A Tribute to Mr. Traub - Lenape Regional High School District



A Tribute to Mr. Traub - Lenape Regional High School District
Lenape High School, 235 Hartford Rd, Medford, NJ 08055
A Tribute to Mr. Traub
difficult songs and
his constant caring
attitude toward the
Mr. Thomas Traub, who students will always
taught at Lenape for six- be remembered.
teen years, devoted his life
Although his
to music education and the physically presence
students in the music de- is no longer with the
choral department,
Many students remem- he will always rebered him for his witty main spiritually with
remarks and his fun atti- the entire Lenape
tude in class. The man, family.
who taught students that
Vicki Little, a
life was about more than 2010 graduate said,
making beautiful music, “If it was not for Mr.
was honored during his Traub, I would not
funeral and will always be know what career to
honored by the memories choose. Without his
of the students who served help, I would not Mr. Traub sitting in front of his choral class. Photo by Ms. Rector.
know what to
remind alumni of his love
His passion for for music.
music education influMost importantly, the
enced his former stu- memories of Mr. Traub
Lenape Presidential
dents, and will be re- will remain within the
membered through hearts of students and staff
Election, Lenape
their memories. The that have worked with him
Dress Code, Spiderman
trophies inside the throughout the years.
glass cases in M-hall
Alyssa Johnson, a 2012 Movie Review, and
Mr. Traub smiling for a picture. Photo by Ms.
eloquently stated,
Tips for Freshman
minder of the brilliant “I can’t thank him enough,
the community with him.
work ethic of Mr. Traub. and he will truly be
During his sixteen years The past musicals archived missed!”
September Horoscopes 4
at Lenape, Mr. Traub in Lenape High School will
worked with piano
lab students and all
the choral classes.
Christina Higgins, a 2011 graduate, commented,
“Personally, Mr.
Traub taught me that
if you want something you have to
work hard for it,
take every opportunity.”
His perseverance
when working with Mr. Traub with his chorus during the holidays. Photo by Rebecca Potter.
By: Christine Kim
Staff Writer
In this Issue:
Page 2
Presidential Election Heats Up
By: Adriana Gallina
Staff Writer
The presidential election is about to reach its
climax as Lenape’s very
own mock election is
beginning. Thanks to
Mr. Bill Lange, Ms.
Jaime Fauver, and Mr.
Upcoming Events:
Eric Krastek, this year
we will have our own
Help is needed for the election within the halls
concession stands dur- of Lenape.
Until the first week
ing home football
of October, the LGI will
be transformed into a
campaign center for
Movie Night will be
held on October 11th both the Democrats and
Senior Trip Deposits
will be collected
throughout the fall
Senior Class
Junior Class
Upcoming Events:
Clothing Sale: 9/79/25
Kaitlin Miller as Mitt Romney.
Photo by the Republican Party.
Students have broken
off between the two
parties to battle for your
vote. The Democrats
elected senior Will
Peischel to represent
President Obama and
senior Adriana Gallina
as his running mate
(Vice President Joe Biden). The contending
Republicans elected
senior Kaitlin Miller to
emulate Mitt Romney,
and senior Frankie Ieradie as running mate Paul
Election days will be
October 3rd and 4th,
when students will either come down with
English or History
classes. Students will
experience voting in its
entirety, complete with
voting booths and a paper vote.
As for counting the
votes, homerooms will
make up regions or
states, creating a quasielectoral college.
“It’ll go as far
as we take it,”
Krastek explained
to students during
a summer meeting.
As of now, that
looks pretty far.
There are scheduled
speeches, even
smear commer- Will Peischel as President Obama. Photo by
Adriana Gallina.
cials planned.
Ebbeson is also on
Debate: September
board in helping to 27th, Mr. Tom Tambumake this election a rello will act as moderasuccess. The speeches tor during a debate in
and debates will be tele- which students will be
vised and there will be able to send in text
live reporting at the vot- questions for the candiing booths on election dates.
Mo re
i mp o r ta n t
Interested in being a
part in the mock election? It’s not too late to
Speeches: On Sep- get involved. See the
tember 20th, four to five campaign managers
classes a period will (Democrat senior Hasexperience speeches san Haider and Republifrom both parties, just can senior Jeff Dean) to
like the real election.
learn how you can help.
Lenape’s Dress Code is Being Questioned
By: Adriana Santomero
Junior Class Whitewa- Staff Writer
ter Rafting Trip: Saturday 9/29
When it comes to
fashion, high school
Dine-N-Donate at PJ
students tend to have a
Whellihan's: Wednes- plethora of opinions.
day 10/17 5-10pm
On the subject of dress
code policy, the teens of
Holiday Sale: 10/14Lenape feel equally as
It is obviously necessary for administration
to limit what can and
cannot be worn in
school. However, is it
reasonable to say that by
the ages of 15 through
18, kids understand
what is proper for
school attire?
“It’s not like anybody would show up in
a bathing suit. We understand by now what’s
okay for school and
what’s okay for going
out and how to tell the
difference,” said Matt
Popso (’14).
On the other hand,
Emily Platt (’13) disagreed, saying, “I think
the dress code is necessary. If we didn’t have
one, I think people
would abuse the freedom.”
For most young
adults, one of the best
parts about growing up
is developing a personal
sense of style and defining one’s self through
“All students of Lenape are perfectly capable of expressing themselves without feeling
restricted to only half of
their wardrobe!” claims
Noah Kernan (’14).
Others do not share
Mannequins that fit the Lenape
dress code. Photo by Adriana
the same opinion, asserting that restricting what
students can wear is a
violation of selfexpression.
(continued on page 4)
Page 3
Summer Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man
By: Taylor Eisenstein
Staff Writer
The reboot of an immensely successful franchise, The Amazing Spider-Man, lived up to its
high expectations as an
extremely entertaining
and well-made film;
ironically, it was directed by a man named
Marc Webb.
Unlike previo us
films based on the superhero, this movie followed a younger Peter
Parker as he dealt with
both his abilities and his
life at high school,
which included his love
interest, Gwen Stacy.
Additionally, the
main antagonist within
this film was the Lizard,
who evolves from Dr.
Curt Connors. Connors
is an intelligent man
attempting to create a
serum that is able to
regrow limbs.
Starring Andrew
Garfield as Peter Parker,
along with Emma Stone
as Gwen Stacy, there
were many talented actors who together created an incredibly entertaining film.
acting-especially from Rhys
Ifans, as the Lizard--was
extre mel y
done. The special
effects were also
seemingly flawless,
especially to create
the nine-foot-tall
Lizard. There was
plenty of action that
firmly kept the audience’s attention for Photo by theamazingspidermangame.com.
the duration of the
visual effects utilized
Overall, The Amazing within the film were
Spider-Man was an ex- amazing as well.
traordinarily entertainOverall, I would recing film, equipped with ommend this film to
stunning acting and a many individuals as it
riveting storyline. The would definitely appeal
actors and actresses to a wide range of audiwere perfect for the ences!
roles they played; the
Advice for Freshman from Seniors
By: Adriana Gallina
Staff Writer
Alyssa Trieber (’13):
Run for class office your
freshman year! I was too
afraid to, but sophomore
year I ran. It was one of
the best things I did.
Alicia Day (’13): There
is no pool on the roof,
and don’t be afraid of
Rachel Nace: (’13): I
would tell freshmen
Kate Decker (’13): not to be shy or intimiWork hard, know this is dated. If they need
the real deal now. What help with anything,
you do your freshman most people will be
year counts when you’re super attentive to helpapplying to college. So ing a new student.
work hard now so you When I was going into
can relax your my freshmen year, I
senior year.
wish I knew the stories
about Lenape’s pool
Thomas Pearsall weren’t true.
Senior Eric Fuzer with junior Patrick
(’13): Don’t be
afraid to be who Eric Fuzer (’13): Be
you really are, and nice to everyone, get Go to school with a
don’t worry what involved in as many smile on and your time
p e o p l e activities as you can, at Lenape will be tons
and make new friends. more fun.
Senior Thomas Pearsall cheering on Lenape.
Smoke Signal Staff:
Writers: Christine Kim, Adriana Gallina, Adriana Santomero, Taylor Eisenstein, Chelsea Boatwright
Editors: Adriana Gallina, Anna Wechsler, Chrisa Ramoundos, Kiersten Campbell
Editor in Chief: Dylan Brosious
Editor Assistant: Christine Kim
Advisors: Mrs. Wichelman and Ms. Carpenter
Class News
Upcoming Events:
T-Shirt sale during the
first three weeks of
Ring sale held during
lunch periods on September 19th and during the Activities Fair
on September 20th
Trip to Six Flags Great
Adventure Fright Fest
on October 27th
Freshman Class
Upcoming Events:
Mum fundraiser forms
will be due on September 10th
T-Shirt order forms are
available on Mr. Tamburello’s eboard and
are due on September
Senior Trip deposits
will be collected
within the month
Lenape Dress Code
(continued) “The dress
code is sexist,” Nick Burns
(’14) said, shedding light
onto the repression of
men’s fashion in our
school. “Simply put, females are allowed to wear
tank tops that are two finger widths long while men
aren’t allowed to wear
sleeveless shirts at all.”
Predictably, the most
repeated complaint about
Lenape’s dress code
among the student population is the difficulty to
adhere to its rules during
the hot September and
June months of school.
With temperatures in
the classroom climbing up
into the nineties, and the
air as still as a snapshot,
how practical is it for students to abide by the system? Perhaps the desire to
wear spaghetti straps,
muscle shirts, and flipflops would be less urgent
if humidity wasn’t gluing
student’s thighs to their
seats and the air didn’t feel
like breathing in an arid
Many Lenape students
also brought up the fact
that the dress code’s rules
are simply too vague.
Clothing items are so varied in today’s fashionforward age that rarely can
a set of regulations address
them all.
“The two finger rule
and the fingertip rule are
pointless. For example, a
girl can wear a tank top
less than two fingers wide
and have no cleavage
showing, but a girl with a
long sleeve shirt could
have almost all of her
breasts exposed,” reasoned
Jenna Donaghy (’14).
By the same token, a
girl could wear a skirt of
fingertip length that is
September Horoscopes
Aries (March 21-April 19)
Patience with others is crucial this
month. Do not let small conundrums
get in the way of your happiness.
Instead of disagreeing with a peer
on a certain matter, take the opportunity to grow and become more
open minded.
A top that fits the Lenape dress code.
Photo credit goes to Adriana Santomero.
skintight and provocative,
while a pair of baggy athletic shorts above the fingertips would be against
the rules.
“It would be much
more effective to evaluate
how a student dresses
based on the specific garment rather than a set of
rules that might not realistically apply,” said a
sophomore who wished to
remain anonymous.
Perhaps no matter what
kind of dress code Lenape
promotes, teenagers will
always have the desire to
rebel against authority.
Yael Flam (’14) made
an honest point by saying,
“I think that giving students more freedom with
clothing is more effective
than not giving them any
freedom. People like doing things that they’re not
allowed to do, it’s simple.”
With so much of an
upset of what students can
and cannot wear, it’s a
wonder how anybody can
concentrate on school.
Gianna Orsi (’14)
summed it up neatly, declaring, “We’re at school
to learn so clothing
shouldn’t be anybody’s
main concern.”
Something has got to
Taurus (April 20-May 20)
The variety in your social life will
benefit you at this time. Attempt to
clean out your calendar, so you can
plan for meaningful activities.
Spending time with an older relative
or friend will allow you to learn
interesting things about yourself as
well as your surroundings.
Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Spend wisely this month. Rather
than rushing to buy a particular
item, consider your options and
think wisely before your purchase.
Take the time out to explore the
things you already have and see
how they can benefit you or others.
You will find that helping others in
your community will be the ultimate
long lasting friendship.
Libra (September 23-October 22)
Procrastinating will stress you out
this month. Take time out to prioritize the most important things. Organization is the key to your success. Studying and completing assignments promptly will gain you
more leisure time
Scorpio (October 23- November
Resolve matters that have been
bothering you in a quick and peaceful tone. Confronting issues you
may have with individuals will decrease your worries. Relieving
things you have held in will lead to
more positive thoughts.
Sagittarius (November 22December 21)
A few days away from your typical
surroundings will benefit you. Taking a step in a new direction will
lead you to a path of love and happiness. Do not be afraid of change or
a new experience.
Cancer (June 21- July 22)
You will be very busy this month,
therefore, a high amount of energy
is crucial. Take the time out to relax
and make sure you do not become
overwhelmed. Make sure you keep
an eye out for important letters or emails that will benefit you in the
Capricorn (December 22-January
It is a good time to use past experiences to help solve events that occur
during this time. Seeking advice
from someone who shares common
interests will help you to solve an
issue in the most productive way. A
blast from the past will help you to
sky rocket in the future.
Leo (July 23-August 22)
Finances as well as personal wellbeing prosper this month. Letting
your creative juices flow will ultimately allow you to start a new activity or club. Be careful not to
abandon previous interests, try to
balance between the new and the
Aquarius (January 20- February
Many opportunities will begin to
occur. Begin to explore internship
programs as well as volunteer work.
You may discover that some individuals will try to limit your success. Ignore negative influences and
focus on your own personal gain.
Virgo (August 23- September 22)
Things may change at this time for
the better. A change in your daily
routine will aid in being more positive and productive. Changes in
your social life may occur as well.
Take the opportunity to talk to
someone new as this may result in a
Pisces (February 19-March 20)
It is important to reveal personal
matters to only those you trust. Revealing secrets to the public may
cause you not to trust some individuals. Listening to others will help
you to trust your own judgment.

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