Reporting for duty: Smokey Where the Civil War began



Reporting for duty: Smokey Where the Civil War began
plus tax
e careful about reading
health books. You might
die of a misprint.
14 pages
—Mark Twain
Citizen appeals Reporting for duty: Smokey
for more teeth
in City’s vicious M
dog ordinance
By C.A. Moore
The news-Xpress
As Mayor Jerry Cook
chuckled, “It looks like the
City Council meeting is going to the dogs,” as he convened the hour-long session
Tuesday night.
While his observation was
in jest, the proceedings took
a serious turn when Wanda Chevalier of 705 North
Delaware St., registered a
complaint about dog owners
allowing their “pets” to have
free rein on weekends and at
night. “There are excessive
amounts of dogs running
loose,” she said.
Recently Chevalier had
a too-close encounter with
two vicious dogs, breeds she
described as a pit bull and a
Rottweiler, one of which had
just killed a cat in her neighborhood.
She said she beat one
off with a stick and chased
another off her property
as police were summoned.
Reportedly one of the dogs
tried to attack officers. Chevalier said too often when a
dog owner is brought up in
municipal court, he/she gives
the judge a “sob story” resulting in reduced penalties.
She added it’s about got to
the place where children are
not safe to play in their own
yards, as well as senior citizens who are out and about.
Chevalier then suggested
tougher laws and higher fines
for owners of vicious dogs.
City Attorney Diana D.
Thomas said there is a vicious dog ordinance on the
books, but specifying the
exact breeds is no easy task.
She recounted that a certain
dog owner was issued two citations for violating the ordinance. Often, she continued,
an officer doesn’t witness a
dog attack when making the
scene which means victims
of threats or attacks by vicious dogs must come forward and sign complaints.
“Usually the judge follows my recommendations
for penalties,” Thomas said,
“but again it’s hard to identify an exact breed.”
■ Rain date
for car show
Early day showers and
predictions of more of the
same later forced the tough
postpone the
Electric City
for last Friday evening
on the Butler
Square. A rain date of Friday, June 15 has been set—
same time, 5-9 p.m., same
Other upcoming events of
•June 18—First Nostalgia
Band Concert, bandstand,
7:30 p.m.
•June 18-Red Cross Blood
Drive, 1-7 p.m., Church of
the Nazarene, Butler.
•June 22—Relay for Life
cancer fundriaser, Fairgrounds, Butler.
•June 22, 23, 24—Annual
Steam & Gas Engine Show,
Frontier Village, Adrian.
June 29-July 1—Butler
Saddle Club Rodeo, Fairgrounds, Butler.
Mayor Cook said the
police and City will take
Chevalier’s concerns into
consideration, adding, “We
cannot have vicious dogs
attacking people in our
Dogs, Chapter 2: Police
Sgt. Chad Anderson, President of the Butler Police
Association, introduced the
latest addition to the department, Smokey, a registered
German Shepherd, and his
handler, Cpl. Ken Rush.
Smokey, Anderson said,
is a certified drug/tracking
dog that will be a valuable
tool in law enforcement’s
war on drugs.
He said the $5,500 animal was purchased from
proceeds of last September’s barbecue championship contest at the fairgrounds, including ticket
sales turned in by queen
and princess candidates
which totaled over $4,000.
Anderson thanked all who
were involved in raising
the money to purchase
He also said he had received complaints from
citizens in outlying areas
over the council’s recent
vote to assess a $25 per
hour fee for the use of a
drug dog in critical crimerelated situations.
Mayor Cook said this
action will be placed under
review by the council’s finance committee. “We may
be rethinking our ruling on
the fees,” he said.
The council meeting
itself was preceded by a
short public hearing regarding the rezoning of properties on West Fort Scott
Street from R-2 residential
to commercial C-3—Highway Business District.
As no one spoke up on
either side of the issue, the
revised status will be in
force upon further action of
the council by unanimous
eet the latest addition to the Butler
Police Department: He responds to
Smokey with a hefty bark.
The nearly 2-year-old,
72 pound registeredGerman Shepherd has just
joined the force after completing specialized training
with his handler, Cpl. Ken
Smokey is certified by
the Missouri Police K-9
Association as a narcotics detection/tracking dog
and although a frisky and
lovable specimen (after all
he’s still a youngster), he
takes his duties seriously.
Watching him go through
his paces leaves no doubt
he is already a pro.
Rush, a 4-year veteran
officer with Butler P.D.,
volunteered to work with
Smokey in this phase of
law enforcement. “We
bonded right away,” Rush
said. Smokey boards—and
trains —in a kennel at the
home of Rush and his family at the outskirts Butler.
“Smokey’s sense of
smell is ten times greater
than humans,” Rush said.
“Because of his training, he
can isolate the location of
drugs no matter how many
other odors might be present at a given location.”
Once pinpointed,
Smokey will aggressively
scratch at the drug infested
area with his paws and
make very pronounced
sniffing noises. “He leaves
no doubt he’s on top of
some type of drugs,” Rush
said. From that point, Rush
and fellow officers at the
scene take over.
Smokey’s talents at
tracking are equal to his
drug detection. Rush said
last week he and Smokey
were summoned to the
Adrian area where police
and sheriff’s deputies had
lost the trail of a suspect
wanted in connection with
a crime. Taken to the last
Cpl. Ken Rush and Smokey, the City’s new drug/tracking dog.—Staff photo.
known disturbed location of
the suspect, Smokey obliged
and an arrest was made.
Rush said Smokey was
acquired through connections with the Grain Valley,
Mo., Police Department,
where he received his initial
tutoring from officer Scott
Hedger in preparation for
his transfer to Butler P.D. He
responds to commands in
bioth English and German.
Drug dogs don’t come
cheap. The Butler Police
Association assumed the
$5,500 cost from proceeds
realized from last September’s Barbecue Championship events held at the
fairgrounds, which included
ticket sales from queen and
princess candidates.
Tuesday night Rush introduced Smokey to Mayor
Jerry Cook and members of
the City Council. Both were
well received.
Hume voters OK school levy hike
The news-Xpress
Voters in the Hume R-8 School District put their stamp
of approval on a proposed school levy increase.
According to the office of County Clerk Marlene Wainscott, the unofficial returns showed 96 yes votes, 59 no
The $1.00 per $100 of assessed valuation will be earmarked for school projects, including but not limited to
providing additional funds to better maintain the district’s
facilities, hiring and retaining qualified staff and to meet
the operating funds of the district.
Approval signals the adjusted operating levy of the district is estimated to be $5.2592 per $100 of assessed valuation.
The polling place was the Hume Community Center on
the town square.
Where the Civil War began: How true!
The news-Xpress
One of Bates County’s
claims to fame, as coined
by the late Ed Robertson:
“Where the Civil War Began,” is true, according to
Ellen Gray Massey, who
knows from where she
Massey, of Lebanon,
Mo., was a special guest of
the Bates County Historical
Society Saturday where she
related heretofore vague
background knowledge of
the Civil War, particularly
as it pertained to this immediate area.
“Missouri was the only
state where hostilities began before the Civil War,”
Massey said.
She also touted one of
her latest novels titled The
Burnt District, which although centers around fictional characters is based
on historical accounts of
Author Ellen Gray Massey
one of western Missouri’s
darkest hours, the infamous
General Order No. 11.
The Aug. 25, 1863 directive by Union Brigadier Gen.
Ewing, commanded that all
of Bates, Cass and Jackson
counties and parts of Vernon
County be vacated within 15
days to establish the loyalty
of the citizenry to the Union
cause. These affected areas
are what Massey refers to as
The Burnt District, because
most communities were
burned virtually burned out
of existence by the marauding Union troops, with Bates
County being dealt the severist blow.
It has been written that
hundreds sought refuge in
densely wooded rural areas
to avoid detection. Massey
said citizens had to leave in
15 days or be sent to detention camps.
Massey is a native of Vernon County. In addition to
editorial work, she has published numerous articles,
short stories and essays, plus
eight non-fiction books and
12 novels.
Massey told the gathering of about 50 that while
all-out hostilities between
the North and South didn’t
erupt until 1861, troubles and
skirmished along the Missouri-Kansas borders west of
Butler in the late 1850’s gave
evidence that the worst was
yet to come. In the process,
bitter feelings lingered between the two states for generations following the end of
the war.
Originally Missouri was a
slave state, Massey said, and
in 1787 the Northwest Ordinance created the MasonDixon Line (immediately
south and east of Missouri)
to establish the identity of localities where slavery was legal and illegal. As a result, the
people of wealth who owned
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Friday: Sunny; high 76/low 57;
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Saturday: Isolated T-storms;
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Sunday: Scattered T-storms;
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2 news-Xpress, Butler, Mo., Friday, June 8, 2007
Views from the past...
Missouri Veterans Commission
Office location in Butler has moved to the Missouri Driver’s
Examiners Office (old JC Penney building) at 4 West Ohio
St., on Butler Square. Veterans Service Officer Bill Gillette
will be available to assist veterans, widows and dependents
from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursdays. Local assistance can also be obtained from Missouri Veterans
Commission (417) 448-1133,
Genealogy notice
Regular meeting of Bates County Genealogy Society at
Butler Public Library, 9:30 a.m. Saturday, June 9.
Fundraiser for Children’s Center
Come out to Midwest Lumber Saturday, June 9 from
10:30-1:30 for hot dogs, chips and drinks and see what we
are all about.
Church singing
Old Time Country Church Singing and dinner on the
ground. Bring covered dish and lawn chair Saturday, June 9,
11:30 a.m.-? Walnut Community Church (660) 832-4498.
Pat Decker reception
There will be a reception celebration in honor of PAT
DECKER at the Ohio Street United Methodist Church in the
fellowship hall Sunday, June 10 from 2-4 p.m.
Padley reunion
Sunday, June 10, pot luck at 12:30 at Butler Masonic Hall,
Business Highway 71 North, Butler.
Fennewald reunion
Sunday, June 10 at Butler Public Library. Basket dinner at
1 p.m. Bring your own drinks.
Monday at the Butler Sr. Center
11 a.m., Rona McNally, Program Manager with Missouri SMP will speaking on Medicare Advantage and at
12:30 “Learning Lunches; Ben Morrow will be speaking on
“Claims on Storm Damage.” Come join us for lunch Monday-Friday, 11:30-12:30, “Learning Lunches” every Monday
at 12:30 and “Coffee with the Ladies and a Few Good men”
every Friday morning from 8 to 9. Butler Senior Center, 611
West Mill St., Butler, Mo. 679-5830.
Prayer and praise
Meeting in home of Joan Swann, 11 Fawn Drive, 9:15 a.m.
Thursday, June 14. Suzann Johannigmeier will bring musical program. All ladies welcome.
Change of meeting date
American Legion and Auxiliary will meet Thursday, June
14 (this is now the second Thursday of each month) with
a pot luck supper at 6:30 p.m. Meetings will follow at approximately 7:30 p.m. All members please attend and bring
a prospective member with you. Sixth District meeting at
Clinton June 10 at American Legion Home.—Judy.
50th anniversary shower
The children of Donald and Berniece Martin would like to
request a card shower for their parents 50th anniversary June
16. Address: Route 3, Appleton City, Mo. 64724.
■ Cancer care 2007:
Twelve tips
to survivorship
Kansas City • There are no guarantees in this life, but
experts agree that surviving cancer begins with twelve lifesaving steps.
Charles M. Balch, M.D., a nationally renown oncologist, Johns Hopkins associate and Medical Editor of the new
2007 Patient Resource cancer guide says these 12 tips are
critical steps toward cancer survivorship in the brave new
world of patient advocacy.
“I have grown in my appreciation of active patient involvement,” says Balch. “And that begins with a 12-step
Dr. Balch’s 12 tips include:
1 Find a survivor advocate. Enlist the aid of a trusted
friend or family member as your personal patient advocate.
Their job is to support you throughout this journey.
2. Identify a caregiver and counselor. Connect with caring, committed professionals who can assist you physically,
psychologically and spiritually. Your return to health includes your whole being.
3. Make yourself familiar with necessary financial resources and insurance options. Be certain you are getting all
the benefits you are entitled to receive.
4. Find a specialist. Locate a doctor, surgeon, researcher
and treatment facility that specialize in your type of cancer.
5. Investigate clinical trial options. Patients may be eligible to try innovative new treatments and therapies by participating in these medically supervised studies.
6. Get second opinions on your diagnosis, treatment and
even pathology. Don’t be bashful about asking. When it
comes to surviving cancer, two heads are always better than
7. Test your cancer cells against recommended chemotherapy agents. Find a laboratory testing facility to ensure
you are getting the best drug therapy for your body chemistry.
8. Develop a checklist for treatments and doctor visits.
A medical journal or diary is invaluable in keeping good
9. Remember the importance of positive thinking. Picture
yourself defeating cancer and returning to good health. The
mind-body wellness connection is real! Equip yourself with
books, tapes and tools to maintain a positive attitude.
10. Develop a nutritional and exercise program for yourself both during and after treatment.
11. Attend survivor forums. Live your life and volunteer
your story of cancer survivorship. It will go a long way toward inspiring others who are beginning their own cancer
12. Educate yourself and get informed! Rely on Patient
Resource as your comprehensive cancer guide and information tool.
Patient Resource is a new cancer treatment guide designed to help anyone who has ever been diagnosed with
Rich Hill throng
The west end of Rich Hill’s Park Avenue was packed for this 1912 stock show. At the far end (right side) was the
Talmage House Hotel. Also visible, the Harris Drug Store, and Booth Undertaking. In the left foreground, a sign in
front of the Beasley Clothing store.—Photo courtesy of Valerie Kithcart. (Note: It was brought to our attention an
error in identifying students at Forbes School 1939, in last week’s photo. Front row: on the left was John Payne;
on the right, Junior Payne).
Long ago–but where?
On the back of this vintage photo is written the
date 1938, along with Joe and Toodles (his dog).
The photo was taken in front of the R.M. Mays Oil
Company, with this seated threesome apparently
passing the time of day with Joe. Can any of our
readers shed any light on Joe’s last name and
where the store was located?—Submitted.
■ EDITOR’S NOTE: Feedback from our readers indicates the “Views From the Past” is one of the most popular
features in the news-Xpress. Again let us emphasize that we solicit photos of events and places in the Bates
County area from years gone by. If you have photos of this type from the Bates County area from years gone by
that are in reasonably good quality for reproduction, please let us know. Thank you.
cancer and doesn’t know
where to turn. This 128-page
publication is available free
of charge at 6,000 doctor’s
offices and oncology clinics
across the country. It features
a comprehensive directory
and contact information for
medical specialists, treatments, clinics, terminology
and clinical trials. It even
provides patients with tips
for navigating the insurance
maze and explains the importance of second and third
opinions. More importantly,
it offers real-life stories of
hope and survival, something
Balch believes is important
for cancer patients to focus
on during treatment.
Today, millions of men,
women and children are battling cancer. Growing numbers of these are following
a national trend in self-advocacy, determined to find
the cancer resources that
best serve their needs. The
new Patient Resource cancer
guide is unlike any other information resource available
to cancer patients today. It’s
considered to be the only
single-source, user-friendly
guide available to those in
“I truly believe that an informed and educated cancer
patient will find a way to get
the best care.....and live better and longer,” says Balch.
“I can not overemphasize the
positive impact we see when
patients educate themselves
about their own cancer diagnosis.”
The new Patient Resource
guide is available to patients
at their local oncology office
or cancer clinic nationwide.
It can also be ordered online
Have a news item?
Call the
Misinformation overload noted
By Lynne Finnerty
It’s predicted that the Internet will contain 200 million Web sites by 2010. Seventy percent of
Americans use the Internet. There’s no question that we have greater access to more information
than ever before. But how much of that information is trustworthy?
There’s a saying that, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” Problem
is there are a lot of opinions out there presented as facts. With the exponential growth in the sources
of “information,” those faux facts can spread like wildfire.
There’s also a joke: “It was on the Internet, so it must be true.” On the Internet, anyone can claim
to be an expert. Since few Web sites have fact checkers, and since we can’t always depend on the
news media to get it right either, our job as information consumers is to question the veracity of the
information, or misinformation that constantly streams our way.
For example, a paper put out by Environment California titled “Overkill: Why Pesticide Spraying
for West Nile Virus in California May Cause More Harm Than Good,” says pesticides approved for
mosquito control include compounds “known to have serious human health impacts.” Well, sure, if
you take a bath in the stuff.
What the paper doesn’t mention is that all pesticides have safe, Environmental Protection Agency-approved application rates, and they would have to be applied at several times those rates to have
“serious human health impacts.” The report is filled with claims that pesticides “may” do this and
“could” do that. Convincing? To anyone with even a basic understanding of pesticides, hardly. To
the average reader, likely.
Here’s another gem. An article in the July 2006 Smithsonian magazine by Berkeley journalism professor Michael Pollan, who has written several New York Times articles critical of modern
food production, says that nitrates used to fertilize crops flow into the Gulf of Mexico, “where their
deadly fertility poisons the marine ecosystem.”
Pollan is talking about the hypoxic zone in the gulf, an area that is low in oxygen needed by fish.
Pollan fails to mention, because it doesn’t help his argument, that there are other contributors to the
hypoxic zone. Phosphorous from household chemicals is as responsible, if not more so. Variations
in climate, waste material and petroleum that leak from ships, and a host of other non-agricultural
sources are factors, as well.
To be a wise information consumer in this information age, one must be a critical thinker. Ask
questions like, “Who says,” “How did they come to that conclusion,” “What are they not telling me”
and “What is the opposing view?” The answers can help distinguish between facts and someone’s
two-cents worth. Do they use words like “may,” “could” or “some?” These are signs that you need
to look further for the facts.
Ironically, in this day when more information is more readily available than ever, the individual burden to research an issue to get at the truth also is greater. Consider the message,
consider the source and look for the facts. Be a critical thinker and avoid misinformation
■Lynne Finnerty, is editor of FBNews for the American Farm Bureau Federation.
news-Xpress, Butler, Mo., Friday, June 8, 2007
•The Burnt District
slaves moved out of the territory westward and set up in
a “foreign country” so they
could keep their slaves.
Along came the Missouri
compromise in 1820, a measure adopted by the U.S.
Congress to resolve the issue
of Missouri’s admission to
the Union as a slave state. At
the time of Missouri’s first
petition (1819), there were 11
free and 11 slave states in the
Union. The addition of Missouri would have changed
the balance of power in the
U.S. Senate and reopened
the bitterly contested issue
between the North and South
as to whether slavery should
be allowed to spread in the
Action on Missouri’s petition was delayed until Maine
(formerly a part of Massachusetts) requested admission as a free state. A series
of maneuvers led by Henry
Clay resulted in Missouri
being admitted as a state in
which slavery was legal,
while Maine was admitted as
a state in which is was not,
with the added proviso that
slavery would not be permitted in the rest of the Territory
of the Louisiana Purchase
(of which Missouri had been
a part). The compromise was
later repealed in 1854 by the
Kansas-Nebraska Act which
introduced the doctrine of
popular sovereignty. According to Massey, the majority of the common populace in Missouri was opposed
to slavery.
The Kansas-Nebraska Act,
passed by Congress in 1854,
upset the balance of power
between slave and free states
and helped bring on the Civil
War. It established Kansas
and Nebraska with a provision that each territory and
subsequent ones, could decide for itself whether or not
to introduce slavery. Settlers
were poured in by North and
South in an attempt to establish control. The act upset the
Missouri Compromise.
Massey said the Eastern
press played up the border
raids and battles, but their
slanted reporting blatantly
favored Kansas forces, and
thus heightened the military
hatred toward Missouri even
She referred to the first
recognized major battle of
the War in Missouri which
was fought at Carthage in
1861 that forced the state
government to move temporarily to Texas; and a battle
at Pilot Knob in which 1,000
troops were killed in 20 minutes.
Also, Missouri sent more
men into battle than any
other state (proportionally)
including blacks.
Massey was accompanied
by her sister, Carolyn Thornton of Nevada, Mo., who is
a well known writer also.
Thornton and her husband,
Lester, are former residents
of Butler when he pastored
the Ohio Street United Methodist Church.
She is a columnist and
feature writer for the Nevada
Daily Mail,” and has written three books, “A Funny
Thing Happened on the
Way to Senility,” “For Everything There is a Season,”
and “Whither Thou Goest You’ve Got to be Kidding.”
Copies of Massey’s The
Two of the many in attendance at Saturday’s Historical Society program also
enjoyed touring the museum. On the
right is one of the old clock faces from
the courthouse tower.—Staff photo
Burnt District are available
at the Museum’s gift shop
on Elks Drive.
■ Note: A portion of the background material for this article
was taken from The New American Desk Encyclopedia.
Lots to
see at
the museum
The music room is one of
many displays of collections and artifacts gracing
the Bates County Museum
on Elks Drive.–Staff photo.
•Butler City Council
Headquarters District of the Border
Kansas City, Missouri, August 25, 1863 Harris,chair of the finance
committee, reported the comFIRST. All persons living in Cass, Jackson and Bates coun- mittee recommends refinancties, Missouri, and in that part of Vernon including in this dising the speculation building
trict, except those living within one mile of the limits of Independence, Hickman’s Mills, Pleasant Hill and Harrisonville, in the industrial park with
and except those in that part of Kaw township, Jackson county, Great Southern Bank via a
north of Brush Creek and west of Big Blue, embracing Kansas 8 percent fixed loan in the
City and Westport, are hereby ordered to remove from their amount of $350,000 for a
present places of residence within fifteen days from the days 10-year period. This was approved by unanimous vote.
from the date hereof.
On another subject related
Those who, within that time, establish their loyalty to the
satisfaction of the commanding officer of the military station to financing, Councilman
nearest their present places of residence, will receive from him Don Malan touched on a decertificates stating the fact of their loyalty, and the names of cision made at the last meetthe witnesses by whom it can be shown. All who receive such ing to cut the overdue utility
certificate will be permitted to remove to any military station bill in half for the family of
in this district, or to any part of the State of Kansas, except the the late Justin Moore, who
counties on the eastern borders of the State. All others shall with his 2-year-old son Ethan
remove out of this district. Officers commanding companies died from injuries sustained
and detachments serving in the counties named, will see that in a fire that swept the home
this paragraph is promptly obeyed.
at 200 South Broadway St.,
SECOND. All grain and hay in the field, or under shelter, in recently.
the district from which the inhabitants are required to remove
Malan suggested the
within reach of military stations, after the 9th day of September council “dropped the ball”
next, will be taken to such stations and turned over to the proper on its decision. “This was
officer there, and report of the amount so turned over made to
a terrible tragedy,” Malan
district headquarters, specifying the names of all loyal owners
and the amount of such produce taken from them. All grain and said. “Mrs. Moore lost her
hay found in such district after the 9th day of September next, husband and son...we must
show some compassion.” He
not convenient to such stations, will be destroyed.
THIRD. The provisions of General Order No. 10, from these offered a motion to writeheadquarters, will at once be vigorously executed by officers off the remaining balance
commanding in the parts of the district, and at the stations not of payment due ($524). Votsubject to the operations of paragraph First of this Order - and ing yes: Councilmen Walter
especially in the town of Independence, Westport and Kansas Wright, Bob Conley, Malan,
Bob Schnoebelen and Doug
FOURTH. Paragraph 3, General Order No. 10, is revoked Wix. Harris was the lone nay
as to all who have borne arms against the government in the vote. Absent, Councilman Ed
district since August 20, 1863.
Hahnen and Councilwomen
By order of Brigadier General Ewing. Marvel Walker.
H. Hannah, Adjutant.
In other action:
City Administrator Dennis
Pyle was authorized to set a
public meeting regarding the
sale of two city-owned lots
on the north side of West Fort
Scott St., immediately east of
the railroad underpass.
The proposal to establish
the city-wide Wi-Fi internet
system was referred to the finance committee for further
Bill 2007-3, an ordinance
amending the zoning classification on certain real property on West Fort Scott Street
was adopted as ordinance
Further study was recommended on a bid for underpinning the raw water intake
structure at the Marais des
Cygnes River.
Deems Farm Equipment
of Butler was declared the
low bidder (11,683) for a
John Deere 997 mower for
the parks department.
A proposal from Max Motors to close a section of Delaware Street from Ohio and
Chestnut Street for a street
dance to be held in conjunction with a car show on Aug.
25, was referred to the safety
committee for further consideration.
Mayor Cook paid tribute
to Robert “Bob” Hall, who
died May 28 and offered condolences to his family. Cook
described Hall as a “patriot”
for Butler, noting he had
served as Economic Development Director, with his
efforts bringing industry to
town; and was active on city
committees and the Chamber
of Commerce.
■ City of Butler
Notice of flushing hydrants
The City of Butler has completed flushing hydrants in all
areas north of Ohio Street. Now the City will begin flushing hydrants in all areas south of Ohio Street beginning on
Wednesday, June 13.
Flushing hydrants is a routine maintenance activity of the
Water Distribution Department and Fire Department. This
work will occur mainly during the late evening and overnight hours for the convenience of customers and will be
primarily limited to Wednesdays. This work should take approximately three weeks.
The residents in this area may experience some rusty water and should exercise caution when washing white fabrics.
If you notice any staining of white fabrics, do not dry the
material but repeat the wash cycle. If you experience stained
fabrics, call the City office at 679-4182 during normal business hours or the Butler Police Department at 679-6131 after hours and on weekends and you can be provided with
bottles of stain remover.
Archaeologist to speak
at Bates County Museum
Archaeologist Ann Rabb will be at the Bates County Museum (Elks Drive, Butler) on Saturday, June 16 to present a
power point program about the effects of Order No. 11 on
Bates County. Her appearance will be at 11 a.m. in the banquet
room of the museum.
Rabb holds a PhD in archaeology and has written her dissertation on the Burnt District and the historical aftermath on
this area.
She writes: “On Aug. 25, 1863 General Order No. 11 was
issued by Brigadier General Thomas Ewing of the Union
Army. This order, which took effect on Sept, 9 of the same
year, ordered the depopulation and suspension of civil rights
of all residents of four counties in the state of Missouri along
the Kansas border. Bates County in particular suffered greatly
from the effects of this order.
Rabb’s talk will provide an historical context for proposed
archaeological fieldwork in Bates County and the events which
led up to Order No. 11 as well as spell out several ways in
which the citizens of Bates County can help make this an important event better-known and understood.
The public is encouraged to attend this free program brought
to you by the Bates County Historical Society. For more information call (660) 679-0134.
Swimming and giant inflatables
highlight free day camp Jun
Kids: Sign up now! Lots of water fun and an inflatable rock climb and sports center will be
the summer treat for the FREE day camp. The camp will be held on Saturday, June 23 from 9
a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Butler City Park north of the swimming pool.
The morning will include swimming at the Aquatic Center. Great food, a radar measured
ball throw, and fun on giant inflatables are only some of the plans for the free camp by the Bates
County Youth Advocacy Council, Inc.
The camp is open to kids who have completed kindergarten and who will be in first through sixth
grade this fall. There is no charge for the camp but a simple registration from must be filled out. Sign
up our child before Monday, June 18 at the Bates County University of Missouri Extension Center in
For more information or to have a form mailed to you, you can call the Extension Office at 679-4167.
The University of Missouri office is located on the south side of the Bates County Courthouse. Look for
the large black and gold University of Missouri Extension logo.
4 news-Xpress, Butler, Mo., Friday, June 8, 2007
■ Following are recipe selections
from the “Rescue Me” Cookbook,
published as a fund-raiser in 1992 by
the Our Old High citizens group that
spearheaded the renovation of the
gymnasium in the former Butler High
School building.
■ Anita McPheron
Combine in pie plate:
1 1/2 c. flour
2 tsp. paprika
1/2 tsp. thyme
1 1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
2 tsp. monosodium glutamate
Mix well, set aside.
Combine 1/3 c. milk, 1 egg beaten, 2
tbs. lemon juice, mix well. Roll chicken
parts in seasoned flour. Dip in egg mixture,
then roll again in seasoned flour. Let chicken stand for 30 minutes or until coating
is dry. Using an electric skillet have fat 1
inch deep. Heat to 360˚-375˚. Add chicken
pieces and cook until golden brown on all
sides. Remove all but 1 tbs. fat from skillet.
Reduce heat to 300˚, cover chicken and
cook 25 minutes or until tender. Drain
on paper towels. This is good for chicken
wings, also.
■ Mary Kammerer
1 medium head lettuce
1 small green pepper, sliced into strips
1 cucumber, sliced thin
1 red onion, cut into thin slices or
1 bunch green onion, sliced including
1 small red pepper, sliced into strips
1 can Mandarin oranges, drained
1/2 tsp. dill weed
Commercial poppy seed dressing
Sesame topping (see below)
Prepare fresh vegetables and oranges
and refrigerate to crisp. Mix dill weed with
2/3 c. poppy seed dressing and toss with
salad just before serving.
■ Edna Feris
1 lb. ground beef
1/4 c. chopped onions
1 1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
3 c. cooked rice
1/2 c. dry bread crumbs
1/4 c. chopped green peppers
1-8 oz. cans tomato sauce
1/2 c. grated American cheese
Mix beef, crumbs, onion, green peppers,
seasonings and 1/2 can tomato sauce.
Spread in greased 9” or 10” casserole,
forming a shell. Mix rice, cheese, remaining sauce. Place in meat shell. Sprinkle
with additional cheese. Bake uncovered.
350˚ for 40 minutes. Serves 6 large serv-
■ Debbie Bledsoe
4 eggs
7 c. milk
3 tbs. vanilla
2 1/2 c. sugar
1 pt. whipping cream
1/2 tsp. salt
Beat eggs till light, add sugar gradually,
beating till thick. add remaining mix well.
Add chocolate pieces or peaches. Makes 1
■ Marli Klumb
4 c. squash (zucchini, crook neck, scalloped white or egg plant, all four or at least
two of these) sliced 1/3 inch thick
1/2 c. scallions, chopped
1/2 green pepper, sliced up and down
2 cloves garlic, sliced thin
2 tbs. olive oil
2 large tomatoes, cut in eighths
Put squash, onion, green pepper in oil
heated to 300˚. Stir until crispness is almost gone, about 10 minutes. Stir in tomatoes, salt and pepper to taste. Cover
and lower to simmer, about five minutes,
do not overcook.
One hundred cucumbers about 2 inches long will fill four glass jars.
To one barrel of pickles, when in brine,
add one half bushel of grape leaves, to
keep pickles from getting soft.
Around Bates County...
exchange vows
Lindsay C. Vance and Travis O. White were united in marriage at the Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Ark.,
on May 2, 2007. After a honeymoon at the Crescent Hotel
& Spa in Eureka Springs, a dinner reception was held in
their honor on May 5 at the home of Annie and Stephen
Brady in Tulsa, Okla. The couple met in Peru in 2002, while
working for the Peace Corps and are presently employed
by Aramark Corporation in Glacier Bay, Alaska. Lindsay is
the daughter of Garry and Anne Vance of Tulsa, Okla., and
Travis is the son of Rodney and Cheryl White, Butler, Mo.
•Reports of social gatherings, club meetings, events of interest
Wedding theme for
meeting of Get Togethers
The Get Togethers met at
the Flaming Lantern restaurant June 4 with Marian Barkley and Thelma Heidlage
serving as hostesses.
The tables were beautifully decorated with the
wedding theme, using wedding bells ordered by Randy
Weiss at the Main Street
Sweet Shop and white satin
bows made by Randy, a ring
pillow, brides and grooms,
and vases with a variety of
roses, which is the flower of
the month.
Twenty one members and
one guest Marge Unruh enjoyed their lunch of choice.
Favors were white cupcakes
decorated with two tiny wedding bells and York mints.
President Pansy Smith
opened the business meeting
by asking everyone to join
in repeating the Invocation,
Pledge of allegiance and
singing the club song. Then
she asked for the roll call,
21 members responded and
the reading of the minutes,
which was read with one
correction, President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day a national holiday
in 1914 instead of President
George Washington as stated
in the previous minutes.
Pansy read information
from Barbara Burch concerning the Branson Christmas.
Lots-of Fun-Tours, Saturday
Dec. 1 and Sunday Dec. 2.
Anyone interested should
call Barbara.
The four birthdays for
June are Etheleen Craft, Betty Quick, Louise Snyder and
Lora Lee Spence. “Happy
Birthday” was sung to those
four lovely ladies.
announced the program. Each
lady was asked to tell of her
wedding day, all having loving remembrances, very interesting.
Teresa Carroll read a
poem, “How Would You
Like to Change the World?”
Smile and say hello was one
of the great suggestions.
The president announced
the hostesses for July 2, Martha Lytle and Grace Smith.
Meeting closed with the
benediction and song “Now
is the Hour” led by Louella
Many good wishes to the Paul Raps
Last Monday Skip and Jan
Heckadon took John and Ron
Hobson to Lamar for dinner.
They all enjoyed playing
cards at Hobson’s.
Louis and June Ferguson
from Carroll, Iowa stopped
by Butler Tuesday morning
and had breakfast with Marvin and Doris Null and Paul
Raps. Later they visited Violette Raps at Bates County
Memorial Hospital. Louis
was the minister that married
Marvin and Doris Null.
Tuesday Skip and Jan
Heckadon took John and
Ron Hobson to see Howard
Hobson at the Bates County
Memorial Hospital.
James Damon, Amanda,
Dakota and Colton brought
pizza and visited Jim and Sue
Damon Wednesday evening.
Paul and Violette Raps had
lunch together at the Bates
County Memorial Hospital
Thursday. They celebrated
their 72nd wedding anniversary.
Billy and Judith Fleming
shared supper Friday evening
with Jim and Sue Damon and
David Watts.
Dave Null and Tiffany
Johnson, Mitchell, Lanie and
Codey met Doris Null and
Betty Lemon at the Flaming
Lantern restaurant for lunch
Friday. They visited Violette
Raps at the hospital and later visited Marvin and Doris
Null at home.
Skip and Jan Heckadon
took dinner to Howard, John
and Ron Hobson and they all
enjoyed playing cards.
Bonnie Austin spent Friday through Sunday afternoon in the home of Phil and
Sue Swartz, Melissa and Jennifer at Topeka, Kan. They
visited Rebecca Stone.
Marvin and Doris Null
went to Lake Jacomo for a
cook-out for a graduation
celebration Sunday in honor
of Marvin’s nephew, Dusty
James Damon and Amanda mowed the yard for Jim
and Sue Damon Sunday afternoon.
First Baptist Church held a
baby shower for Julie Barber
Sunday afternoon. Gay Nissen and Julie Barber joined
other family and friends.
Double Branch
Christian Church
Ladies Aid
The Double Branch Christian Ladies Aid met on Thursday May 24. Lunch was
hosted by Judy Heiman, cohostess Ione Berry. The ladies
enjoyed a delicious meal, and
great fellowship. There were
16 members and four children present. Throught for
the day, “The trouble with
self made people is they worship the creator”. This month
for roll call each lady was to
share with everyone “The
best thing your mother ever
did for you” Officer elections
were held: President, Doris Keener; vice-president,
Donna Kauffman; treasurer,
Beverly Sullins; secretary,
Emily Craft; Kim Wilson;
and reporter/correspondence
, Susie Hess.
It was reported by Beverly
that the church along with
the Aid would be donating
$75 to Show Me Christian
Youth Camp for desserts
for this summer’s camp. It
was voted again this year to
have a booth at the barbecue
contest in September. We
will again be selling baked
items. Lesson was given by
Judy Heiman about the 12
Apostles, with a discussion
following about our prayer
life. Meeting was closed by
Cody Franklin excels
at first horse show
Congratulations to Cody
Franklin on a job well done
May 5 at his first Missouri
Paint Horse Show of the 2007
season held at Midway Expo
Center in Columbia, Mo.
Cody earned Reserve
High Point Youth for the
day and first place honors
in Western Horsemanship
across the board from all
judges. Cody’s new show
companion is Mr. Fancy Impression, aka “Nick”. Keep
watching for Cody and Nick
throughout the show season.
Cody and his sister, Tiffany and Magnificent Class
will be competed Memorial
weekend with the MPOHC
at Midway Expo Center. We
will get those results to you
Congratulations to Cathie
Irwin and Ryan Wooldridge
on their wedding last Saturday, June 2. Mr. and Mrs.
Wooldridge make their home
in Nevada, Mo. Cathie’s
Aunt Virginia and Uncle Jess
Durbin celebrated their 45th
wedding anniversary on June
Jim Kliner is finally having a birthday on June 5. Others celebrating this week are:
wedding June 16
George and Mary Ann Rouse of Versailles, announce the
impending marriage of their daughter Jana Lynn to Andrew
Damon Shannon, son of C.J. and Teresa Shannon of Amsterdam. Jana received a degree in Legal Studies from William Woods College and has been working for Insurance
Overload in Overland Park, Kan. Andy received a degree in
marketing from Missouri Southern State University and is
certainly co-manager of Sam’s Club in Lenexa, Kan. They
will be marred June 16, 2007 at the Mildale Farm located in
Edgerton, Kan. After a honeymoon trip to Cancun, Mexico
they will reside in Olathe, Kan.
Travis Thomas, Eric Pruitt
and Landon Brooks on June
2; Hannah Swickhammer on
June 5; Michael Wadel on
June 6; Tim Root on June 7;
Shelby Wood and Jed Umphenour on June 9. Happy
Birthday to all!
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Patton
are celebrating an anniversary on June 4 and Ray and
Laura Miner will celebrate
on June 10. Happy Anniversary to all!
Vest-Siebeneck vows exchanged
Miles and Heather Umstattd announce the birth of
a daughter, Zoie Jaide, on
Tuesday, May 22. Kevin and
Kristy Umstattd are paternal
grandparents. Delbert and
Shirley Umstattd are paternal
Laura and Brian Goth of
Clinton announce the birth of
a son, Tate Emerson, Wednesday, May 30. He weighed 7
pounds 11 ounces and has a
sister, Olivia, who is almost
3. Rex and Jerry Griffith are
maternal grandparents, Jim
and Betty Enos of Adrian are
maternal great-grandparents.
Johnstown Church of
Christ members and relatives
gathered Sunday afternoon
at the Church of Christ in
Butler for a baptismal service for five of their young
people, Stuart and Amber
Meade, Daylan, Micah and
Cara Noble.
John Siebeneck and Melody Vest were married Sunday
in Bolivar. John is principal
at Ballard R-2 School and
Melody teaches at Sherwood.
We wish for them a long and
happy life together.
Kristin Griffith will be
in Darfur for the next two
months doing the work of
Mercy Corps, and we need
to keep her in our prayers. In
August she will start school
in Canada to earn her MBA.
Fairview’s G.A. (Girls
in Action) group will have
Join and Support
the Butler Area
Chamber of Commerce
a bake sale Saturday, June
16, from 9 to 12 at the
Ballard Feed Store. Charmie
Kagarice and Kathy Hendrick
are leaders for the group, who
are hoping to help Croatia to
rebuild farmland which was
destroyed by war. They are
hoping to furnish farm animals- in this case, a goat- to
help them earn a living.
Brett and Layne Griffith
have just returned from a
family wedding in Florida. They visited Sunday in
the parental Rex and Jerry
Griffith home, along with
Matt Griffith from St. Louis,
Laura and Brian Goth, Olivia
and new arrival Tate.
Jennie Umstattd flew to
Terrel, Texas May 19 to
visit her sister, June Holder.
June brought her home the
28th. They stopped in Bella
Vista, Ark. to visit a brother,
Ike and wife Myrna on the
way home. While in Texas
they attended the graduation
of June’s grandson Khaleb.
Last Sunday they went to
Brookfield to the Lynn reunion and helped Karen and
John Salmon move.
Lisa Meade and Amber
took Emily Henry to meet
relatives in Arkansas Sunday afternoon for a visit. Etta
Lou Abraham hosted a card
party Saturday night at the
home of her son Steve and
wife Sara.
Virginia Moore hosted the
domino players Thursday.
Emily Henry celebrated
her 10th birthday with a party complete with homemade
ice cream Tuesday.
Jacob Meade celebrated
his 16th birthday Thursday
by getting his driver’s license.
Jennie Umstattd was
happy to have all her family home Saturday except
Dustin, Ashlee and Brooki.
Levi and Morgan Meade
spent Saturday and Sunday
nights with Aunt Norma and
Uncle Paul Jones in Raymore.
Marti and Tammy Resz
and children, Ryan and Carolyn Rowland and children
enjoyed a Memorial weekend camping trip on the Buffalo River in Arkansas.
Ballard Red Hat Club
will meet at Patty’s Place at
11:30 sharp Tuesday, June
12. Bring a wrapped Bingo
prize gift.
Norma Jones and Nadine
Meade were among those
attending Connie White’s
dance recital in Butler Friday
evening. Jadan Rolph was
one of the performers. Others with a Ballard connection
were Jayde Eidson, Clay and
Clint Cumpton, Tanna Miller. It was very well done and
Kaitlin Hendrick would
like you to know she is running for Bates County Fair
queen and would appreciate
your support. She is sponsored by Ballard 4H. She is
selling event tickets,, raffle
tickets and fair shares. You
can contact her at 816-2972941. You can also get tickets at Dale’s Appliance in
Bill Gates
scholarship for
Chinese dishes were served
along with fruit kabobs,
cream puffs, and chocolate
pecan cake. The table was
decorated with oriental fans,
umbrellas, and flowered
tableware. Each member
took home a satin oriental coin purse and fan. We
had wonderful visiting and
great laughs. We discussed
a new product on the market
called cinnamon wipes. The
June meeting will be held at
the home of Marilyn Reed
with Katie Bell Abend as
co=hostess. The book titled
“Holes” will be read and
reviewed. The big evening
will be Thursday, June 21, at
7 p.m.
daughter of Tosh and Dawn
Klepel LSuawaratana, graduated with a four year degree
from Rochester University,
Rochester, N.Y. The ceremony was held on Sunday, May
20th. Her parents and little
brothers Ben and Paul were
all able to attend from Thailand. Sandy graduated Cum
Laude and has been accepted
to medical school at the University International Medicine in Beer Sheba. Fifteen
hundred students graduated
and Sandy was one of thirty
in the neurology program.
Sandy’s parents are missionaries in Thailand. She was
awarded a scholarship from
Bill Gates that has paid over
$40,000 of her college education. For this she is very
thankful to be educated and
debt free at this time. We
of Harrisonville
in the Mill-Walk Mall • 2727 Cantrell Rd.
380-2500 or 333-FILM
All shows seen before 5:00 p.m.
The V.B.’s Book Club
met on Thursday night at the
June 8-14
June 8-14
home of Paulette Rapp with
1:00, 4:00,
1:00, 4:00,
Mary Fischer as co-host6:30, 9:00
6:30, 9:00
Mr. Brooks Ocean’s 13 ess. Those attending were:
JoAn Walling, Kris Jenkins,
- PG-13
Kathy Fox, Diane Kassner,
June 8-14
June 8-14
1:00, 3:00, 5:00,
12:30, 4:00,
Donna Morrison, Rhonda
7:00, 9:00
Headley, Eugenia Brocka,
Shrek 3 Pirates of the Caribbean:
- PG
At World’s End - PG-13 Sandra Cameron, Debbie
Bradley, Sharon Tourtillott,
June 8-14
June 8-14
1:00, 4:00,
1:00, 3:00, 5:00,
Vicki Wackerman, JoAn
6:30, 9:00
7:00, 9:00
Knocked Surf’s Up Longworth, Marilyn Reed,
Ellen Bell, Katie Bell Abend,
Up - R
- PG
Rhonda Cooper. The book
Check out our new website at
“Snowflower and the Secret
Fan” was discussed. Several
wish Sandy much success in
her future studies. Sandy is
the granddaughter of Joyce
and Duane Klepel of Rockville.
Birthdays celebrated this
week were: Matthew Bauer,
Kay Werling. Happy Anniversary to Mike and Tammy
Rapp, Rick and Linda Jagels,
Heidi and Steve Tanner.
Mrs. Margie Siegismund
has enjoyed a bus and plane
trip to Washington, D.C. with
a group of friends. Much
walking and sightseeing was
This weekend a big wedding is being enjoyed in St.
Louis, Mo. The full report
will be in next weeks items.
The group is staying way
past this news deadline.
Sharon Tourtillott, Rhonda Cooper, Rhonda Headley,
Sylvia Eldridge, Vicki Wackerman, JoAn Longworth, and
Paulette Rapp are leaving at
the break of dawn tomorrow,
Sunday morning on a bus
trip. We are going to Mackinaw Island, Mich., and Sault
Saint Marie. We will enjoy
the Great Lakes and many
sights while we are there.
We are taking dominoes and
old jewelry to barter. We
have plans for eating fudge
and taking carriage rides,
touring the Grand Hotel and
many other good things. A
complete review of the trip
will come to you next week.
Sorry for this early deadline
on news this week.
Darrell Dale underwent
a battery of tests in Little
Rock, Ark., this past week.
Janet and Darrell are staying
over the weekend and meeting with doctors on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Logan Dale
of Licking, Mo. and Mendy
Bridgewater of Rich Hill are
coming for the weekend and
the meeting with doctors.
Our prayers are with you and
the treatments prescribed for
you. All our love.
news-Xpress, Butler, Mo., Friday, June 8, 2007
Hunholz 50th
Lowell and Nancy (Reynolds) Hunholz will celebrate their
50th wedding anniversary June 7, 2007. If you would like to
extend best wishes and congratulations, please send them
to: Route 2, Box 297, Archie, Mo. 64725.
Summer is peak time
for farm accidents
involving kids
Columbia, Mo. • As schools
have closed for the summer, parents should remember that summer is the peak time for farm accidents involving children.
“When school is out, children
do more on-farm work,” said
Karen Funkenbusch, University of
Missouri safety specialist.
More than 100 children are
killed and 33,000 injured in farmrelated accidents across the nation
each year, according to the National Safety Council.
“Families should take extra
care to see that their children are
physically capable to help with
farm work,” she said.
Be sure the task your child is
performing is within his or her
mental, physical and emotional
abilities, Funkenbusch said. Also
be sure children have safe playing
areas when not involved in farm
Identify danger areas and set
rules for children. Provide strict
Nearly half of deaths and injuries come from farm machinery,
with tractors being the leading
Be sure young people are fully
trained in operating tractors both
on-farm and on-road. Retrofit all
tractors manufactured before 1985
with a rollover protection structure
(ROPS) and seat belt. Make sure
children use the seat belts.
Make sure children never leave
the tractor running while performing activities on the ground.
Never allow riders at any time.
Tell children to be sure to know
where all family members and coworkers are when moving tractors
or any other farm machinery.
Injuries to children and teenagers also can happen when working around livestock. Seventeen
percent of all farm injuries involve
animals, according to the National
Safety Council.
Children should be taught to
be calm, move slowly and avoid
loud noises around animals. They
should wear steel-toed shoes and
approach large animals at the
Finally, be a good role model,
and teach safety to your children
by example, Funkenbusch said.
Keatings to celebrate
50 years of marriage
In honor of the 50th wedding anniversary of Dan and Betty
Keating, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are hosting an open house at the El Dorado Springs,
Mo., home of Dr. Bryan and Kristen (Keating) Mitchell from
1 to 6 p.m. Saturday, June 16. Your presence is a precious
gift and no other is requested. Dan Keating and Betty White
were wed at St. Patrick’s Church in Fulton, Kan., June 15,
1957. For directions, call Kathy Keating (816) 297-4463;
Kristen (417) 876-3465; or Jim (816) 377-1472. Friends may
call any time at the open house or send greetings to the Keatings at their home: Route 2, Box 250, Adrian, Mo. 64720.
The Delbert Fischers
married 50 years
Shirley Seider and Delbert Fischer were united in marriage
on June 9, 1957 at the Zion Lutheran Church in Prairie City,
Mo., by the Rev. William H. Medler. Their four sons Greg
(Kathy), Lowell, Kent and Darren along with their grandchildren will be together for a celebration honoring their
50 years together. They are still very active in their farming
operation. Warm wishes may be extended to them at Route
1 Box 90, Rockville, Mo. 64780.
Bundles of Joy!
Kiari Michelle Stubbs
John and Valerie Stubbs, Butler, Mo., announce the birth
of their daughter, Kiari Michelle on Wednesday, May 2, 2007.
She weighed 6 pounds, 5 ounces and measured 19 inches long.
She has two big brothers, Dakota Lei and Gage Anthony; a big
sister, McKenzie Lynn. Maternal grandparents are Larry and
Susie Stubbs of Butler; great-great aunt, Rosalee Anderson;
paternal grandparents, Alfred Weiner and Judy Myers.
6 news-Xpress, Butler, Mo., Friday, June 8, 2007
Obituaries should be submitted through the funeral
home. Independent submissions must be accompanied
by a published obituary or a
death certificate. Photos at
an additional charge.
The deadline for the
news-Xpress is 5:00 p.m.
Mae Cecil
Mela Mae Cecil, age 80 of
Foster, Missouri died Sunday,
May 27, 2007 at Willow Lane
Nursing Center in Butler, Missouri. She was born August 10,
1926 to Davie George and Beulah Mullins Dotson in Osceola,
Mae was one of seven children. In 1946 she married Edward Ballard and had one son,
Eddie Ballard.
On January
16, 1956 she married William
“Billy” Cecil and had another
son, Rodger James Cecil. She
raised two grandchildren, Angela Ballard Swarnes and Charles
Edward Ballard. Along with being a housewife, she was a loving mother and grandmother.
Mae lived with and was taken
care of by Angela and her family
for the last three years of her life.
She enjoyed fishing, camping,
canning tomatoes and teaching
kids to tap dance and watching
them perform at local fairs and
nursing homes. Mae was baptized at the Ohio Street United
Methodist Church in 1938.
Mae is survived by two sons,
Ed Ballard and wife C. J. of Amsterdam, Missouri and Rodger
Cecil and companion Brenda
of Foster, Missouri; two grandchildren, Angela Swarnes and
husband Jimmie of Rich Hill,
Missouri and Chuck Ballard
of Deltona, Florida; six greatgrandchildren, William “Goob”
Swarnes, Samantha Swarnes,
Ballard, Kyla Ballard and J.R.
Carroll; special daughters, Patty
Thomas of Butler, Missouri and
Sue Holsinger of Rich Hill, Missouri; and many nephews and
nieces. She was preceded in
death by her parents; husband
Billy in 1999; three brothers;
three sisters; and a granddaughter, Lacy Ballard.
Graveside services were 10
a.m. Wednesday, May 30, 2007
at the Oak Hill Cemetery with
Fred Bisby officiating. Contributions to the Family. Services
were under the direction of the
Schowengerdt Funeral Chapel
in Butler, Missouri.
Goldie E. Morris
Goldie Elizabeth “Scott” Morris, 97, of Butler, MO. passed
away on Thursday May 31,
2007 at the Willow Lane Nursing
Center in Butler, MO. Funeral
services were Sunday, June 3
at the Underwood-Brandtonies
Funeral Home of Butler. Burial
followed the service in the Oak
Hill Cemetery. The family suggests contributions be made to
the Ohio Street United Methodist Church.
Goldie was born on Dec.
15, 1909 to Henrietta and John
Scott in Creighton MO. The family moved to Butler in 1921. She
graduated at the Old Butler High
School in 1927. She married
Virgle T. Morris on July 16, 1927.
She and Virgle farmed until his
death in 1968. She lived in Lone
Oak Township until 1975. They
had two sons, Virgle W. Morris
and Roy D. Morris. Goldie belonged to the Ohio Street Methodist Church for over 40 years.
She was a wonderful lady, she
loved farming, cooking, baking
and keeping busy. She worked
at the Second Edition Shop for
over 10 years.
Goldie was preceded in death
by her parents; husband Virgle
T. Morris; son Virgle W. Morris
and grandson Dennis Michael
Morris, and seven siblings. She
is survived by her son Roy Morris and wife Edna of Butler, Mo.;
daughter-in-law Phyllis Morris
of Butler, Mo., seven grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren,
and seven great-great-grandchildren; five step grandchildren, 18 step great-grandchildren, and four step great-great
grandchildren; and many nieces
and nephews. Goldie always
lived by the “Golden Rule.” She
will be sadly missed by her family, and all who knew her. Arrangements by the UnderwoodBrandtonies Funeral Home of
L. Ray
Richard Lee Ray, age 78 of
Adrian, Missouri died Wednesday, May 30, 2007 at his home
in Adrian. He was born January 9, 1929 to Lee Roy and
Lora Gilham Ray in Adrian.
At an early age, Richard
accepted Christ at the Adrain
Baptist Church. He was one
of three children and grew up
in Coleville and Adrian where
he attended Coleville Elementary School and graduated
from Adrian High School. After
a year of study at Kansas City
Business College, he joined
the U.S. Navy, was stationed
in San Diego, California and
served his country during the
Korean Conflict. He returned
to civilian life to begin a 44-year
career as a Billing Agent with
the Kansas City Southern Railroad. During this time, he resided in Kansas City, Missouri
as well as Overland Park, Kansas and finally Adrian in 1970.
He has driven for OATS since
1991. On January 24, 1953
he married the love of his life,
June Jenkins and to this union
four daughters and a son were
born. His memberships included the Adrian VFW and Butler
First Christian Church.
kind-hearted and possessed a
sense of duty. His principles
and convictions were strong.
He led by example and instilled
within his children Christian values. With a love for people, he
was always helping others and
unselfishly volunteered twice
in Haiti. Richard was a gifted
musician and joyfully shared
his talent playing the piano and
organ and singing in the choir
or with wife June. His hobbies
and passions included going
to auctions, polishing his cars,
grooming the yard and spending time at the lake and riding
his golf cart. As a brother, he
believed in keeping in touch
and spent endless hours on the
phone with his sisters. As a father, he never lectured . . . but
he certainly had a look about
him! It was gratifying to him
that son Kevin graduated from
college and that his daughters
collectively shared their musical
abilities. And as a grandfather,
he viewed his grandchildren
as pure blessings from above.
Richard was truly a devoted
husband and a proud father,
grandpa and great-grandpa.
Richard is survived by his
wife of 54 years, June Ray
of Adrian, Missouri; one son,
Kevin Ray and wife Marci of
Glendale, Arizona; four daughters, Rebecca Shelby and husband Neal, Susan Ferguson
and husband Carl, Lisa Enos
and husband Andy and Sandy
Burk and husband Cecil all of
Adrian, Missouri; a sister, Flo
Jenkins and husband Russell
of Harrisonville, Missouri; ten
grandchildren, Bradley Ferguson, Alan Ferguson, Lindsay
Zerbe, Jillian Hill, Rhett Burk,
Shain Burk, Alexis LaBat, Devon Ray, Zach Ray and Cookie
Ray; five great-grandchildren,
Clayton Scott Ferguson, Parker Travis Hill, Ulysses Burk, Ty
Underwood and Callie Marie
Ferguson; other relatives and
a host of friends. He was preceded in death by his parents;
sister, Helen Baie; and grandson, Travis Enos.
Funeral services were 2
p.m. Saturday, June 2, 2007
at the Schowengerdt Funeral
Chapel in Butler, Missouri with
Dr. Dave Corder officiating
and Joshua Preston assisting.
Burial, Crescent Hill Cemetery,
Adrian. Contributions to Heartland Hospice, City Union Mission or the Gideons.
Shirley M. Schoor
Shirley May Schoor, age
68 of Adrian, Missouri died
Wednesday, May 30, 2007 in
Lincoln, Missouri. She was born
May 6, 1939 to Jesse Raymond
and Oma Frances Heflin Clark
in Jefferson City, Missouri.
Shirley, one of five children,
grew up in Jefferson City but
graduated from Southwest High
School in Kansas City, Missouri.
Before marrying, she worked at
TG&Y as a cashier. In November of 1957 she was united in
marriage to Walter Schoor Sr.
and to this union, four sons were
born. For many years, Shirley
was a homemaker, putting her
home and family first. Going
back to work, she drove a school
bus for Harmon Bus Company in
Kansas City, started an advertising magazine, worked for Coldwell Banker as well as Remax
in Kansas City as a real estate
agent. Her most recent work
experience was at the Flying J
Truck Shop in Belton, Missouri,
where she worked as a night
manager, retiring in 2004.
Shirley enjoyed watching
westerns, reading, playing poker and loved to watch videos
with no commercials. She also
liked playing the slot machines
at Argosy Casino. Shirley was
always involved in the school
activities of her boys--even being a score keeper and a Cub
Scout Den Mother.
Shirley is survived by three
sons, Walter Schoor and wife
Kim of Adrian, Missouri, Leon
Schoor and wife Linda of Belton, Missouri and Scot Schoor
and wife Monica of Parkville,
Missouri; one brother, Jesse
Raymond Clark and wife Janice
of North Carolina; three sisters,
Oma Miller of Lincoln, Missouri,
Patsy Eldridge of Lebanon, Missouri and Mary Willis and husband Jim of Eldon, Missouri; 10
grandchildren; and 18 greatgrandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents
and son, Claud Ray Schoor.
Cremation memorial services
were 3 p.m. Sunday, June 3,
2007 at the Schowengerdt Funeral Chapel in Butler with Gary
Schowengerdt officiating.
Quilt for Agnew children
This quilt, made by the Alpha Delta Kappa teachers’ sorority group, was presented to Madison and Quinten Agnew,
students at Butler Elementary School, who were victims of a house fire. The quilt was put together by Sharon Tourtillott
of Rich Hill, made out of the teachers’ old t-shirts. The presenter was ADK member Annie Zellmer.—Photo courtesy of
Lorraine Horner.
Wilma Webber
Wilma “Faye” Webber, age
79 of Miami, Oklahoma died
Monday, May 28, 2007 at Bates
County Memorial Hospital in
Butler, Missouri. She was born
June 17, 1927 to Willie and Anna
Ardena Leone Hedger Stark in
Virginia, Missouri.
Faye grew up in the Virginia
and Amoret, Missouri areas
where she attended Amoret High
School. She went on to Aladdin
Beauty School in Kansas City,
Missouri and later operated
Faye’s Beauty Shop in Butler.
On December 18, 1965 she was
united in marriage to Artie Eugene Webber in Virgina. Faye
lived in Casa Grande, Arizona
from 1989 to 2003. She was a
member of the Elks Ladies and
the Virginia United Methodist
Faye enjoyed gardening,
visiting with friends and family,
painting, traveling, reading and
watching television. Other enjoyments included cross-stitching, cooking, sewing and shopping. Her cat “Sam” was a great
friend and companion.
Faye is survived by a sister,
Loraine Bitner of Miami, Oklahoma; a nephew, Dr. Teddy
Bitner and Nancy of Raymore,
Missouri; two nieces, Bethene
Fahnestock of Miami, Oklahoma
and Cynthia Peck and husband
Randy of Prior Lake, Minnesota;
a sister-in-law, Margaret Stark of
Prior Lake, Minnesota; a greatnephew, Christopher Adams
of the home; four great-nieces;
and a great great-nephew. She
was preceded in death by her
parents; husband Artie in 2005;
a brother, Bud Stark; a stillborn
brother; one nephew, Steven
Stark; and a niece, Teresa Adams.
Graveside services were
held 3 p.m. Friday, June 1, 2007
at the Adam Howell Cemetery
in Virginia, Missouri with Rev.
Teddy Bitner officiating. Contributions, American Kidney Foundation. Services were under the
direction of the Schowengerdt
Funeral Chapel in Butler, Missouri.
Church picnic
at city lake
Christian Church
June 3, Amoret Christian
Church had 50 in attendance.
Today we sang to the following people who’s birthdays are
this coming week: Mike Reed,
the 6th; Vic Sherman the 7th;
Cecil Gaston the 9th; and Julie
Bitner the 11th. Many happy
returns to all. Also to Emma
Meade on the 9th.
Next Sunday will be our
church picnic. It will be at the
Butler city Lake right after
church June 10.
Congratulations to Judd
and Molly Carney, as they exchanged vows this past week,
there will be a reception June
16 at Drexel Community Center from 11 a.m. till 3 p.m. All
are invited from our church
Molly Carney has a health
problem and needs our
prayers. Seth Black will have
knee surgery next week, and
we pray all goes well for him.
Lowell Luttrell got a bad liver
and was hospitalized for two
days. Again we need to pray
for him. Matthew Travers is
grateful for all the prayers
said on his behalf, but he’s
still in need of more.
This was Sunday School
Recognition day. Several students were given gift bags,
and recognition. Chelle Black
taught Anna Marie White and
Anna Marie Walley. Etha
Pearl taught four students ,
Sammy, Connor, Joseph, and
Macaja White. Each of these
four children recited the Ten
Commandments. They were
unbelievable. Our teachers
consist of Vicki Wackerman,
Linda Wiley, Mike Reed,
Etha Pearl, Black and Chelle
Congratulations go out to
the Josh and Heather Taylor, on the birth of their baby
girl, Maci Dawn, on May 24
at 1:13 p.m. She weighted 6
pounds 12 ounces and was
18 1/2 inches long. Big sister
Emma is happy to have a little
sis in her family. Now she can
help Mom with her care. They
are all very happy.
A note for next year’s plans
for Sunday school. If any student has 48 weeks of attendance they will be rewarded.
This is something to set your
goals for. Good luck.
I read the speech, given
on Memorial day by Austin Black. What an amazing
young man he is. At 18, he’s
got a fine head on his shoulders. He is a credit to his family, Allen Black and Cooper
Black. He will go far and accomplish much in the years
ahead. Bravo Mr, Black and
God bless you! What a privilege to know him.
The congregation voted for
a permanent position for our
preacher, David Rizer. The
vote was unanimous. We are
pleased to have him and Jennifer in our church and teaching.
Jen is teaching our children’s
church. Bro. David read from
Acts, chapter 2, verse 41,
42-45 and 47. Hebrews 10,
verses 23 and 24. He closed
with prayer and with thanks
for all god has given him on
this day.
Remember to check on a
shut in, reach out and touch
one who needs a hand. Buckle
up and stay safe.
Added news, our preacher
invited anyone who would
like to become church members to come forward. Scott
Bitner and wife Julie went to
the call. They are now members of the Amoret Christian
I had a call after lunch from
Jewel Harper. She had her first
chemo treatment this past Friday. Also Ed has been in and
out of the hospital for the past
three weeks. He’s lost a lot of
weight, but he struggles on.
Ethel Harper will be 104
June 13. She’s at Medicalodge. She’s a wonder and
she just refuses to give up.
God bless you Ethel.
Until next time, God bless
and keep you well. One and
all.–Lorrie Johnson.
Old time church sing this Saturday
Old time country church
sing Saturday June 9 starting
11:30 a.m. to ? Walnut community Church. Go to Virginia, Mo., intersection of 52
West then south on V Highway past Foster to Walnut,
turn north and follow gravel
road to west past intersection. Church is on the left.
Sunday last Bink and Lisa
Myers and Dan and Sheri
Wilson traveled to Oklahoma
to do repair work on Mr. and
Mrs. Fowler’s home. They
left early Saturday morning
and returned Sunday night.
Bink said it was quite a work
out and he looked pretty
tuckered out. The Fowlers
are Lisa Myers’ parents.
Bud Myers is spending
time in rehab teaching his
leg to walk again. He has had
a knee replacement and this
has to happen or you start
walking like an old man-heck! I’m only 70 years old.
At Church at the Mission,
Sunday, I noticed beautiful
flowers on our pulpit. For
some reason they looked familiar like I had seen them
before. It brought back memories of a best friend, Mrs.
Jensen. She had given some
of these to my wife to plant
in her yard. It was great that
these flowers were with us
While about town I met
Frank Smith, my neighbor
and friend. We talked a while,
catching up on the kids etc.
and our health problems. As
old as we are that is pretty
important to us.
Mrs. Helen Hill was at
hospital and we spoke as old
friends do. Catching up on
the news and what’s happening. It was great to see her
Hey! Hey! Cruise Night is
coming to Butler, June 15. I
always like the event to see
the cars of my high school
days, all clean and dressed
up like new. Sure brings back
fond memories.
It was great to have visitors with us at the Virginia
Mission Sunday. Mr. and
Mrs. Wes Coleman’s daughter Trudy had come from
Pennsylvania to visit. Also
Rhonda and her son Danny
attended. Hadn’t seen Danny
for sometime and was very
glad he was there.
Thanks again to the angel
“Ruth” for bringing memories to the for front this Memorial Day. The flowers
were beautiful. The memories more so.
What a great spring day.
It has been a great spring for
our area so far. Thank you
God! Everything planted so
far is now above ground and
really growing. Looks really
This Memorial Day is really the time to remember our
ancestors and family member
and all who stood up to be
counted when other nations
have decided to wreck our
way of life. Many have given
all they had to give. Even
their very lives. Let us show
our humility, our thanks and
let us honor those who paid
the price for our freedom.
Let us thank those who have
taken our place at the war
front and returned unharmed
yet having problems with
what they had to encounter
while at war.
When we decide to do
something drastic we should
always seek God’s guidance
“Our war dead, we honor
them!” The noble cause for
which they bled and died, the
cherished freedom, honor,
they secured these ever we
shall treasure and preserve.
We will remember!
★ For the most
the combined
distribution of
Xchanger and
is over 22,000
news-Xpress, Butler, Mo., Friday, June 8, 2007
What are you going to
be when you grow up? For
youth with a passion for
horses, the dream would be
an equine related career.
Carol Parmenter, Vernon
County 4-H Youth Specialist,
and Debbie Davis, Clinton
County 4-H Youth Specialist
have long desired to give 4-H
teens an opportunity to build
their future equine career
dreams with a trip focused
on the horse industry.
Over a four day Memorial
Day weekend, the dream was
realized with 41 Missouri
teens from every region participating in the first Missouri
4-H Equine Trip.
According to Alan J.
Mundey, Bates County 4H Youth Specialist, Bates
County was represented by
Natoshia Minor, Summit
4-H, daughter of Troy and
Brenda Minor of Butler; and
Shady Flippo, also Summit
4-H, daughter of Michelle
Ash of Adrian.
One of the first stops was
at the Purina Equine Re-
The Missouri 4-H 2007 Equine Career Tour Group at Purina Mills Research facility near St. Louis, Mo., which was just one of many destinations on
the 4-day trip focusing on the Missouri horse industry and career exploration for 41 Missouri 4-H teens and six staff members.—Submitted.
search Farm near St. Louis.
Thanks to Purina for sponsoring the trip t-shirts worn in
the group picture! The youth
visited William Woods College, Fulton, and Stephens
College, Columbia, both offering extensive Equine Sciences Degrees and on site
student riding programs. Bill
Crouch, Missouri 4-H Foundation Trustee and AQHA
national board member, arranged for the group to visit
the AQHA show at Lake St.
Louis and meet and visit
with one of the foremost halter horse trainers, Ted Turner. The group was invited
to partake in the exhibitor’s
dinner and watch some of the
horse show.
A formal debate on the bus
focused on the horse slaughter issue and set the stage for
a visit to the Long Meadow
Animal Rescue facility near
St. Louis which is also affiliated with the Missouri
Humane Society. Corinth
Valley Andalusian and Dressage Facility near Rolla gave
everyone a look at the world
of dressage and a rare equine
An overnight stay at the
Golden Hills Trail Riding
resort near Raymondville
provided a look at the opportunities available for recreational riders and equine
estates with a hay ride, campfire, great home cooked meals
and even Cowboy Church
Sunday morning. The group
toured a horse farm/boarding
facility near Springfield and
ate lunch at Lambert’s café.
A visit to PFI, Springfield,
was an opportunity to visit
one of the Midwest’s largest
western wear and tack retailers. Dale Myler, of Myler
Bits near Marshfield, gave a
tour of the Myler Bit headquarters giving insight into
the success of their company
which produces both manufactured and custom made
bits for clients such as the
British Royal horses and Pat
The final overnight accommodations were on the
University of Missouri campus at the Alpha Gamma Rho
house and included a tour of
campus. A pre and post ques-
tionnaire revealed the large
majority of participants greatly
increased their knowledge of
equine related careers and required educational training.
Plans are already being made
for the 2008 Equine Tour.
It’s more than a pants suit
The voice of
small business
How to plant
for the hummers
■ Hints for your planting
the buffet for hummingbirds:
Plant in the same containers flowers that require the
same need for water and light
needs. Usually a 12 inch container can be planted with 5 to
7 plants. Plant the larger and
taller plants in the center first,
then surround it with smaller
or trailing plants.
By Todd Stottlemyer
Did you hear the one
about the $65 million pair of
It sounds like the start of
a joke, but unfortunately it’s
A Washington, D.C.-based
lawyer has filed a $65 million lawsuit against a local
dry cleaner for a missing pair
of pants. Despite the fact that
the pants were found and the
owners attempted to settle
the case, the lawyer instead
brought a suit claiming that
the shop was violating consumer protection laws.
This attorney is also an administrative judge, so you’d
think he would understand
how frequently the legal system is abused and be sympathetic to its victims. Instead,
he’s apparently chosen to
join the ranks of plaintiffs
who target small businesses.
He alleges that the shop’s
and same-day service guarantee weren’t met, and therefore, the dry cleaner is liable for $1,500 per day, per
violation, per person. He is
suing the shop owner, his
wife and their son, adding in
$500,000 for emotional damages, $542,500 in legal fees
(even though he is representing himself) and other costs
for a total of more than $65
million. As outrageous as
this suit sounds, it’s not surprising that the defendant is a
small business.
Small business is the target of lawsuits because trial
lawyers understand that
they’re more likely than a
large corporation to settle a
case rather than go to court.
Small businesses don’t have
in-house lawyers to inform
them of their rights, to write
letters responding to allegations made against them, or
to provide legal advice. They
don’t have the resources
to hire an attorney, nor the
time to spend away from
their business fighting these
small-claim lawsuits. Often,
they don’t even have the
power to decide whether or
not to settle a case – their insurance company makes that
For the small business
with five employees or less,
the problem often isn’t the
million-dollar verdicts that
make the news. It’s the $5,000
and $10,000 paid to settle a
suit. When you consider that
many small businesses gross
$350,000 or less a year in
general, $5,000 – $10,000
can significantly impact a
small-business owner’s bottom line.
Needless to say, those
costs mean that the entrepreneur can’t spend money on
other needed expenses, such
as providing health insurance. The Pacific Research
Institute recently released a
report called “Jackpot Justice,” which estimated the
social and economic costs
of our legal liability system.
The PRI estimates that the
annual price tag for a family
of four is $9,827 in costs and
lost benefits. The additional
healthcare costs associated
with legal liability, they estimate, added 3.4 million
Americans to the list of those
without health insurance.
There are literally hundreds
of cases of small businesses
who have been subjected to
frivolous lawsuits. Our “sue
first” culture is hurting smallbusiness owners and slowing
job creation across the country. The growing number and
costs of lawsuits threaten to
significantly stifle the growth
of our nation’s economy by
hurting this important segment of that economy.
For that reason, we need to
reform our nation’s civil justice system. After all, a true
system of justice shouldn’t
fly by the seat of anyone’s
Todd Stottlemyer is president and CEO of the National Federation of Independent
Business in Washington,
Auctioneer champ
coming to Kingsville
David Macedo’s final national tour as the reigning World
Livestock Auctioneer Champion will bring him to the Kingsville, Mo., Livestock Auction on June 12.
Macedo, of Tulare, Calif., will be showing his championship form during the market’s special calf and yearling sale,
which starts at 10:30 a.m. Macedo will be in the auction
block about noon.
After winning the title at the 43rd annual contest, last
June in Escalon, Calif., Macedo, 45, will relinquish that title
at this years‘s contest on June 16, in Springfield, Mo.
Contest rules prohibit the world champion from re-entering the contest, created and conducted by Livestock Marketing Association (LMA), Kansas City, Mo.
Macedo has appeared at markets coast-to-coast during his
year as champion. From May 26 through this year’s contest,
he will visit eight markets in four states.
Reflecting on his time and travels as champion, Macedo
called it “the best year of my life. Other than time with my
wife and children, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a year as
much as this one.”
Macedo won an impressive variety of cash and merchandise prizes for being named world champion. But, he said,
“When I’m asked now what I won, I say, the opportunity of
a lifetime, to represent markets like the one in Kingsville.”
“It’s markets like Kingsville Livestock that are promoting and preserving competitive livestock marketing across
this country,” Macedo continued, “and I’m looking forward
to meeting their great staff, and their customers.
The news-Xpress features
the largest volume of
classified ads--every week!
FFA entrepreneur
Monte Schapeler of the Butler FFA was recognized
at the Missouri State FFA Convention for his accomplishments in the Dairy Production Entrepreneurship proficiency award program. Monte also
received his State FFA Degree at the convention,
which was held in April at the Hearnes Multipurpose Building on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus. Monte is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Philip
Schapeler of Butler.–Dane Diehl, Chapter reporter.
Bates County 4-H’ers
attend State Congress
According to 4-H Youth Specialist Alan J. Mundey, two
Bates County youth participated in this year’s State 4-H Congress held May 30 through June 1 on the MU campus in Columbia.
Bates County delegates were Brandy Crist, Summit 4-H
(David and Kathy Crist of Butler); and Chris Wainwright, Altona 4-H (David and Barbara Wainwright of Adrian).
The objectives of State Congress are to provide quality learning experiences for 4-H youth, ages 14-19, through workshops
and other educational opportunities; to introduce delegates to
college life by simulating campus living, residence halls, cafeterias, classrooms, etc., and to facilitate the election of the next
year’s State 4-H Council officers and representatives.
Chris Wainwright and Brandy Crist, Bates County 4H delegates to the State 4-H Congress.—Submitted.
8 news-Xpress, Butler, Mo., Friday, June 8, 2007
Sheriff Glazebrook dies from
gas fumes in Jeff City hotel
Eddie Herrman
■ June 8
1915, The voters of Merwin approve
a $3,000 bond to purchase the college
building and the 5 acre site, for the
consolidated school they voted for last
1972, A coroner’s jury returns as verdict
that Charles M. Phillips was the man who
perished in the May 28 fire that swept
through the Norton Seelinger building on
the northeast corner of the Butler Square.
The panel is Stanley Gray, Don Eads, Lee
Franklin, Tom Mefford, Melvin Rice and
Rev. Frank Knox.
■ June 9
1886, The Artesian Mineral well, southeast of Butler, is very popular and thousands of gallons are taken each day.
1945, Otto Kircher, Bates County War
Finance chairman says purchases of
$100,000 in Seventh War Bonds has exceeded the county quota.
■ June 10
1898, the Hume Border Telephone newspaper is offering a superb portfolio-a series of 11 by 13 1/2 inch photos of Uncle
Sam’s Navy. A set 16, in a bound folder
costs 10¢, with a new series each week.
1972, An early morning fire causes
heavy damage to the cox Brothers Hide
Co., located at 712 West Pine street in
■ June 11
1890, After delivering a prisoner to Jefferson City after midnight, Bates County
Sheriff George Glazebrook checks into
the Madison Hotel. About 10 a.m. the
next morning, a clerk smells gas coming
from the sheriff’s room. Hotel officials
enter the room finding him unconscious
from the gas fumes and he dies in two
1951, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steinbeck
are in Knightsom, Ind., taking delivery
of a new Ambulet from the Nation Body
Works for the Culver-Underwood Funeral Home in Butler.
■ June 12
1885, the people of school district no.
4 in Lone Oak Township[ (Star School),
gather at the Boulware Spring (east of the
school) for picnicing and games.
1953, Eugene Newcomb, auctioneer,
holds a big tools and hardware sale in his
sale barn south of the Parkview Hotel in
Rich Hill beginning at 7:30 p.m.
■ June 13
1883, Businesses in Lone Oak (Stumptown) are: Postmaster and merchant David Laskey; blacksmith John Starr; and
physicians D.P. Lee and J.D. Donnohoe.
Southeastern section 18, Pleasant Gap
1934, J. G. Campbell, of the Missouri
Public Service Col, says he has orders to cut off power to the Amsterdam
bandstand and to arrest who ever wired
it. Billy Dudley had provided power to
it and when he sold it to MoPub, it just
■ June 14
1889, The Butler Local News newspaper
prints 500 books containing the Decoration Day address of the Rev A.U. Francis
at Butler, for the GAR Post in Butler.
1953, While at a family gathering at the
home of Cecil Reeds, Gerald Kennedy,
16, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kennedy,
and 2 cousins go across the road, where
he wades in strip pit of the Hume-Sinclair
Coal Company and drowns. His body is
recovered at 6:30 p.m.
Besides President Abraham Lincoln on
the side of the Union troops, there was
Confederate private Abraham Lincoln of
company “F”, 1st Virginia Cavalry, who
deserted to the North in 1864.
Look what’s coming now!
What’s coming? The Virginia United Methodist Youth
& Fellowship building. Now,
that is quite a mouthful and
not the formal name of the
building. That has not been
decided yet, but that is what’s
coming. If everything stays
on schedule, the material
should have been delivered
on Wednesday and the building should be completed by
How excited we all are
to have finally reached
this milestone in the building project. Donations and
pledges are currently being
accepted for the building
project. If you are interested
in making a donation to the
building fund, please contact
Kelly McGuire @ 660-6798251 or Tammy Gregory @
It is my understanding that
tentative plans for this next
Sunday are to have worship
services in the new building.
Sounds like an invigorating
morning. Well, that accompanied by Julie Nelson delivering the sermon!
Wow! You should hear
this lady preach. She has an
energy that just cannot be described. She definitely keeps
you quite alert during the
We were blessed to have
special musical guests the
Step 7 band. This is a group
of local young boys that have
joined their musical talents
to sing praises to the Lord.
The group members are Zach
Craft, Chris Craft, Brandon
Mason & Ryan Davis. They
performed several selections,
including “Amazing Grace”
to the tune of “Sweet Home
Alabama”, “The Gift” written by former band member
Ronnie Jolliff and sung by
Zach Craft, and another very
inspirational song written
and performed by Zach Craft
called “Bending”. These
young men were awesome to
hear, and I am sure that they
are welcome to perform at
the Virginia United Methodist Church anytime.
However, if you don’t
want to wait to hear them,
they will be performing on
June 23 from 6 to 9 p.m. at
The Uptown Saturday Night
in Butler, Missouri. It is a
great opportunity to get out
and hear these boys, have
some family fun and visit
with friends and neighbors.
We were very pleased to
have Kale and Garrett Oerke
at church Sunday. They had
spent the night with Grandma
Shirley and Grandpa Marvin
after the surprise birthday
party for their daddy, Neale,
on Saturday night.
The party was held at the
Elks Lodge in Butler with
many family members and
friends gathering to share in
food, fun, and music. It is
my understanding that Neale
was quite surprised! Two of
his sisters, Alice Sommers
(Harrisonville) and Julie Bitner (Kearney) came to share
in the party.
Shirley Oerke attended
the annual small business
Federal Procurement Conference at the University of
Central Missouri in Warrensburg on May 30. This
event was sponsored by Rep.
Ike Skelton. This was the
19th annual event enhancing
economic development by
improving access to information of Missouri’s small
Randy and Diane Ross had
a family get together at their
lake house at Table Rock
on Memorial Day weekend.
Randy’s mom, Edna Ross,
enjoyed visiting with everyone including her daughter
and son-in-law who live next
door to the Ross’s near Shell
Knob. Family members attending were Diane and Randy Ross, Adam, Jill, Hayden
and Adyson Ross, and Jesse
& Miranda Parks.
This is an interesting bit
of news; word has it that Lucille Lindsay has had an unusual little creature frolicking in her yard. On several
occasions during the past
few weeks she has observed
a road runner playing about
in her yard. No, not the one
in the TV cartoon, a real road
runner. This is a bit unusual,
because I am not sure that
they are native to this part of
Missouri. I have only seen
one in my life and that was at
the Lake of the Ozarks about
30 years ago. So, if you see
Lucille, ask her about her
new pet!
Plans are still being made
for the 4th of July celebration
at the church. We will be having a final meeting on June 13
at 7 p.m. at the church. It is
shaping up to be a fun filled
evening. As of right now we
are in the process of getting
a live band (Christian), karaoke, food, water activities,
fireworks, lots of games and
possibly a flag ceremony by
a Boy Scout Troop. More
will be announced on these
plans as they are finalized.
I have a few personal
items of news this week. My
son, Chance, will be leaving
on Friday for H. Roe Bartle
Scout Camp in Osceola, Mo.
He will be camping with his
Troop, Adrian Troop 238 for
9 days. This is his first year at
Bartle and he is very excited.
It sounds like the boys will
have a lot of fun and learn
new things.
My second item to mention was an update on my
daughter’s knee injury. She
sustained this injury on May
17th, the last day of school.
We have only in the past
week discovered that she in
fact tore the ACL and the
meniscus. She will be seeing her orthopedic surgeon at
Children’s Mercy Hospital,
but it looks like she is going
to be laid up for most of the
summer. As a matter of fact,
she was to leave on Friday for
Karate Camp in Oak Grove,
Mo., but due to the injury,
she is unable to participate in
any sporting activities.
Now for the news from
Byrd Corner. Mary Ann has
been entertained for a few
days by her great granddaughter Falathia Bays. I
wonder who had more fun,
Falathia or Mary Ann.
Mark Byrd played in a golf
tournament on June 2 for the
Cargill team. I haven’t heard
how well he did, but I am
sure that he had fun!
Other than that Mary Ann
says she is just watching the
grass grow and grow and
Until next week, “Never
be discouraged. Noah was
an amateur when he built the
Ark, the experts built the Titanic!
New home for city bills
The US Postal Service has cooperated with the City of Butler in making a location available for an after-hours depository for city utility bills. The device is just north of the
postal drop box in the alley between the post office and the Inn Building. No cash should
be deposited, checks only.–Staff photo.
Kayla Orear
graduates from
Cottey College
Nevada, Mo. • Cottey College announces that Kayla
Orear (Angelena and Shawn
Orear of Hume), graduated
Sunday, May 13, with Associates in Arts and Associate in
Science degrees. Orear was
also on the President’s List for
her scholastic performance during the spring 2007 semester.
Crowder College
announces spring
2007 graduates
Neosho, Mo. • Crowder College celebrated its 39h graduation
ceremony in May. Area graduates
Butler—Arnold R. Reese,
Business Administration, AA/Cum
Rich Hill—Lorinda Marie Saxton-Barnes, General Studies, AA.
Area students listed
on U of Missouri
Dean’s List
Miller earns degree
Katrina Miller, daughter of Mitchell and Rene Jones, Urich,
receives her diploma from Dr. Howell Keeter, Vice President of College of the Ozarks at recent Centennial Commencement exercises. Miller, a 2003 graduate of Ballard
R-2 High School, received a Bachelor of Arts in English
Columbia • Officials at the
University of Missouri-Columbia this week listed area students
who qualified for the winterspring Dean’s List.
Adrian: Paul Thomas Arnold,
senior, College of Arts and Science; Rachel Marie Frederick,
senior, College of Business; Rachael Lynn Overby, sophomore,
College of Arts and Science;
Tyler Cade Vansandt, senior,
School of Health Professionals;
Robert Kinsey Wood, senior,
College of Arts and Science.
Amsterdam: Joshua Lyle
Nieder, sophomore, College of
Agriculture, Food and Natural
Butler: Bayler Andrew Cook,
senior, College of Engineering;
John William Cook, freshman,
College of Engineering; Lindsey Nichole Hough, sophomore,
School of Nursing; Christa Lee
Jessup, Senior, College of Education; Tyler Stewart Jessup,
Freshman, College of Business;
William Cullen Lewis, senior,
College of Agriculture, Food and
Natural Resources; Latisha Rose
Linder, Sophomore, College of
Arts and Science; Janelle Finch
O’Bannon, Freshman, School
of Health professionals; Nathan
Geoffrey Salmon, sophomore,
College of Engineering; Seth
Daniel Scheilz, freshman, College of Engineering; James A.
Vangordon, senior, College of
Gloria Pyeatt (left), Rotary
Hunter graduates
from Mo. Southern
State University
The proud family of Sheryl
Hunter (Rich Hill graduating
class of 2003) is pleased to
announce her graduation,
Magna Cum Laude, from
Missouri Southern State
University with a Bachelor’s
Degree in both Marketing
and Management. While at
MSSU, Sheryl was a member of both Delta Epsilon Chi
and Alpha Chi Honor Societies. She also competed nationally and internationally
New Rotary member
member sponsor, welcomes
Deb Huntsman, executive director of Bates County Industries, into the club.—Rotary photo.
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Boehler graduates
with honors
at Kansas U.
Ryan Boehler, son of Mike
and Jana Boehler, Olathe,
Kan., graduated with highest distinction in Chemical
Engineering at Kansas University May 27. Boehler is
the grandson of Harold and
Mildred Boehler and Jerry
and Jeanette King of Butler.
news-Xpress, Butler, Mo., Friday, June 8, 2007
Sluggin’ and
slidin’ on the local
In boys’ Junior League action, Butler’s Brandon Mason (right) tags out Adrian’s
Harrison Wainwright in a pick-off play.—Staff photo.
Elkette Ashley McMurphy hops, skips and jumps across home plate to score
against the Schowengerdt Funeral Chapel team. Schowengerdt catcher is Abby
McGrew.—Staff photo.
and Morrow. After a few cautions Morrow found the groove
on the high side and was able
to pass Setzer for the lead. As
Morrow found him self working threw lap traffic Setzer was
able to close in but Morrow was
able to hold off a hard charging Setzer and Lucas Conley to
Beau Heavelow would work his cross under the checkerd flag
way threw the field and make a first.
Factory Stock Feature
pass late in the race on Ikerd to
1. 69m Mark Selsor Nevada Mo
take over the 2nd spot. Murray
2. 11s Scotty Bough Nevada Mo
3. 12x Cody Elniki Girard Ks
would weave his way threw lap
4. 9 Ronnie Coulter Ft Scott Ks
traffic while Heavelow chased
5. 00 Norman Mckley Ft Scott Ks
him down. Heavelow caught
6. 50 Curtis Morrison Raymore Mo
Murray on the white flag lap but
7. 66 Jesse Murray Butler Mo
Murray had the faster line and
8. 7 Billy Huffmaster Latour Mo
9. m64 Shawn Hendren Nevada Mo
went on to victory.
10. 39 Larry Page Parker Ks
Street Stocks took the track
11. 11 Nick Gibson Garden City
and they had excitting battles Mo
all the way threw the field. As
12. 62 Wade Sherman KC Mo
13. 45j Jeremy McConnille Pleasant
soon as the green flag fell they
were three wide going into turn Hill Mo
14. 33x Tony Palmer Nevada Mo
one with Eddie Fox taking the
15. 68s Toby Stillians Lacygne Ks
lead being chased by Robert
16. 9f Scott Friend Lacygne Ks
17. 7 Kenny Hauenschild Louisburg
Brown and Dustin Beasley. Fox
would lead until a late race cau- Ks
MOLS Lightning sprints Feature
tion bunched the filed back up.
1. 46 Dusty Murray
Brown was able to dive to the
2. 4 Beau Heavelow
3. 58 Frank Ikerd
bottom of the track and make
4. 25 Donnie Graves
the pass for the lead going into
5. 11 Duane Marusary
turn three. Brown was chal6. 9s Chris Schofield
lenged by Fox Beasley. Andy
7. X James Bevan
Skaggs would come from deep
8. 18 John Eaton
9. 9 Joe Lackman
in the field to make it a 4 way
Street Stock Feature
battle for the lead. Brown was
1. 7x Robert Brown Lane Ks
able to hold the lead to the
2. 8x Eddie Fox Girard Ks
checkered flag.
3. 4 Dustin Beisley Ft Scott Ks
4. 23 Andy Skaggs
305 Sprint cars would bring
5. 17 Brian Welliver Adrian Mo
the track back to life with Mitch6. 67 Devin Irvin Cleveland Mo
ell Moore and Bradley Roberts
7. 7 Dustin Wyland Mulberry Ks
setting the pace as the green flag
8. 0 Olin Wyland Mulberry Ks
9. 68 Henry Whaley Harrisonville
fell. When the field came to turn
3 and 4 there was a three car pile Mo
10. 17x Tom McManis Girard Ks
up collecting Matt Chevalier
11. 00B Chris Nelson Pittsburg Ks
Phil Heavalow and the 1x. All
12. 8s Kevin Stillians Parker Ks
305 Sprint Car Feature
three were done for the night be1. Mitchell Moore Harrisonville Mo
cause of damage. Taylor Walton
would suffer front end failure ville2.mo33 Austin Alumbaugh Higginsafter clipping one of the 3 cars
3. 12 Joe Chevalier Belton Mo
stalled and taking him out of the
4. 2 Kevin Braun Lone Jack Mo
5. 88 Chad Tye Independence Mo
race also. Once they got back to
green flag racing Bradley Rob- Mo 6. 1 Bradley Roberts Cole Camp
erts and Mitchell Moore would
7. 6 Ken Potter Harrisonville Mo
have one of best battles of the
8. 92 Stephen Brown Kingsville
night fighting for the lead. Rob- Mo
9. 38 Cody Baker Lonejack Mo
erts tried Moore low and high.
10. 93 Taylor Walton Warrensburg
Roberts had a run on Moore Mo
going into turn one when Rob11. 28 Matt Chevalier Belton Mo
12. Phill Hevalow Overland park
erts car left the race track off
of turn one and flipped 3 times. Ks
12 1x
The Crowed cheared as they got
Modified Feature
the news that Roberts was not
1. OK Kevin Morrow Nevada Mo
2. 51 Tim Setzer Nevada Mo
injured in the incident. Moore
3. 17 Lucas Conley Springhill Ks
would go bring the field back
4. 77 Jeff Douty Butler Mo
to green Austin Alumbaugh and
5. 1n Dan Nasalroad Lacygne Ks
Andy Gill were right on his tail.
6. 8R Eric Anderson Archie Mo
Gill would put a perfectly timed
7. 37 Jeremiah Asher St Joseph Mo
8. 40 Jessie Willard Pleasanton Ks
slide job on Alumbaugh to take
over the second position. Moore mo 9. 7 Charlie Laizure Harrisonville
would go on to take the well
10. 8 Ronnie Bunn Deerfield
desrved win. After post race in11. 2 Chad Querry Lacygne Ks
12. 7H Rod Hon Kincaid Ks
spection Gill came up light on
13. 73 Truman Asher St Joseph Mo
the weight in and was DQ’d.
14. 67 Devin Irvin Cleveland Mo
Modied’s Were the last fea15. 8x Darren Roberts Archie Mo
ture of the night Dan Nasalroad
16. 34 Jered Adams. Butler Mo
17. 54jr Will Johns Lane Ks
and Tim Setzer brought the
field to green flag racing. Setzer
would Jump out to the early
lead being chased by Nasalroad
In between showers
at Butler Motor Speedway
Each week a guest announcer is chosen to call the Hot Laps
session and this week it was
Chase and Landen Laizure calling the action for hot laps.
Butler Motor Speedway was
able to dodge the rain drops
once again Sunday night. The
fans saw some of the best racing so far this year.
Factory stocks was the first
feature event of the evening.
Shawn Hendren and Billy Huffmaster would bring the field to
the green flag. Hendren would
jump out to the lead with Huffmaster hot on his heals. Mark
Selsor was in the hunt along
with Scotty Bough and Cody
Elniki. Late in the race Hendren would spin in turns 1 and
2 collecting Huffmaster. Elniki
would take over the lead until he
had a right front tire go down.
That passed the lead to Selsor.
As they went back to green flag
racing Bough would challenge
Selsor on the high side but was
unable to make a pass stick.
Wade Sherman was Charging
threw the field and looked to be
the fastest car on the track until
the right rear tire shredded ending his hunt for another victory.
Elniki would rejoin the field after servicing the right front flat
tire under caution . Elniki would
work his way threw the field to
finish in the third spot. Selsor
would go onto win the feature
making it two in a row.
The Midwest Outlaw Lightning Sprints were the next feature out. Donnie Graves and
Frank Ikerd would set the pace
to green. The cars were slicing
and dicing trading positions
back and forth. Dusty Murray
would find the prefered line
and take the lead from Ikerd.
Robert Brown, winner of Street Stock at Butler Motor Speedway.–Submitted.
Adrian Bank first baseman Parker Lawrence, beats Bosch Construction runner
Gabby Cole in a race for the bag in this Girls’ 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade league game.—
Staff photo.
Don Hatch leads
this week’s senior
golf competition
Don Hatch won the Most Improved Golfer(Sandbagger)
Award in this week’s Senior League competition at the Butler
Country Club. His net score of 29 was two shots better than
Clifford Smith and Mike Taranto, who both had net scores of
31. Hatch shared the low gross round with Jack Bosley. Both
golfers shot a one over par round of 37. Hatch was able to win
the first flight, Taranto the fourth flight and Bosley claimed the
third place in the first flight.
The winners in this week’s flights are:
Ist Flight: 1st. Don Hatch (37-8=29), Clifford Smith (398=31), Jack Bosley (37-4=33).
2nd Flight: Tie/1st. Larry Burch (43-11=32) and Niel
McLain (43-11=32), 3rd. Norm Appleberry (45-10=35).
3rd Flight: 1st. Ed Orstadt (47-13=34), Tie/2nd. Sterling
Green (50-14=36) and Steve Nordyke (48--12=36).
4th Flight. 1st. Mike Taranto (58--27=31), Tie/2nd. Paul
Miller (54-18=36), Nelson Myers (69-33=36) and Ed Steele
Next week the Seniors will again compete for individual
prizes in the four flights.
Don Cole
chosen for 4-H
Habitat team
Bates County 4-H’er Ellis Cole, V-52 4-H, son of Don and
Debbie Cole, has been selected as one of 20 Missouri youth to
be leaders of the 4-H Habitat design team to work with Show
Me Habitat for Humanity to “adopt” a family which will receive a home located in Columbia, Mo.
The 4-H Habitat team will focus primarily on the interior
design process and improving energy efficiency through interior finishes and landscaping. Additional components will be
provided such as sewing, art projects, cooking and a website
to track the progress of the project. There will be four team
•Interior Design/Arts and Crafts/Sewing/Woodworking.
•Horticulture/Energy Efficiency.
•Web Design/Historian/Photography/Communications.
The 4-H Habitat team will go through orientation June 1415 on the University of Missouri campus in Columbia.
Rain date
for postponed
car show
June 15
10 news-Xpress, Butler, Mo., Friday, June 8, 2007
IN RE: Kent B. Lawrence and,
Bobbi L. Lawrence Trustee’s Sale:
For default in payment of debt and
performance of obligation secured
by Deed of Trust executed by Kent
B. Lawrence and, Bobbi L. Lawrence
dated August 25, 2006 and recorded
in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds
of Bates County, Missouri in Book 866,
Page 115 the undersigned Successor Trustee, at the request of the legal
holder of said Note will on Wednesday,
June 13, 2007 between the hours of
9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., (at the specific time of 4:55 PM), at the East Front
Door of the Court House, City of Butler,
County of Bates, State of Missouri, sell
at public vendue to the highest bidder
for cash the following described real
estate, described in said Deed of Trust,
and situated in Bates County, State of
Missouri, to wit:
to satisfy said debt and cost.
Successor Trustee
612 Spirit Drive
St. Louis, MO 63005
(636) 537-0110
File No: 68335.061307.101131 FC
Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection
Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. §1692c(b), no
information concerning the collection of
this debt may be given without the prior
consent of the consumer given directly
to the debt collector or the express permission of a court of competent jurisdiction. The debt collector is attempting to
collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.
PUBLISH ON: May 18, 2007
05/25/2007, 06/01/2007, 06/08/2007
MERID06/11/2007 between the hours of 9:00
IAN IN BATES COUNTY, MISa.m. and 5:00 p.m. (1:00 p.m.) at the
East Front Door of the Bates County
Courthouse, 1 n. Delaware St. Butler,
MO 64730 in the City of BUTLER,
QUARTER OF THE NORTHState of Missouri sell at public venue to
the highest bidder for cash, the realty
described in said deed of trust, to wit:
to satisfy said debt and cost.
612 Spirit Drive
St. Louis, MO 63005
(636) 537-0110
Subject to easements, restrictions,
File No: 61320.062707.102392 FC
reservations, and covenants, if any, to
satisfy said debt and cost.
Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection
Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. §1692c(b), no
information concerning the collection of
this debt may be given without the prior
Published in the Butler News consent of the consumer given directly
to the debt collector or the express perKM File #: POLRONOR
mission of a court of competent jurisdicFirst publication date 05/18/2007
tion. The debt collector is attempting to
collect a debt and any information ob20-4 tained will be used for that purpose.
Probate Division
Case Number 07BS-PR00032
In the Estate of
RUTH ENSOR, Deceased
Notice of Letters
of Administration Granted
(Supervised Administration)
To All Persons Interested in the
Estate of Ruth Ensor, Decedent:
On May 14, 2007, Valerie Kithcart
and Scott Ensor were appointed the
co-personal representatives of the estate of Ruth Ensor, decedent, by the
Probate Division of the Circuit Court
of Bates County, Missouri. The copersonal representatives’ business addresses are respectively: 220 S. 8th
Street, Rich Hill, Missouri 64779 and
20003 S, Carriage Lane, Peculiar, Missouri 64078.
The co-personal representatives’
attorneys’ name, business address and
phone number are respectively: Harold
L. Caskey, 8 North Delaware, P.O. Box
45, Butler, Missouri 64730; 660-6794161.
All creditors of said decedent are
notified to file claims in court within six
months from the date of the first publication of this notice or if a copy of this
notice was mailed to, or served upon
such creditor by the personal representative, then within two months from the
date it was mailed or served, whichever
is later, or be forever barred to the fullest extent permissable by law. Such
six-month period and such 2 month-period do not extend the limitation period
that would bar claims one year after
the decedents’s death as provided in
Section 473.444, RSMo, or any other
applicable limitation periods. Nothing
in Section 473.033 RSMo, shall be
construed to bar any action against a
decedent’s liability insurance carrier
through a defendent ad litem pursuant
to section 537.021 RSMo.
Date of the decedent’s death: April
16, 2007
Date of first publication: May 18,
For default in the payment of debt
secured by Deed of Trust executed
by Mary E. Castlebury, an unmarried
woman, dated May 4, 2004, recorded
on May 11, 2004 in Book No. 815, Page
159, Office of the Recorder of Deeds,
Bates County, Missouri, at Butler, the
undersigned Successor Trustee will on
Monday, June 11, 2007, at 10:30 a.m.
at the East Front Door of the Bates
County Courthouse, One North Delaware, in Butler, Missouri, sell at public
vendue to the highest bidder for cash:
All Of Lots 7 And 8 In Block 80 In
Division Clerk Becky Robb
Original Town, Now City Of Rich
Hill, Bates County, Missouri,
Receipt of this notice by mail should
to satisfy said debt and costs.
be construed by the recipient to indicate
that the recipient necessarily has a benMartin, Leigh, Laws & Fritzlen, P.C. eficial interst in the estate. The nature
Successor Trustee
and extent of any person’s interest, if
Robert M. Swiss,
any, can be determined from the files
Assistant Secretary
and records of this estate in the Probate
Kevin D. Mason,
Division of the above referenced Circuit
Assistant Secretary
Desarae G. Harrah,
Assistant Secretary
(816) 221-1430
(Castlebury, 3634.113)
MARTIN, LEIGH, LAWS & FRITFor default in payment of debt and
ZLEN, P.C., AS SUCCESSOR TRUST- performance of obligations secured
EE, IS ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A by deed of trust executed by Kyle W.
DEBT AND ANY INFORMATION OB- Shaw, a single person, dated July 19,
TAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT 2005, and recorded on December 19,
2005, in Book 851 at Page 77, Office
of Recorder of Deeds, Bates County,
20-4 Missouri, at Butler, Missouri, the undersigned, John Pursley, Trustee, will at
the request of the holder of the debt, on
Monday, June 18, 2007, between the
For default in the payment of debt hours of 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., to-wit:
secured by Deed of Trust executed by 1:00 P.M. at the East front door of the
Justin D. Colin and Nicole M. Sousley, Bates County Court House in Butler,
dated December 23, 2004, recorded on sell at public vendue to the highest bidDecember 27, 2004 in Book No. 830, der for cash, the real estate described
Page 49, Office of the Recorder of in said deed of trust, to-wit:
Deeds, Bates County, Missouri, at ButThe East 50 feet of the West
ler, the undersigned Successor Trustee
Half of Lot 4, in Block 5, South
will on Monday, June 11, 2007, at 10:30
Drexel, and the East Half of Lot
a.m. at the East Front Door of the Bates
4, Block 5, South Drexel, all in
County Courthouse, One North DelaBates County, Missouri
ware, in Butler, Missouri, sell at public to satisfy said debt and costs.
vendue to the highest bidder for cash:
All of Lot 17 and the West 20
John Pursley, Trustee
feet of Lot 18 in Country North,
McNabb, Pursley and Associates, LLC
an Addition to the City of Adrian,
One North Main, P.O. Box 226
Bates County, Missouri,
Butler, Missouri 64730
to satisfy said debt and costs.
Phone: (660) 679-4153
Martin, Leigh, Laws & Fritzlen, P.C.
Successor Trustee
Robert M. Swiss,
Assistant Secretary
Kevin D. Mason,
Assistant Secretary
Desarae G. Harrah,
Assistant Secretary
(816) 221-1430
(Colin, 3668.329)
In Re: Robert S. Pollock and
Trudy L. Pollock, Husband and
TRUSTEE’S SALE - For default in
the payment of debt and performance
of obligation described in and secured
by Deed of Trust executed by Robert S.
Pollock and Trudy L. Pollock, Husband
and Wife dated 11/22/2004, and recorded on 11/30/2004 in Book 828, page
121 in the office of the Recorder of
Deed for Bates County, MISSOURI, the
undersigned Successor Trustee, at the
request of the legal holder of the debt,
who has elected to declare the entire
debt due and payable, will on Monday,
IN RE: Theresa McEvoy and
Ivan P. McEvoy,
Wife and Husband Trustee’s Sale:
For default in payment of debt and
performance of obligation secured by
Deed of Trust executed by Theresa
McEvoy and Ivan P. McEvoy, Wife and
Husband dated August 26, 2005 and
recorded in the Office of the Recorder
of Deeds of Bates County, Missouri in
Book 845, Page 23 the undersigned
Trustee, at the request of the legal
holder of said Note will on Wednesday,
June 27, 2007 between the hours of
9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., (at the specific time of 4:55 PM), at the East Front
Door of the Court House, City of Butler,
County of Bates, State of Missouri, sell
at public vendue to the highest bidder
for cash the following described real
estate, described in said Deed of Trust,
and situated in Bates County, State of
Missouri, to wit:
TRACT 1: THE EAST 165.00
PUBLISH ON: June 1, 2007
06/08/2007, 06/15/2007, 06/22/2007
The Appleton City R-II School District is accepting bids for plumbing renovations. Interested contractors may
receive complete job specifications
by contacting Travis Willson, Project
Manager of Jack Ball Architects PC
of Springfield, Missouri. Phone: 417866-1904, Fax: 417-866-3695 email: Proposals are to be
received by the District office no later
than 4:00 p.m. June 18, 2007. Proposals are to be submitted to the district
office in a sealed envelope, clearly
marked, “School Plumbing Renovation
Proposal” addressed to:
Appleton City RII School District
PO Box 126
Appleton City, MO 64724
Judge or Division:
O’Bannon -- Probate
Case Number 07BS-PR00035
In the Estate of
LETHA A. MCKEE, Deceased
Notice of Letters
Testamentary Granted
(Supervised Administration)
To All Persons Interested in the
Estate of Letha A. McKee, Decedent:
On May 30, 2007, the last will of
the decedent having been admitted to
probate, Roger McKee was appointed
the personal representative of the estate of Letha A. McKee, decedent,
by the Probate Division of the Circuit
Court of Bates, Missouri. The personal
representative’s business address and
phone number are respectively: 1130
Belle Air Place, Carthage, Missouri
64836-2417; 417-358-2770.
The personal representative’s
attorney’s name, business address
and phone number are respectively:
Stephen K. Nordyke, 15 West Dakota
Street, Butler, Missouri 64730; 660679-3161.
All creditors of said decedent are
notified to file claims in court within six
months from the date of the first publication of this notice or if a copy of this
notice was mailed to, or served upon
such creditor by the personal representative, then within two months from the
date it was mailed or served, whichever
is later, or be forever barred to the fullest extent permissable by law. Such
six-month period and such 2 month-period do not extend the limitation period
that would bar claims one year after
the decedents’s death as provided in
Section 473.444, RSMo, or any other
applicable limitation periods. Nothing
in Section 473.033 RSMo, shall be
construed to bar any action against a
decedent’s liability insurance carrier
through a defendent ad litem pursuant
to section 537.021 RSMo.
Date of the decedent’s death: May
5, 2007.
Date of first publication: June 8,
Division Clerk Becky Robb
Receipt of this notice by mail should
be construed by the recipient to indicate
that the recipient necessarily has a beneficial interst in the estate. The nature
and extent of any person’s interest, if
any, can be determined from the files
and records of this estate in the Probate
Division of the above referenced Circuit
Customers may see
2006 CCR posted at
Bates County Courthouse, Butler Public
Library and Water
Office - 117 W. Ohio,
Butler, Mo.
Have a
news item?
Call the
Customers may see 2006 CCR posted at Bates County Courthouse,
Butler Public Library and Water Office - 117 W. Ohio, Butler, Mo.
(1) Personals
(2) Business Services
(3) Personal Care
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Payment must accompany ad
THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER: When you don’t have to mow it!
Need affordable lawn care or light
landscaping services? Call Tim at
Jackson’s Home & Lawn, 660-6794576 or 620-719-0421.
MARY’S STATUARY:Domestic, exotic animals, fountains, gazing/pond
balls, pumps. 71 Hwy, 3 miles north
Adrian, 1/8th east. Open 10 a.m.
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home repair needs, senior discount
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Pay $20/hour or $57K annually including Federal Benefits and OT.
Paid Training, Vacations, PT/FT. 1800-584-1775 Ext. 6600 USWA.
news-Xpress, Butler, Mo., Friday, June 8, 2007
FOR SALE:Bush Hog rotary cutters,
loaders and zero turn estate lawn
mowers. Schell City T&T, Schell
City, Mo. 417-432-3101.
square GARAGE SALE:707 Parkview.
Kid’s, men’s and women’s clothing,
refrigerator, toys, dishes and more.
FOR SALE:John Deere tractor mod- Friday and Saturday, 7 a.m. - noon.
el 430 w/ 60” mower deck & pull type a
grass vacuum, total price, $2750.
YARD SALE:June 7, 8 , 9, 8 a.m. to
4 p.m. 617 E. Park, Rich Hill. Many
CUSTOM HAYING cash or shares, 25¢ items, lots of misc.
JD 567, net or twine. 816-7692787.
GARAGE SALE:June 7, 7 a.m.
- 4:30. 804 N. Maple, Butler. Baby
NEW HOLLAND:268 square baler bed, swing & playpen, good condistring tie or plastic. 660-267-3133.
tion. Girl’s clothes sizes 4 & 5, adult
clothes, toys, VHS & DVDs, misc.
Good running cond. 913-756-2415. CARPET SALE:Starts Friday, May
25. Shaw-Mark Elite Summer Sale.
All carpet brands on sale. Town
CUSTOM HAY BALING:Shares, Square Hardware and Variety, south
mow rakes & bale for 1/2. Call 660- side Butler square. 660-679-5832.
679-6001 before 8 a.m.
3b30 b
(5) Business &
(1) Personals
(3) Personal Care
(6) Animals &
Hedrick and Leslie Massey. Every
Bloom-N-Thing, 7 E. Dakota, Butler.
Deems Stump Removal Service.
For free estimate call 660-679-4410,
leave message.
DATION FOR $1, get a frame for Bobcat Work. Bid per job. 660-492z*
$1. Furniture City, Clinton, MO. 660- 2070.
Smith, 660-492-2278, Adam, 660492-0176.
(2) Business
All kinds of home & business repair,
Cleaning, Remodeling, Contracting
SEPTIC TANK CLEANING: Septic tanks and lateral lines cleaned,
reasonable price. Also shallow well
cleaning. Bill Shadden, Mound City,
KS. 913-795-2261. fpz
Saturday. Steel, aluminum, cast,
stainless. Professional welding
since 1978. Shop & portable. 660200-5664, 660-679-3878, Butler.
DIAMOND DRYWALL:20 years ex- 2&4wom
perience. Taping, finishing, some
hanging, spraying and texturing. PAINT AND BODY WORK: Paint
Call for estimates. Cell 913-208- that classic or antique car, reasonable prices. Call Joe 816-250-2462.
8778, home 816-619-4670.
Medicare Supplement? Call David full automotive detail every Monday
at a sales price of $80. Reg. price
Noble 1-800-838-5576.
$125. Includes tar removal, carpet
MOBILE HOME SERVICE: Homes shampoo, headliners, muddy trucks
moved & set (incl bsmt set), relevel- and more. 660-679-0037.
ing, skirting installation, etc. 913NOW
Wednesdays, full automotive detail
SCHUMAN’S VINYL SIDING & every Wednesday at a sales price
MORE: Siding, soffitt, facia, win- of $80. Reg. price $125. Includes tar
dows, free estimates. Call Clint, removal, carpet shampoo, headliners, muddy trucks and more. 660660-200-5484, 660-679-3364. z
PERFECT HEAT:No inside mess,
forced air heat, wood warmth and STEEL ROOFING & SIDING: Hiall the hottest water you can use. Grade Painted, galvanized steel.
660-598-4191. HARDY OUTSIDE Variety of colors, heavy 29 gauge,
3 ft width, custom cut, free delivery.
CONSTRUCTION:Bobcat, Sedalia, MO 65301. z
backhoe & dump truck work, driveways, culverts, excavation, water WILL HAUL OFF OLD APPLIANClines, septic systems, gradework, ES: Scrap iron old car. 660-6794b16
building pads, pond work, etc. Rea- 0770.
sonably priced, quality work. Call
Rex 660-925-3138, cell 816-510- HAIL DAMAGE:Roof and siding
repair. For free estimate call R&K
Construction, Roy Welliver, 816z
RENTAL: 804-5297.
Constn, public events, parties, etc.
Reasonable rates & good service. 2008 SENIORS:Complete your seMobile John, LLC, Lonny, 660-679- nior portrait session by July 30 and
get 20 free wallets. Call now! Steph8627.
anie Moore Photography, 660-6794a23
HUME DISPOSAL LLC:Residential, 6791.
commercial and roll off service for
Worland, Foster and Hume area. J AND J HAULING:And cleanup.
New construction, yard cleanup,
haul off appliances and furniture.
PINEY POINT EXCAVATING: Ponds, Turn your storage shed back into
duck lakes, fence rows cleaned, a garage. Business or residential.
concrete waterers, water lines, sew- 660-679-5144.
ers demolitions, site preps, will do
work to hook up your manufactured DECK GETTING A LITTLE DINGY?
home. Dozer backhoe, loader work. Retired guy with a new power washer would like to make it look like new,
Call 660-693-4434. z
inexpensive. 660-679-0806. b
and new construction. Baths, kitch- ADVANCED CHIMNEY AND FIREens, room additions, siding doors, PLACE: Call for summer specials
windows, decks and patios. Com- on cleanings and repairs. 816-7734b6
plete home renovation. 30 years 6338.
experience. Call Bill 913-352-8365,
cell 620-215-3699. z
in your yard. Call Ed Ortstadt, 816803-2748.
pound. Store open Fri. & Sat. 8-6 or 2453.
call for appointment. Scott Farms,
5775 NW Hwy. M, Appleton City, HAY FOR HORSE LOVERS: Come
get your winter supply of hay this
HELP WANTED:Manual Lathe/Mill
week. Pickup in the field and save.
oper. W/ setup exp. Arcola Mo. on FOR SALE:Registered Angus bulls, Call 816-297-4502 or 816-803-5058
Stockton Lake. 417-424-3332, 417- $1200. 660-679-1382.
and talk to Joe.
BUTCHER BEEF FOR SALE: 660- FOR SALE:Vermeer, twin hydraulic
rake, very good. Herman Shubert,
PHONE WORK? Bates County Tele660-679-4494.
phone Communications (Tel-Com) MASTIFF
installs and repairs residential and 14 weeks old, 2 beautiful fawn, 1 BUSH HOG 3210:Constant Velocity,
business telephone wiring, equip- apricot, females, shots & wormed, solid tires, very good cond. $3500.
ment as well as Dish Network repair. health guaranteed, $500. 913-898- 816-588-2883.
Business hours 9-5 M-F. 660-679- 6433.
FOR SALE:John Deere 7700 comLOST:8-400 to 500 lb Angus heifers bine 4x4 with 220 flex head. Runs
OPENINGS:Part-time & steers with no tags. Lost area 2- good $6000; 354 Perkins engine
RN supervisor, part-time LPN and 5 miles north of Virginia. Days call completely rebuilt, $1000. 816-250nurse aides on day or evening shift. Ivan at Southside Lumber Company, 2667 or 816-668-2620.
Appleton City Manor, 600 N. Ohio, 660-679-6129, 660-679-4961, eve660-476-2128.
nings 660-679-4358.
FOR SALE:Large round Ford baler, made by Gehl, good condition.
HELP WANTED:Experienced com- FOR SALE:Full blooded tri-colored $1000. 816-657-4796.
mercial brick layers and hod carriers Beagle pups, two males left. 660for Butler & Adrian area. 816-738- 679-6259.
lawn mower, 27 hsp Kohler 54” deck,
REG. PAINT:6 years old, broke to has 12 hours, $1800 firm. 660-679CERTIFIED DIETARY MANAGER: ride. $1000. 417-395-4385. b
Now under new Administration,
Adrian Manor Health & Rehabilita- FOR SALE:Registered American FOR SALE:Hay rake 8 wheel w/ 1
tion Center is taking applications for Pitbull Terrier, 1 yr old female brindle in center, all teeth in place & field
an experienced Dietary Manager to in color, $250 OBO. Phone number ready, $850. 660-679-1105. b
join our team. The right candidate 816-674-5535, Jesse & Louise Lewwill be quality minded, enjoy inter- is.
NH #56 HAY RAKE:$750. 7x14 hay
acting with residents, possess bawagon, $400. 300 gallon fuel barrel
sic computer skills (e.g. MS Word YORKIE:Little male 8 mo old 7 lbs, & stand, $350. Yamaha Big Bear
and Excel), and have excellent APRI, $300. 913-898-2947. 2b6
350 4x4 4 wheeler, $1100 OBO.
communication and management
skills. Knowledge and experience PUPPIES FOR SALE:Bichon pups,
in foodservice management is pre- male and female, 1 Pomapoo male. FOR SALE:1209 JD hydraulic
ferred. The right candidate will be 913-898-2947.
swathers, extra sickle, field ready,
self-motivated and willing to become
kept in barn, homemade self dampcertified by the Dietary Manager’s CHIHUAHUA:2 year old male, choc- er, 6 bale trailer and 259 NH rake.
Association if not already. Pay com- olate and tan, all shots, $100. Call 913-849-3361.
mensurate with experience. Send 660-638-4648.
or fax resume/cover letter to: Attn:
FOR SALE:Snapper riding mower,
Administrator Adrian Manor Health BULLS REGISTERED BLACK AN- 14 HP 30” cut w/ extra blades, exceland Rehabilitation Center, 402 W. GUS: 18 & 19 month old & yearlings, lent condition. $500. 660-679-1331,
1st Street, Adrian, Missouri 64720, Calving ease, excellent disposition. 417-395-2277.
fax 816-297-4321, please no phone 660-643-7467.
calls. EOE.
FOR SALE:Used parts, for tractors,
FREE TO GOOD HOME:Gray Cali- combines and other farm machinery.
HELP WANTED DRIVERS: CDL-A, co, spayed. 660-492-2816.
Austin Salvage, Butler, Mo. 660Co. $.40 cpm, full benefits, holiday
679-4080. Let phone ring several
pay, 401K, O/O: 69% billed revenue FREE TO GOOD HOME:Buff color times, please!
w/ our trailer, 80% w/ yours! 100% kittens. 660-492-2816.
fuel surcharge stop/detention pay.
1 yr. verifiable w/ 150K miles. 800- FREE PUPPIES:1 Dog Rotweiller, Auctions, Garage & Yard Sales,
German Shepherd & Border Collie Rummage Sales
mix. 660-200-7218. a
ED: Adrian Manor Health & Rehab CORN FED LOCKER BEEF: Call 9, 500 W. Ohio. 4 Families, lots of
Center is hiring a part time Unit 816-679-4966.
Clerk/House Asst. Hours may vary
but will be primarily 4:30 p.m. - 8:30 PURE BRED ANGUS BULLS: 18 GARAGE SALE:Main Street, Pasp.m. Monday through Friday. The month, semen tested, excellent dis- saic. Toys and misc. Saturday, 8 to
duties for this position will be to an- position. 660-643-7228.
swer the phone at the Nurses Station and greet family members. Must FOR SALE:Female black Golden LARGE YARD SALE:June 7 & 8,
possess great telephone skills. 402 Retriever pups, all shots & wormed. from 8 to 5. Business 71 north to TT
West 1st Street, Adrian, Mo. Apply 417-395-2149.
west on TT 2 miles. Selling tools,
within. No phone calls please. EOE.
small kitchen appliance, blankets,
IF YOU HAVE livestock to sell, con- jackets and clothes, teens to ? Lots
THE APPLETON CITY R-2 EL- tact Don Ghere Sale Company, 660- of boys jeans, toys, some glassware,
EMENTARY SCHOOL: Has an 679-4700. Jayce Ghere 660-679- bicycle, some furniture, many other
opening for a Special Needs Aide, 4989 for on farm livestock values.
items. Something for everyone.
60 college credit hours preferred but fpz
not mandatory. For more information
please contact the Superintendents
GARAGE SALE:Thurs., June 7, 606
office at 660-476-2161.
Gregory. 20” color TV, radio, VCR,
26” Schwinn bicycle, new Jeep tire &
SOMEONE TO CLEAN OUR HOME: FOR SALE:2 JD 800 windrowers, rim, 245/70/16, air compressor, men
Send resume to Dept. BJ, PO Box good cond. 660-476-2567.
& women’s clothes, lots of misc.
210, Butler, Mo. 64730.
(4) Help Wanted
(8) Sales
(7) Farm & Garden
GARAGE SALE:306 S. Broadway,
June 7-8-9. 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Record
player for 33-45-78, lots & lots of
FOR SALE:Straw small
bales. 816-657-2622.
HELP WANTED:Earn up to $500
per week assembling products at
NOTICE:Have a safe vacation, have home. No experience. INFO 1your struts, shocks, tierods checked. 985-646-1700 Dept. MO-1601.
Tires wearing? Get a wheel align- 3aeow9
ment Jim’s Service, Rich Hill, Walnut
Street, 417-395-2149.
100 WORKERS NEEDED:Assem20 Word Classified, 10¢ per additional word
ble crafts, wood items. To $480/2k.
CUSTOM HAY BALING:Mow, rake Materials provided. Free information
Deadline: Noon Monday
and bale, large round or square wire pkg. 24 Hr 801-428-4649.
FOR SALE:3406 A model Cat enHOME REPAIRS:And remodeling. A tied, shares or cash. 660-476-2567.
gine, needs overhaul, cheap. 26’
complete home repair and remodel 2b6
Warren end dump, 2000 year model,
service, 30 years experience inside
excellent condition. 660-351-1180.
and out. Call Bill 913-352-8365, cell STUMP REMOVAL:Town and CounCards of Thanks, In Memorial,
try, quality service, reasonable rates, Anouncements, Opportunities, Financial
Announcements, Lost/Found, Tickets
free estimates. Call Daryl Koehn Services, Insurance, Loans & Investments
old high school, Pine & Havana; Fri- Thinking about a home inspection? FOR ALL YOUR CARPET AND UP- Claim denied? Free consultation. No
days 8 p.m., Passaic. Contact 660world’s largest home inspection as- HOLSTERY cleaning needs please fee until you get paid. BTS Group, FOR SALE:1991 Vermeer 605 Su679-5977.
sociation? Does your inspector take call Cliff’s Carpet Cleaning. 660- Inc. specializes in appeals and hear- per J baler. 660-492-3189.
ings. Read the testimonials at www.
The music department of First Chris- over 24 hours of continuing FOR SALE;8 Foot Vicon disk mower,
tian Church in Butler is wanting to tion a year? No? Then call TasMar
needs gearbox overhaul. Has new
reach out further into the commu- Home Inspections, Butler, 816-260belts and several new disks $200.
Adult & Child Care, Chiropractors,
nity. We have both a contemporary 1903.
FINALLY!Affordable Medicare Sup- New Idea side delivery hay rake,
Counseling, Doctors, Dentists, etc.
praise band (Lost and Found) and
plements. Check out these great good shape, $300. 660-832-4196.
a choir that would be interested in MUSEUM BANQUET ROOM: Is CAN’T WORK:Disabled? Social Se- new rates today! Call David Noble 2b30
Parplaying and singing at revivals, specurity Disability claim denied? Free 1-800-838-5576.
cial church programs, or other com- ties, meeting, seminars, weddings, consultation. No fee until you get
munity events. If interested, please be sure to book ahead. For informa- paid. BTS Group, Inc. Specializes in CALL AN ATTORNEY:For legal ad- front tractor, very good condition,
call our church office at 660-679- tion 660-679-0134. zeow
hearings and appeals. Read the tes- vice on everyday issues as well as original paint, has been garaged,
GRP CONSTRUCTION:660-679- timonials at important decisions without getting a power steering, $2750. 2002 GMC
testimonials.html 1-800-466-0606.
bill in the mail! Get answers on your Crew Cab, HD 2500 4x4, SLE, DuraCOMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY: 660- 0713. All types of remodeling, bath- z
personal and business matters as max, Allison, loaded, nice, $18,500.
well as preexisting conditions. Legal Coffman Auto, 913-352-6345, cell
decks, windows, licensed electrician
FREE MEDICARE PART D HELP: assistance and peace of mind are 816-797-5586.
For your drug coverage. Call David just a phone call away. Bob Holt, InSINGING: And dinner on the ground.
Noble, 1-800-838-5576.
dependent Associate Legal Service FOR SALE:8600 Ford tractor, exc.
Bring covered dish and lawn chair. R&K CONSTRUCTION:Vinyl siding,
Plans. 660-679-5187.
rubber, field ready, $6500. 660-679June 9, 2007, 11:30 a.m. till ? Wal- windows, home repair, certified vinyl DENTURES THAT FIT YOUR
nut Community Church, 660-832- installer, free estimates. Roy Welliv- MOUTH: And pocketbook. Com- PUBLIC NOTICE:The Miami R-1
er, 660-267-3698. z
plete set $599. Dr. Robert S. Long, School District will hold a 2007-08 FOR SALE:Reese disc mower, hay
Budget Hearing on Monday, June rakes. 660-679-5944.
$50 REWARD:Lost Samsung black
11, 2007, at 7 p.m. in the school’s
Jack sell phone. Seen May 27 on is finally here! That means family va- 2 FULL TIME DAYCARE OPEN- FACS room. Open to the public.
FOR SALE:1953 Ford Jubilee tracRice Road. Saw man wearing red cations, reunions and weddings. Let INGS: Age 0-5. Mon.-Fri. 6 a.m. - 6 b
tor, like new. 660-679-5944. b
hat in older model blue car stop and us make you a DVD commemorat- p.m. Contact Kitty at 660-679-6907.
ing all your special summer events.
pick it up. Call 660-679-4757. a
Bring us your original still photos 2a6
CHURCH BUTLER: Judgement Costs $259, sell $125; Craftsman
THANK YOU:I want to thank all and a list of songs you want and TRAVELING?Summer
vacations, House “The Kelly Humphrey Story” power miter saw, $35; DeWalt 7 1/4
vidthose who helped me celebrate my
cruises, Orlando, Padre, Florida, June 6-9, 7-9 p.m. Call 660-679- radial arm saw, $75; 660-643-7320,
80th birthday by being there, their eos. Reasonable rates. Quick turn honeymoons, Hawaii, Caribbeans, 4124 for reservations.
cell 660-679-1223. b
gifts, cards and happy wishes. Also around. Call for more information. Las Vegas, all destinations, great
a special thanks to my four children 660-679-5091, leave message or e- prices, local agent. 816-679-4381.
NOTICEProtect what you have with FOR SALE:Vermeer 605F baler,
who did a wonderful job planning mail [email protected]
insurance from
COOK INSUR- $2500. 3 pt 8 wheel v-rake, $750.
and having my birthday celebration. z
Agency, Inc.
660- 660-492-2961.
Kenneth Holland
Butler, Mo. z
FOR SALE:Massey Ferguson 65
COMING TO FIRST BAPTIST Complete home repairs, additions, House “The Kelly Humphrey Story”
diesel tractor w/ 6 ft Brush Hog,
June 6-9, 7-9 p.m. Call 660-679$2500. 660-492-2961.
House “The Kelly Humphrey Story” link & privacy fencing. Call us at 4124 for reservations.
June 6-9, 7-9 p.m. Call 660-679- 660-679-6907 or visit our website at
FOR SALE:JD 750 no-till drill, 10 ft,
4124 for reservations.
adoption! LIMOUSIN BULLS:Blacks and Reds, 2 boxes, low acres. 816-884-4862.
Call 24/7 and receive pictures infor- Limousin females bred & open, Dou- 2b6
WEDDING REGISTRY:June 9, Ashmation of loving couples waiting to ble J Ranch, 417-842-3353. z
ley Mager and Justin Davis. Every JUST NEED YOUR CEILINGS adopt. You choose your baby’s fam1976 AC 7000:CAH, 105 hp, 12 sp,
Bloom-N-Thing, 7 E. Dakota, Butler. PAINTED? Free estimates. Quick ily. Financial Assistance Available. CORN FED BUFFALO:Wholesale power shift, cold air, 3 pt, 2 remotes,
1/4, 1/2 or whole or retail by the good condition. $8000. 417-682-
Your Classified Now Appears In Over 19,000 Homes
For As Low As
Friday, 8-1. Plus size and junior
clothes, men’s, lots of misc. Rain
cancels. 1205 South Main.
(9) Rentals
Homes, Business, Apartments, etc.
FOR RENT:1 Bdrm apt. Archie
Senior Housing. Elderly, disabled
or handicapped may apply. Equal
Housing Opportunity. 816-2935511.
furnished or unfurnished, pool, free
cable TV & HBO starting at $290 in
Nevada. 417-667-2633.
2/3 Bdrm units, taken at Pleasanton
Housing Authority, 902 Palm, Pleasanton, KS. 913-352-6289. Screening required.
FOR RENT:Appleton City Senior
Citizens housing has attractive and
spacious, one and two bedroom
apartments for rent. Utilities are furnished, including cable. Laundry facilities on site. Ideal for seniors. Rent
is based on income. For more information call 660-476-2443. Equal
Housing Opportunity.
FOR RENT:Community Family
Housing, Inc. 400 California Ave.,
Montrose, Mo. 1 Bedroom apartment, fixed rent $255. includes all
utilities, heat, electricity, pest control,
water & sewer. Furnished with cook
stove and frig. Laundry services onsite. Community room available for
dinners, birthdays, etc. Background
check complete on all applicants.
Pets allowed under 20#. No exceptions. Not affiliated with USDA. No
rental assistance. Contact manager
at 660-693-8881. 2&4womz
new carpet, new paint, fenced yard.
RENT:Nice 3 bedroom house attached garage, ch/ca, $550, no
pets, references, deposit. Call appointment, leave message, number
bdrm, appliances furnished, nice big
yard, $300 month. 816-293-5234 or
A nice place to live! Move your mobile home to our park in El Dorado
Springs, Mo. Clean, friendly atmosphere, very affordable. Ask about
first month rent free. Call 800-6183614, www.woodysmobilehomes.
HOUSES FOR RENT:1 - 4 bdrm,
1 - 3 bdrm, 1 - 2 bdrm trailer in the
country. 660-679-3836.
bdrm, 1 car garage, all appliances
and lawn care, 6 mo lease, $650
to $675 mo. Plus utilities, no dogs.
1 BDRM APT FOR RENT: Utilities
included except air conditioning, 1st
& last month plus deposit to move in,
starting at $350 mo. 660-679-5836.
FOR RENT:Small 1 bedroom house
located at 114 S. Fulton. Available
now. Contact Linn Nitsche 660-6795655.
FOR RENT:Nice 2 bedroom, 1 1/2
bath house, located at 805 North
High. Central air and heat, fenced
back yard. Contact Linn Nitsche
FOR RENT:2 bedroom apartment,
$300 plus dep. Located 110 N. Prospect, Butler. 660-679-6141, owner
broker. b
FOR RENT:1 Bedroom downstairs
apartment, $200 rent and dep. 312
W. Harrison, Butler. 660-679-6141,
owner broker.
113 S. Orange, Butler. 660-6796141.
FOR RENT:2 bdrm, 2 bath mobile
home, ch/ca, stove, refrigerator, garage with shop located in Passaic,
$450 rent and dep, one yr lease, no
pets. 660-679-6141, owner broker.
side of square. Will rent as single
building or together. Available July
1. Call 660-679-3753.
RENTAL:Attractive 3 bedroom home
for rent, newly redecorated, outside
shed, 206 N. Water. References.
Tim Wright, 660-424-0733.
FOR RENT:3 bdrm, 1 bath, mobile
home, 1107 N. Orange, available
now. $200 dep. $380 mo. 660-2006162.
FOR RENT:Nice 3 bdrm, 2 bath, ca/
h, $575 mo dep & ref required. 660679-0713.
12 news-Xpress, Butler, Mo., Friday, June 8, 2007
FOR RENT:2 bdrm, 2 bath, ch, ca, FOR SALE:Updated 3 bedroom, 2
mobile home in the country, no beds. bath home, new ch/ca, baths, floor660-200-5627, 679-5728.
ing, carpet, very nice $69,900 located 106 N. Olive, Butler. 660-679FOR RENT:2 Bedroom in Butler, 6141.
central heat, air, $385 month, $150
deposit, available now. 660-924- HOUSE FOR SALE:2 Bed, 1 1/2
bath, newly remodeled home, in
Drexel. $85,000. 816-260-1252.
HOMES FOR RENT:5 bd/2 ba home 4b6
$200 mo! 3 bd/1 ba only $150 mo!
Foreclosures and Bank Repos. Nice HOUSE FOR SALE:3 bed, 2 bath,
Location! Great Deal! Listings: 800- 7 year old home, with new paint &
560-0678 xS579. a
carpet, house on edge of town in
Adrian. $115,000. 816-260-1252.
FOR RENT:Nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath 4b6
house with attached garage, available immediately. For more info call FOR SALE:74’ Windsor mobile
home, small deck, good shape,
needs moved. Must sell. $2000
FOR RENT:2 Bedroom, close to OBO. 660-200-6450.
town, must have riding mower or
good mower for property. 660-679- FOR SALE BY OWNERS: Older 3
3836 or 660-424-3516.
bdrm, 2 bath, on 2 lg lots. Central
heat, lots of shade. 2 car det. garage.
FOR RENT: Nice, small, 1 br house Possession at closing. $50,000 firm.
for rent. Ref. required. 660-679- Art & Mary Zellmer, 660-679-5356.
5200, evenings.
L&L MINI STORAGE:Units available 100 ACRES:Beautiful home site,
starting at $25. 660-679-0030. z
lots of trees, electricity, rural water,
$2000 an acre. Owner agent, Divine
Real Estate, 816-674-1176. 4a6
(10) Real Estate
For Sale
60 ACRES:2/3 timber, 1/3 open,
great hunting, $1675 an acre. Owner
agent, Divine Real Estate, 816-674WE BUY HOUSES:We sell houses. 1176.
12 ACRES:Spring fed lake, rolling
ATTENTION HOME BUYERS: Your hills, lots of trees, electricity, rural
home is the most expensive and water, $75,000 owner agent. Divine
important purchase you will make. Real Estate, 816-674-1176. 4a6
So it only makes sense to have it
inspected by a professional. Know 1999 GMC YUKON DENALI: A
what you’re buying before you buy black beauty with leather, V8, power
it. TasMar Home Inspections, Butler, everything, affordable luxury! Royal
Chevrolet, 816-380-7325.
FOR SALE:70 acres more or less,
9 miles from Lamar on 71 Hwy. 12
miles south of Nevada on 71 Hwy.
2 1/4 miles east. 51 in crop, balance
pasture and timber, rural water and
electric on property. $129,500. 417682-5130 days, 417-884-2439 evenings.
ACRES: Linn County, KS. 1095 &
1400 Rd. Beautiful building site,
hunter’s dream. 913-259-2524 or
NEW 3200 SQ. FT. HOUSE: Finished 2005, 5 bedroom, 3 baths,
family room, playroom, large
kitchen w/appliances, cabinets galore, lots of storage, 2 car attached
garage, 30x50 workshop on 13.3
acres, country but close to town on
dead end road. Can email photos
$225,000. Call 620-223-2365.
GREAT DOUBLEWIDE HOME: Bargain price. 3 Bedroom, 2 baths, fresh
paint inside and out. Call for details.
Woody’s Mobile Homes, El Dorado
Springs, Mo. Your affordable housing headquarters. 800-618-3514.
50x60 commercial building with living quarters, great opportunity for
mechanic, welding shop, 3 phase
electricity in shop, house built in
2004, 1100 sq ft main floor, 1100 sq
ft 2nd, $85,000. 660-351-3274.
bath, 16x80 mobile home on 6
acres, Drexel. 816-668-1708. 4b16
And lot for sale in Rich Hill, Mo.
Quiet neighborhood. Call 361-2901240.
Like new, many luxury features, 3
bedrooms, 2 baths, private master
retreat, 28x64. Call for details. Your
affordable housing headquarters,
Woody’s Mobile Homes, El Dorado
Springs, Mo. 800-618-3614, www.
ELECTROLUX CANISTER VACUUM: Power beater bar, all attachments, $30. 660-679-5091, leave
message. z
FOR SALE:Brand new gasoline
trailed rotary mower, Bush Hog
model GT 42 to pull with your ATV,
lawn tractor, etc. Never used, sells
new for $1887. Will sell for $1480.
FOR SALE:Maytag Neptune front
load washer and electric dryer, $300.
Kitchenaide dishwasher, $200. 660200-2186.
sheets 1/2” plywood, 2”x6”, 12 ft
misc pieces, top grade, Rich Hill.
FOR SALE:PWSD #4 Bates County
is accepting sealed bids with right to
refuse any bid on a 5808 Case Backhoe, with trailer and extra bucket.
Gasoline engine. Bid must be postmarked no later than June 20 and
written on envelope sealed bid. Bids
will be opened at the Regular Board
Meeting on June 26. Mail to PWSD
#4, Sealed Bid, PO Box 90, Foster,
Mo. 64745. Contact 417-395-4960
for appt. to inspect machine. 2b6
EV speakers, QSC amps, Mackie 24
CH board, 100 ft snake, stage lights,
flight cases, cables, lots of effects &
eq equip, enclosed trailer. 913-3526296, leave message & ph #. 4a6
DELUXE HEAVY DUTY RIDE: Model rollator walker, never used, $100.
HOMES FOR SALE:5 bd/2 ba home Extra wide heavy duty electric wheel
$200 mo! 3 bd/1 ba only $150 mo! chair, never used, needs batteries,
Foreclosures and Bank Repos. Nice $500. 913-757-4425.
Location! Great Deal! Listings: 800560-0678 xS579. a
FOR SALE:Air conditioner, Fedders,
24,000 BTU, very good condition.
(11) Recreational
For Sale
House “The Kelly Humphrey Story”
June 6-9, 7-9 p.m. Call 660-679WANTED:Dead or alive. Used 4 4124 for reservations.
wheelers, 3 wheelers, dirt bikes,
street bikes and ATVs, no key or title STIHL CHAIN SAWS:Trimmers,
needed. 816-217-8542, 816-380- electric & gas powered blowers.
5161, anytime.
Parts and service available. J&E
Enterprises, 660-598-6725 south of
1998 PARTY BARGE PONTOON; water tower, Rockville, Mo.
21’, 50 horse, 4 stroke tractor motor
and trailer, motor like new. 913-757- HEAVY DUTY RECLINING LIFT
CHAIR: On sale now! Furniture City,
Clinton, Mo. 660-885-7088. z
looks & runs great. Call Joe 913- Nevada, Mo. Hwy. 71, West Side.
417-667-3030. New stock arriving
daily. Hundreds of $5-$7 d/r in stock.
FOR SALE:05 Kawasaki 400 KFX Hurry! Unadvertised in-store sales
4 wheeler, runs great, $3500 OBO. everyday. z
BIG SELECTION OF preowned re1993 JAYCO POPUP CAMPER: frigerators, side by sides. standard
Sleeps 6-8, ac, heater, refrigerator, 2 door, colors and white. Some with
stove, inside or out, canopy plus, water and ice. Reconditioned and
screened-in porch, good condition, ready! From $350. LeNeve’s Butler
660-679-4881. Saturday ‘til noon!
$2875. 816-809-4125.
PRE-OWNED RVs: Just add the
fun. Trailers: Jayco 27, Mallard 25, SALE ON PREOWNED COOKStarcraft 25, Sports 28. Motorized: ING STOVESColors, double ovens.
Escaper 24, Winnebago 21, Tiffin Ready! From $125. LeNeve’s Butler,
21, Holiday 34. Jack Zink Motors, 660-679-4881. Monday-Friday, Sat4a23
East City Limits, Appleton City, 660- urday ‘til noon,
PREOWNED TV’S.All sizes, big
FOR SALE;5th wheel 1994 Snow- ones, small ones! Reconditioned,
bird 33’ generator 2 slide outs, lots ready! From $75 at LeNeve’s, Butof extras, excellent condition. 913- ler. 660-679-4881, Monday-Friday,
755-1282 or 913-755-1281. 4a6
Saturday ‘til noon. 4a23
Boats, Motorcycles,
Motor Homes, Aviation
Two fish finders, Minn Kota TM Ft
control, live well, ped casting seats,
80 HP EV outboard moor, runs
great. Priced to sell. 913-352-6296
leave message & ph #.
double slide, oak cabinets and trim,
excellent condition, no smoking,
NEED LIVING SPACE?We have no pets, $16,000. 816-657-4677 or
3 large 28x80 homes for sale now, 816-803-3375.
delivery and setup included in the
low prices. Call Woody’s Mobile 06 YAMAHA R1:Low miles, custom
Homes, your affordable housing graphics. 816-255-8871.
headquarters, El Dorado Springs,
Mo. 800-618-3614, www.woodys- 1970 MOBILE HOME:14x70 newer, z
furnace, updated kitchen, must sell,
$1500 OBO. 913-731-3466. 2b6
GREAT DOUBLEWIDE HOME: Bargain price. 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths, 5th WHEEL CAMPER FOR SALE:
fresh paint inside and out. Call for 1994 NU-WA Hitchhiker II 29 ft. 5th
details. Woody’s Mobile Homes, El wheel all season camper for sale.
Dorado Springs, Mo. Your affordable Excellent condition. See in Butler.
housing headquarters, 800-618- Call 620-784-5361 or 5612 for ap3514, www.woodysmobilehomes. pointment.
(12) For Sale
WE BUY MOBILE HOMES: Call 1- Anything you might want to sell
2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, ch/ca, newly
rehabbed home with nice large lot
800 Grove, Butler. Owner finance
with low down payment or $550 rent
plus deposit. 660-679-6141, owner
broker. b
FOR SALE:GE air conditioner,
18,000 BTU, works perfect, $150.
Call 816-813-2102 or 417-3954520.
COMPUTERS:New & used systems,
software, printers & scanners, custom built to your specifications. We
will beat any locally advertised price
on computers. Computer Shop, Rt.
1 Box 651, Butler. 660ñ679ñ5396.
All major credit cards accepted.
FOR SALE OR RENT:309 E. Dakota. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, ch/ca, rent $450 TRAILERS:Agriculture and construcor owner finance with low down. tion, gooseneck flatbeds, livestock,
660-679-6141, owner broker. b
horse and skidsteer, D&L Trailers,
Rockville, MO, 660-598-6216. z
FOR SALE:Beautiful 2 story victorian house, 3 bdrm, 2 1/2 bath, TRAILERS FOR SALE:Present
master suite hardwood floors, ch/ca, special is a 61/2’X16’ Tandem axle,
detached garage, fenced back yard $995. Stop by Auto Motives at the
possible owner finance $100,000. 71 exit at Rich Hill and look at our
403 N. Main, Butler. 660-679-6141, trailers. Phone 417-395-2277. zeow
owner broker.
COMPUTERS:New & used systems,
INVESTORS:4 unit apt house needs software, printers & scanners, cuslots of work potential income 800- tom built to your specifications. We
1200 per month, $20,000 possible will beat any locally advertised price
owner finance. 660-200-5805, 660- on computers. Computer Shop, Rt.
679-6141, owner broker.
1 Box 651, Butler. 660ñ679ñ5396.
All major credit cards accepted.
Prospect, Butler. 3912 sq ft with of- FOR SALE:2 Meyer Comm. pecan
fice, 2 bdrm apartment and 2 stor- crackers, excellent condition, $3800
age units with overhead doors, 112 each. 660-549-3389.
Prospect, 3480 sq ft with office,
warehouse and baths, both build- FOR SALE: Butcher hogs delivered
ings, $110,000 possible owner to locker of your choice. 816-657finance. 660-679-6141, 660-200- 4426 or 657-2679. z
5805, owner broker. b
HANDMADE SOLID OAK BUCKFOR SALE:2 story home at 306 BOARD BUGGY: Single horse, 8”
W. Pine, Butler. Could be 4 bdrm, hyd. brakes, box is 40” wide 108”
2 bath, has new 200 AMP service, long with working tailgate with harroof, windows, siding. Needs entire ness. $2500. 660-492-0659. 4a16
inside finished has no plumbing,
electrical HVAC, sheetrock or trim, FOR SALE:300 gallon H20 tanks,
$24,900, possible owner finance. $75 each, cash only. 407 W. Vine,
Butler. 660-679-5929 or 660-6437431, Hume, leave message. 4b16
WEDDING REGISTRY:June 9, Ashley Mager and Justin Davis. Every
Bloom-N-Thing, 7 E. Dakota, Butler.
98 CHEVY SILVERADO 1500: Extended cab, 4x4, only 70,600 new
truck trade in miles! Truck is still like
new. 3 month 3,000 mile warranty.
Sale price $10,950. Jim Falk Motors
WEDDING REGISTRY:June 23, Joe Clinton, MO 660-885-2277. www.
Hedrick and Leslie Massey. Every We have the best serBloom-N-Thing, 7 E. Dakota, Butler. vice department anywhere!! b
FREE:Wood walnut, hedge and oth- memory leather. All the “Cadiler. Easy access. 660-424-0554.
lac” 1st class luxury items. Excelb
lent condition. GM Certified with
GM’s new 5 yr 100,000 mile war20% OFF ALL BEDDING PLANTS: ranty. Sale price $17,477. 5.9% 60
And hanging baskets. Cox Feeds, months available. Jim Falk Motors
Butler, Mo. 660-679-4621.
Clinton, MO 660-885-2277. www. We have the best serWANTED:Part-time barn help, trac- vice department anywhere!! b
tor experience a plus. 660-679-4568
or 424-3029.
Only 37,100 miles! Moon roof,
BASKETS:Humming- leather, traction control, it’s got it all.
bird & Oriole Feeders and Nectar. Fancy, sporty, yet still practical. Like
Variety of other feeders to keep the new. GM Certified with GM’s new 5
birds loving your yard. Wild bird feed yr 100,000 mile warranty. Sale price
available also. Corner Hardware, $15,450. Jim Falk Motors Clinton,
107 W. Ohio, Butler, 660-679-4481. MO 660-885-2277.
com. We have the best service department anywhere!!
YES:We buy, sell and trade antiques
and collectibles. The Dusty Attic, 04 GMC SIERRA 2500 SLE: Tilt,
813 North Orange, Butler, Missouri. cruise, defroster, cd, power win660-679-9911. Open 10 a.m. - 5 dows, locks & mirrors. Long bed.
p.m. everyday.
New truck trade in. Excellent condition. GM Certified with GMs new 5
yr 100,000 mile warranty. Sale price
$14,675. Jim Falk Motors Clinton,
MO 660-885-2277.
WANTED:Junk or abandoned cars, com. We have the best service detrucks, buses, scrap metal piles, alu- partment anywhere!!
minum, copper, radiators, aluminum
wheels. 660-643-7320, cell 660- 05 CHEVY TAHOE Z71 4X4, only
24,700 miles!!! 3rd seat, heated
memory leather, all the extras. FanBUY A CAR TODAY:At Butler Auto cy, fancy. It’s got the look. Like new.
Credit. Your credit problems are GM Certified with GM’s new 5 yr,
“Gone With The Wind!” Everyone 100,000 mile warranty. Sale price
is approved. Call Rhett today, 660- $28,875. Jim Falk Motors Clinton,
MO 660-885-2277.
com. We have the best service deREFLEX SPRAY-IN BEDLINERS: partment anywhere!!
Best appearance, most flexible,
don’t pay dealer’s markup. Call Joe 06 HYUNDAI SONATA GLS: Only
20,950 miles! All the extras including a moon roof. A lot of car for your
1996 DODGE RAM 2500 SERIES: money. Like brand new. Sale price
Coachman Conversion Van, low $13,590. Jim Falk Motors Clinton,
mileage, 38,000, like new with elec- MO 660-885-2277.
tric queen size bed, $6,500. 660- com. We have the best service de447-6114. 4a16
partment anywhere!!
(14) Automotive
1979 F250:New 351 w/ transmission, locking tool boxes, Tommy lift,
new tires, new brakes, $1800. 660679-3204.
FOR SALE:1998 Chevy Malibu, motor & transmission replaced spring
2006. 816-668-1708.
1998 DODGE CARAVAN: 152,000
miles, 4 door, $1500 OBO. 417-3954490 evenings.
FOR SALE:Antique 1950 Chevy PU,
best offer before 6/15/07. 660-6437578.
FOR SALE:93 End dump trailer
CMC 26 ft by 102 inch wide, frameless, $12,750. 660-679-3281. a
2005 CHEVY REG. CAB:1/2 ton,
shortbed, 4x4, pickup, tilt, cruise,
V8 auto, red, nice, $11,250. 2001
Dodge Quad Cab, SLT pickup, 1/2
ton, 4x4, loaded, clean interior, nice,
red/silver, $10,500. Coffman Auto,
913-352-6345, cell 816-797-5586.
07 CHEVY TAHOE LT 4X4, 3rd row
seats, Bose premium speaker system, LT1 equipment group, New
demo!! List price, $39,395. Sale
price $33,997 after rebate. Other incentives may apply. Why buy used?
Jim Falk Motors Clinton, MO 660885-2277. We
STEEL, STEEL, STEEL:Several have the best service department
types. Lots of pipe, square tubing, anywhere!!
1”, 1 1/4”, 1 1/2”, 2”. 660-925-3302.
BUILDINGS FOR SALE OR RENT LT1, 5.3 L, V-8, towing package, LT1
TO OWN: Pick your size and color. equipment group includes 7 imporStop by Auto Motives at the Rich tant options. Brand new, no miles!!
Hill 71 exit. Phone 417-395-2277.
List price, $29,080. Over $5,000 off
MSRP! After rebates. Other incentives may apply. Jim Falk Motors
ATTENTION GOLFERS:We will Clinton, MO 660-885-2277. www.
NOT be undersold on major brand We have the best sergolf equipment. We will buy, sell vice department anywhere!! b
or trade! Peculiar Golf Pro Shop &
Driving Range. Open year round. 07 CHEVY SUBURBAN LT2 4X4,
sunroof, locking differential, ALS
WOL tires, Bose premium sound,
COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY: 660- XM radio, rear seat DVD, lugg rack
cross bars, “LT2” equipment package includes 8 very important opTIRED OF THOSE HIGH GAS tions. Brand new, no miles!!! List
PRICES? Just wish you could call price $46,429. Sale price $39,997
the store and ask them to deliver after rebates. Other incentives may
what you need? As your Avon Rep- apply. Jim Falk Motors Clinton, MO
resentative I can offer free delivery 660-885-2277.
to your home or work place. Avon We have the best service departhas something for everyone. Con- ment anywhere!!
tact me today. Carol Stevens, 660679-4921, Avon Ind. Sales Rep. and 07 CHEVY MONTE CARLO SS: Last
Recruiter. 2a30
chance to own a legend! Moon roof,
18” wheels, convenience package,
RURAL DSL INTERNET:Satellite high end stereo. List price $30,140.
Speed, Very fast, $49/month plus Sale price $27,167. After rebates.
equip. cost of $249 w/ free standard other incentives may apply. Jim Falk
installation. No phone line needed. Motors Clinton, MO 660-885-2277.
Call 866-994-6363. 4a30 We have the best
service department anywhere!!
(13) Miscellaneous
03 SILVERADO Z71:Ext. cab, 1/2
ton, extra nice, 130,000 Hwy. miles,
$15,000. 913-756-2484 or 913-7562220.
2000 DODGE NEON:Clean dependable good mileage, asking $3200.
Power windows, locks & mirrors.
Only 10K, V6 automatic and GM
Certified! Royal Chevrolet, 816-3807325.
Reg. Cab, 4 cyl, gas saver! Royal
Chevrolet, 816-380-7325.
2006 ACURA MDX:With navigation,
leather & all the goodies. Don’t miss
this awesome SUV. Royal Chevrolet, 816-380-7325. b
2004 FORD EXPLORER:Limited,
AWD, V8, leather, 3rd row seating &
moon roof, all wrapped up in a frost
white metallic outside. Beautiful.
Royal Chevrolet, 816-380-7325.
39K, moon roof, power windows &
locks, this one’s not gonna last! Royal Chevrolet, 816-380-7325. b
Leather, loaded, and sporty! Drop
everything & call now. Royal Chevrolet, 816-380-7325.
Leather, 3rd row seating, rear seat
DVD, ok it’s loaded! Royal Chevrolet, 816-380-7325. b
Sporty convertible with 6 speed
manual trans, black as night and
only 5K. Royal Chevrolet, 816-3807325.
2006 MAZDA MX-5:Miata Convertible w/ only 7500 miles, this one’s
just getting warmed up! Soft top convertible 6 speed trans, power windows, locks. Are you cool enough
for this one? Royal Chevrolet, 816380-7325.
SAVE GAS:2004 Chevrolet Cavalier LS sedan, only 45K w/ power
06 HYUNDAI AZERA LIMITED: windows, locks & keyless entry.
Only 15,000 miles. Heated leather GM4927A. Royal Chevrolet, 816& loaded. Very luxurious. Wood 380-7325.
grained trim. Like brand new. Remaining factory warranty. Sale price SAVE GAS:2006 Chevrolet HHR,
$18,950. Jim Falk Motors Clinton, power windows, locks & mirrors,
MO 660-885-2277.
www.jimfalk. with factory warranty. Royal Chevrocom. We have the best service de- let, 816-380-7325. b
partment anywhere!!
SAVE GAS:2005 Honda Civic, 4
06 HYUNDAI TUSCON GLS 4X4: cyl, auto with factory warr, piece of
Tilt, cruise, defroster, cd-MP3, pow- mind. #27374A. Royal Chevrolet,
er windows, locks & mirrors. Good 816-380-7325.
looking SUV! Excellent condition.
Remaining factory warranty. Sale SAVE GAS:2005 Chevy Cavalier
price $17,490. Jim Falk Motors Clin- Coupe LS, power windows, locks &
ton, MO 660-885-2277. www.jim- keyless entry with only 10,000 miles. We have the best service #27360A. Royal Chevrolet, 816-380department anywhere!!
moon roof, running boards. All the
power options. The perfect size
SUV! Like brand new. GM Certified
with GM’s new 5 yr 100,000 mile
warranty. Sale price $18,940. 4.9%
60 months available. Jim Falk Motors, Clinton, Mo. 660-885-2277, We have the best
service department anywhere. b
06 CHEVY IMPALA LT:All the power
extras. Impala, one of the hottest
cars on the market. Excellent condition. 4.9% 60 months available. GM
Certified with GMs new 5 yr 100,000
mile warranty. Sale price $14,350.
Jim Falk Motors Clinton, MO 660885-2277. We
have the best service department
SAVE GAS:2004 Chevrolet Aveo,
EPA rated at 34 mpg highway, auto
trans, JVC cd player, #27485A. Royal Chevrolet, 816-380-7325. b
FOR SALE:2000 Silverado nice;
1996 S10, nice; Ford Ranger chrome
wheels, used very little. Call for info
FORD RANGER 2001:Longbed, HD
power, air, excellent condition by
owner. 660-679-6808. $4950. a
FOR SALE:1989 Chevy 4x4, 4
speed, 350, hay bale bumper,
$2000. 660-679-4369 evenings.
05 FORD F150:Low miles. 816-2558871.
Spoiler, power everything, sleek,
sporty, classy. Rated above 30 mpg
hwy. Like brand new! GM Certified
with GM’s new 5 yr 100,000 mile
warranty. Sale price $14,388. Jim
Falk Motors Clinton, MO 660-8852277. We have
the best service department anywhere!! b
94 PETERBILT:New seats, custom
flooring. 816-255-8871.
06 CADILLAC SRX:All wheel drive.
Only 12,300 miles. Giant moon roof,
heated memory leather, traction
control. Well equipped as a “Cadillac” should be. The best cross over
out there. Like brand new. GM Certified with GMs new 5 yr 100,000 mile
warranty. Sale price $29,575. Jim
Falk Motors Clinton, MO 660-8852277. We have
the best service department anywhere!! b
take off parts, pickup bed, tailgates,
wheel and tires, 16 inch wheels and
duals. Store open one block West of
Casey’s in Appleton City, Wednesday and Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Cell
660-492-3786. Phone 660-4765342.
FOR SALE:1982 Mercury Grand
Marquis, $500 OBO; 1989 Dodge
Dakota, $500 OBO; 913-523-6730.
1999 HONDA CIVIC:$600 OBO!
2000 Neon only $300! More from
$500! Police Impounds! Listings:
06 SATURN VUE:4x4, only 20,800 800-559-4179 xN732.
miles. Power moon roof, plus all the
extras. Great practical & beautiful CARS FOR SALE:1996 Buick Regal
SUV. V6. Extra clean. GM Certified custom, 4 door, 3800 V6, 131,000
with GMs new 5 yr 100,000 mile war- miles, exc. cond. $3000. 2001
ranty. Sale price $17,640. Jim Falk Chrysler Sebring LXi coupe, 2 dr,
Motors Clinton, MO 660-885-2277. ruby red, great car, KBB $5,925, We have the best asking $4500. 660-679-5453 or 679service department anywhere!!
16,900 miles. tilt, cruise, defroster,
power windows, locks & mirrors.
Leather, moon roof. The nicest one
you will find! Like brand new. GM
Certified with GMs new 5 yr 100,000
mile warranty. Sale price $13,980.
Jim Falk Motors Clinton, MO 660885-2277. We
have the best service department
07 CHEVY MALIBU:New car demo!
WANTED:Hay to bale on the share. List price $17,710. Sale price
Also wanting to buy hay. 816-830- $15,499 after rebates. Other incen7156, 660-424-0076.
tives may apply. Jim Falk Motors
Clinton, MO 660-885-2277. www.
SATELLITE HIGH SPEED INTER- We have the best serNET AVAILABLE: Both city and rural vice department anywhere!! b
areas, starting at $49.99 per month
plus equipment cost of $75. Free NEED A NICE CAR, but have credit
professional installation by certified problems? Everyone will be apinstallers. Call Town and Country proved!!! We’re here to help. Call
Wireless at 660-679-3139.
18,900 miles. Leather & loaded
COMING TO FIRST BAPTIST 96 CHEVY CAPRICE:Only 37,500 with all the extras. Tops in styling,
CHURCH BUTLER: Judgement miles! V8, rear wheel drive, all the practicality & technology. Like brand
House “The Kelly Humphrey Story” equipment. Durable dependable. new. GM Certified with GMs new 5
June 6-9, 7-9 p.m. Call 660-679- Very nice car. 3 month, 3,000 mile yr 100,000 mile warranty. Sale price
4124 for reservations.
warranty. Sale price $6,990. Jim $18,880. Jim Falk Motors Clinton,
Falk Motors Clinton, MO 660-885- MO 660-885-2277.
BUNN COFFEE MAKERS: 4 Mod- 2277. We have com. We have the best service deels available. Also Bunn replace- the best service department any- partment anywhere!!
ment decanters. Come and browse. where!! b
Town Square Hardware and Variety,
PARTING:98 Ford Eddie Bauer Exsouth side Butler square. 660-679- 98 BUICK CENTURY CUSTOM: plorer, 4x4, leather, cd, good engine,
Only 72,000 new car trade in miles! transmission. Parting 98 Monte CarDependable great car. Excellent lo 3.1 engine; 88 Buick 3800 engine
ORECK SWEEPERS:3 Models. Re- condition. 3 month 3,000 mile war- & transmission, 396 Chevy big block
placement bags & belts and service ranty. Sale price $6,580. Jim Falk disassembled with 781 heads $400;
available. Carpet cleaners for rent. Motors Clinton, MO 660-885-2277. 454 with forged crank was running
Come browse. Town Square Hard- We have the best and never been rebuilt, $600; big
ware & Variety, south side historic service department anywhere!!
block rpm square part intake, like
Butler square. 660-679-5832. b
new, $100; rebuilt overdrive transmission for 92 Chevy 2 wheel drive,
ADD A LITTLE ZEST:To your life. FOR SALE:$300 firm each as is $300 guaranteed, several sets of
The Dusty Attic has several sets of 77 Ford F150 460 auto, 85 Lincoln 350 heads, $50 pair; 350 aluminum
salts and peppers for your enjoy- Continental. 660-643-7378. 2a6
intake with Edlebrock carburetor,
ment. See at The Dusty Attic, 813 N.
$185. 660-643-7320, cell 660-679Orange, Butler, Mo. 64730. 2b6
Marr Motors660-679-3424
FOR SALE;Tractor and trailer 80
white c/o with cat and AWO. CMC
end dump 26’x102” frame less, aluminum $14500. 660-679-3281.
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From the Scriptures: Judge not,
that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged, and with
what measure ye mete, it shall be measured
to you again.—Matthew7:1-2.
•Editorial Comment
Kudos to council for
reversing its decision
hile there was a diversified and important
agenda at Tuesday night’s Butler City Council meeting, one piece of action that was almost unanimously approved deserves a banner headline.
It would come under the heading of “Compassion.”
At a previous meeting, the Council approved a recommendation from the finance committee to cut in half
a delinquent utility bill for the household at 200 South
Broadway St., which was the scene of the recent tragic
fire that claimed the lives of 24-year-old Justin Moore
and his 2-year-old son, Ethan.
The total bill in arrears came to about $1,200.
There was more than casual concern from the citizenry on the “half off” ruling, in that the survivors
had been dealt a crushing blow. After all, the wife and
mother had lost her husband and son; likewise the children who escaped the flames were suddenly without
their father and little brother. Coming up with a relatively piddling balance of the bill seemed extreme, if
not impossible.
Thanks to Councilman Don Malan, the subject was
recycled Tuesday night. Malan described the incident
as an unprecedented tragedy, and in this case seeking
payment in any amount from the stricken family should
be out of the question. Enough is enough!
Upon motion by Malan, the Council majority voted
to write off what was reported as $524 remaining on
the utility bill.
We are certain the constituency is in full and sympathetic agreement with the Council’s position on this
his not a eulogy. He wouldn’t
want it, or like it in any
shape or form, especially in
this format. Bob, that is. “Please! No
flowery requiems for me,” he would
say. “Save it for someone else,” he’d
add, walking away.
So much for that, and besides I’m
not much good at eulogies. That’s
for those of a far more articulate
No flowers, eh? Okay, so the
theme will instead shift from roses
to raspberries, the latter as in goodnatured criticism of each other’s
AND NO ONE could top Bob’s
sly grin caustic retorts. Upon crossing paths we’d look each other up
and down for a couple of seconds,
and the one-upmanship routine was
off and running.
I suppose it probably started with
a simple, “Man, you sure clean up
And the all-time standard bearer,
“That tie...that oughta have
C.A. Moore
it cleaned and burned.”
One morning with the threat of
showers in the forecast, a bright
yellow slicker was included in an
ensemble, which prompted, “Apparently you’ve hired on as a school
crossing guard.”
“I SEE THAT Ward Cleaver let
you borrow one of his sport coats
“Your suit looks a lot better on
you since you had it let out.”
Another stopper, “Your wife still
hasn’t quite got the hang of cutting
your hair. Better luck next time.”
Avgas in slight rise
ust before last week’s column appeared I was informed that Nevada’s airport closure has been
delayed until June 18, so you have a
few more days to visit Jody Bryson
at Aero B Service. Assurances have
been made that the project will move
swiftly and the airport will reopen
promptly. Believe it when you see
A mysterious case of a non-starting airplane was solved last week
when it was determined that both
magnetos were not generating electrical current. As any old wrenchturner knows, internal combustion
engines require three things to run;
air, fuel and fire (spark plug firing).
Airplanes have redundant supplies of
all these, since powerplant operation
is a critical item, so it isn’t often that
an engine refuses to run.
HOWEVER, magnetos turn too
slowly to make a hot spark at the
right time for starting, so an impulse
coupling is used on one or both mags
to make the spark hot enough to start.
In the subject case, one impulse had
worn out but the other one was still
doing its job, until mag no. 2’s impulse broke, leaving the plane dead
on the ramp. Of course, there would
have been plenty of spark to run the
engine if it could have been started,
LeRoy Cook
but it would have taken a pretty fast
tow truck.
Transient traffic was heavy during
the week, thanks to the abatement
of rainy weather. A Cessna 210 was
in, a Mooney M21 came through,
a CMSU Skyhawk flew over from
Warrensburg and a Civil Air Patrol
Cessna made a visit from Olathe.
Tom Addington flew up from Nevada in a Beech Bonanza V35 and
Scott Buerge took me to Joplin in
his Beech Baron 58. Jim Stevens
came down from New Century in his
Cessna 340, after making a trip to
Minden, Neb. to revisit the Pioneer
was in and out in the patrol Skylane,
Jim Ferguson was out in his Cessna
182, Dave Hopkins made a Jefferson
City trip in his Beech Bonanza N35
and Dave Yeamans flew a Cessna
Skyhawk to Kansas City’s Down-
“How can I get through to you
that wingtips don’t go with walking
A few more:
“Tell me, where do you get your
suits shined?”
“I wear yard work clothes that
look better than what you’ve got on
“That’s a spiffy they
make those for men, too?”
“Hmmmm. I see you’ve been
shopping the rummage sales again.”
“DO YOU LIKE that outfit as
well as what’s now in style?”
That was just one side of Bob,
and trading clothes critiques was
always a challenge and a lot of fun.
For the most part, though, he
was a serious-minded guy, who was
obsessed with a positive outlook for
his family, friends, and the community. He will be missed!
End of the non-eulogy.
town airport.
During the recent spike in the
price of car gas, I often got asked if
airplane fuel had also been affected.
The answer was “only slightly”, because it was already high and it’s a
specialty fuel, making up only one
half of one percent of all gasoline
used. Avgas, as the trendy-speakers like to call it, is made only in a
few locations and has to be trucked
to most airports because pipelines
aren’t allowed to handle it due to the
lead content. This makes it costly
from all the handling.
Car gas, on the other hand, would
be plentiful, and therefore cheaper,
had not short-sighted individuals refused to allow new refineries to be
built and new sources of crude to be
developed. Political posturing aside,
supply and demand still rules.
HOW TO TELL jet fuel and aviation gasoline apart, the subject of
this week’s puzzler? Smell it, to detect the kerosene smell of Jet-A; feel
it, for the greasy touch of diesel-like
jet fuel; look at the color, because
jet fuel has no colored dye in it, and
pour out a sample, because volatile
gasoline spreads while jet fuel beads
Now, for next week, can airplanes
burn alcohol?
Worth the fight for the catch of your life
he afternoon provided a perand maybe the lawn chair, if I had not
fectly mild, mid-70’s, low-huhad help. It was exciting and comfortmidity opportunity to sit outing to share the experience with two
side. A light breeze brushed any bugs
special guys in my life. Besides, if I
away that might ruin the respite. Horsdidn’t have witnesses, who would believe it?
es softly nickered from out-of-sight
Second: sometimes things get brobehind a wall of Alabama white pines,
ken on the road to victory. Sure, I shatwhile family members chattered lowBrenda Black
ly in pocketed groups scattered over a
tered my pole, but it’s sacrifice rendered a magical memory and a tasty
wide-open space. I couldn’t remember water.
By then, my brother had sprinted meal.
the last time I sat still that long and
didn’t feel the least bit guilty. I was re- from the opposite end of the pond to
Question of the week
get in on the action. I could hear him third lesson. Overcoming has its benlaxed for the first time in months.
Suddenly, with no warning, my coming, chanting something about efits. The filets out of that big ol’ cat
Although school’s only been out for about two
moment sank to the bottom “Hushpuppies, get the hushpuppies!” were nearly a foot long and 2 to 3
weeks, how many kids have been heard to complain,
of a murky pond. I was engaged in a He and my oldest son bolted and slid inches thick! Those rewards will be
“I’m bored...there’s nothing to do.”
battle for life and death! I couldn’t see down the bank, stopping just at water’s temporary, but the thrill of the fight
my enemy, but I certainly could feel edge and grabbing the taught line, on and the triumph we three shared that
his strength as I desperately tried to the verge of breaking itself and now day will last forever in our memories
hold my ground. He took my hook, supported by a splintered, short stick. (and a photo for proof).
It is wonderful to live peacefully,
line and sinker, not to mention the Water splashed and men and beast
bobber, and ran for the deep, nearly as wrestled up the short slope, landing but sometimes we are thrown into
fast as I jerked up on the pole! Did I my opponent. Victory arrived in a 10 battles unexpectedly. During those tripound channel catfish! The biggest als when we are tempted to give in or
mention I was fishing?
Moved by Memorial Day speech
fish I think I have ever caught.
give up, remember to keep the faith.
I want to thank the news-Xpress for publishing the article
It is okay to ask for help. If you are
about the Memorial Day service and printing the speech that
my drawing in the beast, I followed lessons about how to overcome, sit- broken in the process, also remember
the young man (Austin Black) gave.
When I left the service that day, I was really moved by him as he pulled me along the shore. ting in a pasture, next to a pond, ten the rewards of overcoming.
Don’t be dragged to the bottom of
the speech he gave and wished more people had been there Bent to an excruciating angle, my pole hours from home.
First: don’t even think about trying the pond when challenges come. Hold
finally gave and snapped like gunshot
to hear it.
We don’t usually hear any of the good things that young just as I backed up the bank and began it alone! I would have lost not just my on! Get help! Fight for it! Be victoripeople do, but we usually hear all of the bad news they are dragging the monster toward shallow pole, but line, bait, the fish for certain ous!
responsible for. Let’s hold our young people up in prayer and
acknowledge more of their talents of good, and encourage
them to be outstanding in the good qualities they possess.
ance. They will use this funding to expand access to the ser- more cost-effective, quality health care. In 2006, Missouri’s
—Helen Diehl, Butler. vices they deliver, to purchase new medical equipment and community health centers served 307,000 Missourians
for much needed renovation and construction projects.
through more than 1.1 million visits.
Some examples of centers that benefit include the JorA health care home delivers care in such a way that both
dan Valley Community Health Center in Springfield for the the doctor and the patient have as much information as posreplacement of its current site in Southwest Missouri and sible before they make decisions. This gives doctors and
for new equipment to better assist the patients they serve. health professionals important tools to make the most inFor Missourians in Northwest Missouri, Northwest Health formed medical decision with their patient.
Services for new equipment and expand local services with
This year I also secured $5 million to improve how we
the construction of new facility in Mound City. In the Kan- use technology in health care. It will provide funding to
By Gov. Matt Blunt
sas City area the Samuel Rodgers Health Center for reno- introduce a secure electronic health records system that will
s I listen to Missouri families, I hear them repeatedly vations, expansion and equipment, and the Family Health make it even easier for care givers to help their patients.
site access to affordable health care as a chief con- Center in Columbia for equipment and renovation of their
Missouri’s Federally Qualified Health Centers and Comcern. Missourians are compassionate people, and we Columbia site and for expansion of the Salisbury site.
munity Health Centers are providing care that is accessible,
are not just worried about our own families. We are conAs we continue our efforts to create an enhanced health family and patient centered and compassionate. Most imcerned for all Missourians. I share Missourians’ concerns, care delivery system for low-income Missourians one of the portantly, these centers are making health care available to
and that is why one of my priorities this legislative session most important components is a health care home. Com- uninsured Missourians and making quality care accessible
was expanding access to health care for Missourians.
munity health centers have been pioneers in the health care to those who need it most.
In our new state budget we have secured a historic $60 home concept and integrated care. Health centers across
million for Missouri’s Federally Qualified Health Centers Missouri have led the way and shown that providing comand Community Health Centers. These centers provide prehensive preventative and primary health care to patients
health care services regardless if patients have health insur- at one central point leads to improved health outcomes and
the Box
Improving Missourians
access to health care
Drive carefully at all times
14 news-Xpress, Butler, Mo., Friday, June 8, 2007
Paul Hix will be missed
Amsterdam City Council
meeting was last night. They
let mowing service speak
before usual reports. KMT
mowing service asked for
$20 more a mow since new
land was added to their area
to mow. He said he was not
notified about the pond and
thought he should receive
that especially since he did
not raise his bid from last
year even though gas prices
raised considerably. The
council voted to give him
the amount requested.
The community Center reported 13 uses for the
month. Then asked how to
classify who to charge. Not
sure which groups are considered community groups.
The council also stated they
should charge a deposit for
some groups.
The fire Department reported two motor vehicle accidents, 1 medical call. Paul
Hix said he would be resigning on July 1. He has been
our chief for seven years,
and on Amsterdam fire department for 12 years. The
council asked if there was
anyone to replace him. No
one is interested or has taken
all the training required he
said. There are few volunteers on it any more. Now we
can all panic. I sure hope we
start getting some interest in
it. Many appreciate Paul’s efforts, and time he put in. He is
just ready to work on building his new home and spending time with his new family.
He said he has no plans on
joining any fire department
in the near future. The council asked if there will be any
more fire meetings, Paul said
they could have one more
Judge or Division:
O’Bannon -- Probate
next Tuesday.
Sewer report is always
Case Number 07BS-PR00037
hard for me to hear. Less is
hard to hear from a distance. In the Estate of
I did pick up he said since the INA LOUISE WATSON, Deceased
hail storm many of the lights
Notice of Letters
on top of the boards for the
Testamentary Granted
(Independent Administration)
sewers are broken.
Park report, I reported the To All Persons Interested in the
baseball field is ready to be Estate of Ina Louise Watson,
torn down. List and Clark Decedent:
wanted trees cut down too,
On June 4, 2007, the last will of the
having been admitted to progot a volunteer. Jack Car- decedent
bate, Alfred L. Watson was appointed
nahan wanted to talk to List the personal representative of the esand Clark before hand about tate of Ina Louise Watson, decedent, by
the Probate Division of the Circuit Court
trees. When I talked to man of Bates County, Missouri. The personfrom List and Clark they al representative may adminsiter the
independently without adjudicadid not think anywhere else estate
tion, order or direction of the Probate
would be possible for ball Division of the Circuit Court, unless a
for supervised administration is
field. Also I asked council petition
made to and granted by the court. The
if they could have more sand personal representative’s business address is: Route 1, Box 196, Rich Hill,
put in sandbox with digger. Missouri
Jack Carnahan volunteered
The personal representative’s atto haul the sand, city coun- torney’s name, business address and
number are respectively: John L.
cil voted to reimburse gas phone
Pursley, One North Main, PO Box 226,
money. I am to try to see if Butler, Missouri 64730; 660-679-4153.
All creditors of said decedent are
we can get some sand donat- notified
to file claims in court within six
ed. Garage Sale set for June months from the date of the first publiof this notice or if a copy of this
21, & 22 for park fundraiser. cation
notice was mailed to, or served upon
We can use any unwanted such creditor by the personal represenitems. We are setting up on tative, then within two months from the
date it was mailed or served, whichever
Wednesday night for anyone is later, or be forever barred to the fullwanting to donate, no early est extent permissable by law. Such
six-month period and such two monthsales, sorry.
period do not extend the limitation
Someone wanted to know period that would bar claims one year
the decedents’s death as provided
about moving in a modular after
in Section 473.444, RSMo, or any other
home. Some discussion of applicable limitation periods. Nothing
Section 473.033 RSMo, shall be
what is acceptable was diss- in
construed to bar any action against a
cussed then they said it must decedent’s liability insurance carrier
comply with all ordinances through a defendent ad litem pursuant
537.021 RSMo.
no exceptions. I did not hear to section
Date of the decedent’s death: April
it all since the kids wanted 5, 2007.
to go out and play and their 2007Date of first publication: June 8,
friend Cameron was there.
Division Clerk Becky Robb (s)
I ran into Debbie Burton
Receipt of this notice by mail should
at McBee’s. She asked if I be construed by the recipient to indicate
realized that was her grand- that the recipient necessarily has a beneficial interst in the estate. The nature
daughter Ashley working and extent of any person’s interest, if
at the post office. I actually any, can be determined from the files
records of this estate in the Probate
thought she looked familiar, and
Division of the above referenced Circuit
but thought her granddaugh- Court.
ter was younger.
I heard many had good
birthdays. Barbra Corwine motorcycle on her birthday.
said she had a good time tak- Lainey and Jeff Harper had a
ing a ride with son Rick on his birthday this past week.
Copies of 2006 CCR may be seen at City Hall,
Bates County Courthouse or at the Public Library
Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!
Paul and Violette Raps toasted their 72nd wedding anniversary May 31 at Bates County
Memorial Hospital where Violette was recuperating. Paul Raps and Violette McVicker
were married May 31, 1935 at the Bates County Courthouse in Butler. They first set up
housekeeping at Sprague west of Rich Hill where Paul was with a threshing crew. In
1938 the couple went into full time farming southeast of Butler for many years. The
groom is now 91 and his bride, 89. They have three daughters, Doris (Marvin) Null,
Betty (E.C.) Lemon of the Butler area and Patty (Maurice) Higginbottom, Belton, Mo.;
and a son, Ed Albert Raps and wife Bobbie of Colorado. A son, Paul Raps Jr., is deceased; his wife Betty Jo, makes her home in Fort Gibson, Okla. The honored couple
is blessed with 14 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren and five great-great grandchildren.—Staff photo.
We stopped in and gave
them a gift, and had a nice
visit. I heard from Kathy
Jackson that she really enjoyed her birthday. She also
told me her son Tyler had
gotten chicken Pox and was
stuck on the couch all week.
Hope he is all well now.
Noticed a new roof being
built above the bank, still
many roofs being replaced.
The big one being at the Baptist Church this week.
Summer School started
leaving many stranded at the
bus stops. Thanks to Shawna
Well hope everyone has a
calling and telling me they
were on the way we made it good week.
the first day. They sent home
a note saying pick up at 7:45,
but it has been 7:15 a few
days now.
Not complaining though,
at least it is free and Jeff loves
it. The bus stop is just not at
our door like many. At least
I have Becky Read to talk to
and today Bill and Jennifer
were there too. I can’t figure
out the drop off time either. I
for reading
have been more than an half
the news-Xpress
an hour early. Hope we figure it out.