Packaging machines
Automatic Dispensing System (ADS)
The latest “Number One”
Packaging machine
Packaging of Blisters or bulk drugs
· Horizontal packaging
· Repackaging of precut blisters in big format
· Internal PC
· Bar code reader (EAN 13, 19, 128 and QR)
· Emergency stop button
· Digital thermal control
· Precise and high quality pre cutting
· Airtight sealing
· Speed maximum: 2.220 units/hour
· Low maintenance
· Direct printing on thermal paper allowing also
to add logos and shapes
· Consumables: 2 roll (thermal and color paper)
(Blister or bulk)
5 colors for easy
special drugs, etc.)
With three Single dispenser systems: spring (Springdose), drawer (Electrostock and Cabistore) and door (Cistercontrol and Drawercontrol)
Cabistore CA-11
Spring controlled Unit dose dispensing.
Ideal system for maximum control of certain products: narcotics, high cost drugs, etc.
Dispensing through controlled opening of large drawers
Protects products with organized dispensing
Cabinets with door opening control
Ideal for thermolabile drugs
Dispensing by a closed system, no external access
possible, aluminium finish
Maximum safety when taking out the dose or multidose per
patient and user, with no further access to products or doses
other than those requested to the system.
(authorized staff cannot withdraw without control more
medication than the one entered in computer of the dispenser)
Operated through a touch screen with password access
Availability of severals modules adapted to the needs
of each nursing unit
Comprehensive connectivity with different services and areas
of the Hospital
Meets the storage “KANBAN” System.
(It dispenses the drug that most time is stored, minimizing
the risk of expiry)
Dispenses protocols individually or in the forms of packs
Ideal solution to contain large number
of specialities or big volume medication
All contents at sight
Divisible drawers with dividers holding identifiers
Smooth closing, with no knocks
Modular configuration
The model in the picture contains:
· 4 baskets 60 x 40 x 5 cm
· 3 baskets 60 x 40 x 10 cm
· 2 baskets 60 x 40 x 20 cm
Cabistore CA-36
A fridge designed to store medication
· Steel-plated body covered with PVC
· 247 liters of capacity
· Anti-steam glass door
· Acoustic electronic alarm
· Thermometer and curved glass
Sizes in ABS
Opaque plastic
60 x 40 x 5 cm
60 x 40 x 10 cm
60 x 40 x 20 cm
30 x 40 x 10 cm
30 x 40 x 20 cm
45 x 40 x 5 cm
45 x 40 x 10 cm
Capacity in liters 247
Levels of exposure 7
Inside temperature +1º~+6º
Average relative level of humidity 45%
Sizes in PC
Transparent plastic
60 x 40 x 5 cm
60 x 40 x 10 cm
60 x 40 x 20 cm
30 x 40 x 10 cm
30 x 40 x 20 cm
Combination of maximum 3 units
with one PC
Controlled access to products
with password
Touch screen with very intuitive
and graphic selection
Spiral dispensing mechanim through coils, for unit dose or packs
and quick ejection of protocols
EAN 13
Interior capacity of 400 l
Possibility to add more
cabinets with the computer
of the first unit
Screen offers the description
of the drug to take out from the
corresponding open drawer.
Printouts can be
both horizontal
and vertical.
Logos and shapes
can also be added.
EAN 39
Acces through authorized password.
Drawer for returns.
Full opening of the drawer,
“hands free”, smooth closing,
with no knocks.
Each drawer is provided with
dividers and identifiers
Laser scanner
capable of reading
EAN 13, EAN 39,
EAN 128 and QR.
Manual or integrated
in the machine.
Automatic dispenser for drugs
and hospital products
Automatic opening of drawers
Drawer combination with 2 capacities:
3 lt. (15x20x10 cm.) and 4,5 lt. (22,5x20x10 cm.)
Automatic extraction of cassettes
Units of 12 drawers maximum
Maximum 36 (3lt.) drawers in total
To fix on table or wall
Temperature Historical
Data Recorder
for refrigerators
and freezers
Sizes in rilsancoated metal
60 x 40 x 10 cm
60 x 40 x 18 cm
30 x 40 x 10 cm
30 x 40 x 18 cm
Cabinets and refrigerators of The Control Series
can be accessed through introducing a password,
the required product, quantity and concerned
patient. Users will be recorded by the security
camera when extracting the product.
Dispensing Cabinets with various security control options
Freezer of 60 liters capacity for products that need to be kept down to 25 ºC
EAN 128
Unit Dose spool organizer
· Compatible with all unit dose
packaging machines
· Can be fixed to the wall or placed on a table
· Anodized aluminium frame and PVC back
and sides
· Can store 19 specialities besides the
Dosiroler Compact (20 without the Dosiroler
· Roll of blisters is easily made with
the Dosiroler Compact
Official distributor:
To invest in quality, safety and comfort
is always profitable
Estany, 13-17, Nave D
08038 BARCELONA (Spain)
T +34 93 223 99 80 · F +34 93 223 99 81 · [email protected]
Autodrugs Mix
(Springdose + Electrostock)
The Autodrugs system is based
in the Controller program, which
allows you to manage the cabinets,
products and users from the hospital
All units are connected to an external
touch screen, for their opening,
activation and use.
Ideal combination that offers
an option for drugs of maximum
control and another for
the rest of products
It uses cassettes of interchangeable drawers
(CDCA) that open automatically.
Automatic extraction of cassettes
See Tecnomatic
Removable cassette models:
- CA8
8 drawers of 4,5 l
- CA11 9 drawers of 3 l and 2 of 4,5 l
- CA12 12 drawers of 3 l
Inner capacity 400 l
10 drawers 35 x 75 x 12 cm
1 drawer 35 x 75 x 24 cm
10 dividers per drawer
With integrated touch screen
or in connection with Autodrugs
Medication carts
Medication carts
Medication cars
Medication carts
Crom Line
Medication carts
Other carts
Carrydose Ki
Multi-purpose cars
Medication carts for nursing homes, social health and psychiatric clinics
Carrydose KiG
Available in 6 different colors
1 Automatic extraction of cassettes for replacement
2 Select medication to be given to patient
3 Drawer opens automatically one by one
Carrydose Crom
1 Select the drawer in the diagram
of the display
2 Manually open the drawer
3 Draw the medication
4 Manual extraction of cassettes
for replacement
All for less
All drawers are blocked
All cassettes with
electronic and safety lock
Size: 61 x 57 x 105 cm
Model CO 22
Can hold up to a maximum
of 24 drawers of medication,
combining both 3 l and 4,5 l drawers
and 20 l and 30 l lower drawers,
offering up to 72 l in individual
medication drawers and 50 l
in lower drawers.
Models according to the number of drawers-patients,
from 8 to 24 drawers of 3 and 4,5 liter capacity
CDCA cassettes
Packs of drawers for automatic connection
for individual opening:
- CDCA 8 8 drawers of 4,5 l
- CDCA 12 12 drawers of 3 l
- CDCA 11 9 drawers of 3 l and 2 of 4,5 l
- CDCA 9 9 drawers of 3 l
- CDCA 6
6 drawers of 3 l
Circulatory system
Digestive system
Gynecology & Obstetrics
Internal medicine
Ortopedics & traumatology
Aluminium lacquered frame, totally rust-less
Laminate sheets made with phenolic
resin (maximum resistance)
Drawers if 3 liter and 4.5 liter capacities.
Trolleys starting from 6 and up to 36 drawers
Auxiliary drawers with slow self-closing
(without knocks)
Threadguard castors
Respiratory system
Vascular system
CDCA Model 11
Laptop suport
Anti-Impact fiber panels, blue or green.
Carts from 6 up to 24 drawers
ABS cassettes from 6 up to 12 drawers.
3 to 4.5 liter drawers.
Auxiliary big size drawers (14x43 cm, 24x43 cm),
Maximum11.5 kg load capacity, soft closing.
Auxiliary folding table
Object holder
Waste bin
Ergonomic handle.
Dual bearing casters with thread guards.
Brake system and bumpers.
· e-6
· e-8
· e-9
· e-11
· e-22
Common to both products
Dry gel with smart charger battery. 10 hours of function
Accessory bar
code reader
Color Labels for easy identification
Hole to hang or store
Accepts standard medications cups
Flexible models
KX Multiusos
4,5 l
2 speed,
flat ground and slopes
With motor
Historialcar Crom
Luminous ON-OFF
Car for carrying reports and nursery files.
Dry gel battery
4 h
60 Ah
Nodriza e-KR
Unique cabinets with balanced door (no need for bending)
Autoyec 50 SC
A method designed to avoid vials and ampoules
from expiring
Labels with active principles
All types of vials and ampoules
Capacity for 400 drug approx.
40-50 different specialities
Key lock
· ABS, polycarbonate and rilsan-coated baskets
· Aluminium frames, round edges
· Threadguard castors
· Blinds with balanced central opening
(avoids bending)
· Parallel or inclined slide tracks
· Dividers and tags
· Baskets with sides and bottom base
with no holes
· Baskets with guides and extra strong bearings
to hold the weight of very heavy products
such as serums or liquids in general
Pill Cutter
Charge input
Battery charge monitor
8x12 Model
Model CO 20
Model CO 24
Without motor
Photoprotective accessories
Size in cm:
Width: 66,
height with tower: 175;
Height without tower: 108,
depth: 50
Carts to carry cassettes from pharmacy to hospital wards and viceversa
PAU Intubation cart
· e-24
Maximum quality: (non scratch) phenolic laminates and anodized aluminum structure
Pharmacy management software (Hub)
Nursing software
19” Touch screens
Removable Cassettes
with automatic
6 one space pull out bins
with different capacities
· e-12
· e-18
Battery check
Dividable pull out bins
Modular pull out bins
· Dividable transparent drawers (for materials, Srynges...)
· Trolley top made of acrylic glass (PMMA) (all items are in sight)
· 12 departments for endotracheal tubes
· PC table
· Devide for easy reading (with magnifier glass)
· With NOCADUC built-in
Size in cm: 66 x 170 x 56
· e-16
Night visión
Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 86 -105 cm
Models according to the number of drawers-patients:
· Top A8 8 drawers of 4,5 liters
· Top A11 9 drawers of 3 liters and 2 of 4,5 liters
· Top A1212 drawers of 3 liters
Mediterraneo Series (Mediterranean)
Structures in laquered aluminium
The only system that hides
patient’s name.
Laptop mount on hight adjustable arm
that articulate to bring your laptop computer
or notebook computer directly within reach
Topcar (Foot of bed) Model M 9
Topmatic (Foot of bed) Model A11
Lower unit
Model e-KR 14
KQ Anesthesia
Plata Series (Silver)
Structures in anodized aluminium
KRZ Personalized line trolleys
The most ergonomic standard model.
· 70 Dino distributors with 2 dividers in each unit
· Size: 70 x 108 x 50 Cm.
· Anodized aluminium structure
· Key Lock and Shutter Door
Drawers available instantly with slow self-closing (no noise)
All at sight
Defibrillator mount with 360º swivel
Coil with 8 m of cord and central plug,
to avoid pulling on the defibrillator
Serum pole and oxygen holder
Methacrylate cardiac massage board
Slide out shelf with key for checklist of stock,
use and expiration dates
Central lock with numbered security seal,
also for the basket
Space for two bottles of O2
Model Ki 26
Model Ki 24
e-KR-e12 Model
Both Tecnocar and Tecnomatic have
a double dispensing capacity since they
carry cassettes on both sides of the cart.
Cassettes are lightweight
and easy to transport, with no
electronic mechanisms that increase
their weight nor the cost of maintenance.
Model CO 36
Dimensions: 55 x 62 x 105 cm
Width: 55 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Hight: 112 cm
Recommended color table
according to speciality (Chromotherapy)
Model TB 20
Model TCA 22
Model KiG 70-10
· Crash cart designed for instant opening
Electronic locking
of all drawers
Tecnomatic detects
a new cassette with other
drawer positions.
2 options: MA (aluminium) and e-KR (high impact resistant fiber)
Ecorevicar, for cardiac emergency
Motor of 180/250 W
Two batteries of 12 V 4 Ah
240 V battery charger
Full charge led indicator
· Pull-out table, under the surface of transparent
methacrylate to keep reports and take have
them at sight
· Fiberscope holder with individual bags
for each end of use
· Maximum hygiene
· Organizational mobile compartments
for endotracheal tubes
· Coil with 8m of electric cable and central plug
to avoid pulling
· 4 Transparent drawers with identification
and spacers
Dimensions in cm: 66 x 104 x 55
PC dividers:
40 x 5 cm
60 x 5 cm
30 x 10 cm
40 x 10 cm
45 x 10 cm
60 x 10 cm
40 x 20 cm
60 x 20 cm
A 50 ml syringe uploader and downloader.
Precise and with no effort.
Uploads infusion pumps.
For easy swallowing.
Cuts in half and crushes pills.
Telescopic guide
(30 kg)