of a market.” A minisite is simply a very small website (typically 10 pages or less).
When you combine these two ideas you get a small site that targets a specific people or product rather than a large site that attempts
to encompass a large group of people or products. The benefit of this is that everyone who visits your site will be looking exactly for
what you provide. This means higher conversion rate and more money for you.
Rather than bombard you with more theory, I’d rather show you step by step how to create, launch, and market a typical niche
Step 1: Find a )iche
This is obviously the most important part of creating a niche minisite. There are millions of niches just waiting to be filled, and finding
one, quite honestly, isn’t very hard. You can make money off of just about any niche if you work smart.
One of the first places to look for a niche is at your favorite news portal. In my opinion it is much easier to create a niche site for a
new product or trend rather than an existing one. Although one can create a niche minisite for an older product, it’s just harder.
Everyday new products are being announced that have the potential to become successful. What you have to do is look at these new
products and decide which ones you can grab at least a smidgen of the market for. Some easy ones to keep an eye on are new TV
shows, movies, rising artists (I hate rap, but rap niche sites are some of the easiest to turn into money makers), cars, and then your
typical new inventions/products.
At last year’s E3 a weird little gadget was unveiled called the Nintendo Wii. Everyone instantly started jumping on Wii-related
domains, including myself. One little nugget I managed to grab was RedSteel.co.uk. Red Steel is supposed to be one of the first Wii
titles to make use of the Wii remote in all it’s glory. The domain is decent, but it isn’t anything to jump over joy for. If you remember
from Domaining 101: Extensions, .co.uk isn’t as good as .com, .net, or .org; however, this domain does contain my main keywords
and will do just fine for the niche minisite I plan on putting up.
135 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
I’ve had this domain for months, but simply haven’t gotten around to putting up a site for it yet. You’ll find that happens sometimes
when you’re constantly finding new markets to exploit through niche minisites. The beauty of it is that if I never use this domain, it’s
less than $10/year loss, and I can always revisit it and put up a new site.
Step 2: Research
When building a niche minisite you will never stop researching. Before you solidify your niche, you want to get an idea of the search
traffic. A nifty tool you can use for this is Aaron Wall’s SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool. This tool compiles search data from
the big 3 engines (Google, MSN, and Yahoo) into one easy location. However, since Aaron’s tool isn’t working for me at the
moment, I’ll be looking at the Overture Suggestion Tool, or even better, the Google Keyword Selection Tool (which recently displays
numeric results on Google).
For those of you who have never analyzed Overture results before, I’ll go ahead and tell you that these results are WIMPY. They’re
very lame. If I had to guess looking at these numbers about how much monthly traffic my minisite will get through SE alone, I would
say about 50-60 uniques per day (keeping in mind that these are only Yahoo results).
Lucky for me, the domain RedSteel.co.uk although not premium, is good enough to get some type-in traffic:
The fact that this domain is not only getting type-ins but that the traffic is converting at a very nice rate (especially on SEDO’s ugly
as hell parking pages) is amazing news. The screenshot above is from the month of November which makes it seem like the numbers
could be inflated due to Christmas shopping; however, just over a week into January I’ve gotten 32 type-ins. So even if the numbers
do fall some from this screenshot, they’re holding up enough to give me some motivation to get this minisite up and running.
Another important piece of data to gather is your competition. The easiest way to do this is simply by doing a Google search:
What caught my eye when doing this search was that the number 1 result was the Wikipedia entry for Red Steel. Believe it or not
that’s fantastic news. One of the rules I follow when making a niche site is that usually if Wikipedia appears within the top 5 results
on Google, I can get my minisite to show up in the top 10 (after it gets out of the sandbox). This doesn’t apply to large, general terms
(such as “Poker” or “Duct Tape”) but usually holds true for more specific niche terms. Other than that the competition consists
basically of review sites. There doesn’t seem to be any community or portal sites that have a firm grip on the niche. That’s also good
Step 3: Analyze the Data
Now that you have your niche and the research to go along with it, you need to take some time to sit down and think it over. A
couple questions you should ask yourself are:
* Is there a large enough buyer pool?
* Can I compete with the other sites?
* Can I get a quality domain for SEO purposes?
* What will be the life span of this niche minisite?
As I’ve already shown above, RedSteel.co.uk has all it needs to become a successful niche minisite at this point. The buyer pool,
although small, does seem large enough to create profit, especially since I don’t plan on spending more than $20/year on this minisite.
The competition is scarce, and I already have a good domain. The main problem with this minisite is going to be its life span. Video
game minisites usually don’t last as long as other niche minisites; however, I expect this minisite will bring in money for at least a
year which is long enough to produce a good profit.
Once you’ve looked over all of the data, you have to decide whether or not to pursue the project. I’m going to go ahead with the
RedSteel.co.uk minisite.
Step 4: Decide on Monetization Techniques
One thing a lot of people want to do as soon as they’ve found their niche and done their keyword research is dive into making the
site. Then once they have it up, slap some Adsense on it and call it a day. This isn’t what you want to do. I always develop a plan for
monetization before I launch the site.
Adsense will always be in the plan when it comes to developing a minisite. Others use YPN, but in the end I suggest always using one
source of contextual advertising on your niche minisite. Adsense can be used on any niche minisite and will always be targeted.
136 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
So Adsense is a gimme, but I don’t plan on it being my main source of income for RedSteel.co.uk. The bulk of the revenue I plan to
generate through commission from selling copies of the game itself, and maybe some other merchandise/accessories. So how do I get
started doing that?
The first thing I do is do some searching through my favorite affiliate program: Commission Junction (less competition and more top
quality products, unlike CB imo). After searching for a while I found an offer that I didn’t really expect. In addition to selling copies
of the game, I can sell GameFly memberships so users can rent the game, and I also get a lead payout if users just sign up for a free
trial. I also found an offer for a Red Steel strategy guide.
So now it’s clear to me that affiliate marketing on this minisite is going to be the majority of my income from it. Setting up affiliate
marketing on your minisite takes a little bit more time than slapping Adsense up, but it pays off a lot more in the end.
Step 5: Lay the Foundation
The foundation of your niche minisite is of course the design. With a minisite, there’s no need to go overboard with a design. I would
suggest you do it yourself if at all possible, even if you have little to no knowledge of design software. With niche minisites the design
isn’t going to be the say all end all of the user experience - they’re going to be visiting for the content. That being said, there are two
things you need to accomplish when designing your site:
1. Make it obvious what the site is about
2. Design around ad placements
The easiest way to make your topic clear to the user is by creating a good header
Step 6-7: Generate Content / SEO
I grouped Step 6 (Generate Content) and Step 7 (SEO) together because you can’t really do them separately. While you’re creating
your content you always have to have SEO in mind, otherwise you’ll find yourself going back over the work you’ve done which is a
real pain.
So here I am making a minisite about a game I’ve never played on a system I can’t stand . How do I get content? Wikipedia.
Now before you run off and start copy/pasting to your heart’s content, I should warn you. If you steal content from Wikipedia
Google will zap you, and your site will fall from the top 10 search results into the hundreds. What you should do instead is skim
Wikipedia and put the content in your own words. It’s just like writing a “research” paper in college.
Wikipedia gives you all of the information about the game you could possibly want. It even has a nice little stock photo of the box
shot on the right that I can use to advertise my affiliate (affiliates usually have really lame graphics with their campaigns). I spent
about a half hour writing all of the content for Red Steel - it’s not gold, but as long as you provide what the user is looking for, that’s
all that matters.
When writing your content you have to keep SEO in mind. Since my niche minisite is only going to have about 5 pages, I want to
make every page and even every word count. My main keyword is “red steel”; therefore, I want to use it as much as possible. I also
want to include it within my h1 and h2 tags for extra emphasis both to the user and to search engines. In addition to my main
keyword I also have a bunch of secondary keywords: red steel cheats, red steel walkthroughs, red steel game, red steel reviews. If
possible I should try to work these into not only the content itself but also to the page filenames and headers.
Step 8: Setup the Ads
Now that you have your content and SEO sorted out, it’s time for the final step in the development process: setup your ads. First
thing you should do is throw in some Adsense since that’s the easiest, but don’t forget to setup the colors so that they blend into your
It’s always better to have blended ads rather than ones that are sectioned off with borders. You’ll also see that this Adsense setup is
completely within their TOS. One thing about Adsense on this site, however, is that there aren’t enough Adwords campaigns running
for the term “red steel” as it relates to the Wii game.
So much of the ads are off topic. Sometimes Adsense figures out your content and begins displaying more appropriate ads; however,
if it’s still showing ads like this in a month or two, I would definately take them down altogether and switch to another source of ad
Before finishing up with Adsense, you should also be sure to add a URL channel to your Adsense for content so that you can keep up
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
with ad impressions and CTR for your new minisite.
Now that we have our Adsense up we can move on to setting up the CJ store. A lot of people get intimidated when you start talking
about adding an online shop to a website, but the kind of shop we’re going to setup isn’t a big deal at all.
Basically we find CJ products that relate to our topic (in this case Red Steel game, walkthrough, and rentals) and set them up on a
page. Users who visit that page and click on the product will be redirected to a secure eCommerce site where they can follow through
with the purchase and we can earn our commission. We don’t have to ship anything, track orders, etc. Just collect the commission.
The first thing I have to do is search for relevant products.
I got the code for the GameFly pre-played offer (which also includes a lead payoff for whoever signs up for a free trial) and for the
Buy.com strategy guide offer. However, I could only find one advertiser selling new copies of the game: CompUSA.
Unfortunately they review all applicants to their program manually, so it may take a day or two for me to get in. When I do I’ll add
that link to the top since it would have the highest payout. I’ll update this when I get approved.
Step 9: Link Building
Since this whole tutorial was basically teaching you how to create a minisite that was dependent on search engines alone (rather than
PPC, paid traffic, etc) link building is important. You want to do all you can to get your new minisite into directories, on other
relevant sites, etc. If you provide enough quality content you may even be able to sneak a link into Wikipedia. Simply put - the more
quality inbound links you have the better your SE results. So you want inbound links.
Get traffic from organic google searches and your traffic (and hopefully clickthru/conversions) will skyrocket!
After the site gets residual income, rinse and repeat.
Before long, you'll have an empire of minisites
Reply author: Manuel Viloria
Replied on: 07/22/2008 03:11:21
Another thought just occurred to me...
I would ask the internet newcomer to make a list of their friends
and relatives, along with a list of each person's interests. Then
we would sit down and organize those names into different niche topics,
based on their interests.
Then I will talk with my network blogger friends who have already identified
their high conversion niche products online, and we would make special landing
pages so that we can easily track the sales.
This will take at most 12 hours.
Next, I will request the newcomer to contact all of his or her
friends (based on the list), and ask each of them to visit the appropriate
landing pages (based on their interest), because the newcomer is
trying to make money online.
The newcomer's friends go and visit the optimized landing pages,
and when they buy the product promoted in those landing pages, the sales
are tracked to the newcomer, and he/she gets a commission. In effect,
it will be a reward for driving traffic to a highly converting webpage.
In this example, the newcomer should be able to make some money within 5 days,
even though he/she has no website nor content of her own... yet. :-)
All the best,
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Manuel Viloria
Reply author: Calvin Woon
Replied on: 07/22/2008 04:11:02
Ok let's see.. the person is brand new to IM, so obviously we can't ask them to setup business systems and go into too much of the
nitty gritty details of IM. What we need is a simple plan which is easy for a complete newbie to understand and is designed for fast
So I would first identify the person's strengths and see if he/she possesses the following skill sets:
• Web Design
• Graphics Design
• Programming
• Transciption/ Translation
• Ebook writing
• Article writing
• Script Installation
• Sales Letter Writing
• Ecourse/Followup Email Creation
Thereafter, I would determine the newbie's budget.
So below are four different scenarios with four different plans.
Scenario (A): Strong in any of the above skills but has no capital
The method I will recommend is outsourcing of such services. Why outsourcing? The idea is to get the money simple and fast. And
outsourcing often requires some money to be paid upfront. So instead of creating and promoting info products which will take a great
deal of time and effort, outsourcing will be the best option.
Where To Look For Customers
Listed below are some of the most popular freelancing/outsourcing websites:
• www.Elance.com
• www.ScriptLance.com
• www.Guru.com
• www.RentaCoder.com
I would ask the newbie to register an account with each of these sites and bid on projects which are suitable.
To get more sales, I would suggest running a WSO offering such services as well. Main thing is to model after successful WSOs
offering similar services.
Also, they could setup an affiliate program. Thereafter, network with other Warriors and find people with the customers they want,
offer them a % of the sale for every customer they send and within a week, their new service business will have many clients.
Of course, there's a limit to the no. of projects they could take up. So they could leverage on other outsourcing companies as their
business expand. Meaning, they will act as a middleman and take in projects and outsource to other sources. So they'll also profit
from simply acting as the middleman.
Scenario B: Strong in above mentioned skills and have capital
If they're strong in any of the above areas and have some spare cash, I would suggest they proceed as usual in scenario A.
But the plan will be a little different right from the start in the sense, they will not do much manual work right from the start but
simply hire staff to do the manual work or outsource the projects they take up.
So their role will simply to manage the projects, and that will give them better leverage and allow them to take in more projects which
139 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
will bring them more profits.
Scenario C: )ot strong in above areas and have no capital
I would introduce the idea of affiliate marketing to the newbie, since it's pretty easy to understand how affiliate marketing works.
Of course, we can't promote regular clickbank, paydotcom, CJ products since it will take long for the checks or payments to arrive.
So what we'll do is to promote products where commissions are paid instantly to your paypal account.
Also, we can't do the traditional ways of article marketing, blogging etc since it will take a great deal of time.
So the plan would be to make affiliate commissions through forum marketing.
So here are the steps:
Step 1) Find hot products to promote
Go to http://7dollaroffers.com which is a directory of products which pays out instant paypal commissions.
So you simply choose the categories which you’re interested and passionate about.
You can look at the top 5 in each of the popular categories to shortlist the one you want to promote. Once you have picked your
product, just grab the affiliate link to promote it.
Step 2) Join Related Forums
There are forums on almost every topic you can think of. Your job is to find the forums related to the topic of the ebook you want to
Just go to Google and search for “your niche + forum”.
Replacing 'your niche' with your targeted nice.
The most popular forums on whichever topic you selected will be listed for you. You can also go to http://www.big-boards.com to get
a list of forums in any niche you choose.
The idea is to join as many of these forums as possible. Obviously, the more forums you participate in, the more traffic and exposure
you get to drive to your own websites.
Step 3) Create Catchy Signatures
Now that you’ve chosen the products you would like to promote, it’s time to create catchy signatures that will attract a lot of clicks
and hence drive more traffic to your sites.
Browse through the WF to see which are the catchy signatures which invite you to click and model after those.
Step 4) Start chatting!
The main thing is to never promote your product blatantly but just chat like any normal member. Engage in discussions and
encourgae people to reply to your posts while you do the same thing.
Step 5) Track your results and rinse and repeat!
Scenario D: )ot strong in above areas but have capital
Ok for this scenario, of course the person can also execute the plan mentioned in scenario B. But if there's no passion in those skills,
it might not be too feasible.
So the plan will be to identify a hot niche market. Simply go to clickbank and look at the best sellers in each category to see which
niches are hot.
140 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Once identified, order a set of say 30 articles on the chosen topic from the freelancing sites mentioned above. Why articles and not
create PLR ebooks? Of course, that's one viable option. But eBooks will take a longer time. So it's up to the newbie to decide.
Thereafter, package 20 articles and sell it as a WSO. Of course, you can value add to the package by offering keywords and also a
traffic report showing the related forums or related affiliate programs.
The remaining 10 articles will be used as an upsell which has proven to convert really well for me.
Also, introduce scarcity and increase the value of the PLR package by limiting the offer to only 20 packages.
Ok that's what I will tell the newbie! Hope it helps!
Reply author: rjj418
Replied on: 07/22/2008 05:07:34
ROUND #2 - the goal is the shortest time to $$$, sooo......
Can it be this easy?
Distill the best (or all) from this thread into a $20-25 WSO!
Read it bro - WSO - Count the dough!
Rich J
Reply author: Rob D
Replied on: 07/22/2008 05:33:47
Wow - sorry I got to this thread late. I'm going to have a crack at answering this having already spend quite a while discussing it with
a couple of people starting out today. I'm by no means an expert, but I have the pieces now and the whole picture is emerging. I'm
going to answer in two parts - first some generic advise and then some specific actions to take. I'm also going to concentrate on the
question - how to make money as soon as possible - rather than what a lot of people seem to think the question is - which is how to
build a profitable business as soon as possible. The two don't need to be mutually exclusive, but I'm a big believer in getting cash in
the hand of a new person online to show them it's possible and then showing them how to transfer their business from per/hour or
per/job income to a recurring one.
The first advice I give anyone who talks about making money online is what's been in my signature for months. Hold onto your
money. Don't spend online until you have made money online. This is for two reasons - firstly - most people run out and buy the
wrong stuff online. It's terrible the number of stories we all hear about new people who throw their money at the next big thing when
it is either rubbish or quality, but so far beyond their level that it might as well be rubbish. Secondly it means they are able to justify
everything they buy online to those people who can otherwise chip away at them with nagging and negativity.
I think the key to succeeding online is knowing you can succeed online, and if you spend money before you earn it then you start on
the backfoot, whereas if you earn money first then you are in the black from the start and KNOW that it is possible and that all you
need to do is figure out how to do what you have already done - better and more often. Something clicks into place. You know it is
possible and not some pie in the sky and all you have to do is get better at it.
The next thing is something I learned from Bev and John, both took me under their wing and offered some great advise. Funnily
enough it was very similar advise from both of them even though the actual path they both recommend was different.
Break down your goals until they are quantifiable then develop a plan to achieve them
That's kind of wishywashy so I'll explain. So many people say "I want to make money online", that's great we all do - but how much?
Most people will usually say something like "As much as possible obviously - duh!" Well that's fine too but your never going to
succeed with it. For a start you can never say you met that goal so how do you even know if your on the right path. Here's a better
answer - "I want to make $3000 per month." Okay - neat - but that's still pretty broad, so you break it down and say - that's about
$100 every day. Now you need to find out how to make $100 a day - this seems so much better than needing $3000 per month. But
we still need to break things down until they are quantifiable.
141 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Suppose I promote an affiliate product that pays a $20 commission. I know that to make my $100 per day target I need to make 5
sales per day. Now I have a target I can really hit or miss. Suppose I make 2 sales a day - I miss the $100 a day target and will miss
my $3000 monthly target - but at least I know I am 2/5 of the way there. So how to get closer - we break it down again. I made 2
sales 2 days in a row. Those 2 days each saw 20 people come to my website. So I figure that 1 in 10 buys if I get them to my website.
All I need to do to increase from 2 sales a day to 5 sales a day is increase the traffic from 20 to 50. It may easy to say increase your
traffic, but the important thing is it's measurable and it's scalable to anything.
If it were an adsense site I gather the same information - except a 'sale' is a click(that's how I make money). 100 visitors - 5 clicks $5 revenue. Now I know what I need to do to get $100 - get 2000 visitors. Always it comes back to a numbers game. Know where
your money is coming from - know how many people you need to get there to make the money and then work out how to get the
By now my internet newbie has fallen asleep - they wanted to know how to make money - not all this work and analysing - just give
me the damn magic formula!
Okay - you've absorbed all my golden lessons on making money in general - now lets return to the initial question:
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest time
possible, what would you tell them?
Let's paraphrase - you need to make your first money online and you need to make it as close to instantly as possible.
Yes dammit, stop talking and give me the golden key!
Right you need two things fast. You need something to sell and somewhere to sell it. That means you can go two routes - a product or
a service. If you are selling a product, then you are pretty much talking about ebay. Sorry but they are the king. They are hooking
buyers and sellers up every second. They are also relatively easy for a new person to work out. The problem - time. Unless someone
uses a buy now then you are going to have to wait to get your money. We want it instant like. So what you are going to be looking at
a service. But you are new online so what service?
Tell me what website I have to sign up to so I can make money!
What service can you offer? Well - almost definitely - writing articles. Look there's even a nice link to it in my signature. Is it going
to make you rich - probably not. Is it going to be hard work - heck yes. Will there be residual income - no. But will it make you
money - in your hand - up front? Yes it will. Not necessarily lots of money - and your still basically working at an hourly
rate(however fast you can write), but it is the best and fastest way of finding customers who will pay you immediately.
Where to find them? Forums like this one - some days you will luck out and walk into the forum and the first post is "I need an article
writer NOW" - message him - offer rates and tell him you are online right now and can start working on their articles right away.
Instant money.
How to write articles? This newbie needs to look at a few of the more popular ezine sites. These are not only examples of the level of
work they need to produce, but they are also your research source. You can learn enough to write articles from reading articles, and
with practice you'll become very good at it. My day job is selling hairpieces - but I've written in the past 7 days articles on
incontinence, yoga, post natal depression, making money online, weightloss and trading foreign currency. You can learn very quickly
because the best articles give you concise facts. Plus - you have your own knowledge to draw on.
This sounds kinda like a job to me.....
It is - but you want instant money online right? This provides it. And while it's hard work and sometimes the topics suck and you
wonder why the heck you are doing it - it's also a fantastic start because you are doing what 95% of people who set out to make
money online don't do - you are earning money on the first day you try at the first attempt you make.
And the great thing is you can build this into a business. An internet business doesn't need to take months to set up and then tweak
until it starts earning money. You can start by earning money NOW - TODAY! Then, with money coming in you can learn that other
stuff and make your online income less of a job and more an autopilot stream.
Well, thanks for your advise, but...
Here we go...
142 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
...I read this web page...
What a surprise...
It said if I bought this guys book that I would have money flowing into my bank account within an hour. That sounds much easier...
Hey it might work. Who am I to say if I haven't read this guys book? Oh I know - I am a guy who sees people moaning about buying
this sort of book and telling everyone you can't earn money online. Here's my story - I write articles for people. I code for people. I
write ebooks for people. And most of the time I don't like it. But it provides me a base online so I can look at all these other options maybe I'll buy that guys book, and maybe it will work and I'll have to get a bigger bank account to fit all my money in. Maybe it will
be a waste of time - but it won't be the end of the world if it is because I will be using money I've already earned online.
I know that any new person can do it because **I** did it. You don't need to buy lots of products, you don't need to know
everything about traffic generation and keywords and marketing - people think you need to know that stuff to make money online you don't! That's stuff you can learn WHILE you are earning money not before you earn money.
And guess what - if you do it that way you have a 1000% better chance of succeeding with affiliate marketing or bum marketing or
whatever else you try because you are ALREADY earning.
Now, stop listening to me. You don't need anything more than what you've already been told. Go a start earning that money.
Reply author: Jobe4212
Replied on: 07/22/2008 09:11:13
I would tell them to sign up for the ThirtyDayChallenge.com
Hands down the most complete, safe, pitch-free program for a beginner.
(And approved by John Reese)
Anything faster is a lit match; it's about to burn out.
Reply author: Hamish Jones
Replied on: 07/22/2008 09:29:58
I've already made a pitch to win this post but I still find it interesting and keep reading back for everyone's responses. I've actually
cut, pasted and printed a couple of posts for further study.
What still intrigues me about Allen's question is that he is asking about making money in the shortest amount of time possible, not
necessarily setting up a business.
But, then again, it could be about freeing someone from the working environment and then it could be about setting up a business! (if
your conversational partner has a job but wants to stop working for the man!)
If it is someone in desparate need of cash, I would still recommend pimping themselves for service provision, and then following the
If it is someone who wants financial freedom away from the man, I would recommend reading Bevs post on planning and then
following my advice on monetizing that which they are interested in.
As they say, failure to plan is planning to fail!
Reply author: seasoned
Replied on: 07/22/2008 09:44:50
Well, a lot of people would probably say the same thing, but here is what I would say:
143 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
1. Decide what you can do well that is profitable, fun, healthful, neat,cool, or some other item that will otherwise attract people.
Write a nice ebook(ahem REPORT) on it. Write it in clear
language, but pepper it with, and teach, relevant terms. Write a few sections that show you know the subject, and discuss it, but don't
say TOO much else. This can be a chapter of the book, and a teaser. (with luck, you can do it for FREE) The best format is generally
PDF because it is simple to write and use, and looks the same pretty much everywhere. BTW read the rest of this list before
deciding, as the best product may not be the easiest to do this with.
2. Get a good domain name for it.(cost may be less than $9. For simplicity sake, try to do this while purchasing your website.)
3. Get a good auto-responder account(most start out FREE)
4. Get a cheap hosting account(some may cost a few bucks a month) Stay away from free ones because they may cause you to lose
sales and look cheap.
5. Put up a nice website pointing to your teaser article, with highlights, and illustrating the neat FEATURES and BENEFITS!
Remember to sell BOTH! Too many people sell one or the other. Be sure to show a nice Table Of Contents of the real book, and
show the pages. Size doesn't matter, but you want it a good deal larger than your teaser.(with luck, this is no added cost)
6. Be sure to offer a forum and an email series(in the autoresponder) that is relevant, to build a community, build a relationship, and
get the details.(with luck, FREE) Be sure to pepper things with relevant affiliate links to get more income.
7. The price should be a bit below the average competitive price, but about 3 times what you REALLY want. If you can't acheive
that, add RELEVANT bonuses, and describe MOST of them. Allude to the others. You can ALSO do what IBM did, and simply split
the one book into several parts, and sell them as a set. Each book should be able to stand on its own for its stated purpose though.
That will allow you to increase the price without making it look expensive.
8. Place it on a site like clickbank(cost about $50) and offer a 40-50% commission on it.
9. Make sure you link it so the engines pick it up, go to affiliate community sites, and advertise the affiliate link. Come to
communities like this put it in your signature, and offer relevant advice, like you do in your email course(in the auto-responder).
10. You can use sites such as google adwords to advertise your site. You should pay no more than about 1% of the cost of your
product but, the more you pay, the more exposure you are likely to get.
11. You SHOULD make at least 20 sales for every 1000 exposures. If you don't, try to improve your site. If you do get enough sales,
you should still try to improve things, but you shouldn't do too much too fast. Realize that some visitors may come for another
reason, or be checking things out, and may end up buying MORE from you.
Startup costs: As little as perhaps $50.
Monthly costs: As little as perhaps $5/month.
Yearly costs: As little as perhaps $9/year.
Advertising costs: As little as NOTHING!
First year costs: As little as $119
Subsequent years: As little as $69
Of course, I haven't covered details as to what products could be used, such as NVU, FILEZILLA, PUTTY, oscommerce, phpbb,
etc... I also haven't covered SEO, copyrighting(protecting your report), copywriting(writing sales materials), or fancy peripheral
businesses, etc... Some people may even have guest writers that may write and give you increased income either by promoting your
product elsewhere, or paying you to help promote theirs. I have also tried to stay away from matters on the technical end, such as
digital protection. I have also stayed away from legal and traditional, such as disclaimers, privacy policies, FAQs, etc... All that was
done for brevity and to make this seem simpler. The guts are there though. For those wishing to see details on what I left out, google
has a lot of good info on them.
Reply author: Boblin
Replied on: 07/22/2008 11:35:31
Buy an existing web-site, that is making money.
Reply author: Jerry McGough
Replied on: 07/22/2008 11:43:34
144 of 170
quote :
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest time possible,
what would you tell them?
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
First of all, there's at least two factors that will determine the best course of action.
You'll need to know how much money they can comfortably afford to risk....and how much money they're looking to make.
Also, since they're brand new to the Internet, they've got to hook up with someone that is successful. They can't do it alone.
The shortest time to make money part... would require traffic, which they would need to purchase in some form.
If their budget permitted it, I'd recommend buying an existing site with established traffic that is under-monetized.
If you bought a site today that had traffic that was not monetized, then you could be making money tomorrow....and everyday
thereafter....with a few hours of help from someone that can assist with all the aspects of getting products (and such) on the pages.
So...I'd suggest that they buy an existing site with established traffic. A site that is very poorly monetized. I'd help them select the site
and do all the monetizing. In return, I'd receive a part of the revenues that kicks in after they get their investment returned.
I'd have them making money within 48 hours of site ownership.
Reply author: Tom Gates
Replied on: 07/22/2008 12:16:28
Fabulous and generous offer, Allen and John. You guys Rock! You always look out for the little guys. Thank you!
I hope I'm not too late to participate.
I like this one because it creates income fast and also has big residual income potential. I use it myself. A beginner can quickly start
using this and make money.
Here is the guts of the method:
1. Pick a hot niche that people are paying money for. Details given below.
2. Create a few articles for the niche using private label content that you can edit and personalize. Put a powerful signature / resource
box at the end of the articles that tempt readers to go to your site or page.
3. Submit articles to high-traffic article directories.
4. Use the strong signature / resource box at the end of the articles to direct traffic to a page where you sell the complete PLR book.
It's the same one you used create some of your articles.
You will need:
1. A PayPal account. Get one now if you don't have one yet: paypal.com
2. A small list of hot subjects to target. Or at least one to start with. This one is easy. Go to the WSO forum for great ideas,
clickbank.com's marketplace, ebay, or even amazon.com. The key point is - sell what people are buying. Don't worry about
competition. You can sell in any market by using this method.
3. PLR content. You can either buy some great stuff out there or find some sites offering it for free. If you're able to write articles
yourself, do that. Using PLR is just faster. Take the first couple chapters of the book you bought and turn them into articles. Edit and
customize them so its not the same as original.
4. A website or any place they can offer you some free storage space to put a page up. A quick search on Google will give you many
5. Article directories to submit to: My favorites are EzineArticles.com and GoArticles.com. There are many others if you want to use
more later.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
The good thing with this easy model is, you can scale it to as big as you want it.
You can add opt-in forms on your page to collect emails first and build your list.
After your articles have been submitted, they can continue to bring you traffic and customers for a long time.
You get traffic from authority sites that are listed well in search engines. That helps your SE ranking too from the start.
If you don't know what kind of articles to write, just look at the article sites to see what gets read most.
Use a strong headline and an attractive signature line to get people to your site.
You don't need much money to start this. You can even do it all for free. And you can start right now.
Thank you for letting me be a part of this great post!
Tom Gates
Reply author: barrys
Replied on: 07/22/2008 12:18:51
My post is based on these principles:
1. Build a business rather than chase opportunities
2. Sacrifice early profits
3. Work the back end to make your profits
4. Create systems and manage the work flow
1. Approach retail businesses selling high ticket products such as property, boats, cars and luxury furniture.
A marginal improvement in business will easily pay for your services. Also, retailers are open to new ideas right now because of the
poor state of retail spending.
2. Offer to send traffic to their sites and to generate more leads from their existing site visitors.
Create 2-3 minute videos of their products e.g. video tours of homes for sale.
- upload to YouTube to drive more traffic to their site
- add the videos to their web site to draw in site visitors
I would charge a nominal fee for making a video and uploading it for each property, boat or other high ticket item.
Your goal is to establish credibility and position yourself as a web traffic expert not to make a fortune with videos.
2. Once you have PROOF that the videos are generating more leads for the business then you have credibility - sell PPC
consultancy. Offer to set up and manage their PPC across Google, Yahoo and MSN. If they already have a PPC strategy offer to
improve performance or they don´t pay you. In both cases charge an ongoing monthly management fee.
Pay for a PPC education by reinvesting your early profits made from producing the videos. Buy Adwords ebooks, read the official
Adwords blog, read all instructions at the Adwords site.
146 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
3. Once you have PROOF that your clients are making a positive ROI with PPC then expand to other local businesses - sell with
testimonials. For the ones ready to go straight to PPC you are all set. For the cautious ones start with the videos as explained above.
4. Offer a blogging service as another back end service. This will be your second monthly billing back end service.
- set up and optimize a Wordpress blog
- schedule posts to go out once a week based on current news learned
from a monthly one hour interview with the business owner.
Again, reinvest profits to learn about blogging - the software, SEO, writing good content etc.
5. Create systems at each stage of the business development so that you can get someone else to do the work thereby leaving you
time to focus on creating plans for acquiring new clients and learning more about IM.
Pricing will be trial and error at first until you get a feel for what local companies will pay. As you gather testimonials you can charge
more as the proof will reassure prospects you are worth it.
6. Expand to other towns and cities
Once you have the systems working smoothly sell exclusive rights to your system across the entire country. License your system charge a sign up fee plus an annual fee.
7. Sell the business
By this point you need a change, cash out and get ready for the next big thing!
Reply author: LAG
Replied on: 07/22/2008 12:31:55
For someone brand new to the Internet interested in how to make money in the shortest time possible, the obvious answer is to sell a
product or service online that a lot of people are looking for. But even this generic answer assumes the person in question has some
talents, skills, experience, rudimentary business knowledge, and/or a burning desire to put in the time and effort required to achieve
the desired results. Here are some ideas for newbies:
147 of 170
1. eBay springs to mind as one of the fastest ways to make money online in the shortest time possible. Whether selling the surplus
accumulation of one’s life, art work, handcrafted products, books, or any of the many thousands of other potential items
categorized on the site, eBay is a good way to go about making money in a short period of time. The eBay site provides all the
information needed to start selling and money can be made there in as little as one day with a quality listing in a hot market. It
is critical for success on eBay to be fully aware of all their current rules and requirements and to stay up to date on all policy
changes. You would also need a PayPal account for immediate payment.
2. Along the same lines, other online outlets exist to make selling your stuff pretty easy to do with zero or very little up front
costs. Payments to you can be made in a variety of ways with PayPal being the fastest. The following sites (in no particular
order) are worth consideration for listing your items for sale:
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
3. Using PPC advertising to drive traffic to affiliate products is one way to make money without having your own product or
website. Knowledge about how to use Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing effectively is required. Paydays from
affiliate sales take at least two weeks or longer; ClickBank pays twice a month. While the overall learning curve for this
strategy is much lower than trying to figure out how to build your own website, create your own product, and write your own
sales copy - you still need to do your homework or risk losing money.
4. If you enjoy creating short video clips and have some talent in this area, a fun way to make money is to create short
‘infomercials’ about various ClickBank affiliate products and submit them to Traffic Geyser where they are then
broadcast to a large number of video sites. Traffic Geyser membership costs $97 per month. A digital camcorder and video
editing software or a product like Camtasia are useful to craft video clips but with Traffic Geyser you only need a few digital
images with recorded narration to make it work. You can insert your affiliate link on the clip before submission and you will
want some method to cloak the link.
Reply author: Richard HAN
Replied on: 07/22/2008 12:43:36
Well, here's my half hearted attempt to win a copy of Traffic Secrets 2. Half hearted because while I know this method can make
money fast (which is the key in this competition), the approach is somewhat unethical.
Here goes...
1. I'll tell the fellow to spend half a day time browsing the warrior forum since it's been established that given a good product, here's
the best place to make money. Also, as most IMers gather here to discuss on money making techniques, this is the best place to pick
up tips and have a feel of what is hot (Read: causing a lot of problems/interests) in the market right now.
No skill is required in this stage. Just normal admin/clerical work. Spending half a day collecting data (also known as doing research).
2. Once he gather the required data on what is the most hot topic in marketing, the next step is what many people here will disagree
with. And, that is... do a google search for warez forums / file sharing sites for products (read: top selling products) dealing with these
topics and give them a good read through.
I hear a lot of you scream murder here. But, what the bloke is going to do is just collecting materials for his "report". I'm sure those of
you who write articles/reports/ebooks have occasionally looked at competing products and get ideas from them to form your own
Again, no special skill here. Just the ability to google and read pdf files.
3. Step 3... From the research done in step 2, I'll tell the guy to come up with a 7-10 pages report. Here's where it might actually take
some time to compile since this bloke is supposed to be a noob. Hence, some guidance is required here.
4. Once the report is done, a system for offering the report for free and then do a OTO is next. For this, the $7 script is perfect. It's
only $7, will do a great job managing the free report giveaway and the OTO, and can often be found being given away for free. Just
need to google.
Again, at this step, some guidance is needed too with crafting the optin form and configuring the $7 script.
As for hosting, he can use 000webhost.com and for capturing emails, he can use GetResponse.com Free Account. So, no cost here.
5. We need some products for OTO. Where to get it? Google... There are tonnes of "resell rights membership sites" that offers quite
good ebooks/software. Sometime for free, or for a nominal price as a trial. We'll budget $10 for this.
By now, everything should be set up and with my expert guidance, it should not take more than 3 days to sign up for the hosting ($0),
domain ($2.98 .info with namecheap), free autoresponder account ($0), upload the report, setup $7 script, upload OTO products.
148 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
So, right now, the cost is $13 spent and time taken is 3 days.
Now's the time to cash in...
Checkpoint 1: WSO Forum ($20)
Offer the report for free in a WSO in exchange for an email address. Warriors will bite because (1) it's for free, and (2) it's on a hot
topic. Some warriors might (or will) use a throwaway email address but who cares. It's those that got in that we care about.
Checkpoint 2: Other major IM forums
Checkpoint 3: Safelist and FFAs
In total, it should not take more than 4 days to see money coming in. It could be shorter as we are conservative with the first 3 days
where the only actual work that require skill is to write the report.
But, within these 4 days, in addition to making some money via the OTO, this noob also end up with the following:
1. A Freebie List (from the free report) that he can constantly market to;
2. A Buyers List from those who purchase the OTO;
3. The knowledge that he acquired during the process of sizing up the market, finding out the hot interest and then delivering a report
that addresses that.
I would say point 3 is the real takeaway from this exercise. That is skill that he can use over and over again.
As said, I don't think my post will be voted by warriors as a winning entry due to the part on warez. I make no apology for that. I
don't do it, but I see it as a viable way to conduct research at a short time and without forking out too much money. I could have
asked him to buy the product from ClickBank and then later refund it. No difference there.
I would like to see what entries get the prize...
Reply author: Bryan Kumar
Replied on: 07/22/2008 12:54:06
Great thread! And some very cool responses.
Here's my contribution to the beginners who are reading.
I first wrote about this back in 2004. (Long before everyone was writing about Craigslist. I think back then, Craigs was only doing
listings for San Francisco. :) And it still is a great way to make some quick cash from the Internet while you're learning about Internet
marketing, planning, and starting your business.
There's a section on Craigslist.org titled "free" where people list stuff that they want to get rid of. When I wrote about this in 2004, I
looked through the page and saw a pool table, in great condition. Available for FREE to anyone who wanted to haul it away. (Those
things are not cheap!)
Pick your local area, go through the 'free' listings for stuff that's worth something. One man's junk is another man's treasure.
When you find something, go pick it up. Obviously, the closer you are to the person giving his stuff away, the better/easier it will be.
Next, go to the AD section of craigs list, and list your item that you just got for free. :-)
You can also use eBay if you want. But you'll have to pay for your ad. (From what I recall, you can still list stuff free on Craigs.)
After you've made some money, let me know and I'll tell you what to do next. There are lots of quick ways to make money on the
Internet. My favorites, for a beginner, are posting a WSO and article marketing. (Heck, I still do both myself so it's not just for
Make some money! One of the guys that I told this to was able to find a listing, pick the product up, and sell it - all within a couple of
149 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Thanks Allen and John for this great idea/offer!
Edit: A few things I'd like to point out...
I chose this method for one main reason: beginners often don't believe that they can make money from the Internet. Especially
when you tell them to 'write something up and sell it.'
To this day, when I tell some people what I do for a living, they look surprised and say, P
" eople actually buy reports and stuff from
websites? Can't they get all that info for free?"
It's kinda like telling someone who's never seen an airplane before that there's this giant, heavy metal tube that can fly across
oceans, with people sitting inside it. They just don't believe it.
By using this method, and by having them sell tangible products that they can touch and feel, they will start to see that it is possible
to sell stuff online. One of the biggest hurdles for beginners is their own mind. (Also, by having them sell something to one person
that they got for free from another person, as mentioned above, helps them start to believe that maybe it doesn't matter how much
'free' info is already on the Internet. You can still sell quality information, despite what's available for free.)
Once they have seen it for themselves, and proven to themselves that it can be done, they're ready for the next step, i.e. selling
informational products, using content to get traffic, subscribers, sales, etc.
Oh yeah...If my name happens to be one of the 20, I'd like to donate my package to someone who needs it more, if I may, please.
Reply author: Ross Dalangin
Replied on: 07/22/2008 13:25:43
Go to warriorforum.com/forum and check out what's in there that is selling at the WSO forum.
Read the bestwarriorthreads.com and absorb. Create your plan and test it. Make your sales letter very attractive something like only
idiot will pass and focus on traffic while testing your sales copy. Improve the sales copy to get high conversion rate and start getting
more JV partners to help you on promotion. Give them enough materials like product reviews, articles, banners, press release,
autoresponder text, blog post, forum post, sig links, keywords, affiliate websites, videos, sample reports for viral purpose, teasers, list
of article directories, list of social networking sites, list of forums related to your niche and many other related materials for your
affiliates to make them just copy and paste it to their blogs or PPC campaigns. The most important is the right plan. You need to
learn everyday, make a list of your ideas and implement it.
Reply author: Kalidasa
Replied on: 07/22/2008 13:37:28
Here's a great little marketing plan that can really work for high price point items. I plan on using it for a membership site I am going
to be setting up as well as future workshops.
The requirements are:
A good gift of gab (good at talking to people for our foreign friends)
A product, preferably high end (your time can be the product, ideas below)
Ability to make a video
Some PLR or MRR material to offer as bonuses
Appropriate technical ability to create a squeeze page
Create a very informative video about your niche. Put in some tips that the prospect can use now, at least three of them. Don't try to
sell anything at all.
Create a squeeze page for the DVD which you will be giving away for free. You are only going to ask 5.77 for shipping and handling.
This will actually cover your costs and could make you some ok money if you self fulfill.
The video doesn't have to be high quality though that would be great. It's the quality of the content that matters. You could probably
150 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
make it with your computer's cam. Make it some really impressive informatino so you really get their attention.
After they pay get their info including shipping address, email, and phone number.
Then send them to a bonuses page, offer lots PLR/MRR or anything else appropriate to your final product. One of the bonuses is a
free phone consultation with you about the niche. Call it a coaching session or something. Put a time limit on it depending on what
you are doing. 30 minutes max.
This will be your sales call. Statistics show that you can get 15 to 25 percent sales on this call. Even for high priced items. But, still
coach them. Give them some good advice, it just flows from you like water. They will know they can get so much more from you. Be
sure to start with listening and asking questions. This builds rapport, then you give them something. They will almost HAVE to give
you something back.
Part of the magic is that the "free" DVD pre-qualifies your prospect in two ways. First, they are really interested in your niche since
they are willing to pay money and give out all their info for it. Secondly, you will only get people who are willing to use their credit
card for online purchases.
This grows easily too. Take notes of what peoples questions and concerns are. What you do to get through their barriers, what works
and what doesn't, stats etc. This is so you can create a script or training for outsourcing the phone sales. And, you can calculate the
ROI once you know your stats.
To get traffic:
Start a blog in your niche with at least ten articles on it.
Do a web radio show or podcast, google loves that sort of thing.
Go ahead and pay for it with ppc. make sure your url (some people say this doesn't matter, but why not get a keyword in there?) and
site name and keywords all match the keywords in your ppc campaign. That seems to be the main thing. From there you test, test and
test some more. You can start with the cheaper search engines to get your campaign stats.
Create "feeder sites" to pull people in. These can be made from your ten articles they only need a little rewriting, post them to places
like squidoo, hubpages and maybe the social sites - I don't use those, but they seem to work if you are into them. Change the articles
more for ezine articles
Make a short version of the video leaving out your big tips or only telling part of it or hinting at it. Watermark it to your squeeze
page. Post to all the video sites you can.
Use all the advice you can from this thread.
Here are some possibilities for what this technique might be good for.
Membership sites
There must be more, use your imagination.
Reply author: JasonParker
Replied on: 07/22/2008 13:44:07
The 5-Star Quick Cash Method
Step 1: Hunt down 5 to 10 5-star Warriors on Warrior Forum. PM each and ask if you can interview them about how to make money
online as an affiliate. Offer them full rights to the mp3. Allow them to pitch a product at the end.
Step 2: Get your computer microphone headset. Register with Skype http://Skype.com. Record your interviews with Audacity at
http://audacity.sourceforge.net/. Learn more about that here: http://blog.iamnotashamed.net/2006/...dacity-free/
Step 3: Launch a WSO offering private label rights to all recordings on affiliate marketing with 5-star Warriors for $27. Limit it to 50
Step 4: Make $1,350 in sales.
151 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Reply author: Kalidasa
Replied on: 07/22/2008 14:17:53
Here's a great little marketing plan that can really work for high price point items. I plan on using it for a membership site I am going
to be setting up as well as future workshops.
The requirements are:
A good gift of gab (good at talking to people for our foreign friends)
A product, preferably high end (your time can be the product, ideas below)
Ability to make a video
Some PLR or MRR material to offer as bonuses
Appropriate technical ability to create a squeeze page
Create a very informative video about your niche. Put in some tips that the prospect can use now, at least three of them. Don't try to
sell anything at all.
Create a squeeze page for the DVD which you will be giving away for free. You are only going to ask 5.77 for shipping and handling.
This will actually cover your costs and could make you some ok money if you self fulfill.
The video doesn't have to be high quality though that would be great. It's the quality of the content that matters. You could probably
make it with your computer's cam. Make it some really impressive informatino so you really get their attention.
After they pay get their info including shipping address, email, and phone number.
Then send them to a bonuses page, offer lots PLR/MRR or anything else appropriate to your final product. One of the bonuses is a
free phone consultation with you about the niche. Call it a coaching session or something. Put a time limit on it depending on what
you are doing. 30 minutes max.
This will be your sales call. Statistics show that you can get 15 to 25 percent sales on this call. Even for high priced items. But, still
coach them. Give them some good advice, it just flows from you like water. They will know they can get so much more from you. Be
sure to start with listening and asking questions. This builds rapport, then you give them something. They will almost HAVE to give
you something back.
Part of the magic is that the "free" DVD pre-qualifies your prospect in two ways. First, they are really interested in your niche since
they are willing to pay money and give out all their info for it. Secondly, you will only get people who are willing to use their credit
card for online purchases.
This grows easily too. Take notes of what peoples questions and concerns are. What you do to get through their barriers, what works
and what doesn't, stats etc. This is so you can create a script or training for outsourcing the phone sales. And, you can calculate the
ROI once you know your stats.
To get traffic:
Start a blog in your niche with at least ten articles on it.
Do a web radio show or podcast, google loves that sort of thing.
Go ahead and pay for it with ppc. make sure your url (some people say this doesn't matter, but why not get a keyword in there?) and
site name and keywords all match the keywords in your ppc campaign. That seems to be the main thing. From there you test, test and
test some more. You can start with the cheaper search engines to get your campaign stats.
Create "feeder sites" to pull people in. These can be made from your ten articles they only need a little rewriting, post them to places
like squidoo, hubpages and maybe the social sites - I don't use those, but they seem to work if you are into them. Change the articles
more for ezine articles
Make a short version of the video leaving out your big tips or only telling part of it or hinting at it. Watermark it to your squeeze
page. Post to all the video sites you can.
Use all the advice you can from this thread.
Here are some possibilities for what this technique might be good for.
Membership sites
There must be more, use your imagination.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Reply author: Michael Lee
Replied on: 07/22/2008 14:22:31
How to Make Easy Money With Pictures
You can earn money by taking pictures and uploading them on online stock photo agencies.
This is a photographer's dream come true. Or even if you're not a photographer, as long as you have a camera, you can make money
with this technique.
If you have a collection of pictures uploaded on your hard drive, this could mean big money. And if you don't have them yet, start
taking pictures! You could earn $1 to $20 when someone buys a picture you uploaded.
The process is simple. You upload the pictures to the stock photo agencies. When someone buys a picture you uploaded, you get a
share of the earnings.
List of online stock photo sites
What kind of pictures should you take?
Look at identical pictures from the stock photo sites and observe what other users are uploading.
Here's a tip. Step into the shoes of potential customers. What pictures would your buyers want to include on their site, blog, myspace
or facebook account?
A smart-looking man typing on his computer will probably have many uses - for business, education, computer related, etc. That
would be better than say, a picture of a zebra, because there are limited uses for that. Get the picture? ;-)
Important Reminders
Make sure you read and follow the submission guidelines and other prerequisites before you upload your pictures.
Put in-demand keywords so more potential customers will find you. Observe identical photographs available to know what keywords
the other sellers are using.
Mode of Payment
Most of them pay via check or paypal.
Another Way to Earn Money with Pictures
You can upload your pictures in flickr.com, but remember to license it at http://creativecommons.org/, where you allow them to use
your picture as long as they they give you (or your site) credit, and with the conditions you indicate. When anyone uses your picture,
you get free promotion.
Reply author: JohnMcCabe
Replied on: 07/22/2008 14:46:22
153 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
If something similar has been posted in the previous 5 pages, I'm sorry. I posted this before reading any of the other answers so that
this would be MY answer...
quote :
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest time possible,
what would you tell them?
I would advise them to go to their favorite restaurant and ask the boss if it would be worth ten bucks to have several current, positive
reviews posted to review sites online. It's very likely that they will walk out with a ten dollar bill folded in their pocket. Money made.
If not, go to their next favorite and so on until they have a ten dollar bill in hand.
Now to fulfill our end of the deal. I want the person doing the work, but I'll advise as necessary...
Next step is to write the reviews (all similar but different).
Google 'restaurant reviews' +"city" and look for sites that allow the public to add their own reviews.
Post the reviews, rotating them from site to site.
Drop back to the restaurant with a list of URLs showing the posted reviews.
This accomplishes several things...
It puts tangible, foldable cash in the person's pocket immediately. No waiting for articles to spread or be indexed. No waiting out
commissions. Just cash in pocket. Quickly.
It gives the new person a feel for writing for online, and for making recommendations, that will be helpful in the future should they
decide to try affiliate marketing. After all, if this is their "favorite restaurant", it should be easy to write a personal, positive
recommendation, right?
It exercises the new person's research and site interaction skills. Useful for the future online no matter which way they decide to go.
It's repeatable. Gets the new person used to asking for the response they want.
It's scalable and expandable to other niches.
I hope this makes the Top 20, but either way it made me think about my response.
Reply author: malibumentor
Replied on: 07/22/2008 14:59:19
(I sat down and wrote this quickly for this thread...
I only glanced at other posts because I wanted this
to be authentic and not-derivative of what I saw
elsewhere. This is all from personal experience
selling stuff and coaching people who want to learn
how to sell stuff)
Introduction - The Problem
Most people come into this industry looking
for a solution to a problem that is sometimes
desperate - they need more money and the
internet seems like a way to get it.
If you come to this game with deep computer skills,
an ability to make websites, ability to write
154 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
persuasively and prolifically, eagerness to sell
goods, great enthusiasm, confidence and determination
- then you have some competitive advantages.
Don’t be crestfallen if you don’t have these skills
or virtues - you’ll have to work to develop them but
they’ll serve you well and improve your income.
Chances are that you, the newcomer to making money
online, feel beat-up by life. You may be short of
money, overworked and overstressed. You may have adult
responsibilities that take up most of your time. Your
computer skills may be spotty.
If you aren’t a computer whiz-kid this guide is for
you. If you are busting your ass to make a living
and still just keeping your head above water, this
guide is for you.
If you’ve found yourself in a tough place in life
where your finances are tight and your only way to
better you situation is to get a supplemental income
- this guide is for you.
If you are deadly serious about changing the direction
of you life, this guide is for you - because you are
going to have to treat learning how to make money
using the internet as a vocational training. Treat
it as a hobby and you’ll probably waste your time
and lose money at it.
Many people looking for money online have been on a
losing streak financially for years. If you approach
building a business with anything less than total
commitment you’ll experience a losing streak here too.
Let’s get started.
Unless you’ve been in business for yourself, or been in the
kind of sales where your have to chase down the customers
and call on them - the fundamental realities of making money
on the internet are likely to be counter-intuitive to you.
I’m pretty dense in the head myself at times and stuff that
seems obvious in retrospect wasn’t obvious at all when I was
starting out.
So I’ll lay it out here and you can take what works for you and
discard what doesn’t.
1st Rule of Being in Business :
- you won’t make any money unless you can find a buyer.
Making money online, unless internet gambling is your thing,
is a matter of finding buyers.
A buyer is somebody who, firstly, has the money to buy.
Rule 1a. - Don’t start out trying to sell stuff to people
who don’t have money or to groups of people who are
characterized by their lack of money.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Quick Money - Anybody can do it
Unless you have had experience finding buyers in the past
you’ll likely be baffled and overwhelmed at where to start
to find them.
On the internet the easiest places to find ready buyers are
sites that people visit in order to get good stuff, for cheap.
That means Craigslist and Ebay.
The fastest way to make some money online is to list stuff
you own for sale on either of these two sites - for a very
attractive price.
I started out selling stuff on Ebay in 1999 and played the
game of tracking down antique tools locally, cleaning them
up and selling them at auction. Sometimes I made money,
sometimes I didn’t, but I consistently came out ahead because
I mostly stuck to things I knew something about.
Gas was cheaper then. Today it will cost you a lot more to
drive around buying up old junk to clean and sell on Ebay.
I picked my boxes and packing materials out of dumpsters
but also used USPS priority mail boxes for lighter, smaller
items. If in the USA you can get all the Priority Mail
boxes and plastic tape and labels you want for free from
the post office. They’ll deliver it to your house. The
boxes come flat so they are easy to store.
Relatively quickly you’ll manage to sell off old CDs, sports
equipment, and so on. Then you’ll have a bunch of personal
junk you don’t want but also which nobody will drive to your
house to pick up (Craigslist listings) or pay to have shipped
to them (Ebay listings).
Very quickly you will need to start investing capital in
acquiring more stuff of the sort that people will want to
buy. Junk takes storage space, as do packing supplies so if you don’t have a spare room you could run into trouble
fast as your online buy-sell venture takes over your
living quarters.
You will also notice that it takes a lot of time to effectively
photograph and write the listing for one-of-a-kind items.
You’ll probably start to resent all the work in “flipping”
junk for cash online - but it’s an easy and intuitive way to
make money online quickly.
Early on I discovered that the trick to making money on Ebay
was to start auctions cheap and let the bidders determine
market value. If you are constantly putting reserve prices
on things you’ll not only have fewer bidders, you’ll pay more
fees and experience frequent disappointments when your goods
don’t sell.
If you start buying other people’s junk to sell you’ll also
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
realize that a lot of stuff has practically no market online
and you’ll be lucky to break even with all sorts of things
you find at garage sales.
I was an expert in buying and selling woodworking tools. I
knew what to look for and what to pay. If the seller wanted
too much I found it easy to walk away.
If you don’t know the value of stuff at garage sales you’ll
be gambling on whether anybody will buy it or not online.
Sometimes you’ll get lucky - sometimes you won’t.
Back in my early days of shopping for garage sale bargains
to sell on Ebay there weren’t husband-wife teams working
in tandem. These days one spouse will sit at home browsing
Ebay while the other takes notes at an estate sale, runs to
his car and phones the wife back home so she can tell him
what the stuff is worth.
If you have a spouse who will do this with you that can be
a great way to avoid the crap and make more money.
A friend of mine is an expert at vintage clothes. I was shocked
when she told me how much she sold a pair of alligator shoes
for. Hundreds of dollars. With clothes you’ll make a lot more
money if you put the on dress forms and maniquins, set up
proper lighting, and write glowing descriptions.
The J. Peterman catalog is a great thing to read if you want to
sell vintage clothing on Ebay. The writer really knows how to
create a vivid, romantic desire in the reader.
You can subscribe at Jpeterman.com - you’ll get the lovely
print catalog delivered to your home.
Getting Clear About What You Want
In my experience coaching a lot of people who want to make
money online - most of them are pretty unclear about what they
are willing to do to get into profit.
The fantasy of course is that you can sit on your ass, poke
computer buttons, and download cash.
There is so much hype going around online that most newcomers
are unprepared to face the realities of what making money in
a business entails.
1. You have to think for yourself. Most people prefer not to
and that’s why 90% of the wannabe online money-people
are such feeble, ineffective marketers.
2. You have to drive potential buyers to your site and sell them
on the spot or sell them via follow-up.
3. Promotion isn’t automated unless you pay for it, and that
can get expensive fast with some of the methods that can work
well - IF you do them correctly.
4. You need to get a clue about “driving traffic” or you’ll lose
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
the game.
5. If you can get the traffic but are clueless about converting
visitors into buyers you’ll also lose the game.
The upside is that the necessary ongoing expenses of running
a start up internet marketing business are almost insignificant.
You can keep your overhead costs really low and put most of
what you make in your pocket.
You can make a lot of money with some kinds of online money
making ventures. Beginners will find getting targeted traffic
cheaply to be difficult however.
The simplest way to get targeted or friendly-to-your-business
traffic to your website is to make a big list of everybody you
know and call the best prospects and ask them to take a look
and consider buying from you.
This is sometimes called networking.
Don’t scoff at this. If you started an ice-cream parlor or and
insurance business would you not call your friends and let them know?
You may have been soured on this approach by previous life
experience with income opportunities where you received lousy
training or promoted a stupid product and got discouraged at
how much money you were not making. If that’s a limitation
for you then you’ll have to overcome it or live with it. The
fact is that all nearly successful business people are relentless
self-promoters and you should be as well if you don’t want to
spend your retirement years in a trailer park eating macaroni.
Your website in this case is just part of your selling process.
It’s a stand-in for a retail store, booth at the farmer’s market,
or whatever other method you would use to sell stuff locally.
You can get quality traffic by putting up “bandit signs” and
fliers, handing out “sizzle cards”. All of this is very cheap to
do and also intuitive... There is very little about it that isn’t
common sense because you have been exposed to these forms
of promotion your entire life.
Those bandit signs and fliers can drive local traffic to your
site and generate “leads” which you then follow-up with.
The telephone is absolutely the most powerful tool for doing
this. If you are afraid of selling on the phone you are leaving
tremendous amounts of unclaimed money on the table that
would be yours if you had the [email protected] to ask for it.
The “Info-Product” Industry
To get further into the game we’ll have to take a look at the
Internet Marketing industry. It’s big and encompasses a lot
of areas but one you’ll find intriguing is the Information-product
area of the industry.
An Information Product is often “how to” material. At one time
158 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
all of this stuff was in the form of books and pamphlets, often
sold through the mail.
Later, “how to” authors recorded local seminars and published
audio taped lectures along with workbooks. Video cassettes
and DVDs followed.
These days a lot of information products are delivered
“digitally” via download.
Basically, the customer visits a website, pays with PayPal or
credit card, and receives a link to download the product either
immediately or within a few hours by email.
The information product industry is growing fast. Some annoying
terms like “Web-du-cation” have cropped-up to describe
the shift towards online learning.
One of the better ways to explore the information product industry
is to look over the 1000s of products available at Clickbank.Net.
At Clickbank and other information-product vendors it’s free
to be an “affiliate” and promote the products.
When your promotion makes a product sale you get a commission
and the vendor gets the rest. Clickbank acts as a middle-man.
The author of the product gets paid after both the affiliate
and clickbank get paid.
Usually you’ll have to wait for the “refund period” to elapse
before you get your commission. With Clickbank that is 60 days.
Assuming you made a Clickbank sale on your first day you
would have to wait over 2 months to get paid for it. Not really
fast money but a good way to explore “affiliate marketing”.
If you’ve never bought an information product you’ll be baffled
by the whole industry so I suggest you purchase a few to learn
how the process works and get into the mind of the buyer.
Failure-Proofing Your Self
To make money online you need to learn to see the things you
promote from both a buyer’s and a seller’s perspective.
The buyer is interested in getting a good deal for his dollars
and the seller is interested, generally, in grabbing as much money
from every buyer as possible.
Learning to look at the products you promote from these two
different perspectives will help you a lot.
I know from experience that when presented with the opportunity
to transition mentally from a buyer’s mind to a sellers’, many
people make a few feeble attempts to sell and then give up.
This leads me to think that learning to think like a seller or
business person takes more effort than most folks believe it does...
It is not intuitive for many people and they may suffer from
mental blockades as well.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Fundamentally in business you have to be in sales too. Yet,
at least in the USA where I live, salespeople as an iconographic
stereotype are looked down on as sleezy, greedy, dishonest
and dishonorable. There is some justification for this unfair
stereotype because a negative experience with a salesperson
makes a much stronger impression than a positive one - and
people are about 10 times more likely to share a negative or
harrowing buying experience with their friends than they are
to share a smooth, pleasurable one where they got a fair deal
and it was all on the up-and-up.
Face it. Unless you’ve been in sales and have learned how
to control your own self-esteem you will have negative stereotypes
within your mind that will prevent you from finding buyers
and SELLING stuff to them.
I recommend you read Zero Resistance Selling by Maxwell
Maltz. His other books are useful for reprogramming your
mind so you don’t subconsciously sabotage yourself because
you secretly believe selling is sleezy, greedy, dishonest and
If you have the courage to do so start thinking of yourself
as a salesperson. Good salespeople make a lot of money
and deliver value to the marketplace.
Salespeople also consistently work on improving their
skills in many different areas - but for selling on the
internet the most important skill to work on is communication.
With communication, the seed skill for making money in
sales and marketing, you have a few options:
1. Get better at talking to people
2. Get better at writing and selling “in print”
3. Get better at both.
4. Get better at neither.
If your choice is option #4 I advise you to waste no more time
fantasizing about financial freedom and resolve yourself to
a lifetime of manual labor.
Sales: Where You Can Make Some Serious Money Quickly
Now that you are comfortable with SELLING to make money
you’ll want to assess how to go about finding customers.
Selling is a simple 3-step process.
1. Generating leads
2. Prospecting and sorting for interested buyers with money
3. Collecting the buying decisions and getting paid
You may choose to complicate this basic process in your
approach to making money online, but it isn’t necessary to do
in order to prosper handsomely.
Websites can be a superior method of capturing leads.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
A website is cheap to put up and there are no printing costs that
using direct (“junk”) snail mail would involve. Also, when
you get a lead from a website, a person who wants more information,
you should always get that person’s email because you can then
follow up via email until they “buy, die, or opt-out”.
If you also collect a phone number with the understanding that
you will call your prospect, then you have an opportunity to
make some very serious money.
Of course calling prospects and asking them to buy is not an
easy thing for everybody to do.... but it gets easier with practice
and it’s not a bad way to grow a business.
Say for example you choose to enter the network marketing
area and put up fliers and signs that read:
“Work From Home
Make A Lot Of Money
Learn How!
You’ll get traffic to that site with no online promotion whatsoever.
Interested individuals can fill-out your form. You call them up to
determine if they are likely buyers and if there is a fast sale to
make -- YOU make it.
If the prospect is undecided you just “drip” on him or her...
Forever, or for at least 1 year.
There you have done those 3 stages and if you do it often
you’ll make sales and have a list of people getting emails from
you too. This list can grow large and if your email communication
is of any decent quality these people will in fact be inclined to buy
products and services from you... even if not the product, service,
or opportunity you were originally promoting on your site.
“)iche” Marketing
Niche marketing is a term for products and services that appeal
to limited groups. Deodorant, toothpaste, and cigarettes are
marketed to everybody, everywhere - more or less. Those
aren’t niche products.
Niche products are just about everything else - goods that
appeal to individual preferences, needs, and interests.
You can spend month looking for a niche online that isn’t
competitive and where people are spending money.
I recommend you jump in the fire and start competing in the
vibrant and obvious niches with broad appeal.
I’ve made serious money in the “make money” niche - and
not because I was clever or experienced when I started out. I
was just stubborn enough not to give up.
An easy way to learn about the crazy world of the “make
money” niche is to check out traffic exchanges like
Traffic Swarm.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Basically everybody who uses Traffic Swarm is trying to sell
a “make money” opportunity of some sort. They are mostly
totally clueless about marketing but they can figure out how to
surf for credits. You can do the same thing and get traffic to
your “make money” website.
You’ll also want to check out “safelists” like the Mad Vlad
safelist. You’ll get pitched with so many opportunities
it will make your head spin.
Most of the people on Traffic exchanges and safelists are even
more clueless than you are.
Most of them are trying to make money because they have
almost nothing in terms of financial resources - so you’ll see
a lot of what I call “something for nothing programs”.
Should you Try To Get Something For Nothing???
"The worst day in a man's life is when he sits down and begins
thinking about how he can get something for nothing."
-Thomas Jefferson
In general if you try to get something for nothing in terms of
internet “make money” programs you will spend a lot of time
attracting people just like you - -those who want to make
money but won’t buy anything - because they, as a group,
are characterized by HAVING NO MONEY!
I advise you to steer clear of such opportunities - or at the
worst test one out and see if I am wrong.
Should You Invest Money To Get Started?
Personally, I think you should invest enough money in getting
your online business going that you will be very, very
uncomfortable with walking away from it.
I’ve seen people invest thousands of dollars and give up easily.
I’ve seen people invest a few hundred and stick to it until
they succeeded.
You’ll just have to examine your own personality and
determine how to innoculate yourself against “Quitter’s
Disease” - and take the medicine.
A Real Way To Make Money With Virtually )o Investment
Of course there is a catch... you have to be able to type and
create 300-500 word articles - ideally several each day.
This method is called Bum Marketing and you can do some
Google searches and figure it out. It is said that a “literate
Bum” could do it on the computers at the library.
It’s very labor-intensive. If you are a lousy typist you’ll have
no choice but to improve.
It’s a method very much worth familiarizing yourself with but
there is also a tiny, tiny chance that you’ll be able to make
money with it quickly. The method hinges on submitting a
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
massive volume of articles to online directories. These articles
get read by people looking for solutions to their problems and
your “author resource box” at the bottom of the article tells
the reader where to learn more.
In my opinion you’ll find more buyers this way if you write
good quality articles. Readers may just respect you for writing
clearly and buy from your recommended resource - usually
a product from a free-to-join affiliate program like Clickbank..
I hope this helps you make some money and avoid doing some of
the dumb stuff I did when I started out.
P.S. There's this obscure online forum where you can learn
a lot about how to find buyers and make money in all sorts
of creative ways. It's at http://warriorforum.com
Reply author: Michael Lee
Replied on: 07/22/2008 15:28:11
Aside from the "How to Make Easy Money with Pictures" I've posted earlier, here's another one which I think could generate some
good cash.
Step 1:
Create an in-demand product. This should be a very high quality product on an in-demand topic. To find out what type of
information people are hungry for, use a keyword research tool such as http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com
Then hire an expert on that field to write the report. A simple way would be to go to a forum on that particular topic and observe
which poster gives the most helpful information. Then PM him and ask him if he'd like to earn money by writing that report. If he's
willing to give free advice on the forum, then he'll probably accept the assignment since he'll even get paid for writing.
You can take this a step further by creating an audio or video version. The audio or video can be used as an upsell. If you're not sure
how to do it or you don't have the good voice, outsource to someone who does.
Step 2:
Create a high quality shorter report that has the potential to go viral. This has to be another phenomenal one. You can make it an
excerpt from the main report in Step 1 or an individual product that complements the main report.
Give them information that's so good they'll be dying to know more. And that "more" is included in the main report. The short report
has enticing links going to the main report.
Step 3:
Invite newsletter publishers on the same field to give the short report away to their subscribers. Rebrand the report with their
website, name, and affiliate links.
Many will agree since they'll give their list valuable content, while they also have the chance to earn from their website and affiliate
links within the report. Give the highest possible commission so they'll be motivated to promote to mention it to their subcribers.
Some of them would probably have hundreds of thousands of subcribers, so you can hit the jackpot even if you persuaded one
163 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
publisher with a huge list.
Step 4:
Promote the short report by writing and submitting killer articles to content-sharing sites that the search engines love. Some of them
Include a short invitation when you post in these content-sharing sites to download the viral report at your site. You may create a
short audio or video version (to go along with the report) to boost response.
Step 5:
Post your report at http://www.google.com/base
This is very powerful stuff. Watch the video here to know how to use Google Base:
Step 6:
Post at related forums; and in your sig, invite them to download the free report. Come up with something catchy to get them to click
to your site and read the report. Find out what the forum members are desperate to find a solution for, and tie up the theme of your
report with their thirst for information.
Step 7:
Rinse and repeat.
Reply author: KristenArnold
Replied on: 07/22/2008 16:07:41
Well, I am by far no expert on info products (since I mfg baby towels) but everyone else has covered Ebay and Info Products and
Article Writing.
For someone that has NO internet experience and just wants push button easy money (since I didn't see an amount anywhere) but I
would tell them to join Inbox Dollars and SurveyScout.
Simple and straight forward to join in under 5 minutes each- they send you an email, you click on the link- Voila. That's it. I did it
when I first started learning how to make money at home and made up to $100.00 without trying to hard so I know it works, requires
no upfront money, no special tools or training- sit me down with a glass of wine a couple nights a week and click click click away
and I paid off a couple small bills. Not exciting but that wasn't the quest was it?
Hope I win for my pure simplicity
Reply author: ExRat
Replied on: 07/22/2008 16:35:09
Question -
164 of 170
quote :
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest time possible,
what would you tell them?
Answer I would tell them that they need to reconsider their approach and remove the 'shortest time possible' from the equation if they are to
use the internet to make money.
If they were desperate for money right now, then it would be crazy to try and get it from somewhere where they are brand new.
Therefore I would tell them that to earn money in the shortest time possible, avoiding the internet completely is likely to be the best
Many people who try to make money online have prior experience on using the internet for a variety of tasks - EG buying on ebay.
But if they are brand new to the internet they are not going to know what a browser is, what a url is and how it works, how to send
an email etc. They will have to spend a couple of weeks just learning how to do the most basic tasks.
Unless the person had never had a job then they presumeably have other offline skills that they could utilise in order to gain that fast
I would suggest that they consider their offline skills and find the one that is most likely to produce the results that they require.
And if they wanted to make money on the internet in the future, then I would suggest to them that 'slow and steady wins the race' therefore (as mentioned above) trying to make money online in the shortest time possible would be the approach that was most likely
to cause them headaches and lead to failure.
Therefore, remove the need to rush things (shortest time possible) and focus on attacking a market in a prepared, considered,
professional manner.
To reiterate, in brief Question quote :
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest time possible,
what would you tell them?
Answer "Solving your problem by trying to make money on the internet is not a sensible idea - what offline skills and experience do you have
that you can implement right away in order to solve this problem?"
(I'm not trying to be a clever dick here. I'm just taking the question literally and providing what I consider to be the best answer.)
Reply author: dougp
Replied on: 07/22/2008 18:48:47
"Fastest, easiest, and most bad ass way to make real money for a very long time"
This “fast” is extremely subjective... it is not fast like in a day or two, but more like in two or more months.
To start with a low investment and to make a high return for any business within a couple of months is a pretty awesome. The reason
for that is many business opportunities offline like franchises for example, can take years to make a return on the initial investment,
and also lots of borrowing of money as well because of the high initial investment.
This business plan should initially take way less then 2 K and could generate loads of cash for a very long time as well.
165 of 170
7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Selling your own information product (But with a twist, this is for the beginner)
This is kind of cliché in my opinion, selling your own information product is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money
online f done correctly. If done wrong then you WILL waste lots of time, money, and will ultimately become frustrated. If done
correctly you will be waking up to constant notifications of payments received which is always a good way to kick start the day with.
Swim where the money flows
If you’re passionate about a particular topic then that is great, but there may just be 5 other living organisms in the whole entire
universe that share your zealous passion about a particular subject. If there is not a big enough market share for your product to sit in,
then I’m afraid that there is no way that you can make large volumes of sales… it’s physically impossible. The market has to be large
if you want large volumes of sales. If not then, you will be working hard getting traffic that will convert next to nothing. If you’re
selling an information product, the easiest way to do market research (in my opinion) is to simply see what is already selling at
networks that are affiliated with digital products. One of the largest and most notorious networks that many warriors have heard
about is clickbank the website can be accessed here.
http://www.clickbank.com/buy_products.htm. You can scan the network’s categories looking for potential markets to dab into. A lot
of marketers believe that markets that don’t have large competition is a great market to tap into, and I will ONLY agree with them if
the market don’t have lots of competition and if you can prove that they have a large amount of prospective customers.
However, if it just has no competition then that is not a good indicator that it is an established market to tap into at all. You don’t
have enough information to conclude an accurate statement like. One simple way to test a lightly scratched market is to run a couple
of pay per click ads offering free information in exchange for contact information to analyze how many potential customers a market
You can alternatively use ppc for quick and targeted traffic to conduct quick surveys. One survey generator tool that is also free is
Kwik surveys: http://www.kwiksurveys.com/.
Once you find an established market to sell an information product in then your one step closer to making money online. This should
take you around 1-3 days to complete. It’s the most important process because if you pick the wrong market everything else can be
perfect but your sales will still suffer.
*** Quick product development Tip
One of the most critical steps to making money quickly, easily, and also sustaining it is to make a quality product. Anyone can make
an information product, but the problem with many of them these days is that they are too rushed meaning that very little time is put
into the development of it.
Here is a hint that comes to developing superstar information products. Read a lot of related products within your niche market and
find out what they are missing. If there is one thing that people hate purchasing, is information that they already knew. Try adding
new hooks and techniques in your product... this alone is a very powerful sales strategy.
Marketing Plan
You can have a great market, and a great product, but if you don’t have a powerful marketing plan behind you then things will not
turn out the way you had planned it, I can guarantee this. If you’re new to a market with no joint ventures of any kind then the one
piece that I would highly recommend investing a lot of time and capital into is the sales letter.
Having a well written convincing sales copy is an asset to your online business. The difference between eBooks, and their physical
alternative that you can pick up at your local Barnes and noble is that in a bookstore an prospective customer can skim the table of
contents, the back side, and some of the content and gauge if they are interested in the product or not. With the internet, things are
different, and for obvious reasons and the customer will need to purchase the actual product in order to get their opinions on it.
However, by having a convincing, well written, credible, and well structured sales letter, you can quickly put yourself in a positive
positioning in front of your prospective customer. However, be careful not to use misleading sales copy as will damage your
reputation and also increase the refunds on your product as well.
Spend time working on a sales letter, but don’t spend your life on it. I use to fall into the trap that you must have a perfect sales letter
when you release your product to the public and from my experience this is not true. Get your product out there and constantly
tweak certain elements of your copy overtime until you get the highest converting sales letter as possible.
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
I call this process a “soft launch” into a new market as opposed to doing a big product launch. Let’s think about it this way, there are
a relatively large amount of product launches in the internet marketing niche alone for example, but if you have zero connections
then it will be extremely difficult for you to pull this off. Instead of trying to rack in a large amount of sales in a short duration of
time, slowly build up the sales and constantly seek new affiliations.
Once you worked hard to write a high converting sales letter and can prove that your product converts and also helps people then
getting people to promote your product should get easier with time. One internet marketer that I chat with often in the weight loss
market did a process similar to this.
As you know, the internet marketing niche is one of the very few niche markets on the internet that executes product launches with
information products. There are many markets that do this in the offline world, like movies and music, but it’s extremely rare in the
internet for information products of any type to be introduced to the world like this except for in the internet marketing niche.
In other niches, once you have a product you promote t by using the basic marketing strategies such as link building, article
marketing, ppc, and constantly recruiting new affiliates... etc.
Here is one of the most overlooked principles to getting lots of affiliates to be rolling over fire to promote your product, and do you
know what it is?
Simple, become an affiliate marketer yourself. When I’m picking a product to promote via affiliate marketing I want to make sure
that its quality and that it also converts like crazy. The reason for this is simple, so that I can make the highest returns off my
investment as possible.
If your sales letter is converting at 1% then you will have a hard time convincing affiliates to invest their time into your product while
a similar product they are promoting is converting at 5%. If an affiliate can make more money using the same advertising budget
promoting your product, then make them aware of this!
Constant changes and tweaks
Another reason why I think doing soft product launches is great for someone starting out is so that they can learn on the way. There
is probably always something extra that a webmaster can do while developing a product so I like to think of soft launches as beta
For example, when a new software is introduced to the market it is in the beta format to see if there are any bugs or issues so that it
will be more stable when it is about to be put on the market. You can always improve your products and encourage customers to
submit their feedback to you so that you can incorporate them once you start making larger returns in your investments. In one year
you may just start out with a simple one page site just selling a product. In two years that page could turn into a very intricate sales
letter and offer, which offers an information product, several bonuses, videos, audios, support forum, and etc. Constantly listen to
your customers and constantly improve your product as well.
Don’t give up
Very hackneyed and this was something that I didn’t do well when I first started. One thing I would recommend is learning from your
failures and to never give up easily when working on a project. My new philosophy is to develop fewer products and to not stop
marketing them until I reach a specific number of sales and helped a certain number of people. If you are in the right market and
have an excellent product then believe in it and keep testing your marketing until you get the number of sales that you deserve.
Tentative start up budget and required materials
- Website hosting- $25 USD per month
- Auto responder- $20 USD per month
- Custom quality graphics (includes header, footer, template, eBook cover, formatting bullets, testimonial boxes, etc )- $250 USD
- Html designer to help format a sales page- $150 USD
- Merchant account to sell your product from (Price varies depending on what method you choose).
- $500 USD set aside for helping your product break into a new market (PPC)
- Writing a strong sales copy that converts and then constantly recruiting new affiliates.
- Initially developing a fresh innovative product from scratch and constantly improving it.
Reply author: VaibhaV KumaR
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
Replied on: 07/22/2008 19:15:19
quote :
Originally posted by Admin
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest
time possible, what would you tell them?
Okay finally, here is my take on this
There are so many wonderful methods shared here; almost everything I could think of has already been said in the previous posts.
However, I feel there are still some methods I can share but before that, I would like to begin by highlighting a fact, I feel, most of
our warrior friends have ignored! The person in question is new to the Internet, not just Internet Marketing! I know a lot of people
who have never used the internet except for searching on Google and checking their emails. They have no idea of the existing and
emerging aspects of the internet. Then there are those who never ever used the internet! Most newbies can't tell a blog from a regular
website and are miles away from using blogs, forums, social networks like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, Squidoo, etc. When
someone new to the internet asks me the best way to make money online, I always suggest them to try using (registering and
becoming an active user) all the popular websites, blogs, social networks, video sites, forums, etc. to know how the internet works
and bridges the gap between people across varied locations. This will help them understand the power of internet and how it can be
harnessed to make substantial money very quickly. Most of all, it will aid them in their transition from the offline world to the online
The best part is that they will learn to enjoy the internet and have fun. If they just begin by creating their own websites, products and
spend most of their time learning more and generating traffic, they will soon loose interest and it will be more like a burden for them.
I know a lot of people who started this way but went back to their offline ways after a few initial failures. They never learned to
enjoy the amazing feeling of being connected with millions of people and the endless opportunities that come with it.
When someone new to the internet starts by using popular websites, they see a number of ADs, banners, links, spammers making
stupid comments on Blogs to promote their websites lol. This will give them an idea of how the whole thing works and will go a long
way in helping them begin their own money making endeavors.
1. Once they get a feel of how things work on the internet, I will tell them to create a Paypal account and join WarriorForum. I would
ask them to participate in the discussions going on, ask questions and help others if they can. This would give them an opportunity to
learn what others are doing to make money online, what kinds of strategies they can implement to make money in the shortest
possible time and more. Once they go through a good number of threads here, they will have a higher level of IM Intelligence and
would be in a better position to select the method they would like to use based on their capabilities and skill-sets. What works for one
might not work for others, so it is very important to help a newbie identify his/her strongest skills and find out what would work best
for him/her. Giving them just the directions to make money online without having them follow the above path would just lengthen the
learning curve and make it difficult for them and eventually they will loose interest!
2. I will also provide them with several products for which I have PLR and Re-Sell Rights to aid in learning more about the method
they have chosen. The method might be to offer freelancing services, promoting affiliate offers via blogs, forums and social networks
(this one would need learning material with very specific and detailed instructions to avoid the spammer label), creating and selling
their own info-product(including PLRs), selling used or stocked products on eBay, using Adwords(if they have an initial budget) to
generate leads or sales, using their digital camera to sell pictures of people and places on stock photo sites(easiest), website flipping
or buying a website that already makes some money and selling it later for a higher price; there are endless possibilities once they
open their eyes to the fascinating world of the Internet :) The more they learn on their own, the better it is for them. No matter what
one tells them, nothing could be better than letting them choose the path they want to follow. They would need to do a lot of learning
initially but the small steps they take now could be the keys to their financial freedom
3. If they feel comfortable with creating blogs, I would direct them to www.matched.co.uk (they pay a fixed amount per site/blog on
a monthly basis) and help them setup a Publisher account. Then they can create their blogs on blogger or wordpress or their own
personal website (I will assist them in getting a domain name and hosting setup), write a few posts on any topic they like and place
matched.co.uk advertizing codes on their website as per the instructions on matched.co.uk to start making money. Again, I would ask
them to get familiar with matched.co.uk before moving ahead. Whenever they have questions, they can always ask for help at our
beloved Warrior Forum
4. There might be unlimited methods but it would be best to start with the easiest ones like promoting affiliate and CPA offers
through forums and blogs, selling items on eBay, selling digital photos on photo stock sites and buying and selling websites for a
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
The Warrior Forum
profit if they have some funds to use. Might also try Adwords but it can be the fastest way to loose money for a newbie, so need to
be careful on that front.
5. Also, I have noticed, most newbies just want to earn thousands of dollars right from the start and when they can't, they just give
up! I would advise them to set reasonable goals and work towards them one at a time. Keeping the expectations low would keep
them motivated and give them time to enjoy the extra cash they have earned for very little effort on their part. The money might be
less initially but nothing beats the feeling of making money at will Just makes us want to work for higher goals and live the life we
always wanted to live right?
I know I haven't laid out a complete step-by-step guide for a newbie but with so many great answers already there, I decided to focus
on the most important issues that might be encountered by someone very new to the Internet. The Matched.co.uk method is one of
the methods I personally use and is a great way to earn residual income for very little amount of work. A newbie with relatively good
internet usage experience won't find it hard to setup. The best part is that they can start with $0 and then invest their earnings in their
own domain and hosting to work on advanced methods Perhaps they can even use that money to buy some popular WSOs and
make even more money with proven methods!
It would be nice to know where I ended up when this contest is over. Not sure if I will make into the Top 20 but I am happy with my
honest efforts for making sure the information I provide answers the question correctly and serves as a starting point for those just
beginning to use the internet. Good Luck to all
Reply author: Steve OBrien
Replied on: 07/22/2008 20:21:49
Terrific prize, so here goes:#13;#10;#13;#10;Since "time" is relative - earning in short order may mean one day to one person and
one month to another. #13;#10;#13;#10;However, first, a newbie must realistically assess strengths and weaknesses. What is the
person willing to invest - time, money, etc.#13;#10;#13;#10;Second, how dedicated is the newbie to building success? Does
the#13;#10;person have the Winston Churchill attitude? (i.e. Never, never, never#13;#10;give up!)#13;#10;#13;#10;Third, deal with
reality - not fantasy. In other words, remember the maxim: "You can make a lot of money selling people what they NEED. But, you
can get rich selling them what they WANT!"#13;#10;#13;#10;If the newbie will devote time to learn what people want AND need,
he/she will create an unbeatable combination in short order.#13;#10;
Reply author: grdbum
Replied on: 07/23/2008 01:38:36
This is my first post on the Warrior Forum.
I would recommend that you tell the person to find a need and fill it. Sell a product or service that people want to buy, not what you
want them to buy.
That is exactly what I did. Several years ago I became interested in learning how to make jewelry. I joined a jewelry making forum
and I discovered that many of the people that make jewelry create fantastic jewelry but they take terrible photographs of their
beautiful creations.
Since I love photography, I decided to write an ebook about jewelry and craft photography. It took me a year to write my
Inexpensive Jewelry Photography Techniques ebook and build a web site for my ebook.
I provide free and useful information on my web site and this brings traffic to my site. Since you can't read my ebook like you can a
book in a bookstore before you buy it having free excerpts from my ebook is very helpful for sales.
I also created a blog on Wordpress called CameramanJim. That way I can post information about photography there that I feel is
important. I am also to answer photography questions on my blog.
I also optimized my web site for the search engines. My web site ranks in the top twelve positions for most keyword phrases. This is
very important especially for a small little niche like mine.
I market my ebook as much as possible in as many places as possible. That is also extremely important for my small little niche.
Reply author: stacyfox
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7/23/2008 3:37 AM
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Replied on: 07/23/2008 02:19:28
Does my noob have 10 days and $295 to get started?
Seriously, I would have them sign up for SBI.
The best thing about SBI is that it removes all of the externalities to getting a website up and monitized. They're anti-get rich quick,
but the 10 day action guide lays everything out in a step by step format. And, there's a need to take action at every stage.
Further, EVERY TOOL they will need -- keyword research, hosting, domain registration etc. etc. etc. is included in the package.
They won't need to sign up with tons of companies just to get started.
Also, the Site Build It fourm is extremely helpful and it's a place where newbies won't feel intimidated by asking beginner questions.
The answers are dead-on because everyone is using the same software to accomplish the same situation.
Now I realize that some of the "days" may take more than 24 clock hours to complete, but seriously, one could have a great 20 page
site up in 2-3 weeks. My first site (50 pages) was up and making money in 3 weeks.
Site Build It is "internet marketing on training wheels" I've migrated to the "big girl's internet" now and have quite a few sites. That
wouldn't be feasible at $295 a pop. But, all in all, I think SBI provides great tools for the newbie to get a hang of the business without
all of the "details" getting in the way. After they've made some money, they can branch off.
P.S. Then the question is . . . do you have them buy it through your affiliate link???
Reply author: ericmedem
Replied on: 07/23/2008 02:21:04
I was that guy that was pretty much new to the internet and definitely new to internet marketing, here is what I did.
I am a real estate investor and a Realtor so I thought why not put together a real estate investing system.
I have always been a fan of the shoot first aim later methodology.
The first thing that I did was join some online real estate investing forums. In a couple of hours I had my name posted solid up and
down the front page.
Secondly I built a Free google web page site that offered my consulting services for $150.00 per 30 mins. The call also came with a
short real estate investing guide that I wrote. In my first month I did 10 calls to make $1500.00
Third I got sick of talking about the same thing over and over so one day I pulled my corvette off to the side of the road and called a
recordable 1800 number. I proceeded to talk to myself for 40 mins about real estate investing.
I combined that recorded call with the short guide that i had written and started selling the product for $29.99. I ended up making
about $6,000 on that system.
Fast forward to today, I have several investing courses available and average around $200/ day of sales from my site, and $800/mo
on ebay. All products are electronic, as you know thats close to 100% profit.
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